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Continuing Tales
Continuing Tales

This is my private collection of stories that I love and don't want to lose track of. I included the author's website when possible, along with pairing, descriptions, and a quote from the story.

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Star Trek

Conversational Vulcan by Blue Moon3 (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     When it comes to learning languages, a person is so much better than a computer. When Uhura tracks down the only Vulcan in Starfleet, she has no idea of the events she's setting in motion.
     Spock had seen kisses before, on the old digital Terra movies his mother had loved to watch when he was a boy, and sometimes between couples on campus who believed they were being discreet. One person pressed their lips against another's for a seemingly indeterminate period of time – normally a few seconds – and then parted again. He had seen his mother kiss his father on numerous occasions. As forms of affection went, it did not seem especially stimulating from a third party perspective. For precisely the twenty-third time in Spock's life, he was wrong.
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