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First Truths

A Sailor Moon Story
by Lilac Summers

Part 15 of 15

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First Truths

Quite a number of years later...

"And that, Small Lady, is how I single-handedly hooked up your mommy and daddy."

A four-year-old Chibi-Usa stared in crimson wide-eyed wonder at her newfound hero. "Really, Minako-chan? You did it all?"

Minako, in full Sailor Venus splendor, lay back on the luxuriant cushions in Small Lady's chambers and allowed herself to preen just a bit. "Yuppers, munchkin. Without me, those two moro- er, those two silly people - would still be arguing about failed tests and falling shoes. 'Twas I, great Senshi of Love, who figured it all out!"

"Wow! And that's how mommy and daddy got together."

"Yes, and then the aliens from planet Igor showed up and vaporized Minako-chan for being a grade A liar!" announced Rei, who'd passed by just in time to hear Minako-chan take all the credit. "And that, Chibi-Usa, is a compliment! Aunt Minako never got an A as a grade in anything else!"

"Hey! I did too hook 'em up! I'm the one who found out he was Tuxedo Mask and her soulmate, and that she was the Princess!"

"I'm the one who decided to take a little detour through his psyche, if you kindly recall."

Minako showed her appreciation for this reminder by sticking her hands behind her ears and waving her fingers furiously as she crossed her eyes at Rei.

This sent Chibi-Usa into a fit of giggles and many attempts to mimic Minako.

"No, no, munchkin. Like this." Minako demonstrated again towards a red-faced Rei. "Put a little more wiggle in the fingers."

Rei watched the two make faces at her for another three seconds, before she got fed up and tossed a pillow at Minako's face.

"You're just jealous because it was due to me that they got together!"

"Not! It was me!"



"Neither of you!" cried Makoto, taking a flying leap into what was quickly developing into a pillow war. Ami walked in right behind her, ducking renegade pillows. "Those two were already in love before you two dunces thought to do anything about it. It was just a matter of time."

Chibi-Usa cast one disappointed look at Minako and Rei. "Really, Mako-chan? Ami-chan?"

Ami ruffled Chibi-Usa's pink bangs. "Indeed. Those two just served to make the story longer. Readers get upset when the chapters are only a few pages long."

"Oh," murmured Chibi-Usa with a wisdom far beyond her years.

"In fact, I'd say your mommy and daddy would ha-"

Wild, childish giggling exploded from the hallway. Through the open doorway, the girls watched a madly laughing Neo-Queen Serenity bolt past, waving lilac-colored trousers in one hand and a tuxedo jacket in the other. Seconds later the King followed a few steps behind.

He was wearing only a white towel, clutched securely around his waist.

"SERE! Come back here with my clothes! Usako!"

"Gonna have to work for them...honey-buns."

The Senshi watched, goggle-eyed, and continued to stare at the now-empty hallway until the Queen's laugh was cut off by a very lusty...moan. And the very distinct sound of clothing hitting the floor. Lots of clothing.

Then they bounded for the door, shutting it and turning red faces at a distinctly curious Chibi-Usa.

"Heh heh, your silly parents," croaked Minako.

"What're they doin'?"

"Uhhh, playing?" offered Ami.

"Jeez, right in the middle of the hallway! Don't they have a room for that kind of-er, those kinds of games?" complained Makoto. "Show offs."

"What kind of games, Mako-chan?" asked Chibi-Usa.

"Nothing! Nothing! So, wanna hear another story?" asked Rei, wracking her brains for a distraction.

Chibi-Usa was willing to be distracted. "'Kay. Where do babies come from?"

The Senshi couldn't get the door open fast enough.

First Truths

A Sailor Moon Story
by Lilac Summers

Part 15 of 15

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