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The Blood-Dimmed Tide

A Marvel Movieverse Story
by ofravenwings

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The Blood-Dimmed Tide

Darcy wakes to a feeling of wrongness.

It takes her a moment to work out what feels so wrong. She feels safe. Completely and utterly safe, in a way that she never has before.

Loki's body is curved around hers; he lies with his chest pressed against her back, his legs twined with hers and one arm looped around her waist. The tide of his breath moves on the back of her neck: warm, then cool, then warm again. The temperature cycling is odd, but strangely soothing.

Darcy slides her hand along Loki's arm, curls her fingers into his. When she presses a kiss to his knuckles, he murmurs in his sleep, pulls her even closer to him. His breathing breaks rhythm momentarily, then slides back into that deep, even rhythm again.

Darcy lets her eyes drift closed again. She can feel Loki half-hard against her, and is tempted to see if she can coax him into full hardness. Soon, she thinks, after she's dozed just a little bit more…

The knock comes on the door just as she's falling asleep. Darcy starts awake, her eyes going directly to the place where she had conjured the door the previous night. She had been somewhat too occupied to notice whether the door had still been there when she fell asleep, but there is nothing there not but blank, unbroken wall. The knock sounds again, and she reaches for her magic, knowing that she needs to conjure the door again before the guards find her here in Loki's room. The magic slides away from her, slick as mercury.

When the door opens, she feels Loki come instantly awake. His body tenses, his arm tightening around her waist and his breath cooling against her skin.

Darcy freezes, not sure whether she should try to bolt for the bathroom, or simply hide beneath the sheets.

She expects a guard, but instead it is Frigga who enters the room, resplendent in a gown that looks woven from pure gold. Thin plated of chased metal curve around her waist and shoulders, and she wears a sword at one hip, the hilt filigreed with gold.

Darcy feels her cheeks flush, instantly aware of the fact that both she and Loki are naked, their clothes strewn around the room. A quick glance confirms that, at least, the blankets cover most of them.

Frigga pauses just inside the door, her expression unreadable. Loki's arm tightens around Darcy's waist, and she feels his muscles grow tense, his body poised on the edge of either fighting or fleeing.

Frigga's forehead creases as her gaze sweeps around the room. When she reaches the place where Darcy conjured the door, she nods slowly. "Shall I give you a moment to dress?"

She doesn't wait for an answer, just steps out into the corridor and closes the door behind her. Darcy immediately claws her way out of bed and scrambles for her nightgown. She yanks it over her head, her hair crackling with static as she emerges.

Loki watches her as she drags her fingers through her hair, swearing as her nails catch on tangles. In her haste to get out of bed, she'd managed to pull the blankets off him as well. He reclines there, unashamedly naked, an amused look on his face. There's tension in the long muscles of his thighs, in the set of his fingers, and Darcy knows that the amusement is only another of his masks. Behind it, he is as apprehensive as she is.

Darcy tosses his clothes at him. "You were supposed to wake me, remember?"

Loki moves as slowly as though he has all the time in the world. "I suppose you wore me out."

The cushions are scattered over the floor still. Darcy picks up one that looks pleasingly well-stuffed and flings it at him. He's focused on pulling on his trousers, and the cushions thumps him square on the side of the head. It makes quite a satisfying sound in the small room, and so Darcy follows it with another. He is expecting this one, and catches it easily, but she sees some of the tension in him ease.

"Cheat." Darcy pokes out her tongue at him, then turns to the wall, reaching for her magic. She did not need to be in a semi-transparent nightgown in front of the Queen of Asgard. Bad enough that she walked in on them naked. The magic slides away from her again, and she sighs. "You could at least have warned me that your mother was likely to walk in on us."

Loki pulls his shirt over his head. "I did not expect her." He smooths his hands over his hair, and the strands untangle effortlessly. "This room is warded so I cannot sense anyone coming."

Darcy lifts a tangled lock of her own hair. "You have to teach me that trick sometime." She pushes her hair back, knots it up as well as she can without any ties or clips. "Can you open the doorway for me so I can at least get changed? The magic is being stubborn this morning."

"Sounds like someone I know." Loki grins. He flares his fingers, focuses for a moment, and then shakes his head. "The warding around the room prevents me from opening a doorway anywhere. How did you make that doorway?"

"Beats me," Darcy says. "It wanted to, and so it did." She plucks at her nightgown. "Can you at least conjure me a more modest gown? Fix my hair?"

Loki grins. "You look beautiful as you are."

"Not to your mother."

"She's not my mother." The words come out thinly, something said so often that they have lost shape and dimension. Loki's fingers dance in the air, and emerald light glows around Darcy.

Cold tingles over her skin, and when she looks down, she's wearing a simple dark green velvet gown, matching slippers on her feet. Her hair has been fixed in a knot similar to the one she attempted, the tangles gone.

"Thank you," Darcy says.

"I still prefer the nightgown," Loki says, pulling Darcy into his lap. He wraps his arms around her and presses his face into her neck, breathing deeply. Slowly, Darcy feels Loki's skin and breath warm, until he is the same temperature she is. His breathing grows even deeper, and Darcy realises that he's breathing in the scent of her skin. It's strangely and unexpectedly erotic, and she finds herself wishing very much that Frigga wasn't waiting outside the room. That they could just be locked in here for a week, a month, a year. Forever.

When Frigga knocks again, Darcy tries to untangle herself from Loki. His arms tighten, keeping her where she is as he calls his assent.

"My Queen," he says coolly, inclining his head to Frigga.

He's wearing that cold mask of his. Darcy elbows him hard in the ribs. "Don't be like that. She's your mother."

"She's not-" Loki begins.

Darcy places a hand over his mouth. "She is your mother, Loki. Your mother who's thought you dead for the last five years."

Loki's eyes narrow.

"If my mother was alive, I'd be making the most of this." Darcy removes her hand from Loki's mouth, cradles his cheek. Slides from his lap to sit at his side. "You have no idea what's going to happen when we step out of this room. You might never get this chance again. Don't regret not taking it."

Loki blinks once, twice, and then his mask fractures. He's across the room in two strides, and practically flings himself into Frigga's arms. She holds her son tightly, tears shining on her cheeks. Her eyes meet Darcy's over Loki's shoulder, and she mouths two words: thank you.

Darcy smiles back. Tries not to think about whether her own mother had ever looked that happy to see her. Blood doesn't really count for anything, when it comes down to it. Your family should be the one you choose, not the one that's chosen for you.

After a long time, Frigga steps back so she can hold Loki at arm's length. "It is good to see you, my son."

Loki's lips move, shaping silent words before he finds the one he wants. The one he needs. "Mother."

"Always." Frigga smooths Loki's hair back from his forehead, though it scarcely needs tidying. He leans unconsciously into the gesture. "I never thought I would hear that from you again."

Loki allows himself another moment of contact with Frigga, then steps back, folding his hands at his waist in the exact position they had been held in the fetters. "So, what punishment does the Allfather plan for me this time? Is it to be the dungeons, or the sword this time? I will bend my neck gladly to the Allfather's blade, only keep Darcy safe from him. I know what he thinks of Midgardians in general, and I cannot see him taking kindly to one that I love."

Love. Darcy feels a little burst of warmth in her at that declaration. "Loki, I-"

Frigga holds up a hand. "Loki, you will find Asgard much changed."

"And by the way, I can speak for myself." Darcy stands up, moves to Loki's side. Takes his hands, forcing them out of the shackled position. "And if you're going to stand trial before Odin, then so am I."

"Well," Frigga says, her lips curving into a slight smile. "I believe you may indeed have found your match, my son."

"No games, Mother, please." Loki curls his hand into Darcy's. His skin is cooler now. "Just take us to stand before the Allfather."

"There is to be no trial," Frigga says.

"What?" Loki's forehead is creased. "I do not understand."

"These are things that will be simpler to show than to explain," Frigga says. "But first, I am curious. I warded both these rooms and the rooms we sent you to, Darcy. Creating a passage between the two should have been impossible." Her eyes are on Loki, suspicious.

"It was me," Darcy says. "Well, the magic in me. When Loki…when he defeated Hel, he left a bit of magic inside me. I thought that maybe it was trying to get back to him. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

Frigga regards her for a long moment, then holds out a hand, palm up. "May I?"

Darcy glances at Loki. He nods, squeezes her hand. She places her free hand on Frigga's. The Queen's palm is warm and firm, marked by hard callouses. Warmth tingles against Darcy's skin, and the magic curls and uncurls within her.

"The connection between the two of you must be strong indeed," Frigga says. She curls her fingers around Darcy's, squeezes lightly. "I can tell that it was once Loki's magic, but it is now indeed yours, Darcy. And most unusual for it. A Midgardian carrying Asgardian magic." She shakes her head slowly. "Perhaps there is some Asgardian blood in your family."

Darcy's stomach drops. "You mean Loki could be like my great great great grandfather or something?"

"No, I sense no blood bond between the two of you. Many Asgardians have visited Midgard, taken Midgardian lovers." Warmth tingles against Darcy's palm again. This time the magic bristles, grows a hard shell. "There is something…darker at the heart of the magic. Something I cannot reach."

Cold prickles down Darcy's spine, centres on the scars Hel gave her. "Could Hel have twisted it? She was pretty pissed at me, after all."

"It is possible." Frigga squeezes Darcy's hand again, then releases her. "It could simply be an artefact of walking through Helheim. It seems mostly inert."

"Mostly? Well, that's comforting," Darcy says. Realises immediately that she just snarked the Queen of Asgard. She ducks her head. "God, I'm sorry. I kind of don't have a filter between my brain and mouth."

To her surprise, when Darcy looks up, Frigga is grinning. "I can see why you like her, Loki. And Darcy, never worry about what you say to me. I appreciate honesty."

"Um, thanks?" Darcy can't help but smile back. "Can't you just force the magic back into Loki, though? I mean, I've actually blown up my microwave when I forgot to remove some foil from a bowl. I'm not sure I'm the kind of person who should be trusted with magic."

"Oh, I think you will grow well into it and with it." Frigga smiles gently. "Though I do warn you, Loki has never been the most patient of teachers."

"You'd teach me?" Darcy grins at Loki, bounces on her toes. "Really?"

"I suppose I have no choice," Loki says dryly. His words are mock annoyed, but there's a sparkle in his eyes.

Darcy bounces again, the magic bouncing as well inside her. She's suddenly filled with ideas of the things she could do. And then she looks past Loki, sees the blank walls of the room, remembers that they're locked in a warded room in Asgard, waiting for who knows what to happen. Her smile dies.

Frigga squeezes Darcy's shoulder gently. "It will be well, Darcy." She steps back. "I wish to show you both some things, and it is best that we remain unseen." She grasps Darcy and Loki's linked hands. "May I?" They both nod, and golden light flows out over the three of them.

As the light flows over Darcy, the world around her changes. Everything feels separate, as though she's a step away from reality. Even the touch of Loki's hand against hers feels distant, as though her skin is partially numb. When she looks at Loki and Frigga, they both appear solid and real.

"Others will not be able to see, hear or touch us," Frigga says, removing her hand.

"The last time you used this particular magic, I recall an incident that resulted in Thor having to scrub the floor of his room for a very long time," Loki says.

Frigga presses her lips together, her eyes sparkling. "When Loki was a child, he often had difficulty controlling his magic around his brother. It was part of a test, and Loki…surprised Thor. Rather too much."

"Remind me to get Thor drunk sometime and ask him about that one," Darcy says.

"Best of luck in that endeavour," Loki says. "You will require many barrels of ale." He looks thoughtful. "And please invite me along." He grins quickly.

Frigga leads them towards the door. Darcy assumes that she's going to open it and lead them through, but instead Frigga walks straight through it. Loki follows quickly. Darcy hesitates, then steels herself and walks towards the door. If she was going to get used to having magic, she's going to have to get used to doing things like this, she supposes, even when her brain is screaming at her that she's going to smack straight into the door.

Instead, there's only a vague sensation of cold sliding over her skin as she walks straight through the wood and comes out into the corridor. Frigga and Loki are waiting there, Loki grinning like a kid let loose in a cookie factory. Two guards are stationed outside the door; both stare straight ahead, bored expressions on their faces.

"I seem to remember that there's something else you can do like this," Loki says. He approaches one of the guards and gently blows in his face. His breath moves nothing, and yet the guard twitches suddenly, his eyes darting about the corridor. Loki laughs.

"You'd play tricks even on the way to your own execution," Darcy says.

"God of mischief, remember?" Loki blows in the guard's face again. The man twitches again, his armour clattering, drawing a perplexed look from his companion. "If you only have a moment to live, you might as well enjoy it."

"Learning magic from you is either going to kill me or drive me crazy, isn't it?" Darcy asks.

"I believe I learned that little piece of philosophy from you, my love," Loki says.

Darcy makes a face at him.

Behind Loki, Frigga is trying - without much success - to hide a grin. "Come, children," she says, and leads the way away from the rooms.

Frigga leads them through empty corridors. Darcy slips her hand into Loki's as they walk, as much for her comfort as his. She keeps remembering the last time she was in Asgard, and running into Odin. Even though Frigga's magic means that no one should be able to see them, she suspects that Odin would find a way to see through it.

When they round a corner, Loki's hand tightens on Darcy's. "You said there was to be no trial. Does the Allfather await with his sword, instead?"

"Trust me," Frigga says. "There is no waiting sword. Simply things I wish you to see."

The throne room is so vast that Darcy has to pause in the doorway for a moment, just adjusting to the size of it. It is empty and silent, the ambient light low and warm. Frigga walks directly to the throne, Loki and Darcy trailing in her wake.

Loki's demeanour changes entirely as he approaches the throne. His spine stiffens, and he slides his hand out of Darcy's, his hands fisting by his sides. Emerald light flickers at his fingertips, and Darcy half expects him to manifest his Asgardian armour, but he sighs and relaxes his fingers without conjuring anything.

"I do not need a reminder of the things for which I was deemed not worthy," he says.

"Look closer," Frigga says.

Loki ascends the stairs to the throne slowly, each step heavy. When he finally stands next to the throne, he looks down at it for a long time. When he looks up at Frigga, his forehead is creased. "What has happened?"

Darcy moves close enough to see that the throne is covered with a thick layer of dust, untouched for months, or maybe years.

"Come," Frigga says.

She leads them through into a smaller adjoining chamber. This one is plain, at least by Asgardian standards, and holds only a circle of twelve chairs. They are all golden, and evocative of the shape of the throne, and all are identical.

"I do not understand," Loki says. "What is this?"

"After you…disappeared, Odin grew unwell. Losing you, it broke something of him. He began to spend more and more time in the Odinsleep, and unlike other times he Slept, when he emerged each time, he was weaker. Less…there. He was growing older and weaker, and he knew it. And so he decided that it was best that Thor ascend to the throne. Thor was called back from Midgard, a move which he protested greatly."

"But, the throne…" Loki looks confused. "Did Thor refuse it?"

"He had no choice but to accept," Frigga says. "There was no one else."

A shadow of coldness passes over Loki's features. "And ever my brother is handed the things which he does not value in the slightest."

"Wait, does that mean that Jane is Queen?" Darcy asks. "Where is she? Can I see her?"

There is sorrow in Frigga's eyes now. "Jane Foster elected to remain in Midgard. It was her choice, and one which Thor still grieves."

"Oh. So they're not even together anymore?"

"It was her choice," Frigga repeats. "Thor has taken no other since, though there has been many offers. He and Jane have remained friends, and she has worked with many of Asgard."

"So, after everything, we're back where we started, then. Thor rules as King, for all that he said he never desired the throne."

"Ah." Frigga walks a slow circle around the chairs, touching the back of each one as she passes. "There, your brother surprised us all. He took the throne, and immediately began to make changes. The crown is a ceremonial symbol only, and he has never sat on the throne itself. The ruling of the realm is carried out by a Council of twelve. This Council."

Loki looks around at the chairs. "Thor thought of this? That must have given him quite a headache."

Frigga pauses at one chair. "I am a member of the Council, as are the Lady Sif and Hogun. There are representatives from other realms, as well. Thor sits to my right."

"Thor's friends, I see," Loki says acidly. "How surprising."

Frigga lays a hand on the chair to her left. "This seat has been empty since the Council was formed. Publicly, it is seen as a symbol - the space for every man to fill on the Council. Privately, it has been kept only for one man. Thor insisted that it be kept for you. He always held out hope that you would return, said that if anyone would find a way to cheat death, it would be you. Oft he has lamented the emptiness of this chair and wished he had your help in negotiations."

Loki stares at the empty chair for a long time. "He would just give me this? After…everything?"

"He saw what you did. What you sacrificed for Darcy, for the people of Midgard and all of the realms. It is only that which you have earned."

"And what would Asgard think? How would they accept me on their Council? How would Odin accept that?"

"Odin does not sit on the Council," Frigga says.

Loki walks slowly around the circle of chairs until he is standing behind the one to Frigga's left. He runs his fingers over the back of it, rests them lightly against the gilded wood.

"Why the secrecy, then?" he asks. "Why do we need to be unseen?"

"There is something else I wish you to see," Frigga says.


Loki stares at the simulacrum.

The simulacrum is sitting at a small table, a fat leatherbound book open before it. It is not reading, but staring into the empty cell opposite, apparently lost in thought. From the place Darcy stands, it looks to her as though the simulacrum is looking directly back at Loki.

There are guards posted at either end of the dungeons, all of them looking as bored as the guards outside Loki's rooms had. All of the other cells are unoccupied, the simulacrum the only prisoner.

Darcy moves so she stands next to Loki, so she can see the simulacrum's face fully. It's eyes are cold, much colder than she ever remembers Loki's being, though they must have been. It's movements are stiff, and even sitting casually reading, it looks as though it is poised on the edge of flying into battle.

"Clever," Loki says. Frigga had explained the presence of the simulacrum to him on the way down to the dungeons. "And morbid, for it to still be here. Why not just let it die after I did?"

"I…wished to." Frigga stands as far back from the simulacrum's cell as possible, her arms folded. "Thor would not allow it. I did not understand it at first. It was only after some time that I realised that it was his last true link to you. That he came down here and spoke to it, even though it rarely spoke back."

Loki turns away from the cell. Emotions flicker in his eyes, and his lips tremble slightly. "Does Odin know the truth of this?"

"He has been told, but the truth is a thing that he finds increasingly difficult to keep hold of," Frigga says. "Some days he speaks of you and Thor as though you are both boys, still. Some days he believes you dead, and others he believes that this in the dungeons is you."

"Can I…can I see him?" Loki asks, his voice small.

"He is in the Odinsleep, but yes, I will take you." Frigga holds out her hands. "Come."


Loki looks down at Odin. Odin looks to Darcy an old, old man. He is thinner than when she last saw him, his face grey. If Frigga had not told them that he was Sleeping, Darcy would have thought him close to death.

Perhaps he is, she thinks.

"Did you wish to hide me from him?" Loki asks, sitting down at Odin's bedside. "Is that why we're hidden?"

Frigga waves a hand, and warmth flows over Darcy. The world comes back into sharp focus.

"It was not Odin I wished to hide you from," Frigga says.

Loki looks utterly confused. It is an odd expression on him "I do understand any of this. Why show us all of this?"

"Can't you see?" Darcy asks. "She's giving you a choice, Loki."

Frigga gives her a warm smile. "Indeed, Darcy. I show you these things simply to illustrate what you can choose, if you wish it." She stands, and comes around to Loki's side of the bed, kneels before him and takes his hands in hers. "You can choose to take your seat on the Council, be part of the power ruling the nine realms. Or you can leave Asgard today, choose your own path. Leave Loki Laufeyson in the palace dungeons."

Loki's eyes flicker to Odin, then back to Frigga. "And who would I be, if I leave Loki Laufeyson behind?"

"Whoever you want to," Darcy says.

Loki blinks rapidly. "What of Heimdall? The guards who saw us arrive?"

"Heimdall saw what you did, defeating Hel. He agrees that you have earned your freedom, should you choose it. The guards are under the impression that you were released from your cell for a time, and were merely returning to it. Darcy was called here to assist with some of Jane Foster's work. These impressions become truths if they are left undisturbed." Frigga's hands tighten on her son's. "The only people who know the truth of it are us and Thor. Everyone else will be told what you wish. We can declare your death, or you can remain imprisoned, leave open your option to return to Asgard and take your place on the Council."

"And what of Thor?" Loki asks.

"Thor believes that you should choose as you will," Thor says from the doorway. Thor is stripped of his armour, and Mjolnir is held loosely at his side. He sets the hammer down and moves to embrace his brother. Loki stiffens at first, then relaxes into the embrace. "It is good to see you, my brother. I am truly sorry for the shackles and not being able to explain anything."

Loki searches Thor's face. "You truly believe that I should choose as I will?"

"I believe you have earned the right," Thor says. "If you had been here at the time, I would have offered you the crown, also."

"Would you offer it now?" Loki asks.

"Do you wish it?"

Loki blinks. Blinks again. "No. No." His eyes move to Darcy. "I have found that which is worth far more."

Darcy feels her cheeks flush. Thor reaches over, clasps a hand over her shoulder.

"I believe that I have you to thank for my brother living and breathing," he says. "Midgard ever continues to surprise me."

"We may not be gods, but we can kick ass when we want to," Darcy says. "Even those of us with no superpowers." The magic shifts inside her, a gentle reminder. "Which I guess isn't me any more. Crap, do I have to be an Avenger now? Though I could go for something like Black Widow's outfit, though I doubt my ass would look as good as hers in it." She's aware suddenly that everyone is staring at her. "Um, sorry."

"You get to choose whatever you want to be, also," Thor says. "I suspect that if you asked, there would be a place for you working with the Avengers or with SHIELD. Or in Asgard."

"Holy crap, I could be an Avenger," Darcy whispers beneath her breath. "Holy crap."

"The same would go for Loki, if Midgard is the place he wishes to be," Thor says, turning back to Loki. "Stark has expressed a desire to work with you, for example." Thor smiles, a genuine, open expression. "Or you can choose something else entirely."

"You would trust me to do that?" Loki asks. "To choose?"

"I would," Thor says.

"As would I," Frigga adds.

Loki looks at Odin. "I could choose to kill him right here."

"Yes, you could." Thor deliberately sets Mjolnir down, crosses his arms. "Would you?"

"After what he's done, I should," Loki says. He stands, walks a circle around the bed. "He deserves it, and more, for all the lives he's ruined, all the lives he's taken. Everything he's done in the name of his own power."

Darcy's stomach twists into a knot, watching Loki prowl around the room. Loki leans over the bed, a hand outstretched, long fingers splayed over Odin's neck. An inch lower, a twitch of his muscles, and he could strangle Odin. Loki's fingers twitch.

Darcy stands, comes around to Loki's side. Stands close enough that she knows he can feel her body heat, but she doesn't touch him. "He made mistakes. Huge mistakes. That's kind of what people do. It's just that most of his were amplified by his power."

"If this were your father," Loki says to Darcy. "If it was him lying here, asleep, would you kill him? After the things he did?"

Darcy thinks, images flashing through her mind. "No. I wouldn't. Because he would have to live with them too."

Loki's hand shakes more, and then he lets it fall to his side. Looks at Thor, then Frigga, then Darcy. "There are…dark beings in the universe. Beings which have cause to wish harm to me, and to any I hold dear. Would you risk walking with me, knowing that?"

"Dude, I have a death goddess pissed at me." Darcy snugs an arm around Loki's waist. "Beat that."

Loki presses a kiss to the top of Darcy's head, his own arm wrapping around her. "I believe that I would like to go to Midgard for a time. To help heal some of the troubles that I caused."

Thor nods. "The place on the Council is yours, any time you wish it."

"I have only one request," Loki says. "The simulacrum. Release the spell. Let the people of Asgard know that I live. I have had enough of deception, of hiding." He pauses. "Though I think perhaps that I shall leave the name of Laufeyson behind. Perhaps I shall take the name Loki Friggason instead."

Frigga smiles, and rises to wrap her arms around her son. "I shall be honoured if you do."

"As I am ever honoured to call you brother," Thor says. "I hope you shall not be long away from Asgard. We would always benefit from your counsel."

Loki takes a long breath, releases it slowly.

"Are you actually speechless?" Darcy asks. "Never thought I'd see this day."

Loki grins, then kisses her thoroughly.

"Now they're both speechless," Thor says. "Now this is a day to remember."


Darcy and Loki stand on the Bifrost, alone but for Heimdall, who remains at a respectful distance.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Darcy asks. "It's not like you've ever really enjoyed being in Midgard before. Plus, there's kind of the whole people knowing you as the guy who tried to take over the world bit."

"People change," Loki says. "Isn't that something that Midgardians say? Look at Tony Stark."

"True." Darcy squeezes Loki's hand. "Still, we don't have to do this."

"Asgard will always be here," Loki says. "And I am certain that Thor will find reasons to call me back. And when Odin awakes next, I'll return."

"We'll return," Darcy says. "Stuck with me, remember?"

Loki rolls his eyes, heaves an exaggerated sigh. Darcy elbows him in the ribs. "Ow," he says, rubbing the place she poked, a mock wounded expression on his face.

"Just wait until I can do that with magic." Darcy grins, bounces on her toes.

"Oh, God."

"That's you, remember?" Darcy pauses. "Wait, does having Asgardian magic make me a god now? Will I live as long as you?"

"I have no idea, actually."

"I guess we get to find out."

They watch as Heimdall opens the Bifrost. Heimdall nods to them both respectfully as they pass him.

"I guess we get to find out everything," Darcy says. She stands on tiptoe so she can kiss Loki. "Together."

He smiles, kisses her back. "Together."

Together, they step into the Bifrost.

The Blood-Dimmed Tide

A Marvel Movieverse Story
by ofravenwings

Part 33 of 33

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