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Dark Kingdom Renegades 8: Titanite's Bogus Journey

A Sailor Moon Story
by Mark Latus

Part 7 of 7

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Titanite's Bogus Journey

The world is a dark and lonely place.

Okay so I'm exaggerating again. I still think he overreacted. It's not like my trip didn't do any good. We now know that dimension adjustment is a fact. Travel to another world and you change to fit in. So if we leave this world who knows what we'll become?

That's valuable information. "Completely irresponsible" is a bit extreme. If you want my opinion Cal really overreacted. We were all back to normal within about ten minutes of our return. Cal teleported us all from the park back home then told me what he thought of my borrowing the key. He was still doing it when Azure and Pyr finally got back.

Anyway it would be best to clear my mind and concentrate on what I'm doing. I heard my door open but ignored it. I concentrated all my attention on trying to feel a softball in my hand.

I felt something firm in my grasp and opened my eyes. The ball was there! Success!

It looked real for five seconds then turned translucent and despite my frantic efforts was gone before ten seconds passed. Back to square one. At least that's better than square zero.

"Titanite making progress, yes?" Margrave beamed at me.

"Well I can make small objects but they last ten seconds maximum."

"Is start. Better than nothing. Ti work hard make progess Margrave sure." She was so bubbly I cheered up.

"You're right. I'll bet big brother didn't start out doing those ornate swords."

"Margrave think that right attitude!" After a moment she paused then continued in her normal tone. "So what do you think."

"I like it. It ... fits somehow"

She nodded. "That's what I think too."

"You know you haven't explained why you're talking like that half the time."

"Just experimenting. I decided I've underestimated cute as a survival factor."


"Yes. For example ..." She extended her claws, flashed her fangs and took a step towards me. I backed away involuntarily. Then the claws slid away, her lips covered her fangs and she gave me this bigeyed innocent look. "Margrave happy to meet Sailor Senshi." She shook her head and was back to normal. "Now if you're Sailor Moon which one are you least likely to vaporize?"

"That's a novel idea."

"More of a last resort really. I don't know how long I could keep it up before freaking out." She glanced around the bare walls. "First time I've been able to tell what color the paint in here is."

I scowled. Big brother cleared all my anime and manga stuff (including my posters) out of here the day after my little trip. It's in a burn box in the basement. Tamper with it and all the contents fry. I get edgy whenever anyone goes near it.

"You think he overdid it?"

"Absolutely! I'm more powerful than when I set out so the whole thing was a bonus." We still don't know exactly what happened. We think I had a psychological block against using my full powers. Maybe because I've always subconsciously expected Cal to haul me out of trouble. When I was trapped where there was no hope of him rescuing me the block broke. Or maybe it was just time for my powers to start working. Who knows? While I was thinking this I kept talking.

"None of us got hurt and all the bad stuff in those worlds was going to happen anyway. No harm done and everything worked out for the best."

She sighed. "If that's what you think then you're a fool."


"Quiet and listen. You're only alive because you lucked out on the Overfiend world. By your own account if that thing hadn't possessed you you'd have died there. Think about that!"

"I ... I've been trying to forget that."

"Don't. Learn from your mistakes or you'll repeat them. Getting a second chance is a lot rarer than you think. Your life's too precious to squander. Too precious to you and too precious to us ... if you ever tell anyone I said that I'll hurt you badly!"

"My lips are sealed."

"Good. That attitude will keep you healthy." After a pause she said, "You got off lightly. You're lucky Calcite doesn't use Kingdom methods of discipline."

I hadn't thought of that. Cal, Margrave, Azure, Pyrite ... just how were they punished when they were children? "Margrave ..."

"Just don't ask. Some things are best left buried."

We were silent for a minute then she grinned. "Remember what he said. Create anything that can last an hour and you get your junk back. That's a great incentive. Besides don't you want to be able to create mallets at will and whack the badguys?"

I had to smile at the mental picture of taking out Queen Beryl with a Megamallet. "You're right. That's something worth working for."

She smiled but there was something wrong. I didn't know if I should pry but ... "Margrave, there's something on your mind."

She looked surprised. "You're sharper than I think. Or I'm slipping more than I think." She smiled ruefully. "It may be nothing ..."

"That's okay. Tell me anyway."

After a pause she nodded. "All right. You know I've got limited precognitive abilities?"


"They're very limited. I didn't know about your trip in advance. Of course that may be perfectly natural. Perhaps you can only forsee things in the world you're in. Except ... you remember that dead Tokyo?"

I shivered slightly. "How could I forget anything that spooky."

"Right, stupid question. There was something about that place ... I don't know what but ... but I have the feeling we aren't finished with it yet."

"Unlikely. Cal's put the keys in the safe. Which'll only open for him. I won't be travelling dimensions again anytime soon."

"True. So perhaps it'll have to come to us."

My throat went dry. That was a very unpleasant thought.

After a moment's silence Margrave brightened up. "Anyway mind firing up the computer?"

"Cal disconnected the modem. Said there was too much anime on the internet to make his ban effective if it stayed."

"I know. I want to work on a little project of mine."


"My own personal Doom WAD."

"You're kidding?"

"Not at all."

"Wow. What is it?"

"Sailor Arcturus/Azurite Doom! I've finished work on the imps now I need to redesign the cacodemons."

I stared at her and she grinned. "Hey without the real thing to pick on I have to get rid of my tension somehow."

We were both laughing as I booted up the computer. I'll worry about the future when it comes. With the right friends and family I'll bet you can handle anything. I've got both.

Dark Kingdom Renegades 8: Titanite's Bogus Journey

A Sailor Moon Story
by Mark Latus

Part 7 of 7

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