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Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 10 of 48

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Alice was still in her night clothes when Mirana found her he next morning. She was standing at the foot of her bed, glaring down at the gown upon it. Mirana thought she understood Alice's look of disgruntlement.

The gown was a drab thing, a sooty grey thing. Totally and completely un-Alice-y as Hatter would say. Mirana flinched at the reminder of what was to come. Cautiously, she reached out and laid a hand upon her friend's shoulder. Alice didn't even jump, her frown just deepened.

"This won't do. I stand no chance with him wearing this ungainly thing!" Alice huffed and turned to face Mirana.

"Well how shall we fix it?" Mirana put a finger to her lip as she sunk into thought. Her eyes wondered over Alice's room. She came to realize that the night clothes Alice currently wore and the dreadful dress before them were the only clothes the young woman had! Mirana clapped her hands together and smiled at Alice.

"Well there's only one solution to this dilemma!" Alice was staring at her blankly, obviously not following her logic. Mirana smiled even more.

"I shall send for my seamstress to outfit you with a new wardrobe!" She cried in triumph. Alice's own face lit up with relief. It quickly melted away into a look of thought though. Her eyes met Mirana's speculatively.

"They have to be simple Majesty. Something I can move about in and more importantly, something he can't catch hold of easily. Some sort of pocket would be helpful too…" Alice was clearly envisioning the articles in her head.

"Just let Celeste know what you have in mind dear one, she can create just about anything. She was Hatter's apprentice before the madness took over." Alice glanced up sharply at Mirana's words but didn't comment.

"Do you really wish to carry through with this Alice? No one will blame you if you decide the task is too much." Alice was already shaking her head at the Queen's words.

"This is my task Mirana. I will succeed, no matter what. However there are a few of items we need to address before I begin."

"Go on …"

Alice took a deep breath and sat heavily on her bed. Patting the spot beside her, Mirana sat as well. Alice's face was very grave and Mirana wasn't sure what to expect.

"First and foremost, I need clothes that I can wear today. Again, something that won't trap if things go … well, you know." Alice finished lamely, but Mirana was already nodding.

"The garments you wore on your last stay here will do. I know the robe is a bit of a problem, but you would tuck it into the bottoms." Alice nodded and agreement.

"Very well. Now, while I'm … working … I request two guards outside the room for when things go south. For they surely will."

"Agreed, I will see it done."

Alice smiled.

"Good. Now, you don't happen to have a revolver do you?"

Mirana blinked twice, confusion seeping into her features.

"Are you planning to orbit around him Alice?"

Alice chuckled and shook her head.

"No my lady, nothing of the sort. It's an item of protection, of defense." Mirana's face cleared and understanding sunk in. Alice's next words though frightened her.

"Perhaps a knife will do instead …"

"Alice! You aren't intending to harm Tarrant are you?" Mirana's voice was shrill and Alice winced at the pitch of it. Now though, she was confused.

"Tarrant? Who is Tarrant?" Mirana's jaw dropped. She had forgotten that Alice hadn't grown up in Underland. Of course she knew of the destruction of Underland by the Jabberwocky from Hatter's account, but she knew nothing else of the man himself, so briefly had she been here.

"Tarrant Hightopp, of Hightopp Village in the Outlands. Hatter to the White Queen and her realm. Our Hatter Alice." Mirana spoke slowly.

Now it was Alice's turn to blink and stare blankly.

"I should have known his first name wasn't `Hatter' …" Her voice was soft.

Mirana smiled and gentle patted her shoulder.

"Now that that's cleared up, what else do you need done?" Alice shook herself and rolled her shoulders.

"Right. Well lastly, and hear me out Mirana before you say no, but I need the boards taken down from Hatter's window. Not today mind you but soon. Once I've gotten him to a point I consider safe, a little light and warmth will do him wonders. I saw what sunlight did for our sailors after a long cold storm at sea. The same will probably work for Hat – Tarrant."

Mirana gazed upon her Champion. Her face was lit with determination, hope, and yes, a little bit of fear. But Mirana had seen that look before. Alice had worn it before facing the Jabberwocky. She had worn it before she had defeated the Jabberwocky.

That face had changed the fate of her entire world. Mirana could no longer doubt this girl who had become a woman.

"Alright Alice, alright. We'll do it your way. But so help me, should EITHER of you be grievously injured, I will order you to stop. You are still now a resident of Underland and the White realm and therefore my subject. You will obey me if I command a halt to your actions."

Alice shuddered slightly at the vehemence in the Queen's voice. The situation she had gotten herself into was beginning to sound more and more dire. But she couldn't give up before she had even started.

She wouldn't.

"I understand Majesty. You have my word I will stop when you say."

Mirana sighed gratefully, but Alice wasn't finished.

"However Majesty, promise me you will let me know my own limits. Don't pull me out of the pot when I'm still treading water."

Mirana nodded slowly. This she could do. As queen, with or without her crown, she had trusted her subjects. She wouldn't change that now.

"We are agreed." Alice didn't smile but her eyes did light back up. Mirana turned to leave the room and fetch Alice's old clothes. At the door she paused to say a few final words.

"I'll send Celeste in tonight after supper to fit you for your new garments. Rookie and Bish will be at Hatter's door waiting for you when you're ready. I'll leave a candle so you'll have some light while you … work."

Alice nodded and turned to fix her hair at the vanity.

"Oh and Alice."


"Don't get boiled while you're in the pot."

The White Queen left her friend gazing at her own reflection in the mirror.

Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 10 of 48

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