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Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 13 of 48

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For three weeks Alice stayed away from Hatter. The first week she was constantly banging in and out of Celeste's workroom. Eventually though, the seamstress went to the Queen to demand some peace. After that Alice was barred from the room until everything was complete.

So for two weeks she paced the halls of Marmoreal. Occasionally she would stop to play with the Tweedles or read with Mirana in the castle's library, but most of the time she was left to fret and pace. She was doing so one day when Chess materialized before her. The action no longer surprised her so Alice didn't break stride. She simply motioned for him to join her. Chess had other plans though.

With surprising strength for a creature that seemed to be made of mist, he turned her around and marched her out toward what looked like the castle stables.

"What's this about Chess?" Alice's voice betrayed her bewilderedness.

"You need fresh air and loyal company. You're beginning to be come as pale as the castle walls." That statement stopped her protests and she stepped through the stable doors. Her nose was immediately assaulted by the scent of hay and manure. The place was extremely familiar to the stables back in England, except for the great rumbling noise coming from the last stall.

Chess's tail pointed in that direction, so Alice cautiously walked toward the sound.

There in the over-large stall was the largest, furriest creature Alice had ever set eyes on.


Alice sprang forward and flung her arms around the creature's next. The Bandersnatch purred contentedly as she stroked his ears and licked her cheek. After the prolonged hug, Alice stepped back to look at Chess. He merely grinned at her and scooted a step stool toward her. Grinning back, Alice launched herself onto Bandy's back and they took off. Bursting through the stable doors, Alice took a chance and looked back at Chess. They seemed to have knocked him off his perch based upon the glare and the cleaning he was giving himself.

Alice laughed aloud at the sight and turned to bend over Bandy's neck. They raced out of Marmoreal's grounds and into the colorful wilderness of Wonderland.

They roamed for hours. Once, Bandy had seen a brilliantly colored bird and took off after it. Alice had clung tightly to him as her twisted and turned about the landscape. Alice soon began to realize she recognized this place. Just around the corner there should be …

"Bandy no!" Alice called out.


Too late, they had plunged into the icy river. Alice sputtered while the Bandersnatch happily trudged up to the opposite bank.

"Cantankerous beast …" Alice muttered to herself. Bandy rumbled happily in response.

"Come; let's find a spot to dry off shall we?" At her words, he lumbered across the field until she pulled him to a stop. Slipping off Bandy's back, Alice loosened her tunic and clambered onto a flat rock. Laying herself out in the sunshine, Alice let the song of the birds and Bandy's rumbling snores lull her to sleep.

Almost an hour later, Alice woke with a start. She had been having the oddest dream. The lingering images of padded rooms and white gowned nurses had been unsettling but they were not what had woken her up. Sitting up slowly, Alice scanned the landscape. Nothing and no one was visible in the open field by the river, however Tulgey Wood was oddly silent. Moving into a seated crouch, Alice unsheathed her knife and scanned the Wood carefully. There was no movement whatsoever. The sight was unnerving.

Her unease growing, Alice quickly called Bandy and set them back toward Marmoreal. Remembering Captain Williams' lecture on how to comport herself in the face of unknown danger, Alice rode with her back straight and her eyes dead ahead. On the outside, she looked confident and untouchable. On the inside though, her stomach was clenching and her ears were straining to hear every incoming sound.

After riding stiffly for a mile or so, Alice bent to speak to Bandy.

"Take us somewhere safe old friend." She whispered into his twitching ear. On command, he set into an easy lope, staying just on the edge of Tulgey Wood. For what seemed like an hour, she and Bandy rode along. Finally they reached Bandy's apparent destination.

There, slightly crooked and still rather shabby looking, was the windmill house. Thackery's home was quiet but not the eerie quiet that the wood had taken on. It creaked and groaned as the wind tried to feebly push the blades of mill. The long collection of tea tables that had once mad up the Mad Tea Party still stood in formation, the places still haphazardly set, as though waiting for its occupants to return once more.

The thought made Alice smile sadly. Leaving Bandy to watch from the perimeter, she slowly walked along the set up. Reaching the head of the table, she sat down in what was once her seat. Simply being seated at the table again brought on a fresh wave of memories.

She was six and Hatter had told her, her hair was in need of cutting. She had been quite offended by his statement, seeing as the day before her arrival Pearl Waters had told her she looked like a boy with her short curling blonde hair. Hatter had later reinforced this observation by called her a boy.

When she had returned again three years ago, Hatter had plopped her into this same seat without so much as a by your leave! In a matter of minutes though she had been shrunk (more!), stuffed into a teapot, and made to wear yet another new dress!

Alice groaned at the memories and rested her head in her arms.

"Why must things never go smoothly between us Hatter?" She muttered to herself. Picking her head up slightly, Alice's nose bumped into a cool object.

It was a tea cup. More importantly, it was Hatter's tea cup. White porcelain with pink roses twisting gracefully about the middle and a gold rim, the cup was covered in a thick layer of dust and grime. Holding it deftly, Alice gently cleaned it with a nearby napkin. Once done she examined it carefully. It was rather feminine for someone like Tarrant, so it had to have some meaning.

Pink roses. Not white, not red, but pink. A mix of the two. White meant purity and protection. Red stood for passion and, in Alice's experience, madness. Pink was the mix of all those things. Just like Tarrant was.

The thought made Alice feel better. With a nod to the table, she tucked the tea cup into her belt and climbed back on Bandy.

"Let's go home." She scratched him behind the ears as they took off. Alice kept her mind blank during the ride, simply enjoying the rocking motion beneath her. At last, they reached the castle and slipped inside the gates. After making sure Bandy was fed and watered in his stall, Alice made her way back into the lower corridor.

Her mind went back to the strange silence that had occurred in Tulgey Wood. Underland had never truly been quiet, not even when the Red Queen had ruled, so the occurrence was slightly alarming. She couldn't understand what could make such a thing happen though!

She was so lost in her thoughts she nearly ran over the Tweedles. After many apologies and checks to make sure they weren't permanently bruised, Alice finally got around to asking what they wanted.

"She is looking for you Alice." Tweedledum said.

"Contra wise, you are waiting to be found." Tweedledee said.

"Who's looking to find me boys?" Alice kept her voice calm, but she had a growing feeling that this wasn't going to be easy.


"Same wise, the seamstress."

The Tweedles looked pleased with themselves. Alice rolled her eyes at their moment of better communication. Her impatience was mounting however.

"Where is Celeste Tweedles?"

"Well she's not here – "began one.

"But she is there!" finished the other.

"WHERE?" Alice's frustration whipped at them, causing them to cower.

"Your room." They squeaked together. They looked at each other in surprise, as if flabbergasted they had said the same thing.

Alice paid them no mind as she rushed passed them. All thoughts of the mystery of Tulgey Wood left her mind.

Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 13 of 48

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