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Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 23 of 48

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The day after Alice took her vows was quiet. When they had reentered the ball room last night, Mirana had caught sight of their faces and the locket around Alice's neck. Alice had the vague impression that the Queen was suppressing a squeal of excitement but she could have been mistaken.

In any case, at the end of the ball, Mirana had declared a day of rest for the entire kingdom. The past ten days had been a whirlwind for everyone, but not more than for Alice and her friends.

She had slept late and taken a small breakfast in her room, before going to check on the Queen. Alice found Mirana nibbling on some toast with jam when she entered her private apartments.

"Your Majesty seems quite content this morning." Alice said with a smile. She leaned against the door frame casually. Mirana swallowed her bite of toast and smiled back at her once again Champion.

"I'm well Alice, thank you. How are you?"

Alice shrugged but the light of happiness in her eyes burned brighter.

"Well enough. What's on the agenda for today?" She tried to keep her voice casual but Mirana could tell her thoughts were elsewhere. That gave her an idea. Mirana smiled mischievously.

"Well I was considering visiting the Mayor of Marmoreal and I would need an escort …" Mirana watched as Alice's expression fell slightly. However she quickly recovered and nodded her head professionally.

The poor thing was taking her seriously!

"Oh don't look like that Alice! I was only teasing! I plan on napping, sipping tea, and catching up on some letters today. You have the day off, so please don't worry about me." Mirana laughed aloud.

"Thank you my lady, I'll do as you order." Alice laughed as well. She gave a smart salute and slipped from the room, leaving Mirana chuckling behind her.

Alice sped through the castle halls and eventually made it to Tarrant's workshop. She quietly opened the door, in case he was at work, but she needn't have. Tarrant sat facing the door waiting for her. At the sight of her in the doorway, his eyes became an even brighter emerald. He stood quickly and held his arms out to her.

"Good morning my Alice. Or perhaps it's afternoon now I suppose?" He said as she slipped into his embrace. He couldn't help himself and buried his face in her loose hair. She always smelled of flowers and some sort of fruit he couldn't name.

"Afternoon indeed. What shall we do on this glorious afternoon Tarrant?" Alice finally pulled back to smile at him.

"Hmmm … well …" Tarrant cast a guilty glance at the table. Alice followed his gaze and laughed softly.

"I suppose you would have a lot of orders to fill after three years."

"Aye. Would you mind spending the day in here with me while I work? If ye get bored, there are plenty of books lying around and you could always bring the others here." He responded hopefully.

Alice grinned slyly at him.

"Even Chess?"

Tarrant stiffened and swallowed audibly.

"Aye, if having the mangy cat here will make you happy Alice, I'll agree to it." He voiced grudgingly. Alice giggled.

"I wouldn't actually put you through that Tarrant. Today is for us! Just be prepared to hear my obnoxious opinions on your creations." She swiftly kissed him on the cheek and sat on her high stool at the table.

Tarrant grinned and followed her before setting to work.

The day passed quickly. She and Tarrant traded stories and jokes, she gave him suggestions and ooohhhed and awed over his pieces, he let her read aloud to him as he worked. Eventually, the clock struck six and they put their things away in favor of dinner.

On their way to the kitchen, Mirana stuck her head out of her door.

"Would you two turtle doves care to grace us with your presence for a meal?" She quipped. Alice looked at Tarrant and shrugged. He grabbed her hand and followed the White Queen back into the room.

They enjoyed a simple supper with the Queen and Chessur. Tarrant and Chess had made their usual snide comments to each other, but Alice was beginning to recognize when it was in good fun versus when they were truly upset with each other.

The setting sun found them back in the positions they had been in a week ago. Mirana and Tarrant were seated in arm chairs, while Chess stretched out on the low table. Alice of course was seated on the floor resting against Tarrant's legs.

They all talked quietly as they attended their separate activities. Chess cleaned himself. Mirana embroidered. Alice and Tarrant read. It was peaceful and perfect in Alice's opinion.

"Will you begin your duties with the soldiers tomorrow Alice?" Chess's voice broke the quiet.

Alice looked at him blankly. She was distracted by the pleasant feeling of Tarrant's fingers running through her hair. Eventually comprehension dawned on her face.

"Oh! Yes of course. I'll probably attend to them after I walk with you tomorrow Mirana. Does that serve?"

Mirana nodded, not bothering to look up from the difficult bird she was currently working on.

"Will you both accompany me? I'd appreciate your guidance." Chess nodded as well and she bent her head back to look at Tarrant.

"Aye, of course."

"Good. Then we'll see what tomorrow brings."


By 2 o'clock the next day, Alice was a jumble of nerves. She knew she could be a … commanding force. But she wasn't a trained military expert. Even so, she stepped onto the training yard with a look of confidence.

The White Guard stood at attention before her. She looked over them carefully. A strange mixture of white chest pieces and red cards (obviously those left from Iracebeth's own personal army). They didn't move or speak, so she took the lead.

"I'm assuming by now you all know who I am." They nodded as one, but for the first time she felt their nervousness. It was a slight shock, realizing these guards had a slight fear of her. It also softened her demeanor slightly.

"I will be perfectly honest with all of you. I can defend myself quite well. But as to organizing a group to defend someone else, I have not a clue what I'm doing." Still they said nothing. She looked behind her to Chess and Tarrant. Chess just grinned at her, but Tarrant nodded at her encouragingly.

"Can anyone tell me who has the most military experience here at Marmoreal?" She called out.

A Nine of Clubs on the end shuffled forward and saluted her. Alice hesitated only second before saluting him back.

"That would be Count Willard Champion." Alice nodded her thanks and motioned him back into the formation.

"Very well. I will start learning from him, so that we may all work well together to protect her Majesty. For now though, why don't you run whatever drills you already know so that I can get an idea of what I'm dealing with."

So for the next two hours she watched the chess pieces and cards move about, for shield formations, and demonstrate their weapons. To the untrained eye, they looked darn near perfection, but Alice's eyes were sharp.

The White Guard need to work on moving as one and certain members needed to rely more on themselves than on those beside them. All in all though, it was going to come down to her.

The White Guard fell back into formation in front of her. She gave them a brief smile, before settling into the mode of a commander.

"Well gentlemen. There's no such thing as perfection. I can say I myself am an example." Tarrant snorted in disbelief behind her, but she ignored him. "You did well today. I plan for all of us, myself included, to rise to the pinnacle of perfection. The Queen and the White Kingdom deserve no less, correct?"

"Yes Champion!" They chorused.

"Good. You all are dismissed."

As the White Guard broke up, Alice faced her companions. She smiled at Tarrant before turning her full attention to Chess.

"Well?" She raised an eyebrow at him. He grinned back at her and patted her on the head.

"Very well handled. I would scurry off and speak to Count Willard though. He gets temperamental if he's late to tea."

"Don't we all…" Alice muttered. Chess chuckled and disappeared. Alice stepped up to Tarrant and threw her arms around him. He held her for a moment. Reality set in as the castle clocks chimed the hour.

"Go on. I'll meet you in the sitting room." Alice smiled and kissed his cheek before setting off.

She rounded one corner then another, following the instructions a frog butler had given her. Before she rounded the next she heard voices.

"I swear, that woman keeps adding more inches to her waist. I'll need more egg shell satin. Send for it would you?" Celeste's voice echoed.

"Yes miss."

Alice heard the maid or whoever it was walk away. She knew Celeste would be coming upon her in a matter of minutes so she had to make a decision. Alice smirked. Vengeance usually wasn't in her repertoire but as a Champion it was her duty to deal out … justice.

With that in mind, Alice quietly drew her sword and began to count. At four, Celeste bustled around the corner. She stopped dead in her tracks when she caught site of Alice leaning against the opposite wall, sword in hand.

Neither of them said a word at first. Then Alice started to walk toward Celeste. She raised the sword up to the woman's neck. Celeste in turn dropped her tools and fabric. Alice was grateful she hadn't moved or said anything. This could have been messy otherwise.

Alice kept her expression neutral as she trailed the point of the sword gently against Celeste's throat. If it wasn't for the plain fear in Celeste's, it could have been a lover's caress.


Celeste gasped. Alice's hand deftly caught the emerald pendent that began to fall from its recently broken chain. She held the offending object up by the chain and studied it. She didn't look at Celeste. Her face hadn't changed but she made her threat clear.

"Where I come from, there are laws that must be followed because they are evident. There are also those common laws that exist between women, the ones that aren't spoken aloud but are still there. In both cases, lying has dire consequences. I won't lie to you. I know what the consequence is for lying to a Champion."

Celeste flinched and tears came to her eyes, but Alice carried on.

"I wasn't actually a Champion yet when you deceived me though so for this time and this time only, I will let it slide." She finally looked at Celeste. Alice's eyes were cold and unforgiving. She tossed Celeste the pendent.

"Consider this your last warning. Harm Tarrant or I again, and realize that in harming either of us, you harm the other; I will not hesitate to bring you to trial and punishment. Underland's laws state that victims dictate punishment. Do harm like this again and it won't be me doling out your punishment."

Celeste looked temporarily confused and for the first time Alice smiled.

"You'll be dealing with a very MAD Hatter. Am I understood?"

"Yes Miss Alice." Celeste's voice was laced with barely suppressed rage.

The sword came up to Celeste's neck again in a flash.

"That's `Champion' not `Miss Alice'."

"Yes Champion!" Celeste squeaked. Alice lowered her sword and sheathed it.

"Good. Have a pleasant day Mistress Seamstress."

Alice turned and walked away. She didn't think about Celeste anymore or the trouble she could cause. She was the Champion now. She had friends, a sovereign, and a kingdom that supported her. Most importantly though, she had a man who loved her beyond all reason (as if there had been any in the first place!) and who she loved and trusted in return. Nothing could stop her and there was nothing else she wanted in this life she now led.

Well … except maybe one of Thackery's scones …

Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 23 of 48

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