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Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 25 of 48

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Alice Kingsleigh was the most stubborn creature Fate had ever made Chessur decided.

She was more stubborn than the White Queen and her determination to make peace an everlasting reality. She was more stubborn than the Red Queen and her desperate quest for affection. She was even more stubborn than the Bandersnatch when cornered with a bath.

There was only one person who came close to Alice's stubbornness and he was the person she refused to even look at.

The worst of it all was that her stubbornness was only hurting herself. It was obvious from the pallor of her skin and the tiredness in her eyes.

Now Chess wasn't typically the type of cat to worry over the unrelated lives of the humans around him. Alice was the only exception. She fascinated him to no end with her random acts of selflessness and foolishness. It was rather … endearing.

Not that he would ever reveal this of course!

Still, she had been holing herself up in the castle library for the past two weeks and had barely spoken more than a few words to anyone besides the Queen and Count Willard.

Why, she had barely spoken to him!

Having this information, Chess was certain that Alice Kingsleigh was the most stubborn creature alive.

So, with this in mind, Chess decided to intervene. At least to a certain point.

He materialized into the library. Alice was there, as she had been every day, reading before the fire and rubbing her temples. Chess was silent as he ghosted over to her. She didn't look up to acknowledge him, but simply turned the page. Highly offended, Chess snapped her book shut without warning and stole it between his claws. At Alice's gasp, he floated from the room.

Alice immediately went after him. He led her on a merry chase for the better part of an hour before coming to a stop on the top floor of the east wing. Alice stumbled to a halt before him and bent over to catch her breath.

"What – in the blazes – was that for?" She panted.

"To plant some red roses in those white cheeks of yours." He answered smartly. Alice huffed a laugh at him and shook her head. As he handed her book back, she looked around.

"I've never been up here before …" She murmured.

The corridor was barely lit. Only a few torches graced the walls. In fact only two. They appeared to be flanking something on the wall. Curious as always, Alice moved to examine it. She felt Chess's uneasiness before she saw it on his face.

Coming to stand before the wall, Alice sucked in a breath.

It was a portrait of a family and seated in the center was Mirana. This wasn't the surprising factor though. It was the baby nestled in her arms and the man standing behind her, resting a hand on her shoulder.

Alice stared at the painting in wonder, trying to process what she was seeing.

"Who are they?" She asked Chess quietly. She heard him sigh and felt him floating above her head.

"King Simeon and Princess Lily."

She looked up at him, the question blazing in her eyes. Chess had honestly hoped that Mirana would be the one having this conversation with her Champion, but apparently it wasn't meant to be so.

Damn Fate anyway …

"They were her Majesty's husband and daughter."


Chess nodded sadly. Alice looked back at the painting. The White King was a handsome man. Tall obviously, with sandy hair and kind, amber eyes. Princess Lily was a bundle of white silk but Alice knew the child would have been beautiful with parents such the King and Queen.

"What happened?" She eventually asked. Chess floated lower so that he was level with her shoulder. His tail softly brushed her cheek and she took comfort from the action.

"While the Jabberwocky and the Knave were attacking Hightopp Village, the Red Queen and her army made their way here. Princess Lily hadn't been feeling well, so the King stayed behind with her. Iracebeth and her army stormed the castle and kidnapped them both. Three days later, she sent Simeon's head back on a silver platter."

Alice made a choking noise. Chess looked at her out of the corner of his eye. Alice seemed to be fighting back tears. Anger was also clearly written on her face. The sight was too hard for him, so he went back to staring at the family portrait.

"And what of Princess Lily?" Alice finally whispered, emotions coming back under control.

"We never heard anything more of her. After nearly a year, her Majesty accepted that the child was dead." He stated simply.

They stood quietly for a few minutes before Alice spoke again.

"Poor Mirana. I can't imagine losing my loved ones like that."

"There are worse ways Champion." He replied quietly. Alice looked at him sharply. He simply gave her a knowing look.

Eventually she looked away. Alice didn't say anything but Chessur knew he had made his point. Satisfied he had done what he could, he gave her a push toward the stairwell.

"Come Champion. Our Mistress is no doubt looking for us." Alice nodded and they set off. The journey to the White Queen's study was silent. Before Alice slipped into the room she turned to him with a funny look on her face.

"Chess …" She drawled.


"Did you admit that you serve someone other than yourself?" She asked innocently. Chess's jaw dropped. The cheek of this woman!

Letting go a peel of laughter, she sped inside from his swiping claws.



There was once a point in time when that was all he ever wanted. Silence from the people jeering at his lunacy, silence from the voices in his head. Well now he had that silence.

Except it was worse than hearing the voices in his head telling him he was better off dead.

Now he longed for the sounds of breathless laughter, cheerful greetings, and of lips brushing against one another. He wanted Alice sounds to fill this dreadful silence.

But no, she stood there behind the Queen, just leaning against the wall in silence. She hadn't looked at him in two weeks. She hadn't smiled or spoke to him either. No matter how hard he tried, she ignored him. Even when he had cornered her one afternoon by her door, she had gotten away from him, all while keeping her eyes on the floor.

He had also ended up with a nasty bruise on his side.

At least those lessons with the Count were paying off.

But she still ignored him!

Mirana hadn't really helped in the matter, at least in his eyes. Every day for the past five days, she had ordered them both to attend her while she scritch-scratched away at her letters and papers. She would never force Alice to do anything she had told him. They had to come to a "meeting of the minds" by themselves. However, she considered this forced time together their opportune moment.

Tarrant was very doubtful about this measure. His and Alice's minds were obviously at a stalemate!

A flash of blue winked in the corner of his eye. He turned to see Absolem floating towards Alice. The sight was a curious one. Tarrant didn't really approve of eavesdropping of course but this was the first time in a long time Alice was going to speak in his presence.

"I'm sorry Absolem, what was that? My mind was elsewhere …" Alice murmured. From where he was standing, Tarrant could easily see the butterfly fluttering in agitation.

"WHAT?" Alice shouted, now turning to face Absolem. Her shout had scared both Tarrant and Mirana. The Queen looked up startled and with a broken quill. Tarrant fought off the urge to rub his ringing ears, while Absolem continued to communicate with Alice.

"Show us. Now." Alice commanded. Absolem began to fly off and Alice seized Mirana's wrist, intent on tugging the Queen along. Mirana looked back at Tarrant and motioned for him to follow. They seemed to fly through the castle, eventually reaching the North Tower. Here, Alice made them take the steps two at a time before they burst into a sunlit room.

Tarrant glanced around curiously, having never been up here before. It was a plain room, with only a couple of wooden chairs and a faded tapestry on the west wall. In the very center of the room, directly in the sunlight, was a pedestal with a piece of curling parchment on it. Tarrant recognized the fraying edges immediately.

The Oraculum.

Alice had let go of Mirana's wrist and hurried forward to see what Absolem was so intent on. Her eyes scanned the page before widening. Her hand flew to her mouth in surprise. She didn't look up when she called the Queen over.

"Mirana you – you need to see this." She choked out. The White Queen raced forward and bent her head over the old scroll. A second later she let out a startled gasp and retreated a few steps.

She and Alice looked up at each other.

Horror was written across their faces.

Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 25 of 48

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