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Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 27 of 48

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Marmoreal was unusually quiet in the early dawn light. No one was asleep though, which added to the puzzlement of the silence. It made sense to those who inhabited the White Castle though. They had a little under an hour until their world seemingly crashed down around their ears. Or hats, as far as Tarrant was concerned.

The silence was the calm before the storm as Alice had wisely informed him. His wary yellow eyes darted a glance in her direction. The fear and self-loathing from last night had been erased by his and the Queen's assurances that none of this was her fault. Alright, perhaps Mirana had scolded her lightly, but nothing compared to what Alice seemed to have anticipated.

No, now all that existed in her expression was pure, unbridled fury. Tarrant understood the feeling. Whatever Iracebeth and Stayne had planned, it was obvious they wished to ruin everyone's lives. He knew Alice would do everything in her power to keep the Queen and kingdom safe. He also knew that meant sacrificing herself if necessary.

Such actions would not be needed though. HE would see to that.

In the meantime, he was focused on being amazed by Alice. She was currently getting the White Guard into rank and file. They listened and obeyed without hesitation, respect for her rolling off them. Tarrant was proud of her in this moment. Count Willard was also there, but he seemed just as proud as Tarrant was judging by the bushiness of his mustache.

Eventually all was ready. Alice held up a hand to call for attention. Once the guard was focused on her, she let her unflinching gaze sweep over them.

"You know your duty. Protect the Queen, protect the kingdom, and be on guard at all times until these … pests … are gone from us. To your posts."

The entire guard saluted her and marched away. Alice turned from them to face the Count and Tarrant. She let her guard down just enough that they could see the weariness in her features.

Tarrant couldn't help himself and reached out a hand to her. She smiled at him slightly and took it, but turned to speak to the Count.

"Well?" Such a simple question carrying so much weight …

"You are ready my dear. I can hardly wait to see you trounce the Bloody Big Head." The man offered her a reassuring smile with his words. She looked at him gratefully. A clock within the castle suddenly chimed, setting Alice's features into fierce determination again.

"Come, to the Queen with us." She commanded.


Mirana sat impatiently on her horse, eyes firmly fixed on Tulgey Woods. Her horse danced beneath her, echoing her nervousness. Alice and the company on the other hand, were seated or standing calmly.


Mirana drew in a sharp breath at her harsh thoughts. Alice was right. Getting upset and overly anxious wasn't going to help anything.

Suddenly a flock of birds flew out of the trees. They momentarily distracted her to the point she almost didn't hear the Bandersnatch growling. Her eyes sought out Alice. Her Champion was still seated next to her but her eyes had narrowed dangerously and her hand had come to rest on the hilt of her sword. Mirana whipped her head to look at the trees. A trio was emerging from the darkness under the branches.

Mirana's heart lodged in her throat. There she was, her precious stolen daughter.

Lily was here, healthy and whole. The only thing that marred the moment was the look of utter contempt on her face. The expression looked remarkably like the one Iracebeth wore. The sight made Mirana sick to her stomach.

It was obvious Lily had no clue who she was. Mirana started to move as if to dismount, so intent was she on making Lily see her as her mother. Alice's arm shot out from nowhere and held her back. At first Mirana wanted to order her to stand down, but then she saw the greedy look upon Iracebeth's face and decided to sit back and let Alice handle things. At her nod of consent, Alice set into action.

As she and the Bandersnatch rode forward, Mirana could see the tension in Alice's back. She also felt it rolling off of Tarrant, whose grip on her horse's bridle turned his knuckles white.

Alice stopped the Bandersnatch directly in front of the trio. The beast's breath wafted over them so that he stirred the loose hairs on Iracebeth's forehead. The woman was struggling to not shudder and the sight made Alice fight down a smile. Letting the coldness seep into her features, she final spoke.

"Iracebeth, traitor of Underland. You have broken the terms of your banishment. You better have a damn good reason to do so or you'll go the way of Jabberwocky." Alice's voice rang out.

"Hello to you too Umm." Iracebeth smiled in false sweetness. Alice rolled her eyes at her.

"Are you going to ignore me too Alice?" Stayne's oily voice made Alice repress a disgusted shiver. She glared at him briefly.

"I don't acknowledge slimy scum with no real power." She snarled at him. She turned her glare back to Iracebeth. "Now state your business before I gag you and throw you back into the Outlands."

"Don't you speak to my parents that way!" A musical voice rang out. Alice closed her eyes to the sound of the Queen's gasp of shock and opened them to see Princess Lily glaring up at her.

Alice frowned down at the young woman.

"Your parents?" She eyed her critically.

"Yes. I, Princess Lily of Crimes and Underland, am here to take back the throne that was stolen away from my sires. I issue, before these witnesses, a challenge of Queen-ship. My champion against the White Queen's. Whoever wins, their master takes the throne."

Bells tolled in Mirana's ears hearing those words come out the perfect lips of her child. Her breath came in short gasps, as if she couldn't get enough air to her lungs.

Her child wanted her throne for her deranged sister. The sister she thought was actually her mother.

Alice had once mentioned that she thought of six impossible things before breakfast.

This had not been on of Mirana's.

Then, without warning, her vision narrowed and her world went dark.

Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 27 of 48

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