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Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 35 of 48

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Mirana floated about the water garden, making sure everything was in place. Alice had insisted on minimal decorations, stating that the place itself was beautiful enough. Mirana had over ruled her (Queen's prerogative!) on a few things to Tarrant's relief.

Certain Outlandish customs had been put in place. Flower petals coated the ground and Mirana had made sure that no pigs were in the vicinity. Small votive candles had been set to float on the pool's surface, there light reflected perfectly. The best piper in the Outlands had been summoned and stood waiting to begin the procession.

Mirana smiled remembering Alice's reaction to the man.

"There are bagpipes here in Underland?" Alice asked, clearly flabbergasted.

"Why of course! Sir Barbour brought a set with him on his final journey here and entrusted them to Clan Dougal."

"John Barbour? Author of The Brus? As in Robert the Bruce?" Mirana frowned. Alice was not usually this slow on the up take.

"Yes dear, that John Barbour. Do you know of any others?"

Alice had sat down as if she had been deflated. She rubbed her temples for a moment before looking back up at the Queen.

"How many other people have fallen here other than him and myself?" Mirana smiled at Alice's natural curiosity but wondered at the exasperated tone of her voice.

"Not many, just you, Sir Barbour, Sir Chaucer, and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Fate bless them." Mirana smiled sadly, remembering Nivens bringing word of the Brothers' deaths the last time he'd gone to fetch Alice.

Mirana looked down at Alice again to see her jaw had somehow come unhinged.

"Alice?" She asked worriedly. The young woman's mouth snapped shut.

"I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised."

Alice hadn't said much after that, just got back to helping Mirana and Brenda design her wedding gown. Since then, the bans had been read thrice, the gown finished, the bouquet picked, and now …

Well now it was time for a wedding!

Mirana grinned and moved to stand beneath ivy and willow bower that had elected to erect itself for the occasion. She glanced out at the small gathering of friends the couple had invited. The Tweedles stood amongst Bayard and his family. Count Willard and his family stood smiling and whispering together with Brenda the seamstress (now the officially working for the White Court). Lastly in the back stood a few of Alice's favorite chess piece and card soldiers. Smiling even more broadly, Mirana nodded at the piper to begin.


Chess felt Alice tense beside him at the distant sound of the pipes. He glanced at her and grinned. The poor girl looked torn between fleeing and rushing forward. The more the mournful yet joyful ringing surrounded them, the more the tension drained from her shoulders.


He'd never been fond of the things since the Tweedles had gotten their hands on Tarrant's set and woken him from a rather delectable nap several years ago with their out-of-tune blowing.

Then again, maybe it was simply the fact that Tarrant hadn't tried to stop them and had merely cackled instead.

Either way, he was glad to see Alice's features relaxing. He heard the tune change and knew that Thackery and Tarrant would soon be hopping and striding down the aisle. He gave Alice a once over one last time and couldn't help but beam in approval.

Her curls were still down, as per her groom's request, but were adorned by a wreath of ivy and white blossoms. Her dress was a soft white, high-waisted with delicate cap sleeves and a modest neckline. Her hand firmly gripped her bouquet of white roses and hydrangea. Chess knew there were sprigs of thistle and heather nestled in there somewhere as well.

Tarrant and Alice had both been pleasantly surprised to realize both their cultures (Above and Below) followed the Bride's Tradition.

Something old …

Tarrant's mother's locket at her throat.

Something new …

Mally had gifted Alice with a new dagger, which had been cleverly hidden against her thigh. Chess grinned devilishly picturing Tarrant's face when he discovered that later …

Something borrowed …

Alice had blushed when Mirana had presented her with a garter.

"Seeing as you so very rarely wear stockings dear."

Something blue …

Chess himself had made sure the length of Alice blue silk at the top of her high waist before the tiers of lace was secure.

And the silver sixpence was most assuredly in her shoe based on her shifting her weight from foot to foot!

The tune from the bagpipes had shifted once again and Chess knew it was time. He heard Alice's swift intake of breath and brushed his tail against her cheek reassuringly. They watched Mally scamper ahead first before getting ready to follow.

"Thank you Chessur. I can't think of a more … fitting person to step in for Charles Kingsleigh at a time like this." Alice's voice drifted over him.

"Honor's all mine love" He replied quietly.

And then they were floating down the aisle.

Chess heard the appreciative murmurs of the guests, saw the beaming smile from the Queen and Thackery's nervous twitching, and could feel the impatience coming from Tarrant.

The Mad Hatter stood still as stone at the end of the aisle, with eyes for no one but Alice. He was looking more put together than Chessur had ever seen him. His hat was on straight, his clothes were pressed, and by Fate, he was wearing matching socks!

Weddings did funny things to people … or maybe that was just love.

When they finally reached the poor fool, Chess took and placed Alice's hand in Tarrant's. Before releasing them though, he made sure he had the Hatter's attention.

"Tarrant." He said firmly. The man looked at him quickly, frowning at his unusual somber expression.

"You WILL take care of her, or that hat is mine. Do you hear?" Chess's voice had edged to a growl for the first time in years. He saw Mirana's eyes widen at his tone but kept his gaze locked on Tarrant whose own face was grave.

"She's worth much more than this old thing my friend, but yes. I will ALWAYS take care of her."

Chess nodded and glided back to his place to watch the rest of the ceremony.

Watching them exchange their vows and watching Tarrant pin a swatch of his tartan to Alice's dress with a traditional luckenbooth, Chess felt the oddest tightness in his chest.

Perhaps this was how Charles Kingsleigh would have felt, knowing he had lost a daughter but had gained a son …


Alice felt her heart swell with pride and love as Tarrant's trembling fingers pinned the tartan strand to her chest. She flashed him a wide smile and brushed the colorful strip with her fingers before refocusing on Mirana's words.

"What Fate has seen fit to bring together, let no man, woman, or beast put asunder. May your days together be long and full of love, and know that you loved by us as you love each other. Without wrath, fear, or shame. You have Underland's and my blessing! You are, and forever shall be, Laird and Lady Hightopp!"

Mirana gave them a happy, albeit watery, smile and placed her hands on their shoulders.

"Tarrant, Alice, you may exchange rings."

Alice eagerly turned to Mally while Tarrant turned to Thackery to retrieve their rings. The bands were simple, made of silver with faint traces of knot work. They held each other's gazes, one deep blue the other magnificent green, as they slid the bands on. Once that was finished, Tarrant refused to let go of her hands and simply nodded for Mirana to continue.

"Forevermore they are. Tarrant, you may kiss your bride!" She shouted happily.

Alice had barely a second to process the White Queen actually raising her voice, before Tarrant's lips were stealing her breath away.

The kiss seemed to go on forever and when they finally broke apart, she couldn't help but join in the jubilant laughter echoing around them. Without a second thought, they and the White Queen led their friends to the wedding feast.

The evening passed in a blur. They ate Thackery's exquisite foods and drank the Queen's finest Trimberry wine. The Tweedles taught her a traditional jig that had her doubling over in laughter and Tarrant futterwhackened to her great delight. As he sat back beside her, he caught up her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"Are you happy wife?" He asked, his eyes dancing with unbridled joy.

"Extremely happy husband." She replied, enjoying the thrill that went down her spine at using the title on him.

"I do have a question though. Why is everyone addressing us as Laird and Lady?" Tarrant blushed and rubbed the back of his neck before answering.

"I'm the last of the Hightopp clan. Seeing as we're wed now, that makes us the leaders of the clan, although it's only the two of us at present."

He sent her a side long glance, trying to judge her reaction. Alice had frozen at the implication. She had never actually thought about being a mother, but now that she was a wife, the only natural course was for to be a mother eventually too.

Just not yet she reasoned.

With that in mind, she squeezed Tarrant's hand and smiled at him.

"For now." She whispered. She didn't miss the way his eyes flashed gold with hope before becoming that intriguing purple.

It wasn't long after that he was tugging her up and they were disappearing out of the banquet hall.

"The Queen will make our excuses." He explained when she had begun to protest when they had left without a word to their friends. The swirling shades of purple in his eyes kept her from further words and before she knew it, they were outside his rooms.

She reached and opened the door, but before she could step inside he had swept her up in his arms and was waltzing across the threshold. She giggled into his throat.

"For luck." He whispered as she slid down the length of his body. She glanced around the room as he closed and locked the door. Her eyes glued to the bed as Tarrant came up behind her. Alice leaned back into his touch as he pushed her hair to the side and kissed the juncture between her shoulder and neck.

"Are you afraid my Alice?" He whispered softly. She spun in his arms, hearing the underlying worry in his voice.

"No. I'm not afraid of anything so long as you are with me husband." Tarrant's eyes glowed again at her words, but just barely. He kissed her nose softly.

"I am. If the … madness breaks through Alice, by Fate stop me. I don't want to hurt you ever. I want you to only feel joy, happiness, delight, pleasure, bliss –"

"Tarrant." She whispered softly.

"Ecstasy. Sorry. I'm fine." Alice smiled gently and looped her arms around his neck to kiss him again. As the kiss grew, Alice started to walk backwards toward the bed.

When the back of her legs hit the edge, she fell down.

And Tarrant followed, tumbling into her love and her embrace.

Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 35 of 48

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