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Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 47 of 48

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The asylum did indeed think Lord Oliver Ascot was rather mad to arrive in the dead of night demanding to speak with the director.

They thought him completely gone around the bend when he demanded his son be released.

And his record wiped clean.

For only mad men would be willing to pay such a fortune to deal with such a mess.

All in all though, Alice was quite pleased with the way everything had been worked out. It had been a small joy to see Hamish and Claire reunited. She had never seen Hamish so tender and gentle with anyone. She was fairly certain Claire wasn't used to so many shows of affection based on her blushes and fluttering hands. The pleasure in her eyes could not be hidden though.

Tarrant seemed even more pleased than she did.

"What are you so happy about?" Alice asked him as she watched him dress for the day the next morning. It was later than they usually rose, but seeing as they only got back to London at nearly three in the morning, her mother would just have to accept their tardiness.

"Because everything has fit together like fruit into a tart my Alice! Your family knows you're alright, Mr. Hamish is safe and sound of mind once again, and because of all this, we'll soon be saying goodbye to London soot and hello to Underland sunshine!"

He spun around in circles why tying is cravat, insane, gloriously joyous giggles echoing off the walls of their chamber. Alice grinned in response and rose to begin her own morning routine.

Thoughts of Marmoreal clouded her senses as she made her way into the kitchen. The swaying of the cherry trees in the Royal Orchard, the hum of the rocking horse flies, and the taste of Thackery's pea soup had her day dreaming of their imminent return.

"Alice Kingsleigh Hightopp! Where on earth have you been?"

The tinkle of breaking china succeeding Helen Kingsleigh's shouting caused Alice to curse silently. Tarrant's Outlandish curses were not so silent, but Alice had a brief moment of thankfulness that her mother couldn't understand a word he said.

Alice motioned for Tarrant to clean up the strewn bit of teacup, while she turned toward her mother. Helen Kingsleigh was neat as a pin as usual. But the absolute fury in her eyes was rather … not usual.

"—coachman said you drove all about England last night. Didn't arrive till predawn this morning. For goodness sake Alice, what were you thinking?" Her mother finished in a huff.

Alice sighed and turned back to the roll she'd been attempting to butter when her mother had barged in. She was rather nervous in the face of her mother's anger so it was probably wise to keep her eyes away from it. Rather like avoiding the gaze of a gorgon …

"We went to Middlesex last night Mother. And it wasn't predawn when we arrived home. Twas only chiming three when we finally got the carriage back to the stable."

"Middlesex?" Helen's voice was weak with disbelief.

"Middlesex." Alice confirmed.

"But whatever for?" Alice knew her mother had an inkling of just why she and her husband had been out there. She turned a bland smile in her direction anyway.

"To rescue Hamish Ascot of course."

"R-rescue? Alice!" Helen Kingsleigh was steaming even more than Tarrant's pot of tea.

"Calm yourself Mother. We were merely assisting Lord Ascot in this rescue mission."

"Lord Ascot was leading this shenanigan?"

Alice handed the now complete tea tray to Tarrant with a wink.

"Yes ma'am."

"Oh, well if that's the case …"

Her mother turned and led the way to the front parlor. As they all became settled and the tea was poured, Alice lost track of Tarrant and her mother's conversation. The prospect of returning to Underland was a gratifying thought, but there was now a twinge of sadness.

She would be leaving her family again soon. There was still the chance Mirana might allow her to travel through the looking glass every now and then, but she wouldn't know until they were back on the other side. Tarrant must have sensed her apprehension because his hand found hers beneath the table and gave it a brief squeeze. She couldn't help sending him a watery smile.

"You'll be going soon, won't you?"

Her mother's soft enquiry caught her off guard. Alice sat frozen, afraid of answering. Tarrant squeezed her hand again and looked toward his mother-in-law.

"Yes, my dear Helen. We must. We've been gone too long now. Fate knows how many orders I'll have to fill and how much the Queen is looking forward to Alice's company again."

Helen sighed and set her teacup down. She stared hard, first at Tarrant, then at Alice. She drummed her fingers on the table top, something Alice distinctly remembered being yelled at for as a teenager. They were all silent while Helen seemed to gather her thoughts. Alice wondered what shape her mother's thoughts might take. More than likely they were gears, winding and twisting away.

Perfectly logical, safe, and dependable.

Just like Mother.

"I'll expect you back before you announce anything. I refuse to be the last to know."

Alice tilted her head to the side, trying to follow her mother's now butterfly shaped thoughts. Flighty and random.

"Announcement Helen?" Tarrant's bushy eyebrows had retreated into his hairline.

"Your announcement of when you're expecting!" Her mother answered excitedly. As Tarrant began to cough and stutter, Alice had to restrain herself from rolling her eyes. She laid a comforting hand on Tarrant's knee.

"We'll do our best Mother." She said calmly. Helen nodded, apparently satisfied. She picked up her tea again and took a small sip.

"When shall you be leaving?"

Alice and Tarrant glanced at each other. Alice answered as she watched her husband's Adam's apple bob.

"The day after tomorrow."

Helen nodded once again.

"I'll send your regrets to Margaret and the Ascots. Just tell the coachman when you'd like the carriage brought around to take you down to the docks."

Alice and Tarrant murmured their thanks. Alice cast a glance at the clock and stifled another sigh. In two days' time at this hour, they would be back in Underland.


Tarrant couldn't help but smile at his and Alice's reflections in the mirror. He had insisted they change into their Underland clothes before stepping back through the mirror. His cravat was once again fluffy and eye-watering pink and his maroon coat contrasted beautifully with his once-again too short forest green trousers. Mismatched polka dot and striped socks (for life was too short for matching socks!) were merrily guarding his shins. He reached around his head to adjust the ribbon trailing off his hat.

A flick of the wrist and everything was perfect!

Not as perfect as his wife of course though.

Alice was once again dressed in her Marmoreal tunic, breeches, and boots. The faint breeze coming into the storage room via some well-placed cracks made the light weight material flutter. Her hair had finally been released from those constricting Above up-dos and now curled about her shoulders. Tarrant couldn't wait to see pure Underland sunshine highlighting the streaks of honey and antique gold that he knew were hidden within her locks.

He turned his eyes to drink in her true form standing next to him. Eyes the color of predawn sky smiled back at him. How strange it seemed that at one point in his life, he feared nearly everything in this world and the one on the other side would take her from him.

But now …

After this time Above, after having her return to him time and time again (albeit late on occasion!), after watching her say goodbye to her family for HIM and UNDERLAND, he doubted even Fate itself could tear them apart.

It was a dream come true.

"Are you ready Alice?"

Her smile merely broadened. She took his hand without the slightest hesitation and pulled him through the mirror.

Entering out on the other side was more than either of them could ever hope for.

The mirror room was shining with light and echoed with the excited voices of their friends. Tarrant couldn't distinguish between Thackery's inane babble and Princess Lily's rapid questions with all the noise.

But he was happy, because he was finally home and he had Alice at his side!

As the group began to shepherd them out of the room, he felt Alice's fingers slip from his own. His eyes found hers and though they were still smiling, there was a bit of solemnness in her expression.

"You go on." She mouthed. Tarrant gazed at her a moment longer then glanced to the Queen.

Mirana smiled reassuringly at him. Tarrant nodded to his wife, bowed to his Queen, and followed Thackery out of the room in search of some cucumber sandwiches for tea time.


"I'm assuming by the look on your face your curiosity is about to get the better of you, am I right Champion?" Mirana asked quietly as the Tweedles exited the room.

Alice turned a slightly sheepish expression in her direction, but Mirana could feel the tension rolling off her champion in waves. Alice seemed to grit her teeth and breathe deeply before finally facing the White Queen. Mirana tilted her head to the side and gave a faint fluttering of fingers as she waited for Alice to gather her thoughts.

"Why did the same amount of time pass in Above as had passed here?" Alice blurted. "I mean, when I drank the Jabberwocky blood, I went back to almost the exact moment I had left at in Above. Why the time difference?"

Mirana turned and stared at the looking glass that Alice had just so recently stepped through.

"It's a curious thing, Jabberwocky blood." She murmured. Alice came to stand beside her and the two women stared at each other's reflections.

"The blood of the Jabberwocky returns one to the point in time of their choice. Looking glass travel on the other hand, returns one to the mirrored time on the other side. So you chose to return to that exact moment Above Alice. The mirror simply reflects time itself so going through it doesn't change time on either side. The same goes for the rabbit hole when not used in conjuncture with Jabberwocky blood."

Alice hummed and nodded her understanding.

"I can see another question brewing like Earl Grey behind your eyes dear one." Mirana said as they continued to stand before the mirror.

Alice heaved a much put-upon-sigh.

"My mother extracted another promise from me." She muttered.

"Oh? And what would that be?" Mirana was genuinely curious. Alice never made promises lightly.

"She – that is Tarrant and I are to – when the time comes we're supposed to … oh botheration! She wants us to come back and tell her when we're expecting our first child!"

Mirana glanced sharply first at Alice's face and then at her flat abdomen.

"Alice, if I find out you've gone on this March Hare mission while expecting a child I will be quite put out!" She warned severely.

"No!" Alice shouted. She took a deep breath. "No your Majesty. Tarrant and I aren't expecting. Not yet anyway. The thing is, when that time comes, I was hoping to use the looking glass to go back and tell her. If that is alright with your Majesty?" She finished on a hopeful note.

Mirana's expression softened. She reached out and brushed a curl away from Alice's cheek.

"Of course you may Alice. I just don't recommend daily visits. Frequent looking glass travel tends to leave one a rather pale reflection of who you once were."

Alice smiled in relief.

"I assure you Mirana, I won't be making a habit of it."

Mirana clapped her hands together and smiled grandly.

"Excellent! Now come my Champion, I'm afraid we've borrowed your old habit of being late to tea!"

Alice laughed softly and linked arms with the White Queen.

"Bad habit that. I supposed I'll learn one of these days to be on time."

Mirana giggled and fluttered her fingers as the doors to mirror room swung shut behind them.

"Oh Alice. You wouldn't be you if you ever did!"

And thus the two women finally made it to tea, breathless with laughter.

Bonkers To Be Late

A Alice in Wonderland Story
by RosieLilyIce93

Part 47 of 48

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