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Both of You

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Maerynn

Part 11 of 53

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Her mind madly racing with silly and horrifying theories about why in the world Chat Noir would be knocking on her skylight so late at night, Marinette unlocked the window with shaky fingers. It flung opened almost instantly, and the leather clad boy dropped on her bed like he had done countless times before. Kneeling on her mattress, the young woman tried to stifle her overwhelming concern toward her partner and reached for him, her hand tenderly cradling his cheek. The hero lifted his gaze from the floor where it had been glued ever since his unusual silent entrance, and he wordlessly met hers.

Her previous conversation with Tikki went to waste at that precise very second.

All thoughts of slowing things down between them, about protecting her already way too much exposed heart, about any instinct of self-preservation, to be honest, was thrown to the wind at that precise moment.

Chat Noir stood before her, miserably hunched over himself, his beautiful green gaze full of sorrows and fears, his lips twitching. His fists were clenched tight on his sides, and his ears were laying flat on his head. He was clearly upset about something, and it shook her to her very core. He was obviously hurt, terrified even, and he had come to her all out of the places he could have been, seeking comfort. At that very moment, she knew that she had really fallen hard for her silly kitty. She loved him, with all her being. Her untimely crush on Adrien or not in the picture, what she felt for Chat Noir was undeniably there, stifling her heart, and real.

And he looked every single piece broken, utterly shattered, like he was mere seconds apart from falling apart.

He needed her.

So Marinette did the only thing she could possibly think of to ease his pain, to comfort him. She crawled on her bed, erasing the distance between them as fast as she could, and their lips collided, hard and needy. He collapsed into her embrace, his whole being wrapped around her as he desperately answered her frantic kisses. The young woman tried with all her will to convey just how much he really meant to her in their kiss as she felt him pouring his unspoken fears in it. Marinette pulled him closer and closer to her, her fingers clinging to his shoulders as if her very life depended on it. Soon, the passionate kiss rushed over them both, and everything else was forgotten.

By that point, he didn't even remember why he had come to her so late at night, and she didn't recall her kwami warning her to slow things down for her own sake. He clung to her like he was a drowning man and she was his oxygen, like she was the only source of light in an ocean of darkness.

All that mattered to them was here and now. And here and now Chat Noir was nigh-drunk on her kisses, on her touch, on her body pressed against his. And she kept relentlessly kissing him, openly trying to soothe him with her love. He hugged her tightly, his leather clad hands running restlessly along her sides, her legs, her arms. There was a hint of urgency, a taste of despair in their embrace that made both of their minds go crazy, begging for more and more.

Her nightgown had hiked up to her waist, revealing her bare thighs in the dim-lit room. He snaked a gloved hand under it, gently caressing her silky skin with shy restraint, with some kind of reverence toward her. Every touch of his made her skin feels like it was on fire, but she didn't care the slightest. Daring fingers cupped her breast, and he miserably failed to repress a soft moan when he realized she wasn't wearing anything underneath the thin fabric of her nightgown. Slowly, giving her time to back out if she wanted to, he pulled the garment over her head, hastily dismissing it once it was off her skin. Heaving breasts came into view, her pink nipples already hard with excitement. He had never seen anything so beautiful, so perfect before in his life. Chat groaned unconsciously, and buried his face into her neck, biting the tender flesh, and nibbling softly at her collarbone. She was breathing heavily against the skin of his neck, digging her nails into his back through the dark leather, pressing herself against him as if she were trying to erase any remaining distance between them.

He bit lightly at her earlobe, earning himself a loud and breathy moan in the process, sending shivers down his spine. She was hot and feverish under his touch, and he couldn't resist pressing his lips on every single inch of her skin, grazing his teeth along the curves of her jaw, of her neck.

"C-C-Chat..." she whispered, her whole body flushed an adorable shade of pink with lust. The suit did next to nothing to hide his own flaming desire for her, his erection beginning to feel rather uncomfortable against the rough tightness of the leather. Marinette locked her arms around his neck, kissing him again, bringing him even closer, pressing her body against his urgently. There was no way she could ignore how much he wanted her, needed her by then. Carefully, he moved forward still holding her, their lips never breaking contact, and he laid her gently on her bed. He climbed on top of her, hovering over her with his legs between hers and his elbows on both sides of her, planting deep and urging kisses on her lips.

Marinette caressed his body over the dark leather, tracing the line of every muscle with pressing strokes.

"I want to touch your skin..." she whispered huskily in his ear. He kissed her jawline, the blond's hands roaming over her lithe body recklessly in response.

"I-I can't... remove the suit purrincess..."

She whimpered dejectedly, resuming their searing kiss. To be honest, neither of them had minded the restrictions the suit harbored before then. But now, God he wanted her so bad, and she had made it clear that she wanted him back. He almost didn't care anymore about her finding out he was Chat Noir.

Almost . A part of him still was desperately scared he'd lose her for good, he'd lose the precious bond they had if she did. Pulling away from her briefly to cast a glance around in search of some sort of epiphany about a way to indulge into his princess' wishes, he stretched himself past her head, grabbing the sleeping mask she used to prevent the sun from waking her too early in the morning on her bedside table.

"May-maybe we can..."

She nodded hazily, understanding where he was headed. Marinette took the mask from Chat's hands and fastened it over her eyes, effectively blocking out all sight and light. Chat Noir smiled and leaned in to kiss her again, his tongue gently stroking hers, making her shiver under his touch. With her vision rendered useless, her other senses seemed to overcompensate, every single sensation becoming exponentially intense.

Voice rough with desire, Chat drew back a little. "Plagg, claws in."

Marinette didn't flinch at the sudden flash of green light, reassuring Adrien that she was effectively blind. He paused there fully clothed for a second, taking in the beauty of the girl sprawled out on the bed in only her panties.

The corner of his gaze caught Plagg flying away from the entangled couple as fast as he could, colliding with a small red creature in the process.

His brain refused to dwell too much on that detail, his attention instantly snapping back on the porcelain skin he left thirsty for his kisses. Ladybug or not, she still was Marinette, the woman he loved dearly and who was currently breathing heavily, waiting for him to make love to her. He wasn't quite thinking clearly anymore, but he knew without the shadow of a doubt that he wanted her and nobody else. Nothing else mattered to him. He swiftly stripped down to his boxers, evening the equation with Marinette's current state of clothing, and lowered himself back over her, kissing, biting, and licking every inch of her skin in the process. She eagerly touched him back, finally caressing longingly his skin like it was some kind of wonder.

He tentatively reached between her legs, gently rubbing over the thin fabric of her underwear. His initiative was met with a soft moan into his mouth, which he took as an invitation to go further. He slid his hand under the garment, spreading her wetness around her entrance. She whimpered softly as he easily slid a finger inside her, moving slowly back and forth, building a steady rhythm. He added another finger, prepping her lovingly for what was to come. While his fingers were at work in her, Adrien kept caressing her breasts with his other hand, biting her neck softly, kissing her lips. She was quivering under his touch, and soon found herself begging him for more.

With a fond smile, Adrien pulled back and removed her panties as he hastily discarded his boxers. He reached into his jeans pocket, grabbing a condom and slid it on his length with shaking fingers, impatient to carry on with what the amazing things they had started. When he crawled back on top of her, Marinette tentatively grabbed his neck in the dark and went in for a hot and feverish kiss, her tongue licking his lips before entering his mouth to gently stroke his.

"Are you sure-" He pressed his hips against her eagerly, both of their bodies trembling with excitation and anticipation.

She gasped softly when she felt his erection pressed against her, but she didn't shy away from him. "Yes."

Still avidly kissing her silky lips, Adrien pushed himself inside her slowly, giving her time to adjust to the unfamiliar intrusion. He was watching her face intently, searching for any sign of pain or discomfort that he would take as a signal to stop. But none came. She'd made a soft squeal when he first entered her, but now she was only moaning softly, her voice sending his nerves singing as she became undone.

Marinette felt as if her world was now revolving around their bodies moving together. It did sting a little at first, but when he started moving slowly inside her, waves of pleasure were quick to replace the pain, soon leaving her a writhing mess under him. It seemed like the purest sensation of her life, bliss rising in her core with every thrust. He was buried in her fevered flesh, searing against him. She gripped his shoulders and arched her back, moaning louder.

Adrien opened his eyes and contemplated her beautiful face flushed with desire, her cheeks flushed bright red under the blindfold, her lips twitching with every small cry. He let his gaze explore her silky white skin, watching himself impale her again and again. He reached between their bodies, softly rubbing her clit with his thumb. She threw her head back, overwhelmed by the added sensation.

"Ah-ah-ah C-C-Chat!" was all she could manage to utter as ecstasy washed over her, leaving her panting and dizzy in his arms. She buried her face under his jaw, clutching his shoulders so hard her knuckles were whitening while he continued moving back and forth inside her. Adrien felt his own orgasm build up, his hips thrusting harder against hers. She screamed, the sound muffled by his neck on her lips, and he felt his release echoing hers.

They rolled on their sides, Adrien pulling her back to his chest, peppering small kisses on her head, her shoulders.

"That was..." he whispered, afraid she'd recognized his voice without the magic.

"Perfect," she ended for him. He nodded, burying his face in her hair so she'd feel the movement. He kissed her shoulder one more time, casting a regretful glance at the hour before sighing heavily, "I really should go, purrincess. It's getting early. I- Thanks. For being there."

She smiled softly against his skin, even though he couldn't see it. "Always, Kitty."

Adrien reluctantly fed Plagg and transformed back, staring at Marinette's beautiful figure all along. Once he was Chat Noir again, he delicately pulled the mask from her face and gazed into her beautiful, shining blue eyes. "I wish I could stay."

She leaned in, kissing him softly on the cheek. "Me, too. Go before I change my mind. I'll see you soon?"


With a last kiss full of unspoken promises, he finally left, leaving Marinette to try and get some sleep despite the lovestruck grin that refused to leave her face.

Both of You

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Maerynn

Part 11 of 53

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