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Both of You

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Maerynn

Part 30 of 53

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Neither of them got their wish granted that day.

The akuma took a lot longer to vanquish than they would've liked. The superheroes had to chase the huge inflated bubble gum with blonde pigtails looking every bit like a scientific experiment gone wrong down the city streets. The akuma visibly had a blast throwing a disgusting gooey red substance everywhere, while shouting some rubbish about allowing children to get all the sweets they wanted to.

"Just our luck. Stuck fighting a food themed akuma while we're both starving," sighed Chat Noir as he avoided yet another string of the sticky projectiles.

Ladybug rolled her eyes as she effortlessly swung herself on top of a lamppost, attempting to figure out where in the world the akuma could have been hidden while trying to ignore the high-pitched voice of the monster screeching, "WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT CAVITIES? SUGAR, MORE SUGAR!"

"Well, isn't that just disgustingly sweet?" teased a very disgruntled feline, just in time to hear the muffled gasp his partner let out. "My lady?"

She didn't even bother to answer, barely moving her head toward the akuma. Still, years of fighting side by side had perfected their reading of each other body language as well as it could get, and he understood instantly what she expected from him.

Tearing his eyes from his partner, the leather-clad hero followed his lover's gaze, spotting some sort of plastic stick poking out of the giant pink bubble rolling down the street, with what looked like a really tiny ball at the end. A lollipop. Nodding imperceptibly at Ladybug, he used his baton to propel himself forward, dodging the oncoming akuma attacks, again and again, waiting for his lady's signal. They fell quickly into their usual dynamics, Chat Noir actively distracting the obnoxious akuma as Ladybug focused on devising a plan and putting it into work.

Somewhere along the way, though, the young man noticed to his heartbreaking dismay that his lady was standing right in the crossfire of an incoming giant bubblegum, obviously meant for him. She was so focused on wherever she was going to hook her yo-yo next at that precious second that she didn't realize what was coming.

Chat didn't have to think about it twice. He lunged for her in a desperate attempt to get her out of the way, out of harm.

That's when things went awry.

Shivering uncontrollably with teeth loudly chattering, Marinette shot an overly annoyed glance at her boyfriend, who slunked back sheepishly toward her after dealing on his own with the worried media. "I'm so, so sorry, Mari. Are you gonna be okay?"

Rolling her eyes at him, she snapped, "Just-Just peachy. Always d-dreamed of taking an unexpected p-plunge into a fountain while f-fighting a frustrated six-year-old, definitely something to c-check off my bucket list!"

Dropping his transformation, Adrien hastily took off his overshirt and draped it over her shoulders in a protective manner. "I said I was sorry! You were in the crossfire, I didn't want you to end up stuck in that melted candy or I don't even want to know what it really was."

She snorted inelegantly. "So you g-gallantly shoved me into a f-fucking fountain instead. How t-thoughtful of you."

Adrien groaned. "I didn't even see the goddamn fountain, Mari! It was an accident, I swear. I still got the akuma for you to de-evilize, though."

"Yeah, only b-because I startled her when I s-screamed at you and she actually d-dropped the fucking l-lollipop! Not quite a f-feat of s-strength if you a-ask me."

The young man only hunched his shoulders in defeat, knowing fairly well it was no use to argue with his lady when she was that much ticked off. "Anyway, Tikki, how come the cleansing spell didn't dry Marinette up?"

Tikki's small voice piped up from Marinette's purse. "Since it was not a direct result of the akuma's actions or will, the magic didn't feel the need to fix it. Really sorry about that, Marinette."

Shivering violently by then, the young lady only managed to whimper softly in answer, prompting Adrien to wrap his arm around her shoulders to try and grant her some warmth. "After all this chasing Candylicious around, my place ended up closer than yours. We have dry you off and get you something to eat before even considering heading back to school, okay, princess?"

Nodding softly, she tried to calm her desperately chattering teeth enough to speak clearly, but once it became obvious she wasn't going to succeed anytime soon. She pushed her phone into Adrien's hands with a defeated sigh, thankful her life-proof (and clumsy-proof) case had protected it from the water. Picking up instantly on her intentions, he dialed the bakery's number, internally cringing when he recognized Sabine's upset voice on the other end of the line. "Marinette? Sweetie, are you okay? There's was an akuma and-"

"Mari's perfectly fine, Sabine," said Adrien as he channeled what he hoped was his most reassuring voice. "However," he continued, "she fell into a fountain while we were escaping the area, and she's totally drenched and quite cold. I'm going to bring her to my house to get a nice hot shower and eat a bit, is that alright with you?"

The motherly sigh of relief he heard made him smile, and Sabine softly uttered, "Of course, Adrien. If she's with you, she's as safe as can be. Do you two plan on heading back to school afterward?"

Looking at the time on his own phone, Adrien cringed. "To be honest we may be a little short on time."

"Don't sweat it, dear. Please take care of my daughter, Tom's going to call the school to explain the situation on your behalf. We'll see you both for dinner tonight?"

Glancing at an upset and more and more sickly looking Marinette, he sighed into the phone. "Yeah, we'll be there. Really sorry for the inconvenience."

"Nonsense. Now go and heat my baby up before she catches a nasty cold."

As the call disconnected, Adrien's mind somehow processed Sabine's words with a delay, making him blush furiously. As he put back the little electronic device into Marinette's palm, she pressed her body against his in search of body heat, her eyebrows questioningly rising. "S-so? W-What d-did they say?"

He pulled her close to him, worried about how much her state had quickly degraded, and whispered in her ear, "We're both excused from class for this afternoon. And expected for dinner with your folks."

She chuckled lightly, selfishly leeching his body heat, not that he minded the slightest. "S-sounds like m-mom. I-I'm freezing, K-kitty."

Casting a warning glance to Plagg, effectively dissuading any attempt to refuse his plea, Adrien transformed on the spot, gathering her quivering lithe body in his arms bridal style before making a beeline toward the Agreste mansion.

Sliding into his room through the window with the ease of someone that had done it countless times, Chat Noir headed straight to his bathroom, turning the shower on a lukewarm temperature so his dear princess wouldn't burn her precious yet currently icy skin. He left the room without a word, leaving Marinette on her own to undress with unsure movements and put her numb body under the relaxing water of the shower. A few minutes passed, minutes the young woman spent reveling in the sensation of the tepid water warming her frozen limbs more and more by the second, washing away the uneasy feeling she had felt about being utterly soaked with dirty water, easing warmth back into her body.

After a while, though, as she was lost deep in thoughts, strong and muscular arms locked themselves around her waist as familiar soft lips pressed tenderly on her shoulder blade. "I'm so, so sorry I pushed you into that fountain, princess. Is there a way I can make it up to you?"

Spinning, Marinette found herself facing a very naked and very wet Adrien. "What did you have in mind, Kitty?" she asked coyly, her anger by then long forgotten. Hot and soft lips found hers as his strong hands and muscular body pinned her firmly against the shower wall. She felt his hardening manhood pressed against her thigh and moaned softly into the kiss. Knowing that she had done this to him, that her body was the fuel of this sudden need to touch her like she was his highly-addicted-to drug, made a surge of raw confidence shoot in her veins. Adrien's fingers caressed the small of her back hungrily, their embrace slowly growing more heated, more feral by the minute. Her lips left his, ignoring the soft whimper of disapproval that escaped her lover's throat, quickly followed by a surprised gasp as she effortlessly switched their positions, pressing his back to the wall, obviously taking control of their embrace from that moment.

Trailing a path of light kisses down his jawline, Marinette let her hands wander on his chest, tracing the curve of every muscle adoringly. Her lips ventured on their own down his neck, which prompted him to moan softly under the caress, his fingers firmly clutching her shoulder. He was hopelessly wrapped around her little finger by that point, and they both perfectly were aware of that fact even if neither of them cared the slightest. Her hot kisses trail followed through on his chest as her hands absentmindedly caressed the small of his back, moving onto his abdomen as she slowly stroked the soft skin of his outer thighs.

"M-Mari…" he whispered hoarsely. She smiled, an impish smile that Adrien saw through heavy lidded eyes.

"What is it, Kitty? You can dish it out but you can't take it?"

By that point, it was obvious Adrien wasn't able to think clearly anymore. He wanted nothing more in that very second than bury himself inside her and hear her moan his name over and over again.

"No, but- AH!"

The young man's legs almost gave out under him as she took his length into her mouth without further warning, gently stroking him with her tongue as she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. He steadied himself clumsily on the wall behind him, only managing to whisper with anguish, "Ma-Mari…"

His fingers tangled themselves in her dark hair as he groaned audibly. Marinette took it as an encouragement to continue what she was doing, and she eagerly pumped him, gently caressing the base of his manhood as her mouth went on with its loving work. There was so much Adrien could take, and soon enough he was quivering under her touch. "Mari… stop, I'm going to-"

Smiling, Marinette stopped for a split second, still caressing him with her hand. "That's it, Kitty. Come for me."

The next stroke of her tongue softly caressing his glans signed his undoing. Her words, coupled with the position they currently found themselves into and the overwhelming sensation of the warmth of her mouth around his cock was just too much to bear for him. He twitched once or twice into her hold, and his release overcame him before he could say or do anything else. To his great surprise, Marinette didn't back out, instead savoring every drop of his orgasm, even licking her lips as she got back up. "Hmm… You taste as sweet as you are, chaton."

Still hazed in the aftermaths of his climax, Adrien managed to get one clear thought: he wanted her to come for him too. Turning off the shower in one swift motion, he picked her up in his arms, carrying her out of his bathroom to his bedroom.

"Adrien! We're dripping wet!" she vainly tried to protest.

"Don't care," was the only reply he managed to give, his mind a thick blur of lust. Laying her carefully on his bed, the young man took a few seconds to take in the beauty of the splendid woman sprawled onto his mattress, stark naked, and only waiting for him to have his way with her.

"I love you so much. "

A fiery blush spread on her cheeks, making Adrien chuckle. "Really, princess? After what you've just done, you blush hearing that I love you?"

Marinette stuck her tongue out childishly, crossing her arms over her bare breasts. "I didn't expect you to be able to continue, to be honest."

The blond grinned, dipping his head to kiss the crook of her neck tenderly. "Did you really think you could pull a trick like that on me without me retaliating in some way?"

His fingers found her folds, toying with her clitoris in a way that almost instantly made her arch even more against his skin.


Her moaning prompted him to shove first a digit, then two into her wetness, while his thumb rested lazily on her clit, making sure neither of them was neglected. He toyed with her like that for a few minutes before a panting Marinette barely managed to whisper, "I… I kinda really want to ride you…"

Picking up on what she wanted, Adrien reluctantly let go of her pleasure and sat up, happily letting her climb in his lap. Straddling his hips, Marinette positioned herself over his length, blue staring into green as she lowered herself onto him. Adrien was quick to realize the perks of the new position, as while Marinette set her own rhythm riding him to her pleasure he was free to suck on her nipple while his hands were helping her to keep the right angle.

Soon enough, Marinette got nigh-drunk on his touch. His hands on her rump, his lips on her breasts, his manhood inside her, it was too much to bear for her all at once, and she shattered into pure bliss around him, melting in his embrace as she dissolved into pleasure. He was quick to follow through, emptying himself into her yet a second time that afternoon.

It took both of them a few minutes to came to their senses. Adrien was the first to recover, gently patting his girlfriend on the shoulder. "As much as I'd really want to spend the remaining of my life like this with you, your parents are expecting us for dinner."

Still lying motionless against his chest, Marinette mumbled, "Don't wanna move. You're comfy."

"Princess, I'm pretty sure your parents expect you to actually see you dressed and functional."

She groaned, burying her face in his shoulder. "Just tell them you fucked me senseless and I'm currently passed out on your bed, trying to recover. I don't think my legs are going to work anytime soon."

He chuckled, a thing that should be meaningless but still was weird while he was still inside her. "Somehow I don't see this conversation going well with your dad. However, if I'm correct, you just fucked me senseless, princess."

Marinette didn't answer, instead wrapping herself around him, reveling into the heat of his skin. She just kissed his chin, whispering softly, "I love you, Adrien."

"I love you too, princess."

Both of You

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Maerynn

Part 30 of 53

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