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A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Maerynn

Part 36 of 53

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posted on the Ladyblog by Alya Césaire

Ever since Ladybug and Chat Noir came along a little more than four years ago, a lot of fans have been waiting more or less patiently for their one-true-pairing to be canon at last. A few weeks ago, in the midst of their heart-wrenching fight against DreamWeaver, Ladybug finally confirmed the news we were all waiting for: Chat Noir and she were assuredly an item!

However, considering recent developments, it seems the honeymoon between the superheroic pair is already over since trouble is reportedly brewing up in paradise.

Our local heroine has been spotted in a secluded alley earlier this week, getting all touchy-feely with our resident most coveted heir, none other that Adrien Agreste himself.

Vincent Aza, Paris' Closer photograph, managed to snap a rather incriminating picture of the cheating pair, wrapped in a tight embrace that left nothing to the imagination.

All of Paris is now left to wonder how well Chat Noir is taking the news that the lady he has devoted his whole heart to has set her sights on another blond than him. And how Adrien Agreste will explain his inexcusable behavior to his amazing girlfriend, whose forgiveness he definitely doesn't deserve.

by Closer's reporter, Vincent Aza

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Paris' beloved heroine Ladybug was caught in a heated lip lock with a mystery man - who's definitely not her partner.

The spotted heroine was seen kissing what turned out to be none other than Agreste Designs' sole and only heir, Adrien Agreste, in broad daylight in a random Parisian alley. According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, the duo is rumored to be dating, despite the fact that they're both supposed to be involved with someone else.

Agreste, 18, has been reported to be dating Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a baker's daughter and longtime friend of his, for about two months already, while our resident superheroine was up until now considered to be in an exclusive relationship with her famous leather-clad partner, Chat Noir.

However, a single picture snapped by yours truly was enough to destroy that perfect but obviously forged perfect image of both Agreste and Ladybug, who shocked their fans by cheating on their sizzling significant others…

posted on the Ladyblog by Alya Césaire

It would seem Paris' most famous kitty desperately lacks any basic sense of pride.

In the midst of the recent Ladybug cheating scandal, all Parisians were waiting on some nasty break up, or at least, an understandable frosty period between the superheroic pair.

However, it would seem that Chat Noir can't stand up for himself before his partner, even when his lady has provenly cheated on him. The couple had been repeatedly spotted over the course of the last week, kissing on random rooftops and cuddling openly near the Eiffel Tower.

Sadly for Adrien Agreste, his former girlfriend actually can stand up for herself, and won't forgive him as easily as our stupid leather clad hero forgot Ladybug's disgusting treachery.

Adrien dropped himself on the white comforter, groaning helplessly as he tossed Chloe's ladybug pillow aside. The past week had truly been awful to him, as well as tiresome beyond reason. Every single night without fail, Ladybug and Chat Noir had gone out and had put on a show of being overly affectionate toward each other, deliberately staying in plain sight for the whole duration of their patrols that stretched way later than usual, all in hopes of stifling the stupid scandal before it spread too much. If the latest post on the Ladyblog was anything to go by, they had failed miserably at avoiding any lasting damage and they had only managed in the meantime to strip Chat Noir of whatever self-respect he had left according to the citizens they strived to protect.

Things at school were far from being better. The few students that weren't glaring judgmentally at him all day long were shamelessly hitting on him, hinting not so subtly that they were more than eager to fill the spot left vacant by Marinette's unwilling absence. A girl bolder than the others even had the nerve to suggest a threesome with Ladybug and had only backed out when Chloe had stepped in and threatened her with a lawsuit on sexual harassment grounds. Adrien couldn't be grateful enough for his childhood friend's unwavering support over the past few days. Despite the fact that her brat tendencies had somewhat drifted them apart in the last years, the mayor's daughter new friendly attitude, as well as Adrien's newfound loneliness, had turned the tables around, and both blonds were spotted together more often than not, an artistic redhead often joining them. On her part, Alya was dutifully keeping Marinette as far as physically possible from her alleged former boyfriend, going as far as switching places with Rose and Juleka in class. If their teachers found the new seating arrangement odd, neither of them commented on the matter. Then again, Adrien figured they must surely have seen the cringe-worthy news plastered all over the Parisian media.

At first, the young man had truly thought that things weren't really as bad as they seemed. After all, time was sure to ease Alya's misplaced anger and give him a chance to redeem himself in his lover's best friend's eyes. In the meantime, he still had the evenings to spend with his significant other. Turned out that was without taking into account the aspirant reporter's wholehearted and almost alarming level of devotion toward Marinette's wellbeing. As soon as Ladybug and Adrien's affair had been rendered public, the brunette had basically taken residence in Marinette's bedroom for the better part of the week on the pretense of helping her bestie get over her disgusting cheating boyfriend, effectively annihilating any plans Adrien previously had to visit his girlfriend once school was finally over and forcing the young lady to sneak out way later than usual for their joint patrols. Alya's constant presence in Marinette's bedroom was effectively cutting their time together even further, not that the brunette would even be aware of that. Regardless, their forced separation was beginning to take its toll on Marinette too, Adrien could easily tell by the way Ladybug was getting more and more reckless as the days stretched by. She was beginning to sneak out without waiting for Alya to start snoring, forgetting to latch the skylight behind her as she left, dropping her yo-yo on otherwise basic throws she had mastered years before.

Truth be told, Adrien wasn't faring much better than she did on his own. Nino had reluctantly deserted him, wisely deciding against upsetting his own girlfriend further by remaining by the alleged traitor's side. As a result, the blond was missing his best friend dearly, their friendship having been a constant highlight in his days. He missed their playful banter, Nino's endless rants about the latest big number in underground music, his rational yet compassionate mind that never hesitated to call him out on his shit. Spending his days with Chloe and Nathanael was interesting and definitely helped him avoid the bite of loneliness, but Adrien was growing tired of third-wheeling the not-dating-yet pair and he was deeply wishing for things to return to their normal state as soon as possible.

That landed him there, on a Saturday morning, lying on the mayor's daughter's bed and staring at her bedroom's ceiling. "I really am living a nightmare, Chloe."

Not even bothering to tear her gaze away from her dresser, the young woman merely hummed in agreement. The blond model sighed and fixed his gaze back on the ceiling, joining his hands on his stomach.

"I'm serious, Chlo. I'm currently dying here."

This time, the blonde straightened up, raising a suspicious eyebrow at her childhood friend. "Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you are."

Not bothering to look at her, Adrien covered his face with his hands, groaning loudly. "It's been a week, Chlo, a whole fucking week! Alya won't even let me come close to her, let alone speak to her. How in the world am I supposed to explain what really happened to Mari if I have to go through her guard dog of best friend first?"

Turning her back to him, Chloe absorbed herself once again into furrowing in her dresser. "You know, for a kid who literally grew in front of the cameras, you're handling all of this mess pretty badly."

Now effectively pissed off at her, Adrien raised himself on his elbows, glaring at his childhood friend. "Pardon me?"

Shrugging, Chloe pulled out a pretty satin dress from the closet and placed it in front of her, carefully examining her reflection in the mirror. "What do you think about this one, dork-head ? Too revealing?"

Grunting loudly, the model sat up straight, clutching the ladybug pillow in his lap. "Too yellow. You should wear something else for a change. Got anything blue? And what do you mean, I'm handling this badly? I haven't even had a chance to say anything to her!"

"That's exactly my point. You know better than anyone else that avoiding or hiding the truth only makes their imaginations run wild."

Adrien's mind started spinning. Of course, he knew that Chloe was technically right, but it didn't make thing easier. The media were having a blast with the scandal, and the stubborn silence from all concerned parties was only exacerbating the rumors wildly running around. "But nobody will believe the truth, Chlo. I'm already guilty as charged where they're concerned."

The young woman huffed and hung back the dress she had been looking at. With a kind look on her features, she came to sit beside Adrien, grabbing her old teddy bear in the process. "I really believe you when you say that you haven't cheated on your girlfriend, Adrikins, but you have to at least give them something. Otherwise, this shitty situation will continue to snowball out of control, and you can kiss your sweet Marinette goodbye for good."

A long whine escaped Adrien's throat, making his friend chuckled under her breath. Nudging him playfully, Chloe added with a mischievous glance, "Might I remind you that your lack of girlfriend effortlessly prompted your dad to wonder if you were gay?"

An impish glare suddenly shot across Adrien's eyes, and he lunged forward, his fingers reaching for Chloe's specific ticklish spots he had come to know very well over the years. The girl shied away from his touch, giggling uncontrollably. "Ahahahahahah! S-s-s-stop tickling me, or a special s-s-someone will receive t-t-the picture of a sixteen-years-old Adrien A-A-Agreste - stop that! - sleeping with his binkie!"

The young man gasped theatrically, pulling back from the blonde heiress with his hands held up in surrender. "YOU put that BINKIE in MY mouth that night!"

With a toothy grin, Chloe took a second to compose herself before answering smugly, "Yeah, but Marinette doesn't know that now, does she?"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Try me, dork-head."

Adrien smiled and tore his body from the bed, burying himself in the blonde's dresser and pulling out victoriously some powder blue silk blouse. "How about this one? It'll bring out your eyes nicely. Pair it with some jeans, or even better, a black pair of leggings. When did you start caring so much about what you wear, though?"

Chloe shot up from the bed, ripping the blouse from her childhood friend and stammering, "Yeah, that's great, you're right as always, I'll wear that. And there's no reason at all, I'm just meeting with… a friend, yeah, a friend, I'm meeting with… Sabrina, yeah, at the Louvre for a new exposition she had been dying to see."

Mindlessly going through his friend's stuff, Adrien mused out loud, "I thought Sabrina and you weren't speaking anymore? Hey, what's that?"

As he pulled a brand new sketchpad, a really good quality one with a thick leather bound cover and heavy paper pages, Adrien smirked knowingly. "Did you began to draw or something?"

"It's Nate's birthday gift, leave that alone!"

The blond's smile stretched even further. "Oooooooooh, so it's Nate now, is it? Making progress with the redhead, Mlle Bourgeois?"

"Would you look at the time, gosh it's getting really late, the Gorilla must be getting antsy waiting for you downstairs! Bye now!" Chloe answered hastily as she pushed him through her bedroom door, impervious to his laughter.

As Adrien went down the corridor, he stumbled across a rather well dressed up Nathanael. Smirking, the blond waved at him warmly. "Hey, Sabrina, I hope you have a great time with the new expo at the Louvre!"

Bemused, the redhead pursued his way to Chloe's bedroom, and wondered out loud in lieu of greetings when the blonde opened her door, "Hey Chlo, I think Adrien lost his mind, he just called me Sabrina out there."

Groaning loudly, Chloe burrowed her face in her hands. "Oh God! I'm gonna kill him!"

Both of You

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Maerynn

Part 36 of 53

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