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Of Cupid and Psyche

A Labyrinth Story
by Chibi-no-oneesan

Part 8 of 16

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Jareth knew something was not quite right as soon as he entered his home. Sarah went oddly still, her lips turned down into a deep frown. At this point, it didn't surprise him. She was growing more sensitive to her environment every day, her fantastic ability to sense the feelings others felt giving her an edge which would be unexpected and formidable.

Pursing his lips a bit, he peered around the entryway, pulling Sarah slightly behind him, shielding her with himself. Once he was three steps in, a goblin appeared, looking frightened and worried. His eyes sharpened on the creature and it moved towards him, scrambled up his side and put it's mouth near his ear.

"The mean lady is here...and the red-head."

Those pursed lips turned into a deep frown. "Take lady Sarah to her room. I will go deal with..." A hand gripped his sleeve and he found Sarah looking blindly past him, down the hall.

"Jareth, darling, is that you? The goblins all started acting a up, so I thought you might be-" The women came around a corner into the entryway, and stared, dumbstruck at the Goblin King, and his companion, both of whom at this point were crawling with goblins.

Jareth was pleased by the shock on his mother's face. He knew she'd have expected Sarah to be dead by now. Did the woman think that he would take whatever dregs she brought him as a consolation prize? "Hello, mother." He kept his tone cool, impersonal. His eyes drifted over towards her companion, once again, Alura, the red-head with extravagant taste and the inability to tell that he wanted to break her neck every time she opened her mouth. He glanced towards Sarah, finding her wearing a serene expression on her face as she gently pet the head of one of the goblins which clung to her.

"I...didn't realize you had company coming home with you." Her voice was sour, petulant.

"I didn't realize I had company waiting," he said wryly. Had he known, he would have never come through the front door. He would have come in the back way, gotten Sarah to her room, and then gone into hiding himself for at least part of the evening. He could have shared dinner with his lady in the small sitting room in their wing. He fixed the woman with a mild look. "What are you doing here, mother?"

"It has been nearly a month since my last visit, I thought you might enjoy company from your dear mother...and Alura wanted to see you again-"

He looked from his mother to her companion with cool indifference. "Well you thought-"

A hand gently laced through his. Sarah's hand. "There is no reason your mother and her companion should be sent away. It's late if my estimation is correct, and there is nothing wrong with being kind now and then." He glanced towards her, finding those milky white eyes trained on the women down the hall. Her face was calm, although he detected the faintest tremor of discomfort in her.

He sighed, lifting her hand and brushing a soft kiss against her knuckles. "My lady has spoken," he said wryly, noting the flash of jealousy in Alura's eyes and the enraged expression on his mother's. He glanced towards the goblins, arching a brow. "See to it that dinner is prepared in the informal dining room. I'll expect a full report on whatever mischief you all have gotten on while I was away."

The goblin bared his teeth and he and the others scrambled away, including the one which had clung to Sarah like a babe to it's mother. They chattered, making faces and slapping their backsides as they passed the two women standing several paces away from him and Sarah.

Jareth peered at his mother and Alura from beneath his brows. "Have you been shown your rooms?"

"I was wondering if Alura or I might use the queen's suite for our stay."

He gave a smile that he knew was terrifying. "Are either you or Alura my queen?" His voice was mild, but he saw the fear that passed over his mother's face at his expression. Alura, air-headed little Alura, did not even notice he had the look of a predator on his face.

Sarah noticed. Her gaze sharpened on him and her hand in his tightened a fraction.

"Well, no. However, the rooms have been empty for so long. It surely would not harm to have someone stay in that room-"

"I'm afraid it's impossible." He kept his voice placid, ignoring the indignation on the courtier's face. "Since that is the suite closest to mine and Sarah is under my protection, she has been staying in it since her arrival in the Underground." The startled expression on his mother's face pleased him more than her fear. "Come along, precious. It was a long trip and your health is not fully recovered." He pulled her arm through his, and he led her down the hall, past his mother and Alura.

She actually trembled as she passed the two women, but her steps did not falter and she gave no outward sign of her distress.

"You two may take rooms in the guest wing. Free pick so to speak." He kept his voice light, not betraying his fury with the woman. However, once he escorted Sarah to her room and entered his own, he allowed himself to drop the facade, practically tearing his traveling cloak off and heaving it to the floor, his body shaking with his fury.

How dare she?

How dare his mother arrive, pretending that he had not been furious with her when they last spoke, just after Sarah's arrival into his care? How dare she bring that woman into his home, imply that she should be allowed to sleep in the suite which had been destroyed and remade for the woman who currently slept in them?

He took a damp cloth, mopping his face and neck, throwing it down with a wet 'plop'. Sarah and her growing ability to sense the feelings of those around her. She'd noticed the intense dislike wafting off of the two women likely as easily as she could sense the calm she brought him. He knew that she sensed what he felt. Now and then her face took on this nervous expression, her scent slightly flavored by unease, fear. It happened whenever he was feeling particularly predatory towards her.

He'd been feeling more and more predatory towards her since that night of the ball. The invitation in her words had been blatant, obvious. As she was now, she wanted him to stake some manner of claim on her, and his own instincts were screaming that he needed to do just that. During their trip, she'd snuggled him nearly the entire way, showing a deep trust in him, yet every time he started to feel possessive, she'd get a bit wary.

"Darkness help me..." He ran a hand through his wild hair, taking a deep breath.

"Jareth-" There was a knock at the door which led to the hall and it opened, revealing Alura, wearing what he supposed she considered an inviting expression. "I was wondering if I could help you work the soreness from your muscles." She squeezed her arms in such a way to press her breasts in to greater prominence. "I promise it's something I'm very good at..."

The innuendo was blatantly obvious and didn't even have an air of subtlety in it. He felt anger and hatred swell within him. With his lady in the next room? Was this foolish child that daft?

She pushed off of the entrance she'd been leaning against and took that last step into his room. "So what do you say?"

"Did my mother put you up to this, or are you so deluded that you honestly think that I want to mount you, you imbecile?" He was amazed his voice held that cold disregard. He could feel the anger swelling up inside him, pushing him.

A moment later, another face appeared in his doorway. "Is something-" Sarah stood there, frowning. Her head inclined slightly, and he knew she was feeling the currents of emotion coming from in the room from where she stood. "Jareth, is everything alright?"

"Yes, Sarah," he said, fixing Alura with a cold stare. "Alura was just leaving."

Alura glared at Sarah with undisguised malevolence, a little surprised when Sarah snarled at her fiercely. She glanced at him, pouted indignantly and then bolted out of the room. She moved past Sarah, bumping into the young lady in a manner which could only be intentional, knocking Sarah off balance.

He watched her catch herself on the wall, and he was at her side a moment later, helping her straighten. "Sarah-"

"She's got the feel of a spurned lover." Her voice was quiet.

He snorted. "I never mounted that bitch," he said coolly. "My standards for a mate are higher than that."

She inclined her head, seeming to ponder something. "You were very angry that she was in your room."

He sighed softly, closing the door to his room and moving to the small sitting room between them. He helped Sarah into a seat and restlessly stripped out of the leather long-coat he'd been wearing, tossing it into the opposite chair. He waved the door closed, putting a muffling spell on the room to keep eavesdroppers at bay. "Yes, Sarah. I was angry. In fact, angry was a gross understatement. I was beyond fury. Had you not arrived when you did, she would have met the same fate as the last fool who decided to enter my chambers. That room is my haven from women, and having women in there...brings out some passionate violence in me."

She nodded, looking uncertain. "I...understand needing to have a place where others aren't allowed. I...I think I had a place like that."

He saw her shaking and knew his continued upset frightened her. With a soft sigh, he moved towards her, sitting back on his heals and holding her hands gently. "You did. Your bedroom in the Above. For a very long time you did not permit anyone to set foot within it. Someone doing actually how we met." He saw the hunger for knowledge on her face and knew he could tell her, but he did not want to change her opinion of him, nor of herself. "You'll remember soon..."

"You say that a lot, and I do remember more,'s more like feelings, nothing firm. Jareth," she lifted her milky gaze, looking miserable, "what if I never remember?"

He closed his eyes, cupping her cheeks and drawing her close. He rested his forehead against hers, taking in her soothing presence, using it to wipe those last traces of fury from himself. "You will, love. And if you don't...then I suppose I'll just take care of you forever..." He saw something in her eyes – wariness or hope, he wasn't certain.


He sighed softly, cupping her face between his hands. "You're not ready to hear that yet. You...the you who is here now does not know all of me."

Her eyes lowered. "I...sense that you feel affection for me. And something darker, a little frightening. I know you care, so why wont you tell me?"

He felt himself warm under her words, pulling her into his arms and embracing her gently. "Because I do not wish you to make decisions now that you may regret once your memories have returned." He pressed a gentle kiss upon her head and sighed, one of his hands gently petting her soft hair. He lowered is lips, putting them near her ear. "Do not place your trust in these women who have come here. Alura sees you as a rival and my mother has cause to harm you. Please, darling, take care around them."

She nodded slightly, turning her face and gently kissing his jaw, lightly.

That motion brought the predator inside him into sharp relief and he tightened his grip on her slightly, then pulled away from her. "Can you get to your room, precious?"

Slowly, she nodded. There was that wariness in her expression again, but she didn't look afraid.

He kissed both of her hands, then released her, returning to his own room, hopefully clearing his mind of all of these potentially hazardous thoughts before he was in Sarah's presence once again.


Sarah rested for several hours during the day, and enjoyed a small snack of fruit provided by a goblin who climbed up on her shoulder and told her stories about the goblins in the kingdom. He was a friendly type and identified himself as Gibble. In some ways, it reminded her of the boy, the one Jareth called Toby, her brother. She wasn't certain why, but knowing that made her feel a bit sad.

The goblin had been keeping her company for quite awhile before she felt another presence in the room. She gave a half turn, holding the goblin in her lap. The goblin gave a startled hiss, seeming to be ready to lunge towards the other person. Sarah tightened her grip on the small creature, sensing something not quite right about this presence in her room. "Who's there?"

"So, your sixth sense is growing prominent. How long have you been without sight?"

The voice was warm, but there was an underlying strangeness in the feeling she got from this woman. Then, her mind matched the voice with a name. "You are Jareth's mother..." She lowered her gaze, remembering the woman's words. "Awhile. I've been here for about a month now."

"A whole month? Have you been before the courts? It's required of immigrants."

She frowned faintly, trying to sense the woman's emotions, but something strange seemed to be going on. It was as if everything was so muddled that she couldn't really feel anything. Either that or there was some kind of spell twisted around her, hiding what she felt. "Jareth said something like that when I first came here. He also said it didn't apply to me."

"Oh, that's a pity." The woman sounded sincere. "Then he must not intend for you to stay."

Something icy cold formed in Sarah's stomach and she felt a twinge of pain. Quickly, she looked away from the woman, trying to not let those words affect her. Jareth told her to not trust this woman. She had to trust him on this. "Jareth is not making demands, he is trying to let me make my own decisions. Since I come from the Above, I'm sure he thinks it would only be natural for me to wish to return."

There was a flash of annoyance, no doubt due to her nearly complete lack of response. There was also an underlying hatred towards her. "And do you?"

She frowned faintly. "I don't know how I'll feel once my memories return." Which was the reason Jareth kept the distance between them that he did. Good grief, even blind, she could tell he looked at her with a heat that caused her equal parts fear and exhilaration. Yet besides the seductive warning he'd given her in Avalon and the handful of chaste kisses he'd bestowed upon her, he left her untouched. The thought of leaving him physically hurt her heart, but from the way he acted, that could change once her memories returned to her.

She clutched the bodice of her dress, just below the crystal pendant he'd given her so she could call upon him. "I must ask you to leave, madame. I suppose I will see you later, however."

Once she was alone again, she lay her head back, turning her face towards the warm light that came from the window. Moisture ran down her face, and she lifted a hand, brushing away her tears.

"Why's the lady cryin'?"

The voice of the goblin drew her attention back to him. She gave him the best smile she could and gently pet the creatures downy hair. "It's nothing, Gibble. It's nothing."


Morgaine looked down at the carefully planned illusion she held in her grasp. The invitation would not go ignored. She knew that much. The girl was gullible, and Morgaine could taste the hope within her. Hope that the Goblin King cared for her as more than a charge. The problem Morgaine faced was that her foolish son did care for her.

He cared far more than he let on to that stupid little twit.

Yet, even the Goblin King had his boundaries. Alura had pushed those boundaries this week, had only avoided an abrupt trip to the healer due to the interference of that mortal wretch. She activated the illusion and walked away, knowing that the stupid fool would fall for this trap because her son was the bait, and Jareth would terrify the girl into leaving him when she took took that bait.

Once the girl was no longer under the protection of her son, she would take care of this Sarah once and for all.


The week was a nightmare.

Jareth stared out of the window, over his kingdom, his hands tucked at the small of his back. His mother was hiding her truest self, and it has Sarah very confused, very upset. Alura continually tried to get into his bed, kept issuing invitations to hers. He'd been riding his temper the whole of the week, and it hadn't faded.

He knew they were trying to get Sarah out of the way and so he'd been keeping a close watch on his beloved for the entire visit. He was exhausted, his already short temper was straining against the leash he had on it. He sighed, watching the carriage carry his mother and that awful wretch Alura out of sight.

Finally, there was a chance to be alone with Sarah, to have her cleanse the anger which still raced through him. The sooner the better, he decided, smiling faintly, and heading off to find his precious thing. She'd once again taken to wandering, usually in the company of whatever goblin wanted her attention for that particular day. That was an unexpected bonus. His mother and Alura seemed to detest the rather mischievous creatures, and since they were sticking close to 'the lady', it meant that neither of those who saw fit to interfere could get close to her.

He summoned a crystal, asking to see Sarah. What he saw caused that passionate temper to strain and snap the leash he held upon it.

He vanished from where he stood, appearing directly in front of the girl, every door in his bedroom slamming shut, sealing her in. The girl let out a yelp and her eyes were the size of dish plates. "Sarah..." He snarled, noting the scent of fear that rose in her as she backed away from him. "You are not supposed to be in here." He stalked towards her, watching as she scrambled back, her breasts rising and falling beneath her chemise as her breaths raced in and out of her.

"" Her brow creased with confusion. "You told me to!"

He pinned her against the wall, leaning close to her, bringing his nose close to her neck, smelling where that smell of indignation and fear emanated. Had he been more aware of what was going on, more aware of her words, he might have questioned what she meant by that. Unfortunately, this awful, stressful, anger-filled week had taken it's tole and the villain within him broke free, whispering to him that she deserved every scrap of suffering he extracted from her for breaking this one...simple...rule.

He rested his weight on his elbow to keep him close to her, to pin her against the wall of his room. His other hand rested lightly against the wall. He could see the moment she realized she was trapped, watched the little crystal pendant bounce it's rapid tattoo over her heart. He licked his lips and purred faintly. "You were warned..."

"What?" She was rigid against him. Her fear intoxicated the villain inside him and he smirked darkly, bringing his lips against her ear before he spoke again.

"You were warned to never enter my chambers, Sarah..."


She shivered when his lips brushed against her ear as he spoke. Her throat tried to close and she swallowed reflexively, trying to calm her racing heart. "Forgive me..." She whispered, feeling her back come into contact with the hardness of the stone wall. She was pinned. "Please..." She felt no shame in begging, and at the moment she was very fearful of this man, a man she thought she could trust – a man she wanted to trust.

She felt his heat, smelled his intoxicating scent as had he leaned towards her – she tilted her face up, her lips parting as she stared blindly at him, feeling helpless and trapped. She felt his breath upon her face and his hand, which felt feverishly hot, came to rest at her waist. Her heart rate spiked further when he used that grip to pull her intimately close to him. Now her throat did close, even as her lips parted ever so slightly.

She felt his thigh against the outside of hers and wondered what he thought he was doing. Suddenly, his breath rushed across her face and she swallowed hard, realizing how close his face must be to her own. Again he spoke. "You must suffer the consequences of your actions, precious..."

Her hands came up, instinctively, however at this point she wasn't certain she wanted to push the man away or pull him closer. She was wonderfully excited, but she couldn't deny the shiver of terror which ran through her. She could feel his skin beneath her hands and found she couldn't quite keep them still. His skin was smooth, and hot and he felt good. Better than good, really.

Suddenly, his mouth was on hers, seeking, demanding, pressing her head and shoulders back into the wall even as his arm stole around her waist, holding her lower body firmly against his own. A thrill of pleasure rushed through her when she felt what kissing her was doing to him. His other hand came to cradle the back of her head, his fingers laced through her hair. She clutched his shoulders desperately, her nails biting at his flesh.

An inhuman sound left his throat and his tongue met with the seam of her lips before pressing between them, forcing her mouth open. She let him, returning his kiss with as much passion as he gave. His hands began roving over her body and she felt her blood heat, desire burning through her, wiping away the last traces of fear.

"Mine." His voice rasped softly as he pulled back for a moment to catch his breath. At any other moment, Sarah might have disagreed. However, there was something in her mind telling her that this man she couldn't even see was making her feel things she'd never felt before. Heaven help her, he was right. She was his.

She caught two fist fulls of his silken hair and used it to haul his mouth to hers again. She kissed him, trying to convey her answer, trying to make him see what she wanted. That sound rumbled from his chest again and his hands gripped her hips, lifting her off the floor ever so slightly. His hands coaxed her legs to wrap around him and she broke the kiss. She could feel the heat running to her face when she felt the evidence of his own desire pressed intimately against her.

"Sarah..." He breathed. "Say I can have you or I shall go mad." He whispered, his hands sliding over her body cupping her bottom, even as he held her against the wall.

Her head fell back to the cold stone and she panted for breath. "I..." She closed her eyes, trying to focus on something, anything. All she could feel, however, was the contrast between his hot body and hands and the cool stone behind her. "Have me." She finally whispered, bringing her lips blindly to his face and kissing all over it. "Have me, Jareth. Have all of me."

He spun her away from the wall, crossing the room with several long strides before she felt the softness of a mattress beneath her. He gripped the front of the chemise she wore and his hands gripped either side of the collar, ripping it. She gasped, startled at the violence of the motion. A moment later, however, she felt his hands skimming over her now bare flesh and she arched into him, throwing her head back as his lips burned a path down her throat.

Those wicked lips brushed across her collarbone, chasing his own fingers. Her breath shuddered out of her, followed by a deep moan as fingertips swept down over the swell of her breasts, chased by what she could only guess to be his tongue. One hand cupped and fondled her, even as his lips settled down on the peak to tease and thrill her. The other began echoing the same motions at her other nipple, tugging in time with his skilled mouth. She cried out weakly, clinging to him in desperation. "Jareth..." She begged softly, pressing herself against him. Something inside her was awakening. It was something she'd periodically felt when dealing with this man, whenever their passions had fought against each other. Like the veil on her memories was being swept aside by his long fingers.

His mouth moved to her other breast and that hand swept down, playing over her stomach, down as far as her navel. She felt a finger begin slipping in and out of her belly button and her mouth ran dry. "Oh god..." She whispered.

She felt his lips curve into a smile against her and his hands slipped over the skirt of her chemise to the cleft of her thighs, slipping between them, lightly playing against her, the fabric the only barrier between his flesh and her own. She twisted her legs around his own, crying out to him as he caressed her with his hands and mouth. She felt like she was on fire – he was burning her.

Her hands gripped his head, pulling him up so she could meet his mouth with her own. She demanded entry into his mouth, and suddenly, his hands tore the garment open fully, and his bare chest came down to rest upon hers. One hand plunged between her legs, his fingers sliding over her slick folds. The feeling of his hands upon her there nearly sent her over the edge. His lips slid with deliberate skill over hers, setting the pace even as she tried to encourage him to go faster.

A sob choked her when she felt a finger slid wetly inside her and she arched her body against him, crying out in desperation, even as his tongue entered her mouth. She heard his feral growl and his lips began sweeping a burning trail across her cheek, along her jaw and over her chin. When they met with her pulse and his tongue darted out to caress it, she whimpered in need. "Jareth, please..."

Another finger slid against her opening before the first drew back and both entered. She threw her head back, clinging to the man. She set her nails into the back of his neck and heard him chuckle faintly in amusement before his teeth lightly bit the side of her neck. The feeling of his teeth on her skin caught her by surprise and intense pleasure flooded her.

With a growl of her own, which didn't sound quite as formidable coming from her throat, she used a move she didn't know she knew and found herself atop the Goblin King. She wrenched the chemise off of her body, and pulled his hands away from her, baring her teeth at him. She heard his panted breaths, even as he lay passively beneath her, letting her pin him to the bed by his wrists. A wild smile turned up her lips and she gave a brief, victorious laugh.

Leaning down, she kissed his face, missing his mouth completely, her lips landing on his chin. He didn't seem to mind, as his hands fisted with her own. Deliberately, she slid her lips over his chin and down his neck, feeling the muscles on his neck tighten as she lightly brushed over the pulse in his neck.

"By the darkness, woman..." He gasped as she slid farther down him, her lips brushing lightly over his chest, meeting with his nipples. She kissed and sucked on them, listening to him rasp out words in several languages, some she recognized, some she didn't. Finally, she released his hands, sliding her own along his torso, mesmerized by the feel of his smooth skin. She felt the top of his breeches and ran her hand along the top, finding them untied and loosened. She kissed her way down to his belly button, sliding his pants down, her fingers briefly pulling at smooth flesh before she pressed a soft kiss to his hip, which ripped another feral snarl from his lips.

"Sarah, you're playing with fire..." He rasped, even as he let her push his pants off. She ignored him, kissing the inside of his thigh. She ran her fingers lightly over him before wrapping her hand around him fully. He cried out in surprise and she felt his hand grip her wrist. "Sarah-"

She leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss against the head. His hand fell away and she heard him moan something in a language she didn't understand. Something moist touched her lips and she drew back, licking them. Whatever it was tasted a bit salty and she blushed, realizing after a brief moment what it was. She rested a hand upon his hip, then leaned forward, running her tongue lightly over him. A vicious-sounding word left his lips and she sighed in contentment. She hesitated for another moment before she put her mouth on him, sucking softly as she pulled back.

A sharp cry came from the man beneath her and she felt his hands grip her shoulders. "Sarah..." He moaned, his voice sounding raw. "If you continue this-"

She closed her teeth down around him, and another cry left him. She brought her free hand up, caressing the sack between his legs and the one she'd rested upon his hip found his own hand and she gave it a tender squeeze. But she didn't stop.

In scarcely a minute, the man let out a moan, which turned to a cry that ended with considerable volume and he spilled his seed in her mouth. She gagged softly, but swallowed it so it would fall upon his sheets.

Moments later, she found herself between him and the bed again, his mouth upon hers with bruising pressure. She let him ply her mouth open and his hands slid over her. She felt as though he were worshiping her with lips and tongue and fingertips. "Sarah..." he whispered, his lips close to her ear. "You minx..." She felt him smile broadly against her mouth and then suddenly, his hands were on her hips and he was kissing her belly button. She gasped, blushing darkly as he held her firmly against the mattress.

She quivered as his hands slid over her legs, pulling them over his shoulders. "Jareth?" she asked nervously.

She didn't have an opportunity to speak again, as his lips met with the cleft of her thighs, one hand spreading her lips as his other sought her entrance, two fingers sliding inside of her. She dug her head back into the mattress, her throat closing. Weakly, she cried out, her own hands spearing into his hair, simultaneously pushing him away and pulling him closer. Her head tossed back and forth as his tongue stroked her outside and his fingers stroked within. She was rapidly losing coherency and blamed the man who was causing the intense pleasure for what she could see as nothing more than insanity. Those fingers inside her began to curl against the top wall and the pleasure sharpened, focused.

She arched into his mouth and hand, his name on her lips as she came apart and completely undone.

By the time she came down, he was leaning over her – she could feel his hair tickling her face. Somehow, she knew he was smiling without seeing him. Her breasts heaved as she tried to catch her breath, but before she could, she could feel him press against her once again. Her eyes widened dramatically and her lips parted in surprise. "Jareth...?"

"I'm afraid your suffering isn't over yet..."

His voice was teasing, yet strained. His lips came down to meet with her own as he sheathed himself within her. There was no pain, but she cried out regardless, in surprise, in desire. She wrapped her arms tightly around him as he began to set the pace, sliding in and out of her. She was burning again. Each thrust of his hips against hers sharpened the pleasure she felt. She pressed up to meet him, swallowing his moans with her mouth, as he swallowed her own with his.

His hands roamed over her as though he were memorizing the feel of her skin, the curves of her body and hers echoed his movements, sliding over his back, enjoying each ridge of muscle she touched. "Jareth..." She moaned desperately, digging her head back into the mattress as she drug her nails across his skin.

He hissed softly, in pain, and she felt him bite down on her neck, putting far more pressure than he had before. A cry left her and before she realized she was at the edge, he heaved her over, and followed after, that voice rasping words in a strange language against her ear. They came down slowly together, and when her mind cleared, Sarah found herself being cradled lovingly against his strong chest. She could still feel him within her, as though he did not want to pull away from her. Blushing, she leaned up, kissing the underside of his jaw gently.

A soft chuckle left him and his lips pressed against the top of her head. "Precious one..." He breathed, his hands combing through her hair gently.

She blushed, hiding her face against his chest. He managed to sound so pleased, so possessive. "My king..." She couldn't keep her tone from being possessive as his own. She felt his lips curve into a smile and there was a contented sigh from the man who held her gently. Her head felt open, clear for the first time in weeks. As she drifted off to sleep, Jareth spoke again.

"Yes, darling..." He murmured softly, and she felt his cheek rub gently against her head. "Forever."

Of Cupid and Psyche

A Labyrinth Story
by Chibi-no-oneesan

Part 8 of 16

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