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Destiny's Child

A Crossovers Story
by Fire

Part 11 of 26

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Destiny's Child

After avoiding her for days, Haruka had finally summoned up the courage to speak to Michiru again. She knew what she feared, and it was not the fighting which came with being a Sailor Senshi. What she really feared was loosing the one person in the world that really mattered.

It had taken her a long time to come to the conclusion, but she had realised that the person that she truly cared for was Michiru, and she wanted nothing, her work, her destiny or some long dead kingdom to come between them.

It was then that she realised just what she would need to do to ensure that Michiru was safe. Everyone in Tokyo had seen the Sailor Senshi in action, and she knew of the superhuman feats which they performed. The only way that she could possibly help her friend in such a situation was to be with her, to be by her side in battle. To become one of the Sailor Senshi.

Even as she had shuddered at the idea, she realised that for one dream to live, another must die. For her to be with Michiru, and to be one of the Sailors, she must give up racing. The career which she had dedicated her life to was too public, and too dangerous to sit well with a long term relationship. Speeding around the track at hundreds of kilometres per hour was exhilarating, but the risks became to high when you considered that it was no longer just yourself the would be hurt in an accident.

With firm resolve she had tendered her resignation to head of her pit crew. 'Tendered her resignation', such a neat way of saying it, and it carried so little of the real effort or pain involved. When she first told him, he did not believe her, and why would he? Haruka had dedicated all of her young life to becoming the paramount racer of her age, she had defeated trials and hardship to be where she was, why would she throw it all away?

Trying to answer that question was one of the hardest things she had ever done. Here was a friend who had been there for her most of her life, and had given her so many of the opportunities she desired. Now she was casting them aside. Her first tries at explaining the situation had failed, being to obviously fabricated, or too shallow to account for her change in motivation.

She had been spared more difficult explanations by the sudden arrivals of a Daimon and Sailor Neptune. The battle had been short enough - and more exhilarating than cornering at 250kph with no brakes - and by the end of it, Sailor Uranus stood beside Sailor Neptune.

They had almost saved him too. The Daimon had extracted his heart crystal, and while they had been fighting, the evil witch Kaolinite had taken it. A person's heart crystal was almost a physical manifestation of the link between a person's soul, and their body. When they had the witch surrounded, she had crushed the heart crystal, dropping the shards and powder to the ground. In their panic to save the man, Kaolinite had escaped.

That had been two days ago, and now Haruka stood holding Michiru's hand as the looked at the fresh grave. Setsuna was behind them, and waited quietly until the two of them turned away and walked down the hill to Haruka's car.

"Have you been able to find out anything more about why the witch wanted the heart crystal?"

Setsuna shook her head and let her long dark green hair hide her face. People might think she was cold, possibly callous even, but she felt the suffering of those around her. She understood what it was like to see a friend die, she had seen too many die since the fall of the Moon Kingdom. Forcing iron into her voice, Setsuna answered in an even tone.

"No, not yet. There is more I can do, but I will need to be away for a while. Do you two think you can handle yourselves for a week or two?"

That might have been a head nodding, or it might have been swaying from inertia. There was no need to take the corner that fast, but Setsuna expected Haruka just wanted to get home quickly. As she watched the street that Michiru lived on whiz past, she wondered if they were stopping there, or just going past. Yes, they were stopping, they were stopping very quickly. My, what good brakes this car has. I must remember to wear a seat belt next time.

Michiru was about to step out of the car when Haruka turned around and placed a hand on her arm, looking at the older woman in the back seat. Haruka had been quiet all day, and now it looked like she was ready to talk. "Setsuna. I've got a question for you. Every one knows the Sailor Senshi, right?"

"Yes, the Inner Senshi."

"And we're the Senshi for planets at the edge of the system."

"Yes, the Outer Senshi. The Inner Senshi are there to defend the Kingdom against attack from within, they are also the last line of defence for the Princess or Queen. We on the other hand are the Kingdom's defenders against external threat. If someone wants to hurt our Kingdom or the people we protect, they have to go through us first."

"Now my astronomy might be a little rusty, but I seem to remember the planet Saturn sitting somewhere between Jupiter and Uranus. Does it have a Senshi? And when will she awake? Is she an Inner or an Outer? I think were going to need all the help we can get for this."

Setsuna bowed her head briefly. It was good to know the girls she would be working with could use their brains as well as their magic. "You're entirely correct. There was a Sailor Saturn. Maybe there will be again.

"Sailor Saturn holds a special place in the history of the Sailor Senshi. She is the Senshi of creation and destruction, and she is arguably the most powerful Senshi in existence."

Michiru looked confused and furrowed her brow in a cute little frown. "I don't understand."

"Sailor Saturn is a special case. All of the other Senshi live and die in service to the Kingdom. They have normal lives and are normal people. Sailor Saturn is special. She only awakens when there is a great need for her. At a time when the Kingdom is in it's darkest hour, Sailor Saturn shall awaken. This tends to give the poor girl a most unfortunate reputation, being associated with all of that danger.

"However, it can be a reputation that is deserved. Sailor Saturn is extremely powerful, possibly more powerful than Sailor Moon or Queen Serenity herself."

"But if she's so powerful, why would people be afraid of her? Can't she just toss whoever is attacking right back where they came from?"

"People are afraid for good reason. Tell me this, who is more powerful: Sailor Moon, who can bring someone back from the dead, or Sailor Saturn, who can destroy the world?"

Looking them in the eye, Setsuna continued without giving them a chance to answer. "Sailor Moon might have the power for it, but there is no way she could even think about trying to do something like that. Sailor Saturn not only can do it, she would do it if that is what she thought was needed.

"Sailor Saturn is like a sleeping guard dog: she can defeat most intruders if she wakes up, but you have to pray that she never turns on her friends either through intent or ignorance. I suggest you do not wish Sailor Saturn is here to help us. Wishes like that have a nasty tendency to come true."

Somewhere, hidden deep inside, Setsuna chuckled. She knew Saturn would awaken, it was her destiny... it was all a matter of time.

Destiny's Child

A Crossovers Story
by Fire

Part 11 of 26

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