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Destiny's Child

A Crossovers Story
by Fire

Part 9 of 26

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Destiny's Child

When lunch came around and her friends woke her up, Usagi started an earnest conversation on her favourite topic: boys. Favourite that is, other than food, ice-cream or food. Best yet was a conversation about eating out with cute boys while you were eating ice-cream. Hey! School was over for today, they weren't going to the concert for a few hours...

"Guys, lets go the arcade! We could grab some ice-cream and watch the boys walk by!"

Makoto bent down and wave a finger at the short leader. "Now, now. What about poor Mamoru? Is he cast aside so easily? Alas, it is only the poor single girls here that should be looking at all those trim, firm bodies."

Usagi stuck her tongue "Blargh! Hey, just because I've got the best, doesn't mean I can't check out the rest. Ami! Tell them we have to go so we can get the tickets early."

Ami 'blink-blinked', confused at the abrupt change in tactics. "Well, yes, but..."

Usagi grabbed Ami and Minako by the hand and started running down the street, leaving Makoto to catch up - an easy task given her long legs and athletic skills. "All right! We got games, we've got guys and we've got ice-cream. What more do we need?"

"The tickets?"

Usagi tossed her head, sending long hair flying. Sorry Minako, I'll watch that next time. "Ease up, Ami. We'll get them, don't worry. When am I ever late for something important like this?"

Before the brunette could answer, Usagi shifted her short attention span back to the other blonde. Sorry Ami, got you with the hair this time, gotta learn to watch it. "Come on, Minako, I challenge you to a game of Sailor V, let's see who's the best!"

All the girls laughed at that one. Who would dare to beat the pretty soldier, Sailor V herself, in a game named after her?

The afternoon passed in excited bliss. The played games, ate sweet food, laughed and talked. As the sun began to move to the horizon, Ami finally made herself heard, and they went to the ticket office for their passes to tonight's concert. Everyone was looking forward to it, it was starring one of Japan's greatest young talents at the moment, a brilliant violinist called Kaiou Michiru.

Anyone who had seen Kaiou-san play all agreed that she was a sight and sound to behold. All of boys who spoke about her said that she looked like a green haired goddess descended to earth, an Avatar with the ability to move people with her music. Even the other girls had agreed that she was worth seeing, not only for the brilliance of her music, but the really cute boyfriend which seemed to attend all her concerts.

They were almost at the ticket office when Makoto took Usagi's arm and pointed ahead of her. There was someone getting tickets already, and boy, was he cute! Although they could only see him side on, he looked a few years older than the four girls, and they must have been years well spent. He was trim, taut and terrific. Even his most casual movements oozed with strength and power. Little flowers and blossoms appeared around him as the girls looked, and in their minds, he turned and smiled at them, soft romantic music playing in the background.

Then he did turn, and looked right at them. Makoto took Usagi's arm for support, going weak at the knees when those perfect blue eyes brushed across her, and then stopped. Although he was at least ten or twenty meters away, he seemed to hesitate for a moment, then he shook his head, turned and walked off, moving away from them.

The girls released a collective sigh as they came back to their senses. "Wow, now that's what I call a _guy_! Hey, Mako-chan, he seemed pretty taken in by you, is that the old boyfriend you keep telling us about?"

Shaking her head Makoto sighed again and looked at Minako. "I wish. Can't you just imagine those nice strong arms around you?"

Everyone sighed again and drifted off into their private dream world, where a handsome stranger came and swept them off their feet for a romantic evening, just for two. Minako was the first to come back to earth, and looked at her friends. Grabbing hold of one of Usagi's long ponytails, she gave a brief tug. "Give it up, Usagi. You've already got Mamoru and Tuxedo Kamen. Leave one of the nice guys for the rest of us!"

"Oh, Mamo-chan! How could I think of anyone but you? You're perfect, but he was just so... so... so CUTE. And those big blue eyes..."

The other girls pulled Usagi back to earth, and they finally managed to buy their tickets, leaving just enough time to sprint home and get ready. Meeting up at the concert hall, all the Sailor Senshi were in attendance, dressed up in smart looking clothes, watching the performance. The other girls for once were glad that Usagi was holding onto Mamoru so tightly. If he was there, there was no chance she would stray after this new boy which they all had their eyes on.

Before the lights went down, the girls spent the time looking around at the well dressed people, pointing out anyone that they recognised. There were celebrities and notables, and the occasional good looking guy. No-one could wear a tuxedo as well as Mamoru; but he did have a lot of practice. Ami eventually spotted the good looking boyfriend of the violinist. He was sitting in the front row, almost close enough to touch his girl. Minako went misty eyed just thinking about how romantic the couple was. Imagine being able to come to a performance for this many people, and know that you were the one person they were playing for.

Moments before the lights went down, Ami spotted the short ponytail and strong shoulders of the boy from before. He was sitting just a few rows back from the front, and wouldn't see them, no matter how much they watched him. Pointing him out to her friends, Ami tried to show Rei the hunk they had spotted, but the lights dropped before she could.

The hunk in question was sitting admiring the concert. It was such a pleasure to be able to go places and do things as a man. Now that he could carry a thermos of warm water, he could be a man almost any time he wanted. In the darkness Ranma looked around and watched all the people in the concert while the music washed over him.

He had almost turned right around when he spotted a small blonde head further back in the seating. It took all his concentration to face the front again. It was that girl from the ticket office. I know I've seen her before... but where? Why do I feel this need to go and speak to her?

He focused on the concert and appreciated the music. Kaiou-san was extremely talented, and it was a pleasure to listen to her. Relaxing in his char, Ranma thought of other performances he had seen. As the music drifted to a slower selection, he felt himself moved with the music. In his mind he saw scenes of himself and Akane, and mourned for all the concerts he was never able to see with her. I hope you're out there somewhere, Akane, somewhere that you can see this, so that we really are together.

Looking down a couple of rows he could see the short blonde head almost in front of him. The fat woman beside him had identified the boy as the violinist's boyfriend. Ah, young love, he thought. I remember being that young. He just hoped that the two of them got on better that he and Akane did after they first met.

Eventually the concert ended and the lights came up. Ranma applauded with everyone else, for it had truly been a remarkable effort. He was also please to note that the only flower the violinist took was the one from her boyfriend. He would have headed for the exit then, but sounds of a disturbance reached his ears. Looking down, he saw that the blonde boy had been splashed by a container of water, wherever it came from.

The sight of the water made Ranma initially panic, then he stopped and looked closer at the boy. Tuxedo, yes, and a lean and handsome turn to his face which many girls liked... but there was something... It was only when the boy stood, brushed off the excess water and began to go backstage that Ranma figured it out.

The boyfriend was a girl!

In a single jump, Ranma was over the rows of seats, and next to the startled boy. Grinning widely, Ranma put out his hand to the surprised girl. "Jusenkyo? Right?"

"No, Haruka."

She turned to leave, but Ranma kept up with her. "No, I mean: you've been to Jusenkyo, right?"

Haruka looked the stranger in the eye and glared. "I may have, but I'm afraid I don't remember you."

"No, you wouldn't. Listen, you've got to tell me, when did the Nyanniichuan return?"

Haruka was beginning to get flustered. Michiru was waiting, and she needed to talk to her. "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about."

Ranma took her arm in a firm grip and pointed at her breasts. "Listen, you're a girl right? I saw what happened. It was Jusenkyo, wasn't it?"

Pulling her arm free, she spun around and began to move to the backstage entrance. She had been working all week to be able to say this to Michiru, and now this guy was trying to pick her up! "Get lost! I don't care where you think we've met. I'm not interested in dating you."

Ranma turned and made gagging noises. "That's disgusting! No way would I want to date another guy! Please! I know you're Michiru's boyfriend, I just need to know how this happened to you. You have to tell me, it's really important."

Rage seized her. She did not mind if strangers harassed her, but if they started going after Michiru, that was where she drew the line. Grabbing a couple of handfuls of his suit, Haruka pushed the unresisting stranger against the wall. "You stay away from Michiru, understand? If you ever try and hurt her, or even bother her, I'll kill you. Now get lost!"

Ranma stood stunned as the guy turned girl walked backstage. Gathering his wits, he charged after her. If she had fallen into the Nyanniichuan like he had, or even a version which did not make you young, he might have found a clue to a cure. He had barely taken three steps when he was stopped by a tall, mature woman, with a cold, serious expression, and dark green hair.

"Go away little boy. Stop bothering them."

Ranma drew himself up to his full height and looked her in the eye. "I am Tendo Ranma, Master of the Anything Goes School Of Martial Arts. I am not just a 'little boy'. That man knows something extremely important to me. I must talk with him."

"Don't even try. Those two are far to important to be bothered by you. Just turn around and walk away. I don't care what you are a master of, you are dealing with powers far in excess of your comprehension. Don't push me."

Ranma stared at her for a while. This woman's eyes held a deep serenity, as though she had seen it all. And he could detect a power within her. An aura of restrained magic, of awesome might held in check. Now was not the time or the place to fight. Clenching his fists, Ranma turned to leave. As he departed the hall, he swore to himself. 'I will get the answers I need, and no witch will keep them from me.'

Inside the dressing room of Kaiou Michiru, the pronouncement of love that Haruka had been striving for was interrupted by the arrival of the same tall woman with the dark green hair, and the ancient eyes.

As Setsuna explained the reality of the Sailor Senshi, Michiru nodded, and Haruka felt a cold fear growing in her stomach. The Outer Senshi were the defenders of the Moon Kingdom, protectors from external threats, and champions of love and justice.

When the explanation was over, Michiru told the other two how she had always believed that she was there for a greater reason, and had been feeling the call to service within herself with increasing strength. Haruka was a different matter. It had been a bad night, she had been running late, she was splashed by water just after the concert, accosted by a stranger, and now she was told that the one person she realised she actually loved was not real, and nor was she.

According to Setsuna, it seemed that she and Michiru were both just the shells for their old personalities. She was really Sailor Uranus. She did not want to be Sailor Uranus, and more importantly, she did not want Michiru to be Sailor Neptune. It was not fair. Michiru was the one she loved. Michiru was the one who she would give her life for. She did not want to loose her, either to Sailor Neptune or to whoever would attack this long dead kingdom.

Before she knew what was happening, Haruka realised she was running down the street, tears falling from her eyes and being caught in the wind. It was not fair. They had both finally found the person that they needed, and now it was going to be taken away? Never! She would never give up her soul to become someone else, and she would never let Michiru be taken from her.

Destiny's Child

A Crossovers Story
by Fire

Part 9 of 26

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