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Dragon's Prey

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 1 of 10

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Second Chances

They were attacked while relaxing from the day's strains in a hot spring. Though both girls kept their senses alert and their eyes open - one did never know when a certain monk decided to risk an eye - they were not expecting an assault from the sky. This was exactly what happened.

Sango was combing Kagome's newly washed hair when they felt a gush of cold air, heard the rustle of giant wings before something cold and hard wrapped itself around them and took them off the ground.

They screamed unanimously "KYA", followed by a dissonant "Inu Yaashaaaaaa!" and "Mirookuuuu!"

They were squeezed tighter, which crushed the air out of their lungs and, seeing the ground becoming smaller and smaller below them, they shut their eyes and clung to each other. The cold air rushing past them made them shiver and together with goose bumps crept panic over them.

They did not know what had caught them, where they were going, what would become of them and, to make the whole affair a complete nightmare, they were naked and unarmed.

After what seemed to be years to the frightened and meanwhile half-frozen girls the air around them became a bit warmer and the cold wind died down. Kagome cautiously opened her eyes, yet before she was able to see more than rocks she and Sango were unceremoniously dumped on the hard ground.

"Ouch," Kagome protested and raised her head to glare at whoever treated her like that. Then she raised her head a bit further. And further, and once more further until she was, head tilted back as far as possible, staring into one huge, orange, lizard-like eye. "Uh-oh..." she whispered.

Sango looked at her friend to see what had worried her. For a moment she envied the other girl's ability to forget her surroundings and situation when she was angry - she herself still tried her best to cover her naked body - but then she followed Kagome's gaze and gulped. "O Kami, a dragon," she breathed, terrified.

Instinctively both girls scuttled closer together, staring with huge, frightened eyes at the monstrous lizard in front of them. It was the largest dragon they had ever seen. Its scales were dark green and it had red dots all over his massive head. Its giant wings were currently folded at its sides. It had long, black talons and a long, horned tail. And the one orange eye they saw was watching them. The girls gulped audibly.

"I hope Inu Yasha hurries," Kagome whispered to Sango, and the other girl tried to nod as if she believed their hanyou-friend would be able to find them in time.

They both started as they heard an odd, hissing sound. The dragon! It was... laughing? Two pairs of eyes stared at the beast, large in surprise and fear.

"No use hoping for help, little virgin," a deep, rumbling voice said.

Kagome eeped and clung to Sango. "It talks!"

The dragon laughed again. "Ah, clever little virgin," it mocked.

Kagome stared at him. The expression on her face resembled that of a small child that stood alone in front of a very large dog - a mixture of fascination and horror. "I've never before heard of a dragon that was able to talk!" she marvelled.

Sango gave a strangled sound. What caught her interest was not the beast's ability to speak but the razor sharp teeth it revealed when it opened its enormous mouth and what it was able to do with these long, sharp teeth. Yet the dragon seemed to be inclined to talk.

It rested its head comfortably on its front paws and eyed Kagome. "So, you've never heard of talking dragons, little virgin? Not at all surprising. Those minor lizards that live in these lands and call themselves dragons aren't able to speak. But we are!"

It raised its head again and its voice grew in volume until the girls had to cover their ears. "We are the Great Dragons! Noble creatures with immense powers! We came from far away into these lands and we will-!"

"Talking to your food again?" another voice interrupted the dragon's speech. This voice was softer and more sibilant.

The girls turned their heads into the direction of the new voice. Around a rock somewhere into the cave peeped the head of a second dragon: light green with yellow spots and red eyes. The expression in those eyes was far more evil than that in the eyes of the first dragon.

It huffed at the newcomer. "Oh, shut up."

The second dragon laughed. "Oh, just don't play too long with them. Remarkable that you found two. Care to share with an old friend?"

"Sod off," the dark green dragon growled and with another nasty laugh the head vanished.

Kagome licked her suddenly dry lips. "Um, so you're going to... going to... eat us?" she asked hesitatingly.

The dragon chuckled. "Of course, little virgin, of course! I didn't catch you and the other one to have the pleasure of your company."

"But... but why? I mean, why don't you go and eat a cow or a horse or something like that?"

"A cow? A horse?? Do you want to insult me?" the dragon roared. "We don't eat base animals! Only the pure flesh of-"

Suddenly its indignant roar turned into a howl of pain. Its head whipped around and its mouth opened, yet before it was able to do anything a sword found its way through the palate into the dragon's brain. With a gurgled sigh the beast died.

"Damn talkin' snake," a gruff voice sounded from behind the fallen beast and Kagome shot up.

"Inu Yasha!!" she screamed and as soon as the hanyou leapt over the obstacle she threw herself against his chest.

Inu Yasha froze, and then blushed furiously. "Uh..."

"Hm, interesting," commented an amused voice from behind him. Miroku appeared at his side, eyed the completely naked Kagome that clung to Inu Yasha, and then the equally naked Sango who was still sitting on the ground, huddled together as closely as she was able to in order to hide her body from lecherous glances. Her dark eyes glared daggers at Miroku who smiled at her.

Taking off his sash he offered it with a bow to Sango. "May I offer you this, my lovely Sango?"

Sango snatched the cloth out of his hands and wrapped herself tightly in it. "Hentai," she grumbled, flushing brightly red.

Inu Yasha was still having problems. He did not dare to touch Kagome - he might accidentally touch some part of her body where she didn't like to be touched - and since she did not show any signs of releasing him soon he still had a very much undressed girl pressed against his body. Some parts of his body actually liked that very much, which embarrassed the hanyou only further.

Miroku grinned knowingly. "Need a little help, Inu Yasha?"

Inu Yasha rolled his eyes.

"I take this as a yes."

He took one step towards the hanyou when a strong hand forcefully slapped the back of his head.

"You stay away, monk! I will do this!" Sango appeared in front of Miroku, still - or again? - glaring at him.

Miroku happily agreed, because now he was able to watch Sango. She had draped the sash around her quite cleverly. It covered all vital parts of her body, yet left her long legs uncovered, and he rejoiced in the sight.

Sango told Kagome to let go of Inu Yasha only to be answered with a muffled. "I can't! I'm naked!"

Miroku bit his lip to stifle a laugh, and Inu Yasha blushed even harder. Sango sighed.

"And Miroku-sama's peeping," Kagome added. Sango glared over her shoulder and this time Miroku sighed.

"Houshi-sama! Close your eyes!" Sango ordered. "Inu Yasha, you too! Let go of him, Kagome-chan! Now, Inu Yasha, take off your haori. Wait, let me help you... there. Now, here you are, Kagome-chan."

Miroku watched the scene, his eyes twinkling in amusement. Of course he hadn't closed them. And what a sight it had been! Kagome was really beautiful, with soft curves at the right places. His body agreed on that, and not even the hard punch he received from Sango - she had caught him watching - deflated his ‘elation'.

When the girls were more or less decently dressed they left the dragon's cave.

Dragon's Prey

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 1 of 10

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