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Dragon's Prey

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 9 of 10

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Second Chances

Kagome's eyes widened further and her jaw dropped. Incredulously she gaped at the silent demon lord, utterly surprised. Did she hear that right?

"W-what?" she gasped finally.

Sesshomaru regarded her with a steady, but unreadable gaze. "You have a problem, miko. This Sesshomaru offered you his help in solving this problem."

Kagome blinked. So she had heard it right. Surprise gave way to shock. Sesshomaru offering her help? This kind of help? Did he understand what this was about? Maybe he got something wrong?

"Um, Sesshomaru," she asked cautiously, "do you... understand what this is about?"

He raised both eyebrows. "Of course."

This rendered Kagome speechless once more. He knew what it was about and still offered his help? Why?

"Why?" she blurted out. "Why do you want to help me? To annoy Inu Yasha? To pay him something back? To... to... Why??"

"My motives are of no consequence to you," he replied coolly.

Kagome shook her head, hoping to clear the confusion in her mind. "But... but... I'm human! You hate humans! You tried to kill me! Why are you now offering me your help? To protect my life no less! Why, Sesshomaru?"

"My motives are of no consequence to you," he repeated softly. "Do you accept my offer?"

Kagome had opened her mouth to insist the he explained himself, but his question threw her off balance. She blinked, and slowly her mind registered the full meaning of his offer, which it had ignored so far because of her utter bewilderment. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

She stared at Sesshomaru, absently noticing how her heartbeat quickened and her mouth went dry. Accept his offer?

A shiver ran down her spine and her stomach fluttered as she thought, really thought about what his words signified. Making love... no... having sex with Sesshomaru? Of course, she had said she had accepted the fact that her defloration would not be part of a loving relationship, but... with Sesshomaru? Inu Yasha's hated brother? Who had tried to kill her? Who despised humans?

Well, Rin was evidence that he didn't hate all humans, but so far he had only had contempt for the miko at his brother's side. So, could she accept his offer? Could she trust him enough to allow him to come that close to her? To touch her intimately?

The thought of Sesshomaru's finger on her body sent another shiver down her spine. But it wasn't an unpleasant feeling, and Kagome began to wonder if she could dare to say yes.

Thoughtfully she looked at the demon lord who was still standing in front of her, watching her, waiting patiently for her answer. His patience surprised her. He had never appeared to be a patient man. Demon. Whatever.

As her eyes trailed over his body Kagome felt like she was seeing him for the first time. And she had to admit that what she saw was... nice. He was... handsome. Well, not really. Beautiful. Yes, that was the right word. Though it sounded a bit strange to describe a guy as beautiful... but he was. Yes, he had alien markings on his face and only one arm, but that didn't change the fact that he just was.

And this beautiful guy had just offered her to... Kagome blushed slightly and looked down at her feet. She couldn't help but feel flattered that he wanted to come that close to her. Especially after Inu Yasha's less than unflattering reaction to her over the last week.

The thought of Inu Yasha infuriated and sobered her at the same time. He was a bloody idiot, but she couldn't do this to him. She could not betray him, not with his brother.

She looked up again. "I... I can't," she said quietly. "I... can't do that to Inu Yasha. I could never... betray him in that way."

"You had no such qualms when you desired him to take care of your problem. Would it not be a betrayal to that other woman, too?"

Kagome hissed, "No, because Kikyo is dead and as I said her only wish is to drag him to hell!"

"Is that so. But since he chose another woman why would you feel as if you betray him when you lie with another male?" he sounded slightly interested.

Kagome blushed at his blunt words. "Because I promised him to stay with him and be there for him as long as he needs me!"

"Would it affect your promise to my half-brother if you lie with another male?" he tilted his head, watching her, and Kagome could not help remember her words about the whole thing not affecting Inu Yasha's promise to Kikyo.

She sighed and shook her head slowly. "Well, no, not really. But he will surely think of it as a betrayal..."

Suddenly her fury flared up again. All her anger at Inu Yasha came back, her anger at his possessiveness even though he chose Kikyo, her anger at his refusal to help her out of the danger and her anger at his irresponsibility.

She looked up at Sesshomaru. He had offered her to help her even though he was not a friend. He was a really good-looking guy. She was fed up with being afraid of dragons. And she was fed up with waiting for Inu Yasha. He had had his chance. He had let it slip. Now she would take care of her survival on her own.

Taking a deep breath she met Sesshomaru's eyes. "You will help me with this problem? Nothing more? You would not expect me to show my appreciation in one way or another afterwards?"

He nodded slowly. "Only this. Nothing more."

"Then I accept your offer."

Kagome closed her eyes when she spoke these significant words, praying this was the right decision. After a long, silent moment she opened them again only to find him standing directly in front of her, regarding her intently. She blushed and looked away, but he took her chin in his hand and tilted her face up. Their eyes met.

Kagome gasped in surprise. His eyes were no longer cold and unreadable, but warm and caressing. There was a glow in the golden depths that sent shivers down her back and let her stomach flutter.

Slowly he bent his head down and Kagome tensed. Now that he was acting out his offer she was frightened of what he might do to her. She had surrendered to him and he could very well hurt her or even kill her.

A soft, surprised sigh escaped her as she felt his lips on her neck, brushing her skin, sending tingles down her body. He repeated the movement and Kagome's eyes drifted shut in pleasure. It felt wonderful, better than anything else she knew. Her skin prickled wherever he touched it, and she tilted her head slightly to the side to give him better access. She did not think about how foolish it was to present a predator like him her unprotected throat.

Sesshomaru, however, did nothing more damaging than press his lips on her neck in an open-mouthed kiss, which was damaging enough. Kagome moaned softly and reached out for him to steady herself. Her knees had become amazingly weak.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her closer, trailing kisses all over her throat and neck, eliciting contented sighs from her. He nuzzled her neck and took a deep breath, inhaling her scent, and nipped at her tender skin.

Kagome panted, quickly loosing all thoughts of fear and insecurity. All her being seemed to concentrate on him and what he was doing with his wonderful, soft lips and how warm he was under her hands in contrast to the cold metal of his armour.

He grazed her skin with his fangs and bit her softly, soothing the bruised spots with his tongue. Kagome moaned and melted into his arm, the amazing feelings he stirred inside of her overwhelming her. She felt light, like she would fly away if he released his tight hold of her, and yet heavy and earthbound at the same time. Warmth pooled low in her body, and a curious aching awoke between her legs. She tried to press herself closer to him but his armour prevented her from feeling his body, and she gave a low, displeased sound.

He drew back to look at her and Kagome whimpered in protest. She closed the distance between them he had created, snuggling closer to him in spite of his armour, and tugged at one silver strand which had fallen over his shoulder. He resisted for a moment, scrutinising her face, but then complied her wish. He pressed his lips in a searing kiss on the pulse in her throat and Kagome moaned, arching against him.

He slipped his hand under her shirt and she panted as she felt his fingers on her bare skin. She arched into his touch and he spread his fingers, gently caressing her back and her waist. Kagome sighed, her mind drowning in the feelings his touch awoke inside of her. Her skin prickled and tingled, her heart fluttered in her chest, shivers ran through her body and she felt alive like never before.

His hand roamed her body, stirring various, wild emotions inside of her. The warmth she had been feeling grew into heat. The aching between her legs became stronger, and her skin seemed to be on fire wherever he touched her. Somewhere back in her mind Kagome was mildly worried about the things she was feeling and the intensity of her emotions. But then he cupped one breast with his hand and everything safe him vanished from her thoughts.

Kagome moaned as he massaged the soft mound through the fabric of her bra. She felt its tip hardening, pressing into his hand. He flicked one claw against it and she gasped as the touch reverberated through her body, sending small tickles everywhere. She arched into his touch and he pushed her bra upwards. Very slowly his long fingers closed around her now naked breast.

A whimper escaped her parted lips. She felt her hart pounding against his palm. Her fingers tightened into the folds of his silky kimono to keep her upright. Her knees were so weak she was afraid she would fall any moment.

His lips were caressing the wildly fluttering pulse in her throat while he kneaded and caressed her breasts. Kagome thought she would melt.

Suddenly he pulled back and she moaned in protest at the loss of his contact. Due to his quick movement she lost her balance and, her knees finally buckling, fell against him. The hard edges of his armour cut into her flesh through her clothes and she hissed in pain.

Sliding his arm around her waist, Sesshomaru lifted her back to her own feet and held her until she regained her balance. He stepped back, but before Kagome had the chance to complain again, he gripped the hem of her shirt and pulled it upwards.

After a short, confused moment Kagome realised what he was trying to do and raised her arms to help him. He pulled the shirt over her head and threw it aside, his burning eyes fixed on one rosy bud that peeped out from under her tangled bra.

Kagome licked her suddenly dry lips, feeling his gaze like an actual caress. Slowly, she raised her shaking hands to the clasp of her bra. After several tries she managed to open it and slipped the straps down her arms. The soft material dropped an inch, revealing more of the soft, creamy skin of the gently rounded mounds. Sesshomaru's eyes widened and became brighter.

Kagome gulped hard. Feeling shy all of a sudden she crossed her arms over her breasts. He raised his eyes to hers and looked at her intently. Then he reached out and grabbed one wrist, gently tugging it away from her body.

"Let me see you," he breathed.

A shiver ran down her spine at the husky quality of his voice and slowly she let go. Her bra fell down in front of her and she stood naked to her waist.

His fingers around her wrists tightened fractionally and a barely audible sigh escaped his lips. Kagome gazed at him in surprise. Could he be that affected by the sight of her breasts? Obviously he was. His eyes roamed over her chest, brightening further. He clearly liked what he saw, and Kagome, who had always thought herself only passably pretty, felt beautiful and very feminine.

Spontaneously, she took his hand and pressed it to one breast. They both sucked their breath in at the touch and Kagome felt her hardened buds pebble further. He did not move at first, simply stared at her with widened eyes. She answered his gaze, a small smile quivering in the corners of her mouth.

Sesshomaru groaned and bent down, pressing his lips to her collarbone. Then, he trailed open-mouthed kisses down to the soft swelling of her breasts. Kagome panted.

He brushed his thumb over the tip of one mound while his tongue circled the other one. Kagome moaned.

He ravished her breasts with his fingers, lips, tongue and teeth. Kagome sobbed. The emotions he woke inside of her were growing stronger and more intense with each touch until she felt as if she must die of utter pleasure.

Her knees could scarcely support her and she leaned into him, yearning for his strength and longing to feel his body. One steel claw of his armour scraped her bare shoulder and with a frustrated growl Kagome punched the chest-plate.

Sesshomaru immediately stepped back, scrutinising her, trying to discover what had caused her reaction. His eyes widened in surprise as she went for his sash, tugging with trembling fingers at the complicated knots.

Kagome had had enough. The armour had to go! It was hard and cold and sharp and it prevented her from touching him. Frantically, she tore at the knots, hissing when it did not loosen. Then her hands were brushed away.

She looked up, frowning slightly and worrying whether he was angry about her forwardness. But he simply removed his swords and then opened the knots with practiced ease. With some clatter and tingling the armour fell loose, and he raised his hand to unfasten the leather buckles. It was evident he was having problems with them, so Kagome stepped forwards and reached up to help him. With her deft assistance he slipped out of the armour and with a clank it joined the swords on the ground.

Her eyes widened as she got an unhindered view of his broad chest. Even though he still wore his kimono it was a sight to behold. The silky material of his clothes clung tightly to his body and lovingly outlined his male beauty.

Licking her suddenly dry lips, Kagome raised her hands and cautiously laid them on his chest. She gasped at the feeling of his hard muscles against her palms and the heat of his body searing through the layers of clothes. Liquid heat pooled low in her abdomen and she felt a rush of wetness between her legs.

He stood motionless in front of her as she admired him. Emboldened by the lack of resistance, she trailed her hands over his upper body, up to his shoulders and down again, marvelling at his strength. As she pressed her fingertips against his taut stomach muscles he drew in a sharp, hissing breath, and she looked up at him.

He had his eyes closed and teeth clenched. His upper lip was slightly curled back, revealing the tips of fangs. His markings seemed to be more distinct than usual. Kagome bit her lip and pulled her hands back, thinking she had done something that displeased him.

The next second he had grabbed one of her hands and pressed it against his chest, and she panted at his sudden movement and then again as she felt his rapid heartbeat under her hand. Her eyes flew up to his face and she gasped again, softly this time, as his eyes burnt into hers.

He guided her hand down his body, and her eyes widened as she realised he would not stop at his waist. Her breath became decidedly erratic and she was panting when he pressed her hand against his arousal. A soft whimper escaped her lips at the feeling of his so obvious desire hot and hard in her palm.

Of course she had read about the male sex in her biology books and she had heard the one or other whisper from older girls gossiping about their boyfriends. But never, ever had she thought it would feel like this. Another stab of lust shot through her at the thought of touching him without his clothes...

Sesshomaru released her hand but she did not pull it back. Remembering what the girls had said, she gave the hardness a gentle rub. He groaned. Delighted and astonished at his reaction, she repeated her gesture, and his breathing became strained. Revelling in the feeling that she could do that to him, that she could make this usually so controlled demon react to her touches, she closed her fingers around him and squeezed.

His eyes flew open and she felt as if a jolt of electricity shot through her body at the sight of them. Burning gold, almost too hot to look at. He stared at her, his hard pants sometimes resembling soft growls. She shivered and another wave of wet heat flooded her panties. She pressed her thighs together to ease the aching she felt, but it did not help, only caused a delicious friction, and she moaned.

Sesshomaru's nostrils quivered, and she knew he could smell what she felt. A slight blush crept into her cheeks and she looked away. Her gaze fell onto her hand that was still pressed against him. With an embarrassed sound she snatched it away, blushing madly.

The soft rustle of silk reached her ears and she peeped at him through her lashes. He had begun removing his kimono, and at the sight of his bared chest she forgot her embarrassment and turned to him. Reaching out impulsively, she shoved his hand away, taking over. He was quickly relieved of the garment.

For a moment Kagome simply stared at him. There were no scars, no marks on his smooth, pale skin that lay tight over firm, chiselled muscles. She took a deep breath, then touched him.

His skin was as soft as it looked like, but instead of being cold it was hot. An ever so slight sheen of sweat covered him, and Kagome could not resist the temptation. She bent forwards and pressed her lips on his chest, tasting him.

He moaned and tangled his fingers in her hair. She felt the sound reverberate under her lips, felt the hard, fast beating of his heart and the silky texture of his skin. He tasted heavenly, salty, excitingly and very masculine. Kagome panted and his skin twitched slightly under her breath.

Following his example, she trailed her fingertips, lips, tongues and teeth over his chest, eliciting a series of pants and low growls from him that heightened her arousal to a painful extend. She let her lips wander lower, her tongue twirling over his ribcage and then dipping into his navel. His hand in her hair tightened. Kagome paid no heed to this mild warning but kissed a path down to the waistband of his pants and then, in a crazy moment, dropped even lower and pressed her lips on the prominent bulge in the cloth.

Sesshomaru growled very low in his throat, and suddenly she found herself lying on the ground with him hovering above her. Blinking, she looked up into his eyes and froze. The bright gold was clearly streaked with red and her fear what he might do to her returned.

He felt her stiffen and quickly buried his face against her neck, pressing fiery little kisses onto her sensitive skin. Soon she relaxed, the growing desire drowning out every other emotion. She arched her back up, and the tips of her breasts brushed against his chest. They both panted at the touch and Kagome threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down and closer to her.

At the feeling of his body pressed close to hers Kagome thought she would pass out. It felt so good, so wonderful, his hard chest and heated skin; his lips and tongue and teeth on her neck and shoulder; his slender hips settled between her thighs. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist, and then gasped as their sexes touched.

Sesshomaru growled softly, close to her ear, and she raked her hands feverishly over his back.

He kissed and licked his way down from her neck to her breasts. Kagome panted and tangled her fingers in his silken strands.

He brought up his hand, and cupped one soft mound. He kneaded the creamy flesh, grazed his claws over it and gently pulled at the tip, while he licked and nibbled at the other rosy bud, sucking it deep into his mouth. Kagome writhed underneath him in pleasure, her movements causing a delightful friction as his arousal rubbed against her womanhood.

He moved further down, just like she had done earlier with him, planting hot kisses down her stomach to the waistband of her skirt. Crooking one finger around it, Sesshomaru pulled it down with one swift movement. It joined the growing pile of discarded clothes.

Kneeling between her spread legs, he stared down at the small bit of white cotton that still covered her. Between her legs the material was wet and crumpled, black curls peeping around it. He titled his head and his hair fell over his shoulder, shielding his now brightly red eyes from her view.

Kagome watched him staring at her, feeling slightly nervous. His body was tense and his breath was fast and shallow, hissing through clenched teeth. She could not see his eyes anymore and began faintly worrying what he was up to. Then he bent down and pressed a kiss on her stomach, trailing his lips down.

She moaned and unconsciously spread her legs further as he moved lower and lower. He reached her panties and stopped for a moment, then he pressed his mouth onto the wet fabric. Kagome cried out softly and bucked her hips up. He laid a hand on her waist to keep her down and began to caress her through her panties.

She moaned and squirmed as his tongue brushed her centre, the wet heat of his tongue burning through the cloth, but she wanted, needed more. It was maddening and wonderful, but it was not enough. Even when he replaced his tongue with one finger and moved it in rhythmic circles over the small bud it was not enough.

Kagome sobbed in frustration and feebly punched his shoulders. He raised his head, his finger still moving, and gazed at her face through lowered lashes. After one look into her flushed face and her sparkling eyes he seemed to come to a decision. He pressed one more kiss onto the small bundle of nerves, bit gently, and when she cried out he withdrew.

A gust of cold air hit her hot flesh, but then he was on top of her again and her clothes were gone. Kagome blinked, her mind trying to understand what happened and where her panties, shoes and socks had gone, but then his mouth was back and that was it. Feeling his burning lips and the texture of his rough tongue on her most sensitive spot, she arched up with a strangled cry, a searing, blinding heat rushing through her, drowning her. The terrible tension grew and then snapped and a wave of unbelievable emotions crashed down on her.

Slowly the world around returned to her. She heard the tinkle of water over stones, the rustle of wind through leaves and brush, the distant cry of an owl, and the soft hissing of strained breath. Her eyes fluttered open and dazedly she gazed at Sesshomaru, who was propped up next to her and watching her with bright gold eyes.

Her view cleared and she blinked at him. Had he...? One quick glance down confirmed he had not, for surely not even he could remove his pants, deflower her and then dress again that quickly. Could he?

"Sesshomaru?" she whispered questioningly. Her voice sounded funny and she thought she saw the corners of his mouth twitch. "Um... why... I mean..." she faltered and blushed. How could she ask him why he had not...?

He moved and covered her body with his. With a surprised gasp she looked up and into his smiling - smiling??? - eyes.

"This is the first time for you," he answered, his voice incredibly deep and husky, and Kagome blushed violently. Apart from tingeing her face a deep shade of red, the sound of his voice also sent some pleasant tingles all over her body. "You would not have been able to enjoy it otherwise. Besides..." his voice trailed away as he bent closer to her.

Kagome's eyes widened as he placed a soft kiss on one nipple which hardened immediately to his touch. The touch rekindled the fire in her lower abdomen and she sighed. He nipped at the other rosy bud, and she moaned softly, her fingers tangling in his hair.

"Besides," he repeated as he kissed his way down her body, "I have only started..."

As he spoke his warm breath fanned her skin and Kagome shivered. She felt herself tensing in anticipation as he slid lower and settled between her legs. He cast her one look through his illegally long, thick lashes, and then pressed his lips in a searing kiss on the soft, wet folds of her womanhood.

Instantly, the fire inside of her flared up again, flames raging through her body. Her heartbeat quickened, and lust pulsated through her with every beat. She cried out and her hips rose up to meet his lips.

He laid his hand on the inside of one thigh and pushed her legs further open. His lips, tongue and teeth assaulted her skilfully, and very soon she was writhing under his touch again and sobbing out his name.

He circled her centre with the tip of his tongue, carefully at first because the small bundle of nerves was oversensitive. When she began to buck her hips impatiently he brushed his tongue over it in regular strokes, grazing the tiny bud once or twice with a pointed fang. He went on until she was tugging at his silver strands and he felt the muscles in her thigh quiver.

Sesshomaru traced the velvety folds with one finger, careful not to cut her with his claw. Reaching his destination he slid his hand under her behind and, lifting her up, pressed his mouth to the entrance of her yet virginal body.

Kagome moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around his shoulders.

He flicked his tongue over the soft flesh, then began lapping up the juices that poured out of her. Her grip in his hair tightened.

He pushed his tongue into her body, wriggling it inside of her. She gave a curious, squeaking sound and began rocking her hips.

Kagome was lost in passion once more as his tongue touched and then entered her. She could not hold still, she wanted, needed more again. Absently she raked her nails through his hair, and the deep, pleased growl that this motion elicited from him almost sent her over the edge again.

Then she felt him move his hand from her behind and one finger join his tongue. She groaned and pushed against the finger; the feeling of it inside of her, moving slowly, was new and overwhelming. The finger was joined by a second one and his tongue was back on licking her centre. Kagome thought she would die of pleasure.

Suddenly a sharp sting cut through her lust and she hissed in pain. Sesshomaru growled soothingly, and the reverberations of that sound against her most sensitive spot made her forget the pain immediately.

His fingers pushed deeper into her body and he began moving them rhythmically. She squirmed against them, bucked her hips wildly, but soon she fell into the rhythm. However, just as she had, Sesshomaru pulled back. Kagome whimpered and looked at him with dark, confused eyes.

He stood and opened the fastenings of his trousers, his movements somewhat jerky. She watched in rapt fascination as he bent and removed boots and trousers. Then he straightened and turned to her and her eyes hungrily roamed his body.

They widened a good deal at the sight of his manhood, standing hard and proud under her gaze, but there was no fear in this gaze. Only interest, fascination... and lust. She licked her lips and pushed into sitting position, her hands reaching out to touch him. But with a growl he batted them away, kneeling down in front of her.

Kagome pouted and he groaned. Then he pushed her shoulders and she obeyed and lay back, spreading her legs to give him free access. He groaned again and covered her body with his. She wrapped arms and legs around him, steeling herself for the pain that was to come as she felt him pushing slowly into her.

But no pain came. All she felt was the slow progress of his arousal sliding into her welcoming heat, his erratic breath against her shoulder and his terrible tension under her hands. Then he was fully buried inside her hot core and Kagome shivered and moaned, convinced there could be nothing more wonderful than this feeling of him deep inside her.

And then he moved.

Slowly he pulled back and equally slowly thrust into her again. Kagome whimpered and clung to him, her body trembling with emotions.

Sesshomaru moved again, his thrusts gaining speed and force. She gave a soft mewl every time he pushed into her, and he answered it with a deep growl.

Soon Kagome was completely lost to her surroundings again. His thrusts heightened the flames that threatened to consume her and the tension inside of her built until she thought she would break into the next moment. He pushed her higher and higher, and she clung to him, pressed herself against him as if she would die if he left her. Finally the strain snapped and with a wild cry she felt herself shatter, a wave of pleasure drowning her mind.

This time she did not hear water or wind or animals. All she heard was her own heartbeat and the strangled gasps of his breath. She opened her eyes and smiled tenderly at him, but her smile faltered and vanished as she saw his face.

His eyes were firmly shut and his teeth clenched so tightly that his fangs had bitten into his lower lip. His face was screwed up in what looked like anguish. She blinked, but then noticed the horrible tension in his body that was still connected to hers. She could feel him deep inside of her, hard and hot and pulsating. She frowned. What was wrong?

She lifted a hand from his shoulder and touched his cheek. He shivered but otherwise did not move.

"Sesshomaru? What is - oh!"

He had looked up at her. His eyes were fiery, tinged with red, and together with his clearly visible fangs and the small droplets of blood on his lip where he had bit himself he was a scary sight. Curiously, Kagome was not afraid. Instead, she gazed intently at him, trying to find out what was wrong. Had he not enjoyed it? She wriggled her hips and he groaned, his body tensing even further.

"Do. Not. Move." He pressed through gritted teeth.

Kagome blinked. "Huh?"

He gave a painfully strangled sound and propped himself up on his arm. This move pulled him deeper into her body and he ground his teeth, tearing the wounds in his lip further open. Kagome cupped his face between her hands and tried to smooth at least some tension away, but he did not seem to even notice.

Sesshomaru took a deep breath and then started to slowly push out of her. Kagome's eyes widened as she suddenly understood. Yes, he had enjoyed it and at the same time he had not, because he had not allowed himself to. He was still painfully hard and aroused, but he would not finish this for himself. He had done her a great favour, had made her feel like she never felt before, had been gentle and careful in his handling of her, and now he was slipping out of her with no pleasure for himself. Why? Was she not worth it?

A sharp, cold lance of pain stabbed through her chest at the thought. Well, Inu Yasha had not thought she was worth it, why then should he? He was a full demon and hated humans. Surprising that he had offered her his help at all!

But then a determined sparkle gleamed up in her eyes. He had offered his help! He had done her a favour! She would not leave him unsatisfied! She tightened her legs around his waist and he went completely still.

"Let. Go." He sounded almost desperate, and it thrilled and aroused her that this strong being evidently needed all he had to keep himself under control so that he had not even enough strength left to leave her.

"No." At her calm answer he opened his eyes again. There were still streaks of red in them, and she saw something wild swirling underneath the surface of his golden orbs.

"Let go," it came out in a rough whisper. "You do not know..."

"I know that you are torturing yourself! And I know that I won't let you do that! Not after... after you helped me!" He shook his head but she went on as another thought occurred to her. "Are you afraid to sire a hanyou child?"

He looked at her, sweat glistening on his brow and his body trembling from the strain he had put himself under. "No... I know... you would not get pregnant. I can smell that you are... not in... the fertile part of your cycle."

"Then what is it?"

He did not answer only tried to push out again. But Kagome did not let go. Instead she arched her hips up and he slid easily back into her. He groaned. She tightened her hold on his face and pulled it down to her until his mouth was only a breath away from hers. He had not kissed her, she had realised. Well, it seemed as if it was now her turn.

"Sesshomaru," she whispered and he wearily opened his eyes. He looked surprised at seeing her so close. She smiled. "Let go."

Then she kissed him.

It was only a soft touch of lips on lips, but he shivered violently in her arms. Her hands slid into his hair and grabbed his head, pulling him closer. Kagome enjoyed the kiss, and even though a girl was supposed to receive her first kiss and not initiate it she did not mind at all. She opened her mouth and lightly trailed her tongue over his lips, feeling his sharp fangs and tasting his blood that still trickled from his wounds.

"Let go," she breathed against his lips.

And he let go.

With a wild growl he took possession of her mouth and at the same time began moving. His lips forced her mouth open and his tongue darted in, tasting her greedily. He ravished her with lips and tongue, devoured her inviting sweetness.

His thrusts were hard and fast. He buried himself deep inside her soft body, leaving her no time to adjust. Each push elicited a growl from him, and he sped up his movements.

His lips bruised hers in their searing kiss. His hand tightened around her waist, holding her steady. He thrust into her with feral abandon, hard, fast, almost painful.

Kagome was swept away by his force, drowning in his wildness. He had overpowered her, subdued her, and she could only flow with the maelstrom of untamed passion that he was.

His fierceness aroused her and she pressed closer to him. He tore his mouth from her lips and buried his face in the crook of her neck. She felt his fangs grazing her skin, hard, drawing blood, but she did not mind.

His rough tongue licked her blood away, sending delicious tingles through her body. She raised her hips, trying to get into the rhythm of his forceful thrusts, but he was too fast. And he still increased his speed, pounding faster and faster into her, until all she was able to do was clinging to him.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed over the water, accompanied by strangled moans and cries and deep growls. He moved at a maddening pace, pushing her roughly into the ground, but she did not care.

Fire, wilder and hotter than before, consumed her, devoured her. White heat burnt in every fibre of her body, his unleashed demonic desire heightening her lust into frenzy, and she sobbed with her need for release.

It came soon and sudden. He bit into her shoulder and his hand dragged her hip up into his hard thrust. The angle of his penetration changed and Kagome exploded. Through the crushing waves of ecstasy she felt him thrust once more, then stiffen above her, freezing in his motion, felt a rush of hot liquid deep inside of her, felt him pulsating, heard his wild scream and passed out.

The first thing she felt was warmth surrounding her. Next she noticed somebody holding her tight, cradling her against a strong, firm body. The feeling of safety flooded her and she smiled lazily.

Then other things registered in her mind. The moist grass and cold ground she was lying on. Cold air on her skin wherever she was not wrapped up in warmth. A clawed hand lying on her back. Silvery hair tickling her. And a quiet, deep voice.

"I could have killed you, foolish girl."

Kagome blinked and came fully back to reality. She was lying on her right side, facing Sesshomaru, who held her close to him. Their legs were tangled and covered in the white fur he usually wore on his shoulder. As the full significance of his words sunk in she looked up.


He snorted. "I am talking about your foolish encouragement to ‘let go'. Your words enabled my demonic nature to take over and this could very well have ended in me killing you."

"W-what? But... you didn't... I mean, you could have killed me before and..."

He gave her a withering glare. "If you did not notice, I was not quite myself. With the demonic nature in control I could easily have transformed and killed you. However, this was not what I meant."

He rolled her on her back and, his face very close to hers, hissed, "I was referring to the power of the unleashed demonic desire, foolish girl! It is so very much stronger than anything a human body can endure that you could easily have died!"

"Oh." She blushed as she understood. Shagged to death? Well, at least she would have died happy... A giggle escaped her but she hastily suppressed it as she saw his frown and smiled soothingly at him. "But you did not kill me, so there is nothing to worry about."

He snorted again, but did not retort and merely gathered her in his arm. She peered curiously up into his face.

"Sesshomaru? Why did you offer to help me? I mean, if you knew this could happen..."

He did not look at her and his voice was very quiet as he answered, "I had not foreseen I would react that strongly to you." One corner of his mouth twitched. "I suppose my demonic nature likes mating with a miko."

Kagome blushed and hid her face in his shoulder. The warmth he was radiating off attracted her and with a contend sigh she snuggled closer to him. She closed her eyes, revelling in the wonderful feeling of being held and protected. After a while her breath evened out; she had fallen asleep.

Sesshomaru buried his face in her hair. "Foolish girl," he whispered and then he said no more but held silent vigilance, allowing her to sleep and get the much needed rest.

When she woke up again, the sky had brightened, indicating that dawn was near. Kagome blinked sleepily. Something was not right. She was warm and the ground beneath her was heard, yes, but she was not lying in her sleeping bag, was she?

Frowning she turned her head - and met unreadable golden eyes that were watching her steadily. She blinked again, and then the memories came back. Inu Yasha's hurtful refusal to help her, her angry run through the forest, Sesshomaru, his offer and... she blushed as she remembered.

The feeling of his lips and fingers on her body, inside of her body, would be etched forever into her memory. She knew she would never forget it. Nor would she forget how gently he had treated her, how careful he had been not to hurt her, how he had tried to deny himself any pleasure in fear he might kill her if he did. She looked at him again, a shy smile on her lips.

"Thank you," she whispered.

He caressed her cheek with his fingertips. "I have to thank you," he answered.

Kagome's eyes widened in surprise. "Huh?"

His lips curled into the tiniest of smiles. "For your trust."

She frowned in confusion but then understood. She had trusted him; she had given him not only her first time but also allowed him his own release, though she had not known beforehand that this could have been dangerous to her.

Kagome smiled widely at him. "You're welcome." And this was true, as strange as it sounded.

The chirp of a bird interrupted their attempt to drown in the other's eyes. Kagome looked at the brightening sky.

"I should go back," she said with a sigh. "Inu Yasha must be worried for me. I wonder that he hasn't turned up, searching for me." She cast the demon by her side a sharp glance. "He hasn't shown up while I slept, has he?"


"Good." She made a move to get up, and then winced as numerous small bite marks all over her body made their presence known. Kagome looked down her body in dismay and winced once more as she sat up and felt the soreness between her legs. "Ow."

Well, he hadn't been that careful with her, had he? Or was it normal to be that sore? She had to ask Sango... A violent blush crept onto her cheeks as she thought about Sango and what she and Miroku had now been doing these last few nights.

A movement behind her roused her from her embarrassment and she looked over her shoulder at the demon who too had sat up. He reached out his hand and rubbed at a small smudge on her shoulder.

"You had better have a bath before you go back," he recommended.

Kagome looked at him through narrowed eyes, thinking she had heard some kind of male satisfaction in his voice. But neither his face nor his eyes showed anything alike, and thus she concluded she must have been imagining things. She eyed the now smeared spot, then loosely inspected her body and had to agree with him. She needed a bath. Yet the lake did not seem to have a comfortable temperature and maybe she wasn't that dirty altogether.

As if he read her mind he suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her up. Then he walked down the slope into the lake.

"Hey!" Kagome yelled. "What are you doing? Let me go!"

She squirmed but he was unimpressed. She kicked him and pounded him with her small fists wherever she reached him but he did not even blink.

"Let go, let go!" she shouted and then squeaked as he let go and she was plunged into the freezing cold water.

With chattering teeth she got to her feet and glared at him. He was totally unimpressed by both the cold water and her glare and began meticulously washing off the smudge on her shoulder. From there he proceeded to the several traces of dirt on her back and Kagome could not help to enjoy his touches.

In spite of the cold water and the chilling morning air she relaxed. Tilting her head forwards she brushed her hair over one shoulder so that her back was exposed and he was able to wash down her body unhindered. His fingers on her skin sent hot tingles through her, and soon she felt a different kind of wetness than the lake's water between her legs. He reached her behind and began rubbing one cheek. Kagome moaned softly.

He moved closer so that his front was touching her back. Bending his head down he whispered into her ear, "You are supposed to help me a little."

Kagome turned around to him and with a serious, concentrated expression on her face she cupped her hands, filled them with water and splashed it over his chest. Then she laid both hands on his shoulders and began washing away the thin sheen of sweat that covered his skin.

He stilled and closed his eyes. As her hands moved lower he hissed softly. When they moved once more lower he growled and the next second Kagome found herself lying on the shore, him hovering above her, watching her with fiery red eyes. She gasped as he pushed her legs apart and settled between them. Her back arched up as he poised the tip of his manhood at the entrance to her body. Then he thrust into her, hard, and she cried out as she felt him deep inside of her.

He began moving with short, urgent thrusts and this time she followed the rhythm, bucking her hips up wildly. She ran her fingers through his hair, then pulled his head down to her and kissed him. He growled, responding to her kiss. Their lips opened and their tongues entwined in a passionate dance.

Kagome raked her nails down his back and cupped his behind, pressing him deeper into her body. He groaned into her mouth and she shivered with lustful need. He sped up his movements, thrusting harder and faster into her hot, welcoming core, and Kagome moaned. Tension built inside of her, rapidly becoming painful. Her breasts ached for his touch and she arched her back up, pressing the soft mounds against his hard chest.

He growled and bit her lower lip, his clawed hand flexing around her waist. He pulled her hips up into each thrust, deepening the penetration. She whimpered and moaned, her hands brushing feverishly over his back. When he felt her inner muscles begin to tighten around him, he sped his movements up until she wasn't able to follow anymore.

Kagome gasped and clung to him. Her entire being concentrated on the feeling of him moving inside of her. His hurried thrusts created an almost maddening friction between her legs, and when his lips lefts her mouth and were pressed in a searing kiss onto the wildly beating pulse in her throat she peaked.

With a strangled scream her whole body arched up against his. The movement allowed him an even deeper penetration, which brought him to the edge of ecstasy. Her muscles contracting around his shaft seemed to draw him further into her soft, hot core and with a last push he stepped over the edge. Throwing his head back he howled his release to the fading stars, and then collapsed over her body.

For a while they lay there, panting and trembling from the force of the intense feelings they had experienced together. Kagome felt strangle warm, even though the ground beneath her and air around her were damp and cold. Her feet, still in the water, were frozen, but she did not care very much.

Raising a weak hand she trailed it through his hair, now slightly sweaty and tangled. It was still beautiful, still glowing softly, and she marvelled at the wonder that a male being had such wonderful hair.

Sesshomaru, his face buried in her own dark tresses, gave a curious sound and raised his head to look at her. Their gazes locked and oddly he was the first to look away. He pulled back from her and waded into the lake until he was waist-deep in the icy water.

Kagome sat up slowly, and there were muscles protesting against this move she didn't even know she had. She groaned and inspected her body. She groaned again. She needed another bath.

Eyeing the steel grey water with distaste Kagome gingerly inched into the lake, shuddering as the water cooled her heated skin. Quickly she began scrubbing the dirt from legs and back, casting a glance at Sesshomaru, who was still standing motionless some steps away. The coldness did not seem to affect him and Kagome felt envious.

When she felt she was more or less clean she hurried out of the lake, now shivering as the cold morning air hit her wet skin. With both hands she brushed the water from her limbs, her eyes still on the motionless figure in the water. He had not moved once, had not spoken one word. Kagome was beginning to worry. Was there something wrong with him?

"Um, Sesshomaru?" she began hesitatingly.


She flinched at the icy quality of his voice and felt strangely hurt. He had been so kind to her, so different... but now he seemed to be back to his usual self. He had not even turned to her, obviously thinking she was beneath him.

Kagome's shoulders sagged and she trotted over to the pile of discarded clothes, sorting through them to find hers. She grimaced as she slipped the garments over her still moist skin. It felt really uncomfortably and she was still cold.

When she was dressed she looked at the silent demon lord again. He had still not moved. Kagome sighed.

"I'll go now," she said softly, hoping he would at least turn to look at her. He did not. "Goodbye, Sesshomaru, and thanks again for... helping me."

He did not respond and so she left. She did not look back and thus she did not see him turn when he heard her footsteps, did not see him watching her go, and did not see the fire still burning in his eyes.

Dragon's Prey

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 9 of 10

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