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How to Bond With a Cat

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Theonewhosawitall

Part 8 of 19

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Adrien didn't like Mother's Day anymore. He'd never been fond of it. Actually he'd never paid it much mind beyond buying his mother a present and giving her a hug. But now she wasn't around, he didn't like it. He missed her more than ever, and his father didn't notice. The weeks before Mother's Day, when it was advertised everywhere, it really wore him down. Putting on na brave face for his father was the worst, so he couldn't anymore. He was too tired. But this, this little room, high above a bakery, that contained his friend, bad jokes, and good food, this was his haven. So he still turned up on Thursday.

"Chat? What's wrong?"

Marinette's voice was soft and careful. It made him feel fragile. He was wearing Juleka's tutu dress again, so she could figure out where the lilac ribbon had to go to loop around Juleka's neck. Even the tutu skirt of the didn't cheer him up. Chat wasn't posing or dancing or teasing or joking. Something was wrong.

"Nothing. I'm perfect," he forced a smile.

That sealed it. He was utterly broken.

"Friends don't lie kitten," she said.

"Why would I lie?"

"You said perfect, not purr-fect. Tell me what's wrong."

"I'm fine!"

"Don't make me find the spatula of destiny!"

Even that couldn't get more than an extra hard puff of air from his nose. Marinette frowned. He was really worrying him now. She reached up to stroke his shoulder. He was a hero. He had to be strong. But she knew better than most that even heroes hurt sometimes.

In the same soft voice, she said, "Hey... you don't have to talk to me, but let me help. Let's go get some ice cream, yeah?"

Chat sniffed, and nodded miserably. Ice cream didn't sound like it could do much, but it was better than staying still and thinking about his mother. Marinette helped him out of the tutu dress she had made. She folded it neatly on her mattress, so the light caught the sparkle.

"No need to worry my parents though. We'll go from the balcony," Marinette declared.

He climbed up onto the balcony and held out his hand to help her up. She didn't need it, but took it anyway. The pair of them stood on the balcony and took a moment to breath in the evening sun. It was almost seven and the sky was blue as blue can be, like it was midday. Marinette frowned. She couldn't be Ladybug right now, for obvious reasons, and yet the last time she travelled with Chat Noir was replaying in her mind. The screaming and the loss of use of her legs were particularly vivid.

"If you hold tight and don't look down, I promise I'll keep you safe," he said, softly.

Marinette drew her gaze away from the depth they would fall if they fell to the street, and look up at Chat.

"I know you will," she said.

It wasn't a lot to ask that a citizen have faith in the hero that had protected her time and time again, and yet the fact she did cheered him up a little. Chat laid an arm around her waist to pull her towards him. She linked her arms around his neck, and trusted him to keep her safe.

"Don't let go," he said.

Something in her mind linked back to months earlier, back when she, Nino and Alya had been joking around at the side of the road. It wasn't really the time for joking, but she tried to lighten the mood.

"I'll never let go, Chat. I'll never let go. I promise!" She said, with subtle drama that sounded far too much like it did in the film.

Chat gave her a funny look, like that sounded familiar but he didn't know where to place it. He held her a little tighter as he pushed his staff to make it rise. The pair went soaring through the air like he and Ladybug had done before. Now she had voluntarily given up her control, Marinette's trust had overtaken her nerve. She knew he wouldn't drop her, and she could take a moment to appreciate the wonder of flying without having to worry about where to put her yo-yo.
The faces of the people in the street where they landed made Marinette's day. Their look of utter shock reminded her that she wasn't Ladybug right now, but he was Chat Noir. Hero. Not just her dorky friend with whom she spent her Thursdays. She kept forgetting that. Even when akumas attacked she forgot that. Ladybug was a lot flirtier with Chat recently. So much so it'd featured on the Lady blog.

"How are your legs?" Chat asked, concerned.

His arms were out either side of her, ready to catch her in case she fell. Marinette was as sturdy as ever. Flying through the air as Ladybug made her landing flawless. Even if Chat was the one landing.

"Let's go get ice cream!" She grinned.

Chat laughed softly at how briskly she moved on from this. Ice cream was top priority now. He could follow that idea. Marinette's order came out of her mouth the instant he asked. She clearly had a favourite. Adrien hadn't been in an ice cream shop like this for years. There were so many different flavours and so many different colours that it took him a minute to realise the card had flavours written on them. He had been trying to guess the flavour via the colour. Once they had ordered, Marinette started reaching into her pocket. Chat stopped her.

"I'll pay," he said.

"Don't be silly, I'll pay," she said.

"No, please, they're on the house. You deserve them," the man behind the counter said.

"Oh but I-" Marinette began.

"I insist!" The man insisted.

Chat gave a weak smile. He didn't have much fight left in him and it wasn't of enough use here. "Thank you Monsieur."

Once they were out of the shop, Chat gave his ice cream to Marinette, so she had a cone in each hand. Then he scooped her up in his arms like a bride. That took her by surprise.

"Hold on," he advised.

Marinette now had no control at all. Less than she had before. She felt her heart speed up urgently. Tikki whispered from her pocket.

"Focus on the ice cream and let Chat do the rest."

Well it was a lot better than Marinette's plan, as it actually existed, so she listened to Tikki. The cool early summer breeze ran though her hair. They landed on the bars of the Eiffel tower, high enough to see the sun set, and low enough that no one could see them.
Marinette perched on a bar, and held out his ice cream. Chat took it and thanked her. For a minute or two, they sat there, high above the city, with no idea what to say to one another. Instead, they watched the sun start to edge towards the horizon.

"This is nice," Marinette declared.

Chat agreed. "It's a safe haven."

"Like my room?" She teased.

"You room is my favourite," he said seriously.

"How many hiding spaces do you have like this?" She asked.

"A few," he shrugged.

"Do you just wander this city like a stray?" She teased.

"Only before a storm," he stared.

She frowned. "Why?"

"I like to find as many strays as possible before a storm to feed them. If they're not hungry they're less likely to run out in the storm and get hit by lightning or cause a car accident or something. It's not anything big but-"

"A hero protects every citizen, no matter how small."


Marinette bowed her head. In battle, Chat was seen as a side kick. He didn't have the power to stop akumas coming back, that was her. That's why she got all the praise. But Chat took the time to think about others, to think about cats, and do small things that could keep people safe. Small things that went unnoticed by everyone. Even Ladybug. And he never complained. She felt a rush of guilt. She of all people should have noticed.

"Will you tell me what's wrong now?" She whispered.

Chat looked dramatically off into the horizon, where the city fell away to suburbs. He kept his eye there for a while.

"I'm thinking about moving away. Travelling around France I think," he announced.

Marinette stared at him for a while. First she couldn't believe what she was hearing. He was the hero! He couldn't just leave! It doesn't work like that. And then she saw his face. The utter sorrow in his eyes. He wasn't going anywhere, but for a while, up here, away from everything, he could pretend. Marinette played along.

"Where would we go?" She asked.

He glanced at her for a moment. We? Of course she could come with him. He'd be thrilled of the company. He'd been locked up alone for far too long.

"I hear Versailles is breath-taking." He said.

"There's a good place to start."

"My fath- um, my dad wouldn't mind."

"Wouldn't he?"

No of course not. He wouldn't mind. He'd be absolutely utterly completely furious. Then again he so often was it was difficult to tell.

"We could go all over. To the smallest farming village, and help churn butter," Chat said, dreamily.

"You could be the cat the gets the cream," Marinette chuckled.

"I could!" Chat smirked.

"We could go south and visit the warm and sunny beaches," Marinette agreed.

"I don't think you need much help going red princess," Chat teased gently.

"Probably not," she smiled.

"We can go skiing in Chamonix."

"I've never been skiing."

"I'll teach you."

"It'll end up in a snow ball fight!"

"Good. then when we got so cold we couldn't feel our fingers and your lips turned blue we could go to the café and have hot chocolate by the fire."

Chat closed his eyes to imagine the little marshmallows floating on top of the cream. Marinette closed her eyes too. She could practically hear the fire crackling in front of them. the warmth of the sun felt like the fire on her face.

"That sounds amazing. we'd have to stop off in camembert for Plagg," she said.

"We'd need a lot! Plagg hates the cold," Chat smiled.

Tikki didn't. The words very nearly slipped out. Tikki was sitting in Marinette's sleeve stealing licks from the ice cream whenever she could. She loved the cold so much Marinette worried about her getting ill, and knitted her a little pink jumper to keep her warm while she played. She could make one for Plagg. Bright green to match his eyes.

"If your father wouldn't mind, what would your mother say?" Marinette asked.

When no answer came but Chat bowed his head Marinette had her answer. She knew why he was so upset. Mother's Day was coming up, and he didn't have one to celebrate with.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. You didn't make her leave."

"You can share my mother if you like. I know she adores you. She'll definitely invite you to the Mother's Day meal, because I cook it every year and I can bake, but I just can't cook. Everything gets burnt and then we order a take out," she smiled.

Marinette saw his little smile, and his tail sink further between his legs. She had a mother to laugh and call her silly and order a takeout and kiss her temple and wish her goodnight. Even if she didn't, she had a father that would step into the role. They would cook together, and it might not burn, so they'd eat it, but that would feel wrong and untraditional, so they would order a take out anyway. Marinette had parents that loved her and showed it. Adrien had a father would wouldn't notice if he left the house every Thursday for three months for hours on end and came back exhausted but happy every time. He wouldn't notice when Adrien was hurting because he wanted his mother around for Mother's Day. He had the kind of father that would steal a girls present for him, and write his own name on it because he forgot his own son's birthday.
Marinette moved so she was leaning against him, even as her free hand tightened her grip on the bars behind her, so she couldn't fall.

"We'll go as soon as Hawk Moth is defeated," She promised.

Chat gave her a week smile. "Paw-mise?"

"Cross my heart," she smiled back.

Chat chuckled gently. It was good to see him feeling better already. Marinette leaned against him still. they finished their ice creams as the sun turned red, and appreciated the company in silence.

Summer came and went in a flash. Since there was no school, Chat came over more often, and earlier in the day, to spend longer with her. Which meant he was there for the fittings. He tried to be helpful, but sometimes he just got in the way. Tom and Sabine kept him busy in the kitchen, teaching him how to bake, or having him serve in the bakery, but sometimes they didn't have time. They only break they got, apart from the akumas, was when Marinette went to one of Adrien's summer parties with him, Alya and Nino. Chloe was there too, but Adrien was inviting them to a lot more parties recently, so she was less surprised and less snippy. It was also the only time Nino was allowed in Adrien's house without an akuma too. But when he was with her and her parents were busy, she needed to find a way to keep him out of the way of the fitting. Marinette brought a laser pointer pen. Chat didn't find out for almost a month.
When he did, he got his revenge.
Chat came through the window one Tuesday night, while she was getting ready for bed in the bathroom. He stayed out of sight as he went sneaking up to the bathroom. He lurked slowly as he picked his way over the floor boards. When he came to the squeaky one that couldn't be avoided, he put his staff between the walls, and used it as a monkey bar to swing himself over the squeaky one, and land on the other side as gracefully as a cat. He wandered carefully down through the hallway as quietly as he could.
Chat watched her for a moment, unseen. She filled the sink with water to clean her face with. Once she lowered her head to clean it, he went in. Like a ninja, silent and unseen, he crept into the room, and stood behind her, hands outstretched, pretending to be a monster. She raised her face again, and reached for the nearby towel. As she dabbed her face dry, she looked up in the mirror.


She leapt backwards, straight back into his chest. Chat howled with laughter. He held her in his arms and laughed. As soon as Marinette's heart was back to a normal rate, she grinned, and hit him. Chat's smile flickered into annoyance, and then into impishness when he was struck by an idea. Her face fell. She recognised danger when she saw it.


Chat's grip around her waist tightened. Her heart beat faster.

"Seriously don't!"

Chat grinned.


Chat Noir started tickling her, and she instantly erupted into laughter. Chat kept tickling until she fell deeper into his arms, and kept giggling. His fingers wriggled across her, tickling harder. His claws were surprisingly effective when it came to tickling. The first time he ran one of his claws along her back, she thought he'd cut her. Then they hit a spot on her back where it tickled. It had taken both of them by surprise. Marinette wasn't usually ticklish. It was his claws. She turned bright pink. He beamed.
Marinette ended up in a heap on the bathroom floor, eyes watering as she giggled hard enough to give her the hiccups. Chat laughed too when she fell out of his reach. The pair of them howled as he leaned down to help pull her back up.

"I have to get a spray bottle of - hic - water for when you do - hic - do things like this!" She complained.

"Aw come on princess, I was only playing!" He smiled.

"I was only playing with a laser pointer!" She argued.

"That's different."


Chat's face fell as he stared at her. Her arms were folded, and she shifted all her weight on one leg. That look she had on her face was one that she had adopted from him. A little smug, a little knowing, but stubbornly challenging. His shoulders sank too.

"Sorry," he muttered.

She smirked. "I forgive you. But if you ever do it again I'll send the video of you playing with yarn to Alya."

His eyes widened. "What video?"

Marinette grinned. She dropped the towel back on the rack and headed out of the bathroom. Chat followed at her heels.

"What video? Princess? What video? Princess? Mari? Marinette? Princess Marinette? What video?"

He followed her all the way into her bedroom. Marinette sat down on her sofa, with her legs out in front of her, and her back against the support.

"Mari!" Chat whined.

Marinette handed him her phone without a word, and picked up her book from the floor. Chat pressed play. His cheeks grew pinker as he watched himself dart across the floor after a ball of yarn.

"Delete this!" He said.

"It's already backed up on my computer," she smirked.

"Mari!" He whined.

"I'm keeping it!" She grinned.

She didn't even look up from her book as he groaned heavily and threw himself over the sofa like he had been shot. Marinette poked him with her toe.

"It makes me laugh. I want to keep it," she said.

He sat up. "Please don't show anyone. I'll be a laughing stock!"

"No one knows it exists except you and me." And Tikki, but who could she tell.

Chat sighed. At least only she had seen it. He padded up the sofa beside her, and laid against her, so his head rested on her chest. Marinette drew circles on his cat ears absently, as she read her book. He purred softly. Marinette didn't tease him about it like Ladybug did. He didn't mind purring around her. He closed his eyes and leaned against her deeper as he relaxed.

"Read to me?" He asked.

Marinette cleared her throat. ""Maybe girls need an island to find themselves. Maybe they need a place where no one's watching them, so they can be who they really are." There was something about the island that made the girls forget who they had been. All those rules and shalt nots. They were no longer waiting for some arbitrary grade. They were no longer performing. Waiting. Hoping. They were becoming. They were."

That was the day before the last day of summer holidays. They went back to school with new stories to tell about their time apart, and new jokes about their time together in the holidays that other people didn't understand. Then they blinked, and it was very nearly Halloween.

How to Bond With a Cat

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by Theonewhosawitall

Part 8 of 19

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