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In Pursuit of Ever After

A Ever After Story
by Funkypurplerhino

Part 27 of 35

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In Pursuit of Ever After

Henry and Danielle had travelled to Château de Lancret at the beginning of June to visit Danielle's grandmother. At the beginning of July Henry had to travel to Paris for a few weeks to attend to some business with the King. Danielle was disappointed, but she didn't complain. She had known from the beginning that Henry had responsibilities he couldn't neglect and making demands on him wouldn't be fair. Henry wouldn't allow her to accompany him to Paris in the summer. The air was too unhealthy in the city during the summer, especially considering her condition. She and Nicole would have another two weeks away from the formalities of court, although all of her ladies and a few dozen other courtiers and their servants were to stay with them, along with a contingent of royal guards. Henry would return to escort them to Fontainebleau when he concluded his business.

Danielle spent many hours with Nicole, exploring the château and its art collection and visiting with Grand'Mere. They talked a great deal about how and why they had been separated at birth, trying to understand their father's grief and how he could have done such an unthinkable thing. In some ways it had been a blessing to Nicole, being spared Rodmilla's hatred, but that could never make up for missing out on eight years with her father and eighteen years with her sister. They finally accepted that they would never understand why it had happened, as hard as that was.

They also went walking in the gardens or, occasionally, for a gentle ride. Vigorous or long riding was out of the question, due to Danielle's pregnancy.

One hot day in the middle of July, while Danielle and Nicole were out riding, they happened upon a pond on the estate and decided to go swimming. The guards stood back along the tree lines to give them a bit of privacy, while still keeping them in sight.

They had been swimming and splashing about for half an hour when they heard yelling and the sound of swords clashing near the shore. They stopped swimming and stared in horror as the guards engaged in battle with a large group of dangerous looking men. They had ridden out with only six guards, as they were not leaving the estate. There were at least twice that many attackers.

"Oh, Danielle, look! What are we going to do?"

Danielle looked around the pond to see if they were surrounded and, indeed, they were. In addition to the men attacking the guards, there were two men watching them in the pond. "I think we should try running in opposite directions. Maybe one of us will be able to escape. You run towards the château. They are probably after me, anyway, and I don't know how far I will be able to run. You have a better chance of getting away."

"Are you sure?" said Nicole in a panic.

"Yes, you need to go get help, now go!"

With that, they swam in opposite directions, hoping to get away before the attackers were done fighting the guards. It was hopeless. They were both grabbed before they made it to the tree line.

"Unhand me!" Danielle yelled as she was grabbed roughly from behind and held firmly.

Nicole screamed as she was grabbed. Her captor covered her mouth with his hand and she bit him, causing him to grunt in pain and slap her.

They were both dragged over to where they had left their riding clothes. "Put on your clothes," one of the men instructed in an accented voice.

Danielle thought quickly as she donned her discarded clothes over her wet chemise. This was not some random band of thieves. These were hardened soldiers. The accent puzzled her. They were definitely not French. What could they want? As she finished dressing, she scanned the area beyond the band surrounding them, taking in the fallen guards in horror. Surely, they had fought to the death; trying vainly to protect them.

Nicole was shaking badly, trying to get dressed. She was crying and couldn't get her boots on. Danielle moved to try and help but was stopped by one of her captors. Danielle stared at him hostilely, "I am going to help her with her boots." She reached up and removed his hand from her shoulder, suppressing a shudder. Walking over, she helped Nicole with her boots, saying in an undertone, "Get a hold of yourself, we need to be ready for any opportunity. If you get a chance to escape -take it and do not wait for me."

Finishing with Nicole's boots, Danielle turned around to face her captors with bravado. "What do you want with us? I demand you release us at once!" she commanded.

The one whose hand she had removed from her shoulder seemed to be in charge. He laughed harshly at this. He turned to his men and spoke quickly in a foreign tongue Danielle thought might be German. Nicole knew it was German and that he had told the men what Danielle had said. The men laughed and mounted their horses. Nicole was put astride one of the horses on a pillion behind one of his men, her arms around his waist and tied together in front. This alarmed Danielle. How will we escape if we are tied like that? Looking around she tried frantically to think of a clue to leave behind.

As the leader reached for her she jumped away, saying, "I must have a moment of privacy before we can go." She was stalling for time.

He looked at her speculatively. Pointing to a small bush near the pond he said, "There, do not try to escape or you will regret it."

Danielle went over to the bush and squatted down. They were much too close for her to have any chance at escaping. She removed her rings and left them on the ground in the sand. Next to them she wrote "15 GERMANS? – HORSES –NOT INJURED -D." She got up and walked calmly back to her captor.

"Smart girl, Your Highness," he said, praising her for not attempting an escape. He reached for Danielle again, getting ready to put her up on his horse.

She struggled, frantically. She couldn't ride astride, as Nicole was. She was terrified it might hurt the baby.

He had her by the forearms. He gave her a hard shake saying harshly, "You are getting up on this horse; do not make me hurt you."

"I cannot!" she gasped. "I am with child, I cannot ride astride," she finally admitted, looking up at him with wide, frightened eyes.

He remembered hearing that the Princess was with child, so he now knew he had guessed correctly which one was the Princess. She didn't appear pregnant. He didn't want to make any compromises with his captives, but he also knew she could miscarry the babe and possibly bleed to death if he made her ride astride on the journey they were taking. "If you cooperate, I will allow you to ride in front, aside," he offered. "If you attempt to escape, or to interfere with my control of the horse, you will quickly find yourself astride the back. Is that clear?"

Danielle swallowed nervously. "Yes." At least she wouldn't be forced to ride astride, but riding in her captor's arms would be very intimate and that scared her, too. He had revealed knowing who she was, confirming her suspicion that this was not random. Hopefully, these men just wanted to hold them for ransom, she thought. He mounted the horse and moved the pillion to the front. He reached down to take her up in front of him. She didn't struggle as he settled her across the pillion on his lap, his arms around her. Her bravado was deserting her. She was beginning to panic, feeling his arms around her. She had to remind herself to breathe. She prayed for strength, for a clear head, for someone to find them, soon. She attempted to squelch her panic. She needed to get a hold of herself, stop her trembling. She needed to be strong. Calm.

His men were surprised he had agreed to let her ride in front. It would slow down their progress, substantially, and be much harder on him, physically.

She was praying for the guards, hoping they were injured and not dead, as well as for herself and Nicole as they readied to ride out. One of the men rode over to the leader, handing him a cloak for Danielle to wear.

Nicole was scared speechless, but she was watching everything closely, trying to commit everything to memory, in case she could escape. She didn't want to take her eyes off of her sister, fearing they might never see each other again. The men were discussing splitting up into small groups in order to attract less attention.

As he draped the cloak over her, Danielle complained, "'Tis too hot to wear a cloak! We will look most suspicious and likely expire from the heat." She did worry about the heat, but her primary concern was them not being able to be tracked. Surely such a large group would attract attention and she wanted to make sure someone saw her and Nicole, if possible.

"You will wear the cloaks and be silent," he instructed.

"Where are you taking us? Whoever you are working for, I guarantee my husband will pay you double your fee if you return us unharmed."

"You are wasting your breath, Your Highness. We would end up executed, not rewarded, if we let you go at this point. We have already killed six royal guards."

"Please, let my sister go, then. You can get your ransom for me alone. I am the one married to the Dauphin. I am the one with the money. You need not take her, too." She was desperate to have them let Nicole go, especially after hearing him say their guards were dead.

"What will you do if I release her?" he asked, interested to hear what she would offer.

"I-I don't understand what you mean. I will cooperate."

"Really? Would you do anything to save her?" he said suggestively. He ran his hand down her cheek and neck in a caress; Danielle shuddered in fear at his touch. No one but Henry had ever touched her so intimately.

Nicole was horrified, "NO! Stop touching her!" she yelled, struggling in vain against her restraints.

"No more talking or I will be forced to gag you," he threatened Nicole. Danielle hadn't answered him; she was looking at him in shock. She was trembling in his arms. She looked down. He touched her chin, tilting her head up to look into her eyes. She really was very sweet and innocent, he realized. Very young. He was surprised, after the bold way she had stood up to him initially. He had expected a certain level of cool sophistication from the Princess. "It doesn't matter. My instructions were specific. I am to bring both of you." He abruptly pulled up Danielle's hood and rode into the woods.

Late in the afternoon, one of the Princess' guards, slumped over his horse, rode towards the château. He was spotted from the battlements and a group of guards rode out to intercept him. He was badly injured and barely conscious. He was mumbling about an attack by the swimming pond. The alarm was immediately raised and a large search party sent out.

The search party soon came upon the pond and found the other five guards, dead. They searched the area, finding Danielle's message and rings. They immediately sent messengers to Paris, Dieppe and the surrounding noble estates to raise a search party.

The Duc de LeVey arrived with a large group of soldiers at midnight. The guards had found some tracks heading south from the pond, but had had no reported sightings of the abductors.

Danielle was trying hard to notice landmarks and directions as they travelled, but it was difficult, because they were travelling mostly at night and she was exhausted. She was travelling with only three of the abductors and she hadn't seen a single other person since she had been abducted. Danielle was worried about Nicole; she hadn't seen her in two days. She was exhausted, sore and terrified. All of these hours bouncing atop a horse could cause her to lose the baby, she knew.

The sun started to rise higher in the sky and her captor decided to stop and make camp. As he set her on the ground, she collapsed. He swore, concerned. He had been paid to abduct her and deliver her to his employer. She should be delivered in good shape, so she could be quickly exchanged for the ransom.

If he caused her to lose the baby, or die, he knew the French authorities would never stop until he was caught and executed. Abducting the wife of the heir to the throne, while she was carrying another possible heir, no less, was pure madness. Especially since it was well known that the Crown Prince of France was madly in love with his Princess.

The brave girl who had stood up to him and not cried for two days was definitely not up to the pace he was setting. This bothered him. He wanted to make his destination tomorrow. The longer they were on the road, the more likely they would be apprehended.

He pulled her to her feet. When he realized she couldn't stand he swore again and picked her up. The first encampment he had tied her to a tree to prevent her escaping. That obviously wasn't necessary this time. He spoke to one of his men in German, telling him to lay out some blankets. He laid Danielle out on them, carefully. She was already asleep. He sat down to watch her sleep as he ate.

Three days after the abduction, word had not yet reached Paris. Marguerite was coming out of the orphanage in Paris when she saw her mother ride by in an elegant travelling carriage. She was shocked. What could her mother possibly be doing in Paris? She should be half way to the Americas by now! Marguerite followed the carriage through the city streets, trying desperately to get another view of the lady inside. Surely, she must have been mistaken! As the carriage turned to exit the city, heading north, Marguerite got a good look at its occupant. It was definitely Rodmilla de Ghent. Marguerite stood there, stunned. What could it mean? Her mother's words came back to her, 'Ha! No one is untouchable. I will never accept her as Queen. She is not fit to produce the next King of France. If only that page had succeeded in ridding the Prince of Danielle, we wouldn't be in this trouble.'

Marguerite turned and hurried back to the palace. She tried to get in to see the Prince without success for several hours. Then she went to enlist the aid of Jacqueline, who spoke to her husband. When she was finally able to talk to the Prince she told him that she had seen her mother in Paris today and of their last conversation.

The Prince, still unaware of the abduction, was troubled by Marguerite's claims, but Rodmilla de Ghent was gone, wasn't she? "Marguerite, she should be well on her way to the Americas, by now. How certain are you that the lady you saw was your mother?"

"Your Highness, she is, after all, my mother. I followed the carriage until it turned to go through the city gate. I got a good second look at her. I don't know how she managed it, but she did. She is obsessed with Danielle and blames her for all of her troubles."

Henry was very worried by all of Marguerite's claims. He thanked her and set about tracking down Rodmilla. He sent investigators to inquire about the ship she had sailed on and to attempt to track down the carriage Marguerite had described. He also decided to send an additional force of guards to Château de Lancret with instructions to keep Danielle and Nicole within the château walls.

It would be weeks before he heard back about the ship, so Henry decided to ride with the guards to Château de Lancret immediately.

Three days after the abduction, the exhausted messenger arrived at the palace, just as the Prince was preparing to leave. The messenger saw the Prince and headed straight for him. "Your Highness! Urgent message from Château de Lancret," he began.

Henry went up to him, fearing what he was about to hear.

"The Princess and Lady Nicole have been abducted."

"What! How? When?" the Prince demanded, in alarm.

"Three days ago. They went riding with six guards. One wounded guard returned saying they had been attacked. Searchers found the other five guards dead. There was a message in the dirt. It said '15 GERMANS? – HORSES –NOT INJURED –D.' these rings were beside the message," the messenger pulled out a pouch and handed it to the Prince.

Henry opened the pouch and poured the contents out into his hand, Danielle's rings. Rodmilla spotted-Danielle abducted. It could not be a coincidence. "No! No, not again! What is being done?" he cried in anguish.

"They sent for the Duc de LeVey and all of the guards are searching. They were apparently headed south," the messenger said.

'Rodmilla's carriage was heading north, out of Paris and the abductors were heading south from Dieppe. They must be meeting up somewhere in between. It sounds as if she hired mercenaries to abduct them. If so, they will need to deliver Danielle and Nicole to Rodmilla alive. Rodmilla was seen this morning in Paris, so the meeting place must be closer to Paris. She obviously has access to a great deal of money we missed somehow. We need to find this meeting place' he thought frantically. He went back into the palace to update the King and formulate a search plan.

Danielle woke up slowly, confused for a moment where she was. Then the memories came flooding back, and she realized she was still with her captors. And one of them was curled up behind her with his arm around her waist! She nearly started screaming, before realizing he might still be asleep. Maybe she would be able to get away. When they had stopped to camp the first day he had tied her to a tree while they slept, making escape impossible. She carefully lifted his arm, intending to slip away. He tightened it immediately, pinning her arms. "Good morning Princess, going somewhere?" he whispered into her ear.

She screamed. She struggled. "Let me go! How dare you take advantage of me this way!" she cried, kicking him hard in the shin with her riding boot. He quickly pinned her legs with one of his own. He was much too strong for her to move at all. Tears of frustration and fear stung her eyes, but she wouldn't let him see her weakness, keeping her head averted.

He turned her face towards him, noticing the unshed tears. "Have you ever been kissed by a man other than your husband?" he asked quietly.

Danielle's eyes got huge in her face, her breath coming in shallow gasps, "No, of course not! Please let me go," she begged.

He smiled at her, "I thought you would sleep better sharing my blankets, instead of tied to a tree again, Your Highness." He stared at her, thinking about kissing her. Looking into those mesmerizing, innocent green eyes, so full of fear, he changed his mind. He wondered what she looked like when she smiled. "We will be leaving after we eat."

He released her. She crawled away, drawing in huge gulps of air. She stopped, covering her mouth with her hand. If she had had anything in her stomach, she certainly would have thrown it up, she thought.

Getting up, he walked over to the other men and got some breakfast for them both. He handed her a piece of bread, some cheese and a drink of water. She ate it all, despite how she felt, and soon found herself mounted on the horse again.

Danielle was completely exhausted after several nights of continuous riding. She was feeling violated by her enforced intimacy with her captor. The way he touched her, held her. The way he looked at her, reminded her of Le Pieu. The fact that he had held her while she slept was the worst. She felt disloyal to Henry; even though she knew she hadn't known she wasn't alone until she woke up.

After several more hours of riding, she fell asleep. She had almost no memory of this night's travel. She didn't even wake when he handed her down to one of the other men and was placed on the blankets again.

Georg looked down at her in real concern. He didn't like that she had slept most of the night as they travelled and yet still did not wake when they stopped. This ride was too much for her, he knew. His other men had probably delivered the sister by now. He didn't like the fact that this woman, this Princess, brought out his protective instincts, either. He wasn't supposed to care about his captive in this way.

When he was done eating, he curled up behind her, as he had the night before, and wondered if he would get any sleep with her this close. Stupid of him to let himself get attached to her, he knew, but he couldn't help it. She was a married, pregnant, French, Princess, he reminded himself harshly. Yet, he desired her. His captive. She was at his mercy. She was an innocent. It was madness. He had to hold onto her, to ensure she didn't slip away while he slept. If he slept.

He woke up before her, snuggled up against her warm, soft body. Georg wondered what it would be like to be married to someone like her and wake up this way every morning. He knew she had been very distressed the day before, waking up in his arms, he had the bruise to prove it. He got up and started to break camp, letting her sleep a little longer.

When Danielle woke up- many hours later- she was alone on the blankets. He was sitting nearby watching her, an enigmatic smile on his face. He was relieved to see her finally wake up, after sleeping most of the last twenty-four hours. She had obviously needed the rest. "Good morning, Your Highness. I will get you some breakfast." He came back a few minutes later with a full breakfast. He had sent one of the men to the nearest farm to get some supplies for a heartier meal than they usually ate on the road.

Danielle thanked him, surprised at the food and how well rested she felt this morning, considering how exhausted she had been yesterday. She didn't realize she had slept an entire day. Soon they were back on the road, nearly at the end of their journey. She fell asleep again as they neared their destination.

She awoke as she was being carried into a large, stone building. Then she heard it: her step-mother's voice. "You are a day late! Why are you carrying her? Don't coddle her so. Make her walk." Rodmilla had been concerned they had been captured when Danielle hadn't arrived the previous day. Nearly cheating her of her revenge.

Danielle began shivering, her captor noticed, with concern. "She is too weak, my lady. The ride was hard in her condition. What room do you want her in?"

"Put her in the dungeon."

"The dungeon? You want me to put the Princess of France in the dungeon?" he couldn't believe she was serious.

Rodmilla walked over to them, "Danielle! Wake up, you lazy girl!" Rodmilla shook her. Georg backed up, slightly.

Danielle looked up at her captor with tear filled eyes, "Please do not leave me here with her. She will kill me," she whispered. Danielle broke down crying for the first time since he had seen her.

He looked at Rodmilla, "My lady, You mean to ransom them, not harm them, correct?" He was trying to comfort Danielle, for he truly believed that was the case. It had never occurred to him his employer might be mad enough to plan on killing the Princess and her sister. Surely, she was just worried about them escaping. She had paid them a fortune for the abduction. If she had wanted them dead, it would have been cheaper and simpler to hire someone to kill them. Abduction was much more complicated and, therefore, more expensive. He decided his Princess was simply overreacting. A ransom was the only thing that made any sense.

"What I do with them is not your concern. You are being paid to do a job, now take her to the dungeon."

"Yes, my lady," he said as he headed down to the dungeon with his burden.

Nicole was already there. She had arrived more than a full day earlier. "Danielle! Are you all right?" She was very concerned with her sister's weak appearance. "What did you do to her?" she demanded.

"Nothing, except ride here, it was hard on her," finding himself defending his actions. He walked over to the pallet and laid her down, reluctantly. He had to pry her hands loose. "Apparently, she is not as hardy a rider as you, my lady," he said as he left.

Henry had set up a headquarters for the search at the Château de la Roche-Guyon, between Paris and Dieppe. He had hundreds of soldiers out canvassing the towns for any information about Danielle, Nicole, Rodmilla or the mercenaries. They received hundreds of tips and reports of sightings; all of which had to be checked out. Everyone had heard of the abduction and wanted to help.

A day into the search, as they were preparing to ride out for the day, Pierre Le Pieu rode up to the château with several hundred men. He left his men outside of the courtyard and rode up to the Prince.

Henry looked at Le Pieu suspiciously. After all, he had been instrumental in Danielle's last abduction by her step-mother. "Le Pieu," he said coldly.

"Your Highness, I heard of the Princess' abduction. I was in Compiegne with two-hundred of my best soldiers for a tournament. I wish to offer our assistance in any way we can be of use," he motioned towards the men outside the gate, wondering if the Prince would accept his help. Help he most desperately wanted to give. Needed to give.

Henry briefly considered sending him away, but Le Pieu was a renowned soldier and brilliant military leader. His soldiers were among France's best. They would be valuable in his search for Danielle and Nicole. Their safety was paramount, not his feelings toward Le Pieu.

"Thank you; we can use your help."

They discussed what had been done so far and carefully planned how best to use the additional men provided by Le Pieu, united in objective.

Rodmilla went to see her captives. She would kill them both, eventually, but first she wanted to make Danielle lose everyone she loved.

"Good morning, I hope you are not enjoying your accommodations," she said to the two in the cell.

"Why are you doing this, Step-mother? All I ever wanted was for you to love me; to treat me as one of your daughters," Danielle said quietly.

"You had everything: money, people who loved you, a grand title, and you were only eight! My husband loved you more than me! It wasn't fair! You were not my daughter."

Danielle was surprised she had answered her at all. "I would have shared everything with you. If you had only treated me fairly, you could have lived like a Queen, step-mother. Don't you realize? I would have given you anything you wanted, had I realized it was within my power. I was just a little girl who needed a mother. I didn't do anything to you!"

"You were a filthy little ruffian, rolling around in the mud with the peasants! I needed the money to raise my girls properly. You were happy enough to be a helpful little servant. There wasn't enough money to raise you all like princesses."

"There wasn't enough money?" Danielle laughed bitterly. "I didn't care about the money. All I wanted was your love. You had my father's estate, but didn't you realize that my mother's estate was a thousand times richer? We could have lived in my château, with more money than some countries. If you hated me so, then why didn't you just send me to my family? I wouldn't have been a pebble in your shoe anymore," Danielle was so very tired: tired of fighting, tired of her step-mother's hatred. It drained her.

Rodmilla's eyes narrowed, "I hated you from the moment we met. The way your father doted on you was disgusting. Even his dying words were to you, instead of to me. They should have been for me!" She approached the bars with an evil smile, "I have a present for you, Danielle. From Prince Henry," she tossed a gold doublet she had stolen from the laundry through the bars. It had Henry's emblem embroidered on it and it was soaked with blood.

They looked at it in horror. Danielle swayed, "No! You are lying!"

Rodmilla smiled triumphantly. She had hurt Danielle and it felt good. "He is dead. My men had orders to kill him if they got the chance. He never even knew you were missing, so I shall have time to enjoy my revenge upon you, before they ever realize that you are missing. They are all quite distracted hunting down his killers. You stole my husband from me, now I have returned the favour," with that she swept away up the stairs.

Danielle went over and picked up the doublet. It was definitely Henry's. It even smelled like him. There were several holes in the doublet and the blood was still wet. Danielle fell to the floor clutching it and sobbing.

Nicole tried to comfort her, "Danielle, we don't know that 'tis Henry's. Remember, she lies as easily as she breathes," she held Danielle while she cried.

"It is Henry's," she sobbed. "She is going to kill us."

Nicole fell to her knees next to Danielle. They cried in each other's arms, thankful they had each other.

The next morning Rodmilla returned with two of the mercenaries. They unlocked the cell and dragged Danielle and Nicole out of the cell and upstairs to the battlements. They tried to get a sense of where they were, but nothing looked familiar. They were in a castle. There was a large river flowing near the castle. It appeared to supply the castle's moat.

"Well, well, Danielle, so you thought you had won, didn't you? Married to your Prince? I am going to kill everyone you love."

Danielle's eyes widened in terror, realizing she planned to kill Nicole. She put herself in front of Nicole, "If you hate me so, then kill me. Nicole is nothing to you!"

"I killed Prince Henry for daring to love you over Marguerite. Of course I will kill Nicole, because you are two halves of the same whole, Danielle."

"No! She has done nothing to you! The King will hunt you down to the ends of the earth for this!" she threatened.

"You, I will keep alive until your child is born. He is the heir to the throne, you know. The Dauphin," she pointed to Danielle's belly.

Danielle instinctively covered her abdomen, "You wouldn't! He needs to be born with official witnesses or his claim will not be recognized. Keeping him will do you no good." The pain at hearing her baby referred to by Henry's title cut to her heart. Henry was dead and now her baby would be the Dauphin, if they survived.

Rodmilla had no intention of letting Danielle live long enough to give birth, but enjoyed toying with her. "Then maybe I will just keep him. It would be amusing to have as my servant the true heir to the throne of France," she taunted. "You will probably die in childbirth, like your mother. If not, I will kill you myself. She gave Danielle a vicious look then took a dagger from her belt.

Danielle ran at Rodmilla in a rage, punching her in the face. Rodmilla screamed. The two mercenaries took hold of the girls. They were struggling, screaming and kicking. Nicole twisted away as the dagger came down at her, hitting her in the back. She screamed out in pain, fainting.

Danielle screamed. "NO! NO! NO!" she struggled wildly.

"Throw her into the moat. The river water will wash her body away," said Rodmilla, watching Danielle's reaction with delight. The mercenaries looked at one another, knowing their leader would be most displeased. This was supposed to be abduction for ransom, not murder. He was a man of some honor- a peculiar, rough honor. If she had truly killed the Prince, as she had claimed, they would have the whole French army descending upon them.

Danielle heard a loud splash as Nicole's body hit the water below. Danielle closed her eyes, attempting to block out the images of Nicole being murdered.

Rodmilla walked up to Danielle and wiped her knife off on the white ruffle of Danielle's riding dress. Danielle didn't flinch; she wished her step-mother would kill her now. What was she waiting for? "Take her back to the dungeon." Danielle felt empty inside. Half dead with Nicole gone. Henry gone.

In Pursuit of Ever After

A Ever After Story
by Funkypurplerhino

Part 27 of 35

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