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Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 20 of 55

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Adora watched her brother as they continued to make their way to Eternos. The farther along they went, the more his shoulders began to slump.

"It's not going to be that bad, brother," she said in an attempt to ease the anxiety he was obviously feeling.

Adam took a deep, relaxing breath and forced himself to smile. "I just don't know, Adora," he said softly. "Father might be angry that I decided to go to Etheria instead of working things out right away. He didn't want me to go."

"Well, it isn't like you stayed gone all that long, not even a day!" she reasoned. "You changed your mind, so that should count for something in his mind."

Adam turned his head to look at his sister. "One day you'll come to realize that when it comes to Father, he's got a mind of his own and he doesn't always do what you expect. In a lot of ways, that's why he's such a great king, but in other ways, it makes him…difficult."

Adora genuinely smiled and said brightly, "That reminds me of someone else I know. I wonder who." She moved closer to her brother and gave his side a push with her elbow.

Adam immediately grinned and replied, "I have no idea who you're talking about. I'm an open book." He winked at her quickly and Adora immediately laughed.

"Now, that's the brother I know!" she exclaimed happily. She wrapped her arm around his and leaned on him as they continued to walk. "I was truly beginning to worry if I wouldn't see him on this trip."

Adam, trying to stay in his good mood, acknowledged, "I know I haven't been myself recently, but things are just so much better when you're here, sis."

"Why is that?" she asked truly wanting to know.

Adam shrugged. "It's simple, really—I don't have to pretend with you."

"True, but what about Duncan, Cringer, the Sorceress, and Orko? You don't have to pretend around them," she stated.

Adam stopped as he considered the individuals she named. "It's different somehow," he decided. "I mean, aside from Cringer, they really have no idea what we truly go through. And, even Cringer doesn't have to deal with it to the extent that I do. He doesn't have anyone he must answer to…well, besides me, I suppose."

Adora leaned her head on her brother's arm and said, "I must admit you're alone on that, brother."


Now, Adora shrugged. "I don't answer to anyone on Etheria. I'm the leader of the Great Rebellion, and when She-Ra shows up, she takes that position," she reasoned. "The only person I really answered to on that planet was Hordak, and of course, that was when I was a member of the Horde."

Adam thought about this for a moment and pulled away from Adora's grasp. He went to a nearby fallen tree and sat down on the log. He stared at his sister and asked, "Was Hordak a good father to you?"

Adora immediately gasped.

Adam stuck up his hand and shook his head to calm her. "I know given hindsight he seems like a monster, and he is: he stole you away from us, your family. But, was he good to you? Did he treat you like his daughter? I'm sorry I never asked before, and I don't know what's making me ask now, but…" He shrugged again.

Adora joined him on the log as she contemplated what she was going to say. She knew he was asking for a reason even if he didn't know exactly why himself. Regardless, she knew she had to be honest: "For the most part, he was very good to me. He didn't raise me to be evil. I suppose he wanted to make sure he didn't stop whatever special destiny he heard I was going to have." She paused again and met her brother's gaze. With a smile, she added, "Of course, we can't give Hordak all the credit for my turning out well. My caregiver Chakra had a lot to do with it, and of course, Shadow Weaver."

"Shadow Weaver?" asked Adam with wide eyes. He was clearly shocked.

Adora stood and turned to face her brother. "Chakra and Shadow Weaver were like mothers to me. Of course, Shadow Weaver's spells made me ignorant to the evil going on around me. You know that better than anyone…Hordak and Shadow Weaver were kind, but like I said, it was mainly because they wanted to use me."

Adam looked away from Adora and stared into the distance. "I don't know, sis. Despite the reasons for Hordak taking you, I think a certain amount of feelings would develop between the two of you. Because he was kind, because he was able to be kind, doesn't that imply that he…had some fatherly feelings toward you?"

Adora stepped into her brother's line of vision. She bent down in front of him and rested a hesitant hand on his knee. "Maybe," she answered, "but that doesn't change the fact that he kidnapped me. He took me from you, Mother, and Father. That's not the actions of a nice guy who genuinely loves me. He could have told me the truth at any time and let me return to Eternia. He didn't. Anyway, why are you asking me all of this?"

Adam shrugged again. "I don't know," he whispered, shaking his head slowly. "I just…I suppose I just want to know why things are so much easier for you. We share a similar secret and yet you seem to handle it so much better than me, and I've been doing this a lot longer."

"Adam!" admonished Adora. "You are being much too hard on yourself! It may seem like I handle things so much better than you, but the truth is I don't have the same pressures you do. I don't have parents watching my every move, and I don't have to worry about one day ruling Eternia. I have a feeling that if I were in your shoes, I would have broken down a long time ago."

Adam stared at Adora unbelievingly so she added, "Believe me, brother: you are my inspiration. You teach me every time I see you what a hero should be. You are my hero, after all!"

Adam immediately looked down feeling slightly embarrassed, but Adora reached under his chin and forced him to look at her again. "It's true," she reiterated. "And, things may be hard for you right now, but I have no doubt that you will find a way to make it work. You always do, Adam. You always persevere." As Adam nodded, she also added, "And, as long as these questions weren't asked to compare our father to Hordak, I think we need to get going. I'd like to be there before dinner."

At Adora's words, Adam immediately avoided her gaze, jumped up, and said, "Then, let's go." Without giving Adora the opportunity to respond to his actions, he grabbed her hand and tugged her along quickly.


Queen Marlena stood in Adam's room staring at the large painting he had on the wall near his bookcase: it was a picture of her, Adam, Adora, and Randor. Adam and Adora were sitting in chairs beside one another while Randor stood behind Adam and she stood behind Adora. Randor's right hand firmly clutched Adam's right shoulder, and she couldn't help but smile at the sight. Randor had insisted on placing his hand there despite the painter's wishes to the contrary. Randor believed the gesture would make a statement, a statement that he never really shared with her.

"I remember the day that was painted," a voice said from the doorway.

Marlena, who was slightly startled, jumped and immediately turned towards the voice.

King Randor walked into the room and shut the door. "I was unaware Adam had a duplicate of the painting. I thought the only one hung in the entrance to the throne room," he said.

"So did I," she whispered.

"So, what are you doing in here, my dear?" Randor asked after several seconds of staring at the painting.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I guess I wanted to feel close to Adam. This is the only place I could think of to go."

Randor nodded. "I had the same desire and idea. I just wish I could go to Etheria and bring the boy home. That's what I truly want to do."

Marlena nodded but stated firmly, "He'll resent that, Randor. He already feels like you are trying to smother him recently. Chasing after him and forcing him to come home is not going to help matters at all."

Randor groaned loudly and said, "I know! I know! That's why I'm still here. I just hate not being able to do anything to get him back!"

"I know," acknowledged Marlena.

They grew silent again and after a minute more of staring at the painting, Marlena suddenly asked, "Why did you insist on placing your hand on Adam's shoulder in the painting?"

Randor smiled at his wife before slipping his arm around her waist and pulling her close to his side. "I was making a statement to our people," he answered.

That was the answer she expected. "And, what statement was that?"

Randor chuckled slightly and said, "That's right—you weren't raised in the court. I'm sorry, my queen. Sometimes I forget that. Placing my hand on his shoulder shows everyone that Adam has my full support. It tells our citizens, as well as our enemies, that he is my 'protégé.' It shows my confidence in him as a person and as the future ruler of Eternia. It shows my approval, my acceptance…and my love."

Marlena gasped in awe at Randor's words. If only Adam had heard the small speech. "For such a simple gesture, it means a great deal," she whispered.

"That it does," he agreed and stared at Adam in the portrait.

Marlena grew silent and eventually her eyes drifted to the corner of the painting. "This is really a work of Adam's!" she exclaimed.

"What?" asked Randor.

She pointed to the corner where Adam's name was clearly visible. She looked at the picture as a whole again and smiled. "I don't know why I didn't notice the differences before! This painting has us in my sitting room whereas the original has us in the Great Hall. And, I must admit we also look a lot happier in this painting. The other was more…stern."

"Well, it was a family portrait for the people moreso than it was for us," agreed Randor.

He stared at the painting again, taking in the differences he hadn't noticed before and then added, "Clearly Adam wanted one of us as we truly are." His voice broke. "Or rather, 'as we truly were.'"


Adam and Adora walked toward the main entrance of the city, and as soon as they reached the doors, a guard yelled from a nearby watch tower, "Halt! Who goes there? State your business!"

Adora and Adam watched as the guard stepped out of the tiny building. When the guard finally got a good look at the two visitors, he sputtered, "Pr-Prince Adam! Princess Adora! Forgive me! I wasn't paying attention to who you were!"

Adam grinned and waved at him. "That's okay, Deidro. Open the gates, please!"

"Yes, sir!" he exclaimed. He stepped back in the building and punched the button to open the doors. Then, he quickly climbed the ladder to the wall's top and yelled loudly, "THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS HAVE RETURNED!"

As Adam and Adora stepped into the enclosed walls of Eternos, they heard the guard's words being echoed throughout the many buildings and by the many people walking around. Adam knew within the minute, everyone would be aware of their presence.

He glanced at Adora who looked fairly surprised. "Come on," he whispered, taking her arm, wrapping it around his, and starting to lead her towards the palace. "Mother and Father know we're here now, so we might as well get this over with."

Shortly thereafter, Adam and Adora walked into the throne room and were shocked to find it empty. "Where is everyone?" asked Adam, looking at a chronometer on the far wall. "Usually Father is in here until dinner time unless something urgent happens."

"Well, we did have that battle earlier," offered Adora.

Adam looked around the room worriedly and replied, "No, the debris from that was clear." He was about to suggest that they find Man-at-Arms to question him when suddenly the doors slammed open loudly. The sound made Adam and Adora jump. Standing in the doorway was King Randor with Queen Marlena close behind.

The royal couple took one look at the room's occupants and grinned. "Adora!" exclaimed Randor and Marlena. Immediately, the king and queen ran and threw their arms around their daughter. Randor then added, "Oh, how I have missed you!"

Adam watched the proceedings with a sad smile. His father was obviously thrilled to see Adora. No one else had the power to make his father speak so animatedly. In those moments with Adora, it seemed like no one else existed to the king. But, of course, he couldn't really blame him.

Suddenly feeling the need to give his parents and Adora some time and space with one another, he turned to leave the room. As he approached the door to make his escape, he noticed that his mother had pulled away from the reunion and was watching and approaching him. He quickly gave her a small wave and forced himself to smile at her as he stepped into the corridor and closed the door behind him. Hopefully, that would be enough to convince her that he was okay. He had seen her expression and knew she had been coming over to console him…he didn't want to deal with that or her questions right now, especially with Adora tied up with their father.

Feeling the need for a hideaway for at least a little while, he asked himself silently, "Where do I go?"

Soon Adam found himself walking into the Royal Library without any real conscious thought on his location. When he had been upset as a child, he always found himself there reading more often than not, and despite that he was now grown, it was still as good a place as any to spend the day, or at least what was left of it. Besides, the library would be the last place his father would look for the feckless Prince Adam he believed his son to be…if he even had the notion to look for him now that Adora was back on Eternia. Adam sighed as he admitted to himself that he still didn't want to face to the king, yet. Adora would be furious.

He grimaced as he shut the library's door and set about finding a book to take his mind off of things for as long as he could.


Queen Marlena sighed as she watched the door close softly. She wished she knew what was going on in the mind of that son of hers. She had seen his expression as he left the room—it was one of determination and profound sadness in spite of his forced smile. She had no doubt that his determination to leave the room was caused by that sadness, but what had caused the emotion this time? Adam had returned and brought Adora with him. He obviously wanted to work things out, and Adora was here to help. Why else would he return to Eternia so quickly after being so adamant about leaving? Why did Adam leave the room during such a joyous reunion?

Marlena closed her eyes as she contemplated her child's actions, but she soon realized his reasons didn't really matter at that point. The only thing that did matter was his presence.

She quickly swept from the room, determined to bring Adam back before Adora and Randor realized they were gone. Of course, the question was "Where did Adam go?"

The queen stood outside the throne room thinking about all of the places her son would possibly go. His bedchambers would be out of the question. So much had taken place there that he knew he wouldn't be left alone there. He wouldn't go to Man-at-Arm's workshop for the same reason. While he might be willing to talk with Duncan, he risked the possibility of running into Teela, and she highly doubted he would want to talk with her right now despite their accord before he went to Etheria.

No, Adam was somewhere else. The EvergreenForest? No, that location helped cause a lot of problems. The same could be said about Castle Grayskull. Orko's room? It was possible, but again, she doubted her son would want to talk to even Orko. The jester would surely want to comfort him and offer support. No, he would want to be some place where he could be alone, where it was quiet and hard to be noticed. Somewhere like…like…the Royal Library.

Happy that she now had deduced a place to look, she headed down the hall like a woman on a mission. All of the palace staff, who would normally take the time to speak to the queen and greet her, stayed silent and cleared the way. They could tell something was going on with their queen and knew considering recent rumors that it was best to stay clear of the entire royal family until things settled down.


Adam selected a book of fairytales his mother had written when he was a baby. She claimed that the works weren't hers and that the words weren't entirely accurate since she was retelling them from memory, but she had written it anyway. She had told him several times in the past that she felt the need to share what little she could of Earth with him. After all, Earthlings were just as much his people as Eternians. She had explained that Earthlings often read fairytales to their children; it was a way for parents and their children to bond…

His mother had been the only one to read to him when he was a child. His father had always been too busy at court.

He flipped to the first story and smiled ironically at the title: "Hansel and Gretel." It was a story about a brother and sister being purposely abandoned by their parents, and as if that wasn't enough, they had to fight a cannibalistic witch.

Adam found that he couldn't bring himself to read it. He couldn't read about this evil woman wanting to leave these small children in the woods, and he especially couldn't read about the father who eventually agreed to do this to his own children. Besides, he knew the story and the ending well. The children found their way back home to discover that their stepmother had died inexplicably, and the children and their father lived happily ever after.

In Adam's opinion, the father didn't deserve a happy ending.

Adam grinned to himself with ill-humor at the thought of writing a sequel. Allow Hansel and Gretel to grow up and think about their father's actions. What would they think of him then? Would they really still live "happily ever after"? He thought not. That wouldn't be the way he would write it. Of course, he knew he wouldn't write it at all. Why would he want to saddle someone else with the woes of dealing with his or her parents' wrongdoings even if it was only a fairytale? Let them have their happy ending.

Adam flipped to the next story: "Little Red Riding Hood." Just as Adam settled down at a table to read in the back of the room, he heard the library door open. He couldn't see who it was since his table was behind several large bookshelves, but he hoped it was someone who would grab a book quickly and leave. It was probably a bored guard, anyway.

Adam read several paragraphs and ignored the few sounds he heard from a bookshelf behind him. It wasn't until he felt two hands rest on his shoulders that he realized the intruder wasn't here to get a book at all. He or she wanted him.

He turned around and sighed as he met his mother's gaze. "Hello, Mother," he said, softly, and turned back toward the book and tried to start reading again.

Marlena didn't return the greeting. She knew she would have to get him to warm to her before she asked him what she really wanted to know. Instead, she sat down in a nearby chair around the corner of the table from where he was sitting, scooted closer, and reached over to brush his bangs into place with her fingers.

Adam raised his head again and gave her a questioning look. He knew it would be impossible to ignore her. She obviously wanted his attention, and he realized he might as well talk to her and try to forgive and forget. It was the only way any of them were going to move on. Besides, he found it easier to forgive and talk to his mother than his father. That had always been the case. "Yes?" he asked.

His mother looked at the book in his hands and smiled. "I haven't seen you with that book in years," she whispered, fondly.

Adam shrugged, relieved to discuss anything besides recent events. "I just wanted to lose myself for a little while, and this seemed like a good thing to immerse myself in."

The queen nodded and replied, "Yes, fairytales certainly have a way of drawing you in and making you forget about the mundane things in life. Of course, when it comes to the fairytales from Earth, Eternia, for all its fantastical elements, seems to be their setting sometimes. The stories might not be all that otherworldly to you, unfortunately, so it might be a little harder to lose yourself in them."

Adam raised his eyebrow as he thought about his earlier thoughts on "Hansel and Gretel" and then what the Sorceress had told him that very day about his parents' past. "Mother, do you ever think about going back to Earth?" he asked suddenly.

Marlena gasped at her son and asked flabbergasted, "Why would you ask that?"

He took a deep breath and explained, "I was just wondering if you miss it a great deal. You told me once that I would find it very boring because there are no talking green tigers and magic, but sometimes I think I would like a little 'mundaneness.' You have experienced that life, so I naturally wondered if you miss it from time to time and want to go back."

It was a hard question to answer, and she could see that Adam wanted an answer. "Sometimes I do miss it," she admitted. She looked into her son's eyes, and when she saw no alarm or worry, she continued. "I sometimes miss the family I left behind. And, yes, in many ways, things were a lot simpler on Earth…but that's not always true. It depends on the situation. Believe it or not, things move a lot faster on Earth. People are always in a rush there to do the next thing, whatever that happens to be. And, don't let all the Earthlings you've met fool you—we're not all friendly. Earth has its troubles, as well."

"There's no Skeletor," replied Adam.

Marlena nodded. "You're right, but there are other Earthlings who are capable of causing just as much destruction as Skeletor. Every world probably has its share of people like that." Marlena fell quiet for a few seconds and then asked, "Why are you asking me this all of a sudden, Adam?"

He shrugged. "I told you, I just wondered."

"Yes, but what made you wonder?"

He glanced down at the book, picked it up, and waved it at her. "I have Earth to thank for a lot of wonderful childhood memories with you, and I've never even been there," he answered. "Sometimes I think about going."

"Going?" she asked, concernedly. "Going where?"

"Earth," he answered. "That planet is part of who I am, too, is it not? And, sometimes when I find myself wanting to get away from everything and everyone here, I wish I could go there and meet my grandparents and cousins who probably don't even know I exist." Adam seemed to look off into the distance and mumbled, "It would be nice to go to a place and feel like I belong. It's been so long since I truly felt that way on Eternia. Sometimes I wonder if I'd find that feeling on Earth."

Marlena immediately got up and wrapped her arms around her son. She pulled his head to her chest and allowed him to rest it there as he also wrapped his arms around her. "You belong here, my son. This is where you truly belong. You're He-Man, after all," she replied.

Adam huffed. "He-Man? Everything always goes back to him, doesn't it?"

Marlena held him tighter and replied, "But he's not the only reason, Adam. You belong here because this is your home. We love you and we wouldn't want you to leave us. Surely, you know that."

Adam nodded.

"And, besides," she added with a grin, "you are to be King of Eternia one day. You surely couldn't do that from Earth."

As Marlena and Adam smiled at one another, a loud voice boomed, "EARTH? Who said ANYTHING about Adam going to EARTH? I FORBID IT!"

Adam and Marlena quickly turned to see a red-faced Randor and a very shocked Adora.

The queen quickly answered, "No one mentioned anything about Adam actually going to Earth!"

"Well, someone must have said something," he yelled, "and it's NOT going to happen!"

Just as Adam opened his mouth to respond, he touched his forehead as he felt the Sorceress contact him.

"Prince Adam! It's Skeletor! He's attacking Castle Grayskull once more and I can't hold him off for much longer!"

"I'm on my way, Sorceress!" replied Adam telepathically as he looked at Adora who was already looking at him with a look of concern. He wondered if the Sorceress had spoken to her, too.

He quickly looked at his father who was still raging about no one being allowed to go to Earth, whether it was Adam, Marlena, or Adora. He knew in that instant that his father was on a roll and no one would be able to get him to listen until he calmed down. Unfortunately, he didn't have the time to wait.

He shook his head and yelled to whoever could hear him over his father's protestations, "I have to go!"

As he ran from the room, King Randor was hot on his heels. "You're not going anywhere!" he bellowed, chasing after him with Adora and Queen Marlena following, as well.

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 20 of 55

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