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Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 35 of 55

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Last week she wouldn’t have thought him capable of this. Last week she wouldn’t have even thought he would want to. And now, all she could do was stare at him in awe. Adam was finally showing who he really was: the Prince of Eternia. And, it was a remarkable thing to behold. The man she saw before her was certainly more regal than the Adam she had known over the past several years. The man before her had an air of confidence that was almost visible to everyone in the room. Everyone was riveted to the proceedings in a way that King Randor had never accomplished. She knew, though, that it was because this had been so unexpected. No one foresaw Adam taking charge today, but it looked so effortless. It looked like he belonged there…and of course, he did.

Teela listened as Adam spoke to commoners and nobility alike. He was making edicts and providing solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable to the people before him. She wondered how King Randor would react when he finally showed up and realized Adam had made several decrees without him. She hoped he would be proud—Adam deserved that.

As the captain continued to watch the prince, her mind drifted to thoughts of that very morning. This time Adam had kissed her, not only once but several times. And, he had asked if “this” was what they wanted and she had said yes…but what did that mean really? Were they now a couple and courting?

Teela inhaled deeply at the thought. Courting the crown prince was more than a little intimidating. She knew all eyes would be on them as soon as word got out. And, of course, the inevitable gossip would occur. The courtiers would spurn her because she wasn’t really nobility—she was the help in their eyes as Adam’s cousin Lady Edwina had made so very clear on her last visit to Eternos. She was banished from the kingdom because of her actions that day, but the rest of them were exactly like her.

She glanced at the courtiers to the left of her and immediately glared at them with furrowed brows. They were watching Adam like a cat watched a bird—they wanted him. They kept their eyes glued to him and flipped their hair every time it seemed like Adam might turn in their direction. “Too bad for them his gaze never goes past me,” she thought cattily before she gasped at herself. She realized she might be getting far too possessive already, but then she thought, “Well, I am still his bodyguard so it’s my duty to be protective, especially when the threats come from man-eating harpies.”

At that thought, Teela grinned at herself amusedly and turned her attention back to Adam who was looking directly at her with a questioning expression. She shook her head once and mouthed, “Later.” Adam gave a curt nod and called the next speaker.


The floor was cold, dirty, and crawling with vermin and King Randor awoke with his face planted firmly on it. With a groan of pain and a spasm in his back, the king forced himself to sit up so he could see his surroundings. He then knew without contemplation that he was in Snake Mountain’s dungeon. He looked around to see if he could find a way out but nothing readily stood out to him. He sighed in frustration because he knew he couldn’t rely on Duncan, the Sorceress, or He-Man to get him out—they didn’t even know he was missing! He knew they thought he was somewhere in the palace, feeling angry or distraught about everyone knowing Adam’s secret but him. He realized at that moment he had truly put himself in a tight spot. “I have to stop doing that,” he thought as he looked around the cell again.

He wondered where they had kept Adam when they had kidnapped him. Was it a place just like the one he was in now? The thought made him angry, especially when he remembered Adam’s appearance when he had returned: his clothes were dirty, disheveled, and torn. Also, his belt had been missing. Whatever the conditions were, he realized they hadn’t been good.

As thoughts of hatred churned in the king’s mind, Skeletor walked into the cell and startled Randor. Almost instantly, he was on his feet, wary of being on the ground when his enemy was in the room with him.

“Let me go, Skeletor,” demanded Randor calmly. He wouldn’t let Skeletor see any weakness when they spoke. He tried to project an air of certainty that he would get out of this.

Skeletor surprised the king by stating excitedly, “Maybe when the time comes, I will, King Randor!”

“What do you mean?”

Skeletor chuckled merrily and replied, “I have sent a message to Prince Adam that I will release you if he agrees to be my prisoner. I have a feeling he will accept.”

“No!” shouted Randor, balling up his fist threateningly at his sides. “I swear, villain, if you touch one hair on that boy’s head, you will regret it!”

Skeletor stepped closer to Randor—the closest they had ever been in their lives—and said, “We’ll just have to see about that.”

Immediately, Randor pushed Skeletor away from him forcefully; he wouldn’t try his luck by hitting him at this time. The king knew that wouldn’t be wise considering the circumstances, but he had to show the scoundrel he wasn’t afraid of him.

Unfortunately for the king, Skeletor didn’t take too kindly to being pushed either, so the villain immediately held up his hand, which glowed brightly, and Randor found himself flying backwards into the wall. Afterward, he fell forward and crashed onto the ground. Skeletor then stood directly in front of his prisoner, looking down as the king glanced up at him bitterly, and said, “But I think I’ll keep you both so you can see exactly what we have in store for your son.”

Before Randor could get up to run at him, Skeletor walked out of the cell and locked it again. With a laugh, he left as the king took his crown off and ran a hand through his hair nervously.


Sitting on the throne for hours listening to people complain made Adam admire and respect his father a whole lot more. Even though most of the time when his father held court Adam was in the room, unless he was on a mission with Duncan—and he had to admit that was a lot of the time, as well—being on the throne was nothing like watching it from below.

Normally when he watched his father, he could find ways to amuse himself when he was bored or find ways to cheer himself up when something depressing came up. After all, he usually had a number of people beside him that he could talk to. He could whisper and make comments, jokes, or whatever was needed. But he couldn’t do that when he was on the throne. Everyone’s attention was on him—he was the one being spoken to so he couldn’t disengage. The public would feel it insurmountably. They would begin to think the king—or in this case, the prince—didn’t care or that their problems weren’t worth his time. Because of that, there was no downtime until everyone had been heard, and then it would be time to relax.

So, Adam remained seated the entire time and gave everyone his upmost attention until everyone had the opportunity to speak. Sighing as the final person walked away, Adam looked to his mother and said, “Thank the Ancients.”

As Marlena nodded, commotion was heard at the entrance of the throne room. Suddenly, Orko flew quickly from a crowd with parchment in his hands, saying frantically, “Adam! Adam!”

Immediately, the prince rushed down the throne and once his mother, Cringer, Adora, Teela, and Man-at-Arms were at his side, he asked, “What’s wrong, Orko?”

“We just received a letter from Skeletor. He has King Randor!”

Everyone struggled for breath at that moment—it was like the oxygen had been taken from the room—except for Cringer who quickly dropped to the floor to cover his eyes with his massive paws and shook frantically. Adam took the message from Orko and read it quickly.

“Adam?” questioned Marlena fearfully.

“He wants to trade: Father for me,” he whispered.

Immediately, Marlena, Teela, and Adora shook their heads. His sister grabbed his hand and said, “He-Man and She-Ra can get Father back.”

Adam closed his eyes tightly and he almost seemed angry for a moment, but when he opened them, they looked calm and determined. “He said if he saw He-Man or She-Ra, he would dispose of Father immediately. I don’t know what that means—I don’t even want to contemplate what that means—but I know he means it. We can’t take the risk, Adora. We have to comply with Skeletor’s wishes, at least for now.”

“Adam, no,” stated Marlena firmly. “I know Randor wouldn’t want this. We’ll find another way.”

Adam shook his head again and argued, “I can handle Skeletor far better than Father can. It’ll be easier for me to find a way to escape. I have to get him back, Mother. I’m not willing to lose him.”

Marlena closed the distance between Adam and herself and hugged him desperately. “Why is this happening?” she questioned. “Skeletor has never been so persistent before. He has a new scheme every day now, it seems!”

Adam pulled back a little and whispered, “I guess now you can see why I’ve been so tired and a little moody recently. This has been going on for far longer than you know.”

Marlena and Adora gasped at Adam’s words. Adora knew her brother had complained about being busy with Skeletor day after day, but experiencing it firsthand made her understand the extent of what her brother had been through recently. “Oh, Adam, why didn’t you call for help?” she cried and threw her arms around her brother tightly.

“Ah, sis, let’s not get back on this again. I’ve already let you kick my butt once for not asking,” he joked, trying to lighten the mood.

He failed miserably. “I believe that was Skeletor and Beastman,” she whispered, as her voice caught sharply.

Adam immediately wrapped an arm around Adora and his mother and held them tightly. He let his eyes fall on Teela and he could tell she was worried, as well. “I’ll be okay,” he said, looking straight at her.

The Captain of the Guard stepped forward and paid no heed to the courtiers that were watching, or the fact that he had family members on each side of him. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. It was soft and brief but enough to comfort each other. “You better be,” she whispered. “The mission is to go in, get your father, and get out. Do that and get yourself back to the palace as quickly as possible. Do you understand me, Adam?”

Adam smiled softly as Teela spoke to him as though he were her soldier. He never thought she would think him capable enough to do anything that would require her to use such words and voice. Even though she knew differently now, he had a suspicion that her pretense as Captain of the Guard at this moment was so she could put a positive face forward and not show him her true feelings. He knew what they were, though. He could see it in her eyes—she didn’t like this and she didn’t want him to go.

“Yes, I do,” he whispered back. “I’ll be back as quickly as I can.”

He then looked back over at Adora and said insistently, “And, you have to stay here, Adora. You, too, Cringer.” When his sister started to complain, he interrupted her by saying sharply, “It’s not negotiable! He didn’t ask for you, and I need you here in case something does happen.”

At Teela’s and Marlena’s sharp intake of breath, he looked at them and insisted, “I will be okay. This is ‘just-in-case measure.’ I need Adora here. It’s safer this way for the time being.” He looked back down at his sister and whispered, “You know I’ll contact you if I need you. I know you’ll be able to feel it, anyway.”

Adora nodded and held onto her brother tightly again. Finally, after comforting the most important women in his life, his eyes drifted to Man-at-Arms. His mentor stepped forward and said, “Let’s go over some strategies before you go. I don’t want you walking into Snake Mountain without any plans in mind.”


The talk hadn’t been as long as Adam had expected. Man-at-Arms had been rather insistent that Adam not bring out the Power Sword until he could change. It was imperative for Skeletor to not know he had it. Adam agreed. If things got heated, he’d have to find a different weapon. He hoped it didn’t come down to that, though. He hoped Skeletor wouldn’t back out —which was entirely possible—and be a man of his word. He wanted it to be an easy trade: he would surrender, his father would be let go, he would be placed in a prison cell, he’d turn into He-Man, and he’d break his way out of Snake Mountain. It seemed so simple…and that was the problem, it seemed a little too simple. He knew there was no way Skeletor could head off their plans—he didn’t know he was He-Man after all, but he just had a feeling that Skeletor was going to give a little more than they were used to. After all, they wanted Prince Adam and that in and of itself was out of the ordinary. Why the sudden obsession? Was it really his fight with Beastman that spawned such attention? A thought crossed his mind that they might know he was He-Man but he quickly dismissed the idea. Things would already be a lot worse if they did know.

Adam walked outside and made his way over to one of the Windraiders. He decided this was the best way to get there. After all, it would be the easiest and fastest way for his father to get back to the palace. He didn’t want him walking such a long distance without protection. Besides, he currently wanted to get to Snake Mountain quickly so he could get this over with.

Just as the prince selected a Windraider and walked around it to get behind the controls, a body suddenly collided with his and pushed him against the nearby wall. “Teela!” gasped Adam, startled. But there was no time for any other words because Teela’s lips quickly met his.

They kissed for several long moments, simply holding the other around the waist so they could be close and moving their lips against each other softly to savor the experience. When they finally stopped for breath, Teela looked up into his eyes and whispered, “It’s not fair.”

“What isn’t?”

“Everything,” she answered. “You’ve been through so much already: you’ve had to deal with your secret which has caused you so much trouble for the last two years. Your father and I thought you were a coward and a sloth, and that was the furthest from the truth. And, just as I find out your secret and you and your father start getting along again, this happens. It isn’t fair.”

Adam pulled Teela to him and held her tightly as she rested her head against his shoulder. “Life isn’t fair,” he replied. “But a lot of good has come out of all of this. Eternia is a lot safer than it would have been otherwise. Maybe Father and I will build a stronger relationship than we’ve ever had before—only time will tell with that one.” Adam suddenly pulled back and raised his hand under Teela’s chin to get her to look at him. “But there’s one thing I know for certain: we wouldn’t be here like this now if it had been any other way.”

Teela sighed and said, “We might have remained as close as we were when we were kids, and we might not have had such a rift between us.”

“That may be true, but I think the hardships have brought us closer together. We can truly appreciate each other for who the other is and for what we have endured. We wouldn’t have had that opportunity otherwise. We have seen each other in all circumstances: when we were happy, sad, concerned, angry, violent, and calm. If I had been a mere prince, I don’t think I would have travelled along with you on so many adventures to save Eternia and Castle Grayskull. It wouldn’t have been allowed and I would have been much more of a hindrance to you if I had tried. I might have gotten you or myself killed because I wouldn’t have had to hide behind a careless and lazy prince persona. And, don’t say you wouldn’t have been distracted if you had known I had been there all those times when you fought in battle. In the back of your mind, I know you would have been thinking about protecting me…and it wouldn’t have worked. But because of my secret, even though you didn’t know at the time, we now know we are the best partners on the entire planet. There is no one I’d rather have at my side on the worst days, and I hope you feel the same way about me.”

“I do,” whispered Teela as tears rolled down her cheeks. Suddenly Teela stepped back and wiped away her tears hurriedly. “I’m sorry, Adam. I don’t know why I’m crying and turning into this huge pile of squishy mess. I just…”

Adam took her hand and said, “You don’t have to explain. I know.” He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it softly as he gazed into her eyes. “You wish I didn’t have to go or you wish you could go with me, and it’s killing you that neither is possible right now. All I can say to comfort you, Teela, is that I will come back. It might not be along with my father, but I will try my best to find a way out of Snake Mountain and return to you.”

“Return to me,” she repeated with an upturn of her lips.

“Yes,” he said with a chuckle. “It seems so surreal that I’m able to say that to you now. I was seriously starting to think that I had better start looking for the future Princess of Eternia elsewhere. I thought you’d never be able to see past my façade.”

Teela immediately frowned and stated firmly, “I wouldn’t have let you.”

“Wouldn’t have let me what?” asked Adam with a smile, already knowing where she was going, but he wanted to hear her say it.

“I wouldn’t have let you marry one of those awful courtiers.”

“And, how would you have stopped me?”

“The same way I’m stopping you now,” she said as she leaned up and kissed him again. This time the kiss showed the passion they felt for one another: they pressed their lips against the other almost desperately as Teela’s hands raked through Adam’s hair and held him to her as he lifted his hands into her hair and pulled the restraints out of her hair. When it came falling down, Adam pulled back and looked at her.

“I haven’t seen you this way in years,” he whispered. “I missed it.” He then leaned forward and gave her a kiss that took her breath away. Adam held nothing back as he moved his lips against hers, smoothing her lips with his tongue and then nibbling on it gently. Her gasp was just what he needed to explore her farther and he pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss.

But all too soon, the moment was over and Adam knew he had to end the moment. He stepped back and reached up to hold her shoulders. “I have to go now,” he explained regretfully. At Teela’s look of dismay, he gave her a look of confidence and said, “I’m going to need you to put on your Captain of the Guard persona and be strong for your father and my mother…and you might need to keep my sister in line and stop her from following.”

Teela immediately straightened her posture at Adam’s words and blew a deep breath out of her lungs to calm herself and to rid her face of all emotion. “I won’t let you down, Adam,” she stated as an officer might to his or her commanding officer, which in this situation was actually the case.

He smiled at her again and said, “I know you won’t, and I won’t let you down.”

At Teela’s quick nod, Adam pulled away and got into the Windraider. “Tell Mother and Adora I’m sorry I didn’t stop inside to say good-bye. I thought it would be easier this way,” he said after he started the machine.

Soon he was gone, and Teela stared into the distance until she could no longer discern anything in the sky.


It wasn’t often that Adam found himself traveling to Snake Mountain alone and as himself, not He-Man. He found the experience a little daunting but not enough to keep him from doing what was right and rescuing his father. As the lightning crackled through the air as he entered the Dark Hemisphere, he thought about all the possible scenarios that could happen. Despite the brave front he had put on for everyone at the palace, he knew the situation was dire and that he might even die. That’s why he wanted Adora at the palace. She would have followed him even into death, he knew, and he needed her safe and where their parents, Teela, and Duncan could stop her from doing something rash…and she would be heir to the throne. Yes, there was still Etheria to be concerned with but they would find a way…if he died. And, he truly hoped he wouldn’t but he knew the possibility was there. But he’d try to make sure that didn’t happen. He had too much to live for now: his relationship with his father was mending (if the king could accept why everyone knew his secret and he didn’t) and the love of his life at the very least liked him romantically. He didn’t know how far her feelings went, but if their last meeting together at the palace told him anything, it was that she felt strongly for him even if it wasn’t love yet.

He wanted to explore what they could have to the fullest, but he quickly turned his thoughts away from Teela. He needed to be focused and the sight of Snake Mountain brought everything into perspective. The first thing he had to do was to get inside and make sure they set his father free. After that, he’d do as he promised Teela—he’d find his way back to her.

And, at that moment it seemed like Skeletor was helping his aims because suddenly the Windraider shook and the controls were no longer working properly. He was being pulled toward Snake Mountain and onto Skeletor’s launch pad. Meeting him there was Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw, and Beastman. He didn’t say anything in response. He merely got out of the ship and looked around.

Finally, he asked, “Where’s my father?”

“Inside,” answered Skeletor. “We wanted to make sure there were no surprises from He-Man.”

“There isn’t, so release him.”

“Once we get you inside.”

Adam didn’t like this; he had a horrible feeling, but he knew he had no choice. He willingly followed Skeletor inside as the rest of his crew followed him. He knew it was so they could capture him quickly. He closed his eyes briefly and breathed deeply to prepare himself for that moment. He continued to follow Skeletor until they reached the dungeon.

When Skeletor stopped, Adam looked into the cell that they were near and gasped. “Father!” he exclaimed.

“Adam!” yelled Randor as he got up and ran to the bars. “No! Get out of here! Don’t you dare risk yourself for me! As your father and king, I’m telling you to go home!

Adam shook his head slowly and asked, “Do you really think they’d let me leave now, Father? Besides, I came here to make sure they released you, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Skeletor opened the cell door as he pointed his Havoc Staff at the king and said, “Get in and I’ll let King Randor out.”

“No!” yelled King Randor. And, Adam stared at the door for a moment and shook his head abruptly.

“No,” he answered. “Let my father out first, and then I’ll step inside.”

Skeletor shook his head and asked, “Why? So you and the king can rush at me together? I don’t think so.”

The prince narrowed his brows. “You have a lot of your men here. If we were planning to do that, I’m sure you could defeat us. I just want my father outside the prison before I get in. I want to see him let go. That was the deal, Skeletor.”

Skeletor looked at Trap Jaw and Evil-Lyn and nodded. “And, so it was,” said Skeletor almost cheerfully, “but there’s been a change of plans! Get him!”

Suddenly, Trap Jaw was running at Adam, but the prince saw him and quickly flipped the villain and threw him aside in much the same manner he had Beastman when they had first fought. As Trap Jaw fell to the floor, Evil-Lyn used her wand to freeze him, but Adam fell to the floor and rolled out of the way. As soon as he got up, though, she shot another ray at him and when he moved to miss it, suddenly two very strong arms wrapped around him and lifted him slightly off the ground. It was Beastman.

“Let me go, Beastman, or you’ll pay for this!” yelled Adam as he struggled to break the villain’s hold but it was useless. The beast tightened his hold on the prince and he gasped in pain. It was almost excruciating.

“It’s payback time for you, Prince,” he replied as he walked to the cell and threw him inside. Trap Jaw and Evil-Lyn quickly walked into the cell behind Beastman and pointed their weapons at the king to make sure he stayed back. As Adam fell to the ground from being pushed inside, Beastman walked behind him and kicked him in the ribs as hard as he could. “That’s for humiliating me twice,” he whispered hostilely so no one could hear before turning around and exiting the cell. Once they were out and had locked the cage, Randor immediately fell to his knees beside his son. “Adam!” he cried. “Adam, are you all right?”

As Adam held his stomach and coughed because of the fierce blow to his stomach, Randor shook his head and shouted, “It was stupid for you to come here, son! Don’t you know how important you are to the future of Eternia! You should have known they wouldn’t keep their word.”

“I know,” Adam wheezed out, “but I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. Besides, they threatened to dispose of you and I couldn’t live with myself if they had and I didn’t even try to stop it.”

Adam and Randor looked at each other for a moment before hugging each other desperately. As Adam squeezed his father tightly, he realized he was right earlier—things would be harder than anticipated. Ironically, Skeletor had done the one thing that prevented him from turning into He-Man and busting out of here: he had imprisoned him with his father.

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 35 of 55

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