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Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

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He felt awkward, and he was ashamed he felt that way. King Randor sat at his conference table and looked at his son who was talking softly to Man-at-Arms about a possible means of communication between him and the palace once he was on Etheria. Even though their conversation was very much of interest to him—after all, he did want to keep in close contact with his son and daughter when they left—his current feelings were taking priority over everything else. He wiped a sudden tear away from his eye, and he took a deep breath to steady himself.

He felt awkward, because he wasn't used to Adam sitting in on meetings of Eternian Security. Sure, in the past, his son had been present for some meetings that were of less importance, such as trade agreements, but he had never thought Adam would have any insight on how to keep the kingdom and planet safe in the immediate future. To spare Adam and himself some embarrassment, he had usually kept him away so that his son's complete ignorance and lack of caring on the subjects wouldn't show.

Now, he knew Adam was He-Man…and that certainly changed a lot of things, especially his perceptions of how mature Adam was and if he was ready at any given time to take over the kingdom if need be. With everything that had happened with Skeletor recently, he hadn't really had the time to come to grips with that startling fact. Yes, he had already seen him transform once, so he knew it was true, but to equate Adam with that legendary warrior was difficult nonetheless. Yes, the He-Man he once knew was nonexistent to him now, but so was the Adam he once knew. And, the hardest part in all of this was accepting that his son really did care about security and everything else he had ever excluded him from. And, that devastated him, that he thought so little of his amazing and awe-inspiring son. He had a feeling over the next week or so, he would continue to experience blaring examples of how Adam was truly different than the thoughtless, young man he had thought him to be.

Randor turned himself away from these thoughts as the officers of the Royal Guard stepped into the room and filled their usual seats. He glanced at Adam, smiled briefly, and stated, "I want to thank all of you for coming. I realize this meeting was sprung on you at the last minute, but we have no other choice. We're here today, because we will be sending another regiment of troops to Etheria. As you know, Skeletor is now on that planet and it is reasonable to assume that they might decide to work together, not only to take over Eternia, but to destroy the Rebel opposition there first. We must prevent that."

The lieutenant raised his hand and once the king nodded at him, the soldier asked, "How many troops will be deployed and for how long?"

He gestured to Adam with his head and his son took over.

"The required deployment will probably only last a couple of weeks, if that. You are only there to keep things running smoothly until Adora, He-Man, She-Ra, and I arrive to take over. As for how many troops, I think we should send at least a hundred."

"Why so many?"

"I don't think keeping guard over the Whispering Woods should be the only assignment for our men."

At this statement, Randor, Teela, and Man-at-Arms raised their brows. The king knew at that moment he wasn't the only one who was surprised by the prince's words. Adam was already strategizing. It was amazing to watch…and he could only assume Man-at-Arms was surprised, as well, because He-Man's plans usually never involved the Royal Guard. He was showing everyone a whole new side to himself...except Adora. She took it in stride, and he was sure that was because she had seen this side of Adam before. He decided he would talk to her later to find out when, where, and how.

The king then asked, "What else should they be doing?"

Adam shrugged and answered, "Well, we need to get an idea of what the Horde is doing and when. I think we should have small groups stationed around the Fright Zone to watch what is happening at all times. I also think it would be beneficial to get someone on the inside, so they can find out what's going on with Skeletor. As much as I fear that they are working together, I also fear that Hordak is torturing him—no one, not even Skeletor, should go through that." He looked to his sister. "The Horde does take new recruits, don't they?"

She nodded and replied, "Yes, if they can prove their allegiance to the Horde and that won't be easy."

"But it can be done," said Adam confidently. He turned to his father. "I know both assignments are dangerous, and I only want those who are willing to do this to go…and if no one is, then I'm sure He-Man, She-Ra, and the Rebellion can handle it themselves. Of course, He-Man and She-Ra would have to arrive earlier than we planned, because I think time is of the essence right now. They're planning their next move as we speak."

Before the king could respond, Teela assured him, "There will be men who volunteer, Adam. We were trained to do exactly what this assignment calls for, so it won't be a problem. The only real guidance we'll need is how to convince Hordak of our spy's allegiance to the Horde."

Adora inserted, "That will take some good acting and some well-timed choreography. Whoever takes the assignment, I think Adam and I should work with him or her before the regiment leaves."

The king nodded and said, "It will be done." He then looked at Teela and her lieutenant to say, "I would like this group assembled as quickly as possible. Take volunteers only. As soon as you get the number required, let me know and we will go over their responsibilities immediately. I would like to send them soon."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" she said with a bow.

The king then dismissed them and as everyone got to their feet, Randor called out, "Adora, I would like you to stay for a little while. There are some things I'd like to discuss with you privately."

The twins looked at each other suspiciously, but with a shrug, they went in opposite directions. Adora walked back to her father as Adam left the room.


Adam didn't have to be told to know when Teela was upset. He had noticed at breakfast, and he had also noticed when she had walked away with the lieutenant to gather volunteers to go to Etheria. While he was grateful that she wasn't exactly angry with him, he knew he was the cause: he had rarely spent any time with her since they began to court. Really, they hadn't been spending a lot of time together even before that point. Those facts frustrated her and rightfully so.

He knew Teela wanted a little time alone together after everything that had happened. The only problem was his family wanted the exact same thing…so he had to make sacrifices and choices.

That afternoon, he knew that his grandfather, uncles, aunts, and cousins would be joining his father for dinner. With so many people present, he knew his absence would be a lot more unnoticeable, so he planned on whisking Teela away for a private dinner elsewhere. The only question was "Where?" He had already ordered a separate dinner with Chef Alan to prepare. Now, he just needed to find a place where they would not be disturbed and to inform Cringer of his plans, so when everyone noticed his absence, Cringer could explain where they were, so they wouldn't freak out.

He hoped everything would go according to plan.


Adora sat back down at the conference room table and stared at her father who looked very uncomfortable. She reached out across the table to take his hand and asked, "What's wrong, Father? Is everything all right?"

The concern on his daughter's face was discernable and he hated to worry her, but he didn't know how to broach the subject he wanted so desperately to discuss. He squeezed his daughter's hand and started off cautiously. "Adora, I want to know something. The person who I met when Adam brought you home for the first time, is that…who you really are?" When he noticed that she had narrowed her eyes questioningly, he explained, "You've had to maintain your secret, just like Adam. I've had all these years with Adam, and now, I know I don't know him like I thought I did. So, I'm curious, but I think I already know the answer. I just want confirmation: are you the person that you presented to us that day and since then?"

She continued to hold onto her father's hand, but she brought her other hand over to cover it on both sides when she saw his nervousness. "I am," she answered reassuringly. "I can show my true self on Eternia. Things are different for me here than it is for Adam. For starters, I don't really have a lot of friends here. No one really knows me, aside from Adam, of course. So, it would be hard for people to put two-and-two together and realize that I'm She-Ra. Besides, I couldn't use the same ruse as my brother. I was kidnapped and raised by Hordak in—for the lack of a better term—a military. Of course I would know how to fight, so I wouldn't run from danger. In some ways, those facts made things here a lot easier for me in comparison to my brother.

The king nodded thoughtfully, but before he could ask anything else, Adora got a faraway look in her eyes and began to speak almost as if she were talking to herself.

"Truthfully, even things on Etheria are a lot easier for me than it is for Adam on Eternia. When I joined the Great Rebellion, they didn't really know me aside from the fact that I was Adam's sister and I had been raised by Hordak." She paused and became aware of her surroundings again when she heard her father sigh at her comment. He looked sad, but she could also tell he was interested in what she was saying. So, she continued, "On Etheria, it's really the same situation that I have on Eternia. Of course, they know me and She-Ra a lot better now, but my main concern after battles is to simply explain where I go when She-Ra takes over. Madame Razz and Kowl help out a lot there." She grimaced. "And, unlike Adam, I certainly don't have to worry about ruling a kingdom and a whole planet when I grow older. I also don't have to worry about childhood friends figuring out my secret since they know me so well. I don't even have parents to fool constantly, either." When she realized what she said and who she was speaking to, she hurriedly added, "On Etheria, that is, Father."

She met his eyes again cautiously and saw gratefully that he wasn't upset. He nodded to show that he understood what she meant, but she offered some good news anyway. She knew regardless of his good front, her words had to sting a little. "But you will be happy to know that Adam has that freedom, too, when he visits Etheria. He can be himself."

That was the subject King Randor had wanted to discuss initially, so he was glad Adora brought it up on her own. He continued to stare at her, and to encourage the conversation, he asked, "How so?"

Adora laughed and exclaimed, "Where do I begin?" She then thought for a very brief moment. "The very first day he arrived on Etheria, he gained Hordak's attention right away. That's a pretty big deal, because at the time, Hordak believed wholeheartedly that the rebels were beneath him and not a big deal in the larger scheme of things. Talking with Adam later, I realized within an hour—not even thirty minutes, really—of arriving on the planet, he had gotten into a brawl with three Horde Troopers. He did receive help from Bow that day, but his actions were still impressive nonetheless. He held his own and showed courage. I know that's something he couldn't do here at that time."

Randor nodded sadly, seeing the truth in her final words, and said, "Tell me more. What are things like for Adam on Etheria? Who is the Adam that you know?"

It dawned on Adora at that moment what the king wanted—he wanted insight into whom his son really was. He had an inkling now, but he wanted examples. He wanted to hear about Adam from her perspective, from someone who had the opportunity to get to know him away from the pressures on Eternia…and she could offer nothing less to her father.

She looked him straight in the eye and exclaimed, "Adam is my hero!" She smiled and continued, "And, I mean that even without his ability to turn into He-Man! He is so courageous, Father, and so intelligent. He walks into dangerous situations as Adam and He-Man without any heed to himself when he's saving someone else's life. He's gained the respect of almost everyone on Etheria. The Great Rebellion holds him in high esteem. Even Queen Angella thinks highly of him. As for her daughter Glimmer…well, she's quite lost her heart to him, not to mention Queen Castaspella. He's…quite a remarkable guy, and people recognize that on Etheria."

The king looked down at the table briefly and contemplated her words. He was sad that so many people knew Adam better than he did, and they had known him for nowhere near the amount of time that he had. Trying to ignore his current thoughts for now, Randor asked, "How did he build such a reputation for himself? Surely, it wasn't just the encounter with those three Horde Troopers."

"No, it wasn't," she agreed. "There are multiple examples! There was the time that I lost my sword during a Horde ambush. All my friends, except for me, had been captured. During that battle, I lost my sword and the troopers took it with them, so I had no way of turning into She-Ra. Adam came and, without any hesitation at all, dressed himself as a Horde Inspector, walked straight into the Fright Zone, and got all of our friends out! And, again, he did this as Adam, not He-Man."

At this news, Randor seemed a little worried. "That seems like a rather dangerous operation. How did he get everyone out specifically?"

She laughed. "Like I said, he pretended to be a Horde Inspector. Hordak had been expecting one to arrive, but we caught him and took his clothes. Adam couldn't do this as He-Man, because Hordak would recognize him easily, so he did it as Adam. I hid myself under a cape and hood and pretended to be his assistant. We toured the entire Fright Zone with Hordak, and Adam kept up the charade, as well as kept me in line. There were times when I wanted to run to our friends and Adam had to stop me. He was clearly more levelheaded at the time than I was, but then again, that really is the norm. Anyway, Adam talked Hordak into proving that his jail cells were escape proof. Hordak told us to lock him in one, so he could try to break free. We obliged, revealed ourselves to him when we saw that he couldn't escape, and then released our friends. We got everyone dressed in Horde Trooper uniforms and Adam marched us right out the front gate in front of hundreds of Hordesmen." She smiled and looked at her father with tears glistening in her eyes. "He never even hesitated or once complained that it was too dangerous to do as himself. I know he would do anything to help me and the Rebellion. That's how he got such a good reputation. He didn't have to pretend to be a coward on Etheria. They already knew he was a hero from Day One because of his first encounter. We have to remember that most of the friends I have on Etheria were really Adam's first and they had initially trusted me because they trusted Adam. He's the one who changed my life irrevocably for the better, and I will never be able to repay him or the Sorceress for that."

Randor wiped tears from his eyes as he listened to his daughter talk about her brother. The truth in her words and her love for Adam were undeniable. And, he was ashamed to admit it to a certain extent but he was envious of her. "I wish I knew Adam like you do."

She squeezed his hand again and whispered, "You will. You know our secret now, so Adam will have no reason to hide from you, anymore."

He shook his head and countered sadly, "But he'll be leaving soon. He's going with you to Etheria, and there is no way I'll get to know the real Adam in such a short span of time." Tears slipped down his cheeks and he said, "I know it's horrible of me to say this, especially since I love you so much, Adora, and I admire everything you do on Etheria. I'm very proud of you…but I don't want him to go. I don't want you to go, either."

Adora walked around the table and settled into a seat beside her father. She wrapped her arms around him and said, "There's no reason to feel guilty about that! If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't want us to go either, but I promise you, Father, I will look out for Adam. He will come home safe and sound, and you'll have the rest of your lives to get to know each other."

He pulled back with tears still slipping down his cheeks. "I hope so. I hope I'll also have the same opportunity with you."

She hugged him again and replied, "You will."


Adam had called the lieutenant's comlink to find out where Teela was at that moment. She was supposedly in her father's workshop making a list before dinner of all the supplies she thought her soldiers would need on their mission to Etheria. He knew if his surprise was going to happen, he had to get her now.

So, he stepped into Duncan's workshop quietly and leaned against a counter as he watched Teela and her father sit at one of his tables, examining the list they had before them.

"What kind of First Aid do you think they need and in what quantity? What supplies do you think the Rebellion already has?" he heard Teela ask.

He stepped forward behind them and suggested, "Well, you could just ask my sister."

Both Teela and Man-at-Arms jumped at the sound of another voice in the workshop.

"Adam!" exclaimed Teela as they turned around to face him; "You scared us!"

He smiled and replied, "Obviously, though that wasn't my intention." He walked over and gave her a big hug. He thought about kissing her, but with her father in the room, he decided against it. "So, are you two almost finished with the list of supplies?"

She looked at him suspiciously. "And, just how did you know that was what we were doing?"

He grinned widely and replied, "Because I check up on you. I called your lieutenant and asked." When Teela's mouth dropped open, he exclaimed, "I'm just kidding! I did call your lieutenant to ask where you were, but I wasn't checking up on you!"

"Oh, really," asked Teela playfully, "then why did you call him and not me? Hmm? It sure sounds like you were checking up on me."

Forgetting about Duncan, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulled her to him, and said seductively, "Because I have a surprise for you and I didn't want you to know I was coming."

Before Teela could respond, Man-at-Arms coughed and said, "Well, I think the list is good enough for now."

Instantaneously, Adam and Teela jumped apart, remembering with intense blushes that they had an audience.

Duncan ignored this and continued to speak. "It would be wise to show Adora the list to get her input, so thanks for the suggestion, Adam. Now, I'll head to the dining room so you can share whatever the surprise is." He walked out of the room quickly and as soon as the door shut, Teela turned to him expectantly.

"Okay, so where is it? Where's the big surprise?" she asked in a manner that told him she was trying to hold back the excitement.

He grinned and slipped his arms around her again. Bending towards her, he met her lips in a passionate kiss that began slowly with the simple movements of their lips but built into a duel of tongues which Adam finally won. When they pulled apart to breathe, he informed her, "I'm the surprise."

"What?" she gasped.

He laughed, knowing she could take those words in many different ways. He took her hand, brought it to her lips, and kissed it softly. "I know I've been busy recently and that my family has been with me constantly, so we haven't spent a lot of time together. I wanted to rectify that this afternoon."

He noticed that Teela was smiling at him brightly, so he smiled back and said, "So, I arranged for us to have a private dinner. I hope you don't mind. If you would rather eat with everyone else, we can still…"

He was silenced by Teela reaching up and kissing him again. When they parted this time, Teela answered, "Of course I don't mind. I've missed you terribly."

"And, I've missed you," he whispered. "So, it's just me and you this afternoon. No parents, sisters, cousins, uncles, or anyone else will be present."

She leaned against him and rested her head on his shoulder as they continued to hold one another. "So, where are we going to get away from everyone?"

He laughed a little and whispered, "You'll see."

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 51 of 55

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