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Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

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Adam waited for his father's reaction to the news, but all he heard was a deep sigh. He looked up and saw a few tears slip down the king's cheeks. "I guess you need to go pack," he whispered. He noticed that the king swallowed roughly after he said this, and he knew his father was having a very hard time with the unexpected events.

He reached out and squeezed Randor's hand. "Thank you, Father," he replied softly, not wanting to make things any harder for anyone. "Adora and I will see you in a few after we get through packing." He then looked to his sister and motioned with his head for her to follow him.

As soon as they left the dining room and shut the door, he observed, "This is going to be hard on our parents."

They began to walk through the halls to go back to their bedchambers and Adora replied, "There isn't anything we can do about that unless you stay behind. That might make things easier for them."

He shook his head. "No, that's not an option," he stated sadly; "The Rebellion and you need me. Hordak has some of our friends and members of the Eternian Army. We have to get them back, and I refuse to let you do that alone, especially since Skeletor is there and we have no idea if he's working with Hordak or not."

She sighed as pounded her fist into her palm in frustration. "Yeah, I know," she agreed. "I just wish this didn't have to happen so soon. I would have liked to have spent more time on Eternia now that everyone is getting along. We actually felt like a whole family again."

He frowned. "Yeah, I hate that we have to leave, too." He arrived to his bedchamber door and asked, "So, what are you going to take with you?"

She shrugged. "Nothing, just you and Spirit. Remember, I brought nothing but the clothes on my back. All my things are already on Etheria. I'm just going to change out of this dress and into my normal attire."

He gave her a soft smile and said, "Well, good. Then, you can do me a favor after you change clothes."

"What's that?"

"You can go find Teela and tell her to get packed right away. She's coming with us."

"What?" gasped Adora in surprise. "When was this decided?"

"Today, at dinner," he answered. "I really don't have time to explain, Adora. Just trust me. Teela will be invaluable to the Rebellion and the fight we must face. I trust her with my life, and she will make things easier for me…and the rest of us."

She stared at him for a few moments and then relented. "If you say so, brother. There's nothing I can really say to argue with that, now can I? The more the merrier, after all." She looked down the hall and continued, "But I think I'll find Teela before I change my clothes. That way, she'll have a little extra time to get packed since this is so unexpected." She hugged her brother and stated, "I'll be back soon."

He nodded and watched as she walked away.


Adora chastised herself as she walked through the halls. She didn't know why it had come as such a shock that Teela would be accompanying them to Etheria. She should have guessed. After all, she was her brother's girlfriend, and she was one of Eternia's best warriors. Adam was right: she really would be invaluable to the Rebellion. She didn't have a doubt about that in her mind.

It's just that she couldn't help being a little disappointed. She knew it was wrong, but part of her was glad her brother had decided to join her on Etheria. Since he had made the suggestion, she had been looking forward to spending time with him to get to know him even better. After all, they wouldn't be fighting every second of the day. It would be just like one of his visits except longer, and since it was longer, there would be more downtime for him than they were used to while he was on the planet. She longed to know what it would be like to have family with her on a regular basis.

Teela's presence would change things. How much, she wasn't sure. If she hadn't come along, she knew Adam and she would spend almost all of their time together. But now that the Captain of the Guard was coming, she knew Teela would steal some of those moments away. Of course, they would want some time alone together. And, with Adam being the only person she truly knew on the planet, she would want to spend all of her time with him, as well.

Not to mention, they both didn't want Adam out of their sights. Oh, she knew that without even having to talk to Teela.

But she knew she had to put all the disappointment aside. Teela meant a lot to Adam and vice versa, so both of them had to accept that if they were going to get along. It was a necessity.

Finally arriving at Teela's bedchamber door, she knocked on it softly and heard a voice within yell, "Just a minute!"

Soon, the door was opening and Teela widened her eyes to see who had visited her. She looked around and said, "Adora! What are you doing here? Is everything okay with Adam?"

Adora blinked a little. Yep, Teela was just as worried and paranoid about Adam as she was. "He's fine," she assured her. "I'm afraid I do have some bad news, though: one of the guards just returned from Etheria to tell us that some of my friends and your men have been captured by Hordak. Adam has decided to leave right away to help." She paused for a moment and said softer, "He told me you're coming with us and sent me to tell you to get packed."

Teela nodded at her and stated, "Luckily, I was already packing before you even arrived. I had a feeling something like this would happen and I wanted to be prepared."

Adora looked down at the ground for a second before looking back up and smiling gratefully. "Well, that's good news. Um, we'll be meeting in Adam's room as soon as you're ready. We'll get our things together there before we say our goodbyes to everyone."

"Sounds good to me," the captain replied. "I'll be there in a few minutes. Thanks for letting me know, Adora."

She nodded and said, "You're welcome. See you then." She abruptly turned around and made her way back to Adam's bedchamber. She hoped everyone hurried, because the longer they stayed on Eternia, the longer her friends stayed in Hordak's clutches.


Both Adam and Teela decided to bring only the essentials: personal items such as toothbrushes, other toiletries, and things of that nature, as well as several different outfits, so they wouldn't be wearing the same clothes constantly. Truth be told, it was the bare minimum. Adam decided if he needed anything else, he could always buy it in one of the nearby towns.

After Teela, Adora, and he had left his bedroom, he ordered a nearby guard to take their things and Spirit to an AttakTrak and to wait for them there. He knew he couldn't do as he had done before when he left for Snake Mountain that first time. He couldn't simply leave without saying a word to anyone. He didn't know how long he would be gone and it wouldn't be right to do that to his parents, especially since he had no idea what might happen while he was gone.

He stepped into the throne room with his sister and Teela and immediately noticed the gloomy atmosphere. Both of his parents sat on the throne and they looked like they would break down into tears at any moment. Adora and he approached the throne as Teela went to her father who stood a little to the side of the throne next to Orko and Cringer. Cringer quickly came to join him in the center of the throne room.

"I thought you might still be up," he called out to his parents. He knew without a doubt that would be the case, but he used the words to open the conversation.

They looked down at him and Randor replied, "Well, I have to see my children off…don't I?" In the brief pause, the king had taken a deep breath to stay calm.

Adam nodded and then glanced at Adora. She pressed her lips together and he knew what she was thinking. She felt just as sad as their parents about their departure. He did, too.

He rubbed the back of his neck and said, "Adora, Teela, Cringer, and I will be leaving tonight…as soon as we get through speaking with you. We already have someone loading an AttakTrak for us."

At that moment, Marlena brought her knuckles to her mouth, and he knew she did it to stop herself from sobbing. He grimaced as he felt tears rush to his eyes. He thought he could handle this without getting overly emotional, but since his parents were unable to do so, he knew he wouldn't be able to either. He wiped a tear from his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm going to miss you," he called out before he dropped his head a little.

He heard a soft commotion in front of him and soon, he found himself in both of his parents' arms. They held him tightly as the queen cried. "Why does Hordak always successfully keep us apart?" she sobbed softly. She looked to Adora and held her hand out. Adora joined them and they end up in a four way hug. Marlena continued to sniffle to try to rein in her emotions, but it was difficult, especially when she added, "And, now, he's taking both of my babies away from me."

The twins flinched a little. Adam looked at her and then his father. The king had a single tear slipping down his cheek and he sighed as he looked back to her mother. "Don't worry, Mother. Adora and I will be back, I promise. Soon enough, Hordak and Skeletor will never be able to tear us apart again. You must believe that."

Adora nodded and added, "Adam's right. This is our chance to finish this once and for all. This is a good thing, and we'll be much happier in the long run."

Marlena nodded and replied, "I know this already. I just wish you didn't have to go. I'm going to miss you both so much." She dropped her head to Adora's shoulder as both Adora and Randor tightened their holds on her.

"I wish we didn't have to go, too," whispered Adam, "but we must. It's our…destiny." He shook his head. "As cheesy as it sounds, it's true. Going to Etheria feels right—like this was supposed to happen." He glanced to his sister and said, "I have a feeling this is the time that we're going to free that planet once and for all. I know it."

Adora nodded and agreed, "I feel it, too."

The king stepped away from the hug and faced in the opposite direction for a moment.

"Father?" the twins called out as Marlena said his name.

He turned back around and said, "I know that your feelings are accurate. Adam, when you…got hurt at Snake Mountain, the Spirit of Grayskull told me you would free Etheria and Eternia with your family and friends by your side." He glanced over at Adora and Teela for a moment. "This could very well be the start of that for Etheria."

The prince nodded. "But that doesn't make this any easier," he commented.

"No, it doesn't." Randor sighed and shook his head slowly. "I still have so much to say and so much I want to do with you," he mumbled. He looked at his son and asked, "Can I have a word with you alone, Adam?" he gestured to the corner of the room.

He nodded and followed the king to location that he had pointed at. When they faced one another, Randor stated, "I wish I had a lot more time to show you instead of tell you how much you mean to me."

"Father, I already know…"

Randor squeezed his shoulder tightly and said firmly, "Let me say this, Adam. I need to if I'm ever going to make it through your absence."

Tears gathered in both their eyes at his words. It was making their upcoming separation seem all too real and even more depressing.

"It took me a while to notice you, Adam," he whispered sadly. "When you were younger, I used to know how remarkable you truly were, but somewhere along the way, I lost that knowledge. But I remember now…and by the Ancients, I promise I'll never forget it again."

Adam wiped at a few tears as they slipped down his face. The king just let his fall.

"I wanted more time with you to show you that I love you, son, and that I'm very, very proud of you." He gestured around the throne room and stated confidently, "We're all here because of you. You have protected this palace, our kingdom, and this planet…all while receiving no credit or appreciation for it. I wanted to change that."

"Father, you have changed it," he replied. "I know how you feel. I really do."

"You've brought this family together again in more ways than one," the king continued despite Adam's words. "You're the hero in this story, Adam. You always have been, and I was too blind to see it. For that, I'll never be able to express just how sorry I am. I hope that you'll forgive me one day."

Adam reached out to hug his father as he cried, "I already do. I never blamed you, not really. I know I said some awful things, but I didn't really mean them. I was just overwhelmed and frustrated. I've always loved you, Father, and I've always understood why you acted as you did. I've always known that you loved me. Never doubt that."

Randor wrapped his arms around his son tightly and cried silently. When they were both able to hold in their emotions again, they pulled away and looked at one another.

"I want you to be careful, Adam," his father commanded. "I want you to watch out for your sister and Teela. I need for all of you to come home safe and sound. I will accept no other outcome. Do you hear me, Adam? That's an order from your king." He smiled and continued, "I trust you don't mind this order."

He laughed softly. "Not at all, and it'll be as you wish, Your Majesty," he answered with a grin.

They hugged one more time and Randor asked, "If this takes a while, you will visit, won't you?"

He nodded. "All the time," he promised; "Or at least, as much as I can. You and no one else will be able to keep me away."

The king grinned as they headed back to the group. Adam could tell Teela had told her father the news and they were hugging one another off to the side. He raised a finger at his family and walked over to Teela and Duncan.

Man-at-Arms pulled away as Adam stepped beside his daughter. He reached out and hugged the prince, as well. "I want you to be careful."

He chuckled and replied, "Father said the exact same thing."

"Well, we mean it," he stated forcefully as he stepped back. "Also, if you need help, you ask for it. Don't let things pile up like you did before. I will be there in a heartbeat at any time, Adam, night or day."

He smiled. "I know, Duncan."

"And, I want you to take care of my daughter." He glanced at her and said, "And, I want you to take care of him!"

"Yes, sir," they both said simultaneously. Adam clasped Man-at-Arms' shoulder and said, "And, I have to say likewise, don't hesitate to call for me if you need any help. I know Skeletor being on Etheria and having his men currently locked up will stop a lot of the problems this planet suffers, but I know other things can pop up. There are other villains and disasters."

Duncan nodded and said, "I'll be sure to let you know."

Adam nodded and glanced at Teela. She nodded at him once and hugged her father one more time. "I'm going to miss you."

"And, I'm going to miss you."

Finally, Orko joined in and cried, "And, I'm going to miss all of you, too! Hey, wait a minute, can I come? I'll be a great help, I promise!"

Adam shook his head and said, "No, you're needed here, Little Buddy. I want you to keep an eye on things for me, okay?"

Orko nodded sadly. "Ah, I guess, Adam. Okay." He went to Adam, Teela, Cringer, and Adora individually to hug them and mutter soft goodbyes.

Adam then turned back to his parents, walked over to them, and stated, "Well, I guess this is it."

The Royal Family hugged one another all at once again. None of them could stop the tear flow this time, but they didn't really try. "I love you, my children," said Marlena. "I'll write and send it with the messengers we'll have going back and forth from time to time."

"And we'll write back," Adora assured her, glancing at her brother as he nodded.

"I love you both, too," Randor stated, grabbing the twins' attention. "And, I already can't wait until we're together again. Who knows? Maybe your mother and I will be able to get away some time to visit you."

They all smiled and Adam answered, "That would be nice." He looked from one parent to the other and said softly, "I love you, and I'll try to come home as quickly as possible. And, I'll try my best to make sure it's with Adora, too."

The king and queen nodded. "I have no doubt," the king replied.

"And, I love all of you, too," Adora chimed in.

They all hugged one last time and when they finally pulled away this time, Adam stated with attempted but failed humor, "Well, I suppose we should go. If we stay any longer, the apologies and declarations of love will just keep going indefinitely."

They all nodded and Adam continued calmly, "It's probably best if you stay here. It'll make it easier to step through the dimension gate at Castle Grayskull, I'm sure. We've already said our goodbyes, so there's no point in saying it again there."

Tears slipped down the king and queen's cheeks again as they nodded. Adam nodded and looked at Adora, Teela, and Cringer in their own turn. "Let's go, guys."

They all began to walk out of the throne room. Adam was the last one to reach the door and he turned back one last time. Tears slipped down his cheeks and he ran back into the room. He hugged both his parents one last time and said, "One for the road."

They all laughed sadly, and this time, with a deep breath, he strolled out the door and shut it. He knew if he looked back again, he'd cry and have to hug them again. Tears pooled in his eyes now, but at least he didn't have to look at theirs at the same time.

Teela and Adora each wrapped an arm around his waist. "Come on, brother," whispered Adora, moving them forward. Teela quickly removed her arm from his waist and slipped her hand into his as they walked to the AttakTrak together.


They stood before the dimensional gate that led to Etheria. The Sorceress wiped a single tear from her cheek as she stated, "I will keep a close eye on Eternia, Adam. I will contact you at the slightest sign of trouble. I will keep an eye on all of you, as well."

Adam nodded and replied, "Thank you, Sorceress. That does make me feel a lot better about leaving. I worried that Father and Duncan might try to handle things on their own so that they wouldn't bother me."

"Never fear, Prince Adam," she replied; "You will be contacted when you are needed."

He nodded and looked at his sister then Teela. Everyone knew that meant it was time to go. "Goodbye, Sorceress," Adora said and Teela quickly repeated the words. Without saying anything more, the women, Cringer, and Spirit walked through the gate.

Adam stared at it and he laughed at himself as tears filled his eyes again. He looked to the Sorceress and asked, "Can you tell Father 'goodbye' one last time and let him know we got to Etheria safely?"

"Why don't you tell him?"

She waved her arm and said, "He can hear you."

"Father," he whispered softly.

"Adam?" Randor said aloud.

He could tell his father was startled and that he had jumped from where he had been sitting. Somehow Adam knew he had been sitting at a table writing something. He smiled and stated soothingly, "The Sorceress is letting me speak to you one last time. I just wanted to let you know that we made it to Castle Grayskull and that Adora and the others are already on Etheria. We're all okay." He paused as he got choked up. "I just wanted to say 'goodbye' one last time."

Tears gathered in his eyes as he picked up his bag from the floor and whispered, "Bye, Dad. I'll see you soon, I promise."

King Randor allowed his tears to fall again and replied, "Bye, son. I love you and I'm proud of you. Never forget that."

"I won't," he assured him, and as a few tears slipped down as his cheeks, he took a deep breath and stepped through the gate.

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 55 of 55

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