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A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 21 of 40

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"It's yer turn.uh.Sarah?" Hoggle's hand hovered in mid air, the wooden dice in his palm. Sarah was glancing off into space again, her mind everywhere else but on the game.

"Yo, earth to Sarah. Anyone home? It's your turn." Lee waved her hand in front of Sarah's eyes.

Sarah blinked and then turned to see that Lee and Hoggle were waiting patiently for her to take the dice and have her turn. Was it her turn already? Hadn't she just gone? She reached for the dice and took them carefully from Hoggle's hand.

Lee watched her roll them and move her game piece through the labyrinth. They had been playing this game for hours, ever since Hoggle had entered the room. He'd brought the old wooden game board and a small box beneath his arm. Sarah had been off in space all morning and she had barely touched a thing at breakfast. She often stared at the door. She was waiting for someone and Lee knew it had to be Jareth. She had not said one thing about how their walk through the garden went and Lee was almost afraid to ask.

The game finally ended a half hour later when Lee made it to the center of the Labyrinth. Hoggle mumbled on about how he never won this game and Sarah just shrugged.

The hours dragged on with Lee and Hoggle talking about Hoggle's latest finds from within the Labyrinth. Sarah had moved to the window and she sat gazing out over the Labyrinth, still lost in her own little world.

Dinner came quickly and Sarah's mood finally perked as Hoggle and Lee helped her walk to the dining hall. Sarah was a bit shaky today. Her strength failed her long before they made it to the dining hall and Lee patiently waited while Hoggle came back with some sort of contraption to wheel Sarah to the dining room in. Sarah didn't protest when she saw the strange "buggy" as Hoggle called it. But Lee noticed her spirits sink. She knew her friend was still waiting for Jareth to appear.

Jareth didn't show for dinner which was fine by Hoggle. Lee told Sarah that he was probably busy kicking some goblin butt, but Hoggle told both women that Jareth had not been seen by the goblins all day. Some say that he had been locked in his chambers, others said he locked himself in his study. Whatever the case, he didn't come to see Sarah.

Two days passed like this. Hoggle and Lee kept Sarah company. They played card games and board games. They checked out gadgets and jewelry that Hoggle had found. They helped Sarah walk a little more, though the more they tried to help her, the worse her situation became. Jareth had still not showed himself and Sarah had nearly given up on trying to get back to normality. She suddenly didn't want Hoggle and Lee's company and she didn't want to try walking anymore. She wanted to remain in her bed all day, looking out the window. She hardly spoke and she avoided anyone's questions.

Lee watched with concern as Sarah began to slip right into depression. She had not seen her this bad since the beginning of college. When she finally found Jareth, Lee was going to kick his lanky ass. Sarah had still not told her if anything had gone wrong during their walk or afterwards. Sarah avoided the subject as if it was a disease or something.

* * *

Lee sighed as she stepped out of Sarah's room. She had begged and pleaded with Sarah to please come to dinner with her and Sarah had refused. She was growing thinner and not eating was not helping her regain her strength.

Lee decided to be a little late for dinner and to do some exploring instead. The first place she went to was Jareth's study. She had not been there since the day that Sarah had collapsed out in the gardens. She knocked on the door but as her hand came into contact with the wood, the door opened. It creaked open slightly and cautiously she stepped inside. Something cracked beneath her feet and she stopped. Looking down she noticed broken glass all around the door. Her eyes widened when she saw the amount of glass that lined the floor just below the walls. Glass from crystals.

The room seemed empty. The curtains had been drawn closed and the room was dim. Platters full of food sat untouched on Jareth's desk. Stepping further into the room Lee saw scars in the walls. Deep long scars marred the old stone. She had not remembered seeing those upon her last visit here.

She had just walked past Jareth's desk and she was gazing up at the shelves lined with old books when she stepped on more glass and it crunched loudly under her feet.

"Who's there? I said I was not to be disturbed!" The voice was angry and it belonged to none other than the Goblin King.

Lee spun to one side of the room to see Jareth standing there. He was bathed in shadow, his expression unreadable. "Having a party in here all by your lonesome?" She inquired.

"You!" Jareth spat.

"Yeah, me. The name's Lee, or have you forgotten? What the hell is going on Jareth?" She gestured at the broken glass that littered the polished stone floors, the trays of food that had not been touched, and the curtains drawn to block out the light.

Jareth growled and stepped into the little light that survived in the dark room. Lee gasped when she saw him, her breath catching in her throat. He looked absolutely horrid. His blond hair was wilder than she had ever seen it. He looked as if he had not slept in days and he was much thinner than he had been.

"Jesus Christ.."

"Come to admire your handy work?" Jareth spat bitterly.

"*MY* handy work? What the hell are you talking about?"

"I was counting on your presence to keep me in line."

Lee's eyes widened. "Oh no." She had left them alone that night they had all dined. She suddenly feared the worst. She was only trying to help! "What happened between you and Sarah?"

Jareth seemed to flinch at the sound of Sarah's name. "I nearly lost myself to her.that's what happened." Lee gave him a confused glance and he continued. "We had a lovely walk and sat together under the stars. Very romantic." He turned away from her facing the darkness. "We talked and I told her too much too soon. She discovered how I once felt for her."

"What's wrong with that?" Lee asked stepping toward him. Wasn't that a good thing?....Unless. Perhaps Sarah had acted badly toward that knowledge. *Shit...*

Jareth's response was a bitter laugh and for the first time that Lee had been around him she felt uneasy. "Stupid, stupid mortal girl." He spun to face her, his face full of anger. His brows drew over his eyes and Lee could understand how Sarah once thought he was a villain. He looked positively frightening. "You planned for that to happen didn't you? You planned to leave us alone together thinking that perhaps it would be like a fairytale and we would fall in love."

Jareth stalked towards her and Lee backed away from him. "I.It seemed like a good idea at the time."

"Have you any idea what you've done to me? Any idea?"

"I've made you pretty mad that's for sure." Lee refused to let him intimidate her. "What's the big deal? I thought that you two might like some alone time. You can't handle being alone with her? You were alone together the whole time that she was sick." Lee shot back.

"That was different."

Lee's eyes widened and then her brows lowered. "Why because you couldn't take advantage of her then? So help me god, if you hurt her.."

"Don't presume to threaten me. I did nothing but walk away before temptation became more than I could handle." Jareth looked away from her.

"What are you talking about?" Lee demanded.

Jareth's voice became a low whisper. "I'm talking about nearly kissing her, nearly barging down her bedroom door so I could claim her as my own." He sighed deeply. "Do you have any idea how difficult it was to resist that?"

Lee shrugged nonchalantly. "I wouldn't know. I'm weak and I usually give into temptation."

Jareth growled and turned away.

"It was a joke, Jareth. I'm trying to lighten the mood here. So you wanted to kiss her. Did you try to?"

Silence was her answer.

"Look, I can't help anyone out unless they fill me in. Since Sarah is hell bent on keeping everything to herself and staying depressed, the least you can do is tell me what happened."

"She is still depressed?" Jareth's brows rose and he didn't look quite so angry any longer.

Lee sighed. "Yeah, and she's getting worse. How did you know she was depressed?"

Jareth twisted one hand and a crystal sphere materialized in his gloved fingers. An image of Sarah lying on her bed appeared in the glass ball. "There are some temptations that I can not resist." He said bitterly. He didn't glance at the image before he hurled the crystal at the nearest wall.

Lee jumped at the sound as it shattered and the force of the impact sent glass in all directions. So Jareth had been spying on Sarah. He knew she was upset and Lee guessed that was part of what drove him to his current state.

"So did you kiss her or not?"

Jareth sighed. He tired of this all. "No."

"What stopped you?"

Jareth sat himself on the arm of a piece of furniture that reminded Lee of a couch. "Her boldness. She would not allow me to leave."

Well this was interesting. Sarah was bold with Jareth? "What did she do?"

Jareth sighed. "She touched my face, wove her fingers into my hair. She.." Jareth closed his eyes at the memory of her hand sliding down his neck, along his lean chest. He could still hear her gasp of pleasure as he kissed her neck and how the strange emotions took a hold of him. He remembered the sudden urge to sweep her off her feet and carry her to her bed. If her gasp had not somehow startled him....

"She what? What else did she do?" Lee asked anxiously.

"She..was not herself." Jareth opened his eyes, letting the memory fade.

Lee frowned that he wouldn't tell her anything further. "How do you know that? Maybe she wanted things as badly as you did."

Jareth looked at Lee and tilted his head, his expression one of sadness. "You are her friend. Surely you see that she was not acting like herself."

"Well yeah, but Sarah has surprised me before."

"She misses Dartaynian though she does not say so. She was just very ill and is still recovering. She did not know what she wanted and I will not be a stand in. I.." Jareth tried to ignore the warmth of the pendant glowing beneath his shirt. It was another reminder of how far he had already fallen. "I can not afford it."

"I don't understand." Lee said quietly.

"No, I don't expect you to."

"Maybe if you-"

"-No." He wasn't ready to tell her and he wasn't sure if he wanted to. She might destroy him when she was only trying to help.

Lee let the subject drop. She gazed at him in concern. "Jareth, neither one of you can afford to go on like you are. Sarah's wasting away to nothing and so are you."

Was that concern in her voice? "Things will only grow worse if I spend any time with her. She belongs to him." He could not even bring himself to say the name.

"Dartaynian? No she doesn't. She's only dating him."

"She's courting him and he's trapped her for sure." Jareth let out. There was such desperation in his voice.

"Trapped her? Jareth, you're scaring me. What are you talking about?"

"Didn't he tell her what she was committing herself to?" Jareth paled as soon as the question left his mouth. "No.he wouldn't have told her.and she wouldn't understand. She doesn't live here."


"Courtship is not something to be taken lightly. Things are different here. My kind are long lived, nearly immortal. Courtship is a serious matter, though Dartaynian has never taken it to be such. Sarah is bound to his side until he releases her. Courtship is a mutual agreement by two partners. He knew this and knew full well that Sarah would not."

"Sarah told me they are just courting as friends. It's like dating. Go out on a few dates, if you like each other you stay together, if not you part."

Jareth shook his head. "That is an aboveground philosophy. You test the water by being friends, you claim a wife or a queen after you court her. Sarah does not know what she has entered into and of course Dartaynian would not be man enough to tell her. He's cunning and sly and deceptive."

"But why would he do this?" Lee paced being careful to avoid the broken glass. "Sarah told him that we are only here for a vacation. He knows that she is not looking for a relationship."

"I don't know his motives. I can only speculate." Jareth looked away. "He's probably doing it to get back at me." He added quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"Long ago when Dartaynian and I were young, we both had our eyes on the same woman. I did not want to pursue her as he did. I only wanted her friendship. She was much friendlier with I than him. Dartaynian grew jealous and he played pranks on me. Tried to ruined every moment I had alone with her. It only made her dislike him all the more which in turn made him dislike me. When I inherited my father's kingdom she and I grew apart. The Labyrinth's wild magic is no place for a lady destined for the Seelie Court. She eventually paired with someone and married him. I arranged for the event as he was a good friend of mine. Dartaynian and I grew distant after the ceremony. He couldn't forgive me for not trying to pair her with himself. It was many years before our friendship returned and even then it was never the same."

"What a jealous bastard and a sore loser too!" Lee cried out.

"Dartaynian is different from most Fae. Most of us take on one partner to spend the rest of our life with, though not all of us do. Things happen and people separate or one person may die and the other will take another lover. Many of us never know lust until we are close to bonding with someone, yet he is the exception to the rule. His lust has made him greedy and unstable."

"I noticed that he's a player."

Jareth frowned at the term. "A what?"

"Someone who goes around flirting with every girl he sees with no intention of actually settling down and being serious. He's too charming, too nice."


"So can't you challenge him to a dual or something for Sarah?"

Jareth shook his head sadly. "It doesn't work that way. The Seelie Court demands peace and respect for another's family or loved ones. That doesn't mean that there aren't any wars here or conflicts but the rules have kept a lot of peace. You see, any man who goes after another man's woman can be killed for treason."

"Then I see your problem. You love Sarah, yet if you make any move for her."She made the motion of a sword slashing her throat.

"I never said that I."

Lee crossed her arms over her chest. "You never said it, but then again you didn't have to. It's obvious what you feel for her, Jareth."

Jareth blinked. Was he that careless in hiding his feelings? It didn't matter now. The woman knew what he felt for Sarah. "If you know what I feel, then you know that I can not go to Sarah. The risk is too great, for myself and for her. I will not see her hurt. If she feels anything other than friendship for me, she too could be killed."

"Shit, this is serious stuff."

"Fae do not take things lightly. Love and hate are powerful. Sometimes more powerful than magic."

"I was just thinking here, if Dart is anything like me, he'll tire of waiting for Sarah to return his affection. I know Sarah. She doesn't give in lightly. If she doesn't love him, and I don't think she does, he's not getting anything from her. If you love her as much as I think you do, you will look past the fact that you can't have her right now. She's hurting Jareth, because you're not there with her. I don't think you realize how much you mean to her. Even if it's not in a romantic way. You saved her life, helped her recover and managed to convince her that you're not a bad person. You two have just agreed to be friends and now you walk away from her because you felt something you should not have. You're being a coward." She watched Jareth shift his weight uncomfortably and his brows lowered, the insult cutting deep.

"If you can't handle being friends with her, then you have to tell her. I can understand if you can't be friends. But you can't leave her like she is and you can't remain how you are either. You're both wasting away to nothing!"

Jareth let out a deep sigh. He hated to admit it but she was right. If he could wait, Sarah might be his after all. And wasn't it he who agreed that it would be better to be her friend than nothing at all? "You are right. I will talk to her. I will attempt this friendship."

Lee smiled and nodded. "Good, and I'll make sure not to leave you two alone too much."

"You were wrong about one thing." Jareth told her quietly.

"Oh really? And what was that?"

"You are nothing like Dartaynian. He cares for himself and no one else. While you show great concern for your friend and for me." Lee beamed at his words. "I spoke in anger earlier. You did not do this to me. I have done this to myself and I have done this to Sarah. Please forgive me." He looked disgusted with himself.

"You made an error. It happens to the best of us."

Jareth nodded, but he didn't feel much better. He stared intently at the girl in front of him, trying to figure her out. "May I ask you a ..personal question?"

Lee shrugged. "Sure."

"Why do you act so forward? You are a very bright and attractive girl and a very good friend to Sarah. There are other ways to obtain men without throwing yourself at them."

Lee blushed which was out of character for her. He actually thought she was smart and good looking. "I.I never really thought about why I live the way I do." She sat herself on an empty corner of Jareth's desk and coughed, hoping the blush would fade. "I guess I do it for the attention even though all I seem to get is negative attention." Jareth nodded. "I didn't have a very good up bringing."


"No. My dad drank a lot. He had a foul temper and he hit my younger brother and I a lot growing up. He ran around on my mother, but she dealt with it because she had no where else to go. It wasn't until the end of junior high that she left him and that was only because he beat her so badly one day that she nearly died. He got thrown into jail and my brother and I got into all sorts of trouble without my mom around. I was almost put into foster care. I flaunted myself to everyone because it was the only way to get attention."

"No man should ever hit a woman." Jareth's eyes blazed with fire.

"Yeah well I wish my dad agreed with that. Anyway, I met Sarah in 7th grade. My mom, brother and I moved in right down the street from her. My mom thought a new place might do my brother and I some good. And it did for the most part. Sarah was a geek to me at first. Always with her nose in her books. Her mother had pulled an awful thing on her a year earlier. She took off for her career and left Sarah and her husband behind. Sarah started reading books like crazy. She wanted to leave reality behind her. Freshman year her father announced that he was getting married. Sarah hated the woman. She was pushy and she knew nothing about being a mom. Then Toby was born and I think that hanging around with me so much made Sarah rebel. She didn't want to baby-sit him, even if she was just staying home."

"But one day she changed. She was happy out of the blue and suddenly she would agree to take care of Toby. I hated that because I was losing my best friend, the only one who ever showed me any concern. Sarah had grounded me some, though I still kept to my wild ways. I did give up smoking junior year of high school and almost gave up drinking. To make a long story short, I still was wild. I got into some trouble senior year of high school and Sarah was the only one there for me. My mom was too emotionally scarred from my father to help me. And the only way I got by was going back to being the way I acted before. What got me in trouble in the first place."

Lee sighed. "I know that I should change, but it's difficult."

"Change is difficult." Jareth smiled. "But it can happen."

Lee smiled. "I know. Sarah said that to me once, even after all the crap she has been through."

Jareth sighed. "I am sorry for your hardship."

"Thank you. That means a lot to me. Please just promise me something?" Jareth nodded. "Talk to Sarah and soon."

Jareth nodded. "I will. May I ask you one other thing?"

"Aren't you just curious tonight?"

"My apologies. There is something I need to know about and I do not wish to ask Sarah about the matter."

"If it's about her, then why can't you ask her?"

"Because I don't want to hurt her."

*God, he really does love her.* "Ok, what do you want to know?"

"Who are John and David?"

Lee's brow furrowed. "How do you know those names?"

"Sarah had nightmares as the fever gripped her. She mentioned two names. John and David. It was obvious they both hurt her in some way."

"Yeah, they did hurt her. One worse than the other though."


"It's a bit of a long story." Jareth nodded for her to continue. "I never knew what happened to Sarah in high school. She might have told me about her trip to the Labyrinth and I probably shrugged it off as a stupid dream of hers. But now I realize that it was real and that's what changed her. One day she came into school, really happy and she was happy for months, but all of a sudden that changed too."

"What do you mean?"

"She got really depressed. And it was so sudden. She stopped eating, sleeping, talking. She stopped reading her fantasy books. It was like she had given up on life."

"When was this?" Jareth frowned.

"Probably a few months after she got back from your Labyrinth." Lee shrugged.

Jareth realized that it must have been the absence of her friends from the mirror that caused her depression.his own foolish fault. He had hurt her with his carelessness. He had smashed the mirror that linked their worlds, in a fit of rage. He hated how the dwarf ran to her when ever she called for him. Sarah never called for the Goblin King. It was always the stupid dwarf. So Jareth broke the mirror and he probably broke her heart too. Damn him. He had not realized what he had done.

"She was like that for weeks and we all became concerned. " Lee continued. "But then something happened when we entered college. This guy transfered to our school. Tall kid, blond hair, blue eyes and he had his eyes set on Sarah right away. This was a pretty amazing thing seeing as how in high school Sarah couldn't even get a date. She was excited because it was obvious that she was attracted to him. She started seeing him and she was happy again. Life was really good to her." Lee grinned and stared intently at Jareth. "It wasn't until just now that I realized something."

"What was that?" He asked, half aware that he had even spoken. His mind was still on the hurt that he had caused Sarah. He hated himself for causing her anguish. Once he would have enjoyed such knowledge, but now....

"You and John look a lot a like. I mean you got the whole wild hair, dramatic clothes thing going, but you look like John or he looks like you. Blond hair, haunting eyes, fair skin, tall. And personality wise you're sort of alike. Tough exterior but you can be charming and sweet when you want to be. I don't think Sarah realized it, and maybe she still hasn't, but John's a lot like you and I think that was what helped her move on."

Jareth swallowed. Could that be true? "What happened to this boy? He hurt Sarah, didn't he?"

"He hurt her all right."

"What did he do to her?"

Lee sighed. "I don't think I should tell you. I mean.maybe Sarah should. It's sort of personal."

"I do not wish to hurt her with my curiousity. Tell me..please." To say that cost Jareth dearly. He hated to beg, but he had to know what had happened to Sarah. He feared this man had changed her and had made her fearful. He may have reduced her to the woman who had whimpered to him not to leave her in her apartment weeks ago. The Sarah he once knew, would never have done such a thing.

"Alright, but you didn't hear this from me, ok?" Jareth nodded. "John was Sarah's first boyfriend. Things were really great for a while. Sarah started to be herself again and John didn't seem to mind. It was actually a real shock what he pulled on her. It was so unexpected because they seemed so close."

"What did he do to her?" He asked again. Jareth could feel himself growing anxious. The thought of Sarah being harmed was more than he could take.

"Well it wasn't so much what he did to her, but what he did to someone else."

Jareth's brows furrowed. "I don't understand."

Lee lowered her voice. "Sarah.well, Sarah wouldn't have sex with him. Hell, Sarah didn't even have her first kiss until she was a freshman in college, so for her to just jump into the sack with this guy wasn't her style. No matter how much she loved him. We all decided to go to Vermont during spring break. Go camping, see the mountains, etc, etc. There was a small group of us, all friends from school. Craig, Sarah and I were out at the grocery store getting ice for the cooler while, Jeff, John, Kim and Melanie set up the tents. We got a flat tire and were delayed for a while. We didn't get back to the camp site till nearly 11 that night."

Jareth crossed his arms over his chest. He already didn't like the sound of this.

"The camp site was really quiet when we got back. Craig and I found a few beer cans lying around near the river and found Jeff and Melanie making out. Sarah had stayed behind at the site. She didn't feel too well and she was going to sleep. She got a really nasty surprise when she walked into her tent."

Lee frowned, remembering Sarah's horrified, heartbroken cry. The sound had never left her. "I'm sure you can guess what she found." Jareth's brows lowered over his eyes. Lee lowered her head. "Yeah, John decided that since Sarah wouldn't sleep with him that he would sleep with Kim. Sarah walked right in on them as they were right in the middle of..uh.. doing 'it'."

Jareth growled, the sound low and deep in his throat.

"Sarah wasn't very happy and.I can't say that I could blame her. She tore off into the woods and Craig and I couldn't find her for over two hours. We were going to call search and rescue. I finally found her crying. She was so hurt. She really loved the guy and he slept with some other chick. The kicker was that he wasn't even drunk when he stuffed her."

Jareth felt his heart ache for Sarah. He could imagine her surprise and horror at finding the man she loved in another woman's arms. Knowing her, she had blamed herself for what had happened when it clearly wasn't her fault. Jareth was beginning to learn how that felt and Sarah was not even his. While one half of him ached, the other half wanted to explode with anger. How dare this man treat Sarah like she was worth nothing! He'd have the man's head on a stake if he ever crossed the Goblin King's path! He forced himself to calm down. What's done is done. he reminded himself. "What happened to her after that?"

"She buried herself in books. She wouldn't go out with anyone. She had a nice job at the bookstore and that's where she stayed. Hidden beneath books. That was the only thing that would keep her happy. She was never the same. She lost a lot of weight, cut herself off from the world. It was really sad. She started coming back to us when she met David. He worked with her at the bookstore, but the bastard led her on after she had fallen for him. He had a girlfriend he hadn't told Sarah about."

Lee sighed deeply. She watched Jareth's reactions.The Goblin King's brows were lowered over his eyes in anger. His hands were clenched into fists by his side. He looked like he was ready to pounce any minute. She knew that he was angry and upset with the situation he found himself in earlier. "I probably shouldn't have told you all of that stuff."

"No, I wanted to know."

Lee sighed. She felt slightly overwhelmed at having told Jareth so much personal information about herself and about Sarah. She forced herself to think to the present. The past was too depressing, not that the future was looking much better.

"I have to say that I am really upset that she's friends with Dartaynian and learning that he tricked her into courting him when he knew the rules and she didn't is not raising my opinion of him. Sarah was really all gung-ho about no more guys in her life after David led her on. I don't want to see her hurt again and I just know that Dart is going to hurt her." Lee slumped into the chair by Jareth's desk. "How am I going to break things to her about this? She's going to be angry and heartbroken."

"Now is not the time to tell her. I've been foolish in thinking that staying away from her would help things. I have only made matters much worse. Perhaps if we work together, we can help her heal. If we don't tell her about what Dartaynian has done, I could send her home when she is well again and she would never know his deviousness."

"Couldn't he just follow her?"

"He does not have the power to do so. Only I have that power because it was I, she summoned."

"But if she goes home, what about you?" Lee stared at him intently.

Jareth appeared strong on the outside even though Lee knew he was slowly dying on the inside. "I will manage. Seeing Sarah happy will be enough for me. She will never be happy with Dartaynian."

Lee was astounded. "I don't think I have ever met anyone like you before. You would give her up, even though you care about her?"

"I care about her and that is why I will let her go. To keep her here where she would be forced to remain with Dartaynian, would slowly kill her and it would kill me to watch her decline." He swallowed, closed his eyes and took a deep breath before reopening them.

" I will try to convince Sarah that she must go home when she feels well again. She will go home and she will find someone who loves her for who she is. She will find her happiness. I see now that she and I were not meant to be together." Lee opened her mouth to protest, and Jareth cut her off. "It grows late. I would like to rest before I confront Sarah in the morning."

Lee nodded. They'd been talking for hours now even though neither of them had realized it. She slowly left the room, just once glance back at him, to see that he had fallen onto the couch in anguish. Her heart ached at the site, but she turned and headed for Sarah's room.

She checked in on Sarah and was glad to see her sleeping. She looked somewhat peaceful and Lee let her be.

Laying back on her own pillow, tears clouded Lee's eyes. She felt sadness and pity and for once she didn't feel those things for herself. She felt them for Sarah who didn't know her full situation with Dartaynian or of Jareth's love. And she felt them for Jareth who would never be able to love Sarah like he truly wanted to.


A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 21 of 40

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