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A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 25 of 40

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Sarah glanced around through the crowds. She looked left and right, in front of her, behind her. The ballroom was already very crowded. She didn't recognize any familiar faces of those that had arrived and Dart had not introduced her to anyone. She was slightly disappointed as he had told her that this ball was in her honor. She thought that he would have introduced her to everyone who entered the grand room. Yet it was Dart who mingled with people while she stood in one corner of the room as he had asked her to do. Maybe he was waiting for all the guests to arrive and then he would introduce her to all of them at one time. She nodded to herself. Yes, that's probably what he would do. It was certainly the most logical choice, but she still felt left out. She would like to meet at least a few people.

The only familiar faces she knew were people she had seen around Dart's castle. Kyerian was standing not far from her. She was deep in conversation with some gentleman. She recognized his chef across the room along with his cooks and helpers as they began to bring out some kind of appetizers before the heavier meals were brought out.

She scanned the crowd again. Where was Jareth and Lee and Hoggle? Were they coming or had they decided not to show? She knew that Lee and Hoggle did not like Dart, that was obvious. She didn't know what Jareth felt toward the lord of Tabor Castle. They were supposed to be friends, but they never acted like friends. They'd had heated words when she was ill and Jareth looked upset or angry anytime Dart's name was mentioned. It was obvious to her that Jareth was disgusted that Dart had not come to stay with her. She frowned. Perhaps they all disliked Dart and none of them would show. She felt her heart sink.

Someone grabbed her hand and Dartaynian was suddenly by her side. "Come, let's meet some people, shall we?" Sarah nodded and followed him out into the crowd that swallowed them whole.

* * *

Jareth, Lee and Hoggle joined the large line outside the doors to the grand ballroom. As they neared the front, ready to enter, they were stopped by a guard.

"I'm afraid you can't enter sir. I haven't seen your invitation."

"Our invitation was spoken word from the Lord Dartaynian himself." Jareth told him.

The guard nodded and reached for a parchment which he began to scan with his eyes. "Name, sire?"

"Jareth, The Goblin King. Along with Lee Matthews and Hoggle."

The guard looked over the parchment carefully and then shook his head. "I'm sorry, but your names are not on the guest list."

"What?" Lee cried out.

"You can see for yourself if you would like, but I'll have to ask you to step to the side. You're blocking the entranceway and the 'invited' guests would like to enter."

Jareth sneered at the guard, ready to knock him to the ground, but he would not make a scene. It wouldn't do any good no matter how good it would feel to hit him. Jareth nodded to Lee and Hoggle to move aside and the three of them began to read over the list. Their names were not on it.

"Maybe he forgot to add them. I mean we did get invited last minute." Lee offered.

"Convinced now that your names are not on the list?" The guard asked them. Jareth could only nod.

"I'll have to ask you to leave the castle. Only 'invited' guests are allowed here at this time."

"But we ARE invited!" Lee cried out. "We have just as every right to enter this room as all of these other people." She gestured to the line of people who were starting to get impatient.

"I beg to differ and my lady, another outburst and I will be forced to remove you instead of allowing you to leave on your own."

Lee opened her mouth to fire back at him but Jareth took her hand into his own. "There is no need. We are leaving." He stepped away, pulling Lee with him. Hoggle followed obediently.

When they had moved away from the crowd at the doorway Lee snatched her hand roughly from Jareth's. "What the hell did you do that for! We have every right to be in there!"

"Dartaynian planned this. I'm certain that he told his guards not to let us enter. I know that guard and he knows me. I've no doubt that he had specific orders not to let us in."

"This is ridicules!" Lee noticed that Jareth had a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"If we can not use the door, we shall use another means of entry. Come." He stepped around a corner, out of sight of the crowd and the guard. He created a crystal which he threw at the ground and the trio disappeared.

Seconds later they reappeared.. in the exact same spot.

* * *

Dartaynian laughed with one of the lords about some sort of politics. He was so busy trying to bust his gut that he didn't notice as one of his guards approaching him.

"My lord, I hate to interrupt you, but." He whispered something into Dartaynian's ear that his guests could not make out.

Dart pulled back and smiled devilishly. "Very good. See to it that all the other entrances are locked and guarded. I don't want them getting in." The guard nodded and disappeared into the crowd.

"Is there a problem, my grace?" One of his guests asked.

"No problem at all, just someone trying to enter that was not invited. My guards are seeing to the situation. Now where were we..?"

* * *

Jareth glanced around wide eyed as they reappeared in the exact same spot.

"Jareth, very funny. It's getting later, we don't have time to be foolish." Lee told him. He was probably delaying the inevitable. That he was going to be subjected to seeing Sarah in Dartaynian's arms.

Jareth grunted angrily. "He's put something up to deflect magic. I can't get us in."

"What?" Lee asked.

"We need to find another way in. There are doors on the west and the eastern sides. We'll have to sneak in there."

Jareth growled when he saw that the western door was guarded. He led the Hoggle and Lee to the eastern door to find it not yet guarded, but locked.

"Can't you make a key or something?" Lee asked him.

"I can NOT use my magic. The room is protected." Jareth leaned against the wall and pounded his fist against the door in frustration. It rattled and he wondered if he kicked at it, if it would open.

"You let me handle the door." Hoggle pulled open his frock coat and revealed his jewelry pouch.

"What cha got there, Hoggle?" Lee asked with interest. She recognized the pouch, but jewels were hardly useful to them now.

Hoggle reached into the bag and pulled forth a key. He put it into the lock and it turned it. Click! With a turn of the handle, the door opened.

"Hoggle, you did it!" Lee cried out. She was so excited that she kissed his cheek. Hoggle pulled away, remembering a time when Sarah had done something similar and they had ended up at the Bog of Eternal Stench. He half expected a door or a shoot to open up that would take him the retched bog.

"Let us enter, before someone sees us breaking in." Jareth told them and he stepped into the room.

They were given curious glances as they walked into the ballroom. They closed and locked the door behind them and the crowd around them whispered and talked amongst themselves at the strange entrance. Everyone else had used the main entrance. Who were these people to use the side door? Did they think that they were special?

"Do you see them?" Lee asked. She picked up her cranberry dress as she walked to keep from tripping on it. It wasn't a very lady like way that she did it, bunching it up in her hands and moving along. She didn't care even though a large group of ladies were staring at her like she was some sort of an idiot. She wanted to stick her tongue out at them.

Jareth did not answer her, his eyes were scanning the large crowd for Sarah.

"You coming Hoggle?" Lee asked the dwarf. He nodded. She laughed seeing the expression on his face as he followed behind the mortal woman and the Goblin King. He seemed to sneer at the crowd around him and more than one of the elegantly dressed among the crowd gave a look of disgust as Hoggle passed by.

Lee felt so plain among these people. They were all tall, skinny and incredibly beautiful. She wasn't exactly short herself, being 5' 7", but she felt like a midget compared to these people. She could only imagine what poor Hoggle felt.

Jareth stopped and Lee nearly bumped into him. His glance was directly in front of him and Lee peered around him to see what he had found. Jareth glanced down at Lee. "He's already hovering over her."

Her meant Sarah. Dartaynian had her hand in his and he was introducing Sarah to many of his guests.

"We'll have to wait to speak to her. I don't want him to see us. Follow me." Jareth strode off before Lee or Hoggle could utter a word. Lee followed him to one side of the room that she realized would provide them with a view of much of the ballroom. Jareth obviously planned to watch and wait until the perfect moment made itself available to him. Then he would approach Sarah.

* * *

Sarah's hand was beginning to hurt from shaking so many hands. She had forgotten half of the names that Dart had told her. She was a little disappointed that Dart had always introduced her as the one who defeated Jareth's Labyrinth. She didn't like the gleam in his eyes when he said that, or the comments others made, insulting Jareth.

Dart had yet to let go of Sarah's other hand and occasionally he would give it a light squeeze. He was enjoying himself and Sarah tried to smile at him as they made their way to a table. Dinner would be served soon and she still had not see Jareth, Lee or Hoggle.

"Do you think they ran into trouble on the way here?" Sarah asked as Dart pulled out a chair and helped seat her.

"Who's that, dear?"

"Jareth, Lee and Hoggle. I haven't seem them all night."

"Oh them." Dart said flatly. "Perhaps they were just running late. I'm sure they will show." He patted her hand which he still held and brought it to his lips before placing it on Sarah's lap.

Jareth watched the entire display from across the room.

* * *

Tables appeared like magic throughout the ballroom and the guests sat themselves while they waited for the food. Sarah still glanced around the room constantly in search of Jareth and the others. Her heart was beginning to sink as well as her spirits as time continued to pass and she didn't see them.

"I should like to welcome you all to this ball!" Dartaynian shouted. He was standing at his place at the table, a glass of wine in his hands. The crowd immediately simmered down. Sarah felt her heart beat wildly in her chest as Dart's eyes fell upon her. He was going to introduce her to the crowd, she was certain of it. She didn't know whether to be excited or scared.

"It's with great honor that we all gather here today." Sarah hung on his every word as Dart glanced out at the crowd. Sarah prepared herself to stand on his command. "Today marks the 4 hundred and twenty ninth year of my rule over this wonderful Kingdom."

The crowd clapped and cheered at the words. Sarah smiled. She had not known that today also marked such an occasion for Dart (nor did she realize how old he was!) and he had allowed her to share this day with him. She felt so honored.

Dart picked up his glass to the crowd and many others did the same, raising their wine glasses to the lord. Sarah felt her heart pound in her chest. He was going to announce her. "To the continuing prosperity of my Kingdom!" he called out loudly.

"Here! Here!"

Sarah watched Dart drain the wine from his glass in seconds. She felt disappointment stab her. Dart wouldn't even look at her. He was shaking hands with those who had approached the table to congratulate him. Sarah suddenly wanted to disappear under the table.

* * *

"That asshole!" Lee cried out. She ignored the people who's eyes widened at her insult of Dartaynian. "He didn't even mention Sarah!"

"You actually expected him to?" Jareth inquired. He leaned against the wall and sighed. He could see Sarah sitting at the table. She wasn't even touching her dinner. She sat with her head hung low looking very rejected. He wished that he could go to her and take her away from this place.

* * *

As soon as dinner was over, the tables disappeared by way of magic and music filled the room. Couples began to file out onto the floor and Sarah wondered if now, Dart would pay some attention to her. He had been so attentive at the beginning of the night, but as time passed he seemed to distance himself from her. She still had not seen her friends and she was beginning to worry.

Jareth watched her from across the room. He longed to go to her and dance with her, but Dartaynian had skillfully left her in the care of some of his guards and servants. He would make quite the scene if he attempted to see her or dance with her.

"Excuse me, your highness." Jareth turned at the voice, to see a young man beside him.


The young man looked rather nervous and the King didn't quite understand where the behavior came from until he saw the young man's eyes fall upon Lee. Jareth suddenly understood.

"I.that is to say, I don't know if you came with the lady, well of course you came with the lady but, I haven't seen you dance all night. You can say no if you want.. I-"

Jareth smiled. "If you would like to dance with the Lady, then why don't you ask her yourself?"

The young man nodded and he stepped in front of Lee, who had yet to even notice his presence.

"M-my lady." the young man began. "I would like to ask you, that is to say, .may I have the honor of a dance?"

Lee absolutely brightened and for a moment Jareth feared that she would revert back to the flirtatious woman he had known upon her arrival. Before she could open her mouth, Jareth spoke.

"It's never too late to change." He told her.

Lee seemed to understand exactly what Jareth was talking about. She smiled at the handsome dark haired man with vibrant blue eyes that stood before her. For once, a guy had come to her and not the other way around. "Sure. I would love to dance." she told him.

The man nodded and offered her his hand as he pulled her out on the dance floor. "What is your name my lady?"

"Lee. What's your's?"

"What a beautiful name. My name is Loryian."

Lee smiled. "Well Loryian, let's dance."

Jareth watched as Lee and the young man named Loryian began to dance. He smiled despite himself. At least someone would have a bit of fun tonight.

* * *

Sarah continued to scan the crowd as she had all night and she nearly cried out when she saw Lee dancing. She hardly recognized her friend. Lee had pulled her short red hair up into some sort of twist. She had considerably less make-up on than she usually wore and she had chosen a beautiful deep cranberry dress that was not too revealing, but also not something that covered her up. Sarah laughed as she watched Lee and some handsome young man dancing together.

If Lee was here then that meant. It was right then and there that she suddenly felt someone's eyes on her. She glanced up and directly into the mismatched eyes of the Goblin King. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him and across the room, Jareth had the same reaction as their eyes finally met.

Sarah was dressed more beautifully then he had ever seen her. She was dressed in a silver dress, that reminded him of one from a dream. It didn't have the puffy sleeves, it was sleeveless, but the bodice was covered with jewels and the skirt of the dress was full and long. Her long dark hair had been curled and pulled half up with jewels and ribbons. Jareth could not take his eyes off of her. He had not really noticed how she was dressed, even though he had been staring at her all night. He had been too busy noticing her grief, and his anger toward Dartaynian had blinded him. But now as he gazed at her, all he could see was her beauty.

It was as if Dartaynian knew of what was going on and that is exactly what had happened. Dart had been surprised to see Lee dancing on the floor with a man and upon further inspection he found the Goblin King and Hoggle across the room. He had no idea how they had managed to get in, but it mattered little now. He would not be able to mingle with the ladies as he had wanted to. He had to protect what was rightfully his, from the Goblin King. Sarah was his trophy and she would stay that way.

"Sarah, shall we dance?" Dart asked her suddenly appearing by her side. Sarah was hardly aware that he had taken her hand and was pulling her from the table. Her eyes were on Jareth and they hadn't moved from his form. Dart pulled her roughly against him onto the dance floor and the sudden movement caused Sarah to lose eye contact with Jareth. She searched desperately for him, but she could not find him.

"What intrigues you so, my dear? Come, dance with me."

Sarah frowned. Why was Dartaynian suddenly interested in her company?

They danced to two different songs. Both instrumentals with piano and flutes and stringed instruments. Sarah continued to look for Jareth, but she had yet to find him. She spotted Lee a few times. She was still with that young man and they had settled at a table on one side of the room and they were talking.

Sarah didn't even notice when Dartaynian released her to his guards once again. She was still searching for Jareth, looking for that wild blond hair, those mesmerizing mismatched eyes.

A voice suddenly caught her attention, a woman's voice. It was deep, almost seductive and Sarah turned to Dart to ask about it until she realized that Dart was not beside her. He was with the woman with the deep voice. She was beautiful, with dark hair past her waist and green haunting eyes. Dartaynian was flaunting himself to her and Sarah suddenly felt ill.

Sarah watched him, forgetting about her search for Jareth. Sure Dartaynian had danced with other women tonight, but it had been harmless. But this.he was flirting openly with her and right in front of everyone no less.

The woman flirted right back with him, their comments playing off of each others. Sarah realized that Dartaynian was speaking old English to the woman, yet he had not done that all night! In fact, except for their first few meetings together, Dart had not spoken in old English to Sarah. She suddenly realized something and it made her more than sick to her stomach. It made her angry.

"You deceiving bastard!"

The comment came out of nowhere and there was a gasp from the crowd around them. Sarah almost couldn't believe that the words had come out of her mouth.

Dartaynian turned on her, his usually warm eyes, cold as Arctic ice. "What did you just call me?" The lady who stood beside him looked on in amusement.

"I.I called you a deceiving bastard because that is exactly what you are! You and your phony accent and charm to get women! I see right through you!" Sarah shouted. The entire room had hushed and everyone was listening in surprise to the mortal woman who dared to speak to the lord in such a manner. "You disgust me! I can't believe I didn't see through your phoniness before!"

"You had better curb your tongue, mortal. How dare you speak to me in such a tone, after all that I have done for you!" Dart's eyes flashed anger, dangerous anger.

"You've done nothing for me!" Sarah shouted back, not caring that she was practically screaming. "Everything you've done has been for yourself! You're no different than any other man! No doubt you've been nice to me so you could try to coax me into your bed!" the words came out before she could stop them. She felt used and angry. She felt naïve and blind, absolutely foolish.

She was so busy thinking of how retched and stupid she felt, that she didn't even see the hand that swung toward her face. She fell backward and onto the floor at the sheer force of his hand upon her cheek. Dartaynian had slapped her and very hard.

There was no look of pity as she fell onto her bottom at the feet of everyone. In fact as soon as she started rubbing her stinging cheek some people began to laugh. She looked up to see Dartaynian smirking at her. The lady at his side was laughing.

Sarah felt tears well in her eyes. How had she not seen this coming? And why did this hurt, when she didn't even love him? She stumbled to her feet, tears stinging her eyes as she tore off through the crowd, trying to push her way out of the room. Her pace picked up as the laughter in the room increased.

She didn't hear the gasp that went through the crowd as a wild haired man with mismatched eyes drove his fist angrily into the Lord of Tabor Castle's face, knocking the lord right to the ground. It was only the retreating woman that saved the wild haired man from being arrested by guards, as he took off after her.

Sarah raced blindly through the crowd. She wasn't looking where she was going and she ran straight into someone.

She looked up to see who she had crashed into and when she saw that it was Jareth she couldn't hold back her tears any longer. He took her hand into his. "Follow me." He whispered. She nodded wordlessly and followed him as he pulled her away before she lost any sense of composure she might have left. The crowd parted as they went. They were too shocked to try and stop the pair.

Hoggle made his way to Lee's side. The red head was positively boiling with anger. Her face was bright red and holding her back from going to hit Dartaynian was quite a challenge for Loryian and Hoggle.

"Let me go! If you won't let me put my fist into that bastard's face, at least let me see if Sarah will be ok!"

"Let them go, Lee." Loryian told her softly He nodded to The Goblin King and the mortal woman's retreating forms. "The King has already avenged the lady with some violence of his own and I'm sure he will see to it that she is ok. Of that I'm certain." He smiled warmly and Lee was taken back for a moment. She gave Loryian an expression of surprise. Wasn't he going to laugh at the situation like everyone else had? Wasn't he going to walk away from her because those were her friends that caused so much chaos?


"He's been staring at her all night. I know who she is and I know who he is. I've heard the rumors, you know. If it's true what they say about the Goblin King's feelings, then she will be in good hands. She will be all right with him."

Lee nodded, knowing that what Loryian said was true. She knew of Jareth's feelings for Sarah first hand. Jareth would soothe Sarah's troubles away or he would die trying to.

Lee sighed heavily and watched as Jareth and Sarah disappeared through the crowded doorway and out into the darkness of the hall.


A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 25 of 40

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