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A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

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One year later.

Sarah was so anxious that she couldn't keep her hands from twitching. She sat, she stood, she paced. Where were they? Just as she was about to go looking for Jareth, she heard voices and the door to the sitting room opened.

"Sarah!" cried a feminine voice.


The two friends rushed into each other's arms while Jareth and Loryian stood at the doorway and smiled.

"My God, has it really been a year?" Lee asked. Her face was flushed and the excitement of seeing her friend again sparkled in her eyes.

"Time has really flown, hasn't it?" Sarah replied. She turned to see Loryian standing beside Jareth in the doorway. "Lory, it's so good to see you again." She walked a few strides to him and hugged him tightly.

The young man who had been quite slender one year before had filled out considerably. Sarah wondered what Lee had been feeding him. He looked very well. "And you as well, Sarah. You look very content."

She smiled and glanced at Jareth before speaking, "I am. Is the Aboveworld everything that you thought it would be?" Sarah asked him.

"Oh, yes, and more! Lee has been a wonderful guide." He smiled at Lee sweetly and she blushed. He still had that effect on her.

"Why don't we let you two ladies catch up, hmm?" Jareth suggested. Sarah smiled her thanks and he smiled in return, not able to resist placing a kiss on her cheek. Moments later, Jareth and Loryian left the two women alone.

Lee suddenly had a knowing grin on her face. "Soooo, aren't you going to tell me?"

Sarah tilted her head. "Tell you what?"

Lee grinned. "Oh, come on, Sarah. How is he in bed? And did you enjoy your first time?"

Sarah knew the subject would be brought up eventually. "Is sex all that you ever think about?" She teased.


"Yeah, right!"

Lee smirked. "Sex isn't all I think about. At least not anymore. I've been playing tour guide, remember? So tell me how it went."

"I couldn't tell you, because it hasn't happened yet." Sarah shrugged.

Lee's brows furrowed as she let out an astounded, "What? You mean to tell me that you and Jareth have been together for a year and you haven't slept together?"

"That's exactly what I'm telling you."

"Well, why the hell haven't you two jumped in the sack yet? What are you waiting for?"

Sarah smiled at Lee's phrases. Oh, how she had missed hearing her say such things. "It's been a busy year. I've been learning how to run the Kingdom. It's far more work than I ever imagined. Paperwork, treaties, visits to other kingdoms for balls and parties and political reasons. Jareth wanted to make certain that this is the life that I wanted and that I knew what was to be expected if I became Queen."

"Sarah, you know damn well this is the life that you want. You were always a dreamer and what is there to go home to? You love Jareth, he loves you. It's a good match."

"I know that we're a good match and I don't plan on going anywhere. I am very happy here with Jareth."

"I sense a 'but' coming on."

Sarah smiled sadly. "I don't think that either of us was ready to 'jump in the sack' right away. We had both been through a lot with the court and nearly losing each other. The first few months we kept each other at arm's length just to make sure that this was all real."

"You were that close and you didn't sleep together?"

"We've slept together occasionally but we didn't have sex together."

Lee shook her head. "I don't get you two at all. Sleeping in the same bed and not getting it on."

"And what about you and Lory? Have you slept with him?" Sarah asked her. Lee grinned. "I knew it."

"You don't know anything!" Lee told her. "To tell you the honest truth, we haven't slept together." Sarah's jaw dropped and Lee giggled. "Shocked you, didn't I?"

"Are you serious? Did something happen between you two?" Sarah frowned thinking that things might not have worked out for them.

"Nothing bad happened, if that's what you mean. We have just been so busy traveling. I've been showing him the world and he is so fascinated by it. He's like a kid in a candy store. I'll show him something and his eyes get as big as saucers and he can't stop chattering. It's very cute." Lee smiled. "But I've changed a lot from who I used to be. I don't party anymore. I no longer drink or smoke. I don't try to attract attention to myself. And sex isn't the most important thing to me anymore. Love is."

Sarah's eyes filled with tears and she pulled her friend into a hug. "I'm so proud of you."

Lee smiled and hugged Sarah back. "Thanks." They pulled away moments later and Lee asked, "So what happened here after we left? How's our friend Fart doing and Lady Talia as well?"

"Well, word is that Dartaynian has taken to wearing a cloak. No one can stand to look at him, himself included. They either find him disgusting or amusing. He doesn't leave his castle, he hasn't seen one woman and his once flourishing kingdom is dying. No one will trade with him, except for a very select few. Most of his subjects have moved to other kingdoms to get away from him. He's said to be moody and more violent than ever. He's also said to be completely miserable and that he curses Jareth and myself every chance that he gets."

"Jerk. Aren't you and Jareth worried that he'll try to come after you?"

"We were at first and sometimes we still worry, but the court is keeping a close eye on Dartaynian. If he starts misbehaving they'll either lock him up or kill him. He's already been warned."

"And what about Lady Talia? The poor girl was carrying his child."

"Well, lucky for Talia there was a complication with the pregnancy and she lost the baby. Jareth heard from his old friend, Jasper, that she's seeing someone and they are very happy together. Her father had trouble forgiving her, but he has with some time."

"It sounds as if everything has turned out well here."

Sarah bit her lip. "And what about at home? How is everyone? My family, Mrs. Miller?"

"Mrs. Miller misses you a lot, but you don't know how happy she was to learn that you were going to live with your old friends and that you had finally found the man of your dreams. She said to say hello and that she's happy for you."

Sarah smiled. "That's good old Mrs. M. Always wanting the best for everyone. How is my family?" Lee made a face and Sarah immediately thought the worst. "Are they all right?"

"Well, your father and Karen divorced." Lee said slowly.

Sarah's eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

Lee nodded. "When you came up missing, your father blamed Karen for it completely. She had a fit, they got into a fight and she even threw stuff at your dad. She kept going off that you were an adult and that you could take care of yourself. Your dad was really upset that they couldn't contact you and he blamed Karen for her ridiculous idea of kicking you out of the house. There was a custody battle over Toby and your dad won. The state evaluated Karen and found her unfit to raise a child. She doesn't even have visiting rights."

Sarah covered her mouth with her hands. She couldn't believe this. It was a complete shock. "And what about Toby?"

"The kid's doing really well despite everything. Maybe that's because he doesn't have his mother screaming at him every five minutes. He misses you, naturally, but your dad is taking really good care of him. He's doing well in elementary school and has taken a real liking to soccer."

Sarah smiled. "I miss them. I think about them often."

"You'll always miss them. They're your family, but you have Jareth now, Sarah, and he's who is important."

"I know, but I can't help but miss home and my family."

Lee gave Sarah a warm smile and hugged her friend. "I know. So when are you and Jareth going know, make love?" She pushed.

Sarah laughed and the tears that were starting to form in her eyes went away. "I don't know. When I tell him I'm ready, I guess."

"And are you ready?"

"I.I don't know. I'm a little frightened and I think that has made me skeptical to go to Jareth and tell him that I'm ready. He really believes that we can bond, but I am so doubtful."

"And why's that?"

"I'm not Fae, Lee. Who knows if bonding can even happen for us? Jareth seems to think that it can, but in reality, he doesn't know for sure. I mean, what if I disappoint him?"

Lee gripped Sarah's shoulders. "Sar, you're not going to disappoint him. He loves you and anything you do is going to be fine by him. Stop worrying so much."

"Well, what about you and Lory? It seems that you two love each other and yet you haven't had sex."

"Sar, to be honest, Lory and I haven't really even had the time to engage in anything sexual. We're so busy traveling and seeing new things each day that when it's finally time for bed, we're too tired to do anything. But guess what, when we do something, it's going to be really special and you know why? Because we love each other. And it's real love. Not, 'I think I love you, lets screw and then well, shit, we don't love each other.' It's love and I've learned from Lory to be patient. You and Jareth have been patient, you're just afraid. And that's ok, but when you are ready, you need to tell him or he's going to think that something is wrong."

"I want to tell him." Sarah admitted.

"I thought that you said you didn't know how you felt about that?"

Sarah sighed. "I know that I'm ready to take the next step, but my fear has kept me from following through."

"I can't help you there, Sar. You have to get over that fear on your own. We should probably see what the men are up to. They might be getting into trouble."

Sarah laughed. "Those two? I doubt it!"

* * *

A small welcome party was thrown in honor of Lee and Loryian returning to the Underground. Their stay would be short, but the Seelie Court and the High Prefect had allowed them to visit. Loryian's parents and his brother came. Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus attended, as well as Delphina and her husband and Galyon.

The party ended fairly early as some people had a long way to travel home. Not all Fae could transport themselves from place to place like Jareth could.

Sarah and Jareth bid good night to Lee and Loryian and Jareth bid Sarah goodnight as he retired to his study. He had paperwork that he had neglected because of the party and now it had to be done.

Sarah tossed and turned in bed for a while and then finally throwing the covers aside, she grabbed her robe and stepped out into the hallway.

Jareth sat back in his chair and signed the last bit of paperwork. The door suddenly creaked open and he glanced back to see Sarah enter the room. She walked over to him very slowly.

A look of concern appeared on Jareth's face. "What is it, love?" He reached for her and gently took her hand into one of his, smoothing over the top of it with his thumb.

She took a deep breath. "Jareth, I'm ready," she blurted. He gave her a puzzled look. Sarah exhaled and took another deep breath. Of course Jareth wouldn't know what she was thinking. "I'm ready to bond with you." She told him straight out.

Jareth's brows arched up and then he gave her a knowing expression. "This sudden decision doesn't happen to do with Lee, does it?"

"Yes and no." Sarah told him. "Jareth, I've been ready for a while now, but I've been afraid to tell you."

Jareth frowned. "Why were you afraid?"

Sarah lowered her chin to her chest and closed her eyes. Jareth stood and reached for her other hand to hold it in his. Hesitantly, she gazed up at him. "I know how much bonding means to the Fae, but I'm not Fae, Jareth. I don't even know if I can bond with you."

"Sarah, even if we could not bond completely, joining with you physically will be more than satisfying. It will be magic." He pulled her gently to him. "I love you, Sarah, more than life itself. Never doubt that."

Tears shimmered in Sarah's eyes. "I know that you love me and I love you, but I don't want for your hopes to be up and for me to bring them tumbling down. I.I don't want to disappoint you."

Jareth smiled and chuckled. "Sarah, I had begun to prepare myself for a life without you, if we can't bond I am not going to be disappointed. Having you by my side is a miracle itself, the other things are so minor."

Sarah smiled and she realized that she was feeling better. Jareth was right.

"Are you certain that you are ready?" Jareth asked her.

She reached up and placed a kiss on his lips. Her voice was low and throaty as she spoke. "I've never been more ready in my life." She smiled a genuine smile and kissed him again. He responded instantly, but pulled back as she tried to slip off his frock coat.

"Not here, love." His eyes were suddenly glazed with desire.

Sarah smiled. "Well, your bedroom or mine?"

'Neither." He kissed her and scooped her up into his arms. She felt the tingling sensation of magic and the study suddenly faded from view.

* * *

Sarah gazed around in awe. She had never seen this place before. It was old, the worn writing etched in the walls in a language she did not know, proved the age. Jareth was leading her quietly, his hand wrapped tightly, protectively, over her own. She noticed that he was dressed differently. He wore a white robe with gold trim and white form fitting pants. Glancing down, Sarah found that she wore different clothes as well. A thin, silky white robe and a pair of her underwear were all that clothed her.

Walking through a few tunnels lit only by torches, they finally reached a large room. There was a large oak bed that looked strangely out of place within the stone cavern. It was dressed with deep purple sheets, and deep purple sashes hung down from the canopy bed. Her breath caught when she saw the candles lit, giving a soft glow. And, upon further inspection, she saw that the moon and stars could be seen shining through a large skylight.

"What is this place?" She asked him.

"This is the true center of the Labyrinth. Its power can be felt most strongly in this place."

Jareth suddenly seemed nervous. "Sarah, there is something." He started.


He made a gesture with his hands and motioned for her to turn around. She did so and she suddenly felt something cold and metal rest against her. Looking down, her fingers captured what Jareth had put on her. A pendent, just like his, only smaller.

"What is this?" she asked in confusion.

"It is the crest of my kingdom, a show of power." Jareth took a deep breath. "A crown for my future Queen."

Sarah's eyes widened and they sparkled with tears.

Jareth nodded at her expression. "Yes, Sarah. I want you to be my Queen." Softly he added. "Will you agree?"

Sarah threw her arms around his neck. "Of course I agree!"

Jareth smiled as she pulled away and traced over the pendant with her fingers. She looked up at him. He looked so incredibly handsome. He moved toward her, his fingers reaching for her robe, but stopped when he noticed her hands trembling.

"Sarah, if you are not ready.?"

She shook her head. 'I am ready. I'm just nervous.I." She lowered her head, shyly. "I've never done this before, Jareth. I."

"Ssshh. You are not alone."

She raised her head, her eyes wide. "You've never.?"

He shook his head. "I've never." He reached to touch her and she felt him shaking. He was nervous, too! The nervousness extended further as he gazed at her."What if I don't please you?" He asked softly.

She smiled and gently kissed his cheek. "I wouldn't worry about that. You've always pleased me and you always will."

"But what if I hurt you? I've heard that it hurts a woman her first time."

Sarah lowered her head. She knew little about this, except what she had read or heard from others. "I've heard it only hurts a short while. I wouldn't worry about it."

'But I do worry, Sarah. I love you and I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't." She smiled at him and moved closer to him. "Your love will shine through any pain."

"I want this to be perfect, Sarah."

"It will be and if it isn't, we have the rest of our lives to learn how to perfect it."

"But this time is special, Sarah. We can be intimate any time, but only once will we bond. Only once will we feel the magic of this world as closely as we will tonight. It will link our minds and bodies."

Sarah frowned and Jareth immediately realized why. "Stop worrying. We have a very good chance of being able to bond. And you have been within the presence of magic for over a year. We might have a good deal more than a chance." He kissed her lips softly. "No matter what happens, this will be enjoyable. For us both."

Sarah nodded.

Jareth reached for her, his hands trembling as he sought to touch her. He bowed his head at the last moment and kissed her full on the lips. He traced her lips with his tongue and then gently entered her mouth as she parted her lips.

Their hands were suddenly everywhere. Sarah was kissing his neck, his chest and Jareth shivered as she did so. Her hands and lips moved chaotically over his skin.

Jareth groaned as she pressed open-mouthed kisses on his throat. His eyes fluttered shut as a startling ache shot through him.

Sarah smiled at his reaction to her touch and she pressed her body against him, needing to be closer to him. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back as she felt him swell and harden almost immediately against her stomach. Last time she had been so frightened of such a feeling, but now she couldn't think of anything more pleasurable.

Jareth groaned, feeling the warmth of her against him. A throbbing was starting in his groin and he growled and kissed Sarah's mouth eagerly as they stumbled toward the bed. Sarah's hands slid between them, reaching to touch him and gently Jareth captured them with his own.

"We're moving too quickly." He warned, out of breath. "We need to slow down."

She nodded. He bent and gently kissed her mouth. Jareth slowly trailed a finger between her breasts over the fabric of her robe. Sarah shivered and barely suppressed a moan. Carefully, he removed her pendant and then removed his own.

Slowly, he moved the silk robe away from her body, watching it fall away from her shoulders and pool at her waist where it was still tied. "You're so beautiful," he purred. He pulled his gloves from his hands and gently trailed his bare fingers over her skin. She shivered at the touch and arched into it, making Jareth smile. He kissed her throat and trailed down her chest slowly, experimenting with his tongue. Sarah cried out as he did this.

She could feel him pressing himself closer to her lower body as he explored her. It was an amazing feeling and it shot waves of pleasure rippling through her. She untied his robe and let it fall away from him before she reached down in between them and ran her fingers along the warm hard length of his erection. Jareth trembled and his head fell back as he groaned.

Catching his breath, he leaned forward and nipped her neck with his sharp teeth. "Slowly,.remember?"

She smiled seductively and reached for his pants.

Jareth playfully slapped her hand away. "Sarah."

"Jareth!" She grinned, but then her expression became both serious and seductive. "I want to see you."

"You can see me. I'm right in front of you." He teased.

She shook her head and reached for the waistband of his white pants. "I want to see all of you." She quickly ran her fingers up the length of his erection through the fabric, getting satisfaction in watching his jaw clench, his eyes squeeze shut and hearing his low groan. She wasn't about to tell him that she'd never seen an erection before and that she desperately wanted to see his.

His voice trembling, he said, "You, my dear, are quite persistent." Before she had the chance to react, he lowered his head and covered the nipple of one of her breasts with his mouth. The desire to do so had come out of nowhere and he realized that instinct alone was guiding him.

It was a good distraction as Sarah's head fell back and she arched herself into his touch, forgetting about touching Jareth for a moment. Jareth swirled his tongue around her and sucked and nibbled her gently. Sarah could hardly deal with the sensations shooting through her. Her body suddenly seemed to be on fire and there was an aching that settled rather quickly between her legs.

Jareth continued his actions, realizing with delight that he was pleasing her. He captured her other breast with his mouth and when he was finished exploring that one, he trailed wet kisses to her collarbone.

Sarah groaned and her hands reached blindly for Jareth and, once she had gotten a hold of him, she squeezed his skin.

Jareth placed one hand behind Sarah's back, realizing that she was leaning backwards. He ran one bare finger down from her throat in between her breasts stopping at the tie of her robe at her waist.

"How does that feel?" He asked her.

"Ga.Good." She stuttered. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was heavy. Very slowly he lowered her onto the large bed. Sarah was barely aware of the soft sheets beneath her.

Jareth trailed kisses up her body, lingering in places before he reached up and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

Sarah reached for him, pulling him down to her as she responded eagerly. She felt him press against her lower body and she shifted her hips up to reach him. The robe that she wore and his tight pants did little to hide the contact.

Sarah's fingers snagged the waistband of his pants and Jareth lifted his hips. Slowly, she began to lower his pants down over his hips. Jareth reached down to help her and together they pulled the fabric away from his body. Sarah stared in awe at the sight of him fully aroused.

"What is it?" Jareth asked, seeing her wide eyed expression.

She smiled at him and sighed. "Do you know how beautiful you are?"

He chuckled and kissed her lips. He attempted to try and please her again, but she stilled his roaming hands. "It's my turn." She told him. She pushed him down to lay on his back beside her and kissed his lips before trailing kisses down his lean chest. As she neared his abdomen, she stopped. Her smile turned wicked.

"Does this feel good?" She asked. Slowly she touched him, caressing the length of his erection with long, soft feathery strokes. Jareth let out a long low groan that vibrated deep in his throat. Sarah smiled at the reaction, as well as the way that he shifted his hips so she could get a better angle to touch him.

She trailed her fingers along the length once again and then circled the tip of his erection with one finger, realizing that her finger was wet with liquid.

Jareth pushed her hand away suddenly as an uncontrollable urge raged through him. He pushed her down to the bed. Looming over her, he captured her mouth roughly. Sarah didn't seem to mind in the least as his body pressed against hers and he rolled his tongue around in her mouth. His hands reached for the tie of her robe between them and he undid it, gently tugging the clothing away from her. His mouth left hers as he sat back for a moment and reached for her underwear. He didn't waste any time in pulling the silk material down her legs.

He calmed himself and slowly trailed his fingers over her lower stomach. Sarah shook beneath him in anticipation. There was a steady throbbing between her legs and she was certain that only he could tame it.

His hand slid lower and carefully, he swept his fingers through her dark curls. He touched her everywhere but where she wanted him to.


He grinned. "Please what?"

"Touch me." Her words were a throaty whisper.

He didn't have to be told twice. Gently, he touched the sensitive folds that protected her. Sarah lifted her hips toward him, making soft groaning sounds. He moved his fingers over her slowly but did not make any move to penetrate her. She groaned as his fingers moved over one particular spot. She began to gasp and move her hips and Jareth continued to touch her, rubbing the same spot repeatedly.

Sarah cried out loudly as the throbbing between her legs exploded into a completely new feeling, one of release. She grasped the sheets of the bed tightly, her head sinking back into the pillows as tiny whimpers escaped her throat. Slowly the sensation faded and left her feeling content

Jareth smiled at her reaction. He had no doubt pleased her and that pleased him greatly. "Sarah, are you all right?"

Her eyes met his and she nodded, not trusting her voice to speak. She had no doubt in her mind that she'd just experienced her first orgasm and the thought of it coming from Jareth aroused her all over again. Her eyes fell upon him. She reached up to touch him, feeling the throbbing return between her legs as her hands skimmed over the warmth of his chest. Jareth groaned at her touch and he lowered himself to her.

She kissed his mouth, his throat, his chest. One hand drifted lower and her fingers closed around his erection while her other hand reached up and buried itself into his hair. Jareth lifted his hips and she moved her hand over him. His breathing became harsh and he hastily pushed her hand away. His eyes sought hers and, once they met, they both knew what was about to happen.

"I don't know how this will effect us." He told her.

She kissed his mouth. "It will be magic."

He smiled at her words and then lowered himself onto her. He guided himself toward her with his hand and hesitated.

Sarah's hand closed over his and she helped guide him until the tip of his erection touched between her legs. She shivered from the sensation.

Jareth was trembling and she could tell that he was afraid to hurt her. Taking the initiative, she thrust her hips toward him and, in one swift motion, broke the barrier between them and felt him enter her very soul.

Sarah cried out at first. Him entering her body was indeed painful but, as she shifted her hips, the pain faded and a feeling of pleasure took its place.

Jareth wasn't moving a muscle. He had heard her cry and he believed any further movements would hurt her. He felt the warmth of her hand brush over his cheek and he looked into her eyes.

"It's ok.The pain is gone." She smiled, trying to convince him that things were fine now.

Jareth nodded and lowered himself to her and, as he did so, a soft glow surrounded them. Jareth moved slowly within her and she mirrored his movements. The feeling of pleasure was well beyond what Sarah had experienced earlier. Suddenly, she was very aware of everything around her. Her eyes widened at the feelings, they were wonderful and frightening all at once. She fidgeted nervously beneath him.

"No, don't. It's the bonding Sarah. Concentrate and tell me what you feel."

"'s strange. I'm aware of everything about you. I suddenly feel as if I'd been there with you for everything you've ever gone through."

Jareth grinned. So she could feel it too. "Our minds are linked. For a short while we will know everything about each other and we will feel each other's pain and joy."

For a moment neither of them moved. They were too swept away with what they felt. Jareth rocked his hips, thrusting gently. Sarah followed his movements and she felt something build within her again.

Jareth lowered his head as he moved and he captured Sarah's mouth with his. "I love you," he told her.

Sarah was about to open her mouth to tell him that she felt the same way about him, when Jareth shifted his hips in a different way and the contact caused another orgasm to rip through her. She cried out, clutching onto Jareth as she came.

Jareth felt her release and rode it with her. He felt her muscles tighten around him, and the throbbing and aching in his groin exploded as he found his own release. He cried out from the sheer force of it.

Sarah felt his release and she felt him empty himself within her. Jareth collapsed against her, burying his face into her neck.

For several moments, neither one of them moved except to breathe. Finally, Jareth lifted his head and looked into Sarah's eyes.

"I" She told him.

Jareth grinned and captured her mouth with his. He rolled to his back, still joined with her and she rolled with him, resting against him. She lowered her cheek to the warmth of his chest. The waves of their release slowly faded and the glow disappeared.

Sarah lifted her head after listening to the beat of Jareth's heart for several moments. She had never felt something so spectacular and so shattering in all of her life. "Was that bonding?"

Jareth smiled and buried one of his hands into her soft dark hair. "Oh, yes." He pulled her against him and she rested her face on his chest once again. The feeling of knowing each other completely was fading and in the dim light they enjoyed what they could before it was gone. Sleep claimed them both not much later.

* * *

The next morning both Sarah and Jareth were positively glowing with life. Sarah felt such a feeling of peace and joy. One that she had never felt before. Jareth appeared to feel the same. He couldn't stop smiling at her.

Lee and Loryian arrived at the breakfast table a little late. They looked rather tired, but they too seemed happier than usual.

As soon as breakfast was over, Sarah rushed over to see Lee and pulled her away from the table and the men.

"Lee, it was the most amazing thing I have ever known." Sarah blurted to her.

Lee smiled knowingly. "You and Jareth made love last night, didn't you?" Sarah nodded and Lee grinned. She had expected as much. "Well, you and Jareth weren't the only ones who saw a little action last night." Lee's smile turned wicked.

Sarah grabbed Lee and hugged her. "You and Lory?"


Lee smiled as Sarah pulled back. "Judging by how happy you and Jareth look this morning, I'd say our lovemaking wasn't quite as exciting as yours, but Lory thinks that we came as close to bonding as two humans possibly could. It wasn't sex. It was love and it was very shattering for both of us."

"Oh Lee! I'm so happy for you!"

"And I'm happy for you. You and Jareth deserve complete happiness." Sarah started grinning and Lee cocked her head to the side. "What the hell are you smirking about?"

Sarah bit her lip and leaned closer to Lee. She glanced at Jareth and Loryian who were engaged in conversation at the table before gazing back at Lee.

"Just to let you know, Jareth most definitely does not stuff his tights."

Jareth and Loryian looked up as the two women on the other side of the room exploded into a fit of giggles. They rose from the table and curiously crossed the room.

"And what is so delightfully amusing?" Jareth asked.

This only caused the ladies to laugh even more.

"What's this? You're not going to share with us?" Loryian replied feigning offense.

"Oh, it's nothing, " Lee told him. "Just some girl talk."

"Girl talk, hmm?" Jareth laughed. He pulled Sarah into his arms.

Lee punched Lory playfully as he swept her into his arms.

Jareth smiled down at Sarah, only love in his eyes. She smiled in return.

It was good to be alive.


A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 40 of 40

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