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Please Come Home

A Labyrinth Story
by Ying-Fa-dono

Part 14 of 20

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Please Come Home

Jareth opened his eyes. He was lying down in a soft bed the Temple had provided him with. It was to be his deathbed, one from which he would never rise again. He knew that once he had collapsed onto it shortly after arriving in the Temple. Since then he'd been drifting in and out of consciousness, waiting for the time he fell asleep and didn't wake up.

Jareth slowly turned from his back to his side. He had been dreaming of his past, he'd just woken up from a blurred vision of being found by Limstella and Ena in the midst of the last battlefield of the Age of Lovely Blood. Jareth let out his breath slowly. Why couldn't he dream of something more enjoyable as he died? Why couldn't he picture something that gave him peace rather than depressed and miserable? Why couldn't he dream of Sarah? Yes, dreams of her would certainly make him feel better about what was about to become of him.

Jareth closed his eyes, planning on falling back to sleep again. He suddenly remembered something. In the Aboveground, they believed that as someone died, their life flashed before their eyes. Perhaps that was what he was doing. Perhaps he was going over his life before it ended.

If that's the case, he thought as sleep started to take over him again. Hurry up and get to the part where I first saw Sarah. I certainly don't need to dwell on anything that happened before that . . . . Such a pity . . .


Throughout his life, there were four women who had the greatest impact of Jareth's life. Limstella, Ena, Rin, and Sarah each played a part in his life and had a part in making him who he was.

As the godson of the Fae Witch, Jareth never knew what it meant to lack for anything. Limstella had always provided him with anything he'd ever wanted. He simply asked, and it was given to him. He was spoiled and pampered by Limstella, but was ultimately raised by Ena. Limstella provided Jareth with possessions. She gave him endless toys and trinkets for his amusement and to satisfy his every whim. Ena, on the other hand, prepared his meals, saw that he was comfortable and healthy, and the like. The two Fae watched Jareth as he grew. Even he would admit to being something of a brat during his life in the Silver Tower. He never knew anything else.

But, as he grew, he soon began to discover the world outside the tower. Though Limstella normally gave him everything he asked for, she never let him go outside.

"My Jareth is too precious to be seen by simple-minded creatures and filth that litter the Underground," said Limstella, stroking his hair and smiling as she denied him. "Limstella doesn't want anyone to see her handsome little Jareth, now does she?"

Jareth hadn't replied. He touched the place where Limstella had touched him. Maybe he knew then how he felt about the Fae Witch, but was too young to understand it correctly. All he knew at that time was that there was something about Limstella that he couldn't understand. That she made him feel something strange in the pit of his stomach.

Ena, however, was different. She was soft and gentle. She didn't hug Jareth or stroke his hair like Limstella sometimes did, but he still preferred her to Limstella. Ena was quiet and friendly. Her presence was soothing and warm. If he ever needed someone in the dark hours of the night, he'd go to Ena. She wouldn't hold him, but simply sitting with her brightened his mood. And his mood was quite dark most of the time.

Soon, Jareth discovered things about his godmother that made the feeling within him much stronger. He was still quite young when he had walked in on Limstella and Ena one night when they both thought he was asleep. Limstella was berating Ena over tasks not finished and chores not completed. Jareth watched as Limstella slapped Ena many times over, screaming and calling her harsh names.

"You worthless piece of garbage!" Limstella shrieked, slapping Ena's face while holding onto her arms so she couldn't escape. "You pathetic, clumsy idiot!"

Jareth continued to watch what was happening. He saw Ena's tears and heard her wails of protest. He turned from the scene, unable to look anymore. He slept very little that night. Instead he sat at his window and gazed out over the Underground, thinking.

Jareth confronted Limstella of that incident. "Why did you do that to Ena?" he asked. "Why would you hurt her?"

Limstella, who had been sitting in her favorite chair at the time, gazed up at Jareth with an eyebrow raised. "Why? Tell me Jareth, why would you ask such a question?"

Jareth, slightly taken aback, shrugged. "I just don't understand why you would do that. Ena works very hard to do as you ask, doesn't she?"

Limstella smiled. "There you are, Jareth darling. I slapped Ena because she wasn't working as hard as she should have been. Ena is nothing more in this world but my tool and therefore she must perform as a tool should."

The feeling in Jareth's stomach seemed to tweak at his insides as he heard this. "If Ena is a tool," he said, slowly. "What am I? Am I as tool as well? Am I your tool?"

Limstella blinked. "Of course not," she said, standing up and cupping his face in her hands. "In this world, my darling Jareth, there is two kinds of beings that exist. Those who are needed, and those who are not. Ena is the latter, you and I are the former. But we of the needed can still make use of those who are not. If we give those who are not needed some kind of purpose, it gives them hope. It makes them feel as if they really are needed, and that is what makes them so useful. If they serve you without question or complaint. If they slack in the purpose we give them, well we just need to remind them that without us, they might as well be dead."

Jareth shuddered at Limstella's words. Limstella grinned. "Ena knows this, Jareth, but even she can forget her place every now and again. So, I must remind her who she is. That is why I hit her, Jareth. There now, do you feel better?"

Jareth couldn't honestly say he did. But Limstella took his silence as consent and stroked his face lovingly. As she turned away, she didn't see Jareth rubbing his face where she'd stroked it, for it had burned unpleasantly at her touch.

Years passed since that incident before Jareth asked Limstella another question which she considered foolish.

"Limstella, tell me something. What does it mean to love someone?"

Limstella stared at him with surprise. He was nearing his hundredth year, but to the mortal eye he looked only ten years old. "Love? Jareth, my dear, where did you hear a word like that?"

"From the archives," Jareth replied. "I found records of Fae and mortals from the Aboveground uniting in love. I wasn't entirely sure what love was, so I asked."

"Love in itself is a very silly thing," said Limstella. "Love between Fae and a mortal is utter foolishness."

"Just answer the question," Jareth demanded.

Limstella let out a little, "humph" of disapproval. But then she said, "Love is something felt from being to being. It is the strongest emotion one can feel for another. To love someone you must be willing to do anything for them. You must forfeit everything for their sake. You must bend to their every whim, surrendering yourself to them. For them to love you in return you must rule over them, make them bend to you as you bend to them. They must fear you, for fear and love go hand in hand. They must be willing to do as you say, always."

Jareth stared. How did he feel about that answer? He didn't know. He hardly knew what to think. Limstella smiled at his silence than knelt down to his level. "But love isn't always so terrible. It can be a very good thing as well."

"Do you know what it is like to love someone?" Jareth asked, looking up at her.

"Why, yes," said Limstella, smiling. "Of course I do. I love you very much, Jareth my dear. I will do anything for you, you know that." She bent lower and planted a kiss in his hair. "For you," she whispered in his ear. "Limstella is nothing more than a slave."

Jareth trembled at her words. He tore himself from her and sprinted away. He locked himself in his room, rubbing his head furiously where Limstella's lips had touched him.

Why, he thought. Why is it that whenever she touches me, my insides burn? Why is it when she calls me those things, says those things to me, my whole being screams out in rejection! I can't stand it when she does that. I can't bear her touch. But I don't understand. She's never been unkind to me. She doesn't slap me like she does Ena. But then why? Why do I . . .

"Jareth!" Limstella's voice reached his ears. "Where are you? Come on now, it is time for our evening meal."

. . . hate her so much I can hardly stand it?

Once he was able to recognize his feelings for what they were, Jareth did everything he could to see as little of Limstella as he could. Now that he truly realized that he hated his godmother, he wanted little or no part in her plans.

Then, when he'd grown to look around fifteen years old, he overheard Limstella and Ena speaking one night. This bit of eavesdropping was all it took for Jareth to choose his path.

Limstella was speaking when he started to listen to them. "He has so much potential, it is amazing. His magic rivals even mine. Jareth's birth parents must have been Fae royalty of some kind. He definitely bears the marks of regal descent. I knew I'd found a treasure when I found him. Once he stops aging, then we can begin with the real plan. Jareth and I shall rebuild the Fae race for what it used to be. With royal Fae blood and my powers combined, the remains of the old tribes shall unite under us."

"Will it be possible?" Ena asked, sounding small and a little weak. "Conceiving children is a very difficult thing for Fae to do. It is another drawback of being immortal. In exchange for eternal life, the ability to create life is hard for us. That is why Fae used to mate with mortals from the Aboveground. Mortals are more fertile and more likely to produce children than we are."

"With my power and Jareth's combined, that shouldn't be a problem," said Limstella, waving her hand. "No more of this disgusting talk of unions with mortals. That kind of behavior is what got the others in trouble. No, Jareth and I shall start the Fae race all over again. We shall live together over them all as Queen and King. A new age is dawning, Ena. We are almost there. I can feel it coming."

Ena hung her head, looking a bit ill. "And what will my place in that world be?" she asked.

Limstella raised an eyebrow. "Ena, you are my toy and I shall use you as I please. You are my most trusted advisor. You can hear the voices of nature and therefore you can inform me if there is anything I need to know. The Fae race is a tree that has been cut down and I shall be the one to nourish it back to life. You, Ena, will be able to tell me if there is any need to prune my tree. That is your place."

Ena closed her eyes. "Thank you, Lady Limstella," she said. "It gives me great

pleasure to know that I will be able to serve you in the new age."

"Your welcome, then," said Limstella, in a bored voice. "Now, off with you."

"Yes, ma'am," said Ena, bowing. "Good night."

Jareth watched Ena turn and leave. He stayed where he was, still watching Limstella. He knew that she had some kind of plan for him. Now he finally knew what it was. Limstella stared in the direction Ena had gone.

"But, of course, Ena dear," she said quietly to herself. "You shall not have any place in our age. I can't have you around at all. Jareth is too fond of you. I will have you disposed of the moment it is convenient and when Jareth is truly mine. I hope you understand, but I simply cannot have to deal with garbage like you longer than I have to."

The hatred in Jareth reached a terrible peak. He stepped forward out of his hiding place and let his presence be known to Limstella. Limstella started at the sight of him.

"Jareth, what are you doing here? I thought you'd gone to bed . . ."

"Garbage?" he said, looking at his godmother and letting his anger show. "Garbage? Is that really what Ena is to you?"

Limstella blinked. "A tool that is no longer useful becomes garbage," she said, simply.

"She's done nothing but serve you well," said Jareth. "And what is this I hear? A new age with me? I don't understand where you're coming from with this?"

"Of course you do," said Limstella coming over to him. "Once your aging is complete, then we can work together to build the Fae race back to how it used to be. We shall rule over all together as Queen and King. Wouldn't you like that, Jareth? Don't you want to be a king?"

Jareth's upper lip curled in a sneer. "So I am a tool," he hissed.

"No," said Limstella, looking surprised. "Of course you aren't. You are much more important than that. You are powerful and handsome and have all the excellent qualities to be a Fae King. Don't you want that? My goodness, you are so stubborn. I work so hard to give you everything you want and you are so defensive about it. I only want to make you happy. Is that so horrible on my part?"

Jareth's whole body seemed to tremble in anger. "I'm not," he said, fury in every syllable. "I'm not a tool. I'm not a tool after all."

"No, you're . . ."


Limstella stepped back, looking surprised. Jareth was staring at her with cold hatred in his eyes. She'd never seen such emotion coming from him. But it didn't make her upset. It only made her angry.

"Don't be such an ingrate, Jareth," she snapped. "I'm doing what is best for you. That is all I ever do."

"You're not doing any of this for me," Jareth yelled. "You're doing it all for yourself. Buttering me up so that I'll gladly submit into being your means to an end. You only want to use me so that you can be a Queen among a ruined race. You expect me to help you, to be your loyal dog!"

Limstella blinked. "So what?" she said, simply. "So what if that is my plan?"

Jareth's eyes widened at her confession. Limstella raised a hand to her temple in annoyance. "Heavens, when did you become such a bother? You used to be so easy to deal with, Jareth? Ena is pathetic enough, I don't have need for another useless being under my wing."

"Shut up," said Jareth, his insides cold with hate.

"What did you say to me?" Limstella cried in outrage.

"I told you to shut up!" said Jareth, his face had become a portrait of fury. "I'll never help you rebuild the Fae race. Do you hear me? NEVER!"

"You will do as you're told!" shrieked Limstella.

"I will not!" roared Jareth. "You were the one who always told me I didn't have to do something I didn't want to do. You can't make me do what I don't want to do. You can't make me do anything! YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!"

Limstella looked at him in shocked outrage. "How dare you speak to me like that? You little demon, Jareth! I haven't brought you up to be like this!"

"Stop talking, Limstella," commanded Jareth. "I hate the sound of your voice. It will only make me want to kill you!"

Jareth turned and fled the scene. That night, when he knew Limstella was asleep, he gathered all of his necessary possessions together. He sneaked through the Tower, but once he reached the door, a voice called to him.

"Are you trying to escape?"

Jareth turned. It was Ena.

"Yes," he said, shortly. "I'm leaving this place and I'm never coming back. Ever."

Ena bowed her head. "I thought you might, one day. I don't blame you for leaving this place. Is this because of Limstella's plans for you?"

"It is because of Limstella herself," said Jareth, darkly. "I can't stand her. I hate her, Ena. I really, really hate her. I'll not let her rule me. I'll not let her use me. I hate her for that, I really do."

"I understand," said Ena, nodding. "In that case, I hope you will find happiness out in the Underground."

Jareth paused. "If you like," he said, slowly. "You can come too. I'd feel better if you came with me, Ena."

Ena smiled sadly. "No, Jareth. I'm sorry. I cannot come with you."

"Why not?" Jareth asked. "Why can't you come too? Why stay here with her? She doesn't care about you. She'll not hesitate one second in hurting you or even taking your life. How can you remain loyal to that infernal creature?"

"Because I have a purpose when I serve her," said Ena. "She gave me a reason to be alive. Because of that, I cannot abandon her. You're lucky, Jareth. You are needed in this world, I am not. That is why you have the strength to walk away from here and I wish you luck and happiness, where ever it may be."

Jareth stared at Ena, but then opened the doors to the Tower and never looked back.


Limstella was irate when she awoke and discovered her precious Jareth was gone. Being a Fae, she had the ability to control lesser creatures to do her bidding. She sent a swarm of fairies to comb the Underground for him, but to no avail. Jareth had disappeared with the intention of never returning.

In the years it took Jareth to finish aging, he explored the Underground looking for other Fae. He found them hidden in small groups, very far apart from one another. He spent years with them and learned many things from them. He met almost every last Fae left in the Underground, but never stayed too long. He didn't want them to get the idea that he wanted to unite them. He had no plan to go through with Limstella's original use for him.

While traveling through the Waste, he discovered a tattered civilization of creatures called goblins. The goblins were known around the Underground as being scavengers with delusions of grandeur. They wanted to live like the Fae of old, who resided in houses and had whole cities for themselves. But despite their skills in building and minor magic talent which only came in useful for hiding and never getting caught, all they managed to build for themselves was a few weak huts clumped together in the middle of the Waste, since their resources were so limited. They were considered a nuisance to other races and were banned from more fruitful environments.

You can imagine their surprise when a full grown Fae showed up in their village one day. Jareth's glory and power scared and surprised them. Jareth smiled at the creatures, for he had a plan in mind and these creatures were going to help him get it.

"You wish for a city of your own and to be treated as more than the meddlesome creatures that you are," he said. "Fine then. I offer you a deal. Build me a castle and make me your king. In exchange, I will build you an entire city around the castle. I will give you clothes like that of the Fae and will even grant you jobs and duties to fulfill. You are to listen to my every order and you will be rewarded or punished according to your work."

The goblins, though not a very sharp lot, knew what the only answer they could give was. Jareth provided them with the necessary materials needed and they built him a great castle according to Jareth's design and desire. They then made him a king over them, just as he asked. True to his word, Jareth built the goblins a great city all for themselves. They had houses, markets, streets and shops, everything they asked for.

And just like that, the Goblin City and the castle beyond it were created and Jareth was now Jareth the Goblin King.

Word of this wondrous new change did not fail to reach the Silver Tower. When Limstella heard of the creation of the Goblin City and Jareth's new title, she was furious. She marched to the Waste herself (getting lost twice in her anger), and marched through the gates of the Goblin City, for the rest of the labyrinth had not yet been built. She charged right into the castle and found Jareth sitting in his throne room, as if waiting for her.

"What in all the Underground do you think you're doing?" she bellowed at him.

Jareth stared coolly at his disowned godmother. "I don't see what you're complaining about, Limstella. Wasn't it you who said I was always meant to be a king? Well, your aspiration has been fulfilled."

"I aspired for you to be a king among your own people," said Limstella, her face reddening with each word she spoke. "Instead you've made yourself a king over . . . over a band of rats!"

"This 'band of rats' actually makes for a very good group of subjects," said Jareth, conversationally. "They never fail to do as I ask and they are quite capable despite their lack of smarts."

"I DON'T CARE!" screamed Limstella, making several listening goblins jump. "You are to return to the Silver Tower at once and start your destiny as you should. With me at your side."

Jareth stood up out of his chair. Limstella was startled at how tall and powerful he was now that he'd stopped aging. He advanced and she backed away.

"You where the one who would always give me what I wanted," he said, slowly. "All I had to do was ask, and you gave it to me. So give me this, Limstella. Leave this place and never set foot in this room, this castle, or this city ever again. I never want to see your face inside the gates of the Goblin City again. I don't want to see your face anywhere other than my worst nightmares. If you do come back here again, I will see to it myself that you are punished and it will be my hand that strikes the first blow."

Limstella was shocked. When had Jareth become so powerful? Her courage failed her. She backed out of the castle, but before she left she turned back to Jareth.

"You have caught me off my guard," she said. "So for now, I shall retreat. But I will return in a hundred years and if you don't agree to return to where you truly belong, I shall personally exterminate every single one of your pathetic rats, tear down your castle and your city and then force you to do as I please. You want to play dirty, Jareth my dear, fine. I shall play dirty."

Jareth watched her as she left. He knew she was right. She would come and she would not hesitate to destroy everything he'd built. The goblins were frightened. They turned to their king for advice. So, Jareth began to work.

First was the Junkyard. He collected the broken dreams from the Aboveground and littered them as a barrier around the Goblin City, allowing the Junk Ladies to live their and watch over it. Then he planted the forest and gave it to the Fiery race, who were waiting to 'play a game' with anyone who got lost among the twisting, winding trees. He dug underground tunnels, planted endless pathways of hedges and even more out of sandy stone. He created the False Alarms and the Shaft of Hands to distract unwanted victims, he dug the oubliettes for anyone who dared anger him.

Goblins where no longer the only creatures that lived in the labyrinth. He hired a member of the Fox clan who seemed to lack for a sense of smell to guard over the Bog of Eternal Stench which he used as a punishment for disloyal goblins or other misbehaving creatures. He allowed a monster to roam the hedges, for it was benign by nature and had nowhere else to go and the goblins seemed to like chasing it with Nipper Sticks. He had two four-headed guards who loved riddles to mislead any trying to make their way through the stone section of his great maze. He let several worms live in the walls of his creation. Lastly, Jareth poured so much magic into his creation that something unexpected happened.

After working for the good part of one hundred years, Jareth was completely exhausted from all the work. So, as Jareth slept to recover his strength, he had a strange vision. Amidst a swarm of nothingness, Jareth made an amazing discovery. A tiny girl. Her hair was longer than she was tall and the same sandy color of the walls of his creation. She seemed to have little or no personality of her own, but seemed to know only that she was connected to him. To his surprise, Jareth learned that he had put too much magic into his creation. He had accidentally given it a soul of its own. But the soul was gentle and friendly and he didn't hesitate in calling it his "favorite accident of all".

So, the labyrinth was born.

Limstella's outrage reached its peak when she discovered the labyrinth. She knew at first glance she would never, for the life of her, solve this giant puzzle Jareth had built just for her. She couldn't even find the entrance, for heaven's sake. Refusing to give up, she sent her fairies to fly about the labyrinth to find a path she could take to solve it. Jareth found out about this, so he hired a dwarf to watch over the gates, letting in only those allowed in by the Goblin King and spraying a special potion at the fairies that made them forget everything they just learned. He also taught the dwarf several of the shortcuts in the labyrinth so that, if Limstella ever did enter, he could come straight to the City and let the King know right away.

Though he preferred it to life in the Silver Tower, Jareth found being Goblin King a bit wearisome after awhile. When he craved some intelligent company, he would travel to the Aboveground and study humans for awhile. He found studying humans to be almost more intriguing than it had been to mingle with other Fae. They had no magic, but believed in it. Some even pretended to do it, so they could fool the others into paying them. In his owl form, he flew all over their world, seeing it all and learning from it. Visiting the Aboveground had been something he'd longed to do, but Limstella had banned it, for fear that he might become too fond of 'those vile things' from 'that place'. Visiting the Aboveground was just another rebellion that Jareth had taken against his godmother. It was lucky that it was.

He would never have found her otherwise.

Jareth had been flying over a place called 'New England' when he found her. He'd stopped to rest in a slightly forested area with stone benches and a stream filled with swans and bridges when he heard a strange sound. He went to investigate. There was a human girl sitting alone on one of the benches. She was curled up in a little ball, crying. This surprised him. He'd never seen anyone or anything unleash their feelings so freely and openly before. Jareth watched and watched the little girl as she wept. Something unfortunate must have happened in her short lifespan. But she was still young, so she'd still have time to make up for it. Jareth left, unbothered.

When he visited again, he was tempted to go back to the park, wondering if he'd see the crying human again. He was sure he wouldn't, you hardly saw the same human in the same place twice, but there she was. Just like before she sat crying on her bench. He watched and watched, wondering what in both worlds could have made her so upset.

Jareth went back Underground but couldn't take his mind off the crying human girl.

"She just sits there," he said, pacing through his throne room, which was empty except for his most trusted advisor. "Every time I see her there, she's sitting there weeping."

"Perhaps this human child is in need of your assistance," said the Prophet of the Labyrinth.

"My assistance?" said Jareth, raising an eyebrow. "How on earth am I to assist her?"

The Prophet held out a small red book.

"What is that?"

"It is a book," said the Prophet. "It contains a story about our world. She will merely see it as fantasy. I hear that human children like stories. Perhaps she will be happier if you gave her this nice book."

Jareth took the book from the Prophet and returned to the Aboveground. Sure enough, there was that dark-haired girl, crying away. Her face was buried in her hands, so it was easy for Jareth to sneak quietly next to her and place the book beside her on the bench without her noticing. He then quickly hid in a tree and watched her.

Her tears suddenly subsided. She lifted her head out of her hands and saw the book. She looked around, no doubt curious as to where it had come from. She picked it up and began to read. Jareth watched her as she did so. Despite the fact that the tears had left her face puffy and her green eyes were swollen, she was a very pretty little thing. Creamy skin framed by raven hair, pink lips and emerald eyes. Jareth suddenly got a strange feeling in his stomach. Not at all like the one that Limstella had given him. This feeling was the polar opposite of that feeling.

Something in the book seemed to amuse her. Her mouth curled upward in a smile as her eyes scanned the pages. Then, Jareth's heart gave a strange pang, she opened her mouth and let out a small giggle of laughter.

"Bog of Stench," she said, still giggling. "That's funny!"

Jareth couldn't take his eyes off her. He had to remind himself to breathe on several occasions. Every fiber of his being wanted nothing more than to be close to this girl. He wanted to watch and watch forever. He wanted more than to watch. He wanted to speak to her, hear her voice, and touch her face. But, he didn't know her name.


Jareth tore his gaze away from the lovely creature to see a dark haired man heading toward her.

"Sarah," he said. "Come on, now. Let's go home."

"Okay, Daddy," said the beautiful girl. She got up and left with the man, who was undoubtedly her father.

Jareth let out a sad sigh as he watched her go. But at least he had a name now. Sarah. Sarah of the Aboveground. The lucky human who had captivated the Goblin King mind, body, and soul.

"What ever you wish for, Sarah," Jareth pledged as he watched her go. "Whatever you ask of me, I will give it to you. I swear it."

Jareth watched Sarah grow lovelier and lovelier. When he was Aboveground, he'd watch her in his owl form. When he was Underground, he gaze at her through his crystals. It didn't take him long to realize that he had fallen in love with this girl. It was just as Limstella had told him. He wanted nothing more than to give her anything she wanted. He wanted to give her everything, but also receive everything. That book the Prophet had had him give her seemed to contain some story about a girl running through the labyrinth and defeating the Goblin King who lived there. Alright, if Sarah wanted to run the labyrinth, then all she'd have to do is say the right words. He had sworn that he'd give her anything and everything she wished for, and so he would.

Jareth watched as Sarah grew into a young woman. He felt eager and excited for the day they would meet face-to-face. What would she think of the labyrinth? Would she like being Goblin Queen?

Goblin Queen, thought Jareth, a smile crossing his face. Ah, what a lovely ring it has to it. We'll meet soon, Sarah, very soon.

Just say your right words.


For the second time, Sarah awoke from her dreams in tears.

Please Come Home

A Labyrinth Story
by Ying-Fa-dono

Part 14 of 20

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