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Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 12 of 42

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Most Prized Possession

It had been three weeks since her stay in the Goblin Kingdom had begun and Sarah was beginning to adjust to the routine of attending the Goblin King. Her intimate morning sessions with him were the most trying, but she survived by keeping her eyes lowered, and by busying herself and her mind with his small chores. Strangely enough, polishing his boots actually became a blessing. It was waking him and helping him dress that caused Sarah the most anxiety. Jareth's antagonizing, yet playful banter never ceased and he only grew bolder with time.

Sarah's days were mostly spent in Jareth's study where she had become quite the prodigy scribe. Jareth had even encouraged her to write up original drafts, as her handwriting was sublime, and far more legible than his. Sometimes in the afternoon Jareth would send Sarah to the castle library where she would organize the volumes and tidy the shelves. Sarah enjoyed such afternoons, as Jareth tended to leave her to her own devices, and she often found interesting books to read during the quiet evenings she spent alone in her room.

The highlight of the day was always dusk, when she would go to the stables to clean Tempest's stall and feed him. She would linger as the stallion ate his dinner, sometimes reclining on a bail of hay just outside his stall as she read from one of her books. She kept herself in plain sight of the stallion, often talking in a soothing voice so that he might get used to her. Sometimes she would even read aloud from her book. Sarah was so captivated by the black stallion that she failed to notice the snowy white owl that often eves dropped and kept a watchful eye on her from the dense branches of the tree outside.

The stallion had finally turned towards the sound of her voice after he had finished his grain. Sarah slowly got up and cautiously approached him. To her delight he didn't flee. He stood perfectly still, staring at her with those crystalline blue eyes. Sarah calmly extended her upturned palm and the curious alicorn sniffed her hand. Sarah reached into the pocket of her skirts and withdrew a sugar cube. She held the cube in the center of her hand offered it to the stallion. To her amazement, Tempest ate it right out of her hand without the slightest apprehension.

Sarah was very content as she left the stables that night. She would try grooming Tempest within a few days and if all went well she would be riding him in no time. She was tempted to inform his highness of her progress, but she thought better of it. She decided to wait until she had the beast's complete trust before she began gloating.

A few days later Sarah was once again copying documents in the study when she realized that aside from her brief morning encounters, she hadn't seen very much of the mighty Goblin King in the past several days. As much as she was glad to have a break from his incessant smug remarks, she couldn't continue to deny that she was starting to feel rather lonely.

She missed goofing off with Kayla and just chatting with her other friends. She hoped that her friends from the underground would come and visit her soon, but she knew that if they didn't she'd only have herself to blame. She didn't dare take up the matter with Jareth, as she was in no mood to stomach his cruel but accurate assessment of the situation.

As much as she hated to admit it, there were times when she needed to have someone to talk with, even if the only someone around was Jareth. She couldn't understand why, despite her attempts to despise him, some small part of her always seemed relieved whenever he walked into the room. Granted a much bigger part of her always felt apprehension and nervousness...and at times even rage. As the feather of the quill brushed against her cheek she reasoned that perhaps negative attention was better than no attention at all.

Sarah looked up from the parchment just as Jareth strode into the study. She mentally mused, Speak of the devil..." She tensed, readying herself for the verbal skirmish that would probably ensue.

As the Goblin King walked into the room, his mismatched eyes settled on the girl, noting that her fingers were stained blue from the ink. A small smirk graced his face before it gave way to his more Kingly expressionless mask. He stopped in front of the desk as he announced, "You may forget those documents for now. It seems I have a more pressing task for you."

Sarah put the quill down, slightly irritated at the interruption. Just when she was really getting on a role, he had to come in and interrupt.

She looked up at him and replied irritably, "Well hello to you too." She gave an exhausted sigh as she noticed he didn't look amused. Frowning back she added, "Just what is more pressing than these invitations that you yourself told me you needed finished by the end of the day?" He suppressed a smug grin as he replied, "I'll finish those later, there is something else I need you to do. Walk with me, I'll explain on the way." Sarah rolled up the parchments and set them aside as she rose from the desk and moved to follow him out of the room. She hurried to keep up with him as he walked briskly down the castle halls.

He threw a sidelong glance at her before he began, "It looks as though we are about to have some distinguished guests. I've just been informed that Lord Taibaar, one of the Fae ambassadors from the North, will be joining us for dinner along with his daughter, Desdemonna."

Sarah listened nonchalantly as he went on, "It appears that the Northern Fae would like to establish trade with the merchants in the goblin city, so they're sending Taibarr to establish friendly rapport." Sarah snorted as she dryly corrected, "You mean they are sending him to kiss your ass."

Jareth grinned and replied, "Well that's a colorful way of putting it, but yes he intends to win my approval, so to speak."

Sarah nodded. These politics weren't so tough to figure out. She then asked, "So what do you think he'll offer in exchange for their admittance into the Goblin City?" A thought suddenly struck her and she cried, "Wait...let me guess...he's going to try and pawn off his daughter on you?"

She could tell by the smug look on his face that had correctly hit the bulls-eye. She couldn't suppress her look of disgust as she huffed, "Ugh, how typical."

Jareth grinned seductively as he teased, "What's the matter Sarah? Would that make you jealous?"

A shiver ran down her spine as she feigned disgust and sarcastically snorted, "Oh yeah...that's it. Keep dreaming Jareth." Sarah stopped, suddenly uneasy as she realized that they were at the doors to Jareth's bedchamber. She furrowed her brow and asked warily, "How exactly do I fit into this?"

Jareth opened the door and gestured for her to enter. Sarah walked into the room and stood by the fireplace, trying to control the nervous dread that seemed to fill her whenever she entered his bedchambers. She watched him as he approached and stood before her, a little closer than she would like, as the great doors closed on their own.

Sarah swallowed nervously as he began to explain, "I think it may be beneficial to dazzle the ambassador a bit. I think it will strengthen his impression of the kingdom if he were to see that the castle was a working court, and not a great ale hall for out of control goblins."

Jareth paused and regarded her seriously for a moment before he added, "As you already know from firsthand experience, my goblin army is hardly a formidable force. The labyrinth and my own magic is really the only true protection that this kingdom has. Therefore, if I am to let an outsider in, It would be foolish to let him uncover the kingdom's weaknesses."

Sarah's eyes widened at the implications of his words and she exclaimed, "You don't fear invasion do you!?"

Jareth calmly shook his head, "No, I don't think the Northern Fae are that foolish. I think it is truly trade that they seek. You see, the kingdoms to the West and South are all on very good terms with the Goblin Kingdom and trade between these regions was established a long time ago. It is just the distant Northern Kingdom that has not yet begun to trade with the rest of us. However, I don't think it would be wise to let them think this Kingdom is any less impressive and functional than their own. As devoted as my subjects are, they would make the wrong impression, so having them in attendance of our guests would undoubtedly prove to be a disaster. No, I think, during this occasion I shall send them out into the labyrinth while our guests are present, and have you act as my page boy instead."

Sarah eyed him suspiciously, "Your page boy?"

Jareth raised an eyebrow, "Yes, it makes a much more powerful impression when an underground kingdom has a human youth or two on the staff, and a page boy...that would just be...the perfect amount of extravagance I'm going for."

Sarah sighed, "Well that's a great idea Jareth, but there's just a couple of problems, first, I know nothing about being a page and secondly, In case you haven't noticed, I'm NOT a BOY."

Jareth was hardly able to suppress his smug grin and that was really starting to worry her. Once he was finally able to control his amusement he replied, "Yes, well, they don't know that do they?"

Sarah watched in horror as Jareth reached into the armoire and produced the most hideous outfit she had ever seen. Dangling in his grasp were bright purple breeches that were hardly more than tights, a royal blue doublet over a white poet's shirt and the most god-awful hat she had ever seen. The velvet monstrosity was a bright plum color and had giant floppy feathers hanging off it, also bright shade of purple and blue.

Sarah took a step back, shaking her head furiously, "No."

Jareth pretended to look disappointed as he reminded, "Come now Sarah, you know you have to indulge me in this."

She shook her head adamantly, "No way. Jareth, I have cleaned, brought you meals, shined your boots, and copied documents until my fingers turned blue. I won't do it...this...THIS, is where I draw the line. I'm not some stupid puppet that you can just play with as you please. Forget it. Find someone else to play dress up with."

Jareth simply cocked his head to the side and warned, "Sarah..."

Sarah crossed her arms defiantly over her chest and shook her head adamantly, "There is no way in HELL, I'm going to wear that. No, forget it. Even if I liked the outfit, I'm not about to let you parade me around like a political pawn." Sarah sighed, feeling like she was pulling at straws but she added, "Besides, to have me pose as a pageboy?!? It's rather indecent and inappropriate, don't you think?"

Jareth shook his head and the tone of his voice became more authoritative as he replied, "I think it's perfectly appropriate, and let me remind you that you are bound to obey my either you can cooperate and partake in this willingly or I can force you...and I assure you that the latter holds a far more humiliating scenario."

Sarah narrowed her eyes as him in what was quite possibly her most deadly glare. In response Jareth threw up his hands and shrugged, "Very well, we'll do this the hard way, or..." His lips curved into a sinister grin as he silkily finished, "I could arrange for your friend to assist me unstead. You know...she may make an even better page-boy then you." For effect he balanced a perfect shining crystal on his fingertips and it didn't escape Sarah's attention that she could see a distorted reflection of Kayla within the sphere. Wickedly he drawled, "Shall I talk her into it? I can be very persuasive you know."

Sarah was absolutely seething at this point. Her hands clenched into fists at her sides as she stormed closer to him and hissed, "Don't you dare!!!"

As Jareth regarded her he noticed the pent up rage apparent in her flashing green eyes. She was so incredibly enticing when she was angry. Jareth smiled smugly as he demanded, "Will you cooperate then?"

Sarah could tell by the look on his face that he was not going to budge on this one. He was just way too proud of his idea. It looked as though she had no choice but to become the Goblin King's new page-boy.


After Jareth had given Sarah her new attire she returned to her room with instructions that she was to prepare for the arrival as their guests. Sarah laid the hideous garments out on her bed before she wasted much time pacing and fuming over her situation.

Later, without warning, Jareth materialized in her chamber and he saw to his dismay that Sarah had only just finished scrubbing the blue ink off her hands and was presently clipping her fingernails short. Sarah ignored his dramatic entrance, concentrating on drying her now clean and short finger-nailed hands. Jareth leaned against the fireplace as he watched her cross the room.

As her eyes drifted over the horrendous garments that were laid out on her bed she muttered, "How do I let myself get talked into things like this?" Jareth was already growing impatient as he barked and motioned to her dressing screen, "You don't have time to analyze your predicament, they'll be arriving put them on."

Sarah groaned and grabbed the purple breeches and the white poet's shirt before disappearing behind the screen leaving Jareth to make himself comfortable on her bed. It was only a matter of moments before Sarah blurted from behind the screen, "Ah Houston...we have a problem here." Jareth impatiently but undauntedly replied, "What problem?"

Sarah stormed out from behind the screen, and nearly froze at the sight of him lounging on her bed. Tearing her eyes away she recovered quickly and smoothed the white shirt over her bust, which was nearly popping out of the thin button down poet's shirt, "Only this."

Jareth grinned wolfishly as he leered at her, noticing that she wore nothing under the thin and oh so delightfully tight shirt.

Oblivious to his appreciation of her form she harped, "What the hell did you pick this shirt for?...or did you just neglect to notice that I have BREASTS? I can't believe that you think we are going to pull this off. This shirt is...well it's obscene, is what it is."

It took a lot of self-control for Jareth not to burst out laughing. She was rather dramatic and could be quite humorous at times.

Jareth shook his head and replied, "You over-react Sarah, I have an idea." With that he ventured into his chamber for a moment before he reappeared with what looked like a large white linen bandage. He paused for a moment taking in the sight of her in the tight shirt for the second time. Tilting his head to the side he remarked in a sultry tone, "And just to clarify...I'd have to be blind not to notice." Sarah flushed, keeping her eyes on the bandage as she uneasily changed the subject, "What's that for?"

Jareth simply indicated for her to sit in front of him on the bed. Apprehensively she sat on the edge of the bed and he ordered, "Now remove the shirt so we can wrap this tightly about your chest."

Sarah had only heard as far as the remove your shirt part before she snapped, "Are you INSANE? I'm not going to just take my shirt off in front of you."

In one swift motion Jareth turned her shoulders, so she faced away from him as he instructed, "Then face this way...There I can't see anything, I'll hold this end in place here..." he touched her lightly on the small of her back and finished, "...while you wrap it tightly around yourself."

With a heavy sigh, Sarah angrily started fumbling with the buttons as she muttered, "Fine, but if you sneak a peak or even try to cop a feel, I will sooo sabotage this whole thing."

Jareth merely smirked as Sarah finally shrugged the shirt off her shoulders. As Jareth watched the thin material slip from her creamy shoulders to reveal the flawless flesh of her un-obscured back his breath caught in his throat. Sarah swallowed nervously as goose bumps rose on her skin. The air was shockingly cool on her bared breasts and her awareness of her exposed flesh seemed frighteningly intensified. The fact that Jareth was seated directly behind her didn't help matters.

Jareth gently placed the end of the bandage against the small of her back as he held out the rolled end in front of her. Sarah took it and started to wrap it tightly about her chest. Jareth felt his pulse quicken as his gaze darted over her bare skin and watched the motion of her shoulder blades as she moved to manipulate the cloth. Her fair skin was flawless, and it looked so incredibly soft and smooth.

As she handed the other end back to him for another pass he couldn't help but let his gloved fingertips graze the skin of her side. How he wished he could see her face to read her reaction, and how he longed to see her breasts with his own eyes, for he knew that in reality they would only be more beautiful than anything he could imagine in his mind's eye. How desperately he wanted to remove his gloves and learn what her silky skin felt like under his fingertips. He swiftly reigned in his self control as he was suddenly painfully aware of his state of arousal. This would simply not do. He would have to be patient. His plan demanded it. As he struggled with his desire, he reminded himself that it would be only a matter of time.

Sarah held her breath as she felt Jareth's gloved fingertips graze her skin. She hated the fact that even so slight a touch made her heart race. She reached back to grab the material from him and quickly wrapped it over her breasts a second time. When she handed it back to him again she made sure to hold it out far enough so that his fingers wouldn't brush up against her again.

Jareth took the gauzy fabric and while securing the other end he gave it a sharp tug. Sarah winced as he stated, "In order for this to work, it must be very tight." Sarah frowned as they swiftly finished the wrapping job. Sarah nearly jumped out of her skin as Jareth slid the open poet shirt over her shoulders and breathed a little too close to her neck for comfort, "How does it feel?"

Sarah hastily fumbled with the buttons and sighed, "Tight...and uncomfortable." She finished buttoning the shirt and stood facing him. He nodded his head in approval at her now seemingly flat-chested state and replied, "Now, go put on the rest."

With a huff Sarah disappeared behind the screen. In a matter of minutes she re-emerged wearing the tight purple breeches and the blue doublet fastened over the poet's shirt. The doublet was just low enough to conceal the feminine curves of her waist and hips and her chest looked as flat as any man's. The white sleeves of the shirt billowed out perfectly at her wrists and the attire fit her perfectly. Jareth took in the sight and smirked, "Now for the hat. Here tie your hair back with this ribbon." Sarah threw her hair back into a tight ponytail as Jareth instructed, "Just keep your hair under the hat and our guests will be none the wiser."

Sarah went into Jareth's chamber to stand in front of his full-length mirror. As she positioned the hat on her head, and stepped into her knee high black boots, Jareth sauntered into the room to take a look at his new page-boy. Sarah looked at her reflection with horror. The worst part by far, was the hat. The oversized feathers bobbed and dangled in front of her face. The damn thing was just so huge and...purple.

She turned to Jareth with a look of complete disdain on her face. Jareth stood back and regarded her for a moment before an amused smile graced his face and he declared, "Yes, that will do nicely."

Sarah whirled on him and ground out, "Are you kidding!?! I look like a medieval pimp...make that a very GAY medieval pimp."

Jareth protested, "Nonsense! You look the perfect part of a pageboy."

Sarah crossed her arms defiantly as she muttered something under her breath and then demanded, "What about my face? You don't think they'll notice that I am a GIRL?!?"

Jareth shook his head and replied, "I doubt it. It is common for young pages to have delicate features."

Sarah shook her head, determined to convince him that this ridiculous idea was never going to work, "And my voice...Surly you don't think they'll just overlook that too?"

Jareth slowly circled her as he admitted, "Your voice IS a dead give away. That's why I'm going to tell them that you are mute. That will also negate the possibility of you blurting out something entirely inappropriate."

Sarah studied her reflection as she made one last ditch effort to make him reconsider, "I don't know, something is still not right..."

Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 12 of 42

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