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Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 14 of 42

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Most Prized Possession

Sarah humbly opened the door as Desdemonna pretended to be enthralled by the extensive game room. The girl walked purposefully to a plush bench and immediately took a seat as she coaxed, "It's alright Sargonne...Come here and sit beside me." Sarah approached apprehensively and sat awkwardly beside the girl looking everywhere else but into her calculating blue eyes.

Desdemonna sighed and began, "You know, father brought me here because he intends to offer me to the King in return for his consent for our people to establish trade within the Goblin city..."

Sarah's eyes dropped to her lap where her hands instinctively clenched into fists. She had no idea why, but the very thought of this girl sharing a bed with Jareth made her blood boil and left her with a weak debilitating sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

The girl continued, "...But, may I tell you something in absolute confidence?"

Sarah nodded her head slowly as the girl continued, "I don't want to be hand-fasted to his majesty."

Sarah tried desperately not to smile. Maybe some good would come of this ridiculous situation after all.

Sarah listened intently as the girl added, "If I tell you something you swear you'll keep it from King Jareth?"

Sarah nodded furiously as the girl giggled, "Good...I shall share my secret with you then." Sarah listened on the edge of her seat as the girl confessed, "I couldn't possibly forge a union with King Jareth you see, not now...because I am completely taken with you, Sargonne."

For a second Sarah thought she must have heard the girl incorrectly. Desdemonna deciphered her shocked expression and grasping Sarah's hand she added, "Sargonne, you are positively the sweetest thing I have ever seen." She shifted closer to Sarah and breathed, "Are all humans as adorable as you?"

Sarah was quite literally speechless. Her stupor cost her dearly, as at that precise moment, the young Fae pounced.

In the next instant Sarah found herself trapped in the lady's embrace and without warning the girl's lips possessively claimed her own. Sarah panicked and cried, "Hrmmphhh" against the Fae's mouth as she struggled to free herself from the girl's iron embrace.

Desdemonna pulled back and swiftly caught Sarah by the wrists as she cooed, "Shhh...don't be frightened...I know you think we mustn't, but it's alright, I only wish to please you, and I swear the King need never know."

With that, the doors to the room slammed closed, willed by the Fae girl's magic. Sarah realized to her horror that she was quite literally trapped in the room with this girl.

Sarah froze, Her body went rigid as her eyes frantically darted about, looking for some escape as the girl started to place soft enticing kisses on her neck. Had the situation been a little different (like had it been a man) Sarah might have enjoyed such affections, but this was an absolute nightmare. Jareth was sure to be furious, since he had no doubt decided that this girl would have affections for HIM.

In defeat Sarah closed her eyes. Oh where was that damned Goblin King when you needed him? She silently resolved that if she made it out of this alive she would surely kill him.

Desdemonna proceeded to pull Sarah back down on the plush bench and covered her face and neck with kisses. For a second Sarah was thankful that at least the girl's kisses were innocent...maybe her virtue would demand that she cease before she got carried away.

Desdemonna suddenly pulled back and regarded Sarah with smoldering eyes.

Sarah mused, ...or perhaps not.

Suddenly the Fae whispered, "Why Sargonne, you are so're not afraid of me are you." Sarah stared at the girl wide eyed as she slowly nodded her head.

The Fae laughed coyly before she breathed, "How positively charming..."

Before Sarah could blink Desdemonna had captured her mouth in a searing kiss. Sarah kept her lips firmly sealed even as the girl's tongue darted out to test the seam of her lips. Sarah was horrified as the girl's hands trailed frantically over her doublet.

This was not good. Sarah panicked, jumping to her feet just as the young Fae lunged.

Their mouth's collided violently as the girl reached down and boldly cupped Sarah between the legs. Sarah gave a startled cry against the girl's mouth.

Meanwhile the voice in her head screamed, This is it. I'm so dead.

The girl was sure to suddenly realize that she'd been had. Sarah had a feeling that the girl and her father would be none too pleased at the given situation. Sarah screwed her eyes shut and waited for all hell to break loose. Any minute now.

To Sarah's complete astonishment the girl withdrew her hand and pulled back as she moaned, "Ooohhh...You are already so hard..."

Sarah could only stare down between herself and the girl in bewilderment as the young lady implored her, "...Please take me somewhere...I will surly die if you don't take me this instant."

Sarah was thunderstruck, apparently potatoes could be very powerful things.

The girl nipped at Sarah's earlobe and begged, "Please...make love to me Sargonne."

And then, all of a sudden, the door flew open and Sarah looked up in surpise to see the Goblin King standing in the doorway.

Never in all her life would Sarah have ever guessed she'd be so relieved to see someone, especially being since that someone was Jareth.

Jareth's eyes drifted from the young Fae woman to Sarah. Their posture, as well as their surprised expressions, clearly indicated that he had just interrupted something.

The stricken look on Sarah's face was positively priceless, but what affected him even more was the way she positively seemed to melt in relief when she looked up to see him standing there. He smirked knowingly. He couldn't wait to hear Sarah recount for him all that had happened.

Jareth put his gracious expression back on as he politely but casually announced, "Lady Desdemonna, your father is ready to leave and he is looking for you."

The young Fae's cheeks were aflame as she hurriedly replied, "Oh, why thank you your majesty..." Rushing into the hall, she turned only to cast one last longing look at the Goblin King's pageboy. The girl was reunited with her father by the castle's main entrance and in a matter of minutes they had begun their journey home while Sarah and Jareth returned to his private chambers to discuss what had transpired.

Sarah stormed into Jareth's room and flung the dreadful hat onto his great bed with a huff of disgust as her tirade began, "Ugh! I cannot believe you made me go through with this...And leaving me ALONE with that girl! Why would you do such a thing!?!"

Jareth stared at Sarah, noticing the smudged lipstick kiss marks that were all over her face and neck. Jareth was the picture of innocence as he replied, "Whatever do you mean? I think you made quite an impression."

Sarah tore open the doublet in a fury as she stormed closer to him, shrugging it off onto the floor as she raged, "An IMPRESSION!?! You apparently have no idea of the IMPRESSION I made."

Jareth flashed her an amused smile as he demanded, "I'm sure you are about to tell me. What exactly happened in there?"

Sarah stared at him incredulously as she growled, "What happened?!? She attacked me...that's what happened!!!"

Jareth pretended to be appalled, "No? She didn't!"

Sarah annunciated each word to drive her point home, "Yeah. She. Did. After she nearly kissed my face off."

Jareth simply couldn't resist toying with her, "She kissed you?"

Sarah crossed her arms angrily and spat, "Yeah she laid quite a few good ones on me."

Jareth raised his brow as he asked for clarification, "laid a few good ones? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with that expression."

Sarah spoke slowly and clearly so he was sure to understand as she ground out, "Are you familiar with making out, or sucking face?! Well let me lay it out for you...she nearly stuck her tongue down my throat."

Jareth quipped condescendingly, "She kissed you passionately then?"

Sarah ignored the fact that his question had been merely rhetorical and groaned, "Arghhhh, YES! How could you leave me alone with her? Especially after her little public seduction scene with the cherries..."

Jareth replied nonchalantly as he poured himself a glass of brandy, "Cherries? What are you talking about?"

Sarah gave him a pointed look as she accused, "Surly, you were aware that she groped me under the table?"

Jareth smirked mildly as he shrugged, "So the girl fancied what? You did a great service to the kingdom and to me...and for the price of what? A kiss. I see nothing to get upset about."

Sarah looked at him in astonishment, "You don't get it do you? Jareth, that girl was about two seconds from ripping my clothes off!!"

Jareth shook his head, "Nonsense, you are over-reacting..." He smiled and mused, "although that would have made an interesting sight."

Sarah ignored the comment and fumed, "Over reacting?!? Oh I beg to differ your HIGHNESS...she was PRIMED...and quite ready to shag me senseless!"

Jareth gave her a condescending look as he took a sip of his brandy, "How do you know that?"

Sarah lowered her voice to an urgent whisper and hissed, "Because she grabbed my POTATO!!!!!!!!"

Jareth nearly spit out his drink as he choked, "She did?"

Sarah nodded flashing him a glare that shot daggers as the Goblin King burst into genuine laughter. This only aggravated Sarah further.

She caustically added, "...and just as you walked in, she was begging me to make love to her...Can you imagine?!?!"

Jareth cocked his head to the side and smiled wolfishly, "Actually no...but it would be fascinating to watch you try."

Sarah narrowed her eyes at him in disgust before she replied vehemently, "I'm glad that you find this so amusing, because I don't!" Jareth set his drink down on the mantle and approached her as she turned her back on him and stormed towards the door to her chamber.

Jareth used his magic to appear in front of her and quickly slid in front of the door to block her escape. He found their heated banter rather exciting, and he wasn't about to let her leave, not when things had just begun to get interesting. He decided that he would push his feisty "page-boy" just a little farther.

As his eyes locked with hers, Sarah backed away trying to put more distance between herself and the Goblin King. His mouth was set in a predatory smirk as he found her actions so wonderfully predictable. For every step backward she took, Jareth advanced a step. Eventually the back of her legs came in contact with something solid. She swallowed as she realized that he had successfully backed her up against the edge of the bed. In that single moment the nervous anticipation flooded her as she realized that he was standing much too close for comfort.

His captivating mismatched eyes darted over her upturned face before his gaze lowered to her lips and he whispered huskily, "I do find it amusing." He lowered his face so that his mouth hovered just above hers as he breathed, "I find you exceptionally amusing..." His gaze was full of heat as he regarded her for a moment before he drawled, "...but then you've always amused me."

Sarah could smell the brandy that lingered on his warm breath, and she couldn't stop herself from wondering if she would be able to taste the sweet liquor on his lips if he were to kiss her. As soon as the thought crossed her mind she gave herself a hard mental slap. In no way should she be having such traitorous and dangerous thoughts.

It was with sheer excitement and panic that she realized that she might just find out, as at the same moment he seemed to ponder her lips as well. Despite the barrage of warnings going through her head, Sarah found that she couldn't look away. Her previous fury, the nervous excitement he roused in her, it was all so overwhelming. Her pulse quickened, thrumming in her ears, as adrenaline coursed through her veins, enhancing the sweet torment of her apprehension. The mingling of her passions, rage, fear, longing and wild curiosity was nothing short of a blessed sort of agony.

What was it about this cruel man that captivated her? How was it that his penetrating gaze alone could wreak such havoc on her senses. She was suddenly intensely conscious of his closeness. She could practically feel the warmth of his body through her clothes as he towered over her. If he had stood any closer they would have been touching. She was also acutely aware of the very smell of him. The sweet enticing scent of the liquor on his breath mixed with something clean yet masculine that she recognized as the scent that was distinctly his. Her heightened senses, along with his sweet heady scent caused a strange euphoria that left her feeling dazed.

Jareth had moved hastily, he wasn't about to let her flee, not while there was so much that could be said to give him the last word. Perhaps it was the mind dulling effects of the brandy that had caused him to act so impulsively. As he blocked the door and advanced on her, arguing with her was suddenly no longer the first thing on his mind. It didn't go unnoticed by him that she was right at the edge of his bed. He gazed into her intense hazel eyes for a sign of weakness. If he were to kiss her right now would she yield? He couldn't be sure. As he had whispered to her and lowered his lips closer to hers he noticed that her eyes had darted to his mouth and her chest was heaving in shallow startled breaths. What a tempting sight she made. Perhaps he should just would be so easy to...

Suddenly a loud rap sounded on the door to Jareth's room. Sarah jumped at the sound. Jareth reluctantly tore his eyes from Sarah's face and glanced at the door as demanded in an irritated tone, "Yes, what is it?" A nervous goblin on the other side of the door squeaked, "There are some visitors in the great hall your majesty." Jareth glanced at Sarah once more before he stepped back and strode towards the door. As Jareth reached for the door she heard him loudly mutter, "This better be important." Sarah used the opportunity to slip into her room.

Jareth opened the door and looked down on a small kitchen goblin. The creature was still wearing his food-stained apron from preparing the earlier meal, and was quite covered in flour. The small goblin was obviously not accustomed to dealing directly with the king, as he looked up at his monarch with sheer terror. The small creature quaked in fear as he stuttered, "Your highness, three subjects have come to the castle...they...they are looking for the girl."

Jareth looked down his nose at the small goblin and demanded, "They wish to see Sarah?" The goblin nodded frantically, "They were very persistent Sire, I told them that they should come back tomorrow but one of them struck me with his club and said that they weren't leaving until they spoke with either the girl or with you." Jareth quickly replied, "Who are the three?"

The Goblin scratched his head as though he were thinking very hard and replied, "One was the dwarf...the gardener. There was also a large orange monster and a small but ferocious knight. I...I think he is the one who is posted in the bog." Jareth nodded knowingly and replied, "Very well, admit them into the throne room and have them wait. I'll deal with them." The goblin bowed and stammered "Ye...yes sire.", before he hurried away.

Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 14 of 42

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