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Redeem Me

A Sailor Moon Story
by goldnheart

Part 4 of 6

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Redeem Me

They were back in Tokyo by ten.

"It's getting late," Rei said as they steeped of the train, "Do we still go? Or do we wait till morning."

"We should go, it's not that late. And nights like this alone...I think she'd appreciate the company. Remember, she's still dealing with this alone."

"You're right." Ami agreed, watching the train pull away, "That was a bad night, and I had not even seen him yet. She will have called him by now."

"Then let's go see our sister." Minako said, leading the way off the platform.

By the time they got to the quiet row of apartments Makoto lived in, there were only a handful of apartments with lights on. The girls noted that Makoto's was among them. They took the elevator up to the fourth floor. The door was slightly ajar.

Looking to one another, the girls quickly opened the door. Instantly, they were hit by a wave of vanilla and chocolate. Ami closed the door slowly, and it clicked behind them as Rei and Minako followed the yellow glow into the kitchen.

It was eerily quiet as they approached slowly, cautiously. Faint noises made them stop. It wasn't until an unmuffled sob pierced the air that the girls rushed in.

Makoto, bewildered, looked up at the blond head hurling itself at her.

"Oh Makoto, come here honey." Minako said, trying to fill in for Usagi, who would always be the one to offer affection when someone cried.

The brunette looked over the blonde's shoulder at the two bleary figures before her.

"Hey girl." Rei said, smiling, "Long night?" Makoto laughed through her tears.


"Well, why don't you hand me one of those brownies, disengage Minako, and tell us about it." She said, pulling up a chair, Ami following.

"Oh my god!" Minako said as she pulled away. "How many batches of brownies is that?"

"What ever number 'I'm super stressed out.' equals."? Makoto said, standing, and taking plate out of the cabinet, handing them to Rei. "You all had better start eating. There are cookies in the oven still, I had to turn it off and use it for storage. I need the space."

Silence descended over the table.

"So, how long have you been stress-baking?" Minako asked tentatively.

"A couple of hours." Makoto put her head in her hands, "I burned the first two batches."

"That bad?" Minako answered in disbelief, looking at the others, whose faces mirrored her own horror.

"I know! Since when have I ever burnt cookies? God, I'm a mess right now." They waited for her to continue. "I just can't believe it hasn't gone away. I mean, what has to happen for me to stop? I know what he did and all it takes is seeing him and I can't even pretend I don't love him. Still. Still in love with him. Still comparing every other man to him." She brushed away tears smiling lightly. "I'm a fool, aren't I?"

"No, We understand." Ami started.

"No, I know they didn't do it on purpose, of course I knew that. We knew them, how could we really think they did anything?"

The others looked down uncomfortably.

"So, then, what has been upsetting you? What can we help you with?" Minako asked.

"No, Minako, it's fine, really."

"Oh, come on, Makoto. We're all going through this right now. Talk to us."

"No. I really don't want to right now."

"But we need to know, Makoto. We have a task to complete."

"I said not right now, Venus." The green eyes narrowed, focusing hard on the blond. Ami leaned back, bracing for the familiar storm.

"What?" Minako asked indignantly, "Stop being selfish. I just told you we're all in this together, we need you. One of us can't decide not to help. I need to know what is going on with you. I know this must be hard on you-"

"Why, Venus? Because you think I'm that weak? That I'm that stupid? I am I still that coarse, big emotional brute you had to check up on? I'm sorry that some of us have hearts unlike the hollow vessel of Aphrodite. How dare you talk to anyone about being selfish." Minako drew herself up straight in her chair, eyes cold, venom on her tongue. Then she shook her head, lowering her gaze to the table, biting her lip.

"I am truly sorry, Jupiter, if I ever made you feel that way." She looked up at Makoto, but Makoto was not finished.

"The great commander is sorry! Novel idea. And you wonder why I was always on Earth with Nephrite. Who would want to work under you?"

"That's enough, Jupiter." Rei suddenly said, "You're going too far. You are outranked."

"Says you who would always find reasons to be in temple when anything major came up. And don't pretend you are innocent of challenging your superior."

"And don't pretend you did not egg us on! That you did not allow it to escalate to the level it did. That you did not agree to oversee the challenge that day! And do you know where that got us Jupiter? Do you? It allowed us to shed blood, one another's. And that was sent to the Shitennou. And do you know what that does? Of course you don't, always day-dreaming. It cursed them! It made them distrust each other, made them easy marks for Beryl. You helped sacrificed the man you loved because you couldn't take criticism."

"Mercury." Makoto looked at the, silent senshi, carefully avoiding involvement. "Mercury, it isn't true. She is just lying to hurt me, isn't she?"

"I'm afraid not, Jupiter. They left us messages. When I ran the diagnostics on a piece of the wall, it indicated that it dated from the fall. It is likely from one of Beryl's prisons surrounding the Terrian capital. The messages indicate that the curse was on them, based on the feelings they record. I saved them, see for yourself." Ami pressed her earring twice, and the projection appeared on the wall of the small Tokyo flat.

"Oh God. Oh God, what have we done? He was right; he did love me right up until the end." She paused, and choked out a final thought, " I was his last light...and I helped curse him!" She began to cry again.

"I really am sorry Makoto." Minako said touching the girl's back.

Makoto stopped and put her hand to her mouth, eyes widening. Rei and Ami both blinked a few times, realizing what had happened.

"Oh Minako...I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I don't know what came over me. I know you would never think that." Minako just smiled.

"No, but some part of me deserved it, need to hear it. Don't worry about it. We've all been out of character these last two days. I almost went there to, except I remembered discussing it with Kunzite before I said anything."

"That wasn't meant for you, was it? It was meant for Venus."

"Yes, I think so. You switched names, just like Ami did yesterday. It seems that we were not kind to one another in our past life. The fall of the moon seems a lot less unlikely now. It always made me wonder, the end, how we who had trained only a few short months together had been able to defeat Beryl with only the Princess of the Moon. Why not in our past life, when we had trained since childhood and were lead by the Queen of the Moon?"

"Because we were less cohesive." Ami said, leaning back. "Because we did not rely on one another. Loving one another is more important than I had ever considered. Goddess, since when could I just be so cold to one of you?" She muttered to herself.

"It just seems such a given, doesn't it, that we share this bond?" Makoto asked. The others murmured in ascent.

"This is our warning." Rei said coolly, "This whole experience was not just about us needing our soul mates back in order to bring about crystal Tokyo. This was to teach us what we need to take forward into the future to prevent the past. "

"A realization of what we are each capable of at our worst." Ami seconded.

"But speaking of this whole experience, we have one more artifact to find, and I think Makoto is the clue." Makoto made a face at being referred to as 'the clue'. "Whoa, let me fill you in first. The last two nights, Makoto, we have been trying to find artifacts which, Kunzite told me, the Shitennou left for us during that last week. He said we had to find the sword, the wall, and the ring. We already found the sword. And while I didn't think of it until Ami said it just now, we also found the wall. Did Nephrite say anything to you about finding something?"

"No. He and I just talked about what had happened. And I told him that I knew it was not his intent to hurt me, to," The others flinched. "Well, you all know. But I told him that I did not know if I could trust him again as I did, if I could ever let him get close again. I mean, what if he did it again, if he was weak once, he could be again. But now that I understand about the sword, I don't know what to think."

"Did he answer your concerns?" Ami asked, trying to keep on task.

"Sort of, he was vague. He just said, only your friends can tell you if ours is a timeless love. And if it is, our love can be as strong as we are."

"Well," Minako began, "I guess that's our hint."

"Wait a second, Minako." Ami said, "Makoto is the clue as well. Makoto, what does a ring make you think of?"

"A ring?" Makoto asked nervously, "Well, it's silly, but a ring always makes me think of love, of a promise, a vow, and of marriage."

"Well, the only married people we know are Usagi and Mamoru. Maybe they want us to go see them now. Maybe this is the last step." Minako said hopefully.

"And who know more about a 'timeless love' than our 'friends' the Chibas?" Rei asked happily.

"It's an idea." Ami said slowly, letting the idea wash over her. "It brings both halves of the clues together, what the ring means to Makoto and what Nephrite gave as a clue. Should we go now, Minako?"

"Hm. It is late now, if it wasn't earlier. I think we should all get some sleep and try this in the morning. We still have two days, and we are telling Mamoru what happened tomorrow, so that is two tasks in one. I think we have time to call it a night."

"Are you okay here alone tonight?" Rei asked Makoto, tone conciliatory, "Would you like to sleep over at the temple? I know I'd like the company."

"Yeah." Makoto smiled at her, "I think that'd be a good idea."

"Alright. Let's meet at the temple tomorrow, say ten? It is Saturday morning, and it is Usagi, but I think she'll want to hear this."

"Sounds good," Ami said standing. "I should go. My mom will be home from the night shift soon and if I'm not home, she'll be anxious. Night, ladies."

"I'll walk with you." Minako replied.

"Cool, I'll stay and help Makoto pack an overnight bag." Rei said, grabbing one last bite of brownie.

"See you in the morning. Good Night." Makoto said as she walked them to the door.

Minako finished brushing her teeth, and went to grab the bag in her dresser. There was so much she wanted to say, needed to say. So she took the stone and called to him.

"Hello again." His cautious smile and tense stance reminded her of the conditions under which they had parted, forgotten in exhaustion and past lives and epic rivalries. She blushed, all the grand declarations about the past lost in this moment which was here and now and real.

"Hi." She muttered at the floor.

"How did things with Ami go?" He asked, redirecting the unspoken topic.

"Well. We found the wall." She managed to look at him, "And I think we all understand now, understand what happened, and not just the why. I felt like I was dying, when I read that. Like I was losing you for the first time. And maybe it was, since the last time I didn't know until the hour I died, that I had lost you. My heart broke all over again, to know that you were trying to reach me, even at the very end."

"I'm sorry it hurt you. I only wanted you to know what I feared was happening to me. We all did."

"No, don't be sorry. You did not hurt me, it was just...just that I finally got to mourn your loss, without it being shoved aside or denied or invalidated by you being the enemy, by you being a traitor."

"I still am, even if I did not intend to." He said ever so quietly.

"No!" She raged. "No. We are only evil if we choose evil, and we are only traitors if we choose to betray. Did you choose that?"

"No." He answered after a moment.

"Then believe you deserve to come back. I'm going to go see Mamoru tomorrow, you should believe in yourself if you expect him to."

"The prince?" Kunzite said stiffly, "You're telling the prince about us tomorrow?"

"Yes. Why, is there something wrong with that?"

"No." Kunzite said, catching himself, "It's just, when you have waited from something for so long, to hear it is really happening is overwhelming." Minako's face softened.

"I can understand that." She beamed at him. Kunzite's heart caught. "Do you have any idea how much I've wanted you back? How long I spent denying it?"

"Truly?" He asked awed. She smiled again and nodded. "Gods, I don't deserve you."

"Stop it." She said more playfully, "Or I'm going to want to kiss you again, and that did not go well last time." He put his hand to his forehead, and laughed.

"I can't let you, not yet. Believe me, there will come many days when all I'll do is think of ways to keep you in bed. But right now, I can't, not in this form, which is neither man nor ghost. I can't love you like I would like to. Not until this is over."

"I'm holding you to it." Minako said in a low voice, looking hard into his eyes. Kunzite felt that pull he'd felt the first time he'd seen her walk into a party on the Earth in that gold gown. She'd been talking to a dignitary, seemingly oblivious to his intense gaze. It was not until a waiter came by and she took a glass of champagne that she met his eyes and held them; all the things she'd like to do to him clear in her gaze. They she had turned around, laughing at a joke by a Mercurian duke, as if nothing had happened. In that moment, as in this one, he'd been completely captivated by her.

"Minako" He breathed.

"Hey. No pressure. I understand. I won't be selfish." She smiled sadly.

"Where did that come from?" He asked, again unable to keep up with the blonde's emotions.

"Oh," She looked up at him, slightly embarrassed, "We had another little incident tonight when we talked to Makoto. I really must have been a bitch as Venus." He winced at her calling herself such a thing. "How could you have loved me as that? If you loved do you know you love me now? I am not her, I promise that."

"It wasn't that simple, Minako. As I told you, Venus could be cold, that is true. But she could be wonderfully sweet and considerate. I saw her many times agonizing over schedules in a week where Mars had a festival to run for the oracle but Jupiter wished to attend her mother's birthday celebration, just to make sure they could all have the time they needed. This, without ever telling them, even if it meant double or triple shifts for herself. She was not selfish. And in you I see all those things which were beautiful in her."

"If that's the case, then why are the senshi fighting like this?" Minako asked, knotting a hand in her hair.

"You're seeing the parts of one another that you have not forgiven one another for, not the parts that you all know and love about each other. That is not what is new or novel about this experience. What is new is what was forgotten, the dark parts of one another." She didn't answer him. "You'll be stronger if you know where you're weak."

Minako smiled slightly at that. "I hope so. I should try to sleep, tomorrow is a big day."

"Then, I will go, Morning Star. Be strong, only one more clue."

"Kunzite." She said quickly as he started to fade away. "About that, 'Morning Star', what you wrote. Was I really the last thing you thought of at the end?"

"And the first thing too, when I was conscious again, when I entered this stone."

And he was gone. Minako tried in vain not to squeal like Usagi.

She failed.

Ami sat in the darkness of her room holding his stone, mulling over all the ways to say what was on her mind. Feeling sure she had it down, she called for him.

Unlike Kunzite, Zoicite materialized into the chair across from her, one leg crossed over the other, arm on the armrest, hand propping up his head.

"What took you so long, pretty thing? I languished on my own for so long. Wasn't it painfully easy? When I realized what they called the shrine they'd built up around that godforsaken hunk of rock, I thought you'd be back by dinner! Ami? Ami? Honey, is everything okay? Why aren't you talking?" Ami smiled.

"Just waiting for you to finish." Zoicite flushed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I do have a habit of that." Ami bit her lip, suppressing a laugh.

"I know. I remember." Zoicite turned his face into his hand.

"God, I always do this with you! You'd think a lifetime would give me some cool around you but I just talk myself into a corner every time." Ami did laugh this time. He smiled at that. "Well, at least I can still make you laugh."

"You always did. It's what made me love you then. I started thinking about all those strange things you'd say before running off muttering 'stupid stupid!' under your breath, and before I knew it, I was thinking about you all the time."

"That was me from the first moment I saw you. I swore I saw a goddess. It was that first time on the moon, and I heard this voice giving a lecture on the mechanics of interspace travel. It was so soft and smooth and light. I followed it, and stood there peering through the keyhole like a schoolboy. And you were enchanting; I was determined to meet you." Ami simply smiled at her hands folded in her lap.

"Was it true what you wrote, Zoicite? That without," She blushed. "Without me..."

"There was nothing beautiful left in the world. Yes. I lost all hope knowing you were gone. Well, or believing you were gone." He stood, crossing the distance to her, and crouching in front of her chair. "You have been what I wanted since the moment I saw you. But since the moment I saw you laugh for the first time, I knew you were what I lived for. I love you." Ami took his face in her hands.

"You know. I had all these well-planned declarations, but none of them are going to measure up to that. So I'll keep it simple. I love you." She kissed him gently, and he swooped in to pick her up, sitting down with her in his lap, arms firmly around her. He looked into her eyes.

"But do you trust me, Ami? Trust in us, that what was broken can be mended?" She took a second.

"I do. If you believed in our love until the end, I can believe in you and our new beginning. I can believe that what we had is not gone. I can see that now. If it wasn't, I would not still love you, a thousand years later."

"Then I am a lucky man." He kissed the top of head, holding her to him.

They stayed that way until morning.

At ten, sharp, Minako climbed the stairs to the shrine. Rei was already out, directing the younger shrine maidens in the day's tasks. She smiled over her shoulder at the blond, nodding her head, not pausing in giving her orders. Minako let herself be guided by her nose the shrine's kitchen, where Makoto surely had to be.

"Hello, my friend, my dearest, most wonderful, loving-"

"There are muffins in the oven for you and Ami, so you can stop laying it on so thick."

"Aw, you're the best." She said, grabbing a chair. "Speaking of Ami, she's still not here yet?"

Makoto's green eyes sparkled. "No. Scandalous, isn't it?"

"My, my, my, Miss Ami! Good for her. Zoicite always was good for her. I hope the same is true this time."

"Well, we'll see soon." She said, humming to herself merrily.

"You seem happy today, too." Minako said, curious.

"I guess it's just knowing. It's so liberating to know that I can love him without being at odds with my self, with my duty."

"I know the feeling." Minako said, wistfully, thinking of her own lover.

"You talked to him last night?"

"Yeah, after I promised not to jump him again." Makoto bumped her head on the cupboard door where she had been putting away dished as she swiveled to see the blond.

"YOU DID WHAT? MINAKO!" Minako shushed her frantically. "Sorry, sorry, you tried to jump him!" She said in a disbelieving whisper.

"Well, not, it wasn't quite like-"

"Oh yes she did." Rei said, gliding in and slipping into another chair at the table. "She flat out tried to seduce him while they were in bed together."

"WHAT?" Makoto nearly screamed, squealing, pulling up a chair, and looking at the blond intently.

"NO! No, no, it was not like that. We just happened to be sitting together and that happened to be on my bed and then, well," Makoto batted her eyelashes at her. Minako started to fume, "You all had your past selves kick in this week and make you say things you regret, why is this different!" The other two just laughed.

"So what exactly did you do? Make a reach for things?" Makoto elbowed the smaller girl.

"No! No. I just, I don't know, I went into autopilot. I just started flirting with him, but it just escalated. But you know what, Makoto? It kind of felt good. To have this big powerful man completely incapacitated by a few words and caresses."

"I know the feeling." Rei said smirking, surprising them both.

"Care to share?" Makoto said leaning back to get a better look at the miko.

"Not really. I'm sure you remember it too, if you think about it."

"Well of course," Makoto smiled too, "But I never had to try with Nephrite. He fell at my feet on a regular basis just finding me in the kitchen."

"Let's face it, Makoto," Minako said, touching her arm seriously, "You have the effect on our princess too. We might need to discuss this with the prince." Makoto swatted her away.

"Oh, shush. Anyways, where is Ami? It is getting late, we've been here for half an hour!" Makoto said brightly.

"I have some ideas." Rei said coolly, "I'll try her on the communicator." She made a move for her communicator. "Ami? Where are you?"

"Just a moment!" came the voice of the Mercurian princess, sounding frazzled. In a minute or so, the owner of the voice came busting into the kitchen. "I'm so sorry, time just, I don't know." The other three looked at one another in awe at the tousled epitome of control.

"Why Ami! I do believe you were late because of a man!" Minako said, hand to her chest, doing her best to look scandalized.

"Minako, I do believe you're right! Look at the blush forming! Rei, what do you say? Was it a man?" Rei simply nodded her assent.

"Oh, come on, we're late because of me as it is. Can we just go to Usagi's already?" She started to walk briskly from the interrogation scene.

"Of course!" Minako said, taking her muffin from Makoto who rushed after Ami with the other, "After you."

Fifteen minutes of teasing later, they were inside the Chiba's apartment, laughing to themselves as Mamoru woke the still hibernating Usagi. They heard the low murmur of Mamoru's voice and the muffled whining of their princess before they suddenly heard,

"REALLY! Oh my god!"

Usagi came busting into the room in bunny print pink nightgown, with Mamoru following, holding out a robe. She took it from him quickly, tied it on, and sat down on in one of the armchairs next to the couch, practically bouncing.

"Goooood morning! How are you all? Had a good week?" She chirped happily. Mamoru sat on the armrest of the chair, draping an arm around his wife.

"Good morning, ladies." He called, eyes warm, but curious. "Something must be going on that I am not aware of, or Usagi would not be so excited to see you when she's seen you twice this week already." They shifted uncomfortably, remembering that Mamoru had not been aware of their little mission.

"Well..." Minako started slowly, holding Usagi's gaze, whose eyes widened, and she turned to her husband, smiling brilliantly.

"Oh, Mamo-chan, you might want to get just the teensy bit angry for me for just a bit so please hear us out before you do. Okay?" Mamoru sighed heavily before nodding. The girls winced, knowing that face, the one that was prepared for 'I bought an ice cream maker and I went to go use it and well it looked so easy and well, you might not want to look at the ceiling of the kitchen', or another such story, as they had been witness to.

"What is it, Usako?" He said in that long-suffering voice.

"Well, you see. You know how I had been worried about Crystal Tokyo coming?"

"Usako, I thought we had talked about that and promised not to worry anymore, that it would come in due time?" Usagi bit her lip looking down.

"I know...but I had this idea for why it might not be coming. See, you and I are so happy! And Crystal Tokyo must be built on love and happiness, but the girls-" She gestured to the highly uncomfortable senshi, "They are not as happy as us. So I thought, maybe all of us have to be that happy and in love to have the power to build Crystal Tokyo." She smiled at him widely, willing him to see her logic. Mamoru sighed,

"Go on, Usako."

"Yes, well, so I knew they could not just have the power they needed from just any love, it would need to be a true love, like soul mate love." Mamoru stiffened, mouth opening slightly, eyeing his wife like she was a loose tiger.

"Usako...did you..." He started before she barreled into the story.

"So I thought I'd give them the chance to see if the ones we all thought were their soul mates. So I just borrowed your stones and-"

"Usagi! You didn't!" Mamoru said angrily, standing. "Do you know how dangerous that was? They're still bound to serve Beryl in those stones! Why do you think I leave them in that box?" Usagi stood too, her temper flaring.

"The men who helped tried to save you when we fought under Beryl, who tried to again during the dead moon circus, who have constantly tried to advise you if you'd listen? Mamoru. These are good men, who made a terrible mistake, who were taken advantage of by evil, just as you were. They deserved a second chance; everyone does! Why don't you trust them?" Mamoru looked at her hotly.

"Because, Usagi, even if they did make a mistake, if they were able to fall then, they are too much of a liability to reincarnate now. Especially with Crystal Tokyo coming. Remember, they are bound through their crystals to serve Beryl forever. They fell to evil last time without having a mark on their souls, binding them to serve evil. How do you think they'd do this lifetime? I can't take the chance of something going wrong and having people that close to us put you or my daughter in danger, even though I feel for them."

"But Mamoru!" Usagi cried, "These men were you friends! Brothers even! I know you don't trust them still. I know you almost never consult them, and that when they try to help you, you don't listen. I know you've never even talked to me about trying to bring them back and break their bonds to their crystals so they can serve us freely. But how could you really think that about them? Haven't you ever brought it up with them, what you're afraid of?"

"Of course I have, and they say they'll honor my wishes. And it is my wish that they remain where both they and you are safest. Listen, Usako!" He said, voice suddenly low and anguished, cutting off another furious blast from Usagi, "You died because of them, because they knew how to get Beryl past the defenses and into the moon. Even if I can forgive that, how can forget that, or protect against it?" Usagi's shoulders dropped, and she crossed he distance to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Oh Mamo-chan. Artemis and Luna told me the senshi were looking for something which might tell us something about that, a sword?" She looked hopefully to the senshi.

"Yes, well..." Minako fumbled, standing to open her space pocket and withdrew the sword. She handed it to Mamoru to examine. He stared at it for a few seconds.

"I remember this." He said slowly. He looked at Minako, then Rei. "You sent this to Kunzite. I remember him getting it. He said it was because he was helping Venus with the ball. He left it on the table and Jadeite took it, as he did anything Rei touched." He almost smiled. "Why is this here?"

Minako and Rei went through the story of the curse again, shamefaced. Ami chimed in when they discussed looking for the next clue, the wall, projecting up the image, and explaining her theory about what the chronological nature of the messages meant about their devolving mental state, indicating torture and brainwashing, as well as the effects of the curse. That none of them could have held up against that kind of pressure. Mamoru took a seat, head in his hands.

"I think I understand. So, this sword, it left a curse on Kunzite and Jadeite, which made the group vulnerable. And then on the wall of a shrine, you saw evidence of the effects of the sword and of brainwashing on their minds" He looked up at the senshi. Minako nodded sadly. "Alright. So, my men have been sending you to look for the clues to how they were overtaken by darkness. This sword, a wall where they were once held prisoner, and then after a ring. What about this ring? What did it show you?"

"We haven't found it yet." Makoto answered, "We understood that the message was to bring us to you, the ring being marriage, and the clue being 'friends' and 'timeless love'."

"But these have all been physical objects from that time. I don't have anything like that. And neither does Usako, that I know of, since she is full of surprises today." He said, looking over his wife.

Usagi puffed up. "I am not and I do not! It was for the best." Mamoru smiled to himself at her anger.

"Then I guess we're not done." Makoto said unhappily. "But where else would it be...and what else if not wedding bands?"

"I wonder." Ami said, expression intense, "If we just went to wrong route with the clue. If it was not friend who had a 'timeless love' but someone who knows about friend who knew about 'timeless' who could tell us whether our loves are timeless."

"You don't think..." Rei asked. Ami nodded,


Redeem Me

A Sailor Moon Story
by goldnheart

Part 4 of 6

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