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A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by MidnightStarlightWrites

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There wasn't enough time.

Chat Noir watched Marinette transform into Ladybug, saw the familiar pink glow he'd gotten used to seeing from behind closed eyes. His eyes were open now, gazing in wonder as light surrounded the body of one of his first ever friends, as she transformed into his first love and became a perfect blend of the two. Like two colours merging on a canvas to create a masterpiece, like the notes on his beloved piano blending into a chord unheard by anyone else, like the girl herself- the result of cultures combining, of distance and separation overcome in the name of love.

Indeed, his eyes were open, but he didn't have enough time to truly take in what he was seeing.

Marinette had discovered his identity, and Marinette was Ladybug.

He'd been right.

He'd been right!

Ladybug stood in front of him, tilting her chin in defiance, as if she was worried about his reaction- daring him to disapprove. But, why would he? How could he possibly think anything was wrong about this situation?

Was he stunned? Yes. Did he have questions? Of course, he had a million of them. Was he about to have an aneurysm? Most likely.

Still, out of all the thoughts and feelings cascading through his mind like an endless waterfall, one emotion stood clear above the rest. It caused his heart to float to the sky, his body to feel as though it were dancing on the moon and his soul to glow with the light of stardust. It was stronger than fear, more powerful than the shock he'd received, a feeling that would outlast all the others.

His mouth was bone dry and, as his lips parted, he tried to speak and found that he'd forgotten all the words he'd ever learnt. He closed him mouth again.

Ladybug shifted her gaze, nibbling her lip.

"L-like I said, it's not ideal," she winced, peering around him as the sounds of smashing became louder. Sebastian (she refused to call him Nice Guy, it was too ridiculous) was almost through Chat's makeshift door lock. Her stomach felt like it had been put through a spin-cycle, her face turned to stone with how hard she grit her teeth. "I'm sorry, and I promise I'll explain everything once we beat this guy ok? Superhero hats on, as Tikki would say."

Superhero hats on?! What the hell are you saying Marinette! She cringed as her face burst into flame. If only she'd been able to stick to Operation: Dork Love's script!

She was going to kick Sebastian's ass from here to kingdom come and she was going to enjoy every. Single. Second. Probably more than she should, being a hero and all.

Unable to understand a word Ladybug said, for he was too tangled in the web of revelation, Chat simply nodded in response and hoped for the best. His limbs moved of their own accord and, before he knew it, his hands were cupping her face- his lady's face- his Marinette's face.

His Marinette…

Ladybug hadn't noticed him moving closer until his hands were on her. Her breath hitched and she found herself caught in her own web, but one of euphoria and adoration instead of shock and awe. His hands were acceptance. Whatever tiny doubts she'd had were obliterated the second his calloused fingers skimmed against her skin, sending whispers of love wherever they touched.

"Chat," Ladybug's voice trembled as they grew closer, alarm bells in both their heads. They shouldn't be doing this. They had bigger priorities, more pressing issues, and here they were pressing up against each other instead.

"Marinette," he whispered back, in utter reverie if he was to be completely honest. He watched as her eyes began to close, their breath mingled, their lips about to meet.


The sound of the door of the men's changing room finally caving in caused them to jump, and their foreheads smacked against each other's. Both of them cried out in equal shock and pain, grasping their wounded heads- the moment completely shattered.

When Chat looked at Ladybug, she saw her face consumed by the same colour as her mask.

Livid was an understatement.

"My- my Lady?"

Ladybug span on her heel, stomping away, her feet slamming on the tiled floor with almost enough force to shatter it. I have had ENOUGH of being cockblocked by this asshole!

"Grab your baton and let's finish this, Chat," she growled and, when he didn't reply, her darkened expression lightened. After all, it wasn't Chat she was angry with. "The sooner we get rid of this akuma, the sooner we can- well- talk."

Judging by the look she sent his way, talking wasn't the only thing on her mind. At least he hoped so. God, he hoped so.

It was then that the realisation truly, truly hit him. His arms pinned to his sides, even his tail seemed to take on a life of its own- standing on end.

Oh my god I've been kissing MARINETTE. Oh my god I said 'top notch' in front of MARINETTE TWICE…and she STILL wants to kiss me!

Bad luck? What bad luck?! Bad luck could go suck it! He had the best lucky charm in the world and she was currently waving a hand in front of his face in total exasperation.

"Kitty, focus!" she said, torn between amusement and disapproval. A part of her couldn't help but feel bad, at least she'd had some time to process things. "Bad guy first, remember?"

Chat erased the love-sick look from his face with a rough shake of his head.

"Yup. Bad guy first. Stuff after. Things. Yeah. No more Mister-Nice-Guy. Gotcha," he nodded, his voice far away and his eyes somewhat glazed over.

His ability to pun, even in the midst of what appeared to be some sort of stroke, was truly something to behold. Ladybug was genuinely impressed.

Pulling her yo-yo out, and relieved to hear Chat close on her heels, Ladybug marched through the doors into the jacuzzi pool.

When Chat Noir spotted Nice Guy, standing on the other side of the Jacuzzi pool with an arrogant smirk, all the anger he'd previously felt came flooding back.

Maybe it was the fact he knew Sebastian was hardly what one could call a 'good' person, even outside of an akuma possession, but he'd never hated an akuma more. The image of Marinette using every last bit of her strength to break free of Sebastian's aggressive hold, as well as the idea he'd dared try to possess her, awoke a fierce protectiveness in Chat which he didn't know he had until that moment.

Ladybug glanced towards Chat Noir, surprised to hear the low growl in the back of his throat, to see his teeth bared. Judging by the way his gaze was fixated on the akuma, he seemed unaware he was even making the sound. It was positively feral-

-And it shot straight through her in a way that was definitely not unpleasant.

Focus Marinette!

"Oh, there you are, I was wondering if you'd ever show up," Sebastian was looking at her, arms folded. "Where did you hide the girl?"

"Which one?" Ladybug spat, twirling her yo-yo as she prepared to attack or defend, whichever need arose first. "The one who rejected you because you're a self-righteous loser? She's somewhere far away, where you can't get her."

Sebastian's scowl deepened, his hat began to glow. Ladybug's eyes went to it instantly. She wondered…

"Fine! I'll deal with the both of you first, but you can't hide her from me forever. Your miraculous are mine, and so is Marinette!"

A sea of red roses shot straight at them, causing both Ladybug and Chat Noir to leap high into the air. They dodged them with ease, even as more roses flew out of Sebastian's hand.

The hat continued to glow.

Ladybug grinned.

"You know, I've heard of being caught red-handed, but this is ridiculous!" she joked, landing by Sebastian's side and sending a flying kick straight into his chest. Sebastian fell backwards with a grunt, but managed to roll away from a second attack. The smirk was back on his face. Although he sought to anger her, Ladybug only felt a greater sense of urgency towards ridding him of the smirk once and for all.

For what it was worth, the heat of the battle seemed to ease Chat's anger somewhat, as the pair settled into the familiar back-and-forth they'd gotten used to over the years.

Some things never changed.

"Good one, My Lady!" Chat chuckled even as he was knocked off his feet by a rose the size of his torso. He quickly rolled back into a standing position, using his baton to pole-vault over the pool to where she was. "But try not to rose-t him too much, girls are clearly a thorny subject!"

"You can't tame my puns," Ladybug grinned, flicking her twin-tails confidently before placing her hands on her hips. "I was thorn to be wild!"

"ENOUGH!" Sebastian exploded. Without warning, a wall of red roses appeared, barrelling right towards them and covering the ceiling to the floor. There was no escape. In an instant, the pair were surrounded, the red petals swishing around like bloodstained feathers, the thorns narrowly missing their skin.

Chat stood with his back against Ladybug's, gripping his baton tight as the roses closed in on them.

"We better nip this in the bud, love-bug!" Chat called over the fluttering of the rose petals. Swiping towards the roses with his baton, Chat attempted to make an opening through which they could escape, but was rebuffed as flowers began to attack him with the power of fists. He staggered backwards and Ladybug caught him by the shoulders. Suddenly, and as if they were angered by Chat's escape attempt, the flowers circled closer- ready to squash them flat.

"We've got to get to his hat!" Ladybug cried, flicking her yo-yo out. She managed to knock a few roses out the air, and briefly caught a glimpse of Sebastian triumphantly making his way towards them before the archway closed again. "I'm sure the akuma is in there!"

"As you wish my lady!" Chat sheathed his baton, instead choosing to reach to the sky and cry out his signature Cataclysm attack. Forcing his hand through the hurricane of roses, Chat grinned as he watched his attack succeed. The cataclysm was like a plague, twisting and turning upwards. Every rose it touched withered and died, before disappearing in a burst of black orbs until, at last, the pair of them were free.

Ladybug grinned in triumph, but it was a feeling short-lived once her eyes met Sebastian's. His face was a picture of calm and, in his hand, he held a single black rose.

A rose that would possess her, as it had done with Alya.

There wasn't enough time to react.

Without saying a word, he launched the rose straight towards her heart.

Something wrapped around her wrist, tugging her backwards. She looked up just in time to see Chat shield her from rose. It struck against his spine and disappeared in a puff of dark smoke.

Her heart stopped.

"CHAT!" she shrieked, hoping, praying.

By some miracle, Chat pulled out of the embrace with a lopsided grin and a wink. Ladybug wanted to collapse against his chest in relief, but that could come later. Right now, she was thankful the rose had had no effect on her beloved partner.

"That was not meant for you!" Sebastian roared, pointing a wild, accusatory finger towards Chat.

Chat Noir laughed, completely humourlessly. The sound made it feel as though someone had slipped an ice cube down Ladybug's back, but she wasn't afraid- for herself anyway.

"So you don't like it when people take what isn't theirs?" Chat growled back, retrieving his baton as his ring began to beep. "You know there's a word for people like you, but I'm too polite to use it in my lady's presence."

Before Sebastian could send another flower-based attack at them, Ladybug called forth her Lucky Charm. It appeared as a fishing rod, and she jumped to catch it, narrowly missing a wayward red rose.

"No matter," Sebastian dismissed Chat with a wave of his hand, turning to Ladybug as she attempted to find a use for the polka-dotted fishing rod.

Her eyes flickered up towards the pillars around the corners of the room and she smirked. She had a plan, a hook, and Sebastian's hat had a wide enough brim…

"You don't have to do this Ladybug," Sebastian implored, taking a different approach as he leant towards her with a bow. "Ditch that fur-brained loser and join me instead. I'll treat you right, M'lady."

For a moment, there was silence.

Despite the fact that Chat was furious, every fibre in his being wanting nothing more than to kick this akuma's ass, that was nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to how Ladybug reacted.

Forgoing her previous idea, Ladybug threw the fishing rod to the side. It clattered to the floor by Chat Noir's boots. He glanced up, ears on full-alert as he watched his partner's eyes grow dark, her nostrils flare. Turning to look at Sebastian, Chat couldn't help but feel smug as the akuma's grey face paled under the weight of Ladybug's wrath.

Sebastian stumbled backwards, lifting a hand in preparation for an attack but it was too late. He'd gone too far.

Honestly, no matter how angry he was, Chat had half a mind to pull up a chair and grab some popcorn. Oh, this is going to be good.

With a speed Chat very rarely saw her use, a burst of adrenaline usually reserved for the direst of situations, Ladybug flicked out her yo-yo, lassoing it around Sebastian several times and yanking him towards her. She ignored the panicked yelp which escaped his lips. Mercy was a long-gone option for this particular akuma.

"Listen here, you insignificant tool," Ladybug snarled as Sebastian landed at her feet. Gripping him by his collar, Ladybug pulled him towards her so that they were almost nose-to-nose. "There's only one man who can call me his lady, and you are not him."

She missed the way Chat downright swooned at her words. He hoped she wouldn't drag this out, because he wanted nothing more than to kiss her senseless. It surly wasn't possible to love her more than he already did, and yet somehow, he found himself falling even more.

The fact that it was Marinette saying those words made him briefly check his pulse to make sure he hadn't died and gone to heaven.

Ladybug seemed to share the same thoughts regarding ending things quickly. Without further delay, and with no need for her lucky charm after all, she swiped the fedora off of Sebastian's head and threw it to the floor, crushing it underfoot. A purple butterfly fluttered out and she released Sebastian from her yo-yo's clutches so she could trap and cleanse the butterfly. Whilst she did this, Chat leapt over to Sebastian, grabbing him by the arm even as Ladybug called for her Miraculous Cure and the curse lifted off of him. It was better to be safe than sorry, and he didn't want Sebastian anywhere near Ladybug- whether he was possessed by an akuma or not.

As the last remnants of the akuma faded away, Sebastian swayed. He brought a dazed hand up to his face and blinked, in the same way all akuma victims did when they were free of the curse.

"Where- where am I?" His voice was distant, as though he were waking up from a deep, disturbing dream. After blinking a few more times, his vision focused on Ladybug- standing opposite him wearing a stern look. He twisted his head down to his elbow, where Chat Noir held him.

The blood drained from his face and, before Ladybug could berate him, he stumbled out of Chat Noir's grasp and fled.

"Should we go after him?" Chat asked curiously, bobbing his head towards Ladybug. His miraculous beeped again.

Ladybug sighed, wrapping her arms around herself as her own miraculous gave off a warning too. She shook her head.

"No let's just leave him, he's not a threat anymore and besides- we don't exactly have enough time left." She gestured to her earrings whilst she stared at the (now fixed) changing room doors Sebastian had disappeared behind.

"Of course," Chat nodded, suddenly very much aware they were alone. Groaning inwardly as his miraculous gave yet another beep, he wilted at the thought of waiting even longer before they could truly have a moment to themselves.

Ladybug, still looking at the closed doors, let out a short squeak of surprise when Chat swept her into his arms- one of his hands wrapped around the back of her knees, the other around her upper back. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"What on earth are you doing, kitty?" she stammered, body tingling where his hands gripped her.

Chat blushed, trying to hold her as delicately as he could and making sure said hands remained in completely neutral areas. No matter how much they were itching to wander. Still living life in Rock Bottom eh Agreste?

"The last time Nino saw you, I was in the middle of saving you," he explained, carrying her towards the men's locker rooms as he made his way back to the entrance hall. "It would- err- it would probably look suspicious if you appeared by yourself, right? Is- is this ok?"

"Oh," Ladybug replied, impressed by his forward thinking. Neither of them thought the carrying was particularly necessary, but neither of them cared either. Any excuse to be close. "I didn't even consider that, and- and yes. This is ok."

This is very, very, ok. This is my favourite mode of transport. Screw the Eurostar.

Ladybug de-transformed in front of his eyes, revealing Marinette's still bikini-clad form. Chat refused to stare, his hold on her now so light that she had to wrap her arms even tighter around his neck to prevent herself from falling.

There was so much to say, and so little time to say it in, that both of them chose to remain quiet. Instead, they used their few remaining seconds alone to send silent signals, tiny gestures of love and comfort. Marinette snuggled into the crook of his neck, letting him know she trusted him, that she really was there. Chat pressed his cheek against the crown of her head, nuzzling against her, telling her it was ok- that he was happy with this- that he was so glad it was her.

Marinette grinned, lifting one hand away from Chat's shoulder to idly flick the bell around his neck. It was such a Ladybug-like thing to do, Chat had another realisation that Marinette really, truly, was her. This was happening, and the beam which blossomed on his face threatened to rival the sun itself.

The moment was over too soon.

Pulling apart slightly, as to not raise any eyebrows, Chat Noir walked through the entrance hall and out towards the car park to thunderous applause. His eyes scanned the crowd for Nino and Alya as he helped Marinette onto her feet. The reporters had arrived, and they were ravenous.

"Chat Noir, what can you tell us about the nature of the akuma?"

"How did you and Ladybug defeat them?"

"Is this the girl rumoured to be the target of the attack?"

"Where is Ladybug?"

"Guys, guys please!" Chat chuckled, waving his hand out to stifle the endless wave of questions. He stepped in front of Marinette, aware she was in a bikini and probably not keen on the idea of all the cameras flashing in their faces. "I'd love to stay and gossip, but unfortunately I have to follow in my lady's footsteps and bug out! But don't worry, everyone is safe and the akuma's well taken care of!"

Nino snuck over to Marinette, quietly tugging her away from the prying eyes of the media. When Chat Noir caught sight of this, he winked- offering one final salute towards the cameras before leaping away out of sight.

"Girl!" Alya cried, appearing from the crowd and rushing over to envelop Marinette in a squeezing hug. "I can't believe you got rescued by Ladybug and Chat Noir! Once we're back home and my phone is charged, you HAVE to give me the scoop."

"You ok Mari?" Nino asked, offering her a towel to wrap around herself. Taking it with a nod of thanks, Marinette patted Nino's shoulder.

"I'm fine, Chat and Ladybug made sure I was ok," she reassured. "And yeah, sure Alya. I'll tell you what happened once we get home. But right now, I feel like I could sleep for about a hundred years."

Alya linked arms with her in sympathy.

"You don't have to tell me!" she agreed vehemently. "That stupid akuma possessed me and even with that Miraculous Cure I still feel violated." Alya shuddered. Shaking her wet hair, she turned to Nino with a guilty gaze. "I still can't believe I said those things to you Nino. I'm sorry hon."

Nino scratched the back of his head, shifting his weight awkwardly.

"It's- it's ok, babe," he laughed feebly. "I know you didn't mean it…right?"

Alya's arms were around him in an instant, her eyes wide. Marinette turned away to give them some privacy. Pulling the towel closer around her shoulders, Marinette looked up at the greying skyline.

"Of course not!" Alya promised in earnest, her fingers stroking the spot on his neck she knew he adored. "I love you, and no stupid akuma is ever gonna change that, understand me? There's not a man on heaven or earth who can get between us. Hawkmoth can bite my butt if he thinks otherwise."

Recovering quickly, Nino wrapped his arms around Alya's waist and pulled her in tight. He smiled, gently rubbing his nose against hers.

"Yes ma'am," he breathed before kissing her ardently, the last of his fears fading at Alya's eager response.

"Well, you two look cosy."

To much jubilation, Adrien re-joined the group- feigning ignorance and claiming he hid when he'd been 'accidentally' separated from the gang. Nino and Alya accepted this without too much of a fuss, although he did earn a light punch on the arm from both of them for making them worry.

When Alya and Nino's backs were turned, Adrien wiggled his eyebrows at Marinette. She stifled a giggle and wiggled her eyebrows back, earning a huge grin from him in response.

As everyone decided on what to do, and the police gave the all-clear for people to return to the spa, they all decided they'd had enough for one day. In fact, Nino claimed he'd had enough of a spa experience to last him a life time.

The group headed back into the entrance hall, ready to get changed and head home.

On the way, they were relieved to run into Nathanael and Louis- who had their belongings, along with a few additions.

"Please don't go!" one little boy cried, clinging onto Louis' arm as his parents watched on- both amused and grateful.

"Oh, little one we have to go!" Louis chuckled, ruffling the boy's silvery-blonde hair fondly. "But don't worry, you're safe again."

"We know we're safe," Tina drawled, her arms wrapped around a younger girl who Marinette assumed was her little sister, "but we still don't want you guys to leave. You were heroes too you know! You need to have interviews and stuff."

"Oh- no- we really aren't those type of heroes," Nathanael blushed, and Louis patted him on the back lovingly, laughing at his embarrassment.

"Pleaaase, Uncle Louis? Pleeeease?" a girl, around four years old, begged. Her wide puppy eyes bore into Louis' soul and Louis clutched his heart, whimpering.

Burying his face in the palm of his hand, Nathanael groaned.

"Lou…" he warned, reading his boyfriend's mind, "we're not adopting any of them!"

"But they called me Uncle Louis!" Louis whined, wiping a tear from his eye as the parents began ushering their children away- most of them on their way to have a few angry words with the manager. All of them had the decency to stop and thank the boys for their bravery at least.

When the last of the children left, Louis lifted up his chin. His watery eyes met Marinette's and the tears were gone in an instant.

"Oh! You are all alright! That's good to see!" He chirped, rushing towards the four of them as Nathanael jogged to catch up. "I'm glad I got to see you before you all headed out, here-"

He reached into his duffle bag, pulling out four large book and handing them to the nearest person, which happened to be Nino.

"I forgot to give these to you before. Guard those books with your life, they're from my university library. I thought they might help with your history project," Louis elaborated with a grin which turned teasing. "Of course if you lose them, I'll be the one to pay- and then I shall have to haunt you all once I die from inevitable starvation because I had to spend money on library books rather than food."

"The life of a broke student," Nathanael rolled his eyes, grabbing Louis' hand and ushering him towards the exit, ignoring his cries of protest amongst the groups separate thank-yous. "See you guys tomorrow!"

It didn't take long for all of them to get changed. Nino and Alya seemed to be in a rush to get back to each other. From what Marinette observed, it seemed like the akuma attack had an impact on the both of them and they were in a hurry to seek comfort in each other. She couldn't blame them.

In fact, Marinette was rather glad that the two were so focused on each other. It allowed for many secret, knowing glances between herself and Adrien and she enjoyed the butterflies in her stomach as a result.

Finally, they made it back to Alya's borrowed car. The four of them collapsed against their respective seats (Nino and Alya in the front, Marinette and Adrien in the back), leaning against their head rests with separate sighs and groans.

Nobody spoke for at least three minutes.

"Well I don't know about you guys," Alya said eventually, her voice dripping in sarcasm, "but I've never been more relaxed in my entire fucking life."

Whatever tension was still hanging in the air snapped at Alya's well-timed joke. Soon the car was filled with laughter.

Marinette felt warmth brush against the tips of her fingers as she laughed. Looking down, she saw Adrien's fingers tentatively touching her own.

Her cheeks burned, similar to the way Adrien's were, and she closed the gap- gently wrapping her hand around his and daring to give it a squeeze. From beside her, she heard him sigh in content.

Wow. This is actually real.

Turning to stare out of the window, Marinette's heart glowed with promise.

As Alya started the car, the first signs of rain pattered against the windows.

The summer storm, it seemed, had finally arrived.

Marinette smiled.

The rain pattered against the window panes, creating shadows on the floor of Adrien's bedroom. He'd yet to turn on a light. Though the evening was only just beginning, the summer storm was well and truly underway. Dark clouds blocked out the sun, giving the appearance that it was much later than it seemed. It felt like night time.

Plagg was buried somewhere in the depths of Adrien's bed, sleeping off the earlier akuma attack. If he strained his ears, Adrien could just about hear the faint purrs emanating from that corner of his room.

For the first time in a long time, he didn't feel like checking the Ladyblog. He was too wrapped up in the emotions of the day, instead choosing to sprawl himself on his sofa, watching raindrops race down the windows.

Itchy. That's how he felt. Every nerve in his body itched to go out and find his lady. He sighed. They usually cancelled patrols if it was raining.

Still, she'd promised they'd talk. But, once Chat had let Marinette go and disappeared to de-transform away from nosy reporters, they hadn't had a second to themselves. Marinette's parents had ordered her back to the bakery as soon as possible to make a fuss of her, Alya and Nino were together and he-

Well. He was alone. Euphoric- sure- but alone.

As soon as he thought it, someone knocked on his door, entering without bothering to check if he was indisposed.

Gabriel strode into the room, eyes skimming around for his son, and Adrien gripped the back of the sofa so that he could pull himself up. When their eyes met, Gabriel tutted and shook his head, flicking on the lights.

It too everything in Adrien not to hiss and shield his eyes.

"Adrien you shouldn't sit in the dark," he admonished sternly. "It will affect your eye sight."

I'm fine by the way, thanks for asking Adrien thought bitterly, any brief hope that his father was actually worried about him disappeared in a flash.

"You're right, I'm sorry father," Adrien chorused dully, standing up and brushing himself down to look more presentable.

Gabriel adjusted his glasses, the action unnecessary and wholly awkward. All Adrien could do was stare, both curious and a little suspicious.

"I will be travelling to London, and then to Venice for a few weeks on business," Gabriel stated in his usual clipped tone, but something in his eyes made Adrien tilt his head in confusion. It wasn't like his father to tell him he was leaving in person. Usually, he left it up to his staff or sent him a message. "I trust that you will be sensible, and stay in the city. I cannot have you wandering off somewhere you might get hurt, especially when I am not in the country. That includes spas."

Adrien tried not to wince, and failed miserably.

"I won't leave the city," he promised. "B- but to be fair, it was pretty unlikely that an akuma attack happened so far out of the city. And when I knew it was happening, I made sure to get to a safe area with my friends as soon as possible."

Gabriel raised his eyebrow, saying nothing for a moment. Just in case Gabriel decided to fact-check his story, Adrien decided to ask his friends to cover for him. Not that it would be necessary, he was sure, but just in case. After all, despite his sometimes-suffocating overprotectiveness, Gabriel was surprising trusting of his son.

"Of course," Gabriel nodded, "I expected nothing less from you. Whilst I'm gone I'm aware you will have many of your final exams, so I have cleared much of your schedule so that you may study and- perhaps enjoy the company of you peers before your time at school ends."

Shock was an understatement.

"Th-thank you father!" Adrien gushed. Gabriel said no more, offering a short bow to the head and exiting the way he came.

As soon as he was gone, Adrien leapt back onto the sofa, whooping in delight. An open schedule meant more time with Marinette, more time hanging out with friends. Of course, he'd be studying too but still- freedom! Nino would be beside himself with joy.

He was going to ask Marinette on a date! Maybe she'd even say yes!

An open schedule meant more time for many things, could he dare hope kissing could be one of them?

"What are you squealing about?" Plagg grumbled, floating over and rubbing his eye sleepily.

Adrien ignored him, choosing instead to check his phone- which had just buzzed in his pocket.

When he saw who messaged him, he almost dropped the phone on his nose. Plagg snorted.

Marinette: I don't care about the rain! Patrol? Xx

Adrien sat bolt-upright, texting back at speed of light.

Adrien: Not even a monsoon could keep me away from you... My Lady 3 Xx

As soon as he sent the text, Adrien stood up, pacing back and forth with a hand plastered to his forehead- making his hair stand up at funny angles. He didn't know what to do with his limbs, he didn't know what to do with himself. Giddiness wrapped around his brain, making him feel dizzy in the best possible way.

This was it.

A pearl of laughter escaped from his mouth, breathless, indescribable laughter.

"You're being super-weird you know," Plagg declared, landing on his shoulder.

"I know, it's just- I finally know who she is! I was- I was right and… I can't believe it!"

Adrien heard Plagg chuckle lightly. It wasn't his usual brand or sneaky laughter, nor was he doing it at the expense of someone else's misfortune. On the contrary, as Adrien looked down at the little Kwami, he was surprised to see him grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Yeah, yeah enough of the mushy stuff," Plagg said, rolling his eyes fondly. "Transform already, and go get your girl. We've waited loooong enough. Three years too long."

For the first time in a while, it seemed they finally agreed on something, and Adrien was happy to oblige.

Ladybug wrapped her legs around herself, sheltering under the small outcropping the roof provided. It was their usual meeting spot in bad weather. Though she was already drenched from the journey over, she pressed her back against the brick wall, watching the mist merge with the lights of the street lamps- which had come on early due to the darkness the storm provided. Pressing her lips together, she blinked slowly.

Somewhere in the distance she heard a rumble of thunder. It reflected in her heart.

She sighed, a wobbly, shaky sound which vibrated through her lungs and out towards her extremities.

Waiting was torture. Whilst she normally enjoyed watching the rain fall, took comfort in the hissing pitter-patter against the stone slabs and the smell of damp earth, it wasn't enough to quell the anxiety pulsating through her.

Why did she have to arrive early? Why couldn't she have been on time or late? Then she wouldn't have had to wait for him to join her.

"It's raining cats and dogs!"

Chat Noir's head appeared, hanging upside down over the ledge. Fat raindrops fell from his pointed ears and he flicked them off subconsciously, spraying Ladybug with water. The edge of his tail trailed off the ledge, swaying from side to side.

As soon as she saw him her body felt like it combusted, then proceeded to slowly pull itself together again. One look in his shimmering, green eyes and her taut muscles liquefied. It was an awfully odd sensation, she realised, being so relaxed and yet so nervous at the same time.

"Really?" she questioned quietly. "I wondered why there were poodles everywhere."

Tilting his head back with a short chortle, Chat hopped down to sit beside her. Even though his hair was waterlogged, it was still wild and spiky. It clung to the sides of his face and Ladybug stared, admiring without fear. As his jaw caught the light, she spotted a faint trace of stubble. Inexplicable, she felt the urge to stroke it. If only her arms didn't feel like lead.

They were silent, each of them lost in their own thought on where to begin.

After what seemed like an eternity, they both turned to each other. Simultaneously, they both blurted out garbled words in their haste to clear the air.

"I can explai-" Ladybug began.

"I just wanted to-" Chat said.

They paused.

"Sorry you were-"

"Oh sorry what-"

That was all it took. The pair burst out laughing, Ladybug burying her face into her hand and Chat shuffling closer to her, looking at her in awe.

"We're- we're so, so- hopeless," Ladybug giggled, shaking her head.

Yeah. Hopeless. Chat thought, watching her. Of course, he agreed with her. He was hopeless. He'd been hopeless since the day they met and would continue to be hopeless about her for the rest of his life.

He loved being hopeless. It was quite simply, the best feeling the world.

"Ladies first," he nodded towards her, gave a mischievous little bow, and she bopped him on the nose.

Both of them were struck dumb by how easy it was.

It was scary, and uncharted, but it was easy.

So easy, in fact, that it almost seemed like they'd always been this way, that this had always been brimming under the surface, waiting to come out to play. It was as natural as breathing, as natural as the rain falling at their feet.

It made sense. They were, after all, two halves of the same whole.

Ladybug smiled, sighing in contentment as she rested her head on his shoulder. The same shoulder she'd rested on the night she'd issued her challenge to him.

"You found me," she breathed, her voice so gentle Chat almost didn't hear it.

But hear it he did, and oh boy if his soul wasn't on fire before…

"You found me first," he purred, leaning his cheek against her and linking his fingers with her own. Delicately, he lifted their joined hands so he could kiss her gloved one. She hummed in response.

"I didn't mean to," she confessed. "It was an accident. I swear. I saw you with Plagg the other day and I was going to tell you all about it at the spa- especially because of our misunderstanding and I just couldn't stand to see you hurt especially because I've liked you forever and we got it all totally wrong but then the spa day went wrong too so I freaked out and-"

"Bugaboo," Chat interrupted her with a kiss on the temple in an attempt to soothe her, "breathe. Of course you were going to find me first- you're just- just that amazing."

Ladybug slumped backwards against him, the last remaining remnants of tension wiped out by his words.

Closing his eyes, Chat rested his head on hers again, wrapping his arms around her middle and pulling her close. The whole thing seemed like a blissful dream to him, to be able to do this, knowing who she was behind the mask.

Had it really only been a week since he'd started his search? It felt like he'd been looking for her his whole life.

"I'm so happy it's you," he mumbled, kissing the top of her ear and admiring the little gasp which escaped her lips. "I'm so happy I was right."

Ladybug curled into herself, silently squealing.

"Oh you were right, were you?" she teased, nudging him with her hip. "What makes you so sure Adrien Agreste?"

Chat's toes curled. His stomach fluttered, and he was pretty sure his bones were non-existent. Though it occurred to him that he'd heard Ladybug say his name for three years (he just hadn't known it at the time) he wanted her to say it again, and again, and again. He never wanted her to stop saying his name.

"Hmm, you're right," he bantered, tapping his chin curiously. "I guess one more clue wouldn't hurt, would it?"

"Oooh I think you're asking too much, Kitty!" she replied, reaching back to ruffle his rain-studded hair.

Chat lowered himself to her eye level, pouting.


Ladybug grinned, shuffling away from his grasp to stand up. Extending her palm out beyond the shelter of the covered roof, she felt raindrops smack against her hand. The rain was still coming down in torrents. She paused, thinking, hoping.

Well Tikki did say she was blessed with good luck. Maybe, just maybe, it could work. If she wished for it hard enough…

"Lucky charm!" she called up to the heavens. For a split second, pink light shattered the gloom of the evening. Everything froze as Ladybug prayed, concentrated, wished...

The charm fell into her hands and she clutched it to her chest, fighting back a cry of joy. From his spot on the floor, Chat watched her, mouth hanging open. Wandering what she was doing, yet trusting that it was leading somewhere special, he chose to stay silent.

Only after she'd cradled the lucky charm in her arms, making sure she'd truly gotten what she wanted, did she allow herself to speak.

"I didn't always like the rain," she began, taking her first steps out into the open. The rain attacked her instantly, but still she clutched her lucky charm in her hand, not using it. Not yet. "But three years ago I met this guy. We didn't get off to the best start... it seems like misunderstandings follow us whenever we don't talk to each other the way we should."

She twirled around, back towards Chat Noir, who was staring at her as though there were galaxies in her eyes.

"I made some rash judgements about him, thought he was a bad guy. Do you know something, though? He proved me wrong. In the best, most amazing way, he proved me wrong. He was so kind and gentle, sweet and caring. How could I not fall for him? Especially after he leant me one of these…"

In one graceful movement, she lifted the lucky charm in the air, pressing the clasp so that the polka-dotted umbrella opened over her head.

Chat's breath caught in his throat. He understood. So, all this time…

With quaking legs, Chat managed to stand up, his eyes glistening.

"It seems we've been dancing around each other a long time, my lady," he confessed, softly treading towards her, his boots lightly skimming the shallow puddles which formed on the flat, grey rooftop, "for my heart has been yours since the day I met you."

Ladybug blushed, unable to hide the shy smile even as her eyes gazed downward. Both of them wondered how on earth one person could be so adorable.

"W-well, perhaps we should start dancing together instead?" she replied, gripping the handle of the umbrella so tight that it shook in her hold. Or perhaps it was her who was shaking? She wouldn't be surprised. "Although I warn you I have two left feet."

"I couldn't think of anything more meow-vellous if I tried, left feet or not," Chat reached her, ducking under the brim of the umbrella so he could stand close. "I think I've had enough clues now," he added, his voice low. Their eyes met; love, desire, need and hope hung between them- so palpable they might as well have been tangible threads, visibly linking them together.

"You have?" Ladybug breathed, tilting the umbrella so that it no longer blocked him from pressing up against her.

Chat leaned in close, gently kissing her cheek.

"Your favourite colour is pink," he whispered against her skin, sending a wave of warmth through her. She nodded.

"My favourite colour is pink," she confirmed, placing her free hand on his chest. Splaying her fingers, Ladybug used her thumb to caress the shallow crevices of his suit. There weren't enough words in the world to describe what that did to him.

"You dream to work in fashion one day," he repeated, echoing the words that had haunted his mind all week, words which had floated around his head on sleepless nights. Now he was here, more wide awake than he'd ever been, the girl of his dreams in his arms. He moved to press his lips against her other cheek.

"I do dream to work in fashion one day," Ladybug's head swam, she fought hard not to close her eyes against his tender caresses. Underneath her fingertips, she felt a purr vibrate through his chest.

"You don't want me to stop flirting with you," he remembered, his tone taking on a cheeky edge as he kissed her nose, and earned a giggle from her.

"No I most definitely do not," she replied as her earrings beeped and Chat moved to wrap his arms around her waist.

He swallowed thickly, pausing and pulling away so that he could properly look at her. Behind the mask he saw the traces of the freckles he adored, those same bluebell eyes he'd never get sick of, the pink lips he'd kissed not nearly enough times.

"A-and you name," he rasped, his voice thick and rough with emotion, "is Marinette."

Ladybug beamed.

"And my name…is Marinette," she admitted, finally, wonderfully, as Chat's lips crashed into her own.

She threw the umbrella to the side, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down so that she could deepen the kiss. Their faces were slick with rain, hair flattened against them, but nothing- not even the chill in the air or the promise of the encroaching night time- could stop them from kissing until their lungs felt like they were going to burst.

It was incredible, indescribable. All the longing they'd felt, the nights they'd spent pining, the days they'd spent dreaming, all of it was over. After three years, it was finally over.

As Chat Noir lifted Ladybug into his arms, whispering her real name over and over again in between kisses, the polka-dotted umbrella rested by their feet, dancing in the breeze, content to know they no longer had any use for it.

They were together now.


A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by MidnightStarlightWrites

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