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Something in the Eyes

A Crossovers Story
by Clever Lass

Part 3 of 3

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Something in the Eyes

The church was lonely and quiet at 11:45 on a Saturday morning. Their footsteps echoed softly in the cool dimness. Susan knew the portal would be opening soon, but she didn’t know where it would be. Would they be suddenly whisked to the Underground as they walked in the door? No; nothing happened. Maybe if they approached the altar in front? No, not that either. As the clock in back ticked closer towards noon, Susan grew more and more nervous. Darien silently offered her his hand, and she clutched it like a lifeline.

You were a queen, she chided herself. A queen who became a legend. What is there to fear? Her voice of insecurity answered her: you were a queen who became a secretary. What’s impressive about that?

When the clock struck twelve, she became aware of two things. One was a sweet smell that suddenly wafted on a breeze through the silent sanctuary, and the other was a slight movement she caught in the back of the church out of the corner of her eye. She heard Darien’s swift intake of breath and turned sharply.

Aslan was there. Where Darien had hung a banner with a lion on it, now there was the real thing. He was real, warm, and living, and the reflected gold of his coat lit up the darkened sanctuary like a beacon.

Like two children holding hands, the Narnian queen and lord approached the Lion slowly. At a distance of a few feet, Darien dropped to his knees before Aslan and greeted him. “My Lord, you are very welcome here.”

“Rise, my son,” Aslan rumbled. “You shall be welcomed into my world in your turn. You have done well the work I sent you here to do.” Darien stood up with a glad light in his eyes while Aslan turned his attention to the queen.

“Susan,” he said. “Approach me.”

Wiping away a stray tear, Susan went closer with faltering steps. Aslan lowered his magnificently maned head and gently touched her forehead with his tongue. “I have missed you too, Daughter,” he rumbled.

With a glad cry, Susan threw her arms around his neck, burying her face in his scented mane, sobbing with happiness. “Aslan, oh, Aslan! I’m so sorry! I never meant to forget you or forget Narnia, but I couldn’t find you here and I missed you so much..!”

“Peace, Daughter,” Aslan growled a little, but with tolerance. “I did not come to hear your excuses, but to welcome you back!” He shook his mane and breathed on the two of them. “And now it is time we were gone.”

His breath gave strength and courage, and instead of blowing them to the Underground, it blew their world away and replaced it with the Underground. They appeared at the edge of a garden that was decorated with ribbons, lanterns, and a pavilion. Two tall figures stood close together in the centre of the garden under the pavilion, one dark and one fair. They both turned sharply when they heard Susan and Darien arrive. Sarah and Jareth were both dressed in their celebratory splendour: Sarah in a misty silver gown and Jareth in a royal blue outfit that was not unlike Darien’s green.

“Susan!” Sarah cried, and rushed to embrace her friend. Jareth followed close behind, smiling.

“Welcome, Your Majesty,” he said with a slight bow after the women had separated. “Your presence fills us both with joy.” His speech and manner were very formal, in homage to the seriousness of the occasion – and in contrast with Sarah’s effusive greeting.

Susan was more than a match for his formality. She made a brief curtsey and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty; it is our very great pleasure to be here.”

She took Darien’s hand and addressed Sarah and Jareth formally. “King Jareth, Lady Sarah, may I present Lord Darien Heath of Narnia and Telmar, who was sent into my world by Aslan. His father was Lord Arlian of Narnia and Telmar, who was loyal to His Majesty Caspian the Ninth, before his treacherous execution at the hands of Miraz the Usurper.”

Darien, mindful of the etiquette of the situation, made a low bow.

Jareth’s eyebrows rose. He had known all of the Caspians, but the last one had died ages and ages before Narnia came to an end. He was surprised that a human would have lived so long.

Susan went on, still revelling in the formality. “Lord Darien, I have the honour to present His Majesty Jareth, King of Goblins, Lord of the Labyrinth, and last surviving member of the Sidhe race... and his intended bride, my friend, Lady Sarah Williams, Mistress of the Labyrinth and Duchess of the Goblin City.”

Jareth inclined his head in greeting, but Sarah just grinned. “Nice to see you again, Reverend Heath,” she said.

Darien grinned. “You remembered me!”

“I don’t meet otherworldly travellers on a regular basis,” Sarah explained. “Of course I remembered you! I’m pleased that Susan brought you.”

He smiled. “As am I.”

“Welcome to my kingdom, Lord Darien,” Jareth said. He drew the other man a little away from the two women and offered, “If you would care to accompany me, I would be happy to show you some of it briefly – and it would give the ladies a chance to talk...” Sarah and Susan nodded, smiling, and as they walked off together arm in arm, Jareth lowered his voice and murmured to Darien, “...about us. Women love to do that.”

Darien glanced at the taller man just in time to catch his wink, and he laughed in agreement. “I’ll be flattered if that’s the case,” he replied. “But are you not getting married in less than an hour? You certainly don’t have to show me around at a time like this!”

Jareth chuckled and urged him, “No, come. Please. It’ll help settle my nerves. Besides if we’re late, I’ll just run the time back and make a grand and punctual entrance.”

“Fair enough,” Darien replied equably. Then, eagerly, he asked, “Do you have animals here? I’ve always wanted to see some mythical animals. I only caught a glimpse of some in Narnia before Aslan sent me into the other world.”

Jareth grinned. “What kind? I’ll see what I can do.” His formality had dropped like a shield, and he seemed pleased to have a playmate.

“Oh, dragons, unicorns, centaurs... anything, really.”

Jareth sobered. “No unicorns, I’m afraid.” He forced some cheer back into his speech and went on, “But there’ll be a few dragons attending the wedding. I’ll introduce you afterwards if you like. And many of the centaurs are now in Aslan’s country since most of them lived in Narnia, but I can show you a gryphon and a minotaur. Want to see?”

Darien’s eyes sparkled. “Do I ever!”

Jareth grinned and produced a crystal. “Take hold of it, and we’ll go,” he directed. Darien did so, and the two men disappeared.

“Why do I get the feeling I should never have introduced the two of them?” Susan quipped as they watched the men vanish.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Sarah assured her. “I’m sure Jareth will take good care of him.” She thought a minute and added, “Mostly.” She caught Susan’s brow-raised expression of trepidation, and winked. Both women burst out laughing.

“So... I’m assuming that since I got a wedding invitation, you and Jareth are getting along all right?” Susan asked.

Sarah nodded with an impish grin. “Mostly,” she repeated. She laughed a little and explained, “He’s quite wonderful, really, and very devoted to his kingdom – and to me,” she added shyly, “but as the last of his race, he’s had no adult mentor at all. Sometimes he acts like a little boy. It’s rather cute,” she admitted.

“He’s very handsome,” Susan observed candidly, “once you get used to the hair, that is.”

Sarah laughed and agreed. “So tell me about this ‘Lord Darien,’ if you please, Su,” she teased. “How does a London church minister get to be a lord of Narnia? Not to mention the last time I saw him, he was nearly wetting himself with excitement over meeting Queen Susan the Gentle. He seems to have calmed down a bit.”

“I should hope so,” Susan retorted as the women walked together through the garden. “No one wants to mop up after a Narnian lord.” They laughed again, and Susan explained how Darien had been born in Narnia but been sent to their world for a specific purpose.

“What do you suppose the purpose is?” Sarah wondered. She led Susan into the castle and up to her chamber, where they put the finishing touches on their appearances.

Susan got a sense of deja-vu as she met Sarah’s eyes in the mirror. “Remember this is how we found out about each other?” she reminded her friend. “Ever get the feeling that everything happens for a purpose?”

Sarah nodded, remembering how they had shared their compulsive drawing with each other, and found out they were each pining for someone in another world. “I know for sure I was meant to meet you, because then I never would have known about Jareth.”

Susan nodded. “Right, and if Jareth hadn’t come for you then I wouldn’t have known about Aslan, and probably would not have had anything to do with Darien. I guess I just have to trust him to find out his own purpose.”

“Think you’re in love with him?” Sarah asked.

Susan shrugged, blushing. “I don’t really know. I think I might be, but we – we haven’t – well, to be honest, I haven’t dared to let myself think about it.”

“Think he’s in love with you?”

Susan nodded slowly. “I think he might be. Yes.” She looked back up at Sarah, tucked a dark lock of hair out of the other woman’s face and looked troubled. “I just don’t know if I should pursue anything with him. I mean, what if I interfere with Aslan’s purpose for him?”

“Ha. Don’t give me that,” Sarah scoffed. “What if you ARE Aslan’s purpose for him?”

Susan was speechless. She’d never thought of that possibility before!

Sarah shot her a smug grin in the mirror. “There, see? Think about it,” she urged. “Mere days after you tell me about Aslan, Jareth shows up for me, and you meet Darien. He’s young, handsome, and he was born in Narnia! How much more proof do you need?”

Susan had to admit her dark-haired friend had a point, but she still had an objection. “But that’s part of the trouble. He IS young. The first time he saw me, he was a little boy and I was a queen.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Honestly, Su! You’re how old? Forty-two, forty-three, somewhere in there? And Darien looks like he’s in his late thirties. I can’t believe there’s more than five years’ difference in your ages, actually – I think you’re just making excuses. Don’t you like him, really?”

“I like him very much,” Susan admitted, “Really. I think I might even be falling in love with him. I’m just... I don’t know; I’ve spent so many years being lonely that I guess I’m afraid of being happy.”

“Hogwash,” Sarah promptly pronounced. “Pure hogwash. Do you think that’s why Aslan made sure you’d meet Darien? So you’d spend the rest of your life being lonely? Do you think that’s what he would want for you?”

The two women were very serious now, Susan’s grey eyes meeting Sarah’s moss-green ones in the mirror; one about to become a queen, the other a retired one – both travellers in other worlds.

“You’re right,” Susan said suddenly, realizing the truth of Sarah’s arguments. Aslan would not want her to spend the next twenty years of her life the same way she’d spent the last twenty: wild parties and shallow socializing, which over the years gave way to a desolate melancholy that infected every part of her personality until the day she had met Sarah and known that at least one other person wouldn’t think her insane if she talked of Narnia. No: Aslan wanted her to find him in her own world, and under Darien’s tutelage, she had done so. Aslan would want her happiness – it remained to be seen whether she would find that with Darien or not. “I wish Aslan were here,” she said. “I could ask him directly!”

“Well, you’ll see him soon, as he’s the one conducting our wedding ceremony.”

Susan’s jaw dropped. Dimly now, she remembered Jareth’s letter saying something about the cleric who was doing the ceremony would be the one to open the portal, but she hadn’t made the connection until now. “Th-that’s great! I really CAN ask him directly!”

Sarah raised her eyebrows. “Do you mean to tell me that because of your special connection with him, that you can ask him questions and he’ll answer them? Because my own experience, and Jareth’s, lean strongly toward the camp of ‘Figure Things Out On Your Own.’”

Susan slumped. “Oh, you’re right! I haven’t seen him in so long, I’d forgotten. He never tells any story but your own. I don’t think he’d tell me his plan for Darien, just his plan for me.”

“You got that right,” Sarah said with her typical American briskness. She glanced up at the clock on the wall and squawked. “Oh, no, it’s almost thirteen o’clock! We have to get back down to the pavilion!” She grabbed Susan’s hand. “Please, Su, you’ll stand up with me, right? I just don’t think I can go through with this if I don’t have at least ONE of my own people up there with me.”

“Of course, luv,” Susan smiled, smoothing Sarah’s hair. Grinning as they left the room to go down, she teased, “I’ll catch you when you faint.”

“That’s Jareth’s job,” Sarah joked weakly, suddenly feeling nervous.

“And speaking of Jareth, I have to ask – how old is he?”

Sarah looked uncomfortable. “Uh, why do you ask? You’re really hung up on age differences, aren’t you, Su?” Susan said nothing, and Sarah knew she’d have to answer. She said, “He’s only twenty-eight...” As Susan raised a sceptical eyebrow, Sarah sighed and finished, “...hundred years old.

Susan burst out laughing. The other guests had started to arrive, and some of them stared. Through her giggles, she managed to say, “No wonder you weren’t concerned about the age difference between me and Darien! Now I have to wonder what kind of millennia-old pervert falls in love with a fifteen-year-old!” Susan laughed harder.

Face blazing, Sarah cuffed her arm and hissed, “He’s not even three millennia old yet, and I was very mature for my age!” That only made Susan laugh harder. Sarah finally had to give in and join her.

Having arrived at the edge of the garden where the wedding would be, she tried to change the subject. “Speaking of perverts, where IS Jareth, anyway? I don’t see him anywhere. Probably wants to make a grand entrance, the show-off,” she said fondly.

“Never mind Jareth – where is Darien? They should be back here by now, unless Jareth’s going to be late for his own wedding. And should I worry about what he’s doing to my date?” Susan wondered. “Darien is quite safe with him, isn’t he?” She knew of Jareth’s magical powers.

Sarah couldn’t resist it. “Well, I hope so, but I don’t know for sure. After all,” she deadpanned, “Jareth isn’t a TAME goblin king.”

“Oh, YOU!” Susan laughed, giving Sarah a little push.

“Queen Susan, please do try not to damage my bride,” came a silvery, silky voice from behind them. They whirled to see the Goblin King and the Narnian lord standing there looking... dishevelled.

The slashes in Darien’s sleeves gaped open wide, and were no longer purely decorative. One sleeve hung in tatters, as did the skirt of his doublet, and his leggings. Jareth’s hair was, unbelievably, even messier than usual, and his dark blue, sapphire-studded coat looked as if it had been ripped from one shoulder.

“What happened?” “Are you all right?” both women spoke at once, running to make sure the men were intact.

Jareth laughed aloud, and Darien smiled broadly. “We are both fine,” he soothed. “We merely met the business end of a... What was that thing again, Jareth?”

“That...” Jareth answered, surveying the state of his garments with dismay, “Would have been a manticore. I hadn’t realized he was so hungry for textiles, though.”

He glanced up at Darien. “Oh, Dar, you’re bleeding!” Susan gave a shocked gasp and reached for her handkerchief to stop the blood, but Jareth merely waved a hand and the cut closed up.

“Handy trick, that,” Darien commented. He glanced down dejected at his own outfit that Susan had had made for him. “Wish it worked on fabric as well,” he said mournfully.

For answer, Jareth conjured a crystal and tossed it up in the air. It burst like a firework and rained little bubbles down on them, and when the bubbles cleared, both men’s outfits were whole again. His blond hair was marginally neater.

“That IS a handy trick,” Susan complimented. “And not a moment too soon. Look!” She pointed, and they all saw that Aslan had arrived. He paced across the far side of the garden toward the pavilion where the guests had gathered.

Jareth grinned. He took Sarah’s hand and bent to kiss it. “I’ll see you over there, my love,” he said. Then he turned to the young minister. “Dar, come and stand up with me. Sarah tells me that is the custom among you humans when you wed. Will you?”

“It’s usually the groom’s brother, or his best friend,” Darien protested.

Jareth scoffed. “I’m the last remaining Sidhe in this world. I have no brothers left. I’ve behaved like a lout all my life until just a few years ago, and so have no friends. You and I have just survived a manticore attack together; I’d say that makes you closer than a brother and better than a friend! Will you?”

“I’d be delighted and honoured,” Darien replied. He bowed to the ladies and they made their way to the pavilion to greet Aslan.

Susan and Sarah were silent for a few moments as the musicians began to play. Almost afraid to ask, Susan nudged the waiting bride and whispered, “What’s a manticore?”

Sarah shrugged, tight-lipped with nervousness. “I don’t want to know. Now hush – I’m getting married!”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Susan teased, as the music began to play a wedding march and she stepped out in front of the silvery-gowned bride. As she approached the front, Darien beamed at her, his face shining with happiness. Susan spent a brief moment indulging her fantasy that Darien looked so happy because he was imagining their wedding instead of Jareth and Sarah’s. Jareth winked at her with a knowing grin that only confused Susan. The two men stood on one side of the gigantic golden Lion, and Susan stepped automatically to the other side.

Aslan growled.

Startled, Susan went over and stood with the men, wondering if she had committed a social gaffe for the Underground. The music changed, and Sarah walked quietly forward. As she came, Jareth left his place at the front and went to offer her his arm. They came and stood on the other side of Aslan, leaving Susan and Darien together. Sarah looked at her groom and smiled tenderly into his eyes.

Time stopped.

Literally. Susan looked out over the audience and saw all the goblins and other guests frozen, unmoving. A single tear lay frozen to a cheek, with the woman’s handkerchief stopped in midair, frozen in the act of wiping it. On the other side of the pavilion was a crying child, stopped short with his mouth wide open. Several people had approving smiles on their wax-like faces. Even Sarah and Jareth did not move; their fond smiles were stilled, and Jareth’s hand was stalled in the act of gently touching his bride’s face.

“Son of Adam, you may ask her now,” Aslan rumbled, turning his shaggy golden head towards Darien.

“Yes, sir.” Darien said. He turned to Susan, took both her hands in his, and dropped to one knee before her. “Susan, I’ve travelled between worlds just as you have, and worshipped the same God as you, and in my whole life I have only been sure of two things: my love for Him, and my love for you. I ask you now, in the presence of our God: Will you marry me? Here, now?”

Shocked, Susan almost pulled her hands back, but a whiff of rich fragrance from Aslan’s mane steadied her. “Aslan?” she asked him. “Is this truly what you want me to do?”

“That is your choice, Daughter; I cannot make it for you,” he answered.

“But what about his purpose? The reason you called him from Narnia into our own world – I would not want to keep him from it.”

Aslan growled a little. “Susan, my daughter, you know you need be concerned only with my purpose for you. You have travelled far on your path to my country; do not fall back to doubting me now.”

Susan lifted her chin. “I do not doubt you, Aslan.” Turning back to Darien, she took a deep breath and took the biggest risk she’d ever taken in her life. “Lord Darien, I would be pleased and proud to marry you.”

There was a sound like a swift intake of air, and time began moving again. The elderly lady wiped her tears, the baby cried, and Jareth finished caressing his bride’s cheek.

Darien tucked Susan’s hand carefully into the crook of his elbow with such a look of elated tenderness that it made her eyes fill with happy tears.

“People of the Underground,” Aslan began. Conversation stilled. He continued, “We are met today to witness and celebrate the joining of King Jareth with Lady Sarah, and of Queen Susan of Narnia with Lord Darien of Narnia and Telmar.”

Sarah, shocked, glanced over to her blonde friend, but Susan merely winked at her, smiled, and tightened her grip on Darien’s arm.

Aslan turned first to the Goblin King, touched his nose to Jareth’s shoulder before turning to Sarah and doing the same. He breathed on them both, making them smile, stand closer and taller, and look more regal. Then he turned and did the same to Susan and Darien.

There was a burst of applause and Aslan threw his head back and let out a tremendous roar!

Jareth leaned down and whispered under cover of the sound, “Congratulations, my love; we’re married now.”

“But what about the vows you made me memorize?” Sarah whispered back, puzzled.

“We make our vows next, but you say them AS my wife,” Jareth explained. “You ARE the Goblin Queen now.”

“For better or worse,” Sarah muttered as the roaring applause died down. Jareth stifled a chuckle.

“Now, Son of Cernaigel and Daughter of Eve,” Aslan said. “What do you wish to say to one another?”

Jareth took a deep breath. “I, Jareth, King of Goblins, do promise to cherish you, Sarah, with my heart, worship you with my body, honour you with my mind, and protect you with my strength as long as we both live, and will bear you company into Arcadia when we die. This I swear by my kingdom.”

Then it was Sarah’s turn. “I, Sarah, Queen of Goblins, do vow to cherish you, Jareth, with my heart, worship you with my body, honour you with my mind, and assist you with my strength as long as we both live, and will bear you company into Arcadia when we die. I swear by my soul.”

Next Aslan turned to Susan and Darien. “I believe you have some things you wish to say as well.”

Darien turned green eyes on the woman he loved. He took her hands and took a deep breath. “I, Darien, Son of Adam, Arlian, and Neville Heath, do promise ...” He repeated Jareth’s words, only altering the last part to say, “...and bear you company into Aslan’s presence when we die.”

Susan surreptitiously wiped away a tear and smiled at her new husband. She inhaled the scent of Aslan, and it gave her courage. She lifted her head and stood tall as she said, “I, Susan, once and always Queen of Narnia, do vow to you, Lord Darien Heath, that I will cherish you, Darien, with my heart... ”

When they finished you could have heard a pin drop. Then Aslan said, “I have joined them here today. Who tries to undo my work will suffer my wrath!” He tossed his head back and roared loudly enough to make the pavilion shake. Then he said, with laughter in his voice, “Now let the celebrations begin!”

There was laughter, feasting, and dancing. Thoroughly blown from the wild revelry, Darien took a breather on the sidelines for a few minutes while he pensively watched Jareth and Sarah dancing together.

His new bride sidled up to him and took his arm. “What are you thinking about?” Susan asked sweetly.

He gave her an impish smile. “I was wondering if I should let my hair grow,” he said, indicating Jareth’s long, wild locks.

“Just as long as you comb it more than once a year,” Susan said tartly. Darien laughed. Su went on with a grin, “Do you think Jareth would be offended if I bought him a comb for his wedding present?”

“Well, Sarah might be. She appears to like him the way he is. And anyway, the custom here is for the bride and groom to give gifts to their guests apparently, rather than the other way around.”

Susan frowned. “That could pose a difficulty for us,” she said, scanning the throng of celebrants, “especially since we didn’t know we were coming to get married!” She smiled at her new husband and blushed a little.

Charmed, Darien bent down to steal a kiss. “I wouldn’t worry too much about that, m’dear. Jareth is taking care of it for us. Says it’s the least he could do for the woman who returned his lovely Sarah to him.”

“Oh!” Susan said, dismayed. “But Darien, I didn’t really do that much! Aslan was the one who did it all. Oh, it’s just too much. How in the world are we ever going to repay Jareth?”

“We don’t have to, Su,” Darien said practically. “It’s a gift. All you have to do is tell him ‘thank you.’ But there is one thing he mentioned he would like from us, though...” Darien paused nervously.

“Yes? What did he say?”

Darien chewed his lip, not knowing how to bring it up. “Well, he said for me to ask you –“

At that moment, Jareth and Sarah approached, panting from the dance. “Su! Did he ask you yet?” Sarah asked excitedly.

“I was just about to,” Darien said weakly.

“Ask me what?” Susan demanded, suspicious now. “Does this have anything to do with giving presents to the guests?” Sarah laughed, and Susan turned a wary glance at her.

Jareth thought it best to defuse the potentially explosive situation by stepping into his formal persona. “Queen Susan, it is my pleasure to provide your guest-gifts for you as the barest minimum of a gesture of gratitude to you for returning Sarah to me.

“As I have already mentioned to your new husband, it is my great pleasure to offer you a home in my kingdom as well, should you wish it. I do not know what sort of sacrifice it would be to leave your other world to join us here in the Underground, but know that you are welcome to stay with us forever if you wish it.”

Susan gasped. Live, here? In the Underground, forever? “Where... where would we live?” she asked warily.

Jareth and Sarah exchanged smiling glances. “You would both be welcome in the castle,” Sarah said warmly. “But if you would rather be alone together, Jareth and I would understand, and would provide you with a house and staff of servants in the Goblin City.”

“And I would be very appreciative if you would both join my council,” Jareth added. He said rather apologetically to Susan, “I know there can only be one queen of a kingdom, and that is Sarah; you would be called either Lady Susan or Queen Susan, Retired; but I would be loath to lose the benefit of your experience and wisdom.”

“So what about it?” Sarah asked with a smile. “Of course, if you want to go back to being secretary for the marketing department of a third-rate publishing house...”

“Say no more!” Susan commanded, holding up her hand. “Please!” She turned to Darien. “What do you think? You’re the one who actually has something to go back to.”

Grinning, he shook his head. “Aslan told me my work there was done; if I wished, I could stay. Apparently, my work was to show you the way back to Him!”

Susan smiled brightly, with tears starting in her eyes. “Then do you wish to stay?”

Darien nodded decisively. “Very much. Not that I won’t miss my parishioners, but my assistant will be able to take over and will probably do a better job than I did.” He grinned at Jareth. “And I wouldn’t mind another crack at that manticore!”

Jareth grinned. “So what is your decision, Queen Susan?”

Susan let the tears of happiness flow freely. “That’s Lady Susan to you, King Jareth. We will accept, with gratitude!”

Sarah squealed and threw her arms around her blond-haired friend. “Oh, I’m so glad! I would have missed you so! The goblins are nice in their way, but I have rather missed human companionship!”

Jareth cleared his throat and looked wounded. Sarah winked at him. “Although Sidhe companionship does have its advantages too,” she consoled. He grinned.

“Right, then, that’s settled. Thank you, Jareth,” Darien said briskly. “It’s a very kind and generous offer.”

“Not so generous as you think,” Jareth warned him. “I plan to go with you to tackle that manticore next time!”

Susan rolled her eyes. “Boys!” she exclaimed. She reached up to kiss her new husband lightly on the mouth, then gave Jareth a kiss on the cheek before sliding her arm through Sarah’s and walking off with her. “If you need us, we’ll be in the castle,” she said over her shoulder as they departed. “Go show that manticore who’s boss, why don’t you!”

Left very suddenly alone, the two men glanced at each other in consternation. “This isn’t how I expected to spend my wedding night,” Darien admitted.

Jareth nodded agreement. “We may yet regret bringing those two back together,” he said ruefully.

Darien grinned. “From what Su told me, they already regret introducing the two of us!”

Jareth laughed. “So, shall we hunt the manticore? Or shall we put it off in favour of more typical wedding-night pursuits?”

Darien just gave him a look, and Jareth laughed again. “Couldn’t agree more!” he said. “Come on, then, I’ll show you to your apartments!” Jareth held out a crystal; Darien touched it and they transported to the castle.

It would be difficult to say which couple had a more exciting wedding night, or a happier ever-after.

Something in the Eyes

A Crossovers Story
by Clever Lass

Part 3 of 3

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