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The Ties that Bind

A Sailor Moon Story
by Firefly-shy

Part 11 of 30

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The Ties that Bind

"Love is a flame
Neither timid nor tame
Take these stars from my crown
Let the years fall down
Lay me out in firelight
Let my skin feel the night
Fasten me to your side
Say it'll be soon..."

- Jupiter (Jewell)

Mamoru faced three very confused men.

"Where is Zoe?"

"Couldn't get him - he won't answer his phone."

Mamoru scraped a hand through his hair, trying again to make sense of everything his men had just told him.

'How quickly I've come to think of them as 'my men'' he thought.

"So, let me get this straight," he began, "You suddenly woke up this morning with your entire memories of your past lives restored?"

"That's correct, my prince."

"Mamoru," he corrected Konnor automatically. The older man frowned gently.

"So, what do you remember?"

"I know for certain that we did not fight the Senshi," Jade spoke up, "Under the circumstances, it would have been impossible."

"The circumstances?"

Mamoru looked closely at each of them in turn - from Jade, who merely seemed impatient, to Nolan (who looked anxious), to Konnor who looked down right disgruntled.

"He means the princesses."

Mamoru blinked at them.


"The Senshi - they were princesses -"

"Yes, I remember that," Mamoru nodded.

"Well, Sir, it would have been impossible for us to ever have fought them because we - we - uh - I'm not -"

Nolan stuttered to a stop and looked to Konnor and Jade for help.

"He means that we were invloved with the Senshi."

Jade looked positively wicked as he said this and Mamoru felt a jolt as the truth hit him. His eyes grew wide.

"You - " he pointed at them in turn, "And the Senshi!"

He stared at them, and for the longest moment at Konnor - who soon grew uncomfortable and coughed to hide his embarrassment.

"Well, you don't have to look so surprise!" Jade retorted.

"Well, I'm sorry - I can't help it - all three of you?"

"And Zoe."

"And Zoe!"

It was too much for Mamoru to take in - he needed a coffee break - which he immediately took. After sipping his coffee he gave a half moan, half sigh and sat down on the cushioned couch.

"I think you'd better start from the beginning."

Ami left an early lunch (more of a brunch) with her mother and headed to classes for another half day during New Year's break. She was lucky that she had only one class scheduled that day - since it was a half day she could skip out very early before twelve.

As she rounded the corner to her classroom, one of her books dropped as she was accidentally jostled by an upperclassman. He muttered apologies to her, and was turning back to his friends, when a sharp, clear voice called out:


Ami froze, as did the young man and his friends. A slender hand gracefully lifted the book from the floor, dusted it on a corner of a well-pressed shirt, and placed it carefully on top of her notebook in her arms.

"What did you say?" the young man seemed genuinely confused. He, a football player, and thus unaccustomed to being addressed in that manner, stood looking down at a slender, rapier thin young man who looked like a gucci model and was dressed almost well enough to be one.

"I said 'Churl'." Zoe replied, evenly, coming to stand a little in front of Ami as she continued to stare at him.

"What is that?" The football player eyed him with suspicion.

"It's an insult you lunking nincompoop. What kind of a man knocks into a beautiful young lady and refuses to apologise?"

The player blinked, looking from Ami to Zoe in confusion. Ami blinked and continued to look at Zoe. Zoe looked at the football player and raised a thin eyebrow in expectation.

"I said I was sorry."

"Did you offer to help her with her books?"

"Look, I don't know why you're so pissed, ok - but - "

"Well, bro, I don't think that's quite good enough - " Zoe announced, thrusting Ami behind him and ignoring her squeak of protest.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, idiot, that I'm going to teach you how to behave in the presence of ladies."

"What are you doing?" Ami whispered frantically, finally finding her breath.

"Nothing, sweetheart."

Ami turned beet red.

"S-s-s-s-sweet h-h-heart?"

"Just a moment, honey."

Ami turned even redder. Had the man lost his mind? She watched in fascinated horror as he approached the hulking and miffed football player.

"I'm not looking for trouble."

"Neither am I, and neither was Mizuno-san, but you caused some and now you have to apologize."

'He's a bully!" she thought.

The football player suddenly grinned. And Ami realized that 'idiot' might be a better name for Zoe. The much bigger man flexed his muscles and gave a laugh to his friends before suddenly throwing a punch at Zoe's beautiful face. Ami closed her eyes tight, knowing she would hear the crunch as fist connected with nose, but the only sound she heard was a thump and a groan. When she opened her eyes, the football player was on the ground and Zoe was looking down at him with withering pity.


The football player rolled his eyes to Ami and mouthed the word 'sorry'.

Totally forgetting the entire incident, Zoe turned on his heel and grinned triumphantly at Ami who promptly backed up against the wall.

"Sweetheart," he cooed, swooping in on her like a hawk on a mouse.

"Wh-what do you think you're doing?" she demanded. He kissed her finger which was pointed at his face. She squeaked and thrust her hand behind her in shock, which was exactly what he wanted her to do. There was now no barrier between his face and hers, and he took advantage of that fact.

"I'm just sayin 'hello', sweetheart, " he purred. His eyes drifted to her lips and he started to lean closer.

"I missed you..."


Ami didn't have a chance to finish that thought. Zoe didn't give her a chance to think at all for the next thirty seconds, until the classroom door slammed shut - interrupting the kiss he was busy planting on her no longer quite protesting lips.

"Damn," he breathed, his eyes locking with hers. Ami felt woozy - but she did the first thing that came into her head.

She slapped him.


Mamoru let out a slow breath.

Jade, Nolan and Konnor had just finished telling him a story that was almost too much to believe. The tale of how he had met Usagi (then princess Serenity) and had courted her against the wishes of his fellow countrymen and the rest of the galaxy he'd known to some extent - but the tale of his four best friends and protectors and their ill-fated and difficult romances with the Senshi was as fascinating as it was heart wrenching.

"Wait until I tell Usako about all of this," he sighed.

The three men watched him anxiously.

"She'll be thrilled. Now we'll have groomsmen."

Jade was the first to laugh, followed by Nolan and a grunting chuckle from Konnor.

"I was going to invite you anyway, but since you've apparently -"

Jade frowned.

"That's the trouble," he warned, "Our relationships with the Senshi are in the past...and we're starting with the cards stacked against us this time."

"Like they weren't the first time?"

The men looked dour, but Mamoru felt the first glimmerings of true excitement. Over the few weeks that he'd known them, he'd come to love them all quickly. Whether this feeling was helped on by his slowly returning memories of their former friendship, or whether it was a result of the fact that he had so few companions in his life - the fact was that he now considered them some of the best friends he'd ever had - but now that he knew that they were suffering he wanted to put the animosity between the Senshi and Shitennou to rest as fast as possible.

"Last time the galaxy was against us," he mused, "This time there's only Minako's overprotective dad...and Artemis."

Konnor looked odd at the mention of the cat - his stern face grew sterner, if possible.

"This time I think we're in the clear."

"But the Senshi really don't like us - especially since they seem to think we're the enemy - or look like the enemy -"

"They have made attempts to be friendly," Konnor commented, "But I think it stems from wanting to assure themselves that we don't pose a threat to you or them - not from any real inclination to get to know us."

"And I know for a fact that Rei Hino hates my guts," Jade added.

"Whose fault is that?" Nolan hissed.

Mamoru actually chuckled.

"Gentlemen, if you're afraid of this because the girls don't like you - let me tell you a little story of my own."

They all leaned in to listen to him.

"Let me tell you about how Usako and I first met in this life."

Usagi and Minako walking together to Mamaoru's apartment, halted outside at the sound of laughter.

Usagi knocked on the door with extra oomph.

After a few moments Mamoru opened the door and both Usagi and Mina crowded into the room - noting the extra occupants.

Usagi squealed when Mamoru pulled her into a sudden embrace and kissed the top of her head. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?"

He gazed down at her, noting again the innocent beauty of her blue eyes and her quirky smile.

"Just because..." he murmured.

Fortunately for them, the attention of the room was focused elsewhere than on their little scene in which they were forgetting the rest of the world.


Nolan had to say her name. Jade wouldn't say it - and Konnor couldn't say it.

He had thought, the first time he saw her, that he had known she was his type. But this reaction was staggeringly more powerful. The times he'd flirted with her or wondered what it would be like to brush his fingers through her hair were nothing to this moment. Looking at Minako - the reincarnated princess Venus - Konnor felt suddenly overwhelmed with emotion - with longing and happiness - that he didn't know his heart was capable of feeling.

"Are you alright?"

She looked around at all of them, settling on Konnor's pale face, his silver eyes riveted on her as if he was seeing her for the first time.

"Still tired from our jog?" she joked, to lighten the mood.

Konnor finally pulled himself together and stood. Their jog? Had it really been only several hours ago that he'd thought she was a funny running companion?

"No, I'm fine."

Even in his own ears, his voice sounded unnatural - almost choked. Nolan and Jade watched him in sympathy and anxiety. Mina didn't seem to notice too much - but Nolan and Jade noticed her not noticing and communicated with each other that it wasn't a good sign.

"Well, good - you look a little tired. So, what's going on gentlemen?"

She smiled at them in turn. Nolan shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

"Just visiting with Mamoru," Jade replied, "Talking over old times."

Nolan coughed.

"Sounds like fun. I just came to walk Usagi over - I actually have to be somewhere nowish."

"What? Mina! You can't leave yet - we just got here!"

Usagi came bounding into view again, tugging Mamoru with her.

"Actually, Usako, there's something that I think maybe you and I should discuss alone - uh - with the guys, maybe? Or maybe not..."

They all gave him dire looks of warning.

"What is it?" she demanded.

"I'll tell you, but -"

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"Uh, alone would be better -"

"Why not in front of Mina?"

"Usako -"

"It must be difficult..."

All eyes turned toward Konnor as he stared not quite at Mina.

"...having a bundle of curiosity..."

"For a princess," Mina finished, hardly aware that she did so.

They stared at one another for a long moment.

"How -" she began, then shook herself and smiled. For a moment she'd almost remembered something - a palace, a tall silver-haired man...

"Uh, Mina, that was a little weird. You're starting to sound like Mako-chan."

"Am I?" she repeated, still staring at Konnor.

"What about Makoto?" Nolan had blurted it out before he could stop himself.

"Huh?" Usagi turned to him, "Oh, just that she was mumbling some more weird stuff this morning. But she's fine now - she even went to work."

Nolan sprang up off of Mamoru's couch as if his butt was on fire. Considering that he was sitting next to Jade (who had a penchant for sadistic practical jokes) the possibility wasn't that remote.

"She shouldn't be working after feeling ill," he declared, "Where does she work? I want to go check on her -"

"Uh, Noles - that's not really -"

"She works at the Kohei Cafe across from the park."

Nolan made the tiniest, mangled bow to Mamoru before bolting out the door.

Jade pinched the bridge of his nose.

His commander was too gaga over the Venusian princess to speak, his best friend had just run off without his coat or keys to find Jupiter, his prince was being slowly wrapped around the Moon princess's finger, and no one had a clue where the youngest Shitennou was - only that he was likely up to no good.

"Where have I heard this one before?" he muttered to himself.

"Kon," Mamoru interrupted, "Why don't you ask Minako if she needs any..."

Konnor slowly got the hint.

"Can I come with you, Aino-san?"

"When did you get so formal?" Mina laughed, "I guess you can. I'm going to a volunteer book drive, are you sure you want to come?"


Konnor seemed to be getting his confidence back now. He allowed Mina to lead him to the door, and with a deep bow to Mamoru and Usagi, he followed her out of Mamoru's apartment.

Which left Jade alone with the love birds.

"I get it, I get it," he waved a hand, standing, "I'm going."

"See you later," Mamoru called, laughing as he pulled Usagi with him toward the kitchen.

"Good luck!"

"Unless it's the goddess Fortuna herself it probably won't help."

Jade sighed and let his feet take him where they wanted to go - toward the Hikawa Shrine.

The Ties that Bind

A Sailor Moon Story
by Firefly-shy

Part 11 of 30

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