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Completely, utterly, absolutely dead.

That's how Adrien felt, anyways. Running on an hour and a half of sleep wasn't nearly enough to get the exhausted teenager through two hours of school, much less the entire day. His body felt numb. He was sure his brain wasn't even working properly.

How do you walk again? One foot after the other?

By the time he'd shuffled through the classroom door and slumped into his seat, most of the students were already situated, either sitting and waiting for class to start or striking up a conversation with a few of their friends. It was a normal morning routine: his classmates filed in one by one, conversed for five to ten minutes before the teacher arrived and returned to their seats once Mme. Bustier was ready to begin her lesson.

Normally, Adrien would have been chatting with Nino over various small subjects, but in his current state of I-didn't-sleep-don't-fucking-talk-to-me he simply laid his head on the desk and stared blankly at the windows across the room. A tiny groan may have left his lips but he wasn't entirely sure what was going on within his body at the moment. He didn't feel as if he was even inside a body at all—more than anything, Adrien felt like a ghost, floating lifelessly through the chilled hallways of the school.

Marinette's promise of coffee was the only thing that kept him from toppling onto the floor in a drooling pile of sleeping student.

"Dude," Nino's voice came from his left, but he couldn't find the strength to lift his head or even look over to his friend. "You look like you're about to throw up. You sick?"

A long sigh blew from Adrien's nose and caused his shoulders to droop. "Not sick… Just tired."

"Tired" seemed like the biggest understatement of the century. "Tired" would be the word used to describe someone who'd rested for seven hours and rose out of bed with a yawn or two. "Tired" was not feeling completely fucking lifeless.

Adrien wasn't tired.

Adrien was exhausted.

It wasn't like he hadn't tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour. He'd first laid down at nine, worn out from another argument with his father. The thoughts that plagued his mind had been so uncomfortably painful that by the time eleven rolled around, Chat Noir replaced his despondent civilian form and sprung out into the summer night in pursuit of the one person that could make him feel special.


The wonderfully sweet and adorable and amazing girl he'd began to find himself thinking about more often than anyone else.

She consumed his every thought, danced in his dreams, filled his head with memories of her scent and touch and how soft her skin felt against his own. She was everything he could have ever hoped for and part of him felt ashamed that he hadn't realized how much he truly liked her months earlier in the year.

He'd never wanted to hold a girl's hand so badly.

The same hand of the girl whose lips he'd almost kissed as Chat Noir.

That'd been what kept him up all night after he returned home. With the memory of Marinette backing away and looking incredibly unsure fresh in his mind, sleep had been impossible. He'd tossed and turned, switched around his pillows, tried listening to music and even grabbed a healthy four-A.M. snack, but all of it was to no avail. Attempting to sleep with the images of Marinette (as well as his father's devastating words) swimming in his head was futile.

Had he been wearing a pair of velvety ears, they would have drooped from the sheer embarrassment he felt recalling the event. As usual, his stupid feelings got in the way and ended up making the situation awkward.

Adrien huffed with a bitter frown, knowing he'd been doing a whole lot of making-things-awkward lately.

"Did you stay up all night?" Nino asked, his voice bringing Adrien out of his mess of thoughts.

"Mostly," Adrien sighed as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Couldn't sleep. Too much on my mind."

His friend nodded in understanding. "Ah. Stress?"

"Quite a bit of it."

"Your dad?"

Letting out an empty laugh, Adrien nodded, his gaze falling to his lap in a way that answered Nino's question without the need for words.

"What's he bugging you with this time?" Nino laid a hand on his shoulder, the concern in his touch coaxing a small smile from Adrien's lips. "Model stuff?"

"Kind of." It wasn't a lie—it did have to do with modelling; quite an extreme version of it, in fact. "It's not that big of a deal, though. I'm not going to let him win this time."


"Uh…" With his teeth nibbling on his bottom lip in realization that he hadn't broken the news to his friends yet, Adrien didn't dare meet Nino's gaze, knowing very well that he could nudge the truth out of him whether he liked it or not.

It wouldn't be a struggle for his friend—Adrien was never any good at keeping secrets from the people he cared about most.

Well, except for one.

"Win what, dude?" Nino inquired as he fixed his glasses. "What's he want?"

A heavy sigh left Adrien's body. There was no use in hiding it from his best friend—he'd have to tell him eventually.

He would have to tell everyone eventually, provided he couldn't fight off his father's wishes.

Just as he opened his mouth to speak, a plastic cup of what appeared to be a frappuccino topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle slid into his vision. Looking up, Adrien was met with the sight of bright blue twinkling down on him like a sunny sky after a devastating week of downpour. The metaphorical raincloud above his head dissipated purely from those irises alone.

"I told you I'd bring coffee," Marinette said as she took a sip out of the straw in her own cup, shooting a grin at Alya. "I hope you like mocha."

"I do," Adrien breathed, face brightening from the sound of the voice he'd grown to enjoy more than any other. "Thank you. I needed this."

"He didn't sleep," Nino added, turning his attention to the girls that stood in front of them.

Adrien smiled as he connected the straw to his lips. Don't tell Mari that, she'll take me home immediately and put me to bed.

Actually, he wouldn't refuse a good nap with his girl.

She's not your girl.

Shaking his head, Adrien took a sip of the sweet blend of flavor, stifling a yawn that threatened to rise up in his throat. "I did sleep! For an hour."

"Only an hour?" Marinette asked, her smile falling. "I should have brought you a bigger coffee."

Adrien chuckled, shooting her an affectionate glance before settling his eyes back on the frappuccino. "I think anything bigger than this would make my dietician keel over."

"Not if you don't tell them," Alya said with a grin. "If they don't know, it won't be a problem. Eat whatever the hell you want."

"I guess you're right." Adrien gave a soft hum as he sipped on his coffee before a yawn crept into his throat, which he covered with his hand. "Hopefully this'll keep me awake for a few more hours."

"Well," Marinette's eyes met his, sending a warmth to coil its way around his heart and pump through his veins. Her smile alone could make any guy melt into a blushing puddle. "Maybe you should take a nap when you get home?"

"I wish," He sighed. "I have a photoshoot after school."

"You've been having an awful lot of those lately," Nino said, voice flat. "Doesn't your dad understand that you're only fifteen and could use a break?"

Adrien shrugged. "As far as he's concerned, I'm an employee, not his son."

Perhaps the statement had been a little darker than he'd intended. All three of his friends went quiet, their gazes flicking away as they lapsed into an awkward silence. Adrien cursed himself for letting that little comment slip.

"It's not like he doesn't care about me," He rushed to add, nearly choking on his frappuccino in the process. "I get breaks. Saturdays and the days where there isn't anything planned or when I finish my lessons early. It's not that bad." A lie. "He cares enough to let me have a little time to myself."

Marinette blinked. "Uh-"

The sound of the bell cut their conversation before Marinette could continue. Blinking up at her in apology, Adrien watched as she and Alya shuffled to their seats along with the other students that were previously caught up in conversation. Conversation that had probably been less awkward than he'd made his.

At least Marinette flashed him a kind smile before sitting behind him.

Shoulders slumping, Adrien sighed, setting his cup of coffee on the edge of the desk to make room for his supplies. Due to it being the last two weeks of school, he knew that whatever they'd be doing in class was either preparing for finals or stupidly easy worksheets that any person could finish with little effort. Maybe if he finished early, he could take a nap.

Although, a school desk didn't exactly seem like the most comfortable place to rest his head…

He preferred a bed. Marinette's bed, specifically. With its soft pillows, comfortable mattress and cozy blankets that felt so nice wrapped around his body. The girl who owned it lying next to him was only an added bonus. She, too, was a little bundle of warmth, smelling so sweet and breathing so gently as she used his chest for a pillow.

Adrien missed that, and it'd only been a few days since his last nap-session with her.

"You're drooping," Nino chuckled, causing Adrien to snap open the eyes he hadn't realized were closed. "Want me to switch seats with Marinette? I think she'd like having your head on her shoulder more than I like it on mine."

"Sorry," Adrien yawned, sitting up straight and stretching his arms outward. In his tired state, he accidentally sent the coffee to tumble off of the desk, but with his cat-like reflexes he caught it upright before anything could spill. If his coffee had plummeted to the floor, he probably would've cried.

Nino patted his own shoulder, giving his friend a teasing glint in his grin. "It's alright. I have been told it's a pretty good pillow."

Smiling weakly, Adrien set his eyes on the board in front of him and took a sip of the recently-saved frappuccino. Mme. Bustier was reviewing various subjects, most of which he'd perfected and knew by heart. Upcoming exams would be a breeze.

He let his mind wander, his thoughts ranging from that of how yummy the coffee tasted to the girl who'd bought it, then all the way back to the night before when his father had suggested (without expecting any sort of "no") that Adrien take a trip abroad for the entire summer. For three months. Away for three months.

Three months away from Paris.

Away from friends.

Away from Ladybug.

Away from Marinette.

He couldn't. He'd refused. He'd refused and fought and begged, but his father was hearing none of it. Adrien hoped, prayed that he wouldn't have to go through with it—three months away from Paris was a long time, especially when in unfamiliar countries modelling, of all things—and just went he and Marinette were beginning to really open up towards each other, too!

He'd said no. He wouldn't!


Deep down, Adrien knew he couldn't fight it forever.

He knew his father would eventually win, just like he always does.

Gabriel Agreste always got his way.

In fact, his seemingly-emotionless father actually appeared to be slightly excited for the trip.

Adrien, however, didn't want to leave. He couldn't leave. Three months was a long time to keep Paris from safety. It wasn't that he thought Ladybug couldn't protect it alone—no, he knew she could—but more often than not they relied on each other to make battle easier and quicker. If he happened to be gone and Ladybug got hurt…

Well, he wouldn't know what to do with himself.

He'd never forgive himself.

Ladybug was his partner and trusted best friend. She was the person he could tell everything to and at the same time nothing at all. Ladybug was the girl whom he'd fallen for and the girl he was still desperately trying to get over. The magnificent, amazing, miraculous Ladybug ultimately was the most important person in Adrien's life. He knew that for a fact.

Ladybug was the only constant in his life that he could depend upon. She seldom missed patrols and when she did, she never failed to have an adequate excuse. During battle with akuma, she was fierce, quick and smart, having his back in times of need or danger while he always had hers in return. They were partners, friends, an unstoppable force when together—as a pair, they could do anything.

But, when apart…

Adrien didn't know.

Adrien didn't want to know.

They'd never fought battles alone before.

Sure, there'd been times when he was controlled by a villain, but in the end they always came through together.

What would happen if Ladybug became injured and couldn't fight for Paris? What would become of the city? Would he return home to find his beloved Paris nothing but a broken, once-thriving city or would he come back to nothing at all?

Adrien groaned, feeling sick to his stomach. All of the unanswered questions were giving him quite the headache, and due to his unfortunate bad luck, today was one of the rare days where he'd forgotten to bring painkillers.

He could feel the anxiety beginning to bubble within his chest the more he contemplated exactly how bad it would be for him to take off and leave for three months. Surely spending his time in America or London or even China modelling for his father's brand couldn't be worth the devastation Paris would face in his absence.

Usually, he and Ladybug were up against a villain a week—sometimes two, or even three—and those battles could last hours, even taking up the entire day if difficult enough, and that was when they fought together. He couldn't imagine having to make his partner defend the city alone. It'd be putting too much of a strain on her. She'd be exhausted, wounded—lonely.

His heart sank at the thought.

Ladybug would be lonely. They were friends, of course. Often patrols were spent bantering or simply enjoying each other's presence. Without him, there'd be nothing but silence.

She'd miss him.

He would miss her.

And then, there was Marinette, the sweet and talented (and amazing, can't forget amazing) girl he'd been giving most of his time as of late. The girl who had shaken him out of his hopeless love for Ladybug and gave him something to believe in. The very same girl whose eyes lit up like a sea of stardust and whose skin felt as soft as silk.

That girl was his friend.

No—that's not right. She was more than his friend. She cared about him, felt for him, sympathized with him and desired to help him cope with his home life and inner sorrows. She gave him food, kind words, and a warm bed to lay when his was too cold. She was kind. She was spectacular. She was amazing in every conceivable way! She was loved and she shared that same love in return.

And god, did it feel so great just to be loved.

At this point, Adrien didn't care whether or not what they had was labeled. Whatever it was, he was content with it; the cuddling, the comforting, the scratches and affection and all. The kisses, the late nights spent texting and sharing with each other silly things they found on Tumblr or YouTube, and not the mention the kisses. He loved the napping, the nights he spent curled up under her covers bathed in black, the wonderfully sweet kisses, the feel of her warm breath as she breathed onto his skin in slumber and the amazing kisses. Oh, and had he mentioned the kisses?

He didn't want to give it up. He couldn't give it up.

Leaving all of that, even for three months… It would be too hard to bear.

And Marinette—poor Marinette had only been waiting for his answer. The truth he held so openly for her. She wanted his honesty, and that was all she desired. Marinette wanted to know how he truly felt about her and nothing more.

But he couldn't tell her. Not now, not yet, not when he was on the verge of leaving the country for three months. He couldn't confess his feelings for her and break her heart in return when he departed. There'd be little room for conversation in other countries, especially when attending fashion show after fashion show and thousands of fittings, as well as tedious photoshoots. It would be completely exhausting and a strain on their relationship—provided they did attempt a relationship—and would most likely end in pain and tears.

Adrien didn't want that. He couldn't hurt her that way.

Part of him regretted ever becoming so close to her. If he hadn't, it wouldn't hurt so bad to say goodbye.

It would be awful of him to scoop her up in his arms and kiss her senseless while declaring his affections only to leave her in the dust two weeks later. To call her his girlfriend, to have her be his (the only thing he so badly wanted) and then to have nothing, to break it off and leave it all or fight for sticking together when they were thousands of miles apart.

Adrien was never against long distance relationships, but even those who attempted knew very well that communication is key.

If he barely had time to talk at all, it wouldn't be much of a relationship.

And that's exactly what my father is trying to do, he thought bitterly, clenching his hand into a tight fist around his pencil. He's doing this on purpose. To teach me a lesson. To have me obey him and do whatever he says just so he can live a happy life.

But where the fuck was his happiness? Where was his joy, his light, his childhood?

Did he even have a childhood?

No. His father stole that away from him years ago.

Modelling and starving himself just to appease his father's aesthetics was some goddamn childhood.


The sound of a snap caused Adrien to blink in surprise. Glancing around the room, he searched for the source of the disturbance—only to find that half of his pencil lay on the desk and the other still grasped firmly within his hand.

He'd snapped his pencil in half.

He could feel more than just one pair of eyes burning into his skin. He didn't have to turn around to know that Marinette was gazing upon him.

She was probably concerned-

Stop thinking about her, he hissed to himself, stop. Think positive thoughts.

But there was simply nothing positive to think. Instead, he delved on his worries, the negatives, the unhappy possibilities that all came in a package labeled "summer vacation" in fat, red ink.

A clenching tightness squeezed at his chest and sent Adrien to breathe in quick, short breaths. His fingers twitched restlessly, mind racing and stomach churning with the stress of his predicament. He combed a hand through his hair, but it did nothing to relieve the sheer amount of pressure he felt welling within every part of his body. His foot tapped against the floor and his eyes blinked more often than they should; his vision blurred with every attempt on focusing on his classwork; his heart raced, hot blood pumping through his nerve-wracked body.

The room felt too tight and too small. Too many people surrounded him. The lights were too bright. His throat felt as if it was swelling and he couldn't breathe. He really couldn't—he'd almost forgotten how. Everything within his body felt wired and overwhelmed and purely sick.

And god, his head was killing him!

Nino seemed to take notice to his uncomfortable state, laying a hand on his shoulder for emotional support. "Are you oka-"

Flinching from the touch, Adrien shook his head and raised his hand into the air, speaking loud enough for the teacher to hear yet unable to hide the crack in his voice. "May I use the restroom? Please?"

Nino's eyes widened in confusion but Adrien paid no mind. Standing (once granted permission, of course), he left the classroom without so much as a glance back at his classmates. He needed to clear his mind, to splash some water on his face and calm down before he ended up having a full-fledged anxiety attack in the middle of the classroom.

He'd had plenty before and knew very well when he needed to remove himself from a stressful situation. School was no place to break down into a trembling fit of tears and hyperventilation.

The walk from the classroom to the boys' bathroom was enough to calm him down for a brief moment. Standing in front of a mirror, he took a deep breath before turning on the faucet and letting it run for a second or two while he attempted to steady his breathing. His heartbeat still hadn't returned to a normal pace.

God, Adrien thought with a heavy sigh as he splashed the cool relief of water onto his face. I hate anxiety.

"Yeah," A voice replied, "anxiety fucking sucks, dude."

Adrien turned, surprised to see that Nino had entered the bathroom. "Did I say that out loud?"

The DJ nodded. "Are you okay?"

Shrugging, Adrien let his gaze fall to the sink where the water flowed down the drain in a messy spiral. He knew if he said "no," he would end up using his best friend's shoulder as a place to cry on.

Although, he did really need someone to talk to… And Nino was right there.

They were alone right now—there didn't appear to be anyone in the stalls.

But… If he broke, he'd have to return to class with red eyes and a dripping nose. He didn't want anyone to see him like that. Chloe would probably fawn over him and do her best to comfort him when in turn she'd only make the situation worse by smothering him.

At least the thought was there.

"Not really," He sighed, shutting off the tap. "I didn't even need the bathroom. I just needed to get away for a few minutes."

"You seemed like you were kind of freaking out."

"You could tell?" Embarrassment began to settle within him.

"Only because I was sitting next to you," Nino replied. "I don't think anyone else would have noticed. You weren't breathing right and you looked like you were going to be sick. I just wanted to come and make sure you're okay."

"I think so," Adrien breathed, resting his hands on the edge of the sink and breathing in slow, even breaths. (Trying to, at least. Anxiety is one hell of a bitch.) "I-I don't know."

"Well," Nino said as he patted him on the back. "If you need someone to talk to, I'm here, dude."

"I…" Unsure, Adrien gazed at his reflection in the mirror, attempting to fix the mess he'd made of his hair. The style was beginning to look a lot less like Adrien and a lot more like Chat Noir. It was a little detail that made him appear eerily similar to his alter-ego, especially with the black shirt. He prayed nobody would notice. "I don't know. It's… A lot."

"I can handle a lot."

"I don't know if it's official or not." A lie. Adrien was about ninety-seven percent sure there'd be no way out of this one.

"Don't know if what's official?" Nino asked. "Spit it out, dude."

"Ugh," Adrien sighed, giving up on adjusting his hair and leaving it in the tousled Chat-look. "My father is just being unreasonable. He's not caring about what I want and is only thinking of how leaving for the summer would benefit his business, while on the other hand his son will be starved of both social interaction and food."

Nino blinked.

"And honestly," Adrien continued, "you're right. I don't think he does understand that I'm just a fifteen-year-old kid that could use a break every now and then. I mean, sure, I do get breaks, but-"

"Wait, wait," Nino held up his hands to pause Adrien mid-sentence. "Your dad wants you to leave for the summer? Like, for the whole three months?"

"Apparently!" Leaning back against the wall near the hand dryer, Adrien buried his face within his hands and groaned, extremely aggravated. "He came to me yesterday when I got home from school and broke the wonderful news."

"Where are you going?"

"Out of country," He responded bitterly. "Probably Germany or America or something. I don't care too much about the location, all I know is that I don't want to go. I can't go. All of my friends are here. Marinette is here."

Ladybug is here.

"Marinette?" Nino cocked his head, confusion apparent in his eyes before they widened in realization. "Oh, right. You and her are a thing now, aren't you?"

"That's one of the main problems." Adrien felt his phone vibrate within his pocket, but paid it little interest. Whoever was texting him could wait. "I don't know what we are. I mean, I have a pretty good idea, but I…"


"If I'm leaving, what's the point of even starting anything?" God, even he could hear the sadness in his own voice. He must sound like a depressed little puppy to anyone listening. "What's the use telling her how I feel if I can barely speak to her at all for three months?"

"Just to let her know?" Nino suggested, gazing at his friend with sympathy. "I mean, it's pretty obvious how you two feel about each other, man. I'm sure she'd wait for you."

"For that long?" He croaked. "Without much communication at all?"

"She's waited longer than three months already. What's three more?"

His phone vibrated a second time. Pulling it out of his pocket with an agitated grunt, Adrien was prepared to tell whoever it was to fuck off, but when he saw the name Marinette♥ in his messages, he immediately opened up the conversation to the two unread texts.

Marinette♥[ Are you okay? ]

Marinette♥[ Do you need me? ]

Adrien felt the horrid anxiety that had began to coil through his veins melt into a subtle burn that he barely noticed at all. Marinette was worried about him. Marinette was wondering if he needed her comfort.

And god, did he.

How badly he wanted to just say yes and to tell her how much he needed her in so many more ways than just comfort urged him to reply immediately. He wanted her—he needed her, just like she'd asked. He needed her arms wrapped tightly around his frame in a safe embrace and he needed her soothing words and sweet scent that calmed him like nothing else. He needed her, just pure Marinette to scoop him up off the ground and take him home (to her home, not his) and snuggle him under cozy covers until the tears dried.

He needed to let himself slip into the most peaceful sleep he could ever recall with his head nestled comfortably in her lap. He needed her hands in his hair, her soft voice and gentle fingers coaxing such a great purr out of him that it'd relax him deeper than he'd ever been relaxed and send him to rest like a baby. He needed her.

But not now. Not while he was in the boys' bathroom seeking advice from Nino. She couldn't come in here, especially when they were talking about her and their relationship—whatever it was.

"Who's that?" Nino asked, peering at his screen.

(Nino was the only person he allowed to do that.)

"Marinette," Adrien murmured as he attempted to formulate a reply within his head. Every message he typed out didn't seem right—telling her no was rude and would make her feel unwanted, but telling her yes would give her permission to walk straight into the boys' bathroom and kick Nino out to comfort him, because he knew she would for him.

Marinette might just do about anything for him, providing what he wanted was sane.

Maybe even if it wasn't.

[ i think im okay now ]

She responded almost immediately.

Marinette♥[ What happened? You two have been in there for a while ]

[ i'll talk to you about it at lunch ]

"What's she need?"

Adrien glanced up before looking back down at his phone as it vibrated. "She wants to make sure I'm okay."

Marinette♥[ Okay… Do you want it to just be us? ]

"Man," Nino sighed, leaning back against the wall and checking his own phone out of what Adrien assumed was habit. "It's crazy how much that girl likes you."

[ yeah if that's okay ]

"I know." Stuffing his phone back into his pocket, Adrien stood up straight and rubbed his temple, feeling the beginnings of an awful headache creeping up his neck and residing within his brain. A good nap was definitely needed, but he'd have no time for one. He'd have to tough through the day with a pounding headache all while feeling exhausted and hungry. "I just wish I would have realized it sooner." He glanced at the door. "We should be heading back."

Nino nodded, holding the door open for his friend as they exited the bathroom. "I'm surprised you didn't. She couldn't form a coherent sentence around you because she was that head-over-heels for you."

"I just thought she still didn't like me because of the gum incident," Adrien admitted with a sigh, eyes downcast as they walked along the hall to the classroom. The air felt cold, chilling to his sensitive skin. The desire to be curled up underneath a warm blanket and sleep became stronger with every step.

"Eh." Nino shrugged. "I can see how you would think that, but I'm glad you two figured out your feelings for each other. It was getting hard for Alya and I to just sit there and watch both of you fumble over your words and look at each other like lovesick fools. Alya almost considered shoving you into poor Mari just to see if you would accidentally kiss or something."

Adrien snorted. "I'm glad she didn't. I liked my first kiss with Marinette the way it was."

"Ah, yes," Nino sighed, pressing a hand to his forehead. "A lover's kiss at three in the morning. Alya told me the details."

Feeling his cheeks heat up, Adrien chuckled, stuffing his hands in his pockets as they walked back into the classroom. He didn't dare look up in fear of the judgemental gazes that were burning into his skin.

At least Nino had helped cheer him up a little.

Somehow, though, a lingering sadness still resided within him, leaving him with a dark and hollow feeling. He knew it wouldn't truly go away until he fought off his father's plan for the summer. No matter how hard he tried to forget, the tightness in his chest remained as an unpleasant reminder that summer vacation would most likely be spent in a different country wearing uncomfortable clothing and posing for a photographer whose language he didn't speak.

Adrien slumped into his seat with a sigh, watching as Nino presumably explained his anxiety situation to Mme. Bustier in a voice soft enough that only she could hear. Adrien felt thankful for his quiet approach. He didn't really want the class to hear about his emotional problems and home issues.

Eyes scorched his skin and made his back feel as if it'd caught aflame. Everyone was staring, he knew without looking up that all eyes were on him.

At the moment, he didn't really care.

All he could focus on was the fact that when lunch came around, he'd have to make his decision.

An incredibly difficult and painful decision, that is.

Drumming his fingers on the desk, Adrien sighed, battling with himself over the desire to tell Marinette his feelings and the need to break the news of his leave to her.

Who knew which was the better option? To confess that he was falling for her harder than he'd ever fallen for a girl before or break her heart by admitting the trip?

He couldn't do both.

Telling Marinette and then leaving her two weeks later would be shitty, but not telling her and then leaving… Would be worse.

What was he supposed to do?

He would end up hurting her either way… And hurting her was the last thing Adrien ever wanted to do.

A tiny ball of paper no bigger than the pad of his thumb plopped and bounced onto the wooden hardtop of his desk. Blinking in confusion, Adrien picked it up between his fingers, but flinched when something light hit the back of his and head caused him to turn on instinct.

Had Marinette just thrown a little ball of paper at him?

Judging by her concerned expression, she most certainly had. Adrien almost grinned.

And she said he had a habit of throwing things.

'Are you okay?' She mouthed, pushing a loose strand of midnight hair behind her ear. Her gaze searched his, pools of delicate blue staring deep into his own green as if she could find the cause of his problems within his eyes alone.

Adrien nodded, but quickly changed the movement of his head and shook it in a "no." There was no use lying to her. If he was going to tell her about his high possibility of leaving, admitting the truth was the easiest way to mend their situation, even if a only slightly.

Immediately her eyes fell to her lap. He was about to reach out to her and tell her that he'll be alright, things will okay okay, until he felt a vibration in his pocket. Marinette looked back up at him right afterwards.

Turning around, Adrien slid his phone out of his pocket just enough to see the message. His lips curled upwards in the faintest hint of a smile from the words displayed on his screen.

Marinette cared so much.

Marinette♥[ I'm here for you, don't forget that ]

[ i haven't forgotten. thank you mari ]

Marinette♥[ You're welcome. I care about you a lot okay? ]

The tiny smile stretched into a wide one, full of affection and deep feelings for this beautiful, sweet, amazing girl that was more concerned about his well-being rather than the fact that if they were caught on their phones, they'd both receive a detention.

To him, it was worth it.

Marinette cared so much, and he cared about her just the same.

[ i know. 3 and i care about you ]

Marinette♥[ Should we meet somewhere for lunch? I'll tell Alya that you want to be alone ]

[ she might get the wrong idea ]

She didn't respond immediately, but he could hear a tiny squeak of laughter (which she was probably trying to hide) sounding from behind him.

Marinette♥[ Oh my god no ]

Marinette♥[ I'll explain to her I promise ]

[ it's alright. i don't mind if she thinks we're going off somewhere to kiss because i'll probably end up kissing you no matter where we go anyways ]

Another squeak from Marinette, only this time it wasn't a laugh. Adrien resisted the urge to turn around and give her a smirk or a wink—he wasn't Chat Noir right now, he couldn't do that—but he could at least attempt to lighten the mood by sending cute (and flirty) texts.

Even if he was going to break the news… A little kissing wouldn't hurt!

Marinette♥[ I don't think I'll mind that too much ]

[ although apologies if i do fall asleep ]

[ i am still pretty tired ]

Marinette♥[ Are you going to skip school to nap with me again? ]

[ well in order to skip school to nap with you, you'd have to be skipping too ]

Marinette♥[ That sounds nice, but I think we both need to be in school today ]

No matter how much he hated to admit it, she was right.

No naps.


[ you're right… but save a nap for me another time ]

Marinette♥[ Will do. We can meet outside the school and walk to my house together, my mom offered lunch ]

Caring about him, bringing him coffee, letting him come over for comfort (and a nap another time) and feeding him?

Adrien was one-hundred percent certain that he was falling in love with Marinette.

He wanted nothing more than to be hers.

[ sounds great :D see you then ]

At least he could forget about his sorrows for a little while.

Until then, he could lose himself in the wonderful comforts of Marinette.

That is… Until he found the courage to tell her he was leaving.

No time to worry about that now, he told himself as he felt his heartbeat quicken. Later. All bad things will come later.

Plagg's words faintly floated within his mind. "Better days are coming."

Adrien was seriously beginning to doubt that.

Truthful Scars

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by frostedpuffs

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