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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 23 of 28

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"Not yet."


"A little bit more."


It was difficult for him to hold back a laughter as he tried to keep his hands over her eyes. She had been whining since he put her in the car. Honestly, she almost broke him. She was very talented at begging and he had a soft spot for her. Regardless of her incessant attempts at finding out about the surprise, he held up his end and did not ruin it. Plus, it was not much. It was a little thing. A foolish attempt at giving them some sort of privacy. They had been quick to realize that it was not something they would get in the house. He did not mind; he was used to it. He heard the others, he knew their life too personally. It was just how it had always worked. Unfortunately, Kagome did not share his point of view on the matter. And he respected that. To top it all of, they could not do anything at her house either… well with her mother and all.

It did make intimacy slightly complicated.

Hence the surprise.

"Are we there yet?"

"You're like a kid."


He had put a blindfold on her the moment they got in the car. At first, it had been funny but now? She was getting impatient. It had been quite a drive and the suspense was killing her. He had picked her up, promised a surprise and then took her into the unknowns. How long was he going to keep on torturing her?


At the sound of that word, relief washed through her. He finally pulled his hands away from her eyes, allowing her to witness the scene in front of her…which was…

A tent?

She tilted her head to the side, staring at the blue and yellow tent that stood in the middle of the clearing. She waited, thinking he would eventually explain what she was staring at but he never did. His lack of actions forced her to turn her head and look at him. "We're camping?"

Oh. Oh. Not exactly the reaction he had been going for but - it was salvageable. "Not really. I didn't wanna get you in trouble with your mom. So we'll be coming back tonight but - I thought it would give us some private time." Fuck. Fuck.

"Took me to the middle of nowhere to have sex with me?" She was teasing him. It was hard to hide the smirk that was threatening to form on her lips but she managed to pull it off.

"No - I just- the guys are always there and - your mom and I just thought, ya know. You and me. Nobody. I didn't - It wasn't -"

His cheeks were flustered, he was avoiding all eye contact and most of all, he was stuttering like an idiot. It was too much for her. Before she could even hold it back, she bursted out laughing, bending over as the loud sounds came out of her.

"You're making fun of me."

His reply only intensified her laughter. She dropped to the ground, feeling the tears pooled at the corners of her eyes. "I just- your face."

He shook his head softly before plopping down on the ground beside her. "Funny."

Kouga remained quiet a while longer while Kagome kept on laughing, hopeless in stopping the joy pouring out of her. After he surprised her, it was only fair that she got to mock him a little. Although, her intention was not to bruise his apparently sensitive man ego.

"This is great, thank you," she said, hoping no laughter or sarcasm was showing in her voice. She truly did appreciate the gesture. They never got time together anymore. She understood the whole pack dynamic and she did truly enjoy it but - this was nice. Quietness, alone time. It helped. Plus, there was no way she was ever going to have sex in that house again. The snickers the next morning were not something she was ready to deal with yet. Although, it was not as if he would ever not live with the pack. He was their leader.

But that was a future conversation, and that was something future Kagome could deal with.

This Kagome was going to enjoy the present time.

"Yea, yea."

She reached out for him, gently cupping his cheek with her hand. She let her thumb follow his cheekbone, gently caressing the skin beneath her finger. "I really do like it."

"I know they're always in the way - it's just -"

"It's the pack way." She smiled. "Don't worry, I know. And I don't mind." She never wanted him to feel bad for what he was. They were a bit different but it did not mean they could not compromise or find ways to make everything work. Also, they truly needed to work on their communication skills. It got them in a few avoidable situations in the past. But she was as guilty of this as he was. Then again, he should be much better than her at the whole relationship thing; he had years - centuries of practice!

Her last relationship was Inuyasha. It was not much.

"So, are we supposed to roast marshmallows and then go run naked in the forest?"

He arched an eyebrow, a smirk forming on his face. "Run naked in the forest?" His voice dropped to a huskier tone and she felt a shiver travel through her.

"Isn't that what old wolves do?"

"That's it, you're going down."

Before Kagome even had a chance to move out of the way, Kouga had leaped had her. She fell flat on her back with her legs sprawled as he nestled himself between them. He grabbed her wrists, pinning her arms above her head; and she never even put up a fight. Instead, she watched him, a fire in her eyes.

"I'll show you what old wolves do."

It was not a threat; it was a promise.

He wanted to lavish her body, he wanted to leave trails of kisses along every inch of her. There was a bubbly desire inside of him, one that wanted her forever. He did not want to lose her. He needed every inch of her, he wanted to feel his own power inside of her. He wanted to howl to the moon, proclaiming her as his. He wanted her to be his forever. His alone.

And that was one promise he intended on seeing through.


"God. I mean have you guys ever heard of a shower."


"Smell like sex much?"

If Kouga could rip all of their heads, he would. He did not even need to look at Kagome to feel the embarrassment coming from her. He knew that teasing was a part of pack but - he needed them to understand that she was not a wolf. She was proper lady. Yes, she could kid around but this whole no privacy thing? She was not quite used to it. He did not want them to scare her away.

She buried her face in his back, hoping it would hide from them her shame. It would not. They could smell it on her. But she would pretend - for her own sake. It was not like they had planned to have sex. It just happened. The quietness, the forest. It almost felt like home for the both of them. And then, well it was not quite like they could have gone to her house to shower. Her mother might not be able to smell them like the pack could but she was fairly certain they would look guilty as sin. Kouga had hoped the forest would mask the scent but by the jokes Kagome was hearing, it had not worked. No privacy.

"Enough," he growled.

"We're just teasing."

"Yeah calm down, alpha."

Another growl echoed through his chest, this one vibrating through Kagome.

For the first time since the jokes began, the kitchen was completely quiet. This time the growl had been taken seriously; a warning from the alpha. Ginta put the coffee mug down and smacked his lips. He had given them a little talk but nobody thought it bothered that much. It was what they did - what they always did. Kouga had partaken in his share of teasing in the past and he had never minded it before.

"Kagome, would you like something to eat?"

Hakkaku was the first to break the ice. Her uneasiness was perhaps the strongest emotion in the room. She was conflicted between wanting to calm down Kouga and her own shame. If they could get her emotions under control, they would get Kouga to calm down at the same time.

She finally tore her face from his shirt, and poked her visage through his left side. "I could eat." Her voice was a little shaky but she cleared her throat, hoping to mask away the emotions.

Even though Kagome was peeling herself away from Kouga, it did not tone down his rage. Ginta rose an eyebrow as he observed his leader's unusual behavior. No, it was not out of character for him to be protective of Kagome, but - this was too much. He was no longer the hot headed cub he used to be. He had better control over himself - and he usually put his best foot forward in front of Kagome. Something was up. He simply could not figure out what it was. He tried to subtly sniff the air but that brought him no answer. His nose scrunched up as though there was an obvious answer he was missing.

Finally, Kagome came into view, tearing her whole body away from Kouga's. And that was when Ginta saw. It was actually then that everybody saw. There were no longer glimmers of teasing, and laughters ready to echo. Everyone's faces suddenly became serious. Kagome did not notice as she began eyeing the food on the table. They had not eaten after the little picnic… And they had done a lot after the picnic. Thoughts and memories flooded her mind and she felt her cheeks redden. Her busy mind made her oblivious to all the looks thrown her way.

To her, it would look like nothing.

To her it would be a bruise, a hickey. One that would leave.

To them, it was different. It meant more. Especially considering who Kouga was.

"Hey - you guys."

And then there was silence. Because Kouga was crushing Hakkaku's hand.

He did let out a slip of pain.

"Are you okay?" inquired Kagome with a serious look on her face.

Hakkaku's face was twisted in pain, his mouth distorted and his eyes nearly shut. He had been laughing a second ago. What happened?

"I-hm," he cleared his throat. "I'm fine. I just, I'm just so glad you guys are here."

So she did not know. He was not sure. She had acted all casual, she had shown it to them like it was nothing. Either she was okay with it or she did not know. Kouga's current crushing of his hand let him know that she was not aware of the mark she had on her neck. It was not a mating mark, it was not a permanent mark, but it was there nonetheless. He was silently asking her if he could mark her.

And she did not know.

Kouga finally released his hand and he felt relief wash through him as sensation came back to his fingers. He did not deserve that.

Now everyone wanted to ask but nobody could.

But one dared.

"Hey Kagome?" asked Ginta innocently.

"Yea?" she asked as she finally sat down.

"Do you mind if I borrow Kouga for a second? Pack matter."

"No, sure go ahead." The guys did not seem as though they were going to tease anymore. Plus, even if they did. She was a big girl and she could handle herself.

Ginta offered her a smile as an answer and then, tugged on Kouga's sleeve to bring him away from Kagome's ears.

Kouga knew where he was being taken and he knew what would be asked of him and yet - he had to go along with it. He could not fight it or Kagome might be suspicious and that was the last thing he wanted. He already messed up and he did not intend on making it worse. He tried to remain as calm as he could until Ginta and him were finally alone in the living room.

"We are not having this discussion," were the first words out of his mouth. His eyes were narrowed, and he was clearly trying to use his alpha status to try and intimidate his friend. He was not in a good mood. He had hoped they would not tease them, he had hoped they would have been able to disappear in another room before anyone stopped them. Apparently, all of those had been stupid foolish wishes.

"She doesn't know."

"And she doesn't need to know," he barked angrily. "It ain't like I marked her or did anything against her wishes."

"No but -"

"There's not but, I didn't do nothing and there ain't nothing for her to know."

"It might not mean anything to her, but it means a lot to you."

His beast. His inner wolf. He wanted her, he had been claiming her for centuries. His claim never faded and his need for never went away. The first time he saw her again after all these years… it was like she never left him. For her, the feelings began way later on and she was not where he was. It was why he controlled every step, every move he did. He was so afraid to scare her away. If she knew he marked her - temporarily - as his intended, it might scare her away. Did they not have enough scares for a while? They had just gotten over the whole protected sex talk. They truly did not need to be having the marriage talk just now.

"I don't need to tell her."

"But you should." He sighed. "When has it ever worked out for you when you kept shit for yourself?"

No argument there.

"Kagome is understanding. She is actually the most understanding woman I've ever met. How much could you scare her?"

"A lot."

Ginta scoffed. "Sis loves you. She knows you ain't human. She'll understand this comes with being a wolf. She might be flattered."

Could she be? She was his, she was his fully. He was the first to touch her, the first to taste her. He could feel what she felt for him. And yet, most of the time, he felt like he was going to lose her, like she was going to slip right through his fingers. She was too good for him. And what if she saw that? His plan was not to lock her with him forever. He had not even meant to bite her. He had been tasting her skin, feeling her and it had happened by itself. At first, his fangs had grazed her skin - and boy did she love that. She had begged for more and he had lost himself in her moans. He remembered thinking she was the one. And how he could not believe she was real.

"I have to tell her."

Ginta smacked his hand on Kouga's shoulder. "You have to tell her."

But one lie. Could it hurt?"


"You're awfully quiet."

They had eaten with the guys, chatted a little but Kouga had not been himself. He had been a different person the moment he had returned with Ginta. She did not want to press it, especially not in front of people but now that they were by themselves…


He threw a pillow unto the bed, ready to get himself comfortable. The boys were being quiet loud in the living room and they had decided to come upstairs to enjoy a movie alone. Honestly, he was quite surprised that nobody had spoiled anything so far. They had stared at her neck longer than usual but she did not seem to pick up on it. Probably because she did not know there was something on her neck. And he did say he was going to tell her. He simply had not mustered the courage just yet.

Sorry? That was all he had. Kouga was a pack leader. He thrived in a pack and earlier? He did not.

Maybe if she pressed him a little more. "So, everyone was staring at my neck."

He stopped mi movement and for a second it felt like someone knocked the air out of his chest. Wait, no. She could not have noticed. She had not said anything!

"What do you mean?" His voice cracked.

"At first I didn't know why. But then, when I went to the bathroom…" She smacked her face with her hands. "I have the biggest hickey." She let her hands drag down her face, pulling the skin downwards. "So thanks a lot mister," she teased.

Karma was a bitch. If he did not tell her now, she might come back to this moment and hold it against him. Except - except he thought he had more time. He thought he might be able to get her all calm and snuggled up and slowly talk it over. But life could not make it easy for him. Life never did.

A long sigh escaped his lips and he let his arms drop to his sides. "It's not a hickey."

She frowned. "Is it a scratch? A bruise?" She clamped her hand over her neck. "I could have sworn it looked like a hickey." Then again, she had looked fairly quickly. She had been embarrassed she had given the guys something else to tease her over. Then again, strangely nobody had mentioned it. They had simply stared.

"It's a mark." Deep breath. "An intended mark."

"A what now?"

She did not sound mad, she did not sound terrify. She did however sound very confused. He exhaled through his nostrils and dipped his head forward, his long ponytail swiping across his left shoulder. "I - I marked you."

She knew the work mark. I marked you. In any other context with any other person it would be like, I scratch you, it's going to leave a mark. Sorry. In this case? No. Because she knew about youkais and she knew about fangs. And she had heard thing- and she knew things but - marked?


"Not like that. Not like, I - I hm." Great, gone was eloquence. Once he saw the panic appear in her eyes, it was like he lost it. He needed to bring back the smile, bring back the joy that had been there a moment ago. Was it too late? He was certain he wanted to keep a distance between them, but he changed his mind. He launched himself in her direction and he did not stop until he stood in front of her. He grabbed her shoulders as softly as he could, hoping to fool her into thinking he was calm.

"It's nothing, it's no big deal. It'll go away."

As steady as his hands were, his eyes shone in fear. He thought she was going to leave, he thought she was going to leave him. As startled and confused as she was, she refused to let him think she would leave. "What kind of mark?"

If he was going to pretend he was calm, then so was she.

"Can we sit?"

She nodded.

This was ridiculous. Ginta was right; this was Kagome, he could talk to her. He did not mark her - mark her. He simply got caught up in the heat of the moment and one little fang nibble later, there was a little mark. He was looking at the most understanding woman in the world. If he talked it out with her, she would understand. There was no reason to be panicking as he was - or to have sweat drip down his back. It was Kagome.

He dragged her to the bed and she plopped down. She thought he was going to do the same but she was quite wrong. Instead, he dropped down to the floor - on his knees - and he laid his head on her thighs. "I was caught up," he admitted.

"Caught up?"

"In you, your smile, your skin."

A blush immediately decorated her cheeks. "Oh." What in the world was she supposed to reply to that? She did however feel a familiar tingle in her groin. How did he always know the right words to make her heart race, to make her skin tingle and to warm her insides? How did he come so easily to him while she struggled every step of the way?

"It's gonna fade. It's just… it just means I want to."

Did she dare ask the words he did not want to speak? Kouga should not be vague and yet he was. Did it mean he feared her reaction or that he did not wish to talk about it? Then again, he did put that mark on her. He had to want it- whatever it was. "It means you want to what?"

He chuckled against her jeans and it vibrated through her core. "I want to mark you." He gulped. Alright, that came out a lot more crude than he intended. Damage control. "Not now. Just -some day."

She raised her hands and gently began to run her fingers through his bangs. She massaged his scalp, hoping it could take some of the stress away. She was done with childish crushes. She had thought she was done with romance. Actually, she had even been done with happiness. He brought it all back to her. Little by little, he brought her back. She found pieces of herself, pieces of him. For the first time in a long time, she was content with her life. Not everything was perfect of course, but that was okay. It was actually why it was fine. She did not need perfection; she needed the little things that made life special and perfect.

She messed up sometimes. He messed sometimes.

She also needed to remind herself that his style of life was not hers. They marked. They chose for life. They were not as volatile as humans were and then again, that was good. She tried to take a deep breath, hoping to slow down the hammering that was her heartbeat. She knew Kouga was serious about her - he had proved it more than once. He was cautious, he was careful. Because of that, it should not be a surprise that he wanted to mark her - some day. However, she did not expect to hear those words out loud.

But it was Kouga.

He always spoke his mind.

"I - I don't know what to say," she spoke softly. It was the only truth she knew.

He sighed, letting his chest collapsed as his eyes closed. Once again, he put her in a horrible situation. He knew she wanted to be with him - or she would not be. But he was too forward. He always had been. He thought the years had calmed him but apparently it was nothing more than an illusion. Once he had gotten her, he forgot all caution. How could he not? He was addicted to her.

"I don't need ya to say nothing." He tilted his head to the side, his chin digging into her thighs. "It's me, Kagome. It's my nature. I'm not trying to pressure ya into something. Ya ain't gotta want it. Not now, not ever." There was a part of him that would always want to make her his, but he would never force her into a bond she would not want.

She let her hands drop to her sides and then clutches the blankets. Feelings were bubbling inside and she knew she was about to turn into a blabbering idiot. She was never graced with talent when it came to expressing herself. "It's who you are." No, that was not at all what she was attempting to say. A big sigh rolled off her lips and she felt like smacking her forehead. "I - I don't know. Where I am. What I want. I mean -" She winced. Maybe she should simply cease all attempts at talking? Clearly it was not her strong suit. She was making it worse. After she spoke, she could feel him tense against her. "I want you, I know that." She decided to bring a head back to his hair; petting him might calm him.

"I'm human. I can't mark. I don't know what it feels like to what that kind of bond."

Did that make sense? Nothing made sense. She did not even know what the bond was. And now, at this point, she was too afraid to ask. What if she reacted wrong?

Although Kouga could not shake off the stress rolling off his body, he also knew that Kagome was nervous. The best thing he could do for her was to shut her up. He rose to his feet and before she could even pronounce another word, he smacked his lips against her, kissing the words out of her mouth. At first she offered a small resistance but, then, she melted against him. Relief washed through him and he let his body tangle up with hers as he sat by her side.

"We'll just let things happen," he whispered against her lips. "I only wanted to be honest with you."

Yes, keeping things from each other had gotten them in trouble before. "I know, thank you. I'm sorry I -"

He kissed her again. "If you say sorry again, you'll end up naked."

"Please don't."

They both turned their heads in direction of the door. Kagome's face was covered with a soft blush, but Kouga's eyes were narrowed. Could they not have a moment of privacy?

"If you're still standing in front of that fucking door in five seconds, you ain't gonna like what happens next."

Kagome did the only thing she could do; she laughed.

"I don't think I want to be naked in here."

Kouga joined her in her laughter, his own much deeper than hers.

They were never going to have sex again.


"The bond?"

"As in, you guys are going to bond?"

"You mean - already."

"Tsh, don't say that. What if they are ready?"

"How can they be ready?"

"Yea, she's asking us about it. Not him."

Kagome smacked both her hands in front of her face. Why did she ever think this would be a good idea? Sure, let's ask the girls about the bond. It will be much less awkward than asking Kouga. Her and her stupid ideas. Now she was stuck sitting in a circle with them while they argued about the non existent bond between Kouga and her.

"Guys," she pleaded, desperate to get their attention and stop her torture.

"Kagome," Miya said with a roll of the eyes.

"Listen, if you gotta ask us about this stuff, you're not ready."

"I didn't say I was."

"Then why are you asking?"

"To understand!"

Yumi sighed before slapping her hands down on her thighs. "It's not something that is easy to explain Kagome. Because you'll never feel it the way we do."

"Wolves mate for life."

She had heard that before.

"We just know. It's a feeling inside. You don't want to lose your one person. You want to keep them, you want to share every part of yourself with that person."

"Humans can want that," she defended.

Yumi shook her head. "It's not the same. In a relationship between two humans… You'll only share what you want to share. Nothing more."

Kasumi pitched in. "We have no choice. Once we've bonded, we become part of the other. So when we want those things, we want them. Without limits."

No lies, no secrets, no barriers. Although it was obviously a big commitment, none of those were bad things. Why would Kouga think those could be things she would be scared of? It was not bad.

"Okay, so you become one with the other person, you share and you feel everything. That's not so bad," she defended.

Yumi twisted her mouth in disapproval. She loved Kagome to death, they all did. She was cute and she was exactly what their leader needed. They were not bothered by her humanity and even less by her miko powers. Not that all youkais were big fan of mikos but Kagome was different and kind. They would be thrilled if Kouga and Kagome ended up mated but - it had to be for the right reasons and with full understanding of the situation. Unfortunately, none of them believed they were the right person to be giving her answers. However, it was quite hard to avoid all of her questions.

"Kagome, it's forever. You can't leave, you can't end a relationship."

"Yea, it ain't like there is a divorce option."

"Once you do it, it's forever. You can't change your mind."

"Can you say right now that Kouga will be your person, forever? Can you say that your feelings will never change?"

Nobody could say that their feelings would never change. It was insane. No, she did not want them to change. She was happy with the way things were. She did not want someone else in her life, she did not want another love. But she had loved someone else before. Kouga seemed to have had only eyes for her - since the beginning. Was it her human nature? Would it come back to haunt her? She would never want to break his heart.

Kouga had been right, he was too early for this kind of conversation. The mark he had left on her neck would fade and once the time was right, they would bring it up again.

She was not scared of having something serious with him. This was not a game and she was in it for the long run. But, she did fear that it would always mean more to him than her. He could feel so much more, he could want so much more. More than she could even imagine wanting. According to the female wolves around her. H would love her, the same way he always had. He had his life figure out, but she had not. She had nothing. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe she needed to find bigger goals for herself. Every time she tried to do that, something distracted her away from that goal. She needed to figure out her life, for herself.

"Are you okay?"

Her words snapped Kagome out of her train of thoughts and she shot her head up. She put a smile on her lips and nodded slowly. "Just thinking."

"It's not like we think you shouldn't do it."

"No, I know."

Except from one person, Kagome had always felt the warmth and the welcome of every member of the pack. That was not a problem.

As she was about to answer Yumi, the sounds of many cars approaching the house got her attention. She frowned before jumping to her feet. Kagome located the nearest window and peered outside. Six cars were parking close to the house and they looked packed.

"Is there a party happening?" she asked with confusion.

Usually she was pretty aware of the events going on in the house. First of all, nobody could keep a secret, and second of all - well she was always over.

"It's another pack."

"A what?"

"Yea, they were passing through, looking for a place to stay for a few days."

"Why are they here?"

Yasumi shrugged her shoulders. "Some packs travel from time to time. It's always better if they stay with another pack."

"Yea, because if they start trouble in the area, it falls on us. It's easier to keep an eye on them if they are here."

"Kouga didn't tell me about this." Then again, it was not as though she told him she was coming over to talk to the girls. About their bond. She really had nothing to say in her own defence.

"We found out this morning I think."

Kagome meant to pull herself away from the window but she could not. Instead, she watched as everyone came out of the cars. They looked like any ordinary humans. Although she suspected that once they were inside and away from prying eyes, that might change a bit. After a while, Kouga finally came out of his car. She watched as his long dark ponytail swayed across his shoulder and she smiled. She was about to pull away from the window and greet him downstairs when the passenger door of his car flew open.

A girl came out, long brown hair cascading down her shoulders. Kagome could not see her face clearly but she looked pretty from far - standing there in a tiny pink dress. She felt a ping of a new emotion but she ignored it. That was until the girl closed the door and launched herself at Kouga's arm.

She was not going to like her.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 23 of 28

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