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The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

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Our siblings. They resemble us just enough to make all their differences confusing, and no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast in relation to them our whole lives long. ~Susan Scarf Merrell

Three days later, the group was only a short distance away from their destination. Kagome could feel the Bone Eater's well vibrating in the distance, its call resonating through the trees. Sango and Miroku had been treating her like glass over the past few days, hedging around any topic that might remind her of Sesshomaru, the House of the Moon or Naraku. InuYasha was completely preoccupied with Kikyo, the two of them quietly murmuring to each other while they trailed behind the rest of the group. Kagome was grateful for the respite, having found the comfort that could be found in silence during her stay in the west.

Her feet felt heavy, as was her heart. The look in Sesshomaru's eyes as she turned away had been branded into her memory. It was a mixture of abandonment and anger, crushing all hope that he might change his mind and want her to stay. The only thing left to hope for was maybe he would miss her enough to find her in her own time. 'Fat chance' she thought glumly.

"Kagome?" Sango's hesitant tone broke the silence.


"Are you going home tonight, or will you stay until morning?" the pleading expression in her friend's eyes tugged at Kagome's heart.

"I can stay till morning," she smiled, trying to hide the sadness that squeezed her heart, slowly choking the life out of her. She didn't have the courage to tell her friend that once she went home, she didn't think she would have the strength to return again. The time with Naraku, with Sesshomaru, and her responsibilities with the Shikon Jewel were all so interwoven into the past four years that she could never truly escape the memories if she stayed. She was petrified that the reminder of every moment would crush her under the weight of regret. Saying goodbye to this part of her life seemed to be the only way to survive, even if she could only run away to a half-existence several centuries in the future.

Sango put her arm around Kagome and squeezed reassuringly. "I'm glad that you came with us." The words were meant as heartfelt comfort, but only reminded Kagome of Sesshomaru's rejection.

She couldn't answer as emotions lodged in her throat. Blinking back tears, she cursed Sesshomaru again for not being able to give her what she wanted more than anything. Validation.

They continued in silence as the sun set in the distance. When they entered the small village, Kaede stepped out of her hut and waved until she caught sight of Kikyo bringing up the rear. The older woman stilled, her wrinkled face clouded with wary concern. Sango and Miroku approached the older miko, bowing respectfully in welcome before Kaede stepped aside and motioned them to enter. She kept her eyes on Kikyo as InuYasha helped her down from the horse.

Kagome paused next to her friend and put a hand on her arm. The old miko forced her eyes from the pair and looked at Kagome questioningly. Her gaze dropped down to Kagome's chest, realizing suddenly that the Jewel was no longer detectable.

"What be all of this Kagome?"

She forced a half-hearted smile. "Kikyo is back with InuYasha. All is as it should be."

The words sounded hollow even to Kagome, but she couldn't manage to care. After all that had passed, it was she who would walk away with nothing so that her friends could find happiness. The bitterness in her heart was suffocating as anger welled inside to drown out all the reasons that she had chosen to make a wish for InuYasha. Swallowing it down, she met Kaede's knowing eyes and felt the weight of her choice crash down around her. With a heavy heart, she watched the old miko pull away and walk slowly to her sister. As the women embraced, Kagome turned and pushed her way into the hut. There would be no escape from the bliss that now surrounded her.

Kagome tiptoed out of the hut before dawn. The brisk autumn air immediately bit through her clothes, raising the goose bumps on her arms and legs. Slinging the yellow backpack over her shoulder, she started off toward the well, hoping to make it before the others awoke. It was the cowardly way out, but she was tired of being brave and selfless. Loneliness as a result of her choices hit with forceful cruelty the previous evening as she watched InuYasha and Kikyo quietly talk to each other in the corner of Kaede's hut, while Miroku and Sango made plans with Kaede for their upcoming wedding. After years of being the glue that held their mismatched group together, it was a stunning blow to find that she was now on the outside looking in. She had left the West only to find that she was in the exact same place she was desperate to avoid, a shadow only able to observe along the fringe of the other's happiness.

After last night, she was positive that the only option was to leave.

Cresting the hill, she approached the well with bitter sweet emotions. On the other side was a life that would welcome her with open arms. Its mundane existence never promised more than it could deliver, comfortable and safe. The life at her back was reckless and fleeting, always at the edge of her fingertips. Happiness here was like trying to capture sunlight in her hands, its warmth occasionally felt, but nevertheless unattainable.

Dropping the bag, she wiped away the tear that escaped unbidden from her eye. With a deep breath, she turned in a slow circle to take in the wild countryside that she had come to love. It was a scene that she would likely never view again in its rustic, wild beauty. A movement caught her attention and she stilled. Bracing a hand on the well behind her, she prepared to vault herself in as she turned her head and found a pair of confused golden eyes a few feet away.

"What are ya doin' up so early Kagome?" InuYasha's gruff voice jarred against the silence of the morning air.

Sighing in relief that it was only InuYasha, she shook her head sadly. Steeling against the coming argument, she answered as calmly as possible, "I decided to head home early."

He blinked and then narrowed his eyes. "Without even sayin' goodbye?"

Shaking her head again, she leaned down and set the bag against the edge of the well before facing him fully. "I thought it would be easier to leave now." The unspoken meaning fell between them like an avalanche.

He stepped toward her with worry clouding his expression, "Well, when are ya coming back? Before the wedding of course."

She held a hand up, stopping him from coming closer. "I'm tired InuYasha. Too tired to keep fighting for things I can never have. Goodbye is sometimes the only thing left."

Grief darkened the gold to a bronze shimmer as his face contorted in anger. "Why would you say goodbye? What about Sesshomaru? I thought you and he…" at her stricken expression, he seemed to think better of continuing that train of thought and instead shouted, "No one wants you to go!"

Heartache wrenched her soul mercilessly. "I mean nothing to him. To pretend it was anything else is just stupid." She closed the distance and hugged him close. Placing a hand against his cheek she whispered softly, "Never doubt how much I've loved each second of my life here with you." Pulling back she trailed her hand away and let it drop to her side as she met his gaze, "I'll carry it with me every single day."

Before she changed her mind, she shrugged off his grasping hands and grabbed the bag to leap over the edge. Blue light enveloped her warmly as tears flicked off her cheeks. It was time to return to the only place left that could offer her a chance to find her own happy ending.

Hoshi walked through the quiet hallways with dragging steps. The House of the Moon seemed to be under a thundercloud. The staff was subdued and remained out of sight as much as possible. She could kill Sesshomaru for his stubbornness. Though he did nothing to make Kagome stay, he nearly took the arms off a maid who tried to clean the room adjacent to his. Afterward, he shut the room up and forbid entrance to all before locking himself in his own for the past three days.

She paused outside his door and waited, feeling out his mood before finally knocking softly. There was no answer right away, but she heard a rustle of silk a moment before the door was wrenched open. He glared down at her with fierce eyes.

"What do you want?"

Raising her brows at his surly tone, she answered patiently, "I came to ensure myself that you're not dead. There've been rumors circulating..."

"Why should that concern me?" His words were crisp, though she could see that his eyes were a bit glassy and smelled the faintest trace of sake on his breath.

Crossing her arms, she drew out the first word, "Ooooh, I don't know. You seemed to be concerned about it a few days ago."

His eyes snapped yellow fire as he drew himself up to his full height, "You have no idea what I think or how I feel."

She held her ground, knowing that drawing his anger was worth making her point. "No, the problem is that you're NOT thinking or feeling, Yama. In this you're making a huge mistake."

Bristling, he stepped forward but stopped himself quickly. Pulling back, he took a deep breath and forced the anger down. "I will not discuss this again," he growled through clenched teeth and stepped back into his room before sliding the door shut between them.

Turning on his heel, he grabbed the half empty sake jug on his way to the balcony. Staring out onto the valley, he drained it and tossed the empty vessel over the edge. Disgusted, he turned and caught sight of the pink flower that he had moved from Kagome's room the night before. Pain lanced through his chest at the gentle reminder of the day that she had found it in his garden. It was exotic and unique, much like her and he had it re-potted and put in her room on a whim, but now it stared at him mockingly. As if it knew that he wanted more than anything to toss it over the ledge with the empty bottle, but would never be able to let it go. It wasn't like he hadn't already tried.

The days of being closed up in the dark with no care had wilted its beautiful petals, causing the stem to sag mournfully. An unknown force had drawn him to the room late the night before and there he found the fragile flower's critical condition. The irony was not lost on him. Sinking down to sit next to the low table, he stared at it morosely. Reaching into his haori, he pulled out the dagger that he had given to Kagome for protection. A derisive snort escaped his curled lips as he looked down at it. The same dagger that was supposed to keep her safe was the one Naraku violently drove into her chest and forced him to face a truth that until that point he had been able to keep at arm's length. At some basic level, he knew that she had woven herself into his existence, but until that moment had successfully ignored to what depth and veracity. With her lifeless body at his feet, he was forced to stare those emotions in the eye, bringing with it all the complications and expectations that he had built up for himself over the centuries.

Turning the blade, he let the image of her smiling face cross his mind. His chest tightened and he dropped his hand to his lap, leaning his head against the wall at his back. 'She wanted to leave and you let her go. End of story. Why be concerned about a common human girl?' he thought insistently.

His traitorous part whispered from deep inside, 'Because she is so much more than common…'

'Shut up.'

Tossing the dagger onto the table, he closed his eyes and ruthlessly pushed her memory to the back of his mind while the beast inside howled with despair. He refused to let melancholy take him over. She chose to leave the House of the Moon. He was the great taiyoukai of the Western Lands and would never beg a human for anything, least of all affection.

Even as the thought manifested, he knew it for the lie it was.

Kagome walked into her house just as her mother was coming through the hallway from the kitchen. They looked at each other in silence for a moment before Kagome dropped her bag and rushed to her mother's waiting arms. Sinking to the floor, Kagome finally released the soul deep heart break that had been hidden by an iron-willed facade since the moment she left the House of the Moon.

It was hours before her mother, stunned into silence at her daughter's immense grief, could coax Kagome from the floor to her room where she collapsed into a heap to mourn the loss of friends, love, and above all, the possibility of what could have been.

Sesshomaru approached the well after sunset. The full moon shown from above, mocking the young taiyoukai with its luminous silver light. Staring dispassionately at the wooden albatross, he reached out with his senses and felt only the faintest whisper of Kagome that had yet to dissipate on the wind.

She had left his home a week ago. The first day he spent in his study with an incomprehensible feeling of uneasy restlessness, which he attributed to the weeks of ignored daily duties. The second day was a haze of misdirected anger at any and all that crossed his path. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth was a listless stupor enhanced by alcohol in the confines of his room. On the seventh, he walked out of the House of the Moon for some fresh air and found himself standing at the bottom of the hill where the well sat innocuously to most of the world. It was a jarring reminder of the miko to all who knew her. A magical portal linking their two worlds.

He closed his eyes, wishing away the image of her smiling face for the hundredth time. How he ended up here was a mystery, but now that he was only a few feet away, he couldn't help but consider…

A disapproving sound drew his attention and he turned his head to glare at InuYasha out of the corner of his eye. "What do you want?"

"I'd ask you the same thing, but I already know the answer."

In a flash Sesshomaru had his brother's haori gripped tightly, his snarling face and bared fangs a menacing sight. InuYasha stared back calmly, a hint of a smile played on his lips. His voice was quiet, but held a note of sadness as deep as the ocean, "She's not coming back to us. Not this time."

Sesshomaru shoved him away and started walking down the hill, unwilling to have this conversation with the one being he hated more than any other in this world. The need to get away from his brother's knowing gaze was almost uncontrollable. Chest constricted, he felt every step that took him away from the well like a physical rip inside his gut.

Even through the turmoil of his whirling thoughts, a soft statement brought him to an abrupt halt. If he'd been human, he would never have heard the whispered words.

"I thought you were many things, but never a fool. Until today."

His hands fisted and he took a deep breath. "Said the biggest fool of all," the words came out bitterly, surprising them both.

"I may be a fool, but at least I don't lie to myself and try to keep up some stupid pretense of pride and responsibility."

Sesshomaru whirled around with red eyes. "You know nothing of responsibility!" he roared across the clearing.

They glared at each other in the darkness of the growing night. Drawing himself up, InuYasha hid the pain of the statement, knowing that he would never be anything but a hanyou to his brother. The fact that their father's blood coursed through his veins would amount to little more than a distasteful connection in the taiyoukai's critical eyes.

"That's a convenient excuse." InuYasha scoffed and turned to the well. He ran a hand affectionately across the wood surface before adding more to himself than Sesshomaru, "I spent four years with her and wouldn't trade a single moment. Even for what I have now."

Sesshomaru swallowed the treacherous words that wanted to agree. An idea sparked and he shook himself out of the melancholy that threatened again. "Why don't you go and retrieve her then?"

InuYasha stepped back and cast a longing look at the well. "I tried." He shook his head sadly, "It won't let me through. I think she closed it from the other side."

Sesshomaru blinked at the pain that lanced through his chest. If she closed it, then she was truly never coming back. The rejection hit him like a physical blow and he nearly staggered under the weight. His inner beast wailed in mourning at the loss of hope that he realized had been living quietly in the shadows of his obstinate mind. Pushing the reaction down into the depths of his steely resolve, he assured the whining beast inside that he would allow it an appropriate release when not under the watchful eyes of his brother.

"If that is her choice, then there's nothing left to be concerned about." His tone was softer than he meant, colored with hurt and belying the less than indifferent emotion churning inside. To one unfamiliar, it would appear as cold and unfeeling.

InuYasha stiffened, seeming to miss the slight catch in Sesshomaru's voice. "I didn't believe her, but she was right. She means nothing to you." Without another glance, InuYasha left him at the foot of the hill staring at the well. The angry words were ringing through Sesshomaru's ears like the echo of thunder. He didn't know how long he stayed there, but the call of a bird in the nearby trees pulled him out of his reverie. Turning on his heel, he returned silently to the House of the Moon, determined to put his life back to the way it was before a certain raven haired miko thoroughly upended his world and then left him bereft of a smile that would haunt him for the long centuries of his life.

'Damn her.'

Miroku paced impatiently outside the small hut, stopping to stare every time a sound filtered through the firmly closed door. He smiled to no one in particular. 'Finally!' he thought with relief. Only a few hours ago, he and Sango were wed in the afternoon sun with autumn leaves falling in gentle waves all around them. He couldn't be happier.

Kaede stepped out onto the narrow porch and smiled at Miroku. "She be ready." The old woman tossed a knowing look at the other village maiden that had followed her out. The woman giggled and hopped down to the ground to help Kaede, leading the elderly miko away with hushed whispers and pink cheeks.

He had been so impatient for the women to finish their fussing, but now that he was allowed inside the little hut that a widowed farmer had been generous enough to loan them for their wedding night, he felt frozen to the spot. With a large effort, he took a few slow steps, approaching the door. Steeling his spine, he inhaled deeply and willed his nervousness away. Before he could talk himself out of going inside, he pushed through the heavy mat that covered the door and stopped short. His breath seized in his chest at the sight before him.

Sango sat in the middle of the low pallet that served as a bed, a blanket pulled up around her chest with her head bowed. He could see the crimson blush that stained her cheeks. The breath he had been holding expelled forcefully.

Her hair was unbound, cascading around her shoulders in a dark wave of mahogany and satin. She was stunning and all he wanted to do was touch her, to see her eyes sparkle with the love and happiness that he had seen when they bound themselves to each other in the afternoon sun. When she didn't move, he stepped forward hesitantly. "Sango?"

She glanced up at him shyly before she turned away again. "I'm sorry Miroku. I'm so nervous… I don't…" she stumbled over her words, not sure what to do or say in this moment. Her dark hair had fallen over her shoulder and she didn't see him kneel down next to her until his large hand pulled it back and he tipped her face up to meet his gentle eyes. His beautiful warrior wife disarmed him in an instant with her shy modesty.

"You never need to apologize Sango. I'm nervous too," he gave her an apologetic smile and shrugged slightly. Taking her hand, he squeezed it comfortingly.

Blinking, she gave him a skeptical look, "You? The monk that could never keep his hands to himself is nervous on his wedding night?"

He laughed at her unbelieving tone and leaned forward to kiss her lightly before drawing back enough to meet her eyes again. "Yes. Very much."

She shook her head and smiled, thankful that her nervousness had lessened with his admission. Shaking away as much awkwardness as she could, she stood and padded on bare feet to the center of the room where the fire danced. Turning to face him, she smiled. "Do you want some tea?"

Miroku's mouth went dry the moment she stood up. Her short yukata fell only to mid-thigh and the fire in the center of the room illuminated the thin fabric, making it nearly transparent when she stood in front of it. The outline of her lithe body nearly broke his control as desire for her roared to life. Shifting at the sudden uncomfortable reaction of his body, he nearly groaned as he realized that his new wife had no idea how incredibly beautiful and sexy she was. She could ask for anything and he would move the earth itself to get it for her. When she asked him what was wrong, he had to shake away the visions of wrapping her long legs around his waist as he buried his hands in her hair….

Clearing his mind only brought her into focus again and breathing became a concerted effort. "Kami has certainly smiled upon me," he whispered more to himself than to her.

She cocked her head slightly, question plainly in her eyes. He smiled reverently and added louder. "My wife is more than I deserve and I'll spend the rest of my life trying to be worthy of her."

His words burned through her like a fire as her heart tripped over itself at the look of affectionate wonder in his eyes. She loved Miroku more than she could ever say, more than mere words could describe. She was never the kind of woman who openly spoke about the things in her heart. It was much easier to show what she was feeling. In fact, Kagome was the first person that she had ever felt comfortable confiding in. The thought of her friend stabbed at her heart with stunning ferocity, ripping away the warmth she had been feeling with icy cruelty.

Turning away, she wrapped her arms around her body, but not before seeing the disappointed and confused look on his face. Schooling her features, she tried to hide the sadness that had crept into her heart. The last thing she wanted was for anything to intrude on this long awaited moment. Now that her heart was filled with guilt and sadness, she was horrified at the thought that her marriage would never be what she had been dreaming about for the past four years. Miroku stood up and walked toward her, trying to catch her gaze. When she avoided it, he caught her face in his hands and forced her to look at him.

"What's wrong Sango?" his worried face nearly broke the tenuous hold she had on her emotions. She shook her head and closed her eyes, fighting to hold on to the tears that threatened. He sighed and pulled her into his arms, knowing what was plaguing her gentle heart. "Is it because Kagome didn't come today?"

Sango stilled, her face pressed against his shoulder. He felt the silent tears against his neck and for the first time was angry with Kagome. He would do anything to keep Sango from crying, but this was the one thing he was powerless to change. Their friend should have returned. She should have been here to hug Sango and help her dress in her wedding clothes. She should have been here to fight with InuYasha and tell the groom to behave when he made comments about how squeezable the bride looked. Instead, she had failed to come and be a part of their long awaited celebration. Her absence was an empty hole, decidedly void of the face and smile they all cherished. He had worried that Sango would ask to postpone until Kagome finally returned, but in the end she bravely forged ahead with the resolve and strength that had been such a huge part of what he fell in love with.

Now they stood in the moonlight, her quiet tears and gloomy emotions were nearly palatable in the darkness. He knew his wife well, that she was feeling guilty for finally grabbing hold of the happiness that she had been patiently waiting for and deserved more than anything. Pushing the hair from her face, he kissed her forehead and whispered softly, "Kagome made a choice. She did it because it was the right thing for her happiness. Please don't be sorry that you made a choice for the same reasons."

Sango gulped back the tears and lifted her head from his shoulder. "I'm not sorry for marrying you. I just wish she had been here."

"I know. I wish she had been here too." He saw the goose bumps on her arms and grabbed the blanket from the bed and pulled it around her firmly. His protective instincts had grown even deeper somehow. "I don't, however, regret waiting one more second to make you mine." He wiped away her tears with the pad of his thumb and kissed her gently.

Sango smiled and leaned her forehead against his chin. His strength poured into her and she felt a swell of pride and happiness that they were finally at this moment in their lives. Her heart was sad that Kagome had left without saying goodbye and decided not to return for the wedding, but she also had seen in her dear friend's eyes the heartbreak and defeat that had taken an irrevocable toll. She was no longer comfortable in the presence of InuYasha and had seemed out of place and awkward as they traveled back to the village. If Sango was completely honest with herself, she had seen Kagome's decision to leave the moment they entered the village. It was a decision she had known would result in never seeing her friend again when she left this last time. Sango just wished that she had been able to say goodbye and tell Kagome how much she hoped for a love story of her own.

Miroku squeezed her hand quickly and walked around her to pull the only window firmly closed. The growing chill of autumn was finally taking hold of the land. Sango watched his movements as she stepped back to the bed and sank to her knees. Brazenly, she allowed her gaze to roam along his body, appreciating his muscular legs, lean hips and powerful shoulders. When he turned back toward her, she let her eyes travel along his chest and down his flat stomach until she paused at the center of his body with red cheeked curiosity. She knew the basics of what happened between a man and a woman, but she surely didn't know any of the details.

Miroku was dumbfounded. One minute she carried the sadness of regret, the next she was sitting in the middle of their bed with hungry curiosity written plainly across her features. Afraid that he might make the wrong move, he remained still, not sure if he should proceed with caution or throw her to the bed and drive the remnants of her sadness away with the fire that was building inside him. When she continued to stare with shameless abandon, he lost the battle with himself and walked slowly to her, moving with steady ease. Stopping by the bed, he shrugged out of his robes, moving slowly to gauge her reaction. When she only watched him in shy fascination, he let go of the remaining robe and watched with satisfaction as her eyes fell to the center of his body and widened. He dropped to his knees and pulled the blanket from her hands to slip into the bed beside her. His body was on fire as the blanket fell from her hands and one shoulder of her thin robe was pulled with it to reveal a tantalizing expanse of skin. He tugged the blanket away fully to reveal enchanting curves barely concealed by the soft pink material of her yukata. Leaning forward on his hands and knees, his mouth captured hers.

The moment their lips touched was like a damn breaking. Sango buried her hands in his hair and held on to him, lavishing him with all the passion and desire that she felt in her soul. Rising onto her knees she gripped him ardently, her soft stomach rubbing against him until he nearly growled with desire. His hands fumbled with the tie that held the flimsy robe to her body and nearly tore it in half as he pushed the material off her shoulders and threw it across the room. He grabbed her hips and pulled her firmly against him as he cupped her bottom with both hands and squeezed a moment before they were roaming insistently along her skin, driving them both higher on a wave of passion. His hand slipped between their bodies and her head fell back at the pleasure he was able to coax from her slick heat. Her moans were like music as he continued to run his fingers along her sensitive flesh until she finally cried out, his name falling from her lips in a choked moment of exquisite delight.

He smiled with satisfaction as he kissed the throbbing pulse along her neck. She was amazing and he fought for control of his body and the lust that she ignited. Grabbing her under the back of the thighs, he sat back on his heels and she caught her breath as he buried himself inside her body in one smooth movement. Burning pain lanced through her and she whimpered into his black hair. His hands guided her long legs around his waist before returning them to her hips to hold her still, his thumbs circling gently until she started to relax. She struggled to breathe as the feeling of him deep inside caused sensations that she had never felt before. Opening her eyes, she found him looking at her with heavy lidded desire.

"I love you so much Sango." His whispered words brought new tears to her eyes, but this time of joy and breathtaking love.

He held her still and she swore she could feel his heartbeat throbbing through their connected bodies. When she shifted slightly, she saw him tense, his face melted into sheer pleasure. She tested the movement again, feeling the initial sharp pain fading. Watching with fascination as his eyes closed and every muscle in his body locked into a chiseled monument of male beauty, she smiled with heady delight. Running her hands along his biceps, she scrutinized the emotions flickering across his face and felt his hands tighten on her body.

Her body burned and something instinctual took over as she began to move, slow and small at first. His eyes opened and the hot look he gave her held her transfixed. Gripping her hips, he started to grind her against him as his mouth found her breast, closing over the taut nipple. She groaned and held him to her as she arched her back, desperate for the pleasure he had given her before. Their breathing escalated and she felt warmth spread along her limbs as their pace quickened. A white hot need centered in the middle of her body around the place that their bodies were joined. She moaned his name and what little control he had been able to maintain seemed to break. Raising both hands, he pushed her breasts up by arching her back and set upon wringing every ounce of pleasure he could find from her body. Rolling his hips, he nudged the very core of her until she was moaning with every stroke. As she crested the wave of desire, his hand slipped down to the find the most sensitive part of her body. With expert strokes, he sent her over the edge where she tumbled along the pulsing waves of ecstasy. She felt him follow close behind, driving her higher up the peak of climax as he stiffened and drove her hips down, holding her to him as he poured not only his body, but eternal love into her.

They stayed wrapped around each other until their heartbeats slowed. Pulling back, Sango met his eyes with wonder. "Will it always be like that?" she asked breathlessly as she pushed his sweaty hair from his eyes.

He gave a wobbly smile as he drew circles with his fingertips along the length of her spine. "God I hope so," he said huskily before nipping her bottom lip gently and drawing her into a languid kiss.

The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

Part 49 of 60

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