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The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

Part 54 of 60

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"The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender." - Emil Ludwig

Kagome climbed into one of the tall chairs that sat at Sesshomaru's kitchen island as he poured a glass of white wine. Gracefully, he pushed the delicate crystal across the white marble surface toward her.

'Hoshi's right, I am a gigantic idiot.'

She didn't know what to say to his earlier comment. Her experience with men consisted of a brother and grandfather who loved her beyond words in that platonic, family sort of way; two dog youkai that left her confused and unsure of everything, including their feelings about her; and a myriad of professors who were so wrapped up in their work that she was pretty sure they didn't even realize that she was alive…let alone a woman. Long story short, she was not adept at the games that men and women played.

Murmuring a thank you, she clasped the glass and stared at the pale liquid. His eyes were on her and she burned with something unfamiliar in the pit of her stomach. Stealing a glance through her lashes, she noticed the intense look on his face and the tension in the pit of her stomach escalated. With a nervous laugh, she desperately searched for a distraction. She said the first thing that came to mind. "So…why don't you stay at the castle when you're in Japan?"

He looked down as he swirled the amber liquid in his own glass, "Too many memories live in that house."

Kagome's chest tightened. Recollections of the little girl who fearlessly pushed beyond his prickly exterior floated through her mind for the first time in years. "Rin was a special little girl," she said quietly.

He cleared his throat and set the glass on the counter. Meeting her eyes with a wry expression he added softly, "Yes she was, but it isn't only her memory that haunts the hallways of my home."

Drawing a deep breath, she grabbed her glass and took a big drink, nearly draining it at once. Throat burning, she shuttered at the sweet alcohol's bite. She met his eyes and pointed at the bottle that sat near his elbow. Raising a brow, he grabbed it and moved with a slow, sexy walk around the island. She watched him warily, reminded of a prowling panther as he came to stand next to her.

Setting the bottle down in front of her, he leaned down until his nose was next to her ear. "You had a lot at dinner. Are you sure you should have more?"

Irritation burned and she turned in her chair to face him fully, forcing him to back up a few inches. Her brown eyes sparked fire, "I think I'm old enough to make decisions for myself."

He let his eyes sweep along her face and down the graceful arc of her neck to her bare knees and calves peeking out from his oversized shirt. "Yes. You are definitely old enough to make up your own mind." Stepping back, he returned to the other side of the island long enough to retrieve his own bottle of scotch before making his way back to settle in the chair next to her.

Kagome stayed silent, her fingers playing absently along the stem of her wineglass. He took in her pensive expression with a glance and refilled his glass. "What's on your mind?"

Blushing lightly, she looked like she had been caught in the act and he had to hide a grin behind the rim of his glass. After a quick sip, she answered hesitantly, "I've got a lot of things on my mind actually. Questions more than anything."

He let that sink in a moment. Somehow he knew that her questions would head into the realm of forbidden topics that Hoshi had spent 500 years trying to get him to answer. That tiny voice in the back of his head laughed at what it already knew, egging him on toward her like the force of two magnets. "Ask away," he said suddenly, voice thick and heavy with mixed emotions, 'Even though I'll probably regret it.'

Refilling her glass, she glanced at him, surprised at his seeming willingness. Suspicious, she set the bottle down and couldn't help but ask, "Really?"

He nodded curtly, staring straight ahead as he sipped from his glass. She chewed on her lower lip, a million questions crashing through her brain at once. She smiled as she settled on the obvious, "Why'd you cut your hair?"

He blinked, but didn't hesitate. "Ankle length white hair is a little too memorable across generations don't you think?" setting his glass down with a clink, he added, "Next?"

'Hmm." She smiled at the thought. "It seems that you and InuYasha are at least tolerating each other now. What happened?"

He grunted, "It was an unfortunate consequence of becoming fond of his wife and Shippo after you left."

She laughed huskily and he stiffened slightly, gripping his glass tighter. She noticed and continued quickly, afraid he might suddenly change his mind and rescind his earlier agreement to answer her questions, "So you hired him and sent him to America?"

"Yes," he growled and refilled his glass for a fourth time. "He needed to be out of Japan when you were born."

Kagome knew why. It was something that Hoshi had made a point to explain on more than one occasion. Sesshomaru had taken great pains to avoid fate being interrupted by an accidental meeting before the time was right. It was why they all had left. Nervously, she agonized over her next words, desperately wanting the answer but sure he would refuse. "So…" she blurted out hurriedly before she lost her nerve, "why'd you buy all the shrines in Tokyo?"

Shoulders slumping, he closed his eyes a moment before finally looking at her. The golden intensity reminded Kagome of the sun. The tortured look was unmistakable as he shook his head almost imperceptibly. She could see he was grappling with what to tell her so she waited, holding that fiery gaze with patience and a desperate hope he would finally let her behind his impenetrable walls.

When he remained quiet, she realized that it was too much of a confession for someone as introverted as Sesshomaru. She reached over and squeezed his forearm comfortingly. "No matter the reason, thank you for taking care of my family." She withdrew her hand and started to slide down the high seat to the floor. The curiosity nearly killed her, but she didn't want to push him any farther, having herself been on the receiving end of curious questions that were impossible to answer. His whispered words made her freeze, heart pumping wildly in her chest.

"It was a necessity." Heaving a deep breath, he seared her with his gaze, "When war broke out, it was the only way I could be sure the well survived."

Tears burned behind her eyes at the stubborn man in front of her. Even now he fought against the deeper parts of their relationship. With regret, she slid the rest of the way to the ground and bowed her head. "Did Hoshi ever tell you the story of the Wind and the Mountain?"

He looked back at his hand around the glass of scotch, jaw clenched. She smiled at his stubborn silence. Murmuring softly, "If not, have her tell it to you someday."

He sat there for several hours, long after she had shut herself safely in the guest room, listening to her steady heartbeat from the kitchen. Of course he knew the old story, but he wasn't going to tell her that. It was one that his mother used to tell him before bed when he was a pup. He spent the better part of an hour thinking about why Hoshi would tell Kagome that particular youkai folklore, and a second bottle of scotch digesting its meaning. The warmth of her aura and beguiling scent lulled his alcohol soaked mind into a peace he had not felt since the last night she slumbered nearby. The sun was starting to creep over the horizon when he finally stumbled into his room to drop face first onto his bed, forcing his brain to forget the soft curves of the tempting miko that slept only a door away.

Kagome awoke to softness that cocooned her like a cloud. Sitting up, she rubbed the sleepiness from her eyes and pushed tangled hair from her brow. Light spilled across the room in muted rays from billowy curtains, and she was at once reminded where she was. Glancing around, she reached out with her senses and felt Sesshomaru across the large penthouse, his aura subdued and steady in slumber.

Climbing from the voluminous bedding, she padded to the bathroom and flipped on the light. It was bigger than her entire apartment with both a shower and garden tub that could fit at least ten people. Rummaging through the linen closet, she found a large bathrobe and collection of soaps and shampoos. She smiled as she realized that this must be the room that InuYasha and Kikyo would stay in when they visited. Looking back and forth between the massive tub and shower her smile widened. Tossing the pilfered bathrobe onto the ledge of the tub, she twisted the knob, letting the room fill with hot steam. With a contented sigh, she sank into the water's warm embrace. Leaning back against the far end, she closed her eyes with a murmur, "I could get used to this."

An hour later she emerged from the guest room wrapped in the plush bathrobe. Her damp hair cascaded down to her waist, the curling ends a stark contrast against the snowy white material. Wandering along the hallway, she got a look at the pieces of rare artwork and sculptures that filled Sesshomaru's penthouse. She reminded herself to ask him about his collection as she passed a Monet that she had a sneaking suspicion was the real deal.

The kitchen was quiet, only an empty glass and bottle of scotch on the island serving as reminder of the previous evening. Her stomach growled fiercely as she cursed her anxiety at dinner that caused her not to eat much the night before. Searching the cabinets, she was able to find the necessary items for a hot breakfast. She ate in silence, debating if she should wake Sesshomaru or leave quietly and take a taxi home. Glancing at the clock, she was sure her door was fixed by now and cursed herself for the hundredth time for forgetting her phone as Sesshomaru rushed her out of her apartment the previous evening. Finishing her breakfast, she washed her dishes and put everything away, wiping down the marble until it sparkled. With a quick refill of her coffee mug, she decided to explore a bit before heading home, not wanting to pass up an opportunity to see a glimpse of how the modern Sesshomaru lived.

Meandering along the various rooms, she was in awe of how large the penthouse really was. It obviously took up the entire top floor of the building. Following another hallway, she stopped by a door and realized that it must be the master bedroom. She could feel him deeply asleep on the other side. Reaching out, she ran her hand along the smooth surface, her heart swelling with the pang of regret again. Forcing her feet to move on, she padded toward a door that seemed to glow with sunlight. Turning the knob, she held her breath as it swung open with a slight creak. The sight beyond knocked the breath she was holding from her lungs and she swayed, grabbing the doorframe as tears dampened her eyes.

Spread out in front of her was a lush greenhouse, the roof pulled away from the building and replaced with glass. It was warm and humid, the aromatic flowers reminding Kagome of the time she spent in the gardens of the House of the Moon. With trembling hands, she pushed away from the door and walked into the dense flora, eyes trying to take in all at once the beauty before her. Winding the short way along the narrow brick path, she came to a small opening under a trellis where the wild tangle of plants parted to show a small fountain in the shape of a lotus flower trickling gently. A circle of stone benches completed the scene of serene sanctuary. In between each bench sat a peculiar pink flower in a special pot built into the brick. Something about the bloom stirred a memory and Kagome approached the closest one, sinking down to look closer. The mug of coffee slipped from her fingers as recognition crashed through her like a wave of ice water. The hot liquid splashed against her bare feet but she barely noticed as a gasp rent the stillness of the secret greenhouse.

Her hand shook as she brushed a fingertip along the silky petal. It was the same flower that she had found in his garden 500 years earlier. The same flower that was repotted and placed in her room in an unexpectedly sentimental gesture. Looking around, she noticed how they were everywhere. The pink flowers dotted every surface, tucked into every corner. Her breath came fast as she tried to remember seeing it anywhere else on the grounds or since she returned to her time. A faint trickle of memory drifted across her stunned mind of Hoshi mentioning the flower when she first saw it in her room and how it was something she had never seen before.

The air stirred near the opening of the clearing and Kagome looked up to find Sesshomaru, his appearance disheveled with the remnants of sleep fading from his eyes. He looked at her with apprehension and a hint of embarrassment, but he held his ground, never letting his eyes leave hers. She pushed herself up and the words caught in her throat. Never could she say what she wanted when it came to him, to them. This was the moment to say it out loud, regardless of the outcome, regardless of his reaction. This was the moment she needed to tell him that she had somehow fallen in love with him, would love him for the rest of her life. Swallowing at the lump in her throat, she tried to take a breath but her mouth was dry, strangling her desperate attempt to speak. Swallowing frantically, she croaked, "Sesshomaru, I.."

Whatever spell he had been under seemed to break the moment she spoke. He crossed the distance before she could blink and suddenly he was there. His arms closed around her in an instant, pulling her against his rock hard frame with a gentle force that set her heart racing. One hand curved around the back of her neck and he tipped her head back, finding her lips with his. All the repressed passion seemed to boil over in that instant, scorching with white hot abandon. Turning quickly, he sank down on the nearest bench and pulled her onto his lap, burying his hands into her hair as he ravaged her mouth. Her hands roamed his chest, gripping the thickly corded muscles that bunched and strained under his simple t-shirt. His chest vibrated with a low growl that shook her, a slow burn igniting at her core, driving her to want something that was just beyond her comprehension.

Dragging his mouth from hers, he found the pulse at the base of her neck and made her squirm as he nuzzled the sensitive skin, pulling at the edge of her robe to bare her shoulder. His mouth ghosted to her collarbone and she arched her back to get even closer. A noise from the front of the penthouse caused them both to freeze, their heavy breathing the only sound beyond the gentle flow of water in the fountain. A shout called out again and Sesshomaru dropped his forehead to her bare shoulder with a growl. His hands tightened on her waist as he tried to ignore his animal instinct, willing himself to physically let go of her.

"I'm really going to kill him this time," his grumbled words made her smile. Lifting his eyes to hers she was nearly burned by the raw desire she saw reflected back. They flitted along the bare skin in front of him and with obvious regret he pulled the thick robe back into place a moment before InuYasha burst around the corner.

InuYasha took in the scene in an instant before bellowing, "I'll kill you!" He launched at Sesshomaru with bared claws, narrowly missing Kagome in the process. If it wasn't for Sesshomaru's quick reflexes, she would have definitely taken a direct hit. She was shoved behind him while Sesshomaru made short work of subduing the enraged hanyou, pinning him to the ground and sitting on his chest, nearly suffocating him until he stopped screaming.

"I swear to all in this world, I'll gut you here and now if you don't stop this nonsense," Sesshomaru's deadly voice drifted across the humid greenhouse.

"I won't let you hurt her." InuYasha wheezed under the weight of his older brother. He pushed uselessly as his face turned purple.

Kagome stepped forward, her hand reaching out to touch Sesshomaru on the shoulder when InuYasha growled, "Don't! This is between him and me." InuYasha looked back at Sesshomaru with malice, "You can't have her. She deserves better than a youkai."

The taiyoukai leaned back and looked up at Kagome. She stood motionless by the fountain, the sunlight from above making her look like a heavenly creature. Sesshomaru felt his heart squeeze at the feelings that filled him when he looked at her. She was everything he thought he never wanted. Human. Miko. Mortal. But he couldn't run any longer. She filled a hole that he didn't even know existed until she reappeared in his courtyard a few weeks ago. He would rather spend the rest of her short life in her embrace than the cold existence he had known during her absence.

She stared at him with worry in her eyes, her tiny fists balled against her sides. He could feel her anxiety of what he might do to his foolish brother and his anger vanished. Never would he cause her needless pain, especially when he had the power to prevent it all together. Releasing InuYasha, he stepped back as the smaller man scrambled to his feet and stood between them.

"I'm taking her home." InuYasha reached for her arm and Kagome seemed to snap out of her silent stupor.

"Like hell you are! Who the hell do you think you are coming in here and telling us what to do?!" She poked him in the chest as she advanced on him, fire spitting from her chocolate eyes. "I'm a grown woman and if I want to stay here, I'm gonna stay here and there's nothing you can do about it." InuYasha backed away from her, not sure where her sudden anger stemmed from. He tripped as she kept pushing him along the hallway, sputtering and huffing about the arrogance of dog demons and the disrespect of telling her what to think and feel.

When they reached the door, she stopped. Falling silent, both men watched her carefully as she seemed to collect her composure. Reaching out, she grabbed InuYasha's hand and held it up to her chest. "I know you're only worried about me, but it's time you realize that you ceased to be my protector the day I made that wish. It isn't your place anymore and I need you to let go."

He sucked in a breath and shot a look of frustration at Sesshomaru who stood a few feet behind her. "I don't trust him with you."

"Well, that isn't your problem anymore, is it?" She dropped his hand and gathered him in a big hug. "You don't have to trust him, but you should trust in me. Just wish me well and promise to always be my friend. That's what I did for you and you didn't let me down." Pulling back, she met his watery eyes and smiled ruefully, "It's time for you to go. Please tell Kikyo I said hello."

He stood there for a moment before finally turning to Sesshomaru. Something visceral passed between the brothers, raw and threatening. Bemused, Kagome watched Sesshomaru nod curtly to InuYasha before the younger man finally turned to leave. The door clicked shut and Kagome let out the breath she was holding. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Sesshomaru cross to the kitchen.

His voice rumbled a moment later, "Yes, good morning Rei. I'd like you to hold all visitors to the lobby today. I don't wish to be disturbed by anyone. Thank you." The phone beeped and she heard it clatter to the stone counter as a shiver ran down her spine at his approach. His hands swept through her hair and she closed her eyes as his gravelly voice stirred the air next to her ear. "Did you already take a bath this morning?"

Chuckling, she answered throatily, "My hair is still damp, Sesshomaru."

"Hmm," he nuzzled the side of her neck and slipped his hands around her waist to play idly with the knotted belt of her robe. "Perhaps you missed a spot?"

She turned around and met his liquid gold eyes. Standing on tiptoes, she grabbed his head and pulled him down to meet her searching lips. His control slipped and a ferocious growl cut through the air as he pulled her up against his chest and carried her from the kitchen to his bedroom. Without pausing, he dropped her on the bed and covered her with his body, pressing her into the softness. Capturing her head between his hands, he poured all of his pent up desire into his kisses, exploring every inch of her mouth with his tongue. When she started to timidly explore back, he nearly lost his mind as bolts of pleasure raced down his spine.

Forcing himself to pull back, he met her heavy lidded gaze. "My brother's trust means nothing, but..." He took a deep breath and asked with a hint of trepidation, "Do you trust me?"

Reaching up, she brushed a hand affectionately through the hair that fell across his brow. He nuzzled her hand with closed eyes a moment, relishing her caress before opening them slowly. Kagome gifted him with a soft smile and traced his lips with a feather light touch. "With my life."

A flash of canine was all she saw before her mind scattered under his expert touch. His hand traced between their bodies until it reached the loosened knot at her waist. With a flick of the wrist, he flipped the ends apart and slid his hand under the soft cotton to her fevered skin. She arched her back and moaned into his mouth as his hand spread over her stomach, firing her blood to new heights. He pushed one side of the robe away, exposing the right side of her body and she shivered as the cool air rushed over her skin. Pulling away from her mouth, he set upon her breast, covering the puckered nipple with his scorching tongue. He slid his arm under her enough to pull her shoulders up off the bed, arching her fully into his mouth as he worked the robe from her arms. Kagome moaned again, completely lost in the desire that swirled around them, consuming with its hot fire.

Breaking away from her with heavy breaths, he dropped her back to the bed and sat up on his knees, sweeping his T-shirt off smoothly. Kagome's mouth went dry at the sight of his muscled flawlessness. 'Good God he's perfect,' she thought in awe as her eyes traveled around his chest. He stared down at her with his shirt balled up in between his hands, his own eyes moving across her naked body with hot intensity. Awareness blossomed like a bucket of ice water and she moved her hands to cover her body as red suffused her cheeks. Grabbing the edge of the robe, she tried to tug it out from under her to shield her modesty.

"Kagome," his deep voice, like his touch, was hot and seductive. She glanced up and found his curious expression as he watched her struggle with the robe until it finally settled over her most delicate parts. Frozen under his gilded gaze, she watched as he tossed his shirt away and crawled forward until he straddled her, his hands buried in the rumpled bedding on either side of her shoulders so he could meet her eyes directly. "You'll let me touch you, but not look at you?" he asked with humor dancing in his eyes.

She only shook her head, the redness in her cheeks extending to her whole body as she suddenly felt shy and nervous about what they were doing. Pulling the robe up, she covered her face as frustration at herself doused her desire. The bed shifted and she felt a weight dip over to her left side. Peeking from under the material covering her face, she found him on his side, propped up on an elbow waiting patiently. When their eyes met, she saw him give her a concerned look that drove some of her nervousness away. He reached up and pulled the robe from the rest of her face, his thumb brushed the tip of her chin softly before moving down the curve of her neck to stroke comfortingly.

Sesshomaru nearly choked on his next words, the very thought utterly defeating, "Do you want me to take you home?"

She met his eyes, an internal battle evident in the brown depths. She shook her head and he expelled the breath that he had been holding. "I'm sorry. I'm just nervous," she whispered with obvious worry clouding her usually open expression. "I don't know how to do this," she whispered shyly.

Possessiveness the likes of which he had never known roared to life at her innocent statement. She was untouched by any other male and the offer of her purity was sacred, even to a youkai like him. With a gentleness that he didn't know he had in him, he cupped her cheek and leaned down, placing a soft kiss on her lips that was full of the reverence he felt for her in that moment. Leaning back, he met her eyes with unreserved honesty. "I won't rush you."

She smiled at him sweetly, rolling to her side and wrestling her arms free from the robe. Tentatively, she reached out and brushed her fingertips against his stomach. The muscles jumped at the contact and she pulled back with a soft gasp. Meeting his heavy lidded gaze, she spoke anxiously, "I'm sorry."

He only shook his head, beyond words at her simple touch. Grabbing her hand, he brought it back to his chest and held it there. She waited a minute before resuming her inspection of his smooth skin. He had two magenta stripes low on his side near his hip and she traced them with two fingers, her one finger brushing against the edge of the waistband of his loose fitting pants. With every caress, his body grew harder, strung like a bow poised to fire. When it seemed like he couldn't take another moment, she looked up shyly to see that his eyes were closed and a fine sheen of sweat had broken out across his brow. Scooting up to be level with his face, she cupped his cheek and asked worriedly, "Are you sure I'm not doing something wrong?"

He didn't open his eyes but fairly breathed a tortured answer that made her heart speed up. "If you do it any better, I'm going to go mad." Finally he opened his eyes and held her immobile with his earnest stare, "I don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold out, love."

Her breath caught at his slip and she searched his eyes for any hint of regret or embarrassment. When she only found raw, unabashed desire, the rest of her nervousness scattered like petals on the wind. Letting go of the robe, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her entire body against him as she met his kiss with renewed ferocity. His growled response caused butterflies to dance in her stomach as he pressed her back down into the soft mattress, covering her with his long body. Shrugging the robe away, she felt his trembling hand meet hers against her hip. With a boldness that seemed to belong to some other woman, she grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand to cup her hip as she raised her leg to wrap around his waist.

He stilled for a heartbeat, his mind going blank with white hot need. Sliding his hand down to her outer thigh, he cupped her silky soft skin and bent to trace the heavenly contours of her breasts and flat stomach with his tongue. Her hands buried in his hair as she wiggled at every lick and squirmed with every graze of a canine. Moving back up to kiss her lips, he let his hand travel from her thigh to the soft curls at the middle of her body. He felt her heartbeat skip erratically as she tried not to let her nervousness take over again. Leaning against her cheek, he nuzzled her ear and whispered, "Trust me."

"I do," she answered without hesitation, voice breathy against his hair. A moan was wrung from her mouth a second before he covered it with his own as he parted the folds at his fingertips. Carefully, he started the slow process of getting her used to being touched, building her pleasure along with her trust. When she arched herself against his hand he grinned in triumph. Sinking a long finger inside, he felt her abdomen contract as the obvious sign of her desire covered his hand. The raw craving she stirred demanded he claim her without delay, ensuring she was bound to him forever.

Kagome's mind was mush. She was being driven by something primitive to an outcome she only knew from movies or reading romance novels. The act itself was beyond anything she could've imagined, but she was starting to understand how sex could be the cause of some of the world's most heinous wars. His hand was magic and she found herself clutching his shoulders, urging him to some shadowed yearning in this mysterious world that she was so unfamiliar. With a raspy groan, she nearly sobbed, "Sesshomaru, please…"

Grunting, he removed his hand and she whimpered, squirming against him, trying to pull him back in desperation. He moved away for a moment before returning, rolling her to her back again and parting her legs with a knee. He settled against her, cradled by her body. Holding her still between his arms, he patiently waited for her to look at him. When she finally opened her eyes, he asked gently, "Are you ready to give up your Miko powers?"

Her Miko powers. They had become nearly useless the moment she returned from the feudal world. She had come to terms with the eventual loss of them long ago, but now, poised at the moment before they would be extinguished, she felt sadness ping against the wall of desire permeating her body like a rock against glass. "I think so," she answered honestly, knowing only that she wanted Sesshomaru more than she cared about being a miko.

Leaning down to brush her lips with his own, he added reassuringly, "Miko is only one of many words to describe you, Kagome. And not the most defining, I assure you."

A tear slipped from the corner of her eye and she smiled. "Yeah?"

Toying with a piece of her silky hair, he let his eyes rove her features. "You've always been more, even if I was too stubborn to admit it before now."

Chuckling, she ran her hands up his arms to rest against his shoulders. "Well, I guess I can forgive you, but only if you make it up to me."

He smiled back at her and she felt her heart skip a beat. "I can do that," he growled as he dipped his head to take her puckered nipple into his mouth, the other hand cupping her other breast. She tilted her head back into the mattress as he feasted on her, driving her desire back up with ease. Within minutes, he had her squirming, panting against his fevered caresses and mindless to all else but the man cradled in the warmth of her overstimulated body. Whimpering, she begged him to do something, not quite sure what that something was. When she felt the gentle nudge of flesh between her legs, she dragged in a ragged breath. Inch by slow inch, he pushed himself deeper until she was sure that she could take no more. She reached up and clutched his hip, her mind telling her that she couldn't possibly take in any more, but he kept going, murmuring reassurances as he strained to not hurt her by going too fast. After several agonizing minutes, he finally paused, body covered in sweat from holding back. Kagome was gasping, mostly from desire but also the inevitable pain.

"Are you okay?" he asked through gritted teeth. She nodded, shifting her weight slightly and he sucked in a breath at the pleasure that shot through him like a firecracker. Ever so carefully, he started moving, small at first until she started to respond. When she began moaning in tune with their rocking bodies, he picked up the pace, sliding one hand under her hips to hold her against him fiercely. Her body clutched his tighter and tighter until his name was wrenched from her lips, her head thrown back in wild abandon as her fingernails raked his shoulders. Gathering her legs tighter around his waist, he rocked against her to drive her pleasure higher until her rolling orgasm finally pulled him over the edge and he drove one last thrust into her clenching body. Releasing his own body into hers, he roared powerfully as he gripped the sheets above her head, shredding them with the inhuman grip of his claws. When the last wave of ecstasy was wrung from his body, he had to catch himself from falling on her, rolling to his side with heavy breaths. They laid there until their breathing slowed.

Kagome stole a glance at him but before she could move, he slid an arm under her waist and pulled her to lie against him, her head cradled on his shoulder. He ran one hand along the arm she slung across his chest, while the other hand traced lazy circles on her lower back under her long hair. She purred like a cat and he smiled in self-satisfaction. Her aura had changed drastically during their lovemaking, now it was a lovely shade of yellow, cheerful and open like her personality. Her miko powers were gone, but the underlying elements of her character and everything that he valued were somehow brighter, as if her holy powers had tried to selfishly hide everything else about her from the world. Burying his mouth in her hair, he inhaled her sweet scent and pulled her even more against him.

When he relaxed a bit, she wiggled free enough to prop herself up to meet his gaze. "So… that was nice," she said with a bright smile.

Brushing his thumb against her bottom lip, swollen and red from his kisses, he answered, "Yes it was."

Unconsciously, she touched his thumb with her tongue to assuage the dryness of her puffy lips. His eyes dropped to her mouth and a flicker of something passed over the deep golden depths. With a smile, Kagome closed her mouth over the pad of his thumb and sucked gently, pulling back to end with a kiss on the tip. By the time she was done, his chest was rising and falling sharply, intent clearly written all over his face. His hands were lightning fast as he dragged her on top of him until her breasts were level with his face, teasing them mercilessly with his hot mouth. Giggling, Kagome squirmed uselessly as he sent her from sated playfulness to molten desire.

Panting, she begged him to take her again. His hands slid from under her arms to her hips, pushing her back until she felt the familiar nudge against the slickness between her thighs. Realization dawned and she looked at him briefly, unsure of what to do. With gentle encouragement, he slid inside her body until the delicious fullness had her sighing.

"You really are going to be the death of me," he rasped as he took in the sight of her straddling his hips, her perfect curves flushed with desire. When she sat up and stared down at him, he almost came from the sultry vision she presented, raven black hair falling around them to caress his thighs and stomach. Gripping her hips tightly, he moved her, showing her how to pleasure them both and her eyes widened at the sensation. It took no time at all for her to get the hang of it. She rocked her body over his, her breasts tightening with every movement as her head dropped back with a moan. He let her set the pace for as long as he could stand it. With gritted teeth, he watched her above him, hands fisted in the sheet at his side. His control finally snapped and he grabbed her hips, demanding a new rhythm that had her crying out with every rolling thrust until she came in a blinding rush of light that had her grasping his forearms tightly. He followed a heartbeat later, his body releasing as he held her down against him in a primal need to claim her with not only his body, but on a deeper level.

She fell against him in exhaustion, their bodies still connected. Her racing heartbeat and breaths were rivaled only by that of his own. He reached over and grabbed the robe, tossing it over their bodies and gathering her up in his arms. He never wanted to leave this room as his inner beast sighed in sated relief for the first time in his life.

She was as magnificent in reality as in his dreams. Before today, he always woke up in a bad mood because either the dream was unwanted or she was out of his reach. That was all behind him now. Now, he wasn't afraid to want her.

Looking down at the dark head resting against his chest, he declared silently, 'There's no going back now my little miko.'

The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

Part 54 of 60

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