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The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

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She lives in a daydream.
I don't belong.
She is the sunlight.
The sun is gone.

She is the Sunlight – by Trading Yesterday

Kagome did not make it to any of her classes over the next three days. Between jet lag and wallowing in misery, she could not muster the energy to face the world. Instead, she stayed in bed with the radio on, staring at the walls. The phone rang and went to voicemail. Knocks on the door went unanswered. Day bled into night, which bled into day until her brother showed up. Sota took one look at her and sighed in disgust before scooping her up and dumping her in the shower fully clothed.

"Hey!" she shouted as she landed with a thump.

"You're better than to mope around like this," he replied and turned on the cold water. He leaned against the doorframe with arms crossed, not even blinking at the shrieks that echoed off the walls of the small bathroom.

She glared at him as the cold water shocked her system, soaking through her heavy flannel pajamas. "I have jet lag you jerk!" she cried furiously as she scrambled to her knees and shut off the water. Without a word, he threw a towel at her and walked out, the door slamming behind him.

'What the hell's the matter with him?' she thought grumpily as she peeled the sodden clothes away from her body and dropped them in the sink.

A few minutes later, Kagome emerged wrapped in her bathrobe to find Sota waiting at the table with a fresh pot of tea. Hesitating, she was surprised when his voice drifted over the space forcefully, "We're gonna talk, so sit down."

She had half a mind to tell him no, but when he finally looked up, she reconsidered. She had seen that expression before, on many different faces over the years. It was the look of someone who would not be denied. Settling across from him, she poured herself tea and waited with equal parts dread and curiosity for what had her brother so fired up. He did not keep her waiting.

"I got a call the other day from someone I thought I'd never hear from again. He said he was worried about my sister." Kagome's brow drew down and she looked at Sota questioningly, her mouth opening to speak, but he held a hand up before she could get any sound out. "InuYasha," he paused for emphasis, "said that he and his wife came to the conclusion that his brother is a moron. That you should dump him and find someone else."

Sota leaned back and crossed his arms, "So, needless to say I was a little confused by this conversation. You know, since I thought you were in love with InuYasha and all that. So what, now you're with his brother or something?

'Yeah, something.' Kagome chewed her lower lip, wondering how much to tell him. She decided on the less is more approach. "Like a month ago, but it's over now, so end of story."

Sota's eyes narrowed, "That's not what InuYasha said. He thinks his brother…Sesshomaru is it?...will try and force you into something. What does that mean?"

'I'm going to punch him in his fat mouth!' she thought darkly as the image of InuYasha in flames shot through her mind. Meeting Sota's stern expression, she only shook her head as her heart squeezed painfully in her chest. "It's complicated Sota. It's hard to explain…but… I know he didn't mean to hurt me."

"Wait, so he did hurt you?"

"No! Well… kind of…" at the look on Sota's face she went on hastily, "I mean… he…" she struggled to find words. A part of her refused to blame their heartache solely on him. She gave up trying to find the perfect words and rushed on, "we just don't want the same thing, which hurts, but it doesn't mean it's on purpose." She swallowed to clear the lump that had risen in her throat and whispered, "I learned long ago that you can't help how you feel."

Sota leaned forward again, reaching across the table to take Kagome's hand. His kind eyes nearly broke the tenuous hold she had on her emotions. "I'm sorry, sis."

She smiled and squeezed back with a half smile. He seemed to hesitate for a moment and she asked, "What?" When he remained silent, she added laughingly, "Come on, aren't we having some epic brother-sister moment right now? Spit it out."

He sighed and kept her gaze with a pained look. "Well…kinda…but I don't think you'll want to hear it."

Kagome took a deep breath, "Go ahead. After everything that's happened, I don't think much fazes me anymore."

Sota had the grace to blush, but did not hesitate. "I overheard you and mom talking about what happened after you came back four years ago. I was on my way to the kitchen for a snack and saw you on the floor crying. I hid and listened," he swallowed hard, "to all of it."

Kagome pulled back. It felt as though ice was pouring down her spine. She thought those horrible experiences lived only in the minds of three people unfortunate enough to bear their burden. After pouring the whole story out through tears and a shattered heart on the kitchen floor, she tried to pretend that it had never existed. That her time in the past had been another person, a previous Kagome that once lived but now was gone. It rattled her to know that the little brother, the boy she loved more than anything, had kept silent on the many dark secrets she continually battled all these years. Her heart beat violently at the admission, but his next words froze the tumble of thoughts.

"I know it was tough and there are things you might never really get over, but the fact that you survived and come so far only proves to us how strong you are. This…" he gestured with the wave of a hand, "…is not the Kagome that fought demons and saved the world in the past. This Kagome…" he made a face, "I don't know who this is, but she's a victim."

It was like a punch to the gut but before she could react he added, "You won't want to hear this, but I have to say it. I talked to Mom yesterday and she told me about what happened." She drew a breath ready to defend herself, but her brother seemed not to care about her opinion now. His words were forceful and impatient. "The sad part is you didn't bother to ask for her side of the story. You didn't let her tell you how she made a deal with that youkai only after he convinced her that he would protect you with his life." His eyes glittered with heated emotions, "If you had talked to her, she'd have told you about how she had no idea how to make you feel better when you came home because she couldn't even imagine what it took to survive."

"And worst of all, you didn't let her tell you how she's felt agonizing guilt every single day for not saying anything about suspecting this Sesshomaru's involvement in our lives because she thought it might destroy the progress you've made in rebuilding a new life here." His expression turned to disappointment, "And now she knows it was worse that she kept it all from you because it means she didn't trust in how much you could handle."

Tears gathered in Kagome's eyes as she stared at the table. Feeling small and thoughtless, she tried to sort through her past anger to find its source. Her mother's hidden grief twisted at her insides. She felt so betrayed only a week ago, now only to realize how silly and childish her behavior was.

Sota was not through, "I thought you still loved InuYasha…but I guess that was just the kind of childish love that seems so much bigger when you're in it, than when it's over. But this time, Sis, seems so much bigger. If you love him and he loves you, it's simple really." When Kagome only shook her head weakly he pressed on, "You've never let anything stand in your way before."

Kagome kept shaking her head, "Oh Sota, I wish it was easy. Sometimes things just don't work out, even when you really want them too."

"Bullshit! That is what cowards say. If you want it, you can't be afraid to reach out and take it."

Her whisper was so soft that it was a wonder Sota heard her at all. "What if he doesn't reach out too?"

He stood and smiled at his sister. "Well, if he doesn't meet you halfway, we all agreed that he's a fool and doesn't deserve you." He tilted his head to the side, "I don't know this guy, but if he's anything like InuYasha, I can only imagine…" He trailed off for a moment, but refocused on her with a glint in his eye, "but you have to get back to being the tenacious big sister I grew up with, because anything less will never be able to meet him on equal footing. I think deep down you know that and that's why you're scared."

Sota left her to mull over their conversation the rest of the morning. By the time she pulled herself out of her own thoughts, she realized that if she hurried, she could make it to her last afternoon class. Running to her room, she smiled as she felt a weight lift off her chest. A fire ignited in her belly. It was a feeling she had not felt in over four years, and it felt good.

A few days later…

Kagome stood in the doorway to the kitchen, her eyes met her mother's from across the room. The dish the older woman had been washing slipped back into the water with a plunk. Kagome took her time unbundling from her winter coat and scarf, hanging it from the hook by the door. When she stepped up into the room, her mother was waiting a few feet away, hands clasped in front of her with a guarded look on her beautiful face.

Clearing the lump in her throat, Kagome bowed at the waist with her palms resting on her thighs, "I've come to ask for your forgiveness."

Her mother stood still for only a moment until the surprise wore off. Without a word, she sprinted forward and enveloped Kagome in warm arms, her cheek pressed against her daughter's temple. "I'm the one who should apologize."

Kagome shook her head and held her mother tighter. "It doesn't matter anymore Mom. Whatever your reasons, I was stupid to think it was anything other than because you were taking care of all of us." Tears slipped down her cheeks, "I said terrible things to you. I'm so sorry."

Her mother sniffled and leaned back, tears now in her eyes too. She cradled Kagome's head gently with both hands. "I love my children more than anything else in this world. There is nothing you can do that would lessen that love, even for a minute."

Kagome sighed and pulled her back into a fierce embrace. "Thanks for being the best mom in the world."

Ms. Higurashi chuckled as she steered Kagome to the kitchen table. "Well my darling, real love…the kind that fills up your soul…can survive even the most trying of circumstances." Kagome glanced up and her mother winked at her, "Even stubbornness."

Four weeks later…

Spring had come early. Sesshomaru watched the boys run through the garden, their shrill cries of delight almost piercing his eardrums. No matter, he let the comfort of their joy sooth his battered heart. The door to his right slid open and Kikyo walked out with her daughter Hanako perched on her hip. She called to the rambunctious boys to stop hitting each other. With a sigh, she placed Hanako on her feet and descended the steps to pull the boys apart.

Without hesitation, the little hanyou climbed into Sesshomaru's lap and held her doll out, "You can hug my dolly, Oji-san."

He glanced down and met the little girl's worried expression. "Why do you say that, peanut?"

Her eyes, the color of caramel, seemed to hold wisdom far beyond that of her youth. In the human world, she appeared to be about five, but in actuality, she was born more than thirty years ago. Even though she was only one-quarter youkai, her lifecycle would be longer than that of the average human. She held the doll up higher, determination on her face. "You are sad Oji-san. Hugs make everyone feel better."

He could not completely hold back the smile that crept along the edges of his mouth. With care, he took the small doll and held it to his chest. Her look of triumph lightened the weight of his heart and he reached out and pulled her into a tight hug, dropping a kiss into her raven hair. "While your dolly is perfectly acceptable, I'd much rather hug my little Hanako-chan any day."

Kikyo returned and dropped across from the pair at the low table with an audible sigh. She met his eyes with a warm expression before calling to her daughter, "Hanako darling, why don't you go and pick some flowers for Oji-san's room?"

She jumped to her feet and pushed her doll into her mother's waiting hands. Bounding down the stairs, she called to them that she would pick only the best flowers. Sesshomaru's heart constricted, lost in memories as the little head bobbed back and forth among the blooms.

"How have you been?" Kikyo's casual tone broke the silence.

He raised a brow at her, not fooled in the least. "Fine."

Rolling her eyes, she poured herself some tea. "Just fine? I wonder what might make you feel better than just fine?"

"You really want to start this argument again on the first day of your visit?" he growled as he snatched the glass of scotch he had been nursing since they arrived. With a large swallow, he tossed an aggravated look at Kikyo, "It is done Kikyo."

She snorted, mischief in her eyes. The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he met her gaze with suspicion. She cut off his question, changing the topic with ease, "I heard Shizuka is coming in from Paris next week. It's been a long time." When he only nodded briskly, she went on, "Your brother and Hiraiku went to pick up Hoshi before dinner. Is the cold war still on?"

Sesshomaru tossed back the rest of his scotch and placed the glass on the table. His long fingers turned the glass slowly as he stared at it morosely. "Neither of us forgive easily. I fear this will always be between us."

Kikyo's brow drew together at his sad tone. She could not deny the changes the last few weeks had wrought in him. The hollowness in his voice had grown with time until it was only a shell of its former self. Whenever her frustration spiked, she had to remind herself that he had not only lost Kagome, but had also lost his oldest friend and ally. His world was shrinking, and for the first time he seemed not to have the will to fight it. Reaching across the table, she placed her hand on his and waited until he finally met her direct gaze, "I may not agree with your decision, but I do understand it. However, I would like you to keep one thing in mind as you go about your daily business as if nothing is wrong. We all know you're unhappy. And just so you know, Kagome's unhappy too. We can't help but notice it every single time we see either of you." Sesshomaru sucked in a breath at the mention of her name, not having heard it for almost two months. Kikyo went on relentlessly, not giving him reprieve, "Your family loves you, and we love Kagome. We want to see you both happy."

He nodded stiffly, letting her know that he heard her words. He drew his hand away as noise filtered from the front of the house. He stiffened slightly at seeing Hoshi for the first time in over a month. She had chosen to work remotely after their last argument where harsh words were spoken on both sides.

"Make peace with her, Brother," Kikyo murmured gently as she stood and dropped down from the porch to help Hanako pick flowers.

InuYasha brash tone was echoing through the interior of the house as always, but his youki seemed more strained than usual. There was a hesitancy that only appeared when he was anxious. Sesshomaru could only assume it was because of the coming confrontation between Hoshi and himself. It had certainly strained the family to have the two oldest members at odds. It was not his preference, but Hoshi was holding firm to her idea that he was an idiot when it came to ending his relationship with Kagome. It did not seem to matter that Kagome was the one to walk away, not him.

InuYasha stepped onto the porch, his eyes immediately searching for and finding his family. Without looking away from his wife, he grumbled, "Still moping around I see."

"Shut up mutt," Sesshomaru snarled in return. InuYasha had always been the best outlet for his anger, and they seemed to agree that their relationship would always circle around grudging respect and very limited affection.

Shrugging, the younger man rolled up his sleeves and tossed a look over at his brother. "We make our own destinies. You can change your mind and have it all, or you can sit on the sidelines like you are now and watch others live the life you want." With that, he hopped off the step and jogged out into the garden where his two sons ran at him. Laughing, he fell to the ground as they leapt on him, yelling about defeating the beast and saving the princess. The beast being their father and the princess was, of course, their mother.

Sesshomaru watched as the pain returned to weigh against his heart. He had pictured this scene a hundred times, but the players were different. It wrenched his gut to see Kikyo, so similar in appearance to Kagome, playing with hanyou children in the garden he had ordered repaired on his way to pick her up for dinner that first night. It was to be a surprise for Kagome, to make her smile. Kikyo swung the oldest boy in the air in a wide circle, her laughter floated across the garden to the house. For a heartbeat, his eyes saw Kagome laughing with her son. A small boy with white hair and golden eyes that sparkled with warmth, rivaled only by those of his human mother.

The pain rose sharply and Sesshomaru shook his head to clear the agonizing vision, willing it away. 'When will this end?' he pleaded with his heart, afraid that he already knew the answer. He grabbed his empty glass and stood, turning away just as his brother leaned down to kiss his wife sweetly.

He brushed by Hoshi as she was coming from the house to the porch. He could only murmur in a wobbly voice, "I'm sorry, Hoshi." She stared at him for a moment before tearing off after him.

"Yama, wait!" She turned the corner and blocked the door with magic. He fell back as he came up against the barrier.

"Remove it." He spoke clearly, composure seemingly back in place.

"Not until we talk," she answered, lifting her chin. She would not back down this time. She had made a promise after all.

He turned his head to the side, shoulders stiff. "There's nothing to talk about. I know what you think about me and there's nothing I can do to change it."

Their coldness to each other was unnatural. She hated it. "If you would just rethink…"

He cut her off as he turned around, the look on his face seizing the words in her lungs. "Do you really believe that I haven't thought about it? That I can escape it when every single day I wake up alone?" He did not wait for an answer, only tore her barrier down with sheer force that cracked the doorframe and buckled the floorboards. In a flash, he was gone and she had to calm her racing heart. The anger she had been feeling at him seeped away, only to be replaced by sad acceptance.

The last time he had shown this much emotion was the day his father left.

A week later, Sesshomaru pulled up to the House of the Moon and put the car in park. He had spent the entire day running down leads to a new software company in America that would be a great addition to his growing internet security division. Running a hand over his face, he felt the intense weariness from hours of singular focus draped around his limbs. It was a relief to think about something else for once.

Pushing the ignition button, the engine fell silent and he climbed from the car. Walking past the limo, he noted absently that Hiraiku must have picked up Hoshi and brought her out for another family dinner. After the other day, they seemed to come to an unspoken truce, neither willing to mention anything that might spark the ire that had previously existed. It was only a matter of time before she broke her silence again, but he was content to let their cease-fire last as long as possible. He paused inside the doorway, knowing his presence would come as a surprise since he had sent InuYasha home hours ago after deciding to stay in the city and work late, only to have everything wrap up earlier than anticipated. Not wanting to be alone, he had driven out to the House of the Moon on a whim.

He heard the children laughing from the garden and let the comfort of family wash over him. Slipping silently along the hallways, he stopped by his room, changed into a faded pair of jeans and long sleeved tee, before heading to the garden in the back of the house. He stepped onto the porch and froze.

Kagome was play sword fighting with the boys and InuYasha. The boys whooped in delight as InuYasha fell, pretending to be wounded. "Oh no you don't," Kagome cried as she ran to stand in front of his prone figure, facing both boys with her toy sword gripped in both hands. The boys paused for a moment, only to rush at her together, yelling at the top of their lungs.

Sesshomaru watched in a trance as the scene from his nightly dreams played out in front of him. A warm hand on his arm pulled his attention away. He looked down to find Kikyo, concern playing freely along her features.

"We didn't know you were coming so I invited Kagome," she spoke quietly.

He forced himself to shrug indifferently and let his eyes return to the garden hesitantly. By now, InuYasha had sat up and was looking at him. He shook his head and turned to sit at the low table in the shadows. A few moments later, Hoshi appeared with a fresh bottle of scotch and two glasses, placing one in front of Sesshomaru as she sat down next to him. Without a word, she dropped ice into the glasses and poured. He took his with a nod and finished it with ease.

Hoshi broke the tense silence, "Will you be angry with us if we invite Kagome to be a part of our lives?"

The silence stretched as he considered the question. He watched Kagome as she played with the children, her cheeks flushed in happiness. She seemed to have missed his entrance, suddenly one of the perks of her losing her miko powers. His chest was tight as he fought the natural inclination to snatch her from the garden and find somewhere private. His chest tightened even more when he remembered that she would not welcome that. He grabbed the bottle and refilled his glass before finally murmuring, "I'm not mad."

Hoshi let out the breath she was holding. She and Kikyo had been exchanging glances for the past few minutes, unsure of how he was going to react when finally faced with seeing Kagome again. It was going to happen eventually. His invisible walls were up again, and she had to sit back and watch as he held on to his misguided need for a legacy.

He kept his eyes on Kagome, but his words were for them, "Perhaps I should leave. I can imagine she did not know I'd be here, and I don't wish to ruin your evening." He drained his glass again and stood.

Hoshi's eyes narrowed on him and she took a leap of faith, "Afraid of her, are you?"

He stopped and let his golden gaze burn into her lavender. "I fear no one."

Kikyo smirked as she lifted her own cup of tea, "Your hasty retreat says otherwise."

Sesshomaru growled at the two women. Kagome's soft cries of surrender floated over to them and none could miss how his own shot back to the garden. Kagome's laughing voice said something about needing a drink of water and he visibly relaxed the tension that had momentarily drew his shoulders tight. Hoshi took a leisurely drink and added nonchalantly, "Prove it."

He narrowed his eyes at the two women that lived to defy him. Without a word, he reached down and grabbed an icy bottle of water from the small tub at the center of the table. Turning, he made his way across the garden until he stopped a few feet from Kagome, who had her back to him. The boys looked up and smiled as they climbed to their feet from where they had tackled her to the ground. InuYasha had also stood as he approached, his expression guarded as he watched Sesshomaru carefully.

Kagome rolled to her side to follow the boys gaze, "Hey Kikyo, could you bring me…" her words died on her lips as she finally noticed him standing a few feet away. Her hair had fallen to a lopsided ponytail and she had grass stains all over her knees.'Oh great…' she lamented internally. She was about to say something when he held an ice-cold water out. She stared at it dumbly without moving.

His low voice broke the silence, "Do you want this or not?"

She seemed to shake herself free of whatever had been holding her still. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she reached out and he quickly replaced the bottle with his other hand and pulled her to her feet. She stumbled a little, more in surprise than anything, before pulling her hand from his. He raised that infernal brow and she felt her temper rise. Without asking, she snatched the water and took a drink, not taking her eyes off him in a show of defiance. When the boys started asking if Sesshomaru would join them in their mock war, Kagome smiled at the hesitant look on his face. She mistook it for discomfort, not knowing just how often he had played with the children over the years. "Yes, play with the children. Unless you consider itbeneath you of course." Her words were biting and not lost on the adults present.

He refused to back down, "I'm sure you will find it hard to believe, but there are actually very few things beneath me."

Her eyes widened, "Oh really?" She took another drink, her composure finally returning. She could kill Hoshi for lying about his being at the house this evening. It was the only reason she had agreed to come for dinner. She would take her temper out on him though, because it felt too good. "I'm surprised you haven't found something willing to be beneath you." It was a childish statement, but she could not help but spread the pain that was coursing through her heart.

"Who says I haven't?" his answer was delivered in a quiet, taunting voice.

She flinched as if his words struck a physical blow, her hands shakily pushing the cap back on the water. His eyes softened immediately, as if he knew that he had just sliced her open with his words. She straightened her spine and walked past him to the porch. With a stiff bow, she murmured her thanks and asked if they would drive her home. Hoshi stood and turned accusing eyes on him but he refused to acknowledge her. His eyes remained on Kagome's bent head. When Hoshi said that she would get Hiraiku to take her home, she took Kagome's hand and led her into the house.

Sesshomaru remained, their exchange replaying in his mind. Needless to say, that hadn't gone as he planned. InuYasha stepped in front of him angrily. "That was cruel, even for you." Sesshomaru refused to look at him, instead stared at the now empty porch. InuYasha bristled at his lack of emotion, "Do you remember what she said to me that night all those centuries ago after she saved Kikyo?"

Sesshomaru kept a stony silence so InuYasha ruthlessly answered his own question. "She said that loving someone means that you do what's right even when you're afraid." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder, "Quit being afraid and go get her dammit."

Sesshomaru stared over InuYasha's shoulder at the empty doorway. "You have no idea what I feel right now," his gravelly answer shook slightly.

InuYasha crossed his arms, "Keh! I know more than you think brother. I know you regret what you just said, and I know that you've fallen so far in love with her that now you don't know what to do."

Sesshomaru grabbed his shirt and jerked him forward, "You know nothing," he snarled.

InuYasha met his eyes fearlessly. "Give it up old man. The longer you fight this, the sorrier we all feel for you."

Sesshomaru pushed him away with a growl and stalked back to the house, winding his way to the front where he found Kagome standing in the doorway with her hand on the doorframe. His feelings switched inside from anger to something else, hot and needy, at the sight of her bent head as the setting sun cast her in a golden glow. He had let the last 500 years dull the memory of the inner strength she carried with poise and grace. Hoshi once told him that strength is not always measured in how much one can lift, or how quickly one kills an opponent. This tiny human woman remained to this day, the strongest he had ever met. "Kagome…"

She turned to him and he nearly stepped back at the fire in her eyes. "You!" she came forward and poked him in the chest, "You are the biggest ass in the whole world, and it's a big world buddy!" she emphasized the last few words with her arms flying to the side in a wide arc. She turned and paced back to the door with him on her heels. When she turned, he had to step away quickly as she came back toward him like a hellcat. "I didn't come here to see you, I came to see them," she shook in anger as she stalked after him as he backed away from her advance. She whirled around and strode to the doorway again, stopping with a deep breath. He came back to stand a foot away, not sure what to say in the face of her anger. Turning on her heel, she faced him again, "I won't leave them again…not this time."

A cloak of measured control seemed to settle around her. The tone of her voice was cool and steady, but he could feel the fire she barely contained under the surface. "This is your house and if you wish, I won't come here again. But I will keep them in my life." She raised her hand and pointed at him, "And you can go jump off that balcony of yours if you have a problem with it!" she ended with a very sharp poke to his chest. With that, she jumped off the porch and stomped to the car as Hiraiku pulled up.

He wanted to go after them, to say something to make her less angry, but he did not have the words. Silence had always been his weapon, words only when necessary. 'Too bad you can't handle this one with a sword.'

Turning, he went to his room and spent the night on his balcony staring at the view he knew she loved. 'The view I love, too.' He wondered why that was so hard to admit aloud. Replaying their past, the sun crept over the horizon before he tore his mind away to check his watch. With a blink of surprise, he noticed that sometime during the night Hoshi had come to sit next to him. He turned to her and she met his eyes with peaceful understanding.

"I promised your father the night he died that I would help you find happiness. That I would do whatever was necessary to help you move beyond the narrow vision and obsession of unseating his legacy. He wanted you to create one of your own." Her eyes grew misty as she took his hand, "I don't want to fail him, but I could never forgive myself if I failed you." She squeezed it and added, "I may not have given birth to you, but I love you as if I had."

Sesshomaru nodded and squeezed her hand back. "I know, Hoshi." He looked again at the sun rising over the trees and leaned his head back against the wall. "Kagome and I went through so much together all those years ago." He laughed humorlessly, "I've built a relationship with my brother. I have a family and a business that is successful, a home that has endured the test of time and a reputation as an accomplished leader. Why isn't that enough?"

Hoshi's heart clenched at the desperation in his voice. "You must forgive him, Yama. It is holding you back. It's always held you back."

Sesshomaru sucked in a breath at the words that he needed to hear. It stung nevertheless. "I know."

Hoshi nodded and bowed her head. She felt an arm circle her shoulders and looked over at him. He leaned his head against her shoulder like he used to when he was much younger and sighed, "Do you know how much I hate when you're right?"

She chuckled and kissed the top of his head before laying her head on his. "Well, since I am always right…I can only imagine."

The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

Part 58 of 60

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