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The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

Part 60 of 60

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"I love you the more in that I believe you had liked me for my own sake and for nothing else."

- John Keats


Kagome silently padded down the deserted hallway, hearing the giggles float on the summer air from a distance. She smiled and picked up the pace, following the maze until reaching the door to her old room. It was open a couple of inches, giving away her target's position. She slipped through the door and tip toed through the room, marveling at the transformation that the space had gone through over the past three months. 'A lot has changed actually,' she thought with a grin.

Three smiling faces ran out from the shadows and clutched at her, laughing and yelling in triumph. Kneeling down, she hugged them back, "You forgot again," she laughed, "When I'm it, you stay hidden until I find you."

InuYasha's children looked back with wide eyes. No matter how often she told them the rules, they could not quite keep still long enough for her to find their hiding places.

The whole family had gathered over the last few days at the House of the Moon to celebrate Shippo's impending graduation from college, and it had only been six months since they had done the same for Kagome and Sesshomaru's human wedding. The House of the Moon had become the couple's main residence, and since, had seen many family gatherings, both human and youkai. Today, Kagome's niece and nephews were relentless in their need for attention. Every moment filled with games, stories or enthusiastic wrestling by the brothers while the girls looked on in exasperation.

"When are they coming home?" the oldest boy named after their beloved friend, Miroku, asked with a whine for the fifth time. InuYasha and Sesshomaru had to spend some time in the office, Hoshi and Kikyo were running errands in preparation of dinner, and Shippo had gone to visit Koga and his clan in the north for a few days. Kagome had happily offered to stay behind and watch the children, preferring to spend the majority of her time at home.

"Soon enough love," she answered while ruffling his hair playfully. With an affectionate pat on his bottom, she nodded toward the open doorway that led to the garden. "Why don't we go for a walk while we wait?"

Miroku considered it carefully before nodding curtly. His mannerisms were growing more and more like his father's with every passing day. She slowly stood and he grabbed her hand, tugging her insistently behind him. She hid her growing tiredness with a benign smile, happy for any time with her new family that she could get. If there was one thing she regretted in this life, it was how much time they had lost to stubbornness. That was the thing with time…one can only see how much was wasted when looking backward.

An hour later, Kagome was ready to surrender when she heard Kikyo's soft voice calling from the porch. The children dropped their toys and ran, shouting excitedly. Following behind, she stopped when she got to the porch and listened as Kikyo led the children to the rooms that they were sharing for their naps. Sinking down, she sat in her favorite spot to watch the sun dip low over the horizon. The sky turned her favorite shade of gold and she let her mind drift pleasantly. The air moved behind her and the corners of her mouth curved knowingly. Long arms and legs wrapped around her as she was pulled back into her husband's warm chest. She sighed as he nuzzled the back of her ear and inhaled deeply.

"Hello wife," his voice rumbled through her. "How was your day?"

Turning her head, she kissed his cheek, "Good. The children and I played all day." He frowned and she added hastily, "It's okay, I didn't overdo it this time."

He lifted her slightly until she rested in his lap, turning her to the side in the process. He looked at her, his eyes moving all around her face in the way that signaled he was taking in every minute detail. His expression clouded, "You are tired." His tone was flat, barely masking the irritation that few could detect in his stoic expression.

"A little bit. Hardly surprising all things considered…" she smiled and leaned forward, catching his lips in a sweet kiss, lingering long enough to feel the tension drain from him and his arms tighten noticeably. She eased back to look at him, feeling the love that she carried for him swell. He was so handsome, his golden eyes never failed to mesmerize her, especially when they held the hunger that they did after being apart for more than a few hours. Her fingers found his tie and slowly untied the knot until she pulled the fine silk free. She then started on the buttons of his shirt, slipping them free until his hand covered hers.

"What are you up to, woman?" his velvety tone sent her pulse skyrocketing.

"Making you more comfortable," she answered back innocently. "It is what a wife does."

He grunted more than laughed, "I think our definition of comfortable might be at odds."

She slid her hands around his neck and leaned in, catching his lips again with her own, only this time letting her passion pour into him like molten liquid. She had learned early in their reconciliation not to be afraid to assert herself and what she wanted. With this realization, she learned that Sesshomaru appreciated when she was so open with him. He told her that it let him see that her feelings were on the same level as his.

Her affectionate nature had an interesting effect on the great taiyoukai, too. The once fierce warrior, who never showed a visible weakness, would kneel before his beautiful and courageous wife. To her, he spoke softly, with what many observed as reverence. She, and only she, could calm him with a touch or simple word, and her opinion became as important as his own. Any who spent more than a few minutes with the pair, knew that her comfort and protection were his number one priority in life, and that anything that caused her unease would not survive long in her presence. She was clearly the center of his considerable universe.

Those that might make that casual observation had no idea how true it was. His ability to exist depended on Kagome. Now, even more so than before. He pulled back from their heated passion and caught her face in his hands. No matter how much his inner demon might demand that he make love to her right there on the porch, he would resist.

"We must stop." Her ragged breathing made him almost forget the reason, but he tamped it down and held steady.

"Why?" she asked in a frustrated whine.

Kissing her forehead, he answered, "I won't risk it." He stood up and pulled her to her own feet. Taking her hand, they entered the room that once had been his mother's, then Kagome's. Now it would belong to another. He paused as Kagome walked to the crib that sat against the wall closest to the door that led to their room. He leaned against the doorframe and followed her with his eyes as she ran her hand along the buttery soft wood. His instincts rose and settled around his shoulders like a mantle. This woman carried everything he held important, seen and unseen. Pushing away from the wall, he approached her and slid his hands around to rest against the softly curved belly that was only recently starting to show. Had she not been so small in stature, he was sure it would not be visible so early. His senses picked up on it even before Kagome, and it was something that they had decided to keep to themselves until dinner this evening. He felt Kagome pull his wrist up to check his watch. Shizuka's plane was the last to arrive and landing within the hour.

She leaned back into him as she curved her own hands over his. "The doctor said it can't hurt the baby you know," she said suddenly.

"I know," he nuzzled her temple, "But I won't risk it. We may have tied our life forces, but you're still human."

"Oh whatever. Hoshi and Kikyo said there's nothing to worry about."

He turned her to face him, meeting her eyes with a seriousness that she knew not to push too far. "I…" he faltered as he tried to find the right words to explain, "I love you both too much to let anything happen. If that means that I go temporarily insane with keeping my hands to myself, then that's what I'll do because the consequences would destroy me."

She grinned at his earnest and matter of fact statement. "I love you too." She ran her hands up his chest and stood on tippy toes to give a quick peck on his chin. "Okay, I'll let you have this one… for now. I'll convince you to change your mind though."

He groaned as he pictured all the ways Kagome would try to entice him. It would be the longest six months of his considerably long life.

Those six months were long indeed, mostly because Kagome was on bed rest for the last three. Sesshomaru was a wreck during the final weeks, watching helplessly as she struggled to do even simple tasks. Her sleep suffered, her movement was slow, and she ached all over from the extra weight. Only her cheerful mood seemed to keep his temper under control and more than once he vowed he would never touch her again.

Against his better judgment, he reluctantly went to the office that morning to lead a conference call, leaving InuYasha behind to help Kikyo tend to their sick daughter. Kagome woke up with more energy than usual and promised vehemently that nothing was going to happen, and once again, he did as she asked because he only wanted to make her happy. They had just settled in to go over cost projections when Hoshi burst in and looked around until she found him. Her pale face made his heart drop to his feet. He didn't even realize he had left his chair before he was standing in front of her, hands on her shoulders.

"It's time." Her words were soft, but it was like a cannon going off in the room. She saw the look on his face and grabbed his tie with a fierce whisper, "Don't you dare think about switching forms here in the middle of Tokyo." His eyes snapped back to her defiantly and she added calmly, "Hiraiku is waiting with the car below. I'll see you there." He tossed her his car keys and ran.

He went to the stairwell, not willing to wait for the elevator and shut the door behind him. He listened for a heartbeat and exhaled with relief at it being empty. With only one thought in his head, he began running down the stairs, allowing his youkai speed out for the first time in over a century. He reached the ground floor in under a minute. Bursting through the doors, he held himself to a fast, but human pace as he ran across the lobby of his building and to the waiting car helmed by a visibly anxious Hiraiku.

His friend got them to the House of the Moon in record time and Sesshomaru did not wait for the car to stop before he leapt out and raced to the room that they had set up with the help of a hanyou mid wife. He reached the hallway and stopped. InuYasha sat outside the door, his head bowed and Tennsaiga clasped in his hands. Sesshomaru walked to him slowly, fear creeping along his veins with every heartbeat.


InuYasha did not look up, afraid his expression would betray him. "Keh, took ya long enough. Kagome's been askin about ya for an hour."

Sesshomaru glanced at the sword, "Why did you grab Tennsaiga then?"

InuYasha finally glanced up at him and the golden gazes locked. "Because a part of the old man should be here for this."

Sesshomaru looked at the sword for a long moment. Only a low moan from inside the room broke through his silent reverie. He held his hand out and InuYasha placed the ancient sword in his palm. Gripping it tightly, he opened the door and found three women huddled around the bed, Kagome sitting in the middle, her hands pressed over her large belly. She looked tired and in pain, and his heart twisted at the sight. He walked to the side of the bed, nodding to Kikyo and Shizuka who were assisting the mid wife with the birth. Placing Tennsaiga on the nearby window frame, he knelt on the ground and grabbed Kagome's outstretched hand. Her breathing was rapid as she worked through another contraction.

"I'm here, love."

She nodded and squeezed his hand. Shizuka handed him a cool rag and he pressed it against her sweaty brow. "I love you so much," he whispered.

Kagome smiled but another strong contraction robbed her of speech. The mid wife said that it would be any time and Sesshomaru got up to sit next to her, half cradling, half bracing her. He watched intently as the capable hands of the mid wife moved gently until a tiny body was wrapped and placed on Kagome's belly. Kagome's tears spilled over at the perfect little face and hand that was visible through the thick cotton blanket. Sesshomaru could do nothing but stare in awe at his daughter. Her tiny wrinkly body and soft cries were like nothing he had ever experienced before. In that moment, he knew that he would never be the same. Leaning over, he kissed Kagome tenderly, meeting her chocolate brown eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked worriedly. He had no idea how women could endure that and survive.

Kagome pulled the baby a little higher onto her chest and looked down at their daughter. "I'm more than okay. I have everything I could ever want right here in this room." After a moment, she held the baby out to Sesshomaru and he hesitated. With her insistence, he carefully cradled the child that their union created in his large hands. He looked down with wonder onto a baby that looked exactly like her human mother except for the familiar golden eyes that he was able to glimpse through her angry cries. This moment would live in his heart forever, and at once, he understood his parents better than he ever had in all the years of his life. Gazing onto his daughter's face, his father's choice and his mother's anguish became understandable. He vowed in a gravelly whisper, "I'll love and protect you and your mother with every breath in my body."

Kagome drifted into an exhausted sleep with the image of the two loves of her life engaged in a staring contest, one curious about the new world she had just become a part of, the other completely humbled by it.

The Wind and the Mountain

A InuYasha Story
by Mearasama

Part 60 of 60

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