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A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by spectaclesandbooks

Part 2 of 38

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Marinette had never been more tense in her life.

Here she was, in Chloe's room, as the girl set out her list of demands. Demands that Marinette had to meet if she didn't want the world to find out she was Ladybug. She'd told Tikki to go home, to wait for her there, as the kwami was only making her more anxious. Her fingernails were a wreck, nibbled raw, and she was fairly certain she was going to pass out at some point.

Chloe, meanwhile was of course, vastly enjoying the whole thing. She sat back in her luxurious chair, admiring the sheet of paper her extravagant handwriting adorned with her list of requests. Finally satisfied, she finished re-reading them and stretched her arms with a delicate yawn.

"Come and have a look then, Maritrash."

Marinette jumped up anxiously and scurried over to the blonde. Chloe loved how nervous the other girl was, and revelled in the fact that it was her power that had finally put her in (what she thought was) her place.

She gestured carelessly to the sheet in front of her, and stalked off to lie grandly on her bed as Marinette read it. It read:

You will do my maths, French, English, History, Geography and all of my science homework for me

You will bring me food from your parents' bakery every day. But make sure they're the ones who cooked it, I don't want your grubby little fingers all over my croissants

You will be at my every beck and call, I'll need your mobile number to make sure I can contact you when I need you

Ladybug is to come to every party I throw

Ladybug is going to present herself as my best friend. The rest of Paris still admires her, and it's bound to be good for me if we're BFFs

You'll come over once every two weeks to tidy my room, clean my bathroom, polish my shoes and iron my clothes

You're to be my 'best friend' at school, talking to nobody else during breaks

If you do talk to anyone other than Sabrina or me, it is to be about how awesome, amazing and kind I am

If any of these demands are not met, or you break some of the rules I have set for you, I will have no choice but to send a copy of this photo to everybody in Paris. And then you'll be over.

Got it?

Marinette breathed shallowly. How was she supposed to comply with all of these? And manage her own schoolwork? And be Ladybug when Paris needed her? She looked up at Chloe, who was strewn across her bed, looking like a cat who'd got the cream. Almost as if she knew what was going through Ladybug's mind, she waved her phone menacingly with a dark smile.

"What do you say, little Ladybug? Do we have ourselves a deal?"

Marinette swallowed hard. She looked back at the list. This was going to be the hardest choice of her life. On the one hand, she could work herself into exhaustion, lose all of her friends, and submit herself to humiliation and torture from her least favourite person on the planet (other than Hawkmoth, maybe). But on the other hand, she could lose her kwami, her powers, and make herself a laughing stock in front of the entire city. Tikki would be forced to find another Ladybug, and the world would know that good, brave heroic Ladybug was none other than clumsy, pathetic, plain old Marinette. And she would lose Chat.


Marinette strengthened her resolve. She couldn't face losing her kitty. So she swallowed her pride, and looked her enemy in the face. And nodded.

If possible, Chloe's smile got even wider. She tilted her head to the side and breathed a happy, disgusting little sigh of satisfaction.

"Good. I hoped you'd choose that option. Of course, either way your life is ruined and I get to subject you to absolute humiliation, but this way, I get a slave out of it! Yay me!"

Marinette's blood boiled, and she had to stop herself from storming across the room and slapping the smug grin off the girl's stupid face. Somehow she managed to hold herself back, and Chloe watched in glee and she struggled to contain her anger, knowing she could do nothing.

Marinette turned to leave, the demands clenched in a tight little fist.

"Oh, and, Maritrash?" Called Chloe as she reached the door. The blonde beckoned, and Marinette walked back to her, knowing that Chloe had waited until she was almost out of the door before calling her, so she'd have to walk further. As she reached the bedside, Chloe beckoned her in even further so Marinette was leaning over her. Abruptly, Chloe sat up and grabbed the front of Marinette's shirt pulling her down so Mari's ear was level with her lip-glossy lips.

"Just so you know," whispered Chloe in a sickly sweet voice, "if I see you looking, smiling or talking with my Adrien, this photo will be all over town before you can say Lucky Charm."


A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by spectaclesandbooks

Part 2 of 38

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