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A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by spectaclesandbooks

Part 6 of 38

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The wind whipped at Ladybug's ponytails as she sat on the edge of the building that had become her and Chat's meeting place. The night air was cold, bitingly so, but the pain as it knifed her bare skin was a welcome distraction from the pain of the day's events.

All those horrible things she'd said to Alya, to her best friend, reverberated round the inside of her skull, banging out a rhythm on her cranium. She couldn't believe how awful she'd been. She'd run away from Adrien, tears running down her face once more, but knowing she couldn't go home to her parents in this state. She'd resigned herself to aimlessly wandering the streets of Paris for a few hours, before stopping the tears long enough to say an unenthusiastic 'Hello' to her mother and father. She then retreated upstairs, feigning fatigue, and now was waiting for Chat for their previously arranged patrol.

She covered her face with her hands and groaned at the situation she'd gotten herself into. How had this happened? Her life had been turned upside-down in less than twenty four hours. Thanks a lot, Chloe.

Ladybug's eyes filled with tears of remorse as she recalled the look that had flashed across Adrien's face as she belittled and lied to him. Now he would never love her... How could he, after all those awful things she'd said? And poor, poor Alya... She hadn't meant a single word, but that knowledge did nothing to assuage the guilt and loneliness curdling in her stomach. Tears seeped out of her mask and dripped down her cold, pale face as she waited for the sun to finish for the day.

Chat skidded onto the roof behind Ladybug, making quite the noisy entrance. He hoped she hadn't seen him being so graceless, and was relieved when he saw she was turned around, facing the sunset. He walked over to sit next to her, marvelling at how just seeing her had made his day a better one.

"Well, Bugaboo," he began confidently, "I must say you're looking incredibly- upset this evening!" He broke off in the middle of his compliment when he noticed her eyes were red-rimmed, and not just due to her mask. In shock, his usual confidence went out the window and his filter disappeared. The fact that commenting on her appearance in this way might be rude didn't compute. He saw his lady was upset, and that was all that mattered. "M'Lady, what's wrong? What's happened? Talk to me, Ladybug!" Chat cried, growing panicked when she didn't respond immediately. He took her shoulders in his paws and turned her towards him, making her meet his gaze. He realised for the first time how tired she looked, and the panic inside him grew until he started to sweat.

Ladybug looked like she didn't know what to say. She opened her mouth, trying to say something to reassure her terrified kitty, but nothing came out. How could she tell him? How could she tell him that her own carelessness had put them both in danger? Her eyes filled with tears again, and she looked away.

Chat couldn't stand the inches of distance between him and his hurting Ladybug, so he pulled her towards him until his strong arms were wrapped around her tiny frame. She let out a soft sob that did nothing to assuage his fear, but he nuzzled her hair with his face and tried to comfort her. Ladybug rested her hands on his strong chest as she tried to pull herself together, for Chat's sake, but after the day she'd had, a hug was what she really needed. She knew she was scaring him, but he was so strong and comforting it was hard to draw away, even to calm him down. She felt him stroking her hair and her sobs subsided, tears slowing as her kitty was there for her, like he always was. And that thought was what finally made her sit back up, ready to tell him.

Chat looked concernedly into her glowing blue eyes as she pulled away, his body mourning the loss of contact even as it ended. He waited in fear for her to speak, but took her hands in his, seeming to know that human contact was what she needed.

Ladybug steadied herself.

"Chat, something's happened." She began, not knowing how to segway into the reveal.

Chat let out a very un-Chatlike snort.

"Well, even I got that much. Ladybug, please just tell me what's wrong. I won't get mad, if that's what you're worried about. You know I'm here for you, no matter what."

"I do know that, kitty. Of course I do. And that's what makes this all so much worse."

Chat's eyes widened, and he suddenly wasn't sure he wanted Ladybug to continue speaking, as he imagined all the possible things that could come out of her mouth. He stiffened with fear, and readied himself.

"Chat… someone knows." Ladybug whispered.

"Knows? Knows what?" He asked, hardly daring to breathe. God, would this horrible day never end?

"Me. Ladybug. Who I am, under the mask. I'm so sorry, I didn't have time to make sure I was alone before I de-transformed last, and by the time I spotted them, it was too late. Someone took a photo while I was de-transforming, and they threatened to send it to everyone in Paris if I didn't do exactly as they asked. Chat, I'm so sorry! I've put you and everyone I care about in danger, and…" she trailed off seeing him begin to process her words.

There was a long silence as Chat went through a range of emotions. First, strangely enough, there was relief. She didn't have a terminal illness, her family hadn't died, she hadn't run over a baby with a motorcycle… He was glad none of the things he'd imagined she might say were true, but then, bizarrely, the jealousy kicked in. Someone, some stranger, knew Ladybug under the mask, and he didn't. Someone else, presumably who knew Ladybug in her civilian life, knew the most important secret in her life, when she wouldn't even divulge it to him. Chat then forgot his selfishness as the worry took place.

Ladybug watched the expressions cross his face, and felt a knot of fear in her stomach. Her precious kitty, her amazing partner and best friend, was in danger because of her negligence. Because of her, and Chloe Bourgeois.

"Chat, I'm so sorry. I know I've put you in danger because of this, and I'm so, so sorry. I'm doing everything I can to try and make sure this stays a secret, but I don't know how long… uh… they can keep their mouth shut." She wasn't sure how to address Chloe, so as not to give anything away. The last thing she wanted was Chat figuring out who'd uncovered her, and going after them. That certainly wouldn't be helpful, but she also didn't put it past him. His protectiveness often verged on the ridiculous.

"My Lady, please understand that this changes nothing for me. Not how I feel about you, not how I'll treat you… nothing." Chat told her, his voice as serious as she'd ever heard it. "I also don't care that my life and/or identity are in danger, all I'm concerned about right now, is the fact you said you were threatened?"

Ladybug inwardly groaned. Of course that was what Chat would focus on. He was far too selfless for his own good.

"Ladybug, what did they make you do?"

Ladybug knew she'd have to lie. But also, she knew that she didn't want to. She hated lying, which made her life as a secret superhero very difficult. The amount of fibs she'd told already that day alone was outstanding, so she decided to omit parts of the truth, and to lie as little as possible.

"Don't worry, kitty, please. It's not really so bad, it just means… I'll have a little more work to do in both my civilian and superhero life. I might be a bit tired every now and then, but it's a price I'm willing to pay if it means you'll be safe."

Chat nodded, though he was unsatisfied by her answer. He wanted to find whoever it was, force them to delete the photo, and probably throw them into the Seine for good measure, but he knew Ladybug wouldn't allow it. He looked back at her concerned eyes, once more glistening with tears and felt another wave of protectiveness.

"Forgive me, My Lady," he said carefully, "I know this is not an ideal or enjoyable situation, but it also doesn't seem to warrant the reaction I received when I asked you what was wrong? So… is anything else the matter?"

"The… the one who took the photo knows me in real life, and… they're not my biggest fan. Um… they're kind of making my life a bit difficult, and… I didn't have the best day. That's all." That's all I'm going to divulge, anyway, she added inwardly, feeling she'd given away enough.

Chat Noir frowned, then pulled her in for another hug, resting one hand on the back of her head, while the other rubbed soothing circles over her back. First Marinette, now Ladybug… he hated bullies, and he suddenly was having to deal with the aftermath of what seemed like an epidemic of them.

"I know the feeling." He sighed, remembering his less-than-pleasant day. "But, Ladybug, remember that no matter what, no matter who you turn out to be under that spotted mask of yours, I will always be here for you. I'm truly your friend."

His words made Ladybug recall her conversation with Adrien, and she started welling up. Chat seemed to sense this, and tightened his hug, though in fact it was just because his own words reminded him of his conversation with Marinette, and he was imagining he was hugging her instead of Ladybug, offering her condolences and comfort. Little did he know, he was actually doing just that.

The pair remained in the embrace for a few minutes until Ladybug drew away, wiping her eyes with gloved hands and managing a wan smile.

"It's not all bad, kitty-cat. I'll be okay, I just hope Hawk-Moth lets up on the akumas for a while, huh? Lets me get my beauty sleep, and all."

Chat grinned back at her, and helped her up. "Not that you need it, of course. But, to take our minds off it, let's go for a run, shall we m'Lady?" He offered.

"Sure. But Chat, first, I want you to promise me something." She rested her hand on his arm as he looked at her in surprise.

"Of course, my Lady. Anything."

"Promise me you'll be careful. With my secret identity hanging in the balance, I could never forgive myself if something were to expose you too, because of it. It could put a lot of people in danger if either of us were to be revealed, and I couldn't live with myself if you were hurt because of me. We need to be extra careful to keep our identities safe- even from each other. Please Chat. Promise me." She pleaded, trying to convey to him how concerned she was for her feline partner's safety.

Chat pulled her towards him, placing a light kiss on the top of her head, and for the first time, she didn't pull away.

"I promise."


A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by spectaclesandbooks

Part 6 of 38

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