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A Sailor Moon Story
by LovelyLytton

Part 33 of 42

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It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, the first one that held the promise of spring's arrival. The air was less cold, and the smell of rain and snow was slowly, but certainly replaced by that of budding flowers.

Ami and Umino had taken a stroll in the park that had witnessed their reunion, and were now on their way to Minako's flat. She had invited them and Ando over for a film and some ordered pizza, which was something Ami was quietly thankful for. Minako had many talents, but cooking was not among them.

Their small group had scattered into the seven winds for the weekend. Makoto and Hiromasa were over at his parents' house, finally making some introductions long overdue. Rei was busy at the shrine and in a mood so pensive that it made spending time with her impossible. Usagi and Mamoru had decided to drive to a small romantic hotel in the mountains and Takeshi had to work. Needless to say, Minako was not pleased and bored on top of that. So she had invited Ami, Umino and Ando over.

"I like it. The hair, I mean. It looks nicer when it's a bit shorter."

Ami smiled at him and once again he wondered how people could find her boring. Her shy compliment boosted his already exhilarated mood and he almost dared to take her gloved hand. Almost.

Instead, he ran his fingers through the waves that now ended a few inches above his shoulders. He had always worn it long, really long, a ponytail tangling down his back, but lately he had wished to distance himself both in personality and in looks from the man that had committed such heinous crimes. Cutting his hair was an easy way to achieve that, as was being a bit more open about his feelings for the senshi of ice and water. Or rather for the girl she had been reincarnated as, because he found himself even more pulled towards the studious doctor-to-be than to the brilliant strategist she had been in lifetimes ago. Being free to pursue her ambitions suited her, and knowing that Endymion had given them his blessing to be happy made all the difference in the world.

Having finally arrived at Minako's building, the object of his affection reached forward to push the bell.

"What sort of films does Minako like? Because if it's some Hollywood comedy about the troubles of dating, I'm afraid I might have to spend an awful lot of time hiding from the bad puns in the bathroom."

A grin tugged at the corner of Ami's mouth. The more time they spent together, the more at ease she felt to shed her customary reserve and make small jokes in her own right. It was new, but it was lovely.

"You are a very judgemental person, aren't you? No, her taste in films is a very good one, don't worry. I think she picked out Princess Bride for today." His eyes widened, but her giggle gave her away.

It was a sound he hoped to hear more often.

On the fifth floor, where their friend's flat was located, the sound of raised voices boomed through the hall. Cautiously, both moved closer to the front door of Minako's abode, which was already ajar in anticipation of their arrival, only to be welcomed by a pink stiletto that flew into the hall, narrowly missing their heads.

Peering inside, they were met with a view none of them had expected. Minako sat on her floor, clutching her sides, and trying to catch her breath while tears ran down her face. Above her hovered Ando, who would storm into her bedroom every other second and come out with another item that was promptly sent flying out of the door. He then looked up something in a book he was holding, before hollering afresh.

"You filthy liar! You broke my heart!", he exclaimed in a way that children might have used to imitate arguing adults.

Minako used the hem of her skirt to wipe away the tears before keeling over.

"I asked you to come to this ball with me tomorrow, Violet DuChamelle, to finally meet my benefactor, the most honourable Lady Brunswick. And then I find you in here with my page!"

The second shoe followed the first one, but Umino caught it just before it hit him in the stomach.

Ando was now kneeling in front of Minako, pompously reading out what the two visitors assumed to be the next sentence.

"But before the roguishly handsome Lord Willoughby could utter another word of anger or destroy another of her prized possessions in his wild and manly rage, Violet threw herself on her knees before him, begging him to forgive her – hmm, will she at least do something else while she is on her knees? Sorry, let me continue. Where was I? Right, here: Her amble bosom almost spilled out of her bodice- Minako, seriously, you cannot read this! You are a very smart girl, and this is rubbish! And you have stacks of it, stacks!"

Realising belatedly that the satisfying sound of the shoe hitting the wall was missing, Ando turned around to meet two pairs of disbelieving eyes.

On the floor, Minako panted, only to explode in a burst of bubbling laughter once she saw Umino and Ami standing in the door frame, looking thoroughly confused. Well, Umino more so than Ami. Ami actually looked embarrassed, which the blonde assumed had to do with her own liking of these particular kind of books.

Umino's searching eyes finally found the missing piece to the puzzle in Ando's right hand. He was holding (and acting out) a book whose garish cover showed a muscled man ardently kissing a buxom woman whose windswept hair could put even Minako to shame. Squinting, he read the title.

"Lady of Love – A court romance", he mumbled.

Hours later, after a passionate discussion about romance novels, their merit and whether or not Ando's scathing disdain for them was justified, Ami leaned over to Minako while they men were busy cutting the pizza and whispered in her friend's ear:

"Can I borrow it?"

Minako's answer was a wink only, as she stealthily pushed the book closer to the blue-haired woman's purse, in which it disappeared a second later.

The merry group then watched Interview with the Vampire, which even Ando admitted to liking. After an evening full of laughter, they dispersed. Ando had offered to help Minako tidy up the mess he had made earlier in his hopeless attempt of showing her precisely how ridiculous romance novels are and Umino made a mental note to talk to him about that once he got home. While it was fantastic that the two of them got along so well, he somehow doubted that Takeshi would be happy about Ando's presence in his girlfriend's flat without anyone else around.

That however did not mean that he would linger when he had the opportunity to walk Ami home. She and Minako lived quite close to another, but Umino insisted and Ami happily accepted the chivalrous offer.

After the ten minute walk that Umino wished would have lasted longer, they arrived at the modern multi-storey building Ami lived in. While he was wildly curious to see how the girl opposite him lived, he knew that now was not the right moment to invite himself up. They had all the time in the world, and he intended to take it.

So he just leaned over, closing the distance between them. Not for the first time, Ami could smell the expensive perfume he wore. Sandalwood and citrus enveloped her senses and she felt that she could get lost in that smell forever.

"Enjoy the book", were the words he whispered in her waiting ear, his breath tickling her skin.

He leaned back again, grinned and began to walk away. When he turned around once more because he just couldn't resist to look at her one last time after they had been so close, he could have sworn that the blushing girl winked at him before slipping away through the large white doors.

It had been a good night.


A Sailor Moon Story
by LovelyLytton

Part 33 of 42

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