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A Sailor Moon Story
by LovelyLytton

Part 6 of 42

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Minako Aino's Ten Step Survival Guide to forgetting evil dead people for whom you might have harboured romantic feelings in another lifetime but don't anymore because they only ever want to kill you anyhow.

Rule Number One: Distract yourself.

"Let's go to the cinema! There is this new action film out. Lots of guns, explosions and cars chasing...well, cars, really, but can we go? Usagi, I am sure Mamoru will like the film. Be a good girlfriend and take him to watch this monument of cinematographic history. And if you're going anyway, you surely won't mind me tagging along, right? Excellent! I'll see you at eight!"

"Ami, can I join you when you go swimming tomorrow?"

"Makoto, why don't you teach me how to bake non-burning muffins today!"

"Rei, can I come to the shrine and watch you scowl at the new help for a while? I promise I'll be very quiet, so your being angry at the world is not going to be disturbed by my presence in any way at all."

Rule Number Two: Clean your flat for it will help you clean your mind.

Putting the bin in the middle of her living-room and her laundry box right beside it, Minako started to pick up random items that littered her barely distinguishable hardwood floors. Blue jumper: Was on the floor for the last two weeks, so laundry. Historical romance novels hidden under the armchair: She couldn't remember the name of the boy she had kissed, so clearly romantic novels weren't for her. Putting them on the small table in front of her couch, she stuck a note on them that read 'Ami'. Fashion magazines: The heavy stacks were unceremoniously dumped in the bin, alongside with several wrappers of candy-bars that she found under her couch. Candles: Difficult. Very difficult. After a minute of consideration, she left them. After all, Tokyo did suffer under complete black-outs every once in a while when some random villain decided to pay the city a visit.

Two hours later, Minako Aino's flat was cleaner than ever and almost bleak looking, but her mind had been at peace for at least twenty minutes. Mission accomplished.

Rule Number Three: Buy new things to symbolize your fresh start.

An obscenely large amount of money and very little time later, she had acquired a new stack of magazines, some self-help books and several new dresses, scarves, trousers, shirts, coats, gloves, belts, shoes, jumpers, panties, tights, skirts, jackets and hats. Only bad thing about it: Hats reminded her of the circus and the circus creeped her out. Damn Nehelenia and her stupid mirrors and stupid monsters.

Rule Number Four: Be in denial.

Sighing, she pushed her hair out of her face and looked in the concerned faces around the table. "I have no idea what you are all talking about. I am fine, perfectly fine, have never been better. Actually, I've actively improved my life by seeking out different activities that benefit my general constitution. "

Rule Number Five: Accept help when it's offered.

" I will take those, though." Grabbing the basket of blueberry muffins, she grinned at Makoto. "After all, you made them just for me. Not that I'm not in a good place, I am, I'.."

"YOU'RE FINE, we get it!" shouted Rei.

Rule Number Six: Be grateful for the small things.

Such as good weather, her new hair-conditioner that made her locks extra shiny, the shitennou not being around, because they were probably somewhere in purgatory and Makoto delivering food to her flat every other day. Did I mention the weather?

Rule Number Seven: Stop looking for silver hair everywhere you go.

Walking down the crowded streets of Tokyo one afternoon several weeks later, she pondered her plans for the day. She could go shopping, and return those silly hats. You threw the receipt away. She could join Rei at the shrine. Not that I am intimidated by her threatening to set me on fire if I come there more than twice a week. She could... See silver hair. Right in front of me. Stopping still, every nerve of her body was on fire and her heart began to beat in that strange rhythm again. Don't move. If you don't move, it's going to go away. Slowly rising so that she stood on the tips of her toes, she stared after a broad back, long silver hair and a walk so assured that it could only belong to a king.

And it sure as hell isn't Mamoru.

Rule Number Eight: Accept what you can't change.

Turning around, she ran home, not stopping for red lights, senior citizens, talking cats or anything else that was in her way. She just wasn't up to him existing again. She was not ready.

Rule Number Nine: Hide.

Closing the door behind her, she immediately went into her bedroom, pulled the blinds shut, unplugged the phone and climbed into bed.

Rule Number Ten: Do not ever allow yourself to remember the happy times.

"Tell me, General, are you always this serious?" A strong eyebrow arched, as the man turned to face her. "Tell me, Lady Venus, do you always sneak up on people who need time to think?"

Sitting down on the green green grass next to the bench he had positioned himself on, she smiled up at him, swiftly wondering why she was so at ease when her charge was running wild, she was on a planet utterly alien to her and in the presence of a man who apparently loved nothing more than brooding, scowling and watching the world with worry.

"Sneaking up on people is one of my greatest talents. How else do you think I found out about your prince and my princess before you did?" He nodded, and bent his head, presumably to hide the anger that played on it, for he was a proud man, that much she knew. God, Terrans were so easily offended! But then a slow, rumbling sound tumbled from his lips, and amazed, she watched him laugh for the first time. This moment in the gardens of Endymion's palace was the beginning and the end. The beginning of them and the end of her.

Putting a pillow over her heart, Minako cried silent tears for a man that died without his soul, for the carefree woman she could never be again, and for a love that had been doomed long before she was even born.


A Sailor Moon Story
by LovelyLytton

Part 6 of 42

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