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Divine Concubine

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 8 of 11

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Second Chances Kagome had sunk into the soft cushions, her legs pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees. Her head was bent and her eyes closed. Her lips were moving as she silently prayed to every deity that would listen to her – excluding the one who had captured her – to help her out of this mess.

Every now and then she interrupted herself and raged at the unfairness of it all. Why did she always get into trouble and had to be rescued? Why could she not for once manage the situation on her own? Why would she always be the damsel in distress, waiting for a white knight in shining armour?

But she needed help! She had tried the door, but it was locked and she could not break it down. She had looked for another escape from the room she was locked in, but had not found even the tiniest hole. She needed help from the outside. And so she prayed that Inu Yasha and Miroku would somehow find out who had kidnapped her and where they had went and then come to get her out.

Every now and then another figure appeared in her thoughts; in front of her closed lids she could see him very clearly. A white knight, yes, and in shining armour too. But she shook these images away. He would not come and save her for a second time.

No matter how much she might wish for it.

So she prayed for her rescue.

An enraged scream jerked her out of her meditations. She jumped up from her cushion and listened intently. From the distance she could hear an angry voice shouting; then there was a crash, followed by shrieks.

Kagome rushed to the door and began to pound on the wood with her fists. ‘Inu Yasha!’ For, who else could cause such a commotion? Surely not the concubines on their own. ‘Inu Yasha! I’m here! Inu Yasha!’

She pressed her ear to the wood. Indistinctly, she heard feet running. Were they looking for her?

‘Inu Yasha!’ she screamed at the top of her lungs. ‘I’m here! Inu Yasha! Miroku-sama!’

She pounded on the door and kept screaming the names of her companions. But it only resulted in sore hands and an even sorer throat. Nobody came.

Kagome paused and pressed her ear to the door once more. This time, she could hear absolutely nothing. Her shoulders sagged, and with a disappointed sigh she turned away from the door. Apparently, it hadn’t been Inu Yasha after all.

She made her way back to her cushion and sank down. Her eyes focused on the low table next to the fire and the tray that lay on it. She sighed and inched closer to the table to have a better look at the bowls on the tray. She was not particularly hungry, but anything to keep her mind busy was good.

She had just lifted the chopsticks for further analysis of a bowl of fruits when a scream made her start once more.

‘Shujin-sama! Shujin-sama, she is -!’

The shout was abruptly cut off, but Kagome had already flown back to the door and pressed her ear to the wood. Her thoughts raced through her brain. An uproar earlier, with a lot of shouting and running around. A woman screaming … about ‘she’ … Sango-chan? Is Sango-chan free? Has she managed to escape?

That had her pounding on the door again. ‘Sango-chan! Sango-chan! I’m here! Sango-chan!’

Through the door, she could indistinctly hear the shrieks and chattering of several women. Doors banged open; there was a murmur of voices that Kagome could not understand, and then several feet hurried away. She stayed glued to the door, listening closely, but she heard nothing that would give her any further clues to what was going on. And then the tumult died down.

Kagome sighed and retreated from the door back to her cushion. She hoped that Sango-chan had managed to escape. She would find her way back to her companions, and if not then Inu Yasha would find her, and she would tell them what happened and they would all come to rescue her. Hopefully. And preferably soon.

Kagome took up the chopsticks and poked at a piece of white, juicy-looking fruit that she did not know.

It was a little annoying, though. Sango-chan had managed to get out somehow. And here she was, still waiting for someone to help her. Why did she have to be so dependant on others?

She caught the fruit between the chopsticks and raised them to her mouth and nibbled experimentally on the fruit. It was sweet and juicy and Kagome decided she liked it. Just when she reached out for the fruit-bowl again, a shriek made her start for the third time.

She had reached the door before the chopsticks hit the ground. Was this the rescue party? Inu Yasha? She strained her ears.

Then, for a brief moment, she felt something cold rush through the room and brush past her. She shivered and looked around, wondering whether it was one of the ghostly servants. But the moment passed quickly and with it the cold rush.

In the distance, a flock of women shrieked and chattered. Another voice, male, interrupted them; then, there was the sound of many feet. They came closer to her, and soon Kagome heard a murmur of female voices. But they did not come close enough for her to understand what they said, and then they were gone again into another part of the temple.

Kagome stared at the door and frowned. What was going on outside? And then something tickled along her senses. The hair on her arms rose and a cold shiver ran down her spine. A presence. She could not say whose presence, but there was something - someone - inside of the temple. Someone who had not been there before. Another god? Or … a demon?

Kagome froze. Could it be Naraku? Was it possible that the god had acted on the evil hanyou’s orders? That this whole divine-concubine-thing was a sham? Kagome swallowed hard and looked around her room for a weapon. But the only items that vaguely resembled a weapon – simply because they had edged tips – were the chopsticks. They wouldn’t be of much use against Naraku, but Kagome darted over and seized them nevertheless. Perhaps she could charge them with her powers like she charged her arrows?

With that resolve, Kagome sat down on a cushion in direct view of the door – she didn’t want to be surprised by anybody that came through it – but as far away from it as possible. And then she waited.

After a while, it became difficult to keep fear and tension high. Kagome had to build up both repeatedly by remembering herself firmly who might come through that door. As time went by, however, she realised that she must have been mistaken. It could not be Naraku. The evil hanyou would not have waited that long.

But who else could it be then?

Kagome was still wondering when she heard steps coming closer. She sat up, suddenly tense and attentive again. The steps stopped in front of her door. The bolt was drawn back and the door was slid open. A tall figure stood in the corridor, and Kagome gasped involuntarily as he stepped forward into the room.

The girls were right. He’s the most beautiful man ever, she thought dazedly as Shujin closed the door behind him and came further into the room. He stopped when he reached the centre of the chamber and smiled at her. Kagome had to remember herself that breathing was inevitably necessary.

The light from the lamps glistened on his hair and added dark golden and reddish sparks to the rich gold. His dark, almond-shape eyes regarded her with a tender expression; they were warm and seemed to draw her into their unfathomable depths. She felt herself relax, and as his smile deepened a delirious joy rose inside of her.

He swept his eyes over the table and the sticks in her hand, then looked back at her. ‘Have I disturbed your meal, my lovely rose?’ His voice was deep and caressing and so soft …

He held out his hand. ‘Come to me, my love.’

Something inside told her that this was not a good idea, but Kagome ignored it and got up. Her legs were a little shaky, which slowed down her steps as she approached him. She met his dark, glowing eyes and smiled shyly as she laid her hand in his. His fingers closed around hers, and he lifted her hand to his lips. His eyes never left hers as his lips brushed over the back of her hand, her fingers and, when he turned her hand, over her palm. She gasped softly; each touch sent hot waves through her body.

‘Sit down, sweetest love,’ he told her, and she sat. He sank gracefully down next to her and took the sticks from her hand. He scooped up another piece of fruit with them and held it to her lips.

It was wrong, very wrong. Kagome knew that, but for some reason she could not help it. She opened her mouth and allowed him to place the fruit on her tongue. Her eyes were fixed on his, and with a lustful shiver she noticed how he stared at her mouth and her lips. He offered her another morsel of food, rice this time, and she accepted it. He never took his eyes off her.

Kagome was beginning to feel strange. Her head was oddly light. Colours were brighter, and the beating of her heart was like thunder in her ears. A sweet, alluring scent was in her nose, and she leaned closer to him, knowing it came from him.

He continued feeding her and watching her closely. At one point, he replaced the chopsticks with his fingers, and though alarm bells when off in her head, Kagome did nothing to stop him. She liked the warm sparkles that glowed in his eyes when she licked the food from his fingers or sucked gently on them. Why would she want to stop it?

He wiped a little drop of fruit juice from the corner of her mouth with his index finger. But, instead of offering it to her, he raised the finger to his mouth and slowly licked the drop away. Kagome could not help the soft moan that escaped her at the sight. His breath caught at the sound, and he leaned closer.

Kagome’s lashes fluttered close. Her head fell back. Then, his lips were on hers in a soft, light caress. She sighed and leaned into him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, and when she snuggled against him, he opened his mouth and let his tongue dart over her lips. The moan that this elicited from her allowed him to slip his tongue inside.

Kagome groaned as heat began to pulse inside of her. His firm body so close to her and his soft lips on hers felt heavenly. Then, his tongue danced over hers, and suddenly her instincts cried out. Wrong! This was wrong!

With a startled gasp, Kagome pushed him back and slipped away from him. Panting heavily, she scuttled several steps back, where she landed in a graceless heap on the floor. Eyes wide, hand pressed to her mouth, she stared up at him and tried to understand what was going on. Why could it be wrong when it felt so wonderful what he did?

But with sufficient distance between them, her mind cleared quickly, and she gasped in horror as she realised what she had been about to do.

‘My dearest, what is wrong?’ He regarded her with a worried expression in his dark eyes, and Kagome could feel herself being drawn in again. She blinked and looked away.

‘This is wrong,’ she informed his left knee breathlessly.

‘Did I scare you, little rose? That was not my intention. But you are so lovely, so sweet …’

His voice was honey, smooth and soothing, and it lulled her senses. Kagome fought against the lure and pinched herself. Hard.

‘Why do you hurt yourself, sweetest? Don’t do that.’ His hand appeared in her vision; it came to rest on the misused skin on her thigh.

Kagome jumped. ‘No,’ she panted. ‘Go away! Get away from me!’

He took hold of her hands. ‘My precious rose, look at me!’

Kagome fought desperately against the command in his voice. No, she would not, she would not look at him again … Her eyes were drawn helplessly up to his and for a moment she forgot everything. He looked so concerned for her, and she knew he was unhappy at what she had done because she was his precious little love and nothing and nobody should hurt her …

‘Ah, that is better, my love. Yes, relax. Do not fight me, my sweetest. Let me love you. Let me love you and you will forget your past worries and pains. You will love me, my beautiful one, for all times. Only let me love you now …’

Kagome was hypnotised by his eyes and his voice. His hands were caressing her arms, he pulled her closer again. She smelled his sweet scent again, remembered his taste on her tongue …

With an inarticulate scream, she shoved him back and darted past him. Her eyes fell on the table, and she stopped and grabbed one of the bowls. Weapon in hand, she whirled around to him.

The beautiful man had got to his feet and was watching her with a faintly puzzled expression.

‘My love …’

‘No! I’m not your love, and I don’t want to be! Ever. Stay away from me!’ She raised her hand.

Shujin eyed the bowl and then her. He shook his head, and a smile crept onto his lips. ‘My dearest heart, you are being foolish.’

Kagome growled. ‘No, I’m not. You … Don’t come closer!’

He had taken a step towards her, but stopped at her scream. His smile broadened, and Kagome itched to scratch it away from his perfect features. ‘Yes, foolish, an adorable little fool. Put that bowl down, love. Don’t fight it. You want me to love you.’

Kagome screamed and lobbed the bowl at his head. To her surprise – and his – it hit him.

‘I don’t want you!’ she yelled at him while he shook the remainder of rice out of his hair. ‘You’re making me want you! It’s not me!’

His smile had vanished, and he frowned. He blinked, but then the smile came back full force. ‘Oh, no, my love. It’s all you. Your desire to be loved. Your yearning for someone to love you, you, beyond anything else in the world. I can feel it, right there in your soul.’

Kagome shuddered. Something in her chest tightened and began to hurt.

‘I can give you that. I would love you beyond everything and everybody else in the world. You would be my first, now and forever. I can give you the love you desire, the passion you wish for. I can give you everything you want. And you know that.’

Kagome closed her eyes against the tears that threatened to spill. Oh yes, he was so right! How she wished for someone to love her, only her … But how mortifying that he could read her so easily! That he could invade her innermost secrets so easily, invade them, desecrate them, use them against her …

‘Don’t cry, sweetest,’ she heard him murmur. ‘There is no need for tears. Just relax, let it happen.’

He was close, too close. Instinctively, Kagome reached out and grabbed hold of the first hard thing her fingers touched and threw it blindly at him. It had been a jug filled with sake, and it hit him squarely in the chest.

‘Don’t come closer!’ she hissed. Her wet eyes flashed with fury, and the befuddled god actually recoiled. ‘Stop trying to talk me into something I don’t want! No! Nonononono! I don’t want you! Don’t say anything! I don’t want you! Yes, I want somebody to love me, but I’d rather choose that somebody myself! And not have forced somebody at me! I can make my own choices. They might not always be the best, but they are mine. Mine. Do you understand?’

She was breathing hard as she stared at him. He shook his head, a sad smile on his lips. ‘You wish for the impossible, my love. There is no one; there can never be anyone to give you what you want but me. And I want you.’

She shook her head frantically and grabbed the tray, but this time he dodged it. He advanced on her, and she retreated, not wishing him to come closer.

‘Oh, yes, little bird, I want you! From the moment that I saw you.’

‘That was only tonight, you don’t impress me,’ she spat.

He chuckled. ‘No, oh no, not tonight. It was a bright, sunny day several days ago. I had sent my servants for the greatest beauty in the country … but then, there was you. And I loved you. You are so beautiful, more beautiful than that beauty you prevented me from acquiring. Yes, I saw you, I heard you. You are so bright, my love, so clever … so strong … you have so much love to give … and your soul hungers for love. I knew I could give it to you. I could give you everything you wanted and you would be mine!’

Kagome had reached a corner and was now wildly looking around for an escape.

‘Mine. How I wished you to be mine, mine alone! I yearned for you, burned for you. I observed you and, oh, was so delighted when you and your companions were beginning to actually look for me! I watched you come closer, day by day, and tonight I finally had the chance to get you.’

He stood in front of her, his eyes glowing brightly, his breath ghosting over her skin. He bent forwards, and she stiffened, ready to slap, bite, scratch her way out. He leaned down and brought his mouth to her ear.

‘I got you, Kagome. I will not let you go.’

He pressed his mouth on the soft skin behind her ear, and for a moment she stood transfixed and let the warm shivers run through her. But then, self-preservation prevailed; she pushed against his chest, and when he did not step back, she attacked him. Screeching like a monkey-demon on warpath, she hit his chest and shoulders with small but hard fists, and when he backed away, she went for his face with her nails.

Shujin tried to subjugate her, but he had never before encountered a woman who had so actively resisted him, so he was quite at a loss of how to deal with flailing limps and that infernal shrieking.

Kagome finally managed to fight her way out of the corner and escaped into the centre of the room. There were still some projectiles on the table. She grabbed another bowl and turned to face him.

He stared at her, and this time the sparkle in his eyes was anger. There were two bloody scratches on his cheeks.

‘Shrew,’ he said. ‘Why do you resist me? I offer you everything you want, but you reject it. Why?’

Kagome growled. ‘Do I have to spell it out for you? I. Do. Not. Want. You. Whatever you offer, whatever you say, I don’t want you.’

His brows drew down in a scowl. He didn’t look all that perfect anymore.

‘That’s a pity for you, because now I have you. And I will have you in the fullest sense of the word before this night is over. You can’t escape me.’

He leapt forward but Kagome, used to sudden, quick movements, reacted equally fast and threw a small earthenware cup at him with enough force to make him stumble. When he looked up again, all traces of beauty were gone from his face and blood dripped from his nose.

‘You …’

This time, he was too quick for her, and before she could react he had forced her down and pinned her to the ground with his body. She struggled against his hold on her, but he was too heavy. He caught her hands and held her above her head with one of his own, and then cupped her breasts with the other.

‘You can’t escape me,’ he hissed.

Kagome squirmed under him, fear and fury lending her strength, and she managed to shove him off her. He tried to climb back, but she jerked her knees up, and they made a most painful contact with his thigh and crotch.

With a small gasp, he let go of her and curled into a ball. Kagome jumped to her feet and retreated from the moaning god. The table had been turned over, and the last items that had been standing on it were scattered, but close to her feet lay the chopsticks. Kagome considered them, but she considered a moment too long.

Shujin had recovered faster than she had thought he would. He was already back on his feet, and now grabbed her hand. Kagome cried out and struggled to get her wrist free, but he tightened his hold on her, and with a soft cry, she finally stilled.

He stared down at her, and she stared defiantly back. Then, an ugly smile curled his lips.

‘So, you won’t comply with my wishes,’ he said softly.

‘Never!’ she spat back.

‘Well, then …’ And suddenly he jerked her towards the door and into the corridor. For a wild moment, Kagome hoped he had had enough of her and would cast her out of the temple, but she was not that lucky. He dragged her down several corridors, a dark grin on his face and finally, he stopped in front of a huge, ornamented door.

‘Here we are, little girl. Since you do not wish to comply with my desires, you might prefer my visitor.’ His grin broadened; he looked like a maniac. Kagome’s heart dropped. ‘My demonic visitor,’ Shujin added, and she gasped.

He laughed. ‘Oh, yes. A demon. You defied me, and as punishment you will spend the night with him and comply all of his wishes!’

Kagome froze in fear, her earlier nightmarish visions that the demon was Naraku coming back. Shujin laughed again at the sight of her fear.

‘Afraid, little bird?’ She flinched. ‘Well, it’s either him or me, you know.’

One of his hands trailed over her body and slipped between her thighs. With an outraged cry, Kagome whirled around and slapped him. He growled in response and grabbed her arm again. ‘So be it!’

He yanked the door open and hurled her inside, then slammed the door shut. Kagome stumbled into the room, but as soon as she had caught her balance she spun around and went for the door. Whoever the demon was, the sooner she got out of here the better, and she really had no desire to see who Shujin’s visitor was. But the moment she touched the door, there was a flash of blue light, and with a squeak, Kagome flinched back.

Outside of the door, she heard Shujin laugh. ‘No way out now, little bird. You stay where you are for tonight. The door will open tomorrow. And remember, my lovely rose, all of his wishes.’

Kagome screamed in outrage and stomped her foot, not daring to attack the door again. ‘I will not! Do you hear me?! I WILL NOT! You can’t force me!’

But her only answer was the sound of steps that died away.

Seething with anger, Kagome grabbed a small, elegant vase that stood on a nearby lacquer chest of drawer and hurled it at the door. ‘I WILL NOT!’

She huffed. ‘Damn.’

There was the rustle of clothes behind her back, and she froze. She had completely forgotten the demon that was supposed to be in this room. Her mouth became dry and her heart leapt into her throat. Oh, great kami, from the fire into the frying pan, she thought in panic. Where’s my knight in shining armour?! She could feel him now, feel his youki tingle along her senses. Oh, great kami!

His clothes whispered again, and she imagined him to come closer and leer at her body. A shiver ran down her spine. And then he spoke.

All of my wishes?’

Kagome gasped and whirled around. Her eyes widened. Her jaw dropped.

Talking of white knights …

He sat on the foot of a huge bed that was covered with orange and golden sheets and cushions. The lively colours contrasted starkly with his white kimono and silvery hair. He had one leg bent slightly and his elbow propped on the knee, with his chin resting in his palm. His softly glowing eyes were fixed intently on her.

Kagome’s breath hitched, and an excited shiver ran down her spine and tingled between her legs.

A smile tugged at his mouth. ‘ All of my wishes?’ he repeated softly.

Kagome opened her mouth and closed it again. She gulped and licked her suddenly dry lips.

His eyes darkened.

She nodded, slowly, suddenly breathless; and as he got up from the bed and prowled towards her, she sent a heartfelt thanks to every deity in existence – including the obnoxious Shujin.

Divine Concubine

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 8 of 11

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