Continuing Tales

Divine Concubine

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 9 of 11

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Second Chances He stopped in front of her, and Kagome had to tilt her head back to look into his eyes. They were dark and seemed to glow from within. There was a strangely soft expression in their depths as he met her gaze unwaveringly. The hint of a smile hovered on his lips.

Kagome stared up at him in dazed bewilderment. It had all been a little too much for her, her abduction, the fear and anger, Shujin’s attacks and now Sesshomaru, the surprise at seeing him, and the excitement that prickled in her body. Her mind was blank. She felt she ought to be a lot more surprised at seeing him here, but her dazed mind could not muster more than faint astonishment.

He raised his hand and brushed his fingers in a soft caress over her cheeks. His smile became more pronounced.

Kagome sighed softly. Her lids fluttered close and she leaned into his touch, enjoying the tingling of her skin and the little shivers that ran through her body. Tension and exhaustion seemed to seep out of her. She relaxed as her mind focused on the feeling of his fingers brushing over her skin.

He gently caressed her cheek, then trailed his fingers down to her neck. His thumb drew small circles over her pulse that sped up under his touches. She hummed in approval as his deft fingers slid to the nape of her neck and tilted her head to give him better access. She felt like a kitten whose fur he was ruffling. The thought made her smile, and she gave a tiny mew like Kirara often did when content.

A soft sound, like a chuckle, made her lift her eyes to his face. He was watching her under drooping lids, smiling. The glow that shone through his lashes recalled their last meeting to her mind, and she shivered.

‘Sesshomaru …’ she breathed, and then gasped softly as he scratched a claw over her cervical vertebra.

But then, as if the sound of her voice had broken the spell, her eyes widened and the dense fogs of desire lifted. She blinked rapidly at him.

‘Sesshomaru? W-what are you doing here?’

He raised his brows in faint surprise.

‘I could ask you the same.’

His deep, slightly husky voice made her body tingle in several places.

‘Y-yes, but I asked first,’ she replied shakily.

His lips twitched in what could have been a grin. ‘So you did,’ he agreed, and once again her body reacted to his voice in a most delicious way. Goose bumps spread from where he was touching her, and the tips of her breasts pebbled.

She drew in a shaky breath and closed her eyes in the hope it would help her concentrate. But all it did was to make her even more aware of his presence, the feeling of his body close to her, and of his tangy, male scent. Her heartbeat sped up and her breath was coming short. Her body remembered his, and little flames of lust flickered through her veins. When she opened her eyes again, he was watching her with a hungry expression in his dark, glowing eyes.

For a moment, they stared at each other. The tension in the luxurious room heightened. Neither of them moved.

Kagome felt lost in the deep, intense gold of his eyes, in the overwhelming sensation of his presence. He was standing so close to her now, only the width of a breath between them, watching her with those dark eyes … She felt the heat of his body and could not help the sigh that passed her lips. It felt so good, so right …

She was vaguely aware that things were happening too fast, that she had better not give in to him and her own desire. She barely knew him after all. Granted, he had saved her life, but he had been her enemy for the longest time, and just because he had been nice once did not mean he would always be. He was a stranger to her, and she did not know whether she could trust him. She did not know what motivated him, why he had helped her back then, and why he was here now …

He bent down to her, and she felt his breath warm on her neck. Then his lips closed over her pulse. His arm slid around her waist; she fell against him. Her head fell back, her eyes drifted close, and a deep moan escaped her as he began to suckle on her skin.

Her hands came up and wrapped around his shoulders as she arched into him. Both trembled as their bodies rubbed against each other; he sighed into her hair, and she bucked her hips, revelling in the feeling of his hardness pressing against her stomach.

He bit her gently, and the fire surged out of control. Kagome whimpered and writhed in his embrace. She burned for him, ached for him; the emptiness inside of her made her cry in need for him. Deep down she was scared of the strength of her desire but she could not stop herself. She moved against him, raking her fingers through his hair and encouraging him with breathy little moans to go on, to go further, to let the fire consume them both.

Suddenly an ice-cold wind rushed through the room. The coldness pierced painfully through Kagome’s mind, jerking her forcefully back to reality. Her head snapped up and she looked around wildly, searching frantically for the reason for this sudden cold.

Then she was tumbling to the floor as Sesshomaru let go of her. She saw a flash of white and heard a furious snarl before her knees made painful contact with the wooden planks. Ignoring the pain, she whipped around to see where he had gone, spraining her ankle in the motion. She gasped when she saw what he was snarling at.

Trapped against the door by Sesshomaru’s slender fingers around what seemed to be its throat was a ghost.

The grey substance of the serving ghost was of a vaguely humanoid shape. It struggled against its entrapment.

Although Sesshomaru could not strangle it, whatever he was doing seemed to be affecting the spirit. It flickered and wavered, but could not break free or drift away through the wood of the door. Sesshomaru held it in place, his vicious snarl sending tremors of fear down Kagome’s spine.

The ghost changed its shape and seemed to slip through the demon’s fingers. But then there was a sudden, green glow. A distant, anguished scream echoed through the castle as the ghost slowly withered away and evaporated in a tiny puff. A piece of paper fluttered down, which Sesshomaru melted with a quick flick of his poisoned claws.

‘Impertinent, arrogant, insolent bastard,’ he growled wrathfully.

He took a step back from the door and half turned, before whirling back around and drawing his claws with a screeching sound across the wood. Kagome whimpered and pressed her hands to her ears, ducking as she felt his anger pulsate through the room.

When the sound died, she glanced cautiously up at Sesshomaru. He had turned his back to the door and looked down at her. Kagome shivered. There was no trace of anger left in his features or eyes. He looked as calm as ever, if mildly annoyed. She gulped and then glanced fearfully at the tiny pile of ash that once had been a ghost.

Great kami, she thought, awed. He’s strong enough to kill a serving ghost just like that? And in the middle of the god’s temple too?

She blinked at the ash and then up at Sesshomaru, and flinched when he stepped over and knelt down beside her. His face betrayed in no way whether he had taken notice of her recoil. He reached out his hand and brushed his fingers gently over her ankle. Kagome shivered again at his touch, but not with pleasure.

‘You have injured yourself,’ he said reprovingly.

He tipped one finger on her ankle. She gasped in pain and looked down.

‘Ow,’ she said, rather distractedly. ‘Uh, must’ve sprained it.’

Sesshomaru snorted.

Kagome peered cautiously at him as he proceeded to gently examine her injury. He looked clam, but there was a dark shadow in his eyes which had nothing to do with desire and much with anger. She worried her lower lip, wondering at his violent reaction to the ghost. This was a temple after all, and the ghosts’ master lived here. Why had he been so angry?

She bit down hard on her lip to stop herself from crying as Sesshomaru began to slowly twist her ankle to check whether it was broken. Her poor, over-taxed mind was thoroughly befuddled. He had been so angry, and his fury had scared her, and now he was being so nice.

In that second the reality of the situation dawned upon her. She was alone with him; whatever he decided to do, she could not stop him. She was locked with him in that room until the god freed them.

Or was she? Could Sesshomaru probably break the spell? He seemed strong enough, or was it only the heat of the moment? She had once or twice seen him angry before, but then she had never been alone with him, there had always been someone to protect her, and he had never been so close … And how could he be so angry in one second and so gentle in the next? Kagome rubbed her face with both hands and groaned.

Sesshomaru looked up from his task. ‘I believe your ankle is not broken,’ he informed her.

She peered at him through her fingers. ‘Uh … thanks.’

He nodded and rose to his feet, extending his hand to her. Kagome eyed it uneasily.

‘Um, Sesshomaru?’ She looked questioningly at him. ‘That … that ghost?’

She bit her lip, trying to string the words together for a question he could understand, but she drew a blank. Her mind refused to cooperate.

‘It was sent,’ Sesshomaru replied curtly.


He narrowed his eyes at the door. ‘It was sent to check up on us. Cheeky, snotty brat,’ he snarled, and it took Kagome a moment to understand that this was directed at the god, not the ghost. She blinked in surprise at hearing the god thus addressed.

‘Check on us?’ she repeated. ‘Why? What for?’

Sesshomaru looked back at her. ‘To see whether we have killed each other yet, of course. That is what he expects. A demon and a miko locked up in one room ...’ He shrugged. ‘I suppose he hopes you purify me and save him the bother.’

Kagome’s eyes widened. ‘P-purify you?’ she gasped. ‘I don’t think I could, even if I tried!’ Then she flushed in embarrassment at what she had just revealed about the state of her powers.

He inclined his head. ‘No, most likely not. But he does not know.’

It was said without contempt, and Kagome gaped at him. No snide comments on useless humans?

‘Sesshomaru, why are you here? You said the god hopes I purify you. Why … I mean, why are you here if you know … well, that he wants to get rid of you? Why has he let you into the temple? I mean … why are you here?’ She made a helpless gesture, unable to find the right words for the question.

He snorted. ‘That is no god.’

Kagome blinked. ‘Eh?’

‘That is no god,’ Sesshomaru repeated, this time contempt colouring his voice. ‘He is nothing but an ambitious, insolent human.’

‘A … a human?’ Kagome shook her head. ‘But … he can control these ghosts, and I know I felt something of a divine entity during the last few days, even though it wasn’t strong. He – he can’t be human!’

Sesshomaru made an impatient gesture with his hand. ‘He is human, a priest. He came into the possession of certain regalia that gave him power.’

Kagome frowned. ‘Certain regalia? You mean, he nicked the things that belonged to the dead god?’

He tilted his head. ‘You know of the original god?’

Kagome nodded. ‘Yes, Kurokawa-sama – that’s a lord in the next large town – told us about him. That he’s dead, that is, and that he’s been dead for some time, allegedly killed by a demon some fifty years ago.’

She met his unwavering eyes.

‘Oh,’ she said faintly. ‘You?’

He gave a sharp nod. Kagome gulped. Great kami!

‘Oh,’ she repeated, slowly digesting this information. She did not know what bothered her more, that he killed the god or that he was powerful enough to kill a god. ‘Um … why?’

For a moment, he seemed surprised, but the impression faded quickly.

‘Like the present impostor, the original god eventually acquired delusions of grandeur. He believed himself almighty. I corrected this notion. He died,’ he told her succinctly.

Kagome took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Then, she dared to ask, ‘Er … delusions of grandeur in what way?’

There was a definite glow of amusement now in his eyes. ‘He disregarded the border to my territory and believed he had a right to rule there as well.’

‘Huh? Who?’


‘Oh. Um … Has this Shujin then kidnapped girls from your territory?’

Sesshomaru made a dismissive gesture. ‘I do not know. He can kidnap every human girl he wants for all I care, but not in my territory. He will respect the border or suffer the consequences.’

Kagome regarded him silently for several moments. He could be very scary indeed. She was astonished at her own audacity of coming so close to him as she had been when the ghost had interrupted. And for being so nosy and pestering him with questions, though it was more surprising that he answered.

‘Um …’ He turned to look at her, and she smiled nervously. ‘Okay, but, why are you here? Here!’

As he raised one eyebrow she gestured at the room. ‘Here, in this temple,’ she elaborated. ‘In this room. Why haven’t you … I mean, I’m sure there are other ways to …’

Sesshomaru inclined his head. ‘Of course. I came here because he invited me.’ A grin flickered across his features at her surprised stare. ‘I let him know I disapprove of his … meddling. He sent me a message and invited me to discuss the matter. I believe he thinks that when I stay a night in his temple, in this holy atmosphere, it would weaken me so that he can dispose of me.’

Kagome gaped. He said it so calmly! And yet, considering what she knew of him, there was certainly no need for him to worry.

‘But why did you agree?’

He looked deep into her eyes, and an unpleasant smile stretched his lips. ‘Let him believe he can best me,’ he purred. ‘He will see his mistake soon enough.’

Kagome shivered. He could be very evil indeed.

She started as he suddenly knelt down in front of her and leaned in on her.

‘Your turn,’ he said.


‘Why are you here?’

‘Oh … Well, Sango-chan and I were kidnapped by the god’s … um … well, by the ghosts. He – that is, Shujin - said we were special and that he wanted to make us his concubines.’ She blushed in anger and embarrassment. ‘He … he said I was to be the first, because I’m a miko—’

An angry growl interrupted her words, and she was startled to see his eyes flash red and his lips curl back to show his fangs.

‘S-Sesshomaru? What …?’

He bent his head, shielding his face from her eyes, and when he looked back up, all traces of anger were gone. His eyes were unreadable.

‘Continue,’ he said quietly.

Kagome chewed on her lip, but did what he asked. ‘There isn’t much more,’ she said with a shrug. ‘We got separated, and I think Sango-chan managed to escape. Then, Shujin came to me and … well, tried to convince me. I-I didn’t want him and told him no. He didn’t take it for an answer, so I threw dishes at him. He didn’t like it and dragged me to your door and said it was either he or his demonic guest, and when I slapped him, he shoved me into your room and … well, here I am.’

The corners of his mouth twitched. ‘You threw dishes at him.’

‘Yeah, well, there was nothing else I could throw.’

‘Indeed. So now you are trapped with the “demonic guest” and must “comply all of his wishes”.’

Kagome flushed scarlet at the combined forces of his darkened eyes and her own imagination that provided her with memories and fantasies to fill the words. ‘Uh …’

His head came closer, and then his lips caressed her neck. She shivered and closed her eyes. It felt so good … He pressed slow, almost tender kisses on her skin, each of them stirring the flames inside of her. Then he took her earlobe between his teeth and nipped it gently, before tracing the shell of her ear with the tip of his tongue. Kagome moaned softly, and he raised his head to look into her eyes.

He was so close. The fire in his eyes burned all the way down to her soul and fanned the flames to greater heights. His breath ghosted over her lips; they were so close … Kagome closed her eyes and leaned in, and their lips met in a soft kiss.

They both sighed at the contact, and Kagome raised her hands to his face. The kiss deepened, became more passionate as their lips opened and tongues met. They moved slowly, lips and tongues sliding over each other, enjoying their kiss.

Finally, Sesshomaru pulled back. Their eyes met and gazes locked. Then, he got up and once more held his hand out to her.

‘Come,’ he said softly.

Kagome looked at his hand, and then over at the bed with its brightly coloured blankets and cushions. In her mind’s eye, she could see them lying on this bed, both naked, him above her, and the image sent a stab of raw need through her. Who had thought she could ever want another being so much? She had never, ever felt anything similar for Inu Yasha, and now she was feeling this so strongly for Sesshomaru …

Inu Yasha. His face replaced the image of her and Sesshomaru in front of her inner eye, and for a moment she felt guilty about what she was about to do. There was no outward need this time, no dragons she had to be saved from … Granted, the god, no, Shujin had demanded that she fulfil Sesshomaru’s every wish, but that did not mean she had to do it. Sesshomaru would understand, he would agree that being forced to do something by that Shujin guy was unacceptable …

No danger this time, no contract … no excuses. This time, it was her own choice. If she did this, she did it because she herself wanted it.

It would sever the last ties to Inu Yasha. If she did this now, she could never be with him. He might one day forgive her for letting Sesshomaru help her with the dragon problem. But this, she knew, he would never forgive.

She looked back up into Sesshomaru’s eyes, saw the hunger in their golden depths, the almost tender glow, and hesitated no longer. This was the end of her non-existent relationship with Inu Yasha. The thought that she would ever have a relationship with Sesshomaru was ludicrous, but right now he was hers and she wanted him. Right now, she could see in his eyes an emotion that she had never seen in Inu Yasha’s.

She raised her hand and laid it in his.

He smiled and helped her to get up, careful of her hurt ankle. He led her to the bed, supporting her steps, and the care he took brought tears to Kagome’s eyes. He was so considerate … He utterly confused her.

Then he stopped and turned to her, looking down at her with the hint of a smile. Kagome stopped thinking altogether.

He gently urged her to sit down on the soft mattress, then knelt in front of her, bringing their faces to an even level. She blinked, a little surprised at his gesture. But as he leaned in to kiss her, she closed her eyes, opened her lips, and lost herself in a flood of sensation.

His kiss was slow, gentle, but it made her heartbeat speed up. Her hands shook as she raised them to link behind his head. She felt the warmth he radiated, and the feeling of his body so tantalisingly close made her shiver. She tried to pull him closer, yearning for the sensation of his body pressed to hers.

He nipped softly on her lower lip and leaned in. His hand came to lie in the small of her back, supporting her. One finger began drawing lazy circles over her still covered skin.

Kagome sighed in pleasure while at the same time the hunger for more grew. He was still not close enough for her taste. She inched towards the edge of the mattress, closer to him. Her hands slid down to his shoulders. Her knees parted and he slid between her thighs. Finally she could feel him.

His chest came in touch with her breasts, and they both sighed at the contact. The tips of Kagome’s breasts prickled and hardened. A wave of heat rushed through her body and ended in a tingling between her legs. She moaned softly and tilted her head to deepen the kiss.

Sesshomaru’s hand brushed in a soft caress over her back. His fingertips lingered teasingly on the gentle rounding of her bottom, dipped into the cleft, then withdrew to rake up her back to her neck. He allowed his claws to scratch lightly over her skin.

Kagome shivered with pleasure and tangled her hands in his hair, revelling in its softness.

His hand slid over her shoulder and between their bodies to cup one breasts. He brushed his thumb over the little, hard nipple, rubbing the flimsy cloth of the kimono over the sensitive bud. She made a soft sound in the back of her throat and arched her body into his caress.

Sesshomaru nipped one last time on her lips, then dusted hot little kisses over her jaw to her ear. After one nip on the lobe, he pressed his lips to the spot of soft skin under it. She sighed appreciatively and he continued to worship her skin with lips and tongue.

Kagome hummed in contentment. She tilted her head slightly and kissed the tip of his pointed ear. A slight tremor ran through his body, and he bit her gently.

She kissed him again, then flicked her tongue over the tip. He growled softly. The sound sent a delicious shiver down her spine and made her feel pleasantly light-headed.

During their last encounters, she had been too shy and nervous to explore him and find out what he enjoyed. So she decided she would use this chance now to give him back the pleasure he gave to her. And as he apparently liked what she had done, she did it again.

He gave a low purr and gently squeezed the breast he was currently caressing, then went back to alternately kneading the soft flesh and lightly teasing the tip. The sensations these actions caused were different but both enjoyable, and when he rubbed his palm over the hard nipple, she gasped his name.

He looked up, his eyes bright under lowered lashes, a soft pink tingeing his high cheekbones. Kagome raised her hand to his face, tracing his markings, curious how they might feel.

His skin was incredibly soft to her touch, like pale silk. There was no difference in the texture of marked and unmarked skin, but the magenta streaks seemed warmer than the rest. She brushed the pad of her thumb over them, then traced them with two fingers back to where they disappeared into his hair.

A low growl rumbled in his chest, deeper and more feral than she had ever heard before.

Kagome started at the sound and drew back, casting a quick glance at him to see if she had done something wrong. But he gave no indication that he was displeased. His eyes had not changed from half-closed and glowing, and he sat perfectly still in front of her.

Breathless and a little nervous, she repeated the caress, eliciting the same, deep growl. But he did not move, did not even seem to breathe. Only the quivering of his nostrils showed he had not suddenly become petrified.

Kagome hesitated, licking her dry lips, and decided that he liked it. If he didn’t, he would surely have brushed her hand away and stopped her. She traced over the markings again, this time not as butterfly-soft as before but with a little more pressure; and then gasped as the skin under her fingers heated up.

The magenta of the markings darkened and a faint line of black appeared along their edges. Her eyes flew up to his. She gasped again as she looked directly into them, now wide open. They had darkened to an orangish-gold, one blink away from demonic red. The midnight-black pupils formed a stark contrast to the blazing fire around them, a fire that shot straight into her loins and set her inside ablaze.

He turned his head without breaking eye-contact and pressed his lips into her palm. Then he opened his mouth, revealing elongated fangs, and drew them over the pink skin. Kagome moaned softly.

He sat back on his haunches, and she whimpered in protest as his hand fell from her breast. She tugged on his shoulders to get him closer, yearning to feel him, and he was too far away.

But Sesshomaru resisted her urging. His eyes swept over her body. Suddenly, he smiled - a dangerous, fear-instilling sight. Kagome squirmed as lust coiled in her stomach.

His eyes travelled lower, to the apex of her thighs that was highlighted by the rosy shadows of her kimono. His thin nostrils flared as he breathed in; his eyes flashed red. Kagome held her breath, trembling in anticipation, but he did not move.


Her voice sounded unfamiliar in her ears, shaky and husky as it was. He raised his eyes to hers and licked his lips. She thought she would melt

‘This kimono suits you very well.’

His voice was even huskier than hers, deep and velvet-soft. It was enough to make liquid heat pool low in her body.

She flushed at his words, but not in mortification. The bright glow in his darkened eyes spoke volumes, and she discovered that she liked to please him. Whereas Shujin’s compliments had made her squirm, Sesshomaru’s appreciation made her tingle pleasantly in several places.

He watched her for a moment, then leaned closer.

‘Very well indeed,’ he whispered before he took one cloth-covered nipple in his mouth.

Kagome panted as tiny flashes of lust shot through her, then moaned at the sensation of heat and wetness, filtered and strangely intensified through the silk of her kimono. She grabbed his shoulders and moaned again as he began to suckle on her breast. Her head fell back. Her fingers twitched convulsively in the folds of his robes.

He let go of the one nipple and focused on the other, paying tribute with his lips, tongue and, gently, teasingly, his teeth. His hand found its place at the small of her back again, supporting her and keeping her sitting upright.

Kagome bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. Her hands wandered over his shoulders and down his back, revelling in the sensation of his hard body under the soft silk of his own kimono.

Sesshomaru lifted his head and cast her a smouldering glance from beneath his dark lashes. She held her breath.

‘Very well indeed,’ he repeated. Then, slowly, softly added, ‘But I remember you look better without clothes.’

Kagome moaned almost inaudibly. Her lashes fluttered and her lips parted. Memories flashed in front of her eyes, memories of both her and him without clothes, and the need to feel his naked body against hers rose.

‘So do you,’ she whispered back, amazed at her own audacity.

For a second, he seemed surprised. Then he grinned ferally, baring his fangs. The hungry expression in his eyes made her breath hitch. Waves of heat and longing rushed through her as he raised his hand to the knot that tied her kimono.

‘Allow me.’

She swallowed, then nodded. Slowly, he undid the knot and pulled the obi away. Then he proceeded to slowly peel the layers of the kimono off her, careful not to tear the flimsy material.

Kagome trembled with the tension he so deftly created, yearning for him to touch her, to feel his fingers on her skin. But he did not touch her, simply undressed her, and all she was capable of was to comply weakly when he ordered her to lift so that he could pull out another bit of cloth from underneath her.

Finally, he was done and tossed the kimono aside. Kagome sat on the edge of the mattress, tense and aroused, barely breathing, as he ran his burning eyes over her. Then, without warning, he pounced.

Kagome fell back onto the mattress with a surprised squeak that quickly turned into a throaty groan as she felt his lips on her bare skin.

He hovered above her, his body not touching hers, attacking her with his lips, teeth, and tongue. He licked and nibbled his way down her body, kissing every inch of her skin, from her neck over her breasts down her stomach and her legs, sparing only the one part where she ached most for his touch. Then he flipped her over and continued his assault on her back, flicking his tongue over her skin and scratching her with his fangs, turning her into a trembling, moaning mess.

She was lost in a storm of sensations, barely conscious and weak with desire when he flipped her on her back again. She almost didn’t feel him trail his claws over her body, and only when he laid his palm flat on her thigh and pushed did she open her eyes to look at him.

He was crouched between her spread legs, still completely dressed, his hair fanning over his shoulders in a silvery curtain. His fine nostrils quivered with every deep breath he took. His lashes were lowered; he followed the way his hand took up her thigh with his eyes.

Kagome whimpered softly as those elegant fingers brushed over her, touching and yet not really touching.

His lashes rose, and she looked directly into his eyes. They were dark and determined. Kagome’s lips opened as her breath caught in her throat.

Sesshomaru blinked, then – to her utter amazement – flashed her a grin and lowered his head.

A scream was ripped from her throat as she felt his lips, then his hot, rough tongue on her clit. Her back arched, her head fell back. She closed her eyes and tangled both hands in Sesshomaru’s silver mane to hold him in place, draw him closer. Her hips surged up uncontrollably.

He growled softly and flicked his tongue over the tender nub. She moaned, writhing under his caress.

He sucked gently, and she sobbed, her whole body arching upwards, tensing. She could feel the glorious peak drawing closer with every heartbeat.

Then she felt a finger at the entrance to her body, circling and teasing. Unintelligible words fell from her lips; her fingers tightened in his hair. The finger slipped in, withdrew, dipped in again, then was joined by another.

Kagome sobbed. Her body vibrated like a tightly wound spring. She was so close to heaven it actually hurt.

Then he curled his fingers inside of her, pressed upwards, and with a long wail she exploded.

Gasping for breath and trembling, she fell back onto the mattress. Her hands released the death-grip on his hair and flopped down at her sides. She felt boneless, liquid. She was drifting in the warm sea, rocked gently by the waves.

After aeons of mindless drifting she felt something tickle her face and languidly opened her eyes. He was once more hovering above her, gazing down at her. A few strands of his slightly mussed hair had fallen into her face. She blinked them away and smiled at him.

But her smile quickly faded as she saw the deep red colour of his irises and then the tension in his features and shoulders. A warm shiver of renewed desire ran through her body. She knew what this meant; he wanted her but was holding back.

Kagome lifted her hand and cupped his cheek, brushing her thumb over his slightly opened lips, feeling his sharp fangs. She opened her mouth to tell him to not hold back but paused. A sudden idea had occurred to her. And before she had time to re-think it, she pushed against his shoulders and whispered, ‘Your turn.’

Sesshomaru drew in a sharp breath and froze. Kagome pressed her hands flat against his chest, pushing gently. After a few more, breathless moments, he moved.

Sitting back on his haunches, he stared at her. His lips trembled as if he didn’t know whether to smile or to snarl. His hand curled into a fist on his thigh.

Kagome smiled breathlessly at him. Vaguely she wondered whether she ought to be afraid, but all she could feel was curiosity and desire and the wish to give him pleasure.

Her fingers slipped down his broad chest to the sash around his waist. To her own surprise her hands did not shake. With deft movements she loosened the knot that held his kimono. When it was open, she tugged on one end of the long sash, slowly pulling it away. The white silk of the kimono rustled softly as the garment fell open.

Kagome tossed the sash aside and raised her hands to Sesshomaru’s shoulders. She slipped her hands under the hem, sighing softly as she felt his hot, smooth skin underneath her palms, and began to slowly slip the wispy cloth off his body.

His hand snapped up and grabbed her wrist, detaining her. Kagome looked up at him. There was a tiny crease between his brows, and his mouth was set in a thin line. He looked forbidding. And yet, she was not afraid. The set of his shoulders, the quivering of his nostrils and the heat he radiated told her he had not stopped her because he did not want her to undress him. But rather because she was severely trying his self-control.

Kagome smiled into his dark eyes and tugged her wrist out of his grip.

‘No,’ she whispered. ‘I will do it.’

He stared back at her, hard. But then his lashes fluttered down which she took as a sign of his acquiescence. She smiled again and, with her body beginning to tingle again, brushed his kimono off his shoulders. It fell down in a soft whisper at his sides and he grabbed it and threw it aside.

Kagome did not even notice. She was too enraptured by the sight of his bare chest.

Broad shoulders and defined muscles, more masculine than Inu Yasha’s slender body. Magenta stripes slashed across his hipbones and dipped into areas still covered by his hakama. She took a deep breath, licked her suddenly dry lips, and raised her hands to his chest.

The skin was soft and incredibly warm. And it reacted it an amazing way, shivering wherever she touched. Fascinated, Kagome trailed her hands over his body, outlining muscles with her fingertips, brushing over his pale, hardened nipples – a move that got her a deep growl – and down over his flat stomach. Towards the strings that held his hakama.

Somewhere in her mind Kagome knew she ought to be embarrassed. Here she was, naked, undressing an obviously aroused male. A male that could kill her in a heartbeat, which is why she ought to be afraid. But she was neither embarrassed nor afraid. She was curious and determined and feeling an odd, female satisfaction.

When her fingers had loosened the strings and she started to push his hakama down, he growled again. Deeper, more threatening than before. It was definitely a warning. Kagome paused, looking at him. He was flushed; his lips were curled back in a feral snarl; his hand, clenched in a fist by his side, was slightly trembling. Definitely fighting for self-control.

Kagome couldn’t help the brilliant smile. She raised her hands again and pushed against his chest.

‘Lay down,’ she told him huskily.

He hesitated, still growling softly. She pushed again.

‘Lay down, relax.’

Slowly, he complied, never once taking his eyes off her. When he was stretched out on his back, Kagome hurried to remove his boots, and then, before either of them had the time to think about it, pulled down his trousers.

He hissed on a sharp intake of breath and tried to sit up.

‘No, no,’ Kagome protested. She tossed his trousers aside. ‘Lay down.’ She gazed into red his eyes. ‘My turn,’ she added softly. ‘And you will let me do it.’

He snarled at her but lay back down. Kagome exhaled and moved closer to him, letting her eyes rake over his naked form. And now, finally, she was embarrassed at the sight of his erection. She had not seen it last time and was happy that she hadn’t. She would never have believed it could fit.

But she knew it did, deliciously so, and the memory made desire coil in her stomach and liquid heat pool low in her body. Sesshomaru purred.

The sound brought her back, and she realised he was lying there, waiting for her to act. She had to bite her lip to suppress a moan and bent forwards.

She did not have much experience as far as pleasing a partner was concerned, only the one night with him. But she had liked what he had done with her, so she imitated his caresses. Shyly at first, but immensely encouraged by his soft growls and moans, she explored his broad chest with her fingertips and her lips, touching every inch of skin, and showering him with kisses.

Soon she forgot to think about what would please him and simply followed her instincts. She teased his nipples, twirling her tongue around first one and then the other while letting her fingers wander further down. At his pleased groan, she carefully took one nipple between her teeth and pulled. He hissed and his body shuddered underneath her. Delighted with the reaction, she did the same with the other nipple. He hissed again.

Kagome smiled against his skin and trailed her lips down to his stomach. His muscles twitched, and then she felt something hard and hot and slightly moist press against her thigh. She licked her lips and glanced down. A sigh escaped her. Beautiful. There was really no other word to describe him.

With a quick glance at his face she slid further down and knelt between his spread legs. He was watching her every move intently, making her feel slightly nervous and self-conscious. But he did nothing to stop her, simply looked at her. As if he was daring her.

Kagome didn’t hesitate. She bent down and dipped her tongue into his navel, and then kissed her way further down his body while she wrapped one hand around his erection. It felt hot and heavy in her hand, hard and soft and absolutely incredible.

Sucking lightly on the spot where the marking on his hip ended just above his groin, she let her hand slide over his erection, explored it from the moist tip to the hard base. He acknowledged every move with a soft moan.

Feeling bold, Kagome kissed her way from the end of his markings to the base of his shaft. He groaned loudly as her tongue twirled around it. She hesitated for a second, cast another short glance up at his face, and then sucked the tip into her mouth.

An almost vicious-sounding snarl was ripped from his curled lips. His hips bucked up with such a force she was almost thrown backwards, but at the same time he tangled his hand in her hair and held her head in place.

Kagome panicked for a moment, but when he did not push her down or thrust up again, she relaxed; and wondered if she actually could make him cry out loud.

A smug, female voice inside told her to try, and Kagome twirled her tongue around the hard heat in her mouth. Sesshomaru growled. His fingers in her hair clenched.

Kagome wrapped both hands around his erection and slid her tongue over the smooth head. It tasted salty.

He twitched in her hands, and she felt a vein throb against her palms. Leaning down, she traced it with the tip of her tongue. With one hand she held the hard shaft steady while the other teased and flirted with the velvety, slightly moist head. He gave a strangled groan as his hips surged upwards. The hand tugged on her hair.

But Kagome wasn’t to be hurried. Doing what she did was too much fun, and she continued to tease and torture him with lips and tongue and fingertips and at one time even – very, very gently – teeth. It caused him to arch on the bed and hiss, and when she sucked apologetically on the abused skin, a ragged roar was torn from his throat.

Hot moisture trickled over her hand, and she looked up at Sesshomaru’s face. His eyes were almost shut, but she could see their red glow from under his black lashes. The stripes on his cheeks seemed almost black, and he had once more torn his lips open with his fangs. His whole body was tense. Her hand on his erection tightened, and he snarled.

Kagome gripped him tighter even and, with a twist of her wrist, slid her hand down to the base. She bent back down; her hair fell in a raven curtain over his thighs and spilled onto the brightly orange blanket.

She wrapped her lips around the purple head and sucked it deep into her mouth. Her hand moved up and down, holding him tightly, and she added a twist to the motion every now and then.

Sesshomaru’s deeps growls sounded oddly breathless. His hips followed her movements. His fingers caressed her neck. He was trembling visibly now.

Kagome once more twirled her tongue around the tip of his erection and then sucked vigorously. Her hand moved in a sharp, upward twist.

He arched up from the mattress with a wild howl, hips thrusting uncontrollably as he climaxed.

Kagome, not suspecting this, jerked back as something hot hit the roof of her mouth. She choked, and then blinked as he spilled his seed over her jaw and breasts. Her hand jerked up to wipe to blobs off her face. Then, instinctively, she licked her fingers clean, tasting. Salty, tangy, odd, but not gross. Kagome smiled softly at him.

Sesshomaru had fallen back onto the bed, still panting hard. His heavy-lidded eyes glowed golden again, and the deep red of his markings had become lighter. Kagome’s smiled widened as she brought her other hand up, soiled with his seed, and meticulously licked it clean as well.

There was a new flicker of red in his eyes, yet before she had time to enjoy her triumph, she was pushed back down onto the bed. Blinking, she looked up at him, crouching predatorily above her. She gasped as she saw his grin. An excited tremor ran through her and ignited the flames of desire. And then she was once more drowned in a flood of emotions, of excitement, as he bent down and teased and caressed her with soft lips, hot moist tongue and wickedly sharp fangs.

He seemed to touch her everywhere at the same time. His fingers burned on her breasts; his claws traced lines of fire down her stomach; his lips seared her between her legs. Soon, she was twisting on the soft sheets, her head thrown back and eyes closed, her hands deeply tangled into his hair. Her mouth had fallen open and soft, breathy, desperate sounds ghosted over her rosy lips.

The need to feel him, the ache inside of her grew so strong she sobbed his name in a plea for more, for fulfilment. She begged him to come to her, and he shivered in response. Slowly, reluctantly, he drew beg and then propped himself up above her body. Kagome whimpered at the loss and her lashes fluttered open.

It was all darkness around her, and for a moment she was disorientated, but then her eyes adjusted. Slowly her lust-clouded mind registered that his body was blocking most of the light from her and all she could see were his red eyes, staring at her out of the darkness. It was an eerie sight.

He moved ever so slightly, shifting to balance his bodyweight on his single hand. The darkness became tinged in soft-orange, and Kagome’ breath froze painfully in her chest.

The light from the lamps hanging down from the ceiling cast a golden glow over his pale skin. Little bright stars danced on his hair. His face was half in shadow, half bathed in the muted light.

She tried to swallow, but her throat was parched. Her eyes drank him in, broad shoulders, fine-chiselled muscles, smooth skin without flaws, without scars save the markings on his face and wrists and hips. They had darkened to such a deep red they seemed black.

Her eyes wandered up to his face and a soft, almost pained sound escaped her throat. A shiver ran down her spine, a shiver of terror that only sharpened her desire.

His eyes blazed crimson, his snarling lips revealed his fangs. The half-moon on his brow seemed to glow; his features had changed almost imperceptively, but he looked more demonic than she had ever before seen him.

Kagome’s fingers dug into his shoulders as she arched breathlessly against him, her eyes never leaving his.

Sesshomaru shifted again and moved slightly back, kneeling between her thighs. She moaned and spread her legs, lifting her hips from her bed, inviting him in. He snarled at her, and she whimpered softly as she felt him at the entrance to her body.

He tossed his head back, giving a short, bark-like sound. The light glistened on his hair that moved in cascades over his shoulders and back.

Kagome looked up at him. She could see him perfectly in that suspended moment; a demon, feral, dangerous, with a too beautiful body that seemed to be mocked by his missing arm and a face that seemed to stem from a nightmare.

In this one, suspended, perfect moment Kagome was sure she had never seen anything as beautiful as Sesshomaru.

Then he slammed into her body. She threw her head back and screamed. He continued moving in wild and unrestrained thrusts, and she wrapped her legs around his hips to draw him deeper.

Suddenly she felt his teeth at her throat, his lips ghosting over her skin. Kagome twined her arms around his shoulders in a vice-like grip and bucked her hips up into his continuing thrusts. His breath was a hot hiss in her ear.

There seemed to be words; she felt his lips moving as though he was speaking, but she could not hear anything above the thundering of her blood in her ears and her wild, abandoned cries.

He growled her name, demanding, urging, and she answered mindlessly.

‘Yes, yes, yes …’

His speed seemed to increase, and the fiery waves of unrestrained desire enveloped her, drowned her. She felt the tension inside rising, rising higher with each move he made, and the world faded and all that existed was the burning, burning fire that consumed her until, at last, the red flames exploded into white-hot stars. From very far away she heard his satiated howl before everything went dark.

Divine Concubine

A InuYasha Story
by CiraArana

Part 9 of 11

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