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Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 27 of 55

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He could hear his blood rushing through his body—he could feel the erratic pace with his eardrums as his heart pounded fiercely. King Randor pulled his hand away from his son's cheek and placed it on the floor firmly to catch himself. He knew he was on the verge of passing out again, but he could not, would not allow that to happen. Right now, he wanted everyone's attention on Adam.

"Randor?" questioned Marlena, as she kneeled behind him and wrapped an arm around his chest. He knew she could tell something was wrong.

"Call the Royal Physician," he whispered. "We need to get Adam to the infirmary."

Marlena looked at Duncan who was already speaking on his comlink. Once he was through, he said, "He and his assistants are on their way now."

"They're coming, Randor," the queen assured her husband as she tried to get him to lean back against her.

The king refused to rest. He pulled away from Marlena and reached for Adam's hand. "What happened?" he asked. "You said Adam won, so why is he like this?"

Adora answered, "When you passed out, Adam had already won. He turned to come to us. I believe he wanted to check on you, but Skeletor pushed him from behind. We know that hit from Beastman hurt Adam already, so I think he wasn't able to catch himself as he fell. He hit his head again."

Randor squeezed his eyes shut and grimaced. Once again he had hurt his son without meaning to, and this time, it was physical. Would his mistakes never end? "I'm sorry, son," he whispered as he squeezed Adam's hand. When he reopened his eyes, he noticed the Royal Physician and a number of his assistants rushing into the throne room with two gurneys. "Why are there two?" he questioned aloud.

Man-at-Arms, knowing his king wouldn't like the answer, replied, "You're getting checked out, too, Sire." At the king's frown, he continued, "I know you don't want to, but we can't ignore the fact that you passed out."

"Adam is more important right now," countered the king. "I want him to be everyone's number one priority."

The doctor wisely chose to kneel beside Adam and check his pulse. When he was through, he said, "I can manage you both, Your Majesty."

Randor opened his mouth to complain but Marlena quickly interjected, "So, the only question left is whether you will get on that gurney of your own free will or will I have to tell the guard to force you to get on it?"

Shocked at his wife's efficacy because he knew she meant it, Randor widened his eyes and then stuttered, "Uh, I—I…I'll get it on it."

"Good boy," she whispered as she stood up and extended her hand to her husband to help pull him up.

Randor slowly got to his feet and sat on the gurney as they lowered it to the ground. Instead of lying back, he watched Adam being assessed.

The doctor flashed a small light in each of Adam's eyes as he held them open. He then proceeded to rub his fingers throughout the prince's hair to feel his scalp. When the doctor reached the back of his head, Adam breathed in sharply and groaned.

"Prince Adam?" the doctor questioned. When he received no answer, he continued checking his patient. Mindful of the area he had just found, he ran his fingers over it lightly. It felt soft, like squishy foam. When he brought his fingers to the front, he found another similar spot to the right of his forehead. He then proceeded to make notes on a pad he brought and stood up. "I'll do a more thorough check when we get to the lab," he said, "but for right now I want to give the prince a head-screening. He's obviously suffered two powerful hits to his head."

Marlena nodded and replied, "Whatever you want is fine."

The doctor then turned to Randor as his assistants lowered the second gurney to the ground and lifted Adam onto it gently. "As for you, my king, we are going to run a multitude of tests. Man-at-Arms informed me that you fainted."

"I'm fine," the king insisted. "I was simply stressed out because Adam was fighting Beastman."

The doctor shrugged as if the news were insignificant. And, really, it was. "Regardless, we're going to find out what exactly caused it, so lie back."

Recognizing that neither his wife nor his doctor was going to let him do anything else, he complied.


As King Randor and Prince Adam were being rolled out of the room, Teela, who had been sleeping in the corner of the throne room the entire time, woke up. She saw the king and prince and immediately sat up. Despite feeling a little queasy, she called out, "Adam? Your Majesty?"

No one answered her as they left the room. She quickly began to stand when someone stopped her movements by pushing her back down. She looked up and saw that it was her father. "Everything is all right now," he assured her.

"How can you say that?" she cried. "Why are the king and Adam being carried out of here?"

Man-at-Arms knew she wouldn't rest until she knew what was going on, so he decided to give her the condensed version, "Adam fought Beastman to save you. He won, but Skeletor took a cheap shot and pushed him to the ground. He pumped his head and passed out. As for King Randor, the excitement caused him to pass out. At least that's my theory for right now. They're heading to the infirmary to be tested."

Teela simply gaped at her father in complete shock.

Duncan stared back and began to worry a little when he noticed she wasn't blinking. "Teela?" he questioned as he shook her a little.

Teela then quickly closed her eyes and reopened them. "Adam fought Beastman to save me?" she questioned.

Man-at-Arms nodded with a little smile. "You should have seen him, Teela," he whispered. "You would have been so proud. He's obviously paying attention during your combat lessons. Beastman didn't know what hit him."

Teela continued to stare at her father silently, but then she abruptly covered her face with her hands.

"Teela?" her father questioned again.

The Captain of the Guard quickly shook her head and then brought her hands down to look at him. "Father, I'm supposed to be protecting him, not the other way around!" she cried.

Man-at-Arms quickly pulled his daughter to him, hugged her, and said, "You and Adam are friends, and he was worried about you. He had the chance to save you, so he took it. I'm grateful as you should be."

Teela pulled back and met her father's gaze. She didn't know how to feel about the turn of events, but there was one thing she wanted to do. She exclaimed, "We have to get to the infirmary! I have to see him!" She quickly stood up and ran from the room with Man-at-Arms close on her heels.


King Randor frowned as he lay reclined on the bed and stared at the monitor at his side. The machine had numerous wires which were currently attached to his chest—they were monitoring his heart. "How long do I have to be hooked up to this?" he questioned.

Marlena—the only other person in the room—smirked and replied, "For however long the doctor says." As her husband's frown deepened, she continued, "You were the one who made a habit out of yelling and getting upset, so now you must deal with the consequences."

The king nodded reluctantly and said, "I suppose you're right. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't stopping me from being with Adam right now."

The queen, who was sitting in a chair beside the bed, reached out, patted him on the leg, and assured him, "He'll be here as soon as they're through with their tests. We have to be patient, Randor. We don't want anyone to miss anything because we were rushing them."

"You're quite right, my dear," he said as he grabbed her hand from his leg, intertwined their fingers, and held it softly. "I'm just a little anxious."

"Trust me, we all are," she whispered.

At that moment, the doors to the room opened and a bed carrying the sleeping prince was pushed inside.

"Put it next to mine," ordered Randor.

The nurses didn't hesitate as they lowered the side railing on both their beds and pushed them together. Immediately, Randor reached over to touch Adam, but the doctor came into the room and asked, "Why don't you let him rest for a little bit?"

The king's hand hung in midair for a moment before he decided to do as the doctor wished. "Do you have any results?" he asked, figuring that was what the doctor wanted to discuss.

He nodded. "I do not believe there is any permanent damage. He has two concussions, but we're going to monitor him to make sure he doesn't have any brain hemorrhages. When you talk to him over the next few days, if he seems incoherent and forgets things that he should readily know, tell me immediately."

The royal couple nodded their agreement silently, and the doctor took this opportunity to go to the heart monitor and look at the current readings. "Everything seems fine so far," he observed.

"I told you so," replied Randor, smirking at Marlena.

"We're not taking any chances," she chastised.

And, the doctor agreed, "No, we are not." As he walked to the door, making more notes on his pad, he turned to the Royal Family and said, "The waiting room is getting quite full. Are you up to seeing any visitors?"

"It depends on who they are," responded the king.

"The better question is who isn't out there," the doctor joked.

Marlena smiled and said, "In that case, I'll go and thank everyone for their concern." She then turned to her husband and continued, "I know Adora is out there and dying to see you and her brother, so I'll bring her in shortly. What about Man-at-Arms and Teela?"

The king nodded and answered, "They will be fine, as well."

As the doctor and queen left the room, Randor looked over at Adam. He immediately scooted over to rest beside him. "Adam?" he whispered as he touched his face lightly by brushing his chin with his fingers.

Slowly, Adam opened his eyes. The relief that Randor felt quickly ceased when Adam attempted to look at him and then grimaced in obvious pain.

"Adam?" questioned the king louder than he had earlier.

"The room is spinning," the prince explained as he closed his eyes. It was worse than it had been on prior days when it was from mere exhaustion. "I'm going to be sick."

"Breathe in deeply through your nose," said Randor softly, "and then out through your mouth slowly." The king reached for a bedpan that was resting on a table beside his bed.

The prince did as he was told and soon settled down. He opened his eyes warily and looked at his father. "Thank you," he whispered.

As the king nodded and put the pan back on the table, the door opened and Marlena, Adora, Duncan, and Teela walked into the room. Everyone smiled when they saw the prince's opened eyes.

"Adam!" exclaimed Adora as she quickly ran to her brother's side of the adjoined bed.

"Careful," warned Randor. "He's dizzy, so don't jerk the bed around too much."

Moving much more carefully, Adora slipped into the bed beside Adam, flung an arm around his waist, and rested her head on his shoulder.

Immediately, Adam smiled, lifted his right arm so she could burrow in more comfortably, and wrapped his arm around her. He rubbed her back a few times and whispered, "I'm so glad to see you, sis."

"And, I'm so glad to see you awake," replied Adora. She looked up and noticed he had closed his eyes. Knowing that he wasn't feeling well, she continued, "I hope you know I'm not leaving Eternia until you're out of this bed and back on your feet again."

Adam opened his eyes even though he didn't look down at her. "Good," he said jokingly, "now I'll have an excuse to never get up."

Adora laughed, and soon the king and queen joined in, as well.

At that moment, Teela stepped forward and stood in front of her prince. "Adam," she said, making sure she had his attention. When their eyes met, she continued, "I just wanted to thank you for saving my life."

Adam smiled at her warmly. "No thanks is necessary," he said softly, "but you are welcome."

Teela nodded, looked down, and skimmed her left foot against the tile. When she looked up again, she added, "I hope you feel better soon. I can't stand you being hurt because of me."

"It wasn't because of you, Teela," insisted Adam. "Besides, to have you back safe and sound, it's completely worth having a few dizzy days." The two stared at each other for a moment and soon each was blushing.

"Uh…well, I guess I'll let you get some rest, Your Majesties. Adam, I'll stop by again sometime soon," she said, stepping towards the door and slipping outside.

When the door closed, Marlena smiled knowingly and said, "My, she didn't even let us say good-bye."

Duncan walked to the bed and explained, "She's upset about Adam. She doesn't like that he rescued her instead of the other way around."

Adam laughed a little and then winced at the throbbing sensation it caused in his head and the appearance of the room spinning again. "She'll get over it," he gasped out.

"Are you okay, son?" the king questioned.

"Yeah," he grunted and started breathing the way his father had told him to earlier.

At that moment, a nurse came into the room and went to King Randor's side of the bed. "Okay, let's take your blood pressure," he said. Once he was through, he jotted down the numbers and went to Adam's side of the bed and did the same. He then rubbed the prince's arm and said questioningly, "My prince?"

When Adam looked at him, the nurse asked, "Do you know where you are?"

"The Royal Palace," he answered.

"What's your name?"


"Who's your father?"

"King Randor."

The nurse nodded and jotted down a few more notes. When he looked up, he noticed everyone's questioning look. He quickly explained, "We're making sure there's no bleeding. We will ask questions periodically to make sure everything's okay. I believe the doctor mentioned that you should let him know if he becomes incoherent or forgets things he should know prior to hitting his head."

The king and queen nodded while Adora looked worriedly at her brother. Adam noticed and whispered, "I'm fine, sis."

When the nurse walked out, Duncan excused himself and left, as well. Once they were alone, Randor looked at his children and said, "So, it looks like we're all going to be here for a while. What would you like to talk about?"

Adora shrugged while Adam answered, "To tell the truth, I want to go to sleep." He yawned and then mumbled, "I feel like I could sleep for a year."

Randor smiled and said, "Then, go to sleep. I might even join you."

"Me, too," Adora and Marlena agreed. Both women laughed and then Marlena added, "None of us managed to sleep well last night thanks to Skeletor. Since we're all here together, I think now would be the best time."

With that, Marlena climbed into the bed on her husband's side. Randor scooted over closer to Adam, wrapped his arm around him, and pulled him on his side and to him slowly. Adora quickly pressed herself against Adam's back and wrapped her arm around his waist while Marlena did the same to Randor.

"Is everyone comfortable?" questioned Randor, trying to make sure they could all fit.

When everyone said "yes," they grew quiet until Adam stirred and said, "Wait. I can't go to sleep yet."

"What?" asked his mother.

"Why?" questioned his father.

"Where's Cringer?" he asked. He started lifting his head but then dropped it with a groan.

Adora quickly jumped out of bed and answered, "We left him in the waiting room with Orko. We didn't think they'd let an animal back here. I'll see if he's still there and sneak him in."

Less than a minute later, Adora walked in and a green and yellow tiger sprang onto the bed. "Adam!" cried Cringer. He then strattled Adam's body as he walked to his master's head and began to lick the side of his face frantically.

"CRINGER!" yelled the Adam, laughingly, getting onto his pet. "That's enough!"

Cringer stopped and said, "I was so worried, Adam."

The prince smiled. "I know, old buddy. I'm okay. We were just about to go to sleep, but I had to make sure you were okay first."

"I'm fine," the tiger replied, "and sleep sure does sound good right about now." He yawned and immediately walked to the foot of the bed to lie across everyone's feet.

Adam chuckled, already knowing that would be Cringer's response, and said, "I'm so glad you agree." He looked at his father and said, "Everyone is here. Now, we can go to sleep."

King Randor smiled at his son as Adora got back into bed. He then sat up, spread out and pulled the sheets over everyone, and then resumed his former position. With his wife at his back and him holding on to his son and daughter, he felt more content in that moment than he had in weeks.


Skeletor, lost in deep contemplation, tapped his fingers against the council table rapidly. Most of his followers were in the room and only Beastman, Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, Mer-Man, and Tri-Klops were seated. Everyone else was standing.

No one uttered a word, because they were afraid to attract Skeletor's attention after their defeat at the Royal Palace. Their attempt was futile because eventually Skeletor turned his attention to each warrior and appeared to scrutinize them all carefully before finally reaching Beastman.

Beastman was the only one who didn't notice Skeletor's actions. He had buried his face into his hands and was propping his whole body on his elbows against the table. He felt horrible physically and knowing that Skeletor was furious at him for his losing to Prince Adam again didn't help him feel any better mentally.

"Tell me, Beastman," said Skeletor, finally scaring everyone into jumping at the sound of his voice, "how does it feel to be beaten once again by Prince Adam?"

Beastman sat back in his seat and groaned at the motion. His head was killing him. "Not good, Skeletor," he answered. "The prince had more fight in him than I imagined."

Skeletor stood in response. He was tempted to stun Beastman with an energy bolt but decided he'd let him fret over what his punishment would be for a little while longer. He met Evil Lyn's eyes and said, "I want you to go back to the Royal Palace."

"But Skeletor," she cried, "the guard will be on full alert! I cannot do anything…"

"Silence!" ordered Skeletor loudly. "I want you to go there and find out what is happening with King Randor and Prince Adam. I want to know their conditions. Do not come back until you know." He kept his eyes on her until she reluctantly bowed and left the room.

Skeletor sat back down and started speaking aloud to no one in particular. "He-Man didn't show up during the fight, and neither did that woman. They usually show up within minutes of my attacking any member of the Royal Family. He was there earlier when Prince Adam escaped. Where did he go, and why did he not come back?"

Tri-Klops ventured to answer. "Perhaps, he didn't know we came back."

"But he always seems to know," replied Skeletor softly. It was obvious he was still scrutinizing the day's events carefully. He then laughed almost cheerfully as he concluded, "I believe we have rattled him and he is making mistakes as a result." He looked around at his minions and asked, "So, what do we do next?"

As Skeletor laughed again, everyone looked at each other questioningly.

Trap Jaw asked, "Uh, attack Castle Grayskull again?"

"No, you fool!" snapped Skeletor. "Attacking Grayskull would only rile He-Man and She-Ra!"

"I thought that's what we wanted to do," stated Mer-Man, looking at Trap Jaw who merely shrugged.

"I believe it is time to change our focus," replied Skeletor, "to a more deserving and enjoyable individual."

When silence pervaded the room, Skeletor sighed, grumbled at their lack of intelligence, and said, "Prince Adam, of course."

Beastman groaned and said, "Why are we messing with him?"

Now, the brute did receive the energy bolt he was owed. Beastman yelled out in pain as Skeletor set his Havoc Staff back down. "Don't you see Prince Adam is the key? He's at the center of all the torment we could inflict. Haven't you learned anything today?" When he was once again met with blank stares, he explained, "When we attack Prince Adam, it affects all our enemies: in a single action, I hit King Randor, Queen Marlena, his sister, He-Man, She-Ra, Man-at-Arms, and the Captain of the Guard. They all crumble at the thought of the prince being hurt or taken. He-Man showed up to rescue the prince today. She-Ra tried to rescue him last night. We caught Teela when she was trying to look for him, no doubt. Did you see how King Randor and Man-at-Arms volunteered to take the prince's place in my bargain? Everything we do to him affects the others."

When Skeletor started laughing again, the others joined in, as well. They knew he was right: attacking Prince Adam would affect the others and it would be more pleasing than attacking Grayskull and He-Man. They could harm Prince Adam far easier than they ever could He-Man. They looked forward to the opportunity.

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 27 of 55

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