Continuing Tales

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 28 of 55

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Teela left the infirmary and was surprised to see all the bustle rushing down the corridor. She stood close to the wall and stayed there to avoid getting pushed around by everyone. The palace had never seemed so busy before!

"Did you hear what happened?" Teela heard Lady Amanda telling Lady Ashley as they walked by. "Prince Adam fought Beastman and won!"

Teela grimaced at the reminder of the days' events and that she had once again been negligent in her duty as Prince Adam's bodyguard. While she slept, he had been fighting for his life…and hers. She turned in the opposite direction to go to her bedchambers when she heard another conversation by two members of the guard:

"He punched Beastman right in the face! Old Fuzzface never knew what hit him and you should have seen old Bonehead's face! He didn't think the prince had any fight in him. I always knew he did, of course. It's just that he's a prince, you know—he's supposed to be refined and cultured. Princes aren't supposed to be ruffians. I bet no one will make the mistake of thinking he can't fight again!"

Teela stopped moving and squeezed her eyes shut. The whole kingdom would know by the end of the day! Before she could listen in on the conversation of another group of people walking by, she felt someone clutch her shoulder firmly.

"Are you all right?" she heard the concerned voice ask.

Teela turned around and met her father's gaze. "I don't know," she answered truthfully, not surprised that he had left the infirmary to follow her and undoubtedly talk about what had happened.

Duncan immediately pulled his daughter to a nearby bench and made her sit down. When he joined her, he asked, "Are you still feeling the effects of Kobra Khan's sleep gas?"

"No," she answered with a shake of her head. "I just…I don't know if I can handle this, Father."

At Man-at-Arm's questioning gaze, she explained, "Everyone is talking about it. Everyone knows Adam fought Beastman today. I suppose I should be proud. Like you said earlier, our combat lessons have paid off…but Father, I can't shake the feeling that I let Adam and the king down."

Before Duncan could reply, two more courtiers, who were speaking loudly, walked by. "I always knew we were wasting our time," pouted Lady Luciana. "I always suspected Prince Adam and Captain Teela had something going on with one another and this only proves it. He wouldn't have fought for anyone but her."

"I know," agreed Lady Morgan.

Duncan grabbed Teela's hand and said, "Don't let them rattle you, much less yourself. You haven't let anyone down. As a matter of fact, I know the king will be pleased when given the chance to think about it. Adam has gained some valuable fighting skills from you—that alone shows you haven't failed in your duty to anyone."

Teela heard her father's words but she couldn't respond. She continued to watch Lady Luciana and Lady Morgan walk down the hall until they disappeared around the corner. She kept repeating their conversation in her mind. "Everyone thinks Adam and I have something going on," she whispered.

Man-at-Arms heard her and tried to calm her. "Don't let it bother you, my daughter. You know how ladies of the court can be: they love to spread gossip amongst themselves. It will die down in a few days, and they'll forget their words and resume trying to win Adam's affections, as usual."

Teela whipped her head to her father at his words and narrowed her eyes in annoyance.


Adam awoke to the shrilling sound of some kind of machine going off. "What on Eternia?" he questioned as he covered his ears and saw Cringer cringing at the foot of the bed, doing the same.

The room instantly filled with members of the medical staff as they rushed to the bed. "Your Majesty!" one of the nurses exclaimed.

Adam immediately looked at his father's face and noticed his closed eyes. "Is it possible to sleep through all this racket?" he asked himself, becoming increasingly alarmed while ignoring the constant spinning of the room. "FATHER!" he yelled loudly. He also pushed on the king because he feared something was horribly wrong.

King Randor jumped in his sleep, sat up, and covered his ears. "What in the name of the Ancients?" he yelled, as he looked at his wife who also had her ears covered and then turned to observe that Adam and Adora doing the same.

The Royal Physician ran into the room and quickly flipped off the king's heart monitor. "It seems you accidentally unhooked yourself," he said as way of explanation. He quickly followed the wires from the machine but stopped when he realized they were under Queen Marlena. "I obviously wasn't expecting you to share your beds with so many people or I would have taped the wires down a lot better."

The queen blushed and was about to get up to move out of the doctor's way, but Randor quickly wrapped his arm around his wife and held her to his side. "We didn't get the chance to sleep last night, and considering what took place this morning, I wasn't about to allow anyone to leave my sight."

The doctor nodded and said, "Of course, I don't blame you, Your Majesty." He then proceeded to look at the monitor's findings and wrote on his pad.

After a few moments, the doctor turned his attention to the prince. He walked over and used his fingers to widen each of Adam's eyes as he looked at them with a small light. "Do you know where you are in the palace specifically?" he asked when he was through.

"The infirmary."

"Who is the court magician?"


"What's your sister's name?"

After a slight pause where he almost looked discombobulated, he whispered, "Adora."

The doctor nodded and wrote a little more on his pad.

"Does this mean we'll be able to leave the infirmary today?" asked Randor. He was relieved Adam seemed coherent and able to answer the doctor's questions.

In response, the doctor grabbed a stool and rolled it over next to the bed. It was obvious he was preparing for a lengthy conversation.

Randor looked at Marlena with widened eyes. Her expression mirrored his, and they both pursed their lips as they turned their attention back to the doctor.

"I suppose it would be all right to release you, Your Majesty. It appears you didn't have a heart attack and none of the tests have picked up anything abnormal."

The king started to smile and was on the verge of boasting when the doctor interjected, "But that doesn't mean there isn't a problem. I can't guarantee that. And, even if there isn't yet, a problem could develop. Your blood pressure was elevated when we brought you in earlier. Yes, I know that was due to the situation, but if half the rumors spreading throughout the palace is true, you and Adam have been under a lot of stress recently. I need both of you to take it easy for a while. Do you think you can stay calm on your own, my king, or do I need to prescribe something to help?"

Marlena started to respond but the king quickly blurted, "I can do it on my own." He then leveled his wife with a stern gaze, knowing she was going to suggest putting him on medication.

The queen merely smiled at her husband indulgently and said to the physician, "We'll try it Randor's way for now, but may I come to you for the medication in the future if it is discovered that he needs help after all?"

"Of course," he answered.

Before Randor could complain, Marlena continued, "And, what about Adam?"

"I'd like to keep him here a little longer for observation," he said without pause for consideration.

"Why?" asked the king abruptly. "He is answering all of your questions accurately and you said there wasn't any serious damage."

"I said I believe there isn't any. I want to keep him a little longer to make sure. It's wise to err on the side of caution, especially when it deals with head injuries…and to our prince of all people."

"I suppose that would be the sensible thing to do," agreed Marlena. "I just know Adam would be more comfortable in his own bedchambers."

The doctor nodded and turned his attention to Adam. "Is that true, Prince Adam? Would you like to move to your bedchambers?"


Adam had lain quietly with Adora listening to the doctor and his parents discuss his and his father's health. He was glad his father seemed okay and would be allowed to leave the infirmary. That meant the doctor wasn't overly concerned and worried that something might be wrong. Despite his feelings of relief, he also felt guilty, especially when the doctor had mentioned his father's elevated blood pressure. "I caused that," he thought to himself.

His thoughts were interrupted by the doctor asking if he would like to be moved to his bedchamber. Still feeling slightly disoriented, he answered truthfully, "Maybe a little later. I don't think I could make it there without falling over."

Immediately Marlena walked around the bed to sit beside Adora as she reached for her son's hand and ran her other hand across his forehead. "Why? What's wrong?" she asked apprehensively.

Adam noticed everyone in the room was staring at him and he fidgeted under their scrutiny. "Uh, I—I…still feel off. I think I'll get dizzy as soon as I stand up."

"You probably will," the doctor agreed. "You'll feel that way for a while actually. Concussions take time to heal. You could feel its effects for weeks, months, or even years for some people."

"I don't have time to wait that long," said Adam as he felt his sister tighten her hold on him. And, he really didn't; he knew Adora had to get back to Etheria soon. Hordak wouldn't stop attacking the Rebellion because she was on Eternia. In fact, he suspected if Hordak knew of Adora's absence, he would have already made his move. No, he didn't have the time at all—he needed to get back on his feet. Skeletor wouldn't wait for him to heal either. Of that, he was certain.

"You can have all the time you need, Adam," said Randor, who was surprised by the prince's words. He didn't understand why his son would think otherwise.


Skeletor eyed Evil Lyn impatiently as she walked into his throne room. He was tapping his fingers against his armrest and staring at her intently. "What is your news from the Royal Palace?" he asked.

Evil Lyn stood in front of him and said, "The king and prince are currently in the infirmary. Their actual conditions have not been released to anyone I was able to speak to." She paused to laugh and added, "I think they're trying to keep it quiet."

Skeletor also laughed and responded, "Yes, I suppose I wouldn't want my enemies to know how badly I was hurt either."

"So, what are we going to do?"

"For now, we are going to let them fall into a false sense of security and once they let their guard down, we will strike," he answered.

"And, what is our plan?"

Skeletor chuckled amusedly. "You shall see, Evil Lyn."


Adora had left the infirmary earlier to join Man-at-Arms, Teela, and the Royal Guard for their midday workout routine. She had been pleasantly surprised when Duncan had invited her, but she quickly realized he must have known she would go stir crazy if she sat in the infirmary room doing nothing all day. She could only imagine how her poor brother was feeling. Despite his lazy reputation, she knew he did a lot of things daily that no one knew about, and to suddenly stop such a hectic schedule had to be jarring, to say the very least.

She walked back into the corridor after a quick shower in her bedchambers and started making her way back to the infirmary. She had only gone several steps when she heard her name being yelled from behind. When she turned around, she was surprised to see Teela jogging towards her. Even though the captain was Adam's best friend, they had never really spoken. She wondered why Teela desired to do so now.

"Hi," greeted Teela, who seemed nervous and appeared to be purposely trying to avoid looking at Adora. She glanced at the floor for a few seconds and then started looking in all directions down the corridor.

Adora raised her eyebrows in question and said, "Hi?"

Teela met her gaze briefly and said, "Um, I wanted to talk to you earlier while we were working out, but you left rather quickly when we were through."

"Yeah, I wanted to grab a quick shower before I headed back to the infirmary to see Adam."

Teela nodded, folded her arms, and started rubbing her left elbow with her right hand. "That's sort of what I wanted to talk to you about."

When Adora remained silent, she continued, "I can't tell you how sorry I am that Adam got hurt trying to save me, Adora. I want you to know that I'll never allow this to happen again."

Adora touched Teela's shoulder briefly to get her to look at her. When their eyes met, she said, "No one blames you, Teela. There was nothing you could have done. Skeletor's men got past the entire Royal Guard when they kidnapped him, and as for his fighting Beastman, you were knocked out. You couldn't have stopped him, so stop blaming yourself. Adam wouldn't like it."

Teela looked down at the floor and nodded slowly. When she looked back up, she asked, "How is he?"

"He's okay the last time I was with him. They're still keeping him in the infirmary for observation, but they released my father."

Teela widened her eyes and cried hurriedly, "Why are they releasing the king and not Adam? Is something wrong?"

"Like I said," said Adora, who moved to Teela's side to link their arms together, "they're keeping him for observation. Adam received an actual injury whereas my father did not. They're being cautious. Anyway, why don't you join me? You'll feel a lot better being able to see and talk to him."

Teela tried to pull away, but Adora wouldn't let her. "I don't want to interrupt your time with Adam or his parents'," resisted the captain.

"You wouldn't be! You're family!" chastised Adora, who started pulling Teela down the hall with her. "You know Adam loves you just as much as the rest of us."

Teela immediately stopped moving. When Adora looked at her face, she was surprised to see tears glistening there. "Teela?" she questioned.

"I should resign my post as Adam's bodyguard," she said softly. She continued to try to pull her arm away from Adora, and this time the princess let her, but Adora stopped her from leaving by grabbing her shoulders so they could face each other.

"What makes you think that? Adam would be devastated!"

Tears slipped down Teela's cheeks as she cried, "I'm supposed to protect Adam and I can't very well do that if he thinks he should be protecting me! What good am I to him if he's going to run purposely into danger to defend me while I'm running into danger to defend him? It just wouldn't work."

Adora pulled Teela to a bench she saw in the distance and they quickly sat down. Adora grabbed her hand to keep her there. She didn't know if Teela would bolt, but she knew she had to talk some sense into her. "Teela," she began and faltered when she realized she didn't quite know what to say. She didn't know the captain too well, so she didn't know what the right words would be. Regardless, she couldn't let Teela resign—Adam had enough stress already. He definitely didn't need anything added to it. She thought for several more seconds and then said, "I want to know something, Teela. He-Man has saved you plenty of times from Skeletor and his men, right?"

When the captain nodded, Adora continued, "And, you and He-Man are friends, right?"

"Of course, we are," said Teela, shaking her head. "What does that have to do with Adam?"

"If only she knew," thought Adora but aloud she said, "You and He-Man protect each other while fighting. Sure, you two would probably do it for anyone who is on your side, but you're friends. The…attachment and desire to help one another is stronger than it would be between two strangers or mere acquaintances. With the logic you're using right now with Adam, that means you should stop being a member of the Royal Guard all together, because I know He-Man would jump into danger to save you no matter the risk to himself and you would do the same for him."

"But it's different with He-Man," said Teela, who looked away from Adora. She didn't want her to see her tears.

"How is it different?"

"Because he's…he's He-Man! He's the strongest man in the universe. And, besides, He-Man isn't the crown prince. Adam is heir to the throne, and with that comes certain responsibilities."

"From my understanding, you and Father thought Adam should fight because he is the crown prince," replied Adora. She couldn't resist the opportunity to hash this particular topic out with the captain. Adam told her what Teela had said about him the numerous times he had to disappear to turn into He-Man, and she knew those things hurt him deeply.

Teela immediately exhaled a shaky breath and turned to face Adora again. "I believe the king has a different opinion, now. I know I do."

Adora was shocked. "Why?"

Teela looked to the ceiling and answered, "I couldn't bare it if something happened to him. I can't stand the thought of him putting himself in danger."

Adora wanted to smile but she tried to stay as composed as possible. "Why?" she questioned, seeing yet another opportunity to make Teela think. "What makes now any different from the times you berated Adam for running off when trouble happens? Why do you want him to now do what you used to abhor?"

"Because I didn't know any better before. Because he's the future king of Eternia. Because…I don't want to see him get hurt."

There was a lengthy pause, but Adora stayed quiet because she could tell Teela had more to say.

"Because…I love him," she whispered. Teela suddenly widened her eyes when she realized what she said. Her eyes flew to Adora, and the princess couldn't help but smile at her this time.

Teela shook her head, stood abruptly, and continued quickly, "I mean, we all love him…right? We don't want him to get hurt. He hasn't been trained to fight his entire life like I have. Adam is different. He's smart, witty, foppish, and…" She shrugged, not knowing what adjective could describe Adam accurately. "He's just…not a warrior. He isn't meant to fight. And, I refuse to let him jeopardize his life to save me. My job is to protect him, not the other way around."

Adora chuckled a little and said, "So, your solution is to resign so he'll get a new bodyguard?" Adora paused and looked at Teela seriously. "Would you be able to trust anyone else with my brother's life?"

Teela's immediate tensing told Adora the captain's true feelings on the matter. Adora wiped all expression from her face and added, "But I'm sure people will jump at the opportunity to be his bodyguard. After all, he is the prince. Whoever is chosen would be able to accompany him everywhere he goes: it would definitely bring Adam and that person closer together. They'd become best friends, just look at our fathers… Or they might even court if it was a female. I mean, you never know. Adam can choose whoever he wants to when he decides to marry, right? Who wouldn't want to jump at that opportunity? I just hope whoever is chosen as his new bodyguard will actually put Adam before his or her own wants and desires. I'm sure the king and Man-at-Arms will know who would be good choices."

Teela frowned and said loudly, "I only said I was thinking about it. I don't know what I'm going to do, but…Adam needs to know he shouldn't be so foolish."

Adora rose to her feet swiftly and wrapped her arm around Teela's again. "So, accompany me to the infirmary and tell Adam just that," she stated with a grin.


Adam lay beside Cringer as he watched his mother and father play chess on the table beside his bed. They had been sitting there since Adora left to go train with the guard. Adam yawned and stretched a little. He still felt lightheaded and he wondered if some of it was from the pain medication they were probably giving him.

"Are you okay, son?" he heard Randor ask. The king seemed to be scrutinizing him for any sign that something was wrong

To avoid having to nod his head, which would surely give his father a reason to worry, he said, "I'm fine." He had been saying those words all day and his father never seemed to be tired of asking.

A soft knock interrupted their discussion, and the door opened. Everyone turned their attention to the entrance and smiled when Adora walked in. "Can Teela come in, too?" she asked abruptly.

"Of course," Adam said, not giving anyone else an opportunity to answer.

Adora nodded at the person behind her and Teela strolled into the room. "Good afternoon, Your Majesties."

Randor nodded while he studied the board whereas Marlena looked at the chronometer on the wall. "Oh, God," said Marlena, unbelievingly, "is it evening already?"

"Well, we did sleep several hours earlier," replied Adora who immediately walked to Adam's bed and sat beside him. "Hello, my brother," she whispered in greeting.

"The day has just flown by," the queen continued.

Adam looked back at his parents after greeting Adora and said, "Yes, and I'm sure you two would like an opportunity to get out of here, take a shower, walk around…something. I know staying here with me all day had to be rather dull."

"On the contrary," countered Randor, who finally made his move, "the morning hours had enough excitement to last me a year. I'm quite content right where I am."

Adora smiled knowingly. She had a feeling Adam would have trouble getting away from their father for a while. Deciding Adam probably needed a break, she replied, "But Adam is right. I bet it would be nice for you to stretch your legs and grab a shower. I did while I was out. Teela and I can stay with Adam until you get back."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," agreed Marlena who stood and waited for her husband to do the same. "Come on, Cringer. I bet you need to go outside, as well.

As Cringer got up to follow the queen, Randor looked worriedly at Adam and said, "I don't think I should. Who knows when Skeletor might show back up."

"Dad," whined Adam, "the guard is on full alert and I have my bodyguard with me. Go!"

Randor smiled as he stood and replied softly, "You haven't called me 'dad' in a long time."

Adam blushed and then retorted playfully, "Well, it's probably because you're treating me like a child. I'll be fine. Go get cleaned up and walk around the courtyard or something."

"Yes, son," said Marlena with a laugh as she grabbed her husband's hand. "Let's go, Randor, before he tries to get up and throw us out."

Randor followed Marlena, but as he stepped through the door, he stopped, turned around, and said, "I'll be back soon, Adam."

When the door finally shut, Adam sighed gratefully. "Thanks, Adora," he mumbled. "They haven't left once all day."

"You're welcome, brother. Of course, my motives aren't completely altruistic," she replied happily. "Teela had something she wishes to discuss with you."

Adam turned his gaze to Teela and she immediately gaped at Adora who smiled back at her innocently. This was not how or when she wanted to bring the discussion up, but Adam was looking at her expectantly now. "Uh..." She looked down at the floor and decided she might as well get it over with. She rushed through her words: "I think what you did today, Adam, was totally irresponsible and the wrong thing to do. You are the Prince of Eternia, so you can't be risking your life to save a member of the guard. You are far too important. So from now on, when something like this happens, stay out of it. Let someone else handle it." She looked into Adam's widened eyes and continued slowly and softly, "Like I told your sister, I couldn't stand it if something happened to you. By the Ancients, I'm used to you running and that's…what I want you to do. I don't want you playing the hero and getting hurt."

Adam stared at Teela for several seconds in complete shock. He knew she had been upset when she learned he had gotten hurt, but he didn't know how greatly until that moment. For years, she wanted Prince Adam to be like He-Man. Now that he took a step in that direction, she completely changed her stance on the issue. She wanted him to go back to being the cowardly prince!

"Teela," he said flabbergasted. He looked at Adora briefly and then turned his attention back to his childhood friend. "I…I'm sorry that I scared you, but…I couldn't run away, Teela. They had you and the only way Skeletor would release you was if I fought Beastman. I had no other choice."

"Father would have found another way to rescue me. He would have found He-Man."

Adam closed his eyes briefly and when he reopened them, he said, "We didn't have time for He-Man. No one was allowed to leave the room. You weren't awake, Teela, so you have no idea what predicament we were in. The entire room was covered in Skeletor's men. If I hadn't agreed with Skeletor's terms, his men would have attacked everyone. I might have been hurt worse than I am, and many others would have been hurt, as well. I made the right choice and I'd do it again."

He spoke with such resolve and confidence that Teela couldn't help but collapse into a chair near the bed. "I don't like you getting hurt, Adam. I especially don't like you risking yourself for me…You're not going to make a habit out of this, are you?"

Once again, Adam looked at Adora and his twin raised her brows as if to ask, "Well, are you, brother?"

Adam turned his attention back to Teela and answered, "I would never make a habit of fighting. I will always try to find another way…but if I have to fight, I will, Teela. Isn't that why you've been training me? So I can defend myself?"

"Yes, to defend yourself…not me."

Adam pursed his lips briefly and said, "Teela, I'm not going to stand idly by when I have the power to help you if you're in trouble. You would do no less for me and…"

"BUT I'M YOUR BODYGUARD!" Teela exploded as she jumped from her seat. "I'M SUPPOSED TO RISK MY LIFE FOR YOURS! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO RISK YOURS FOR MINE!" She then breathed deeply and continued at a more reasonable volume, "You have to accept that, Adam, or I'll have no choice but to do something about it."

"Like what?" he asked. He truly wanted to know.

"I'll go to your father and resign as your bodyguard. We won't be together, so you won't know when I'm in trouble."

Adam shook his head and then grimaced at the wave of dizziness it brought. Regardless, he didn't wait to speak, "You wouldn't be able to stay away."

Both Teela and Adora widened their eyes at that and asked, "What?"

"You heard me," continued Adam. "I know you, Teela. Regardless of who would get the job if you resigned, you would still look out for me. You would never be too far away. And, half the time, I'm with your father and you're with him. What are you going to do? Leave him too?"

Adora couldn't help but grin. "He's got you there, Teela," she thought.

Teela, on the other hand, didn't smile. She frowned and her skin turned a bright red. Whether it was from anger or embarrassment, neither Adam nor Adora could tell. "I will if I must," insisted Teela firmly.

Adam gave her a frown of his own and stated sternly, "I wouldn't let you."

Teela stopped dead at the sound of Adam's voice. She never heard him speak to her in such a tone. It not only sounded determined, it sounded cold. "You wouldn't let me what?" she asked. She was curious what he was referring to: her resigning all together or her staying away from her father when he's around.

Adam didn't hesitate when he gave his answer, "I won't let you leave me."

Teela gasped and she looked around the infirmary to make sure no staff was in the room. If anyone else had heard that, she knew they would think Adam was trying to stop her from breaking up with him. After all, Lady Luciana and Lady Morgan now thought they were in a relationship; therefore, a great deal of the court did, as well.

Deciding to set things straight just in case someone on the medical staff was eavesdropping, she said, "Who gives you the right to make that decision? We're not married and we're not courting."

Adam opened his mouth to respond but quickly shut it. He stared at her for several seconds before whispering, "I'm your prince."


Man-at-Arms walked into Adam's room in the infirmary in time to hear his daughter exclaim she and Adam were not courting. When he heard Adam whisper, "I'm your prince," he decided to make his presence known.

"Teela, Adam? What's going on here?"

Teela immediately jumped and said, "Nothing, Father."

"It didn't sound like 'nothing' to me," he insisted.

Adam swallowed roughly and answered, "She's threatening to resign her position as my bodyguard."

"What?" Man-at-Arms exclaimed. "Oh, my daughter, how many times do I have to tell you that you did nothing wrong?"

"This has nothing to do with what I did, Father," explained Teela. "It has to do with Adam's actions. As I explained to Adam and Adora, I cannot do my job adequately if he's risking his life to save mine. My position as bodyguard would be pointless."

Duncan stared at Teela for several seconds before saying, "Well, she does have a point, Adam."

"What?" asked Adam and Adora simultaneously. Today was definitely a day for surprises.

Duncan walked past Teela so they could see his face but she couldn't. "Today has changed nothing. Adam must run when danger comes so he can…find a way to help." He had raised his eyebrows during the pause.

"Find a way to help?" said Teela, calmly. She was glad her father was on her side. He usually always sided with Adam. "No, let's just say he shouldn't risk his life in those moments at all."

Adam sighed and said to Duncan, "But I can't always run and maybe I don't always need to."

Man-at-Arms frowned and said, "We discussed this during the king's royal tour, remember? Beastman got your father because you didn't run."

"What?" asked Teela. "What are you talking about?"

Ignoring Teela, Man-at-Arms continued, "But that really doesn't matter anyway. You are unable to run anywhere right now for the foreseeable future, which means you're on vacation." He turned to Adora and continued, "Ironically, I came here to see you, to discuss you possibly staying on Eternia while Adam recuperates. I have no doubt your father will send soldiers to help things run smoothly in the Whispering Woods while you're away. And, of course, we'll be able to find out if the Rebellion runs into any trouble through the Sorceress."

Adam sat up a little more in bed and folded his arms across his chest. "What do you mean I'm on vacation?" He glanced at Teela briefly and then back at Man-at-Arms while he said, "I hope you're not thinking what I think you're thinking."

Teela furrowed her brow at Adam confusedly. "What?" she questioned. "What are you talking about, Adam?"

Adam glanced at her and responded, "I don't know. Ask them."

Teela looked at her father expectantly, but he kept his eyes on Adam. "You know what I'm talking about. You needed a vacation before your battle with Beastman. We need you to rest and heal, Adam. Your condition mentally and physically is nothing to take lightly."

Adam sighed and said, "But Duncan, Adora can't stay here for a long period of time. The Rebellion needs her. If helping the rebels were that simple, we would have sent soldiers long ago so Adora could stay on Eternia. You know as well as I do that things are a lot more complicated than that."

"Desperate times call for desperate measures, brother," said Adora as she squeezed her brother's hand comfortingly.

Man-at-Arms continued, "And, really our situation is direr. The Rebellion is protected by the Whispering Woods. We have no such protection on Eternia. We are sitting ducks without…" He paused as he looked at Teela. He couldn't finish his thought.

Everyone stood silent for several long moments. Finally, Teela had enough. "Why do I get the feeling that King Randor was right, Father? You have been keeping secrets concerning Adam," she said as she walked to the door. "Well, by all means, let me leave so you can speak freely."

"Teela," called Adam, but she quickly left and shut the door. Teela started to walk away but her mind drifted back to her earlier thoughts. The medical staff could have been eavesdropping on their conversation then. It was expected. Everyone always spied on the Royalty when given the chance. Why couldn't the Captain of the Guard get in on the action, as well? She looked around to make sure no one was paying any attention and walked back to the door. She bent down carefully so she wouldn't make a sound and pressed her ear to the small crack under the door.


"Like I was saying," Man-at-Arms continued several seconds after Teela shut the door, "we're sitting ducks without He-Man. We don't have a magical forest shielding us from Skeletor's attacks."

Adora started nodding. "He has a point, Adam."

Adam, on the other hand, frowned and spat, "Who says we don't have He-Man?"

"Adam, you can't even get up and walk without being dizzy right now! How in the world do you expect to fight Skeletor if he shows up?" questioned Adora.

Adam shrugged and said, "Who says I'll be dizzy?" He smiled and said, "When I turn into He-Man, usually my injuries heal."

"Not recent ones," countered Man-at-Arms.

"Because a lot of those occurred as He-Man. This one occurred as Prince Adam. It'll heal," reasoned Adam. "Besides, no one is around right now and we do have She-Ra. She can heal me with her sword."

Adora immediately dropped her head to Adam's shoulder and said, "Oh, my brother, don't you remember? My sword can only do so much. It didn't heal all your prior injuries as Adam or He-Man when we tried on Etheria. And, it doesn't soothe away fatigue and stress."

Adam wrapped his arm around his sister and smiled. "But it will heal the concussion if my changing doesn't," he insisted. "That will be enough to ensure that He-Man will be ready if and when Skeletor shows up again."

Adora pulled away, stood up, and said, "I'll try to heal you, Adam, but I think Man-at-Arms agrees with me when I say you and He-Man will still be on vacation. Like Teela said earlier, I couldn't bear it if something happened to you. I'm not going to let you push yourself to the brink of exhaustion just because you've decided you don't need any help."

Adam didn't like that his sister had pulled away from him. He frowned at her protest and stated, "It's not that I've decided I don't need help. I actually don't want to take too many risks. We don't know what might happen next and I need to be able to turn into He-Man and fight just in case he's needed."

"Adam, you won't have to turn into He-Man," said Man-at-Arms. "We will have it covered."

"No!" said Adam, loudly but calmly. "We don't know that."

Man-at-Arms shook his head at Adam's stubbornness and was about to respond when he heard something at the door. "What was that?" he asked as he started walking towards it.

"What was what?" the twins asked.

Man-at-Arms was afraid he knew: it sounded like a voice—Teela's voice.


Teela gasped in shock. "By the Ancients!" she exclaimed and she quickly got to her feet. Her father was heading to the door. She backed away hurriedly only to run into someone.

"Teela, what's wrong? What in the name of the Ancients were you doing on the floor?"

The captain knew that voice. It was King Randor. She turned around just as her father stepped into the hall.

"Teela," Man-at-Arms said sharply.

She didn't know what to do; she froze.

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

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