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Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 29 of 55

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For the second time that day, she froze. She didn't know how to move her lips or her legs. Either ability would have been sufficient at that point. The first time she froze, she had been on the floor pressing her ear against a small crack, straining to hear any bits of information that might float her way. Almost immediately, Adam, Adora, and her father had begun discussing He-Man not being available. This had immediately alarmed Teela, but that wasn't what sent such a debilitating shock to her system. It was what Adam had said:

"When I turn into He-Man, usually my injuries heal."

From that moment forward, the Captain of the Guard had been unable to move. If a nurse or doctor had seen her and asked her to move, she wouldn't have been able to do so. She could only lay there and continue to listen. Eventually, though, as they continued to discuss He-Man's—or should she say "Adam's"—health, she had found herself able to move and think again.

By the Ancients! Adam was He-Man! How was that possible?

And, as this revelation continued to swirl in her mind, Teela had realized she had spoken aloud. Footsteps had been heading to the door at that point and she had quickly risen to get away.

What she hadn't counted on was King Randor's presence.

"Teela, what's wrong? What in the name of the Ancients were you doing on the floor?" he had asked, just as her father had walked into the main part of the infirmary and said her name sharply.

She stood there silently, sure that she looked like a lunatic just gaping at everyone.

"Teela?" the king questioned again.

"Your Majesty," said Man-at-Arms, who quickly wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "please allow me to attend to Teela. I think Kobra Khan's gases are still affecting her."

Randor nodded, accepting this explanation to the captain's weird behavior. "You might want to have her checked out. She was on the floor when I walked in. She must have passed out."

Man-at-Arms twirled around in front of his daughter but kept his arm around her shoulder. "Is that what happened, my daughter?" He had a feeling Randor had just given his daughter a good way to lie, but he knew as surely as she was standing there that she had heard Adam's secret.

Teela blinked rapidly and finally exhaled the deep breath she had been holding. "Yes," she whispered.

Duncan quickly replied, "Okay, let's get you checked out." He, then, turned back to the king and nodded in appreciation.

Randor placed a hand on his man-at-arms' shoulder and said, "Keep me posted on how she is."

"Yes," he agreed, "and you do the same with Adam."

After Randor walked into Adam's infirmary room to undoubtedly check on his children, Duncan used a finger to raise Teela's chin and said, "You and I need to have a talk."

She allowed herself to be escorted through the halls, but as soon as she walked into the safety of her rooms and her mind had cleared again, all hell broke loose.


Adam and Adora stared at the door with their mouths opened. They both heard Man-at-Arms all but shout Teela's name. When he walked away from the door, the twins looked nervously at each other.

"Do you think she never left?" asked Adora, who immediately sat back on the bed as Adam rose to sit against the headboard.

Adam grabbed his head with one hand and groaned as the room spun again for a few seconds. "I don't know," he answered, squeezing his eyes shut and breathing deeply for a moment, "but I have to get up. If Teela heard, she's going to go ballistic. I have to help Man-at-Arms."

Adora put her hand on her brother's shoulder to keep him from rising and said, "I'm sure he can handle his own daughter. You need to stay in this bed until you're feeling better."

Adam squinted his eyes at his sister and cocked one side of his mouth. Adora read the expression perfectly: "Are you crazy?" Instead of actually saying this, Adam replied, "You don't know our captain the way I do. She doesn't like surprises, especially those of this magnitude. Even when we were kids, she couldn't stand to be out of the loop, and that's exactly what's been going on, sis. She isn't going to like this one bit and she's going to let everyone know just that."

Adora smirked and quipped, "It sounds like you're afraid of Teela." She then laughed a little but stopped when her brother simply stared at her. "Adam?"

"I'm not scared of her in the sense that you mean," he said, "but I'm scared of losing her, of this driving her away. She's my best friend and she's going to be upset that I didn't share the biggest secret I ever had with her. She's going to feel…betrayed."

"You had no choice. The Sorceress swore you to secrecy. She saw what happened with our father when we wanted to tell him. That whole situation should tell her we are in an impossible situation—we can't even tell our own father. She can't hold this against you."

Adam shook his head slowly and said, "If she takes the time to think about it before she explodes, she might, might, realize that, but sis, the chances of that are slim. Teela explodes and asks questions later. That's just the way she is."

Adora got up from the bed and said, "Well, regardless, you're still not getting out of this bed. I'll go and handle the fallout if need be, but…" She grew silent as her father walked into the room.

"Is everything okay in here?" questioned the king.

"Yes, Father," he said nervously. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason in particular. Teela fainted just outside your door, and I don't know—it's got me a little on edge, I suppose. We have all been through enough recently," he explained.

Adam widened his eyes. "Teela passed out?" Instantly, Adam tried to get out of bed, but Randor and Adora rushed to him to push him back down.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Randor, keeping a firm grip on his shoulder.

Adam looked up at his father in a panic and said, "I have to see if she's okay! What happened?"

Randor sat on the edge of the bed and relaxed his grip on Adam when his son calmed, but he left it there just in case. "We think Kobra Khan's sleep gas is still affecting her. She got up from the floor and was leaving when I arrived. I think she's okay. Man-at-Arms went with her to get checked out. I'm sure we'll hear something soon."

Adam glanced at Adora, who also looked concerned. What was the truth? Did Teela hear their conversation or had she really passed out? Adam didn't know which to hope for.


Man-at-Arms escorted Teela into her bedchambers and sat her down on the edge of her bed. As her father knelt before her, her mind kept going over the fact that Adam was He-Man. Her mind supplied evidence after evidence that this had to be true. Eventually, Teela leaned forward and mumbled, "How could I be so stupid? How could I have not seen this before?"

At that moment, Duncan knew without a doubt that his daughter knew the twins' secret. "Teela, I can explain," he began.

Startled, Teela looked up. It looked like she had just become aware of his presence. She immediately jumped to her feet and screeched, "YOU CAN EXPLAIN?"

"Teela," he said sharply, but she walked away and started pacing in the middle of the room.


Man-at-Arms stood and grabbed his daughter's shoulders. "You knew he had a secret. Adam admitted as much to you and the king, but he has been sworn to secrecy. You know that."

Teela shook her head irately and said, "But the Sorceress said he couldn't tell King Randor! She didn't say anything about me!"

Duncan sighed and said, "The Sorceress said no one could know, and actually, she did say your name specifically, years ago, when He-Man first showed up."

At that, Teela stopped trying to pull away from her father and calmed down. "Why?" she asked. "Why would she not want me to know?"

Duncan looked down at the floor and squeezed his eyes shut. He knew she wasn't going to like his answer. "I can't tell you that," he whispered. "There is an answer, and one day you will know but I won't be the one to tell you."

Teela pulled away from her father abruptly and went to her bed. Tears poured from her eyes and she cried, "You mean there are more secrets?"

Duncan nodded morosely.

She jumped up again, disgusted that she was crying, and screamed angrily, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! EVERYTHING HAS BEEN A LIE! EVERYTHING!"

"What has been a lie?" questioned Man-at-Arms, feeling completely lost as to what to do.

Teela glared at him and said icily, "I always thought you and I were honest with each other. I never thought you would keep secrets from me, especially ones like this."

"Teela, it wasn't my secret to tell," he whispered.

She heard his words but ignored them. "I thought Adam was my best friend, but he's been lying to me this whole time! I don't even know who he is anymore!" She shook her head and continued, "My entire career is a lie! I'm Adam's bodyguard, but he doesn't really need me! He's He-Man! His defeating Beastman had nothing to do with our combat lessons…HE DIDN'T EVEN NEED COMBAT LESSONS!"

"Now, that's not true," stated Duncan firmly.

Teela stared defiantly at him and spat, "Oh, really? Then tell me what the truth is."

Man-at-Arms sat down on the edge of her bed, hunched over, took his helmet off, and placed his head in his hands. "Adam received the Power Sword when he was just a boy. He had just turned eighteen. He hadn't been trained to fight, not really. Sure, he watched you and the guard and participated when he could, but he had little to no fighting experience. The Sorceress and I dropped a huge responsibility of the defense of Eternia in his lap. Can you imagine what it's been like for him, Teela? He's had to learn everything on the go. Sure, Adam's innate intellect and He-Man's speed and strength helps him, but it was you and your lessons that gave him the skills he needs to continue the fight. I can't tell you how many times I've seen He-Man use a move that I know you taught him. He didn't know them beforehand." He paused and looked up at Teela sadly. "Please don't take this out on him. He wanted to tell you but he couldn't."

Feeling suddenly very lightheaded and breathing erratically, Teela kneeled to the ground and sat down. Father and daughter stared at each other momentarily before Duncan settled down in front of her and held her to him, rocking gently.

"I'm sorry, dearheart. I'm so sorry you had to find out like this," he whispered.

Teela relaxed against her father and wrapped her arms around him in return. Neither knew how long they sat there, but eventually, Teela pulled back, sniffling and wiping the tears from her eyes. She met her father's stare with her own and stated softly, "I've been so cruel to him, Father."

As they had sat on the floor, Teela reflected on all the implications of Adam's secret. She thought back to all the times she had berated Adam for being late or missing for long periods of time. Now, it was apparent that his absences were no doubt due to his being He-Man. Not to mention, she told him to his face several times that he had no skills and reminded him that he was supposed to be a prince. And, she couldn't even think about all the things she said behind his back to her father.

She glared at him and asked, "Why didn't you stop me?"

Duncan cleared his throat before replying, "What could I have said that would have stopped you? I tried at first, but I found over the years that saying nothing silenced you quicker." At Teela's grimace, he continued, "I'm sorry but it's true."

"I know," she admitted. "I just…can't believe it. He's been going through so much for the past two years and I didn't even know. In fact, I made things worse, I'm sure."

She paused as she remembered berating Adam in front of his parents not too long ago. It was the one time he had stood up to her. He had pounded the table and questioned her right to say anything about him when He-Man saved her all the time after she acted foolishly. She stated aloud, "It's been Adam this whole time saving me. I accuse him of acting foolishly, but it's really been me."

Man-at-Arms hugged her to him again and said, "Now, don't be too hard on yourself. You didn't know. Adam, as it turns out, is a very good actor. You were only reacting to the facts that were before you."

The captain pulled back and said, "But the signs were there that he was He-Man, too! I can't believe I never realized it before! I've stated multiple times that I never see Adam and He-Man together. You mentioned a Power Sword earlier…Is that how he changes? Now I realize they do have the same sword. Not to mention, it now makes sense why he freaked out every time he lost the stupid thing."

She paused, jumped up, and said, "Oh, by the Elders!"


"Remember the time I begged He-Man to find Adam? I told him to give Adam a piece of his mind after he ran away, chasing Cringer, when we thought the Rock People were attacking that little boy and girl."

Man-at-Arms stood and laughed a little, trying to lighten the mood. "He-Man did say Adam would know how he felt about the whole thing, and he certainly did. He very much approved."

Teela shook her head as more tears came to her eyes.


"What were you going to do then?" she asked, wiping at her eyes to keep them from falling.

At her father's confused expression, she explained, "He-Man's sword was lost. You thought it had melted in the center of the planet. That's what you told me when you got back. What were you going to say? Were you and He-Man going to allow everyone to believe Adam was dead?"

Duncan swallowed roughly. He hadn't expected such questions so soon after the revelation. "We would have had no choice," he answered honestly.

"And, what was Adam going through at that time? Where would he have gone? The palace is his home, not He-Man's, as far as anyone knew! Not to mention, we would have probably asked him to look for himself. He would have seen the tears and heartache when we realized he was gone. He would have had to console us and yet not tell us he was very much still alive. Oh, Ancients!" Tears flowed harder than before. She couldn't hide them any longer.

"It didn't happen, Teela," Man-at-Arms comforted. "Orko saved the sword. Don't think about all the 'what ifs.' The truth is that Adam is alive and okay…"

"But he's gone through so much alone!" she exclaimed. "No wonder he's been acting so irrationally recently! It's had to have taken its toll on him!"

"Yes," agreed Duncan.

Teela shook her head again. "It was Adam who suffered the brunt of the explosion at Grayskull," she whispered. "That's what started all of this recently. That's why you were dragging him to his room that night."

"Teela, don't drive yourself crazy. Just try to calm down."

Teela widened her eyes at her father. "I can't help it. There are so many instances when Adam could have died. When I thought it was just He-Man…I don't know, it was more bearable, but to know that it's Adam…it changes everything."

After a pause, she continued almost in a crazed wonder, "And, I'm surprised everyone in Eternia doesn't know! We're all stupid. How could we not realize when Adora showed up? Adora and She-Ra showed up at the same time! How could we have thought that was mere coincidence?"

Man-at-Arms grabbed his daughter's shoulders again and squeezed tightly. "Teela," he said forcefully. "Calm down. You mustn't dwell too much on the past, all the things you should have noticed, and how you've treated Adam. It won't do him or you any good, believe me." He raised his hands to her face and cupped them gently, making sure they were looking each other in the eye when he said his next words: "But now that you do know, you can help him cope. The ancients know I try my best, but I realize sometimes it's hard for Adam to talk to a father figure like myself. You have always been Adam's friend and I think you could really help him."

Teela smiled through her tears and gave a small nod. She stepped back from him and Duncan let his hands fall to his side. "Can I see him now?" she asked.

Man-at-Arms nodded as he questioned, "You are calm, right?"


"You can't tell his father."

"I know."

"Don't be too hard on him right now. He has enough to worry about."

Teela nodded again.

"Okay," Man-at-Arms said, after taking a deep breath, "let's go."


Queen Marlena and Cringer finally showed back up in Adam's infirmary room. As soon as she walked in, she knew something was wrong, but she couldn't tell exactly what it was. Her husband looked okay and unaware, but that was the norm—he was usually oblivious to things such as this when it came to Adam.

She faced her children and noticed their sunken eyes and worried expressions. They kept staring at each other every so often, almost like they wanted to talk but couldn't since Randor was in the room. That was very possible.

"Adam, what's going on?" she asked.

The prince looked to his mother and pressed his lips together in a firm line. He couldn't say all he needed to, but he answered, "Teela could be hurt. I don't know. She supposedly passed out less than an hour ago, but we haven't heard anything."

Marlena raised her brow in question to Randor.

The king noticed and immediately shrugged. "I left earlier to ask the doctor what was going on, but he claims Man-at-Arms never brought Teela to see him. I've tried to reassure Adam that is a good sign. Duncan must not have thought seeing the doctor was necessary."

Marlena started to nod to Adam to show her agreement when the infirmary door suddenly slammed open. Everyone in the room jumped at the loud bang and looked towards the door. Their gazes didn't have the time to settle on it for too long, however, because a figure ran quickly from the doorframe to Adam's bed.

Everyone watched in astonishment as Teela climbed into the bed with Adam, wrapped her arms around him tightly, and buried her face in his neck. "I'm so sorry!" she muttered a few times.

As Marlena and Randor looked at each other questioningly, Man-at-Arms walked in and shook his head at the scene. "I apologize, Your Majesties. I think Adam's kidnapping and everything that's happened with Beastman are just hitting her."

It was a believable excuse and Adam noticed that his parents nodded understandingly. When his parents turned their attention away from Man-at-Arms to look at him and Teela, he noticed Duncan gave him a little wave. When their eyes met, Duncan mouthed, "She knows."

Adam froze just as Teela had earlier. His mouth was open and he simply stared ahead of him.

"Adam?" questioned Adora, who just noticed her brother's expression after she had pulled her attention from Teela.

Adam merely sat there and wondered what this would mean. Would she be angry? It didn't seem like it, but many other questions remained: Would she tell his father? Would she agree to keep it a secret? Would she forgive him for not telling her? And, most importantly, would the Sorceress allow her to keep the knowledge? He knew it was very possible she would take it away. After all, Teela had discovered the Sorceress was her mother and the knowledge had been taken because it wasn't time for her to know. And, Adam knew as surely as he held Teela in his arms, she wasn't supposed to know this right now either.

Noticing Adam

A He-Man & She-Ra Story
by Foxy11814

Part 29 of 55

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